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DIANE McDaniel
^ -1
Fourteen Kings Mountain stu- itory. She \vaR a house counse- I
dents are among the large lor, a campus guide, and a |
number graduating this month member: of Delta Zeta sorority |
from colleges and universities, and the Association of Child- 'iji
T. ... ti - j .._u. » \M. ‘ hood Education. She will teach S
Beth Hou.ser, daughter of M . gi^de in the Hopewell, Va. |
* 'a school system in September,
ed her A.B. In pnmarj' educa- ^
don Monday morning from Le- Sue Hunnicutt, daughter of
noir, Rhyne college. Hickory. A Mr. anq Mrs. Haroid R. Hunni-
member of the Board of Cover- cutt, w;fe graduated with B. A.
ners, she served as secretary and in history and social studies
SAMUEL HUMES HOUSTON. JR. president of Conrad-Frltz Dorm-' Continued On Page 8
Greater Kings Mountain 10,320
City Limits 8,256
This Ugure ior Gtcater Kings Mountain is deilved irom
the 1955 Sings Mountain city directory census. The ci.y
limits Ugure is irom the United Stotos census oi 1985.
Kings Mountain's RellobU Newspaper
VOL 77 No. 22
Established 1889
Kings Mountain, N. C., Thursday, June 2, 1966
Seventy-Seventh Year
White, Rauch, Mauuey, Falls, Harrill Are Nominees
Rites On Sunday
For T. J
iSk Ak. A * - .i *'4''^ ’ '
SPEAKER — HozoM L. Long of
Gastonia will moke the ad
dress at Sunday's annual
homecoming and Memorial
Day services at Patterson
Grove Boptist church.
Long Speakei
At Homecoming
Harold L. Long, Assistant Di-
•I'tector for the Gaston Commun
ity Action^ Program, will 'cc
guest speaker for Patterson
Grove Baptist Church and an
nual homecoming and memorial
day services Sunday.
Mr. Long will speak at the
morning worship service at 11
o’clock. A native if Gastonia, Mr.
Long is an ordained Baptist
minister having served churches
in Texas and North Carolina be
fore assuming his present pois-
tion. He is a graduate of Baylor
University, Waco, Texas, with
the B.A. and M.A. degrees, and
a graduate of Southeastern Bap
tist Theological Seminary, Wake
Forest, N. C. He and Mrs. Long
have three children, two sons
and a daughter, and at present
make their home in Dallas.
Sunday school will be at 9:45
a.m., followed by the morning
worship service at 11 a.m, and
lunch will be served beginning
at 12:30 p.m. Training union
will be at 6:30 p.m. and the eve
ning worship service at 7:30 p.
on. followed by a Youth Fellow
All former members of the
church and friends are invited
to attend thfe services Sunday.
The congregation Is presently
worshipping in their Activities
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At Age Of 58
Funeral rites for T. J. Timms,
58, Kings Mountain merchant,
were held Monday at 2 p.m.
from Macedonia Baptist church.
Rev. Wayne Ashe, assisted by
"w. Howard Jordan and Rev.
James F. Gra
ham officiated
at the final
rites, and in
terment was in
Mountain Rest
Mr. Timms
succumbed to
cancer Sunday
morning at
12:05 in the
Kings Moun-
t a i n hospital
where he had
ill the past sev-
been seriously
oral montlis.
A Kings Mountain business
man since 1944, Mr. Timms own
ed and operated Timms Grocery
& Seiwice, Grover road, subse
quently builtand opened a new
supermarket, Timirs Stop-N-
Shop, in 19.52. Since 1958 he has
been associated with his son,
Gene Timms, as vice-president of
Timms Furniture Co., Inc. on
Grover road.
He was a nativte of Oconee
County, South Carolina, son of
the late Mr. and Mrs. Oscar
He is survived by his wife,
Mrs. Irene Kinsland Timms;
their son, Gene Timms of Kings
Mountain: their daughter, Mrs.
Earl R. Timms of Kings Moun
tain; and five grandchildren.
Also surviving are two sisters,
Mrs. Annie Simpson and Mrs.
Lorene Simpson, both of Abbe
ville, S. C.; and two brothers,
Hugh Timms of Evans, Ga., and
Walter Timms of Iva, S. C.
Memorifel gifts have been de
signated to Macedonia Baptist
Whitener, center, shakes the hand of Rings Mountain Mayor John Henry Moss, left, os Ameri
can Legion Commander • Elect Clinton Jolly looks on at secohd annual Memoritd Doy serelcM
Sunday. The services were held in Memorial Park of Mountain Root cemetery. A memorial
wreath was placed on the cross in the park and American flags marked the graves of veterans.
Both the American flag and the State of North Corriina flag were raised during the ceremonies.
(Photo for the Herald by Lem Lynch).
High School Finals Friday
Allen's Condition
Remains Serious
The condition of Former Sher
iff Irvin M. Allen remained “a-
bout the sarnie" Wednesday,
menubers of his family reported.
Mr. Allen, father of Sheriff
Haywood Allen, is seriously ill
in Kings Mountain hospital.
Graduation exercises for 191
Kings Mountain high school sen
iors—101 girls and 90 boys—'will
be held at 8 o’clock Friday night
in City Stadium.
Members of the graduating
class will participate in tile pr>
gram which will open with a
processional to ‘‘Pomp and Cir
cumstance” by the lilgli school
band, under direction of Joo C,
Hcdden. ^
Rita Caveny will give the
vocation, and Michael Gofo:
president of the .senior class,
give the welcome. A senior
semble, under direction of Mri.
J. N. McClure, will sing “No
Man Is An Island", alter which
Principal Harry Jaynes will pre
sent diplomas.
Larry Morgan will present thb
class of 1966 gilt to the school.
Supt. B. N. Barnes will make the
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Perimetei Zoning
Members Named
Five outside-city citisens have
been appointed to city zon
ing board as “pevMlOltaT’’ cnem-
bers. IT'
The city is t-
doptton of a new end up-daUe
tnning ordinance t#.^replace the
’Wlginal ordinance ,^1 Un
iter North Carolina a city
may extend it* zoq^iw. authority
to a mile pfei-injetqr.,; ^
Mayor John HeMS Moss said
the new membriwKjw Joe A;
Nrisler, Jr., Patri-eMfilie and L.
E. .(Josh) Hi
CofOly. and
Dom W. Bleni
Fifty-one Compact high school
seniors are candidates for diplo
mas in finals exercises to be held
Fridaj^ight at 8 o’clock in Com
pact Cvmtorium.
Rev. JGeorge Leak, pastor of
Charlotte’s Little Rock AME
Zion church, will make the com
mencement address. Principal L.
L. Adams will present diplomas.
Members of the graduating
dass will participate In the pro
gram. Barbara Buiris will make
the valedictory address and
Yvonne Grier, salutatorian, will
give the welcome address.
The seniors on Sunday after
noon heard a baccalaureate ser
mon by Rev. Preston Pender
grass, professor of theology at
Frien^hLp Junior college in
Rock HUI, S. C.
Awards will be presented to
outatanding- students Friday at
‘2 p.iiL
Sherifi Allen
Is Nomiilated
For Fifth Term
Senator Jack If. Wiite anc
Marshal Rauch, Gaston counlv
industrialist, won Dc-mjcratit
29th district nominations to tht
state senate Saturday over throe
Meantire, Representative Rob
ert Z. Falls, ot Shelby, W. K
Mauney, Jr., Kings Mountain
hoMery manufacturer, and Wil
liam D. Harrill, Forest City in
'.urance agency manager, wor
Democratic nominafiohs to •‘Sre
district House seats; defeatin'
Rep. Thurston Arl'edge,.. of Trv
on. V
Meantime. Cleveland counlv
Democrats renominated Sherif
Haywood Allen for a fifth four
year term. The .Sheriff, with 559-
votes, defeated Ambrose B. Clin'
at 2820 and Broadus F. Hamrick
at 1703.
The Cleveland county candi
dates were heavily sustained at
here. Senator White •.cinnine
approximately 80 percent of ilr
v/otes, Rep. Fails and Mr. Man
ney same 70 norcent. Mr. Raue’
far out-distanced his Gaston ri
vals in Cleveland, won lop pos;
tion, while the vote:
White attrar^cd In Gaston cata-
pulted him to second.
The district lotai.s were: Rauch
12,526; White 11,166; Senator L.
B. Holowell 7814; Max Childet'
7.i58: and William L. Martir
For the House- Harrill 13,810
Maunev 12.293; Falls 11.221; Ar
ledge 9982.
White and Falls won n rminn
tion to a second fe»-m in the Gen
eral Assembly, while Rauch, Mau
ncy, and Hamrick are new-com
ers to .state-offied politics.
In Number 4 To'wnship, voterr
gave M^hite, Mauney, Mrs. Evan:
and Sheriff Allen top positions
hut voted for Carl F. Wilson
16.52) and David Beam t.529) te
top thie county commission tie
ket. B. E. Simmons, commi.ssion
topman county-wide, was third
at 394. closelv followed by Rich
ard Ware (390).
Maunev Wins
CMA Diploma
Sgt. 1st Class William Law
rence Mauney. Jr. was awarded
a dlpioma for comnlletion of the
requirements of Carolina Mili
tary Academy for high school
graduakion during Exercises on
Sunday, May 29th.
Colonel John C. Boggs, former
president of Randolph - Macon
Aeadbmy, delivered the Com
mencement Address.
H* Is the son of Dr. and Mrs.
W. L. Mauney. Sr. of 704 W.
Mountem St. He was a membbr
of the Honor Society while at
House Nominee
Clean-Up Said
"Moving Well
Mayor John Henry Moss term
ed the ten-dayold com.r.unity
wide clean-up campaign “moving
very well”, thought he acknowl
edged much more would have
been accomplished except for
last week’s rains.
Eight derelict dwellings have
been razctl and owners have
tagged four more for removal.
“We anticipate many more
owners of derelict '^ildings will
o\ ail themselves of this free, but
temporary, city service,” the
Ma.vor added.
Meantime, the city ianit-ation
department crew was covered
with other calls for mowing lots,
cutting brambles, and hauling a-
way “hleavy” debris.
Mayor Mg^ commented, “The
people are gefling in the spirit
of this clean-up.”
In a brief tour of thle city, he
pointed to piles of debris the
I citizens had placed at the curb
lines for pick-up and removal,
i In anothfer area, formerly dull
rental houses shined with new
W Run-OH;
jot Decided
Theie will re a .second pri-
lia)y June 25 in Cleveland Coun-
y, Ihougli county office candi-
iates (lualif.eJ to call them have
lot decided they will.
Dcn,:ild D. Wirick, .lithium
Corporation civil engineer, -of
lastoni-a. wired the S'.ate Board
■f Elections Tuesday his re-
luest for a run off with VV'. Hall
foung, Avery county lumber-
vnan, who led the balloting Sat-
’j’day for the Republican nom-
i^tion for 10th district U. S.
Young led Wirick 3369 to 1916.
Terrv Wallace, of Gastonia, poll
'd 1593.
Possible Democratic run-offs
n Cleveland County are for
reasurer, for the two county
'Crmission seats, and for eonsta-
le of Number 11 townshio.
Mrs. Harriet Roberts Evans,
-.ister of J. Lee Roberts of Kin^s
'fountain led the balloting for
reasurer at 4290. followed by
Irs. Doris Osborne at ' 3461.
Eliminated w,''re George B. Hord
t 1140 and Mrs. Druscilla R.
fergan at 954.
ri. G. :Pon» P'mmons and Da
vid E. Beam, incumbents, top-
;ed the eight map county com-
tick''*^. Simmons had
1476. Beam 4332. -neither to'al a
naiority. C. A. “Charl'e” Green
at 3150 and Fritz Morehead at
'538 were next highest and qua-
ified to ask run-offs. Eliminat
’d were Richard E Ware, 1507,
"arl F. Wilson 1266.'Yates Smith,
h-.. 748. and R. B. Guthrie 682.
The runnersup have until five
lavs following Tuesday’s offi
cial canvas to request a run-off
n writing to the county elections
Horton's Son
Dies In Aeddeni
Scotty Horton, three-year-
old son of Mr. and Mrs. Phin
Horton, III, of Shelby, was kill
ed around 12:55 p.m. today
(Wednesday) when he fell out
of a car and the vehicle rolled
over him.
Young Horton’s father, Shel
by city manager, was en route
home by plane from a Raleigh
conference with Governor Dan
K. Moore when the accident
Survivors include his par
ents; grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. Phin Horton, Jr., of Wins
ton-Salem, Mr. and Mrs. C. M.
Hooper of Winston Salem and
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Harrill of
Newton; great grandparents,
Mrs. E. J. Harrill of Charlotte
and Mrs. Vera McVicker of
Winston Salem.
Palmer Mortuary of Shelby
is in charge of the funeral. Ar
rangements were incomplete
V^ednesday evening.

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