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Kings Mountain's Bnliobie Newspaper
VOL. 77 No. 44
Established i 889
Kings Mountain, North Carolina, Thursday, November 3, 1966
Seventy-Seventh Year
n Tuesday
Trailer Ordinance
DIBECrOII •— Dr. Harrar Bunt-
goydnar of Kings Moontcda
bos boon cqn>ointod field di
rector, of North Carolina Stale
Univenity'a Agriculturol Mis*
Sion to Peru.
Dt Bamgaidiiei
Ob Pern tGssion
.Dr- Harvey Sunoganlner, atm
of Mrs. Hazel 6. Bumgardner ol
Kbiga- Mountain and the late Mr.
BUnisai^ner, hhs beeh'eppointed
NeM director oi North Ceroltita
State University’s- ^.Agilcultunal
Miaaion to
' 'The Ktega Mountain man will
’iMVe .for Peru; 0|i November 14
to supervise the work of 22 North
Carolina State faculty memhers
working- in Peru to increase a
gridultural production in that
food deficit country.
Dr. Butngardner has been
vyorking as' a poultry special
ist with the N.C. Agricultural
Extension Service since AprU
of this yeaCt'Coming back to Ra
leigh from Peru where he spent
three years, with N.C. State Un
iversity’s program there.
’ North Carolina Stale Univer
sity. is working in Peru under a
contract with the U.S. Agency
lor International Development,
also supported by grants from
the Ford and Rockefeller Foun
dations. The government of Peru,
with the help of the team of a-
gricultural scientists from North
Carolina, is concentrating on ef
forts to increases prodiuction of
livestock, beans, . rice, potatMs
and fruit. Currently, population
increase is surpassing increases
in food production.
Di. Washburn
Kiwanis Speaker
Dr. Wyan Washburn of Boiling
Springs will report on his recent
trip to Vietnam at Thursday’s
Kiwanis club meeting at 6:45 p.
m. at the Woman’s club.
-A graduate of Wake Forest
college and Jefferson Medical
College of Philadelphia, Pa., Dr.
Washburn is administrator of
Royster Memorial hospital in
Boiling Springs and college phy
sician for Gardner-Webb college
A prominent Baptist layman,
he has traveled ext cnsivcly.
Betums Monday
The Red Cross bloodmobile will
return to Kings Mountain Mon
day,and donors will be processed
from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. at the
National Guard Armory.
Goal ol the collection is 125
ptnte ol Mood.
■.Mrs. Charles F. Maiuncy, an
officer of the Red Cross cliap-
ter, said it is imperative that
quotas are, met at each visit of
♦he regional blood collecting unit
this year.
“Blood is needed badly in war-
tom areas of the world as well
as here at home’’, she said.
'Thomas Burke It Mood pro-
Knm chairNua of the afca.
Oidei Sought
To Force (Sty
To Give Services
Warren E Reynolds, Kings
Mountain realtor and trailer park
owner, has filed suit in Cleve
land County Superior Court in
which seeks a writ of mandamus
which he seeks'’a writ of man
damus to force the city to provide
electrical and other city services
to trailers in his parks.
The complaint names Mayor
John Henry Moss, the five city
commissioners and Electrical Su
perintendent Hunter Allen as de
s At issue is an ordinance, adopt
ed by the dtjt, to regulate the
establishment and operation ol
trailer paries. The ordinance re
quires minimal lot slz«j for es
tablishment of trailer parks and
also sets minimal distances at
which trailers rtay be located.
Plaintiff ccmtehds; .. ..said
mobile home parks have met all
the electrical standards and qual
ifications as prescribed by the
defendant of Kings Moun
tain, aa 'SMifraa -or^Unances, and
laws, .and of the laws of the
State of> North Carolina, and that
the plaintiff has performed all
aa^ and things required by the
law to ^tftle the plaintiff to the
services demanded, twt the de
fendants, and each at them, ar
bitrarily, wongfully, high-hand
edly, and withraiuC legal excuse
therefore, and to great injury
and damage to the plaintiff, de
clined and refused to supply elec
trical power and services to the
plaintiffs mobile home parks .
Mr. Reynolds further charges;
“. . . the acts and conduuct of
the defendants and each of them,
‘^d the refusal to supply the
electrical power and servdees to
the plaintiff as heretofore alleged
were arbitrary, wrongful and in
derogation to the legal rights of
the plaintiff, and the plantiff is
entitled in law to have a writ
of mandamus issued bw the Court
to compel the defend»ts to siup-
ply the .above said electrical pow
er and services, and the plantiff
is without any other adequate
remedy/for the enforcement and
protection of the rights of which
he is wrongfully deprived by the
wrongful illegal acts of the
Mr. Reynolds is represented by
Horn, West & Horn, Shelby legal
firm in the litigation filed Octo-
ber 18.
The city has until November
18 to answer the complaint
Mayor John Henry Moss Wed
nesday declined comment on the
litigation until he confers with
the city commission and city at
For Election
TOM KENNEDY WINS WEBLOS BADGE — Eleven-yeor-old Tom Kennedy, son of East School
Principal R. M. Kennedy and Mrs. Kennedy, has received the Webelos award, highest honor in
Cub Scouting,' from Boyro Memorial ARP iChurch Pock 98. Cubmaster Poul Fulton, left, and Mr.
Kennedy. righC present the award to young Ken nedy. A sixth grader at West school. Kennedy is
the first boy from the ASf Cub Pock to receive the coveted award. He is a member ol Boyce
Memoriol ADP church o|sd is now a member of the newly • formed Boy Scout Troop of First Bap
tist church. (Photo by Paul Lemmons).
Antioch Church
In Dixon Will
’The late Rush S. Dickson, mil
lionaire investnient banker and
textile magnate of Charlotte, in
dicated Antioch Baptist diurch
of Grover among beneficiaries in
his will.
The will names sons R. Stuart
Dickson and Alan T. Dickson and
North Carolina National Bank
as trustees and executors of an
estate whidi exceeds $3 miUipn.
Mr. Dickson was a native m the
Antioch community near Grover.
Baj^t Group
Is Sponsoring
Study Oi India
Miss Ethelda Hanna, mission
ary to Pakista*'^ and India, Mrs.
John C. Mc(|(ll, daughter of
former mission iries to Pakistan,
and Mr. and Mrs. Zake Khwaja,
natives of Pakistan, will appear
on a Tuesday night program at
Kings Mountain Baptist church.
Members of 15 Baptist churches
from the Kings Mountain area
are participating in a two-hour
mission study of the book, “Be
neath the Himalayas” by Jasper
L. McPhail.
Mrs, Eugene Roberts, spokes
man for women of the hostess
church, said that all interested
citizens are invited to attend.
'The program begins at 7 p.m.
Miss Hanna, a native of Gas
tonia, is now on furlough from
the mission fields where she is
sponsored by the Associate Re
formed Presbyterian Church. She
will illustrate the program with
colored slides of India and Pak
istan as well a.s a display of ar
ticles from India.
Mr. and Mrs. Khwaja now re
side here at 905 Rhodes Avenue
and Mr. Khwaja is a stylist at
Massachusetts Mohair Plush
Company’s Margrace plant. They
grew up In Pakistan and will
talk on conditions of the coun
try. Both vverc educated in the
United States.
Mrs. McGill is the former Ma
bel Hamilton, daughter of Dr.
and Mrs. B. L. Hamilton of
Statesville, longtime ARP mis
sionaries to Pakistan. She is
married to Dr. John C. McGill,
Kings Mountain medical doctor.
Falls Property Be-Zoning Request
Still On TaUe; Protests lodged
On motion of Commissioner
Norman King, the dty commis
sion last Thursday night sug
gested that the zoning board con
fer with petitioners requesting
and opposing re-zoning of the
Jonah P^lls property for general
Hie action followed an appeal
by Dlric iLackey, Shelby attorney,
for approval of the zoning pe
tition, which hsia the j approval
of the zoning board, and an op
posing appeal by Gwrge Thom-
asson, Kings MoufltaiR attorney,
appeared In behalf of four neigh
bors opposing the re-zoning. The
four are Don Bumgardner, Mrs.
H. B. Bumgardner, Richard
Owens and Kyle F. Smith
Attorney Lackey said the client
has an option to purchase the
Falls property and plans to
erect a service station on It. He
added, “Mr. and Mrs. Falls sign
ed this petition (for re-zoning)
and if it isn’t re-zoned, they ean’t
sell It.”
. CommisMoner T. J. EUisoii In*
(Continmed On Page
Miss Mullinax
KllfflS Queen
Sandi Mullinax, da'ughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Mullinax
of Kings Mountciin, was crowned
Kings Mountai high school’s 1966
Homecoming Queen in Homecom
ing festivities Friday night at
half-time of the Kings Mountain
RS Central football game.
Principal Glenn Brookshire
crowned the queen, selected by
vote of the student body.
Thirteen high school senior
girls nominated by student or
ganizations competed for the
coveted title. They were featured,
along with football sponsors in a
homecoming parade that after
Miss Mullinax was second run
ner-up in the Miss Kings Moun
tain Beauty Pageant sponsored
recently by Kings Mountain Jay-
Other candidates for Queen of
Homecoming were Jo Bridges,
Carol Dilling, Becky Dixon, San
dra Hullender, Diane Johnson,
Hilda Lowery, Jane Morris, Judy
Morrison, Barbara Plonk, Mary
Beth Ramsey, Ann Sanders and
Gloria Wheeler.
Leaf Vacumnlng
To Start Monday
’The city will start using its
leaf vacuum cleaner next week.
’The sanitation crew will pl6k
up leaves from curb lines on
all city streets on Mondays,
Wedacadays, Thursdays and
Fridays, Mayor John Henry
•Moss annmiTioBii.
Industrial Group
Sets %im
Goal Foi Drive
United Fund workers will
kick-off Kings Mountain's 1967
campaign at a breakfast for 100-
volunteers Monday at 7 a.m. at
West school.
Oscar Anderson, representative
of Carolina United Fund, will
meet with the group and eight
divisions will be divided into
sub-groups of workers totaling
more than 130, according to
United Fund Chairman W. J.
Kefiter. -
Canipaign Chairman W. Don
ald Crawford said goals for tho
eight groups are:
Industry, Carl F. Mauncy,
chairman, $11,500.
Schools, Glenn Brooksliirc and
Myers Hambright, co-chairmcn,
Public employees, Mayor lolm
H. Moss, chairman, $300.
Ccrrespondence, Elmore Alex
ander, chairman, $1,500.
Professional, Mrs. P. (J. Pad
gett and Mrs. Ray Holmes, co-
chairmen, $1,000.
Commercial, Bill H. Brown,
chairman, $2,000.
Advance gifts, John Cliesliirc,
Jr., chairman, $2,0(X).
Individual Subscriptions, lake
Dixon, chairman, $300.
Kings Mountain’s United Fund
campaign, which is a financial
drive of .six agencies for a (luota
of $16,500, will be eulmiiialed
with a final report meeting two
weeks hence on November 21 at
City Hall Courtroom at 7:.'10. A
First Report meeting will be lield
at City Hall November Ittli at
7:30 p m. at which time division
leaders will report tlieir week's
All fund • raising will be con
centrated during the two week
period beginning Monday, Craw
ford said.
Budgeted requests from six
agencies include:
American ^^d Cross, $4,000.
Boy Scouts of America, .$4,400.
Kings Mountain High Scliool
Band. $2,700.
Girl Scouts of America, $1,700.
Kings Mountain Higli Scliool
Chorus, $300.
Cleveland County citizens will |
go to the polls Tuesday for the j
I biennial general election with po I
I litical observers predicting a 1
i light vote total in spite of thr |
i fact that more Democrats have I
I more Republican opposition than
is often.
•Many, of both faiths, doubt
that the county will cast as many
I as tho 9130 votes recorded in
I the U. S. .House of Representa-
j fives race in the 1962 “off-year”
general election and none pre-
j diet totals approaching the U.
IS. House total of presidential
I year 1964 when 18.049 Cleve
landers cast ballots.
I The polls will open Tuesday at
6:,30 a.m. and will close at 6:30
Principal local interest at
II The race between U. S Rep
resentative 'Basil L. Whitener, in
cumbent Democrat, who is chal
lenged for the second consecu
tive time by W. Hall Young,
Avery Countv Republican.
2) The contest for three seats
in the state House o' Represent
atives from the 43rd district
(Cleveland, Rutherford and Polk
^counties) in which Rep. Rolaert
Z. Falls, and W. K. Mauncy. Jr.,
both of Cleveland, and William
Harrill of Rutherford are tho
Democratic nominees and A Ho
bart Greene and James E. Doo
ley, both of Cleveland, and Col.
g arry P. Bedell, ,of Polk, are
epuplioan standard-bearers. '
31 The contest for two seats
in wie state Senate from the 28th
district (GasRn '‘■nd Cleveland
couRtlesV in. whicli Senator Jack
H. \^ite, of Ch eland and Mar
shall Ra'uch, of Gastpn, are the
Democratic nominees, and for
mer Kings Mountain Mayor Kel
ly Dixon 's the GOP nominee
- In countj^ contests. Sheriff
Haywood Allen, Democrat, is op
posed for a fifth four-year term
by Bvprette M. Goins, and Coun
ty commissioner B. E. Simmons
and C. E. Greene, Democrats, are
opposed by Pierce A. Cassedy
and Sam Proctor, Republican,
In a “no result” race, John L.
Setzer and Marvin McCurry are
GOP candidates for the county
board of education. The five in
cumbents are Dem >''ratic candi
dates, including J. Ellis, C. D.
Forney, Jr., Bobby Austell, Bu-
for Cline and Bob Cabiness. How
ever, board of education mem
bers are appointed by the Gen
eral Assembly.
Top state race finds John
Shallcross, Smlthfield Republi
can, challenging U. S. Senator
B. Everett Jordan, Democrat, with
Jordan a hands-down favorite.
Other state race finds Supreme
Court Judge Joe Branch. Demo
crat, serving by appointment,
challenged by Republican Hugh
Montieth for the remaining por
tion of the term.
Members of the American
Legion Auxiliary will gather
for a regular meeting Thurs
day night at 7:30 at the home
of Mfs. J. E' Mauncy.
CHESHIRE WINS GOLD BARS — Citadel Cadet John A. Che-
sbiie. Ill, left, son of Mr. ond Mrs. John A. Cheshire, Jr., of Kings
Mountain, is congratulated by Brig. Gen. James W. Duckett,
dean of the co^ege, upon his academic achievement. Cadet
Cheshire was one of 49 cadek^ert The CUddei who won the covet
ed Gold Stors for the smester ending May 28. At The Citadel
a Gold Star, symbol of-the highest scholastic rating, is worn
on either side of the collar of the dress ond full dress blouses
of the cadet uniform during the semester following the one for
which the award is made. Gold Stars are aworded to those
cadets who made grade-point ratios of 3.6 or higher the previous
semester. This is the approximate equivalent of four A's and
two B's. Cadet Cheshire is in his sophomore year at the military
college where he is majoring in pre-medicine and is enrolled in
the Air Force ROTC Program.
Electrical System
Report Received
No ElecQpn Day
Stiain in These
Several candidates for county
offices, all Democrats, will lose
no sleep over the Tuesday gen
eral election, as they arc unop
posed for the office they sock.
Among them:
J. Ollie Harris, seeking a sixth
four-year term as county coroner.
Paul Wilson, who will succeed
retiring J. W. Osborne as clerk
of Superior Court.
Joe F. Mull, Judge of record
er’s court. ■
Charles W. Wray, Jr., solicitor
of recorder’ court.
Mrs. Harriett ‘ Robert Evans,
whp will succeed Mrs. Lillian
Newton, retiring after 32 years
as county treasurer.
In Number 4 Township, Charles
W. (Rocky) Ford is unopposed
for re-election as constable, and
J. Lee Roberts is assured rc-elcr
tlon as justice of the peace.
Melei Rece^is
Totaled $24M0
Parking meter reoeipta for tlic
weeTt ending Wednesday totaled
A total of $144B0 Was derived
from on-street maters. $23.85
from the Cherokee Street * off-
street meters, and $72.25 from
over-parking fines.
,Receipts for October from the
Mountain street lot lused from
Kings Mountain Savings 4 Loan
association totaled B?i^,
Charlotte Symphony
In Shelby Dec. 1
The Charlotte Sympliony SO-
piece Orchestra will present a
concert at Shelby high school on
December 1, and tickets go on
sale this week.
Mrs. Tom Cothran is cliairman
of ticket sales in Kings .Moun
tain. A drive for ticket sales will
bo launched at a lum licon meet
ing in Shelby Thursday.
Gary Graffman will be leatur-
ed as solo pianist. Mr. Giaffman
is recording this week on the
RCA lebal with the Philharmonic
Symphony, Eugene Ormandy con
All scats will be reserved by
sections and tickets will he .$2,
$1.50 and $1, according to .Mrs
Cothran. .
Attack Fatal
To W. V. Baibei
Winfred V. Barbel’. 53, of Char
lotte, brother of Mrs. Hall Go
forth and Mrs. Clyde Lincisax' of
Kings Mountain, died Tue.s<la.v
I night at 11:30 of a heart attack.
I Funeral rites will he held
1 Thursday at 3 p.m. from tlic
I ehapel of Harris Funeral Home.
! Dr. Paul Ausley, pastor of First
, Pesbyterian church, will offici
ate, and interment will he in
Mountain Rest Cemetery
A native of Kings Mountain.
Mr. Barber became ill two days
ago and died in Charlotte -Me
morial hospital. .
Other survivors include his
wife, the former Nell Black; two
children, Jonathan and Mary
' Catherine of the home; his fath-
i cr W. B. Barber of Shelby; fi'c
; sisters, Mrs. Joe Strange, Mrs.
Y. V. Weaver and Mrs Clifford
.McMurray, all of Shelby, Mrs.
\V. M. Mlulllnax of Charlotte an^
Mrs. Bill Greene of Lexington;
and two brothers. Jack Barber of
Charlotte and W. A. Barber of,
Cost $7200
The city’s electrical distribu
tion system, rebuilt a few years
ago, can be phase-balanced for
an estimated ^200, according to
a report of Southeastern Con
sulting Engineers, of Charlotte.,
The engineering firm, which/
designed the initial plant im-f
provements further said that cur
rent growth trends indicate the
1961 planning reasonably accur
ate with two minor exceptions
and further predicted that the
present system will provide ade
quate service for five more years,
as was anticipated in the 1961
Mayor John Henry Moss said
he will recommend to the city
commission Tuesday night that
the Southeastern recommenda
tions be implemented.
The report noted that the
city’s electrical loads, distributed
via eight circuits, have continuued •
to increase at an annual rate of
abouut seven percent.
On a check of circuit loads,
the engineering firm wrote, “All
circuits were found to be within
acceptable limits except for Clr- '
cuit .Number 2 (serving the north
west part of the system), and
Circuit Number 6 (serving the
Central business district).
The engineers recommend:
11 Transfer of all loads served
by the south circuit on Battle
ground avenue south of Gold
street to the downtown circuit: >
21 Transfer of all loads served
by the southwest circuit on Cana^
ler street south of Mounti^
street to the’south circuit
3> Transfer of ail loadiT
by the west ciseutt oh
Drive and Efflg sOikU
southwest cireSilt.^- - ^
line could be’^
The engineer

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