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Greater Kings Mountain 21,914
City Limits (1966 Census) 8,256
City Limits (Estimate 1968) 9300
Th« Oraotst Kings Mountain figuro Is dtrlnsd ffom Uio
spsoial Unitsd States lurtau ol the Census report o
Tanuary 1966. and Includes the 14,990 population e
Number 4 ToNenshlp. and the remaining 9.124 Iron
Number S Township. In Cleveland County and Crowder
la Qaston CewBty»
Kings Mountain's Reliablo Newspaper
VOL 8r No. 17
Established 1889
Kings Mountain, N. C., Thursday, April 24, 1969
Sevent\*-Ninth Year
ator White Introduces RevisedLake AuthorityBill
lacking Picks Up Steam; iXimeT
Three More Candidates File
tomiuy Bridges.
Iharles Ballard
iboupe File
City poli'ics picked up steam
thi^ week as three more taiuli-.
dates threw their hats in the'
pol^icai arena. I
Afldiiion of candidates Tommy-
P. Bridges, Ward III, Charles E.;
Ballawl, Ward V^ and George M. t
Stro(^, Ward VI, brings to 20:
the ifumbor of candidates for six i
Ci y'Hall seats and two positions
on’the board of education.
T/i® new developments moan a
fivre man race in Ward III, a
three-man race in Ward V and a
three man race in Ward VI. In
V w
Kacc lifling of numerous street
Was votcj Tuesday night by the
city commission.
Bids will be reccised at the
May 13th cit> board meeting on
the followin.j improvements:
Curb and Gjt er: Floyd street
from York road to Oriental Ave
nue; Third street from Linwood
road to dead end: Mauncy ave
nue, from York road to Laura
Paving: William,; street, from
Edgemont Drive to dead end;
niglU entered into agreement^ UoxfoiTl road. 215 feet to Down-
with Gaston County, J. E. Hern- jncr s reel* 1200 feet on Downing
don Company and Kinder Manu-; street.
facto ring Company for installa-i Rj'surfacing: First street from
tion of a sewer line from Bic'Linwood road to dead end; North
KM. Gaston
Are Contracting
For Pipeline
The city commission Tuesday
Two Legislators Still ^n»
Apart On Lake Bill
city to the Kings Moun'ain Indus
trial Park to serve the two in
Moss Reiterates
KM's Position
On Lake Bill
Kingj, Mounldln Mayor John
Henry ‘>Ioss issued the following
statement yesterday, sotting for-
h Kings Mountain s position on
the Kings Mountain x-ako Au-
'illiam Orr was being en-
•uraged by friends to offer ns
.a candidate fo.- Ward 5 Cem-
mNsionor Wednesday afternorm,
ho told the Herald. Mr. Orr said
he Imd not definitely decided
whether he will offer as a can
The project is being carried out
under Gaston's policy for extend-
11 ing water and st w^er service to
I' in:lustries o u ‘ s i d o municipal
f Ward V Richa:d (Dick) Shanoy
an.l Charles E. Ballard challenge
Mrs. O. O. Walker. In Ward HI,
Tommy P. Brid;es, Roy Pearson,
Alfred Tucker and R. Coleman
Stroiipe challenge T. J. Ellison, j
In newly-created Ward 6, there;
is a three-way contest I^etween,
Mrs. Sapah (Sis) Joae<;. Jim
.Rickey and George Stroupe. '
^Monly two candid^ites are wi'h-
^mit opposition. Mayor John Hen-i
rrx Moss is unop'posed for a third
rerm at City Hall and Ward 1
Commissioner Ray Cline is unop-
^sed. The filing deadline is Mon-j
Jerry Mullinax is challenging'
Comm. W. S. Biddix in Ward II
and Thomas Dellinger and Dewe.v
Styerj, are challenging Commis
sioner Norman King in Ward 4.
Unopposed for re-election to
the board of education are Chair
man George H. Mauney and
James E. Herndon, Jr.
Tommy P. Bridges, Secretary
and Treasurer of Bridges Auto
Par‘s, and President of Lincoln-
ton Aviation Tnc., filei Wednes-
Gaslon, from Parker to North] thority Hill
Battleground; North'Pracy street Said tiie Mayor:
from Kinj s rect to Childersj “The Kings Mountain Lake
street: Mo-ita Vista Drive, from| Authority Bill No.3l>4, intiwuced
Wilson to Falls street; Wacojand amended by Senator Jack
road, from Gantt to Wattorson! White, is a most excellent ana
street. | lair bill to'all. It prov.des for ‘hi
I iwundaries. The two industries arc J;*". ®aid that; establishment ofthe Kin;;s Moun
financins the projeet-and are tx-l f''"''* >mprovemen s are; tain Lake Authority wnh sevei
mg reimbursed on JiHlly Gas "" ! members-from the City of
ton county for thfl|K<m of. Works Supt. Grady- Yel-, Mountiuo and aulhori/.cs the Ut>
thp n-iP iniidp puvng Will Of Kmgs Moun'ain to osiablisi
: Conlrart'was awardcd^ndAs’'>’e zoning commission that pro
Brohers to install the line a*a other streets These ineludo Cher- vides for fivx- mem.ters. Hire,
eontract pri-«.- of $37,.-,32. ‘“'7' GotorMi Woodland Drive, from Kings Mountain and
; . . , ... ., and Fo^-d street. He said contract-, from Cleveland County. rn:s bil
, This IS a good oxarnnle • or is Nenle Hawkins. i also pmvides the City of Kingi
! he mavor, of cooperative effort eovcral other actions related to Mountain and Lake Aulhoriij
* policing powers of the waters,
and by the t ify of Gastoiia. This board acccoied petitions fheso three provisions arc abso
ventui-e should he good invest three renuesfed p-niec*s: lutcly necessary for 'he orderly
mont for both of us . he added. paving, curb and cutter of Cald-^evelopment of this lake, so lha
street from Fulton road to r may sciwc its fullest potentia
Tins a;reemcnt established a \fqrior road; curb and gutter of, to our citizens,
most excellen beginning for Mane" roa I from Phifer road to. -<j believe it is only proiMT, fai
Kings M.mmain, a f .vo-co.mty paving, cu-b aodianti just fha* the City of Kingi
town, and i,Castlewood^ 3[«ugt*ta:.Jb»»r^re of the *u
deveh,pment of both to dead end. ' this iako it
Gaston ^^tinty eommissionerst ^pj.p arcepfed on the citizens of Kings Mountair
have extendwl the hand of coop- ..jf when’* funds are availa-|that are financing this project
erntion o Kings MounUin in itS;tj|p basis. Therefore, I urge our other dis
efforts to develop the Kings the commissioners voted't^lc' •^oresenli tive in the N. C
Mountain industrial Park." ! (CoHtnvtrd on Pane Eight) m-i w
j Revised Senate Bilj No. 364, the
I proposed le .islafion that would
create a Kings Mountain Lake
Authority and Kings Mountain
{zoning of the Kings Mountain
I Buffalo i^ako Reservoir, was in-
■ troduced by Senator Jack White
^ and won favorable committee re-
i poi t in the S<'nate Wednesday.
' The ik'nator said from Raleigh
at 1:30 p.m. yes'erday that he
vvould introduce the bill on the
1 icnaie fhxir Thursday. “It will
^^loiiably be taken up Friday
morning", said Mr. White.
Amendments eliminate the con
troversial watershed zoning pro
vision mow reads Kings Moun-
Lake Autlioiily Bill, (*xpectod Bullalo Lake Res<?rvojr» an.i
voted on in the Senate Friday.. ^ y,omnu area of 3.003
Rep. W. K. Mauney, Jr., Kings from he Kings Mountain
MountSin industrialist, said it is lake.
wi hin jurisdiction of the eountv Another ciiange sp<dls out that
commission to do the zoning. "’rce Kin^s .Mountain and two
county citizens (not living in
Senator Jack Whit<*. Kings .<ings Mountain) constitute *he
Mountain l.iwyi'r and city attor- lake ar<‘a zoning board,
ney, said Kings Mountain citi The bill provides the establish-
zens an* paying for the lake and ment of a Kings M<;-ntain Lake
should have authority over the Authority with seven members
Iak(‘ itself and lie zoning of 3.- from Kings Mountain to be ap-
O'K) ft'et from the high water pointed for five-year erms by
mark or wate.’s e 1;m\ lie said the city board of commissioners,
it is nocessarv for “orderly con The bill also providi‘S the City
White, Mauney
Don't Agree
On Specifics
Tiiis city's two rept'^'ts^^t^liitives
in the N. Geneial As.sembly
were still poles* Wednesday
afie:no<»n on the Kings Mountain
trol” that Mountain palici*
the watei j^ and shore ai('i as this
is rightly Kings Mountain’s jur
isdir ion." The .Siniatoi- has intro
du ed Rf'vis4'(l Bill 3<>1 (and the
city board has appifived) he be
lieves will .in-^wei’ the ob|(»ctions
voireil by indl\ idu«iU an i suhse
of Kings Mountain and Lake Au
thority have policing powers of
the waters.
The city hoard on Monday night
adopted resolutions am(?ndin.» the
Senate Bill 361 and issiiorl this
statement ( f polie\ : “Until such
time the lake .r ea is develo; ed
Band Wins
High Bating
The Senior Band of Kings
Mountain high school received a
rating of "Superior" in Group IV
at the annual high school band
contests held Saturday in Marion.
Only two bands received the
‘op rating. Kings Mountain and
Dave Weathers'
Father Passes
t^present# tive in the N.
; Le risl^tui'o, Cleveland County
I comnffcssioncrs, and the Clove-
j land County Planning Board to
• support the pa.ssage of this bill."
In other action, the board:
Approved two rezoning mat
ters; the Maude Plonk Harper
property located at the South-
EasLwes intersection of King
street and Canterbury road from
R 8 to general business: and ap 1 Funeral rites for Maurice ^ ,
proved the rezoning of Julia W.; Weathers. 71. of Shelbv, father of |•1|Aff1atMl1AI1
Kiser’s propt'rly loratn at the] Rings Mountain Heraid Mechani- “VjJiatlllMWM
south side of King street near cal Superintendent Dave Weath
Canterbury road from R-8 to ox^, were held Sunday at 4 p.m
general business.
Readver'ised for bids for a
center mountt'd hydraulic derrick
installed in connection with an
First Baptist
Books Open
DELEGATES — Dlone Trica top«
and Debbie Timms will repre
sent American Legion Post 155 i
Auxiliary ot Tar Heel Girls'
State to be held in June.
Girls' State
I Delegates Named
Diane Tria, daughter of Mr.I
quenllv by the county board of wh(Me’.:v codes and soh iivision
commissioners and ilie county regulations are neci'ssary for or-
p’.aiiniig hoard. Two nicmlxns of derly developmen*. the city’s pol-
the (ounly planning Ixiard. .1. Ol icy shall remain for zoning only."
! li(‘ Ilu’iisand Carl Fingei, pics- Copies of the resolution were
ent for Monday night’s approval, mailed to Senator While. Repre-
(jf the revisions, say ‘hey favor; sentatives W. K. Mauney, Jr.
, and sec no reason whv the plan- Rob<»rt (Gob) Fall.s and Robevt
Inin; hmifl should not approve .Tones and Senator Marshall
I the amended hill. Raiieh.
' It is Representative Mauney’s' J. Ollie Harris. Kings Mountain
j contention that all the projierty mortician, a member of the coun-
aiound the lake, since la.\e<l by U' planning hoard, (which oh-
‘ he eountv, shoul I policed by iocled o the original bill) was
I the (•ount>^ “riu* county gets the present for the meeting. He said,
money lor the taxes and should “I no reason why the plan-
bo ro'^ponsibh' for police protec- ning board should object to this
tion,” said Mr. Mauncy. .Senator ^dl, as revi.sed.
White said policing costs could S<'nator White reiterated: "It
be paid from revenues by the is not mine or Kings Mountain’s
City of Kings Mountain from in'ention to usurp
fishing and boa’ing permits.
and Mrs. John J. Tria, and Dob-,
I all-steel utility type line con-
' struct ion and general body. Re-
from Shelby’s
, , i Registration books for the May, ^
Mr. Weathers, foreman of the 24th schools referendum on issu-1 bie Timms, of Mr. and:
Shelby city water department 1 (.Qy^^.w-ide sun-. Mrs. Gene Timms, will attend
and city building inspector until tax will open at the! Tar Heel Girls’ State as dele-
his retirement in 1966, died Sat-i 28 precincts Saturday. I gates from Otis D. Gi-cen Post
jrclay morning in Charlotte, jpe books will be open on three 155, American Le non Auxiliary,
On Page Eight
Two Endorse
Lake Bill
Two members of the ('levi’lan.i
llie county’s
authority in zoning. I feel si’re
' the citv would zone in accord
ance with their planning. But, it’s
i important that it be done, also
1 (hat if Kings Moun'ain has au
thority over the wat('r in the lake
itself, it also have authority over
' the area around if. We don’t want
■•o see honky-tonks clogging the
lake area which should be main-
day for Commissioner of Ward Bessemer City.
3*, Donald Deai is band director.
Bridges said in a formal state- local bandsmen played advertisement is necessary be- • 1 u j* i -n -
ment. "For some time I have selections in the competi-| cause only two bids were rccciv- , hospital after illness; gatu ’days. 26th. May 3 and Girls’ State is held annually, county Planning Board Wednes- tained and developed as the ideal
watched with interest the growdh Tuesday nWht. ' several months. 1C. • June 22-27 on the campus of the day endorsed Senate Bill :m, tb^ public and recreational area it
of Kings Mountain and have de- . 1 He was a native of Cleveland; poRing places in Kings Moun-1 University of North Carolina at Kings Mountain Lake Authority ixm be and should be."
s^ed to become active in i‘s lead- Ca# ' Accep ed the Id.v $4,4S1.22 bid County, served as *he county’s; arc: Bethware al Botbware | Gj-eensboro and brings toge'hcr Bill
efship. W"e arc attracting new orOwacaSIS 091 of Dixon Chevrolet, Inc. for a, rocorder’s court judge in 1933. Ho j ^ast Kings Mountain at 1 outstanding high school students
bfisinoss and industry, and I feel SGEVlCOlllCIt ■ B'uck cab and chassis having a was a member of Shelby First ^ Kings Mountain Fire Departmeni;
at I can offer now ideas and
■esh approaches to the oxpan-
Continued On Page Eight
Mauney Heads
Hosieiy Club
f 0 Charles Mauney. General Man
ager of Mauney Hosiery Mills,
\v^ elected 1969-1970 president of
the Ca'awba Valley Ho.siery club
durin'j’ the annual meeting of the
• organization in Hickory earlier
this month. 1
The 35-yearold hosiery execu-l
Jive has served as vice president,
of the club during the past year]
' and succeeds J. Hubert GiUx'rl.i
(general Manager of Catawba j
Hosiery Co., in Ca'awha.
The new vice
cab-to-axlo dimension of approx- Baptist church, American LZiKion y^est Kings Mountain at the Na
Wives whose husbands are t imalcly S-4 inchc.s. Southwell Warren F. Hoyle Post S2, and a (jonal Guard Armory: and Grover
stationed overseas may tape ; Motor Co., the only other bidder,| veteran of World War I. [ Grover Rescue Squad,
conversations for their hus- ! submitted a bid of $4,610. Surviving besides his .son are regi.stratlon is reejuired.
bands via the Red Cross ami ^ , wife, Mrs. Annie Wilson, (^^iRizcns who voted in the gen-
WKMT Radio next week.
American Red Cross repre
sentatives will bo at Radio Sta
tion WKMT Monday through
Friday from 9 until 11 a.m. to
make 'he recordings.
Wives interested shotdd call
the Red Cross office in Shelby,
Approved resolution dividing sons, Bill Weath
$20'),000 Utility Fund mon<*\' into Sherman Oakes, Calif, and
the General Fund and CapP.'aF jj. ja^R.
Outlay Fund. sonville, N. C.; two daughters,
Approved the tran.sfor of a Miss Norma Weathers of Shel-
taxi franchise from Jack Smith by and Mrs. Bill Reynolds of Ra
to W. T. Clary, at .Smith's re- leigh; a sister, Mrs. Charles
quest. ' 'Whgh' of Shelby, and 11 grand-
Coyifinucd On Page Eight children.
Carolyn Wright and Sheila|
Green, King.s Mountain high
president of the' school studen s, were first place
association is Cliarlos Jeffers <f. winners in 1959 Forensic contest
Kayscr-Roth Hosiery Co., opera- of the Western North Carolina
tions in Htckor.v. Norman Cole High School Activities Associa-1
man if Little Coleman Co., in tion.
Hickory is the 1959-1970 treasar- contest was held Monday
^r. at Watauga high school in Boone.
Assuming seats on the Board rtctiools from the western dis'nct
of Directors are Mildred Showf- state were competing for
oty of the Jo Mil Hosiery Co., in places in the annual speaking
Hickory; R. E. James of the R. L. event.
James and Son Hosierv Mill, Carolyn Wright copped top
Marion; W. F. (Bill) Thore of honors in the declamation divi*
S’.evens Hosiery Co., in Hickory: defeating contestan ^ from
and Voit Rudisill of Cooksville' other schools with "Robert.
Hosier^' Mill, Cooksville Section Kennedy’s Speech to Young Pco-
of Catawba County. pjp Sojth Africa.’’
Mauney is a giaduale of N. C- Sheila Green’s dramatic read-
State University and has served mg entitled “Scratch, the News-
on the Board (3f Directors since berv's Dor" bv Loota H. Black
1957. He is president of the Kin^js earned for her the fi^’s'-plaeo
Mountain Rot'ary club, a dii’ector medal in mono-drama. Competi-j
of he Kings Mountain Chamber tion in this area came from siX;
of Commerce and lias served as other schools,
chairman of his community’s Carolvn is the daughter nf Mr.
^.^nited Fund Drive. and Mrs. Reheat Lee Wright,
Mrs. ■^launcy is the former Route 3. sbeil** is one of the (win
Otynne Wagner of Statesville. The daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar
Continued On Page Eight Gi-oen of Route 2.
oral ekH'tion are registered t
vote. !)lew citizens who have b<*on
residents of the state one year
and residents of the county lh:<\'
'months should register if they
plan to vote. The election offici ils
who serv«'d in the November gen
eral election will also serve Ir
the schofil election.
Of the 30 cent supplemental tax,
only 40 cents will be hwied, if the
authorization pa.sses. Supt. Donald
Jones said the lax would providv?:
elimination of teachitig jirincl-
pal.s; improved instructional pro
gram; teacher supplement com
parable to in our area; re
duction in class size; improve^’
curriculum; improved sunervisor
services; better janitorial and
maintenance services; improve
buildings: impnive lighting, heat
ing and eloetrfcal s<'rvices; u)
spiM'ial services; refinish furni
ture; redu(*o and perliaps (‘limi
nate instructional fees and basic
WINNERS — Sheila Green, right, and Carolyn Wright, left, were
first place winners in the 1969 Forensic contest of the Western
N. C. High School Activities Association Monday in Boone. Miss
Wright was first in the declamation division ond Miss Green was
first in mono-drama.
"(iood Mens
To Sing Here
"Gmid News," a Christian folk
musical, will be presented a*
First Baptist church Sunday eve
ning April 27, 7:30 p.m., by the
Bii.U. Choir of Gardner-IWebb
This musical speaks in the
language of youth and explores
the problems of today. The Card-
nor-Webb singers have given this
pmrram ih many places this year
: and have always received a good
' response.
for a week’s program. * They were J. f/Ifi(^ Harris and,
Both Miss Tria and Miss Timm.s Carl Finger, both Kings Mountain'
are rising high school seniors: (Ttizen.s.
where they arc active in school, llic board unanimously opposed,
affairs. Miss Timms i«. active in'the original bill as drafted sever-1
Central Methodist church and al weeks age. 1
Miss 'Fria is active in Christ the Both Mi. Finger and Mr. Harris;
King Ca‘holic church. • said they see no reason why the'
Chairman of the Girls’ State hoard .should not acrepi the new
?ommiltee is Mrs. C L. Jolly, Sr. bill in its amended form.
"I forsee no difficulty of pas
sage of this l)ill by the Senate
on Friday", said the .senator.
Knyone Foi Some Campaign Cash?
nie For The County Commission
Meet Candidates
Night May 6
Kings Moun'ain Jaycees will
hold a “Meet the Candidates
Night" Tuesday, May 6th, at 7:45
p.m, at the Woman’s club.
All candidates in the May 13th
city election will be invited and
urged to bo preson' to state tlnir
position on the issues in the poli
tical campaign.
The public is invited to meet
with the Jaycees and meet and
hear the local candidates.
“I don’t know how succe.s.'ifid j
you’ll he in your venture into;
xilitics, but I’ll be happy to helpi
finance any one of you in yoiirj
'ampaign for a seat on the coun-;
ty board of commissioners." I
This n-m,irk was mario by, Ruiiani K. (Dickl Shanoy, can-
3hnrlos Blan on, looal Pl'arm i-, ^3,.^ 5 ^.ommissionor
-ooltno'"'i olcction, said 1o-, Rinj,,. M,,„ntHin Board of
day he would ('xiond an invitation Mundav ni?ht approv
*" “an.pfi ,, oap.ndar lor next sclipol
Dick Shaney
Issues Invitation School Calendar
Is Approved
, . . oay ne woiiia ('xienci an invii
lengeis on Iho program roster, opponents for
open discussion of the various is-.yoar, 1969-70 as folkiw.s:
sues that face our town." | y^ug. 21, teacher.^ dav; Aug. 22.
Shaney is running in-ipupj) orientation day: .\ug. 25.
cumbenl Mrs, O. O. Walker and Ifp-st fpjj (jay fe- students; Set?!,
diaries E. Ballard. ^ j. Labor Day holidav; Sept. 23,
■hallen^crs .Siralv (Sis) Jo.’cs, "Let’s get everything ou‘ in, district teachers nu'cting: Nov.
lov Pearson, Alfred'Fucker Dick ^1'^” people N* 27-28. Thanksgiving holidays:
•hfiMev. .Tim Di' key an i 'jerry, said. “The is-: Doe. 22-.Tan. 2. Chri.stmas holi-
Mr. Blanton prefaced remarks
y the candidates themselves as
hey spoke briefly on their -isinr-
Uions for a scat a* City Hall.
The local .irugg'st assured;
Mullinax he is sincere in his pro- of campaign cash.
•‘We need someone to rei>res(*nt
\sues that fac<' us are the water! days (b(*gin end of >;ehool day
project, recreation, housing, tax- Dec. 19, classes resume Jan. .5);
es, and law and order. 1 have Jan. 16, Evaluation Day; March 27-
, . . . , , opinions on all of these, an<l r<l April 3. .siiring vacation (be.^ln
■s on lm« counly c;.nim..s.on, ,5^^, ^,5
y , ne anuen. v»o\vk tn n public
loylight Savings
Time: Sunday 2 a.m.
A Reminder Turn clocks
ahead one hour before retiring
Saturday night.
Daylight Savings Time begins
at 2 a.m. Sunday, Aiiril 27lh.
views in a public debate. The
! people deserve the npp<jrtunity to
jidge the can.lidat<*s l>y some
; thing other than personalities as
i has been done too jnucb in the
: past."
Shaney said lie would prefer a
debate over 'he radio, lie said a
e.s resume April 6); Jun(' 3. last
day for students: June 4 .5, t(‘aeh-
ers days.
The calendar contains lw(- day-;
which will be used as inclemen'
weather make up days. Tlie third
and fourth days mi.s.sed birause
of Inclement weather will be
! lime and dale could ho .set afteri made up on Saturday v/ith any
getting the reaction of the other other days taken off at the spring
I two candidates. * vacation.

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