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Greater Kings Mountain 21.914
City Limits (1966 Census) 8,256
City Limits (Estimate 1968) 9.300
Gr«at«r ktagt Mouitola llgute to derlT«d tfom tka
•pactri United States Bureau of tbs Ceneue report o
|aiii*ary ts«6, ond tocludee the 14.990 population o
Muiubsr 4 Township, and the remaining 6.124 iron
ftuuber 5 Township, la Clevelond Couaty and Ctowdar*
Tf>.«>nshlp la Gaston Coi>ntT»
Kings Mountain's Reliable Newspaper
VOL 81 No. 49
Established 1889
Kings Mountain, N. C., Thursday, December 4, 1969
Seventy-Ninth Year
Sentenced Te Die r* 117*11 H 1
Horn Gets Life LrVlIl Will KulC
In Cline Matter
A Grover man, Kenneth Ra>v
Horn, 22, convicted of miuaderl
• without the recommendation of, last Septeml>er, escaped!
the death penalty in a new trialj
Monday in the Cherokee County,:
S.C. General Sessions Court.
He 11 Decide
Paints of Law
On Transcript
Horn was convicted of mur
der in the December. 1964 shot
gun death of Jack Smith of Gaff
ney and was scheduled to die
}''riday in the South Carolina
^•Icctiic chair. The shooting oc
curred at the Road King Truck’ Points of law raised by defend-:
i^laza on I-S5, where Smith was; ant Buford Cline, in the city’s^
employed. i condemnation against him, will 1
k App oximately two weeki^ agojbe determined by Judge Sam J. i
f\ nc-/ tr'al was granted by| Ervin III of basis of the hearing
Judge Frank Eppes after several transcript,
alleged judicial eirors in the
first oise were cito.l by defense^ <-“> Attorney Jark White sa d
atio’nev H R S’vink ' attorneys tor both parties had a-,
Several witnesses testified at greed to Uiis means of detcrmin-;
ation and that Judge Lrvin had
agived to make a ruling after |
the Monday hearing that on
(i-iy of the shootin;. Horn came
into the restaurant and quarrel
ed wiih his fiancee, a waitress.
He was then removed from the
_hii’!ding_ but teturned-at-out 30
minutes later armed with a shot
gun and pistol and shot Smith
ind Doc AUison, the two num
j.\ho had lerr.ovei h'm.
At Monday’s trial, Swink ask
thorough study of the transcript i
of proceedings before Clerk of:
Court Paul Wilson. !
"Derehd^l OiF cTTy’s
need for the 93 acres for the Buf
falo Creek reservoir dam site, the
proceedings whereby the city
brought condemnation action un- |
der the General .Statutes of North i
ed that the defense be allowed carclina, right of the city to con-'
to change its plea to g. ilty with jornn, and whether the city bar-'
rccommbndation of mercy. Judge gained in good faithi I
Eppes luled that the recomn*- The Clerk ruled with the city:
dation must come from the jury on all points and Mr. Cline ap- |
and inslru'ied the members that pealed. :
KM laycees
Sponsof Yule
Lighting Contest
Kings Mountain Jaycees will
.sponsor a Christmas lighting con
test, announces Frank Hinson,
Judging will be baseJ on origi
nality and beauty and there will
be two divisions of competition:
seasonal scenes and religious
Non-Jaywp.s will judge the en
tries on December 20th. Plaques
will go to the winners.
Citizens may enter by corttri-
buting a $1 minimum donation to
the Toys for Tots Christmas Pro
ject of the Jaycees which will
benefit from the contest. Persons
who are interested in entering; Christmas Cantata. "Bethlehem”,
should address their entry to by J. H. Maunder Sunday after-
Kings Mountain Jaycees, Box 303. j noon at 5 o’clock at the church. :
Kings Mountain, N. C.. enclosing | Soloists will be Mrs. Bill Allen,
New Draft Lottery b Effect
January 1; Birth Dates
Methodist Choii
To Sing Cantata
The Senior Choir of Central
Methodist church will sing the
oil September 14
Katterree opeakeri^*B«s«>«y
» « ...» I Drawn Monday
For Football Fete
the plea o' guilty had been ac
Swink callcj several witness
es in an attempt to show that
Judge Ervin, initially scheduled j
as presiding in this week s court i
session ir holding court in Gas
ton. after Judge Fred T. Hasty di.s-
CITED —^ SP/4 Larry N. Morgan
of Grover was recently cited
for meritorious services in Viet>
nam where he is o member of
the Green Beret Special Forces.
Green Beret
Morgan Cited
the minimum $1 entry fee.
Jaycees are not eligible to par
ticipate in the contest, said Mr.
Mr. Hinson said further infor
mation about the contest may be
obtained from him. by calHng his
residence, 739-3093.
SP/4 Larry N. Morgan, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Morgan of
Grover, a member of the Green
Horn was mentally incompetent qualified hlniself from trying an ! Special Forces in Vietnam,
at the time of the shooting. obscenity case. j recently received a commenda-
Afier 20 minutes of delibera- in turn. Judge Hasty declined ■ ^-9^ meritorious services in
tion, the Ju y recommended me/- to hear the point of law matter Vietnam. , , . ,
cy and Horn was ^iven a lifeiand continued it to the nex? . ^ clerk in Headejuarters
ocntence topped with a 10 year term. i Company of the 173rd Airborne
sentence to run consecutive with j Agreement of the attorneys. '^^rigadG in Vietnam,
the life sentence after pleading j means that the point of law mat-
guilty to assault and battery, ter w’ill be determined by Judge
with intent to kill in the shoot-■ Ervin.
C AGO Meeting
Monday At 7
Regular meeting of the Cleve
land Association of Governmental
Officials will be held Monday
night at 7 at Hotel Charles Din
ing Room, Shelby.
Officers for 1970 will be elected.
ing of Doc Allison.
w Damages High
In Accidents
Ronnie Webb Ledford, 33, of
503 North Cansler street, was
charged with following too close
ly after a three-car crash Satur
day at 9:45 ajm. at the intersec
tion of E. Gold and York road.
Patrolman Bollinger reported
that car.s operated by James Floyd
Baity, 53, of route 3, and Linda
Kay Love, 23. of 23 Dixie Trailer
Park, were stopped for the light.
The Ledford 1962 Chevrolet hit
the rear of the Love vehicle
knocking the 1969 Chevrolet into
the 1963 Baity Chevrolet. Damagti
were estimated at $75 to the
Baity car. $750 to the Love car
and $600 to the Le:If6ri car.
Damages totaled $2.50 in a two-
car crash Monday morning at
10:45 on Piedmont Avenue 200
feet from Mountain t.>ward King.
Ralph Gidney Ware. 64. of 212 E.
King street, pulled from a .park
ing space into the side of a 1962
Ford Wagon owned by Manus
Amos Duncan. The 1961 Chevro
let is owned by Kings Mountain
Drug.Company, Patrolman Boll
inger reported.
Jerry Glenn Gantt, 23, of 810
Cleveland Avenue was turning
to park and hit the left back side
of an auto operated by Jessie Lee
Dawkins, 21, of Grover. Damages
were estimated at .$250 to the
Dawkins car and $50 to the Gantt
vehicle, reported Patrolman Rich
ard Reynolds.
City .\ttorney White said the
hearing transcript is "about 2tK)
pages^ and declined to mtess
when the Ervin ruling will be
Mr. Cline also appealed the
commissioners’ award of $31,500
for the dam site. It will be cal
endared for the subsequent term
of Cleveland Superior Court.
City Board
Meets Tuesday
The city board of commission
ers will hold regular meeting
Tuesday night at 6 p.m., half-
hour earlier than the regularly
scheduled meeting.
Mayor John Henry Moss said
the earlier meeting is scheduled
so members of the board can at
tend the annual Lions club foot
ball banquet to be held at 7
o’clock that evening at the Wom
an’s club.
Eagled Same Hole
"It wouldn’t haptjen again in
a hundred years,” says Bill Mc
Ginnis, self - admittedly brag
Playing the Kings Mountain
Country Club golf course Sun
day with Louis Sabetti, John
ny McGinnis and Jay Powell,
Jr., both Bill .McGinnis and his
brother-in-law Mr. Sabetti re
corded eagle two’s on the par
four 395-yard Number 2 hole.
Before going to Vietnam, .Mor
gan attended the clerical school
in Arizona, parachute training in
Georgia and then joined the!
Gi-een Beret and trained with the I
Special Forces in Fort Bragg. |
He is a 1966 graduate of Kings i
Mountain high school.
sr/4 Morgan’s address: E-237-
76-1199 HHC, 173rd Abn. Bde.
Sig. Office, APO San Francisco,
Be Yourself
Says Bauch
Santa Needs Help
In Finding Calico
Santa Claus needs some help
in finding Calico, a three-year-
old golden palamino meant for
a present lor a Charlotte
The pony was locked in a
pen at the resideiico of Mr. and
Mrs. Homer Woodward, 8000
Margrac^e; until Tuesday when
he kicked down the door.
Nona Woodward, daughter of
the Woodwards, said her family
was keeping the pony until
Christmas for a young nephew'.
She said the pony U called
Calico, has a scratch on his
head and bangs.
.Mrs. Delbert Dixon, B. S. Peeler,
Jacob Dixon, and Delbert Di.xon. i
Other choir members arc: So-;
oranos — Mr.s. Bill Tinsley, Miss
Mary Alice McDaniel, Mi.s-; Bessie,
Bumgardner^ Miss Winilred_^l-1
ton, Mrs. Guy Trout and Ben-1
nett Masters: Altos — Mrs. Har- |
vey Williams, Miss Marilyn Dix- (
, on, Mrs. W. A. Russell, Mrs. Gem '
i Werner. Mrs. Jeff Patterson, and
i Misses Debbie Timms,- Mary Bry-
t ant, Lynn Harmon and Susan An-
! derson; Tenors — Bill Russell, Ar
thur Walker, Eugene Patterson,
and Richard Etheridge; Bass —
Carlton Harris. Bill Alien.
"The publfc is invited to attend
this servfce of Christmas music”,
said Rev. D. B. Alderman, pastor.;
The Cantata will be under the |
direction oi Mrs. J. N. McClure, or- j
ganist and choir director.
Grid Banquet
Lions Club s
30tb. Annual
Pride G. Ratterrce will be the
! featured speaker at the 30th an-
' nual football banquet of the
Kings Mountain Lions club Tues
day night.
The banquet will be
' The selective service .system
I resumes the lottery draft of World
I War n January 1.
i Machiney was put in motion
Sunday night as the priorities via
] date were drawn.
I Number 1 was September 14. If
physically fit a 19-year-old is
j shortly for the service.
Most distant are those born on
Juno 8, Number 366.
February 26 birthdays are 365.
The draft- actually applies to
men between the ages of 19 and
26 as of December 31 coming.
But only men classified 1-A —
“available for service” — will be
subject to draft call in 1970.
Men granted deferment or ex-
h^j^ emption by their local draft
Senicemeh's Toys For Tots
Address Wanted laycee Project
Senior Girl Scout Troop 200 is! Operation Toys for Tots will a-
secking the addres.s of any Kings be a Christmas-sea.son pro-
' Mountain boys presently in Viet-1 jeet of the Kings Mountain Jay-
naim to send Christmas packages | cee.s to provide toys for thq needy,
to them. These addresses may be Citizens with good used toys to
left at 739-4462 any time after 4; donate may deposit them at the
p yn I Jaycee Tree Lot on East Moun-
Those packaj-es will consist of.'fi". Woman’s
various obiects such as socks Cloninper.
various oojecis J>UC1I as W-»rrnn nnfnrih WQ.
at the Woman’s Club with
members of the high school
1 football team, honor guests and
i will begin at 7 o’clock.
I Another annual feature of the
1 banquet is award of trophies to
; outstanding players — the Fred
‘ Plonk Blocking award, Dr. George
1 Plonk valuable award, and
I roaches awards for the most im-
’ proved player of the year, the
’ player with the best
average, and plaques to senior
members.of the squad.
Mr. Ratterree is head freshman
coach at the University of South
Carolina and is also academic
liason man between faculty and
stude.nt athlete.s. He played foot
ball, basketball and baseball in
boards will not be called while
their deferments or exemptions
But the 'place-in-line number
they draw in Monday night’s lot
tery will stay with them; and if
they lose their deferments or ex
emptions and become 1-A, they
will tall back into line with oth
er draftable men in exactly the
samp place they would have oc
cupied if they had not been de
academic i ferred or exempt.
~~ I East year, while the lottery
system continues, a new drawing
will be held, assigning place-in-
line numbers to a brand new
group of men — those who reach
the age of 19 during that year.
That group will be the draft’s
prime target for the following
high school and lettered twire in year, while the men who have
P>TA Barbecue
Friday At North
North school Parent-Teacher .As
sociation will sponsor a barbecue
“Just be yourself. Your truej Friday night with serving from 5
qualities will show through." t until 7:30 p.m. in the school cafe-
Gaston Senator Marshall A i teria.
Rauch was speaking to Boyj Plates are $1.25 for adults and
Scouts of Troop 92 of First Bap-j75 cents for students. Take-out
list church Tuesday night on the orders will also bo available
I ?. spokesman.
Retail Merchants
Are Open Later
Bob Hayes. ex-Army Signal Corps,
Eight-Year Police Force Veteran
topic, “Being a Good Citizen
Senator Rauch’s visit was the
kick-off for a new idea in Troop
32. Tiie troop has liad a great
deal of re-organization and has
now established a Boy Planning! Kings Mountain retail merch-
Commiltee consisting of the Sen-, ants are remaining open later on
=or S.'outs of the troop. This; Friday night to accommodate
"ommittee will plan all Scout! Christmas season shoppers,
neetings and outini;s with adult! Most stores are open each Fri-
idvice and suggestions coming day evening until 8:30 p.m.
from the scoutmasters. Members: Jolm McGinni.s, pre.sident of the
of the Boy Committee are Frank, Kings Mountain Merchants Asso-
Humphreys, chairman, assisted! ciation. said retailers have a good
’oy John Knox McGill, Larryi selection of gifts for every mem-
Hamrick, Jr., Billy Talhert and , ber of tlie family.
.Adrian Beam. New patrol lead-|
.^rs and assistants were necessary!
when this four»some was elevated
to new job. The patrol leaiJers
and tlieir assistants , are Ken
Culberson, Jr. and Mark Stock-1
ton. Cat Patrol; Steve Moore!
and John McDevitt, Moose Pa
trol; Kenny Bridges and Glenn
Roberts, Rattlesnake Patrol.
Troop 92 has an outing plan
ned this Saturday. They will de
part from the Scout Hut at 9
a.m. hike up Crowders Mountain
and have lunch theix?.
I washcloths, shoe polish, handker-
[chiefs, and other useful things.
! Any contributions from merchants
i and factories will be appreciated,
j a spokesman said.
1 Girl Scouts arc also sending ar-
] tides to Broughton and Western
' Carolina Center. These articles
are as lollows:
Popcorn Poppers, Fishing Ek|uip-
ment. Lamps, Shirts, Sweaters,
Housecoats, Handkerchiefs, Purs
es, Billfolds, Raincoats, Hand Lo
tion, Shaving Cream and Lotion,
Magazine Racks, Clothes - Chil
dren’s sizes over six. Any Adult’s
Size.s, Combs and Brushes, Shoo
Polish, Shower Caps, Framed Pic
tures, Instant Coffee, Sleeping
Bags, Kleenex, Belts, tamps, Sta
tionery, Lipstick, Hair Spray,* Bath
Powder, Hair Rollers, Under
Clothes, Musical Instruments. De
odorant, Shampoo and Creme
Rinse, Toothpaste, T.V. Slippers,
Children’s Toys For All Ages.
"These people are in desperate
need of these articles. If you can
afford any of these articles we
will be very appreciative,” a
spokesman for the Girl Scouts
739-5485, or Warren Goforth, 739-
5089, before 10 a.m. each day for
pick-up service.
The toys will be repaired by
the Jaycees and turned over to
the Kings Mountain Ministerial
Association to distribute via its
Empty Stocking to the area needy
this Christmas.
Ministers of the community con
duct the Empty Stocking appeal
annually and will set up bell
ringing stations in downtown
Kings Mountain. Names of needy
familie.s should be given to any
mini.ster in the area. The Empty
Stocking Fund provides fuel,
food, (lothing for the needy year-
Jim Cloninger is chairman of
the Jaycees Toys for Tots com
mittee and co-chairman is War
ren Goforth.
"We need the help of all citiz
ens to make this Christmas a
merry one for the less fortunate”,
said Mr. Cloninger. Jaycees will
be at the Tree Lot headquarters
(*ach evening to receive the toys,
said Cloninger.
Oak Grove Firemen
basketball, three times in foot
ball at Wake Forest. He was a
member of the 1946 team which
helped to christen the Gator
Bowl at Jacksonville, Fla.
He graduated with a BS degree
from Wake Forest, won a mas
ter’s degree at Appalachian State
in 1956.
He has coached at Staunton
Military academy, Lonoir-Rhyne,
Wake Forest, Davidson and The
Citadel before joining the USC
Gamecocks in February 1966.
Mrs. Ratterree is the former
Edna Rowe, of Glen Alpine, a sis
ter of Mrs. H. O. Williams of
Kings Mountain. They have three
Members of the Lions club ar- j
rangements committee are j
Charles Blanton, Bill Bates and |
Oliie Harris. i
Sgt. Bob Hayes, who first join
ed the city police department
August 12, 1961, had a short
tenure. Uncle Sam called after
lie had been at work three weeks
and ;i was back in the Army Sig
nal COips for the Kings Moun
tain man.
Sgt. Ilayis, then in the Re
serves. spent a jear overseas
luring the Berlin Crisis stationed
in Japan -and Korea.
A native of Shelby, Sgt. Hayes
attended fho Shelby schoolJ and
previously worked for Chailotte
! (’onsolidated Bnass Company.
I He is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Hubert Padgett of 509 Grovei
.street, Shelby. Mrs. Hayes is thei
I former Sue Dover of Kings
; Mountain.
SERGEAKT — Bob Hayes is a
sergeant on tfae Kings Mountain
police force. He joined the de
partment August 1961. was re
called in the lerrlce for anoth
er year's duty ond then rejoin-
thc ioice.
Mis. Peteison's
Rites Condneted
F'uncral rittes for Mrs. Sybil
Taylor Peterson, 45, of ,508
Rhodes Avenue, widow of Will
iam Amos Peterson, wore held
Mon lay at 3 p.m. from Grace
Methodist church of which she
was a member.
Rev. J. C. Lane officiated at
the finc.l rites and interment was
in Mountain Rest cemetery.
Mrs. Peterson died suddenly
November 29th at 9:45 a.m. in
the Kings Mountain hospital of
an apparent heart attack. She
[was an employee of Lambeth
Rope Corporation. Her hu<»band
'diej in August of this year.
Sgt. and Mrs. Hayes are par-; She iv as daughter of Mrs.
onts of a nine-year-old dauglitcr, Pearl Norton Taylor of Lan-
, Deborah. The family attends caster, S.C. and the late Ch-arles
Cherokee Street Baptist church. . Coleman Taylor. Besides her
An avi.'l sports fan, Srt. Hayes'mother she is survived by a
likes baskelball and football. An brother, Charles C. Taylor, Jr.
i(»ff duty d.iys he enjoys hunt- and a sister, Mrs. Beecham Will
ing. : iam5>, both of Lancaster.
Jaycees To Sell
Christmas Trees
Kings Mountain Jaycees will
sell Christmas trees again this
year to benefit charity projects.
The trees go on .sale Friday at
the Jaycee Tree Lot on East
Mountain street across from the
Woman’s club. Prives vary from $2
to $5.
Set Turkey Shoot I Jaycees will mann the Tree Lot
Oak Grove Volunteer Fire Do-! Headquarters from 3 until 9 p.m.
partment will .sponsor a turkey 1 through Friday and all
shoot Saturday beginning at 1 p. i Saturday,
m. at the site of the new fire sta- Gerald Carrigan is chairman of
tion in the Oak Grove commun-! project and co-chairmen are
jty. ! Jerry Dover and John Mitchell.
-Proceeds from the turkey shoot; "Corne early for a good choice
will be used to fire-fight- i of Christma.s Jrees,” said Mr. Car
ing equipment
for the depart-! rigan.
Sunday morning w’orship .serv
ice during the month of Decem
ber will be broadcast via Radio
Station WKMT from Kings
Mountain Baptist church.
Building permit for a two-
room garage apartment has
been issued to Mrs. J. K. Willis,
700 West Mountain street. Cost
estimate is $2000 and A. C. Lail
i.s contractor.
Funeral Rites For Fred Cockrell
Thursday; Heart Attack Fatal
Senior, discusses the work of an engineer with H. B. Holton of
Bell Telephone Laborotories on a recent trip to Winston-Solem.
Mrs. Helen Ausley. head of the Science department at the high
school accompanied Woyne. Twenty-five science teachers and
outstanding senior students from North and South Carolino
high schools were entertoined by Western Electric, suplier to
Bell System, and Bell Telephone l!.aboratorie8. Research and De
velopment orm of AT & T. on a tour of the Winston-Salem fa
cility. Mrs. Dorothy Willlomson. local School Representative for
Southern Bell, mode arrangements and provided transportation
for the interesting trip.
William Fred Cockrell, Sr., 59,
former superintendent of Grov
er Industries in Grover, died'iy morning al 6 a.m. at
his home on Cherry street in
Grovcp of a heart attack.
Mr. Cockrell had been in ill
he.alth the past two years.
He was a native of State.s-
vill who moved to Grover 22
years ago and became associat-
: od with the Dyeing and Finish-
! ing Department of Grover In-
Idustrics, He was graduated from
Statesville high school and Mars
day (today) at 2 p.m. from Shi
loh church with his pastor, Rev. i.
Robert Wilson to officiate. As
sisting will be Rev. U. A. Mc
Manus, Jr., p-astor of Grover's
First Baptist church.
The body will remain at Har
ris Funeral Home until 1 p.m.
when it yill lie in state at the
church. Interment will he in Oak-
wood cemetery in Statesville.
Surviving are his wife, Mrs.
Beatrice Jones Cockrell; two
sons, Major William F. Cock
rell, Jr. of Fort Benning, Ga.
already faced the draft, in l-A
classification for one year with
out actually receiving their draft
notice will move into a safer cat
The priority situation under tlie
birthday lottery may vary from
locality to locality. Local draft
boards will continue to be assign
ed draft quotas to be filled.
Therefore it is possible that a
local board may use up all of the
calls under a certain birthdate
and another may use only part
of those born on the same date.
Here are the top 30 birthdates
selected in the draft lottery Mon
day night. The sele<*tion means
that young men born on those
days will be drafted first:
Top 30 Draft
Birthday List
1— Sept. 14
2— April 24
3— Dec. 30
4— Feb. 14
5— Oct. 18
6— Sept. 6
7— Oct. 26
8— Sept. 7
9— Nov. 22
10— Dec. 6
11— Aug. 31
12— Dec. 7.
13— July 8
14_April 11
15- ^uly 12
16— Dec. 29
17— Jan. 15 '
18- 8ept. 26
19—Nov. 1
20— June 4
21— Aug. 10
22— June 26
23— July 24
24— Oct. 5
25— Feb. 19
26— Dec. 14
27— July 21 ,
28— June 2
29— ^March 2
3C—March 31
Here is the '*tie-brcaking” or
der of the call, in which the ini
tial of each man’s last name and
first name if necessary will be
matched with the scrambled al
1. J
2. G
15. F
3. D
16. I
17. K
5. N
18. H
6. 0
19. S
7. Z
20. L
8. T
21, M
9. W
22. A
10. P
23. R
11. Q
24. E
12. y
25. B
13. U
26. V
'Hill college. He was son of the and Andy Cockrell of Pensacola,
late Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Fla.; and a daughter, Mrs. Char
les Peeler of Charlotte. Also sur-
Young p(!ople of El Bethel
Cockrell of Statesville. , les Peeler of Charlotte. Also sur- Methodist church will sell hot-
He was a member and deacon vi ng are two sisters, Miss Lois dogs and homemade cakes Sat-
: of Shiloh Presbyterian church.! Co krell and Miss Ina Cockrell,' tirday from 5:30 until 9 p.m. at.
I Funeral rites will be held Tljui^- both uX Statesville. £1 Bethel Methodist church.

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