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Greater Kings Mountain 21,914
City Limits (1966 Census) 8,256
City Limits (Estimate 1968) 9.300
Oitater kiags MouotalD figut* la dartvad from tba
9PMtrl Uoited Stotaa Buraau of tha Caoiua repoit o
January 1966, and lacludos tha 14.990 population o
Numbar 4 Township, and th# ramolnlDg 6,124 Iron
Ifumbar $ Township, in Clatralond County and Crowdor*
■ tn fVn»o0 County
Kings Mountain’s Reliable Newspaper
VOL 81 No. 52
Established 1889
Kings Mountain, N. C., Tuesday, December 23, 1969
Seventy-Ninth Year
$1,773 Million Cansler Street Project Approve
Kings Mountain Citizens Readying For Christmasi*^'^"'
GIRL SCOUTS TRIM TREE—Kings Mountain, Gr over and Bessemer City area Girl Scouts trimmed
a Christmas tree Mondoy on the lawn of Jacob S. Mauney Memorial Library and then held a Carol
Sing on the library steps. The yule tree, picture d above, is from Golden Valley, the new campsite
of Pioneer Girl Scouts, and the Scouts, pictured above, trimmed the tree with orange cups filled
with raisins, pinie cones filled with peanut butter and strings of cranberries and popcorn "for the
birds.*' Mrs. W. C. Ballew is chairmen of the Gii 1 Scout Neigliborhood which includes oil area Girl
Scouts. (Photo by Isoac Alexander)
Rev. Wayne Ashe
Rites On Sunday
Pastoi Dies
Aitei Open
Heait Surgery
APPOINTED — Representative
W. K. Mauney, Jr. of Kings
Mountain has been appointed
to the State Employees and ,
Teachers Benefits Study Com
mission by Governor Scott.
Governor Taps
Rep, Mauney
IIALEIGH — Governor Bob Scott
today annoMnc‘C(i tho appoint
ments to the State PImployeo.s and
T(*achers Benefits Study Commis
Former Si‘*nator and Represen
tative Willis Hancock of Oxford;
Former car?er employee of the
State, John A. Winfield of Pine-
town; and Dr. A. C. Barefoot of
North Carolina State University,
who if currently servin" as Secre-
Inry tlie University Advisory
Committee, were appointed as
m(v.n bers -a t -la r;:;e.
Repro'^entative Claude deBruhl
of Candler and Representative
William K. Mauney, Jr., of Kings
Mountain will repre.sent the
House of Representative.s.
Jolin A. Holmes. Jr., of Raleigh
will represent the North Carolina
Highway and Correction Em
ployees’ Association, Incc. Lloyd
Isaacs of Raleigh will represent
the North Carolina Education As
sociation. Mrs. Leila Laws of Roc
ky M<iunt will represent the North
Carolina Teachers Association.
James S. Stevens. Jr., will repre
sent the Nfjrth Carolina Stale Em-
plovees A.s.soeiation,
The Commission is to make a
detailed and exhaustive study of
the benefits that relate and con
tribute to employee efficiency and
competence in North Carolina.
They will submit to the Governor
and the (roneral Assembly a re-
.suit of their study not later than
October 1, 1970.
R(*v. Wayne Ashe, 47. pastor of
Macedonia Baptist church, died
Thursday night at 7:15 p.m. in
North Carolina Baptist Ho.spitalat >
Winston Salem after undergoing
open heart surgery.
Funeral rites wore held Sunday i
afternoon at 3:30 p.m. from Mace- i
donia Baptist church where lie j
had .‘served as pastor for nine i
years. Rev. Wayne Dietz of Rcids-
villo and Rev^ Floyd Harlon of
' lenne.Nseo officiated at the final
, li'os and inteiment was in Gaston
Memorial Park.
Mr. Ashe, who liad suffered from
j a heart ailment for several years,
(had undergone heart surgery
A graduate of Gardner Webb
I college, Carson Newman college
anci Southern Baptist Seminary at
Wake Forest, Mr. Ashe was or
dained by Belmont Baptist
church and .served hi.s first pas
torate at Berea Baptist church in
Mooresville. He came to Kings
Mountain from Gum Spring Bap
tist chur-ch in Lilesville.
In King.-’ Mountain ho has .serv
ed as pastor in the Kings Moun
tain Ministerial Association and
was active in the Kings Mountain '
Ministerial As.sociation and was
active in the Kings Mountain
Baptist Association Pastor’s Con-
I lerencc.
A native of Swain County, he
wa.-’ the son of the late Wheeler
, D. and Drucilla Brendall .Ashe.
Surviving are his wife, Mrs.
Myrtle Lear Gibby Ashe; their j
i son, Steve Ashe, student at Ap-1
I palachian State University; four |
, brothers, L. C. Ashe. J. Lt'C Ashe,
Charles Ashe and Earl Ashe, all
of Belmont; and one sister, Mrs.
Bob Jones of Maryville, Tennes
I Ac(i\e pallbearers wx*rc J. Rob
ert Champion, Morris Timms,
Clifton Timms, Doan Spears, Tom
Smith and Henry Ford.
Honorary pallbearers were oth
er members of the board of dea
cons and ministers of the Kings
Mountain Ministerial Association
and Kings Mountain Bajitist ;Vs-
, sociation.
SUCCUMBS — Rev, Wayne Ashe
died Thursday night after un
dergoing open heart surgery. He
was 47.
Sgt, Padgett
k Honoied
Sgl. Charles (’. Padgett, son of
Dr. and Mrs. P. G. Padgett o*
Kings Mountain, has received the
Army Commendation Medal while
serving in the R(*public of Viet
nam from April 1968 to April
The Kings Mountain man is
now stationed at Fort Car.son.
The eommendation from the
Secretary of tin' Armv reads: “Sgt.
Charles C. Padgett, United Stales
Army, who distinguished himself
by exceptionally meritorious ser
vice in sufjport of military opera
tions against Communist aggres
sion in the Republic of Vietnam
April 1968 to April 1969 ho astute
ly .surmounted extremely adverse'
conditions to obtain consistently
superior results. Through diligence
and determination ho invariably
ac('omplished every task with dis
patch and efficiency. His unre
lenting loyalty; initiative and per
severance brought him wide ac
claim and in.spired others to strive
for ma.ximum achievement. Self
lessly w'orking long and arduous
hours, he has contributed signifi
cantly to the succe.s.s of the allied
effort. His commendable perform
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Buying Heavy,
Say Merchants
I Kings Mountain citizens readi
ed for Christmas this week, and
the vast majority were either al
ready enjoying a holiday or look
ing torward to vacation time.
Many found help for Santa
Claus shopping via Christmas
bonus pavTTients from employers.
Industrial holidays will vary
from one to 10 days, some began
Retail personnel will
continue to be busy through
Christmas Eve, will take a one-
day holiday Christmas Day. Fin
ancial institutions wdll be clo.sed
both Christmas Eve and Christ
mas Day. Kings Mountain Post
Office will be cl().sed CTiristmas
Daj'. Drug stores will offer ab
breviated service for prescription
service Christmas Day.
City Hall offices will bo chj.sed
Christmas Eve and Christ;ma.s
Longest holiday will be ob.«erv-
d by employees of Oxford Indus
trie^' wiiich closed on Fi'idaj', re- |
opening January 5th. Second long- '
''St holidays will be taken by cm- '
ployees of Mauney Textile Inter- |
?sts, Craftspun Yarns and Burling- ;
^on Phenix Plant 1. holi- i
day announced is that of K Mills .
wdierc employees will return to I
work Friday aftei: Christmas Day |
holiday Thursday. Gift certificates
will bo presented empIoy(»es. |
Kinder Manufacturing Company
'lad Tint definitely set a holiday;
schedule yesterday. At Grover’s I
Minetto Mills omployee.s of the ,
Cheniio Bedspread department |
may work December 26ih and
December 27th. Other operations;
there will cease on December 23.
reopening Decembr 27h. Bonus
es v\'ill be paid employees.
Sadie CotKin Mills will be clos
ed from 10 p.m. Friday until 10
•3.m. December 28th..Bfjnuses will
be paid employees.
Park Yarn Mills will close Wed
nesday. Dece-mber 24th, at 7 a.m.,
resuming operations Monday
morning at 7 a.m. December 29th.
Lambeth Rope Corporation viH
be closed Christmas FZvo and
Christmas Day, n*suming work
Mauney .Alills will be closed
from 6 a.m. Saturday until 6 a.m.
December 29th. Bonuses will be
paUi employees based on length
o.' service.
Mauney Hosiery Mills will shut
down Friday, reopening Deeem-
I bei 2Sth. Bonu.<e.« and gifts will
I be pre.sented employees.
Carolina Throwing Company
will bo closed from December 20tii
until Dei'cmbor 29th. Bonuses and
gifts will be presented to employ
Duplex Shannon will dost*
Christmas Eve. resuming ojK^ra-
tions Monday, Dec. 29.
Kings Mills will cease operation
at tho of the second shift
ruesday. reopening on Sunday
night, December 28th. Bonuses
and turkeys will be presented em
Craftspun Yarns will close Sat
urday morning at 6. reopening at
n a.m. December 29lh. Christmas
bonuses will be paid employees.
Burlington Mills Phenix Plant
closed for the holidays at end
of the second shift Saturday, re
suming operations with tho third
.shift Sunday night, Dt'cembor
26th. Bonuses of two and four per
cent were pa.i employees.
Double Knit ^'abries will close
Tuesday, resuming operations on
December 29th. Christmas bonus
es will be paid employees.
Dependable Knits, Inc. wull
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Next Week's Herald
On Regulor Schedule
The next edition of the Kings;
Mountain Herald will be publish-1
0(1 on regular schedule. Publica
tion date will bo Thursday. Jan
uary 1, 1970, with the edition to
appear on newstands Wednesday,
December 31. 1969. '
Today’s edition is published
one day in advance of regular
The Herald will Tue.sday
afternoon and will be closed
throughout tho weekend. Opera
tions will be resumed Monday
I morning. i
• 06
• •I
> i O •
! o
/ ®
147 Acre Cansler Street Urban Renewal Area
(in heavy black border Central Business District Renewal Area)
Church Services
On Christmas Eve
Homer Harmon
Is Retiring
Homer Harmon. 66 on Saturday,
is looking forward to December
31. ■
At the end of Year 1969, Mr.
Harmon, native of the Bethlehem
community near Kings Mountain,
retires from active employment.
Mr. Harmon joined Firestone
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Kings Mounlain ehurt hes were
arranging some sp(‘(’inl obser
vance of tlie c’liri.stmas season
ihi.< \v<'ek.
.At numerous iiiva chiuvhc.'. the
traJdional yuleiidc progr.ims
were jicld Sunday and Monday
Christims live services will be
hehl in at le:ist IhjxH' i-Cings Moun-
churches with sf)oeir.I musi-
e;*| and candlelight program.';
phinned by I'irst Presbyterian,
Sr. .M.itthew's LuihcTan ami U(*s-
uiTCction Lutbei’an (‘hiirclu's.
tnadiin.nal Christmas Kve
^(•ruc<' at I'irst Presh.\ terian
church will Ix' held at 11 p.m.
Wednesday. The C'lianc<*l Choir
will sing two anthems, “Angels
\v(‘ IIa\v Heard On Higlt” and
“O Holy Xight.” The congrega
tion will join in the singing of
“O Come Al] Ye F’aithfiil.’’ “Si
lent N’ighl” and “Joy 'Fo Tlie
(Continued On Page SUJ
And Renovated
Mayor John Henry Moss aiil
nounced today that the Departf
men! of Housing and Urban Re
newal has approved Kings Mour
tain's application for the Cansle
Street Urban lU'nowal Area. U.
Representative James Broyhill in
formed the mayor by telephonl
that 81,774.000.00 will be reser\|
ed for tlic project.
Congri'.ssman Broyhill told th|
Herald tiiat in addition a lederal
grant for sur\(*\ and planninf
has been set aside in the amour
of $147,668.00 for land acquisitioil
clearance (razingL utility anl
street improvements. Developc'rl
will be offered at auction fcf
home Duilding.
The 147 acre project irlcludel
the predominant dilapidated rcsil
dential area of the city — ovef
SOG of the 300 homes are dofil
cient. Planned treatment for th|
area involves clearance of dilap
idated residences and replac
mc'nt with private hou.sing designi
ed to meet the needs of low ini
come lamilios. both for rental anf
for home ownership. This privatl
I housing in conjunction with th|
, low rent public hou.sing alread
under eonstruotion in the arel
1 will prm ide a decc'nt homo fo|
I every family in the vicinity.
Carl Mauney, chairman of King
Mountain Redevelopment Coml
mission, stated that the survef
and planning phase of the prJ
gram will commence as soon al
a contract is executed betweeiT
the Redevelopment Commissioil
and the Department of HousinI
and Urban Development whicl
should be a matter of a fe\i
weeks at tho mo<t.
J. M. Laney, director (jf the Rtl
development Commission estll
mates that tiu* survey and plani
ning phase will require about lI
months at wiiich time initial pr^f
jeet exeeuTion will commence.
Both Mr. Mauney and Mavcl
I Moss are enthusiastic about fh|
approval since they fet'l this pro
I ject will provide a giant step tf<
I wards providing a decent hornl
for every citizen of Kings Moun|
Mayor .Mo.s.s said the city'l
share in the project cost is roughi
ly one-third or about $595,000. HI
said, however, no outlay of casi
j will be required and that thJ
I city's share will be covered by ini
; kind (’ontributions, such as streol
; improvements, school construcl
tion, curb and gutter, water ancT
.sewer, etc. City and state expenl
: ditures in the area will apply hf
the city’.s non-cash credits.
Mayor said he had alsJ
conferred with HUD officials a I
bout the city’s busino.s.s districl
’ revitalization program and learnl
ed that the revised application foJ
funds is in the final step of ro|
, vieu. Mo.'is said ho was hopeful
that approval will be forlhcoml
i ing shortly.
A federal grant of $892,000
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City Courtroom
Being Renovated I
Ite'iiovation of the City Hall
courtroom is underway, with KelJ
ly Dixon sui>orintendcnt of thef
The space occupied by th^
judge's bench is being enclosed
to provide mort* room for the mayJ
ur’s office.
A raisi'd eur\'ed platform wil^
be provided fur city commission
meetings, with seats for thq
mayor, commissioners, city cleikj
city attorney and the press.
Funeral Rites Held On Friday
For Lawson Harold Dover, 83
Fiim*ral ritt'S for Lawson Harold
Dover. 83, wert' held F'riday after
noon at 4 p.m. from Central Unit-
('d Methodist church of which he
was a membt’r.
Mr. Dover died Tliursday morn
ing at S o’clock in the Kings
Mountain hospital. He had been
in d(H’lining health for some
tiiTK' and hospitalized for three
month.s. ^
n<‘ was a retired employee of
Superior Stone Company, native
of Cleveland ('ounty, son of the
late Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Dover.
His wife, the late Lela France.s
Goforth, died in 19.53.
Surviving are two .sons, Paul
Dtner and Harold Dover, both of
Kings Mountain; four dauglUcrs,
Mrs. Fred Thornburg. Mrs. NV. DJ
Byars, both of Kings MountainJ
Mrs. John Albanse of East ProvJ
idenee, Rhode Island, and Mrs.|
Jack Reynolds of Linetdnton; Also
surviving are 12 grandchildren!
and three grt'ut - grandchildren!
; He was grandfather of Miss Deb-|
orah Thornburg of the Hcraldl
He was a iiK'mber of Kairview|
Lodge 339 AF & AM.
Rev D. B. Alderman, pastor qfl
Central Methodist church, (Jffic-|
iated, assisted by Rev. Robert!
Mann, pastor of First Baptlstl
church. I
i Active pallbearers were Hugh!
Dover. R. H. Burton, Ben H. Go-1
' forth. Jr.. Gene Dye, Charles A.I
• Goforth, Jr. and Floyd Thorn'buri.1

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