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ngle h(‘d
Greater Kings Mountain 1,914
City Limits (1966 Censuf3,2||||
City Limits (Estimate 196£g,30(}
GiMtsr king* Mounteds llgai* U tfed
•peori Umtr«l Stair* tfuieau ol •
iaavaiy 19S6. and includM tb« M.dw
Matub«r 4 TotvOkiilp. OAd tho rsxncining | {f^n
MuinlMt $ TowRMhip. m Clrv*iand Couoiy
. r-..»nehlr> In Oosloa COMOtT-
' ' ' J*
VOL. 85 No. 27
Esfabllshcci 1889
Kiligs ricur.ialn's Reiiable IJewssjapai
Kinrs Mcun'a'n, T'l. C., TlnirsiJay, J'j’y 2. 1970
Ei5l^^y-Fif^h Year
B ^
luly Sth First
[, \vi.
.Men born o:i July -o, IH"
ho lh.^> fii . t railed loi the
in 1971, ujkIoi a national loMeij
condiu .ed .oda\.
'ritat date :ir:t low r -rbo
wtro ihc ]l!h sot to bo rnalLliiH-
in tlio Ir cry ■ rawing?, assljj.iin:
numbers and dales in a soram
bli d s:c|uon.e.
The lii’sft douw'ing of tho lot-
liny 'Tss'' No. I'iD to Sept. IG.
As ihc d.awin^ continued N >.
2!'.) w-i ass’gm d to April 27;;
tiion No. IS.'^ to Jan. IX; No. 3 to |
0:\. 21; and No. 134 to Ort ;
The IpMery is to assign num- \
hers from one to 3u5, earh -to one
date of tho .scar, corresponding
to tho birthday of men born in
d'iK' srIoe‘ions were mai'c by
llie 'drawing ut capsules Iron'
two pT'xiglass d.ums, rotated i)e
iwtH n e?<.;i c iJl.
Men called for military sor
vic<* next yev wdl rome p-!ma
rily from this now groun of 19
yeir-oids. The first drafters wif
bo ilior.o with tli « I'-wo t num
Ir.’ s. I) a> t hoards will go at
high as n' OSS to fill ih»
Te Vagon's rv'nnrj.'or n ads.
D ;;fL ' 'lis !i wo 1 o'm frliin"
with :!io wiiiidr'wal of U. S.
tr-?ops fi o*^i South. As: I S'-r
rc‘’-»ry cf D "or''^ Mclvhi I air
predictol I'tu'sd • n''ht si’•
s-lrrt'id fnr'h'' ■ '‘‘ifr r'-du.-'!')-*:
ho.-ause of wh-^t he '•h'ua::e'"-
i:^od as tho su 'rss f)f ho two
mon‘?i U. S. raid i»'‘o '"■'r ''idi**
M-'n v’iio have pl’-e dv re
ce;\'r'd scuurncc eim erf
in a s’mi'ar 1o{‘o.’y I''*-*!
her were not affedod by todn\”F
d awing. They kmp fhoir Do
ci'mbi'r numbers permanor.'ly.
Kach year, a new groi.p of
men bommes tho prime drrf'
pool ilie first from whirh d^'u
ftoes are soleeted by lottery
Here is tho order <'*' call, Tst-
ing each birth iato witli tht? num
her assigned to it, for the 1971
military draft as determined by
the loUeiy drawing held today..
The draf'eos will he
those with tho lowest numbers.
D ’aft hoards, however, will go
as high as ne'es^-ary to fill the
ref(iiirrd military
rhe birth dale and the on or
of call:
/7> ff
v; H «
f V
^ r
an; u
»,n ivai
cl; ; .
V Op:
In Service So an
i:. ht low-rent h .usi; g u.:i
■vcie occupied \;r,
It marked liio iiit' unit-, of i
■jd-a.nit i-i'jtt: la n-r-uj.;:.'J.
Fiiur we. e o. rupa.d er. li i”*
.lan Cou'.i -df VA".-
::ie' au.l four on liabi Kidge
'i'i ■' j rou'. t navv 0-
3 fit L'i.aO.'l.AJ ) o: \v;v h ;
.1:1 he rnaiketid in Septemb
i...,i*.y ni:’.;' of i!ie uni-s
KM-’y ..CvUly for oc^upan ..
Fiist Fioor
To Be Opened
On Jiilv 15tli
GRACE UR-LR—Rov. New'^ll
C. Bushit^Vtoumcd new pas
torate cei >ot Grace United
Smc Duties
The li:st multistory addition ta
the Kings .Mountain Ha.spilal vmU
be oeeupiftd July lo, .suyji Lrady. i'
!• i.d. hc.'pital administrator. ^
IloweeiT. it Uiully only the f let
fleer will ix' ready for busino.'-.'s
Ocenp:;ncy of llte n.Udt) wj. ft.
-■e-jnd I’oor awaits rcnovatie.:i
a P';rlion ri e\\‘e,ing ho.;p.tai
quarto.’-' an ! is ‘dated lor Oet.ihrr
• 1. Tiio addition \*.»11 iiureasr the
Kings .■'l"ur:iai;i ? !):la
Au'Jior.t is inviting I’ne pub-
!.j inspi-ei oi tue
r key ^';e. I apj..
hiri.d.iy from lO a.r.i.
pr .
la n.'
;r J
11 ).'■ a ff Inal
■; ;■). till' ee-‘-al
, h ve’op.'iu nt
:. mvidf-. 2on ’ s-
Ar ;y iill n .
nry .M .i.> V-. .nies-
(dfi- i'
■eiri' 1 1
:-ion w;’/’.
,A\ ill a
a (''
vi '..jjj* r and
. ■ :.:« nt '.v.Jl ’. : !
;; iieits. :2 -w-;;; d
. 11, vlroi.m u
^ ’ ' •ur-';cJ:*-i r.T rni;
!ie “T'^’<.uiiie iiy vvil:
) N cars a n"’
si ml a
m ni <;. il u. in
V. i )}>m(‘n;.
1 iu . :i; y
.‘<luu( Ol the .S2.
te.l - S IDi.h.'vl, in
. ;e-h ind tiu i
■'ort = i‘)u:a
T -a ei rd.
v.r!‘ V
.V :i y.Ti
l;i\ ^-fe.r.
J ' M. J.,i:ie>
■ (!e\ • I ipni' nt
I'. ' L;
a.ul Urban j^e-
. OU’’
. i-u ;i .
rel.K ation
n 1 ■ e ■
n. .Ma;. •
(ii.'i* rij;*
commi '-.('n.
■ m
• 1-
I ‘iti-
apii and, in
•nw •iKum
().:^ of the tenann'' ’.v''o
I vJc .1 a; . .ae \ .ai ■
n h.s l.ving qua: t-
pirtme.n had na
iTj' \ it
: . Ilis nmie.
iiid liK
i.aicd i;
. ■tw n:crrre”1r ;■
.‘macs r. e .tu.:.
• ar{inr:rs, wa-.n v
em -no had oair, ’ u i
ed. mm ur.: s. , .'.-ed (
>L income ana s./e of
iV in
Ke\. ^.oll•(^ Rush. 49. has . .... . .... u,..i.
is-'uniort .V pastorate duties a. ' ‘ , i,- hr ?. i
Iraee Ih d Methodist church, i f
The n Mr.. Bush comes to!
King.*-* Md ain from the Bolwood , Dedi. ation of the budding \m11
Charge iihe (ia.-tonia District;^ postponed un‘il early Oetolxu.,
Two operating roams Hno same'
numboi the hospital .started uitli'
but converted one to other us<').
a two-bed rcaovorv room, a din- & f
langs Mountain ih' II "JS-
ly Auihoriiy was con.aati. • d h
■.»e Aiy l).»:r-d of eomini>.-.orier5
\ Januaiy 1967.
■n a
ni:’.8 p.’us
.• IT 1 h
Mr. l.mi;.
ion wi’l :.('T
‘\ in a') III!
i'l;:- i-a/'.-I, I -
a;<' ohl'ihif:!.
.1 ('
h l:u:'
'I .
-d .je
.n v:
Sept. IG: 129
April 27: 23.5
Jan IS: 1-^.5
O. t 21: 005
O.-f. 3: 134
July 12: 257
April 4: 0.37
O -t. 10: IGO
.May 1; 240
((*(tu(ittn( fl ())t
.vh(*re iK' ved fr(sm 19G4-70. He
enl('r<‘l t minUtry in 194S.
served a.- stUilent pi-tor in
manpower i ih.r.seshoiMetiiodist c h u rc h.
A'-heville strict; Lydia Metho
dist cluirc n Clinton. S. C'.. Rirdi-
land (’hai; in tlie rhomasvillc
I'O — Ni?il O, Johnson
hai been promotod by Foote
Mi'is al Company to the posi-
tic.i cf Director of By-Products
ScTesh, effective July 1.
('' ’
Mtn’i'jcrs are John L.
Ai.'.vm-'xv:, William Or:, : ’ 1 K
Wilson, Brook.- R. T-tc ar-;! M/j
in Marnion. Air. ILuTcon . -vu
as acting sCvr'Ctary ur.dl e;;'.r;ioy-
(;f Til'.''las \V. II..-.p '.’
?vccutive diie-.tor.
. :... ... CnA TLL
•.w.;.y ej'tt
^hSa, f
Pofje Piffht'
July 4tli Holiday Plans sclude
Dances All-Day Oak Orce Oniing
.No Strictly patriotic ceremonies
are schCMiitxi for Kings Moun
Iain’s Fourth of July observance
!)ul recreational festiviiics will
lie hold at both tho King.s Moun
tain Counry Club and the Oak
drove Volunli'or Fire Depiiri
ment beginning at 10 a.m.
Tho Oi*ove V'oluniwr Fire
Department invites the public to
celebrate the Fouitb at their
new fiiehouse on Oak Grove Rd.
Beginning at 40 a.m.. and con
tinuing all day they will serve
haiherup, hot dogs, and home
made icx? cream.
Pony rides, a grea-^ed pole
climb and a greased pig'
for children 13 years of age ami
li'ss are featured attractions.
'Pile pig chase is fitH^, The child
who ca<tches the pig is awarded
it. Main events are the crowning
ot the deparlnirnt’.s Little King
and'ii” and a gospel sini,ing
al 7:30 p.m. featuring the Key
notes of Kings Mountain and
other groups.
Lake Monlonia e.\pecls
ica) lahorator\ suite, a main lob
by and .ui.ioini:ig .snack bar are
on the fi-rst floor. Also, a phar- ly0^| | 11
Distrht xilG lit Duke in " 'fiHral ^uppiy room, n|
Xcminary;ind in a full tim<‘! patient sunning ;i O. J Oins'n of .Shcjiiv ha-^
capajily Watauga Charge*, ' ; been'd Director of B.\ -Pro
North Wii-boi'o District, 19.53- The second floor can be rc'ached ! duct .^alc-, ri;o. live .Uil> 1. 19Ti).
.50; Flat li< Charge, Greeashoro | h> two elevators tanolhi'-r ho.spi-' it was annouaved today by W. F.
Didriel, )G-€() - Broad River ' fa 1 first). Tlio sivond floor con-, tA’./ken'aavh, Viie ITC'-idcnt - In
Charge. Mion District, 19GO-G4. ; tains 27 p-rivale room.s, 4 .semi-At.rmiional Division. Fecti' Min-
private. a nurses station, and a’tva! 2o.Tipa!:y. Mi, -1 .iin-;e:i iuui
small waiting r.icm. Cardiac mon- fa/ .-eiaod as C;H’ra'ion-
itoring will be possible in four M-.nage" at liie r.vmpanv's Kii.. s
conduit equipped ro.'ms gr.mpcd j Mountain. N. plant, * an i a.--,
at the nurse.s' station. Only ofiej P;-duetJon Maniger fin-
monitoring unit is available, how-j (he CiKmd-als and Minerals Di-
rile rod brick exterior is band
ed wiih while concrete oneirel-
ing the middle and tojj of tlii*
structure. Jutting bays encompas-
an area of two rooms on the .st*e-
Ofilics (>. the autho’.ity a^ on
M, .All Court, off Ea>t K'-.ige
.e.ieii. M.s. Bill Kussell is secix’-
taiy. A. K. (Jimi (.’ormer
maintenance supcrvi^o:•
Barn No-nbei 17, at CTamer-
Icn. he is graduate ol Cramer- !
' (Ctjnfhid Oil Page Eight)
M iosmid
, vr- ion.
’ la hi.
John on
for tee .
new a •'-’ignmert. M*.
w 41 have re^sponsieinty
t l;/.'dicn and .sc.le ot hy-
K;ng.« Mounf in per-
•'cnnel whcwill <taft the nc\v fir t
■'h-e-r beginning July 1.5 include,
in Oie clini'al la.’.i>r:nory tinee
ni' li.-al teclinalogjst^. .Miss Kulh
Wariick. ?.Ir.<. June M Tgan, and
.Mrs. Erika Mez-'ors of f'allas.
A pharmacist rmpioyed part
lime. Raegan iiarper will supor-
t redact materials from all of t!ie vise the plnrmacv'. Two aneslhe-
Company’s twelve operating l.i- uU R.N.’s are employed in the
inloi vals o h|^e years. At noi'i
lemonaile • l.aandvviches will \<
served und aitrco on the ch i>
grin,mis atii'ihaigc of $1 p- e j end floor and a total of 2G,n(K) so. tjtiJns. *^rhe pro;kuts'eompra-JC a operating room, Mr.s. Hard.I Rid-
person. ^ ft. im lading a ba.sement area. A variety it mineral, chemical and die and Mrs. Julia Bohelor. The
Swiminin Wents begin at 3 I roofed driv<» j.i a at the front of metallurgical materials — some opi’rating room nurses include
I\m. with <dilg eontosls, relay ; the building permits cars within : of them generated in large quan- Mrs. ilelen McDaniel, Mr-;. Bar-
races, and oclSs pool contests ; a few feet ol the entramx' lor titles — resultinf» from the (’om-- bara Tindall. Mr.s. Pat.s\ Hi*rnd')n
slateti. Swiming medals will be ; picking up and discharging pa-
awarded indf events. P'eatuie j lionts. Narrow 10 foot tall vene-
events will n^lude a greasy I tian blind equipped windows are
watermelon a^’, diving for nie- I provided for the .second floor. Tlu-
kt*ls. and ; cisa/y bathing cap ! first floor is windowed at the
lontost. Su]3rAviIl be served at ; front and in the enclosed .sun
G p.m. 'riekspi $2 for adults, i ning area. Freeman ;in£l Whiti*
$1 tor . liildnjmust l>o purchas* | associates designed the structure
pany’s promary operations in the and Mrs. Nellie Mayes. TIte op-
proriucticn o‘r ferroalloys, lithiufn orating room attendant is Jess
chemicals and otliei products. Howell.
Record City Budget
Tentatively Adopted By Board
If. d al'oi’i'.cv
und former state sen'F >:• W/is :lv
t. mi; o • I ch' '< ; by
lumr. '.cn ’o t.c Ch- i men •: t.x
De;v.:):'. a I .c I^.Ct V .! . . Te.'U.
L’Tnyiesslcna; i> s'drl !neiclr.g a
Hh'ko:y Saiu:dev-. Ho vcs ale.
l \Ud pt rmancr.i ch.hrman o
.he- Ce 'V r'l: ian.
Another lo:.'l m::n. M. L. v.':im
• h.dl. .51. was ur.arl louslv -d;*.
‘od Ten h Cc^ng. e.-• ior.rd I d. r h
Reprcsen.riiivo on the si::ie i )n
volition’s C'cuncil 'T -R -M
CamnhoU who iciu-he-; ' o.‘ ; •
“gciculiir.e in tlu-'
i.:in Ci'y t-ch(joh<, cm.:;*'
‘ho <h ;c convonlon in i*
his rew earcK.y^
An estirriah'.i hi9 .''M pe
son^ attenrifd I'le n'coi. 15*
Clcvctcr. 1 (Ii’c '.jiicn i : iv.' .
i!io size )! Tlujse from rty >'C ;h-
'Uhoc 7 counties. l'!ie S ( nmiie^
poll :M3 vnu'.s (if vvhi. h 1.3 iu lan
to ChAi'land.
.M’'. \Vhiu*‘.s new p jsi
‘.’cquivc.- i!uu ho seek un;;y < ; 5
of the coiuPy Dcp'.ce:::l c p ii ;(
'n the Di-djiy with t’;c rnai:i
icetivo 1.*’e.cliin'::: Dt'CiV:. ■; : ;• ■
y ean' ldates e!('i :ed in N.ivt'm
‘■er, Wliite ?('e ; son -e D m'
'hsurci'y due ’o n':tj('.''.I ?• h'■
ma'e I tiiat o of
' S2. iUi in (-.•'piial in-
v^.^Imonl will be gciicratcd by
tlu* proj(*ct.
ue-. e 1
n a -c.i ’
:f. a.v.,
• n::-. 1
'kJ -c-ti:
with th
fi"ure- lh< nrninum hi,} a eat-
ar)U‘'a.l pu.ilic aue:ji.*n l .r spe ili
dcvclop.rnent iii h .riri-iiy with
tin oM'r-all jiien.
Bo’h !*e an! Cu- May ir er. :’:;i-
sized that thr key wnr(i the
P ok' t i' ‘•fh'.N' iilily’’ — ■•I'lat
i u as of ih(' (!e -'I'lpers will he
.‘^uiig’it and honcroti.
d'hc . BB area eov' r.- .33 . ’■f in
which there are 121 budding;,
will] 1.3 jrercent cf tlie hulldings
owm* I by th^ occujiajits an 1 .57
pei.'ont rented b\- the n;'7ipa;r.s.
In llu' area are To invpiTty *’wn-
ers. and 8.5 iierccnt ol the occu-
jianis .si'cvc on !h(' dn.v.'itown
(i(‘\(’l<»pmenl committee.
Mayor p:-edi('te.l the F^'d-
(*ral Grant will pi>HlU'-e a Ura-
M.s. Jua’iita .-MIran. 7.5. ol 709 mat: - ('haiigi' and i(‘viiali/o tin*
.. M unli»i:i S:., d;ed at 10;.3t) iliirly acre dovvntown. Tlii-; i7."o-
.in. Inu’ la'. ai King/. .M luntaiii ■' said, will put our busi-
u. afu I .m ilhu*'-- .J si’veral m* .'iiit n in .a p rsitian la cornpe'.e
►ti <'4ual terms with modern
-hoppiiig c( nle;s and enabh* ihe.n
T'i -m •
M. ro:. er.vr.ut
•'i ' h U'-ir.g r.irh >.
aa.s V. II be n--e i-
pp!:a::i hms airendy
i*c 1.5.) imits being .
ih . .. 4ior5v its:-
iftes €;tt!?dae:tecl
y'u‘ u a- i!'.' daii-’hjt'r of liic l.iie
vlr. an i M's. La'-h 1 ..\s u:r\ Fal-
n uid 4u’ '.V. ia.v o:
Mneri Lt*o Alhan. wiio
.M.s, Aiiuin wa.*-- .•« 'nember <i'
tni.-al Un.iied 'Mellra.hst -liurdi
Fe;- a ivam :c:- of vears he.^ori
to j.-javidc (an citizens with
th(* I.u«* aavsl in .aTvict*.
(lied in Kc-.iv xelcpim'nt Coinmis i o
Ciinirman Carl h. Mauney -tatej
at hi' \< jjarticularly ph'ascd
s III e thi.< mark-s the end of plan-
nin... We will n ;A be able to ac-
1 .
o; rcti-emeiit . he vva.< (*mpbyevi rompli !i tin objectivi'.s of tho
that is, imprave traffic
pn.vide adoriiupe p i/kurg.
•’*j h. -uti v liir at'oa” Chairman
.\Iaaiie\ -ai i. Mr. Mauney fur-
:hcr state 1 iha‘ t!io Redevnlop-
iT’c Co’nmi.-sion has accom-
pli'iu (J i\y primary task and the
h'lk’s D( u tmonl Slu:c
.''ui. ivo" i:u 111 ie sa;i:. .\)-
lerr iBu'ui Alira'i of K;ieg>
'o; • u F. .-iBran of
' i .': -'. r .-; t.vo viaugitUT-i. Mro.
■-ioi •-on le*rnden of Kin.zs
I unu'iip .(lul .Mrs. M, Trotib’e-
I ield (f A!t. Rainier. Md.; lluee do-.vntown lut-dnewsmen siiould
W. C. Futnam. y.xA. now take
and Mrs. 'Jrier Me-' funds k.-
’.ani 1, all of Kin.r.s Mounlair.. 13
.".an li'lnldren and 15 g.eal-grairl-
Furii'ral .-^eri lees were held Sat
ed «> at 1 .).:n. with Ilov. D. B.
■.!vh i.a .:i ofiiviating. Bu.'-ial wa-i
a ‘h iintain Rt t Cemou*ry.
Active ptdioeaiers we/.. IFl
M.u \Viilin:n .M; Daniel.
Viil M-Duiiel, (I, L. -5KDanieI,
i :;;ul A. V. 5’:’.5h:'o.
the lead to use the-;o
dt’velop a retail area
proximately -100 members for a
G p.m. barbecued pork entered
by Austin Brklge.s and pricej at
$1 for ndults, ..50 for children.
Bob B(*ason, Boiling Springs
jiharmacist and club vice presi
dent is in charge. Shu- fleboard,
tennis, swimming and horseshoe*
pitching events are scheduled for
2 p.m.
Kings .Mountain Country Qlub
members -and guests will begin
with a family golf tournament.
Trophies will b^, awarded to win
ners of each of fcnir classes
spanning grades 1-12 grouped at
cd f»(»ni To. Sfniart hefoiv July j whicli was built by La.xton
3. i struction Co.’
A da ice itb music provided! Not a penny of Federal fund.s; Ptr mabtin harmon '-.ntn'i-ntiv i .,f s:->79x^t •>-‘u. ,v»r
I^ DwU h./ag.ancn^. com.K, nna,vo<, th. 131.000 .-clir^o I
Dress IS ca.-a^ piicc is $3 pei ; <>17. Leonomy measure.'; ^^,1-1970.71 ol
The King.'-Mountain Improve
ment Associ iin will hold a
post Fourth ftJuly dance Mon
day, Julv G P'tit- until
h Mr
to [)are costs included suhslitut-
it-R aim walks for plaster and
dropping (me promxsed bay.
Debt .'crvice will n quire $.392,-
$ 725. includinn $17b.005 for hnn I
2 a.m. a th Armory. The Har
per Brothers
Aiew hi featured
ickets are S2 in
advanci', $2..5 ^t the door. Hold
ers of I lue l^kets, distributed
initially, slioid^contact Mrs. Vic-
to‘ia ■Be.'-s, 1 ident of the as
sociation at 3i-'20'30. Mrs.
will exi'h 'iig Oie blue tickets for' Memorial hospital, Shelby,
a red ticket, ^occ eds will help
equip th<‘ m/hKings Mountain
recrcatior biidpng.
Abortions Nil Here
Shelby Reports 19
but maintained the ad valorem ■
lax rate ol Sa t/*nts per $1(H) val
uation. Tiie budget increase is’
The budget provide.^ for salary
and wage incrcase.s for city <‘m-
ployeos for from three* to five jx'r-
amortization, $211,800 in interest,
and $92:5 in bank chirges.
Street projects budgeted include
surh-and-gutter on Falls s;;*eel,
Mauney avenue. Henry street cx-
ten-;ion, S.Gof.irth stiwt, and the
If jni.dy dir ci'-’iices v
/;,e!U amoa.r ro:i:iiies, lu
•o unify e;\ ii e(»uniy
Ml’. V.’i5ie .^Is.i hour; l
fiillv 'i tii::<e the tliinkin :
younger ineml I'rs of t!u
a!id to urive fo:* a h'*' u i‘
offch'tion yeir.s in.T.))
tl'd ( h e iocs 1.
A re-ii’ii-i);! r.illin t >
Iminn of Ii’,' Yon::-»
(.'luh wc; de^t •tc 1.
i)f the resaluli'in fe!
had ouil:v('il -iieir u-i
tint i'll' two g.o.
Miss Iflngs Msuntain linda Falls
a u
• .'c.
I nu’’ ■'
■if llu
, -ce 1
y dis a»-
!). nv n
i'r'.p.i’i •:!:>
th ' g-oup
;'il’v’''s r.i'ii
Baltlegniund merge.
Amevle; n D
sponsor a Jiv
9 until 12 p.H
Legion B did
provide;! by ‘
and Leglonn;
and guest^ ai
ion Post 155 will
1th dance from . C-Senate,
at tlie American
. Music will he
le niu« Velvets”
‘s, their wives,
nvlted to attend.
No therapeutic abnrtion.s have (‘t'ot effective September 1
been performed at Kings 51(>un- burlgel indicates the city
ain hospital but 19 we* e i>er end(*.i fiscil .\a\ar 1970 with a
formed within tlie past two and j-'urplus of .$70,491, including
one-half years at Cleveland $-3'',1G3 reimbur.semont due from 1^0 S. Fatih'ground parking lot.
(he Department of Housing an-i the strc'ct at the community
The abortion law .went into ef Urban Develonment on tlie neigh-, building, and the par’Kin;: area
''ect in April of 19G7, according to borh /;t facilities building. betw’een the community building
Jack White, local attorney who The,city anticipates an increase I>oal street pool, and Princeton
sponsored the bill before the N. in water receipts o." $2,500 to Drive.
$277,500. an inercast* in pewer re- Street resurfacing is schediihH*
oeii l - of $12.5(X) to S(t.)3.0(X). and for portions of Church. Lynn. Wil-
an increase of gas sales cjf $38,000 son. S. Goforth and Tldrd slre(*ts.
t • $.523,500. Railroad avenue, .Monroe and
A i valon'm t:,*x billings will .Mauney avenues,
total $3(Khn5, but collections arc i Continued On Page ^h5/7tf/l
parking ama on S,
Paving hudgot('d includes jxir- th<‘ a'lcption of m iif. p:i ;\-
lions of Jolly. Henry, Williams, hcadquarte;s i!ru n pr.'. ' le
May, M31'?on and Pinevh'w siroi'ls, time for nr(.''’ici. cj'unty. r:i'l dis
trict Tv.eetings w‘>s .3 i i:iu*r
t’ 1 p.m. en
Ki'-i:' Mountain .l.ivrees and
’aeii famili('s will pnn ide a mot-
•.'ule .-if :d if! fo: I inda Falls,
M;r-. Kin,: •• Mounlai.n, .Sunday afl-
'rn. on.
I;.IN, 1,9. and Mrs. .lohn
lu': rhager im* will li*a\e
Rale;, li Alu'ia* Miss
1 p.i;iiei}).a:e in the Jay-
red Mi'^s .N'oilh Ca:\)-
Ihvt conlrst .Inly (» 11.
IVior t«' their di'parture. Mr.
IP 1 Mis. Ru.i !> FalN will enit'r-
‘ain motonadr )>ar!icipants at
M >•
'len h':
•al!--. u
'.'e sp .
'Phe grouj) \ 't(,i to bCng 3 to (hi ir iumu* on Klh'nwood Drive at
! .-n.
Shelby Hospital Adminkstra-
tor Paul S. FBlison ?ave these
figures: four therapeutic abor
tions were performed (here in
im>S, six in 19(i9.
Paiking mete? i'ct; 1:- ihe
week eliding Tue day tot Bed
$U9.5(\ inciu'lini; trim
on-strcei inep'r^ and P3()0 fr<un
off street meter*;. Re eipt^ for
June from the parkir".: l it at
the eoriK'r of Oiorn’K -' and\V('-;t
Mountain totah'd $(1.5.15.
Fall'- h( Iie\es lier family
M-. ao.i Mrs. 0;>’ FalN i;.!id .sons
'ii\( ''len h('i greaie.'-'l asset in
ti:!: vl ial(\ Siu' notes thi'ir
'■el ' and I'nz )ur \-:em(*nl and es-
■•(.hilly J;u' a'A’laim trom her
ti\ youn ier l>;"'th(rs‘.
Tlu'\ will he in Raleigli with
her at the Sir Waller Raleigli
H ue] then* aUng with maternal
aunt.s, ecu an-;, and a grandniotii-
er. Mi. .md Mrs Jolm Phifer and
two daught(*rs Mrs. Jack Rridge.s
(C'(Oifi5i«e(/ On Page Eight)
TO PAGEANT — Linda Fall*,
the reigning Miss Kings Moun
tain, will gc to Raleigh this
weekend to participate In the
Miss North Carolino beauty
e 7
tliai. v\jil e.,:-n:iine ajl the ad-
winla^A' ol a modt'in sho;)ping
;*‘ntei and yet retain the jx^nson-
an I repiitaiion of tho busi-
lie slab'd the formation
(;! '’DoAat uvn Incorporated”, de-
vi>:ed to improvement and pro-
ni )ii(>n of tl’.e downtown, is a sig.
nifitaiu step in the right diroc-
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