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VOL. 86. No. 9
Established 1889
Kings Mountain's Reliable Newspapei
Knos Mountain, N, C.. Thursday, March 4, 1971
Eighty-Sixth Year
White: Buffalo Creek W ater Project News Is All Good
City Board To Meet With Wildlife Committee Tuesday
Lake Fulling
On Agenda;
^ty Committee
The city commission will con
sider Tuesday night with the
^te Wadlife Commiss-ion where
by the fevision of Inland Fisher
ies will provid^ marra^yemen* as
sistance in fishing operations at
fiufifalo Creek lake.
Action followed report of Mniv-
or Joihn Henry Moss on his dis-
cusskms witfh Hayden M. Kait-
ledge, otf Marlon, fishiery biolo
gist, at a sp<*c!ial mocnirg Friday,
the commission authorized the
Mayor to appoint a city wildlife
Mayor Moss said Mr Ratlcdge
told him the lake would be stock
ed wiith large mouth bass, small
mouth bass and bream and he
hopes -to begin stocking the rake
June 1. The Mayor quoted him as
laying, "Theire will be good fish
ing there after June 1 and very
excellent fishing by June 1, 1973.*’
The fish wUI cost the city no
thing and the projected agree
ment pledges the fisheries divi
sion to follow practises whioh
protect the lake for its primary
■purpose as a source of potable
In other actions, the board:
1) Appointed Robert Dodge,
Feunes Belt, Bennett Moeters,
-Oharles Peterson
son volunteer fireimtn.
2) At -tlhe invitation of Repre
sentative Robert Z. Falls autihor-
ized the Mayor to appoirvt a leg
islative Mason committee. Com-
missionors Ray CMhe, T. J. Elli
son and Norman King weire nam
ed. '
3) Adopted a budget-amending
4) Authorized purchase of 400
feet ol 2\^ inch and 600 feet of
V/^ inch fire hose.
. ' '
. - /
Mrs. 0. 0. Walker Retiring
I As Ward 5 Commissioner
Appears Near
On Property
I Acquisition
Su|)erior Court Clerk Ruth Ded-
mon ruled Tuesday morning tliat
fUie City of Kings M )untain had
the right of condemnation on 150
acro.s owned by Col(*man Goforth
which the city seeks for the Buf-
, falo Crc<*k ix'sc rvci*.
# •
STUDENTS WIN AWARDS FOR ARTWORK — Susan Hutchins, left, won two top awards and Eu
gene r/cClafn, right, won honors in the annual Scholastic Awards competition in Charlotte. Suz
anne Wise, center, is art instructor. Miss Hutchins' prize-winning collage will be entered in national
competition. (Photo by Isaac Alexander)
Four KMHS Pupils
Will Art Awards
First Woman !
Commissioner |
Is Retiring |
Mr.s. Maude Rhea Walker, first j
King-: Mountain woman to .serve
as a city commi.s-iioncr. said Wed-
nosd'.iy slic w.ll not be a candi
date lor i\vele..tion.
Widow of O. O. Walker, Mrs.
Walker was appointed as (ity
comm'i.-vS.i,;ner from Ward V on
A4>ril 18, 1968. succeeding her late ;
luwoand who died befoic complet
ing his sccojKi term of office. Mrs.
Walker ran for election in May
1969 and won.
She is a Kings Mountain na
tive. daughter of the late James
and Lenora Dover Rhea. She is a .
Democrat and member of the
American Legion Auxiliary. She
has a daughter. Mrs. Joann Walk
er McDaniel, and a granddaugh
ter, Miss Sheryl McDaniel.
Mrs. Walker said she is retir
ing ‘ only to make a place for ^
someone with more to contribute i
to Kings Mountain.”
Mrs. WaJker^ statement fol
RETIRING — Ward 5 Commis
sioner Mrs. O. O. Walker said
yesterday she won't seek re-
Aaron Belt
Is Winner
Oi Derby
Aaron Belt, cight-ycar-old Cub
k' \
1i!arris Seeks
New Flag Bill
State Sen. Ollie Harris of Kings
Mountain has introduced a bill in
the N. C. General Assembly that
would make it unlawful to wtlT-
Ingly or knowingly east contempt
upon any flag of the United
States or of North Carolina.
(Harris said such acts would in
clude mutills^tion, defiling, defac
ing or trampling upon a flag, or
taking down any flag of the U. S.
or North CairoHna from a public
area without lawful authority.
Sen. Harris said he decided up
on introducing the legislation
after reading of a recent case in
which a "federal appeals court
turned a fellow loose for wearing
• a flag. That sort of made me an
gry. i feel we need a law such
as the one I have introduced, and
I understand that it is constitu
The bill, SB 178, would make
violations a misdenw'anor with
a penalty of 30 day* of $50 fine.
Harris is vice chairman of the
Senate Veterans Affairs Commit
tee and oo-sponsotTod the measure
along with Sen. John Church of
EVANGELIST — Mike Shook,
Junior student ot Gardner Webb
college, will be speoker for a
youth revival March 10-14 at
Oak Grove Baptist church. Ser
vices will be held each evening
at 7 p.m. Shook, of Union Mills,
was licensed to preach by the
Round Hill Baptist church.
Af ea Educatois
Are Finalists
Mrs. Juanita P. Burns, Director
of Special Services Shelby City
Schools and Donald D. Jones,
Kings Mountain school superin
tendent, are finalist for the an
nual Terry Sonford Award for
creativity and innovation in
teaching administration, the
North Carolina Asso<'iation of
Educators heg announced.
The Terry Sanford Award recip
ient will be named by a commit
tee of judges designated toy the
Lcamlnig Institute of North Car
olina. Announcement of the win
ner and any honorable mentions
will be made at the up-comlng
annttal oonvention of the NCAE
in Charlotte.
■Both Mrs. Burn.4 and Jones
were district winners.
McGinnis Bios.
Hubert, Dick, Bill and James
McGinnis trading as McGinnis
Brothers, raised the bid on the
Marlin Phifer property shortly be
fore the d<>«dTine Monday to nec
essitate another rc-salc.
The required raise of $3075
mak('¥i the bid now stand at
$63,575 for the 131.6 acre tract
which is adjat'cnt to Kings Moun
tain high school.
Re sale date had not been set
early Wednesday afternoon.
The property Is being sold at
abiBolute public auction to settle
the Phiifor estate.
Susan Hutchins
Wins Two Honors
For Art Work
Four Kings Mountain students
won awards for art works in re
gional competition of the national
Scholastic Art Awards in Char
lotte recently.
From the estiimated 3,500 pieces
of art work entered from the
South Piedmont Region, the art
efforts of Susan Hutchins. 17,;
Eugene McClain, 17; Eddie Floyd,
19; and Lou Biyant, 15, achieved
It took two 'da>*s (Feb. 1314)
] for eight judgt's to assess the
student vvoi;k entered fn.m the
I South Piedmont Region which in-
j dudes Alexander, Caabrrus, Ca
tawba, Cleveland. Gaston, Ire
dell, Lincoln, Mecklenburg, Stan
ly and Uni cm counties.
The awards were presented in
three categoru's with the highest
being the Gold-Key Award with
Blue Ribbon, which is sent to the
national competition in New
York at the conclusion of the re
gional contest; second place is
the (k>ld Key and third place is
the merit award.
Entries included pencil sketch
es, ink drawiings, collages, .sculp
(Continuid On Page Eigfft)
MANAGER — Don Ellison, Kings
Mountain native and son of Mr.
and Mrs. T, J. Ellison, was re
cently named general monoger
of a new lumber and building
supplies firm opening in Ker-
Wednesday evening Ltmton
services are continuing at St.
Matthew’s Lutlieran church.
Rev. Charles Easley will use
the sc'rmon topic, "The Sin of
the Clergy” at Wednesday eve
ning services at 7:30.
Rev. Troy C. iBonnett, mission
ary on furlough fn>m
Pakistan, will bo guest speaker
at Thujsday’s Rotary club imeot-
ing at 12:15 at the Country
club. Rotarian Charles Dixon
will present Rev. Mr. Bennett.
"I would like to state at thisiSc'out. was declared the uinner
time I will not be a candidate for; of the annual Pinowood Derby of
Kings Mountain’s Ward V* Com-j S^ou-ts of Pack 1 of Boyce
m'iss.oner in the May 1971 elec*-1 Memorial ARP Church.
"And in so stating I would like 1 ^oung Belt, son of City Polite
to thank Mayor John II. Moss Gfiicer Jim Belt and Mrs. Belt,
and ‘tile Kings Mountain Ca.m-
missionors for appointing me to
serve out the unexpked term of
imy late husband, O. O. Walker.
And especially, I would like to
thank the voters for their con
fidence and support in electing
me as their first woman com
missioner in Kings Mountain’s
history, in 1969.
"It has been a privilege to serve
with Mayor Moss and the Board.
And I hope 1 have helped the
Citizens of Kings Mountain in
some way, to show my apprecia
"I aim retiring only to make a
place for someone with more to
contribute to Kings Mountain,
and will only support for Ward
V Commissioner a person I feel
has Kings Mountain’s interest at
‘‘Again I thank all of those'
who have sui>poried my hit^band
and myself the last six years in
what we though and believed
was for the betterment of Kings
Mountain and the surrounding
iM Ovei Top
in G-W Diive;
S33,042 Reported
Kings Mount'^.in citizens Moi
d^ y surpassed their goal in G ii
diier-Webb’s capital fund dr'Vv'
as leal rs reported gifts of $3’^ -
042.50. Goal of the Kings Mo’m-
tain crjnpaign was $,30,(X)0.
Kings Mountain joined Shelby.
Boiling Springs an<i Cherryville
in m eting success in the col
lege’s $1,500,000 fund drive to
provide money for a new library.
I a new men’s dormitory and ad-
•citional classroom and adminis
trative office space. i
Chari s Alexander, chairman j
; for Kings Mountain, sounded a
note of continued success whvn
j he told the workers at their
third report me tfng that more
money was still to be reported.
I "I am certain that we shall
push even high r before the
' May 13 Victory Dinner." said AJ-
!exan:!er. "You folks have done a
) .^ood job and 1 am sure there is
still lots mor.' money coming in.”
The big push came from the
special gifts committee wit-i
Thoin.''h Tate chairman. Tivs
committee collect d $24,137.50 of
tile total arnount. The loading
team was led by Shuford K. Peel
er. His t am of Herman Gi'eenc.
raced his car in the derby and Don Toni's. Hugh Lancaster, Mrs.
June C. Lee, Robert Mann ana
Fred Weaver report -J $3,705.
Tlie reports of the five team.-;
included: Pot:' Connet, .$1,380;
Joseph R. Smith. $2.12.5; Robert
G. Cox, $10; Shuford K Pei'ler.
$3,705; and O’Brien Brooks,
National Chairman R. Patrick
DAR Is Conducting
Clothing Drive
Mpmb(*irs of Colonel Frederick
Hambrlght Chapter, DAR, are
conducting t)he annual drive for
clothing for Croasnore School.
Mrs. L. E. Hinnant, Regent, said
citizens who have good, used
clotihing to donaitc are Invited to
call Mrs. F. R. Summers or Mrs.
C. E. NeLsIer, Jr. and a DAR mem
ber Will pick-up the clothing.
Deadline for clothing for the
drive is Monday.
Howard Shipp Pays Filing Fee;
Cox: "Independent Candidate"
I Robert G. (Bob) Cox. candidate
I for mayor in the spring ek'ct.ions,
I said Wednesday he is "running
I as an indep<'ndent candidate.”
Haywood Lynch s
Mother Passes
platxd first, alieud of David
Barrett, runner-up. Cub Barrett is
son cl City Police Officer Jackie
D. Barrett and Mrs. Barrett.
All eleven Cubs in Pack 1 made
their own vehicles ajid raced
thorn in the Event, highlight of '
the Blue and Gold Banquet of the
scout troop.
Prt'sent as special guests for the
ravx? wcTO Rev', and Mrs. Charles
Edwards and Mrs. Edwards’ moth
er, Mrs. Harry Ringhausen, visit
ing her from Missouri; Cubmas-
ter Paul Fulton and Mrs. Fulton
and Den Mothers Mrs. Bill Laugh
ter and Mrs. Norman McGill.
St'rving as officials for the race ,t<>P $.50.(X)0 rn.ark.
were Larry Hamrick and his son,' certainly grateful for
Eagle St'out Larry' Hamrick. Jr. j what the people of Kings Moim-
I jtain have done dr.ring this com-;
' paign," said Dr. Poston. "But we |
I are most grateful for what we j
know* you shell continue to do ;
itho w'ay of helping us get stui-
jents and gain more friends.
1 Revival dates have been an- ' “Wo are happy to pet this mo-
iiouneed bv the Central United no.''. most imixirtani we are
Methodist'Church, Kings Moun-'hat more peopic know the
! tain, witli The Reverend Jame.s H, story of what TJardnerANehb ;s
: Coleman of The First MethodLst : *r>’ing to do in the ?r<^ of Chris-
C. as ^*^^ t'<iucation, ’ •condudod Dr.
Spangler and Gardner - Webb
Pr.sidont Dr. E. Eugene Poston
both expmoso:! their appreciation
to the workers.
"You folks have done a
job and I am sure there is more
to be done.’’ said Spangler. "A.'^
Tom Tate said, before the v’ic-
Itory dinner Kings Mountain will
.'Superior Court Judge' PJount, in
a Friday ruling in Shelbs. ruled
with the city on all legal p;<ints
in the city’s rrmdemnatjjn action
against Fufo(rd D. Cline and the
Double B Rant'll tract, owned by
Mr. Cline and W. K. Mauney, Jr.
City Attorney Jack White said
Ucdne.'day that t!ie "homeplace”
tract ot Buford ('line ha^ been .-set
tled and a compromis<‘ stdile-
ni< nt reathed. The city h-ad a<‘-
quiied the tract Augu.‘it and
granted right of appeal as to
price to ^uixnicr Court.
These wt'rt' the maj(jr develop
ments this week in p'roporty ac
quisition for tlu* Buffalo Creek
re.-*ervoir, and Atlornc'j White said
he and ‘city officials are "well
pleased wiUi the re.sult.s.”
Meantime. Mrs. Dedmon said
she had not yc't a|>i> nnlcd a three-
man appraisal ft'am f-.llovving the
Goforth hearing this week.
Mrs. IXvlmon ruled tliat the 150
acres of land described in the
petition 1) wa.'; rea.'-)nably neces
sary for construction of •the Buf
falo Oeek water proj<*ct for tiie
purpose of a water supply; 2)
thal the City of Kings .Mountain
had negotiated in g(xx! faith for
the purchase of the lend and (hait
.such negotiafions had faih'd.
Attorney White said ho is opti
mistic that the "whole project
will be completed shortly. This
(the ‘Buffalo Creek reservoir) is
an enormou.s undertaking.”
.attorney* White e.stimated that
"In a very sliort time.*’’ a jury
trial in Cleveland SuiH'rior Court
will decide what the city* will
fitially pay fer the trad-i of Bu
ford D. and Wilda R. (’line and
the traert of Mr. ('line and W. K.
.Mauney, Jr., trading a.s Double B
The city acquired the so-called
"homo place" tract of Buford D.
Cline and the Double B Ranch
tract, last August atui grantt'd
■both right ol ai)pt*al as to price
to 8u;)erior Court. Meantime, the
city paid the owners the <*ount
I ordered amount which was
! S61,2(X) to Mr. Cline and his wife
ajid $44,562.20 to the Double B
I Ranch owners. The appc'als are
I pending in Cleveland Superior
j Court. Amounts ordert'ii by' the
court were amounts offered by
I the city on basis of registered ap
Revival Series
Begins Sunday
Mr. Cox. retired army lieuten
ant colonel and manager of the
Kings Mountain Chamber of Com-
merv’o. said his ‘'concern for
Kings Mountadn” was his only
reason for seeking the office and
ho was not sponsortxi by the
Chamber of ('omnierce.
On the political scene there
were only two developments this church.
I Church, Newton. N.
I sjx'aki'r. beginning Sunday eve-
I ning March 7th and continuing
Funeral rites for Mrs. M. J.' through Wednesday evening.
Lynch, 90. of Goldsboro, -mother March lOt'.i. and the b<'gkining of
of Haywood E. Lynch of Kings] the special song servdeo will be
Mountiiin, were held February i at 7:30 p.m.
2tith fixMii Goldsboro’s First Pres- I Tliis lias been the planning of
hyterian church, interment fol- ' The MethodUl Men of the Church
lowing in Willow Dale cx'mKery. j witli emphasis on gcxxi "ole time
Mrs. Lynch, teacher in the i singing” and "A-men preaching”,
Wayne County and Goldsboro]
sch(x)ls for more than 50 years. i
died Fetoruary 23rd in a Goldsboro |
hospital after a week's illness.
She was widow of Captain Mar
ion Justice Lynch and a native
of Now Bern. She w'as active in
the religious ajid oiv'ic life of the
community and a life-long mem
her of Goldsbjro’s Presbyterian
announced Alderman,
-\n inv itation is extended to the
Cpl. Dan Evans
Wins Conduct Medal
Feb. 23 — Marine Cpl. Dan-iel N.
Evans Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs.
Daniel N. Evaas of Route 3, Kings
Mountain. N. C., was presented
the Marine Corps Gcxxi Conduct
Mi'dal w’hile si'rving at the Ma-
' rino Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, N.
‘ C.
Lublanezki Building Acquired;
Fourth CRD Property Is Purchased
Charges Filed
City police have arrested two
Kings Mountain men on charges
of inducing two minors, one 14-
year-old girl and one 15-year-ol-J'
girl, into a motel for p-rostitu-
Kings Mountain Officer
Beam said Claude Peai'son. 23, of
Myers stnx'l, ani ?.iiko J. Rei
nett, 23. of 409 Walnut stnx't,
have made bond of S1,(X)0 each
•and are awaiting district court
liearing .March 11.
The two men are charged wit'n
having the two minors in a
I'oom at the Kings ‘Mountain
Covnrt Motel for the purpose of
prostitution. Beam said.
Sgt Beam said the two gir’s
were turneq over to juv nile au
thorities after the arres'ts Mon
'Jay. He said -the parents of ‘i?
two girls had roix>rtod them m's
hing to Kings .Mountain ^hiI'cc
several weeks ago. Api>ar.n!ly
they had boon out of town until
a ftnv' days a-ro. Beam said.
Ik'a.m indicated tluat more ar
rests are pending.
CANDIDATE — Rev. Howoid
Shipp, 36, paid his filing fee
Friday ofternoon os a candi
date for Ward 5 City Commis
Rev. Howard Shipp, 36. Negro
minister, paid his filing fee Fri
day as a CVmdklato for Waixl 5
CommIs-ioner. Mr. Shipp tele
phoned the Herald last Wednes
day night and said ho would be a
Mrs. Maude Rhea Walker, in
cumbent Ward 5 Commissioner,
told 'the Herahl ytNterday she
was retiring. Mrs. Walker, Kings
Mountain’s first woman cx>mmis-
sioner, was appointed in 1968 to
)(Continut’d On Page EigfUj
Kings Mountain Ro(icvelop- j a .small park area,
ment Commission Acquire<l Tues-j Other proix'rtios a('quired prev-
da> from George Lublaneski Iho ioiusly am the farmer Herald
West Mountain street building I building, also to be razed, the
formerly oa upied by tho late Dr. residence of Miss Virgie Harmon,
Smithfield; five i J. E. Anthonv. I also to be razed, and the Yartoro
and 13 gnvit Pun hase i)rice was $1 l.StX). ! property now occupied by City Ice
It is tlio fourth pmport.y pur- & CoaJ Company.
In addition to her son and
daughter-in-law here, survivors
inclucK' two daughters. Mrs. Ed
ward Nixon of the h Tine and Mrs.
PoiH* Lyon of
Jack Conk, chaplain of Caro
lina Freight Corriors in Cherry
ville, will bo guest six'^aker at
Thursday night’s KnVanls club
meeting at 6:45 p.m. at the
Womaai's club.
chased f(»r the central business Mr. Laney also reported that
district i*encwal project. the city’s share of the project,
Tne two-story building whioh, payable in ‘'in kind” contribu
fronts 36 fi'Ct on Mountain and - timis has been creditixl. It
is 57 feet di'op is to ho razed, Jot^ I eludes $24,189 for work in
M. Liney, dirc'c'tor of the c'om-
mission. s«iid
Plans call for tlie Ic^t to become 1 street urban renewal area.
Central School
Gets New Flag
Ontival school Is flying n new
(•. S. flag, complim nts of V. S.
Cmigressman James T. Hroyhill,
and the msull 'V a letter from
Central school eighth grader,
Craig Beam.
The ’Grov r student, of
Mr. arr.i Mrs. RoN'rt Lee Beam,
in I wrote Congressman Hroyhill that
the Gontral had lost its flag v'a wind
central business district area and damage.
$.50,853 for work in the Cansler! The strdents nfX'ivod the now
flag in the mail ’’ebruary 2-lth.

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