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City Limits 8j465
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Kings Mountain's Reliable Newspaper
Plus 8-Page Tabloid Supplement
VOL 82 NO. 50
Established 1889
Kings Mountain, N./C., Thursday, December 16, 1971
Eighty-Second Year
New Assessment Policies To Cost Developers,Citizens
ndusiry Holidays Start Wednesday
___ _ Bonuses, Gilts
Water Contracts
Are Authorized
Broyhill Seeking
Sixth House Term
f 19
City Wm Buy
Herndon Line
Per 1S66 Pact
The city commission Monday
n ,,.il tjC'-i .several actions to sup-
l'i> r<:.-v‘C;ncr City with up to
C..;) ^all. ns of w^ter per day,
\vl;.vli at muimuin use will re-
ti.iii ti) the t'ily approximately
§.'11,000 i-'cr yoar.
I.i Cl U i, the cwmmisgion:
1) \ >u*d to acquire, per 1966
a:;;wv:Tient. tihe 14-imh water line
r. m ci y limits to Kings Moun*
t. iii IiKlu. trial Park from J. E.
lle.ii'lon CL.n^.any. Purchase price
is §:21,lt>:5 \s. erst price ol $27,416
U!ia repie-senting depreemtion ol
2.5 percent per year. The city will
pay one-1 bird the cost in fiscal
1972-73, and the remaining tiwo-
tlti.ds in llscal 1973-74.
2) Aulhorizcd signing of con
tract with Gaston (Jounty wihddh
as fundiiut the 12-inch line to be
from take*0(ff point to
the PesKCThcr City boundaries,
l ie contract stipulates a scale of
lap fet'.s returnable to Gaston
; Hinly until ihree-fourths of Gas-
ion’.-. line cost is repa'id.
3) AiUhorizos oxcjcution of con
tra a wiiiMi Bessemer City in the
c.jntract’s final legal form for
delivery of Ih water, speteifying
ll’.at the contract shall cover a
lvVw->ear period and requiring a
y< ar’s noiiee in advance of serv
ile' lerminution by Kings Moun-
ODier contract speoifications: a
$11)00 minimum monthly charge
to Bess('m'er City and agrec»inenit
by Be.ssemer City to s<'ll no water
for less than the 37.4 per 1000
gallons it will poy Kings Moun
tain. The contra .'t will detail tap-
] ing rights of Kings Mountain
fi m take-off point east to Lewis
Contintud On Page Eight
Ends Speculation
On Senate Bid
Congressman James T. Broy-
•hill CHdOlh Disir'ict) last week
Gill hos been elected Chief of
the Medical Staff of ICings
Mountoin hospital for the com
ing year.
Medkal Staff
Taitt McGHl
Kings Mountain industrial em
ployees could look forward this
week to OlTristmos Iiolidays and
some could anticipate some ex
tra Christmas cash in the form
of gift checks.
Holidays will vary^from -two to
10 days, soino beginning Wednes
Some firms will write Christ
mas /Iiecks to employees of five
years or more service to receive
four percent of earnings and em-
plioyccs with loss service to two
percent of earnings.
Some companies will present ifiied with the North Caiyjlina
gifts to employees in the form of (Board of Elections for re-elec-
gift certtficates, turkeys or hams, tion to the United States House
Several firms arc planning Representatives. The Lenoir
plant parties and dinners. legislator is seeking his sixth
Longest holiday will be observ- the U. S. Congress.
^ by employees of Mauney Ho^ Broyhill was first elected to
lery Mills where the plant will Congress in 1962 in the old 9th
close on Wedn^day. reej^ning re-districting in
on January 3. Bonuses ai.U gifts
Will be presented to employees *’ ^ muu
and the annual plant party will was placed in the lOlh dis-
be held on next Thursday night
at the American Legion build- At the time of filing Broyhill
ing, states, ‘•ConVinued service in the
Carolina Throwing Company 'House adds to a member’s in'fiu-
omployces will observe the holi- ence, knoiw'ledge and responsibil-
days from Wednesday at 7 a.m. ity. My additionai seniority in
until Monday moming at 7. Bon- oommiltee and in the House can
uses and gifts will be presenhd -be an advantaige for the people
to employees. The annual plarrt of the district, Also, as I seek
party for cmiployecS and their another cjongressional term, I
families will be held on Wednes- want to continue my practice of
day evening at Hie American Le- Pilose contact with the peole I
gion building.
Bonuses and gift
win bt presented employees of
Mauney Mills. This firm will icli>r>e
on Tue.sday, reopening on Decem
ber 28th.
Oxford Industries will cease
operaitions at 12 noon on Thuns-
day, Dec. 23, reopening after the
Other now dfficers are Dr. holidays on January 3. Employees in
Thomas G. ‘Durham, ylce-^presi- vvili be invited to choose their them \ .
dent, succeeding Dr. Sam Robin- own Ohiristmas prensent frdm a
Dr. John C. MioGill, senior
partner in MdGill Clinic, has been
elected Cliiof of the Medical
Staff of Kiirg-s Mountain hospi
The Kings Mountain medical
doctor succeeds Dr. Charles
'Adams as president for 1972-73.
son; and Dr. Frank Sincox, sfv*
etary-treasurer, succeectthg Dr.
Joe Lee.
The new officers were elected
at the annual meeting Monday.
Band Concert
KETIilES — S/Sgt. Ray Carroll
hOR retired froxn theJUSAF alter
a 20 year tourl^ duty.
A Chriistn®* iconcert by the
bands of Kings 'Mountain high
school and Central Jainior high
school eighth and ninth grades
will be presented Thursday, De-
cem'ber 16th, at 7:45 p. m. in
Central school auditorium.
There is no admission charge.
Director Donald Deal said the
78-paeoe KIMIHS band would play
a nunDber of standard band
numbers 5n additional to season
al music. He said the eighth and
ninth grade bands would also
Director Deal said 15 high
school bandsmen have been se
lected on basis of individual audi
tion to peitform w*ith the All
State band at Ashtorook auditor-
dum in Gastonia in Jamary. Hhey
arelrelou Easley, Joe Deal, Deb
bie Lee, Meredith MieGill, David
Stone, Duan Deal, Diane Bolin,
GJenn Harmon, Thomas Hinton,
Lou Bryat Vickie Hulckey, Jane
Talbert, Glenn Stawles, Gene Mc
Clain and 'Doug Bell.
catalog an-d bonuses will bo ipaid
in the form of paid holidviys for
eligible cmployew. Those with
five years or more service will
receive a week’s pay. All em
ployees will bo treated to a din
ner on December 23rd at the
pla:it and office employees ^nd
supervisors will liold a party at
tile Community Center tonight.
Bmpioyees of Phonix l^ant ol
'Burlington In'dustrit*s will obseiv'c
the holidays fr- -m Wcdm'.s<Iay
thirougth Decemb(*r 2()t'!i, reoiiening
on .Monday. Bon-use.s will Ix' paid
employees bast'd on length of
service. Christma.s treat bags will
also be presenttKl, o.s customary,
to children of employt'es.
K (Mills will cJose at 7 a.m.
Christmas Eve, reopening at 11
p.m. Sunday, December 2oth. Gift
certificates wild be presented to
Canoll B^etires
FramUSAFDuty WSCS Service
Monday At 7:30
/Sg' . Kay Carroll, Kings Moun
tain native and son of Mr. and
Mrs. Ii A'iii C’arr':ll of Kings Creek,
S. C., iias I'ctired from 'the USAF
a i. .. 2.1 yi ai's serv’’ic,e duty.
' .irrell erved as art air police
man in D . cr, Delaware, Kaciena,
Oldnawa. Vietnam, Shaw AFB,
Srln or, S. C. and Fairchild APB,
WaJ / >3lon. He took his basic
iiainin^ at Lackland AFB in San
Antonk, Icxa.s.
The Cai rolls moved recently
from Scaittle, Washington, to Sum-
6. C. wlicrt? they had lived
. meving to Washington sev
eral years ago. Mrs. Carroll is the
1 ncr Gcrlrude Farris of the
l.'Won cG.Tim-unily and they are
j Mcnts r? two sc-n.s: Edwin, age
17: an.l Timmy, age 12. Mrs. Car-
I 11 ij-' tJie daughter rf Mrs. Wal-
^tc.- C. rU C- King? Mountain
Jiv I t’-'f' la'e Mr. Farris.
In F.’*n!cr, 3. C, the CarroWs
r e n"*^ivr in ILdtory Road Bap
tist church.
-New officers of the (Women’s
Society of Christian Service will
'be installed Monday night at 7:30
in a candlelight service at Cen
tral United Methodist churdh.
A fellowship hour will be held
after the service.
second shift on Wednesday, rc-
opc'ning on December 27th at 7
a;m. Gifts will be presented to
Sadie Colton Mills will close at
6 a.m. on Christmas Eve and
some operations will not
during the holidays, said a plant
spokesman. Full operations will
resume on Sunday, January 2.
Bonuses, based on length of serv
ice and earnings, and gifts will
be presented all employees.
Kinder Manufacturing Company
will observe a two-day holiday,
Oliristmas Eve and Christmas
Day, and will also close on Nc^v
Year’s Eve and Nt'w Year’s Day.
Bonus payments will be made.
Kings Mill will close for the
holidays at the end of the sw-
ond Shift on Thursday, reopening
on Sunday at the beginning of
Che third shift at 9 o’clock.
Several firms had not yet com
pleted holiday schedules and
these will be announced next
American legion Christmas Party
For Needy Children Sunday 12:30
American Legion Post 155 will
sponsor Its annual Christmas
party for needy children Sunday
ait 12:30 at the American Legion
Manager W. D. Morrison said
that the party will be for chil
dren only. Parents will not be
permitted inaide the building.
Transportation will be furnished
if needed.
Morrison said children must
have a titket In order tb be ad
mitted. The tBckets are being dis
tributed to Che needy children
through the schools.
Santa Olaus, of course will be
on hand to di.stribute treats and
gifts to the kids.
Gas Service Calls
Are Set at $5
Serviw calls b>' the city nat
ural gas department now cost
$5 according'to city commission
action Monday night, when the
servi'ce fault is not the city’s.
The commi.ssion acix^pled this
and other .service rec^mimenda-
■tions of Jerry White, gas sys-
torn sup<’rintendent.
DA service man will be on
call 24 hours daily, st'ven days
per week.
2) The doparfment will in
spect installations of private
3) I^rts will not be furnished
by the department,
4) Spring cut-off and fall
light-up policies remain the
serve by use of personal visits,
cortificates questionnaires and newsletters.”
Broyhill continued, “The first
duty of a congressman is to vote
on legislation. But I also believe
that the congressional office
sliould be one of service. Thai is
why 1 have always tried to make
myself availaiblc to individuals to
Tills prac-
any way that I oan.
lice will continue.”
In commenting on speculatum
that he mi!"ht seek statewide
office, iBioyhili stated, ‘T have
slated over and over that 1 will
not be a candidate for statcAvide
office. The reason that I am of
ficially filing tliiis early is to put
a slop to all rumors and specula
tion about what I intend to do.”
Tlie 10th district is made up of
seven counties under the now con
gressional district plan (Alex
ander, Burke, C.aldwell, Cataw
ba, Cleveland, Gaston and Wa
tauga). In his five terms in con-
gi'pss due to re-districting, Broy-
'hill has served IS Nortli Cajc-
lina counties.
He is presently sening on the
powerful House Interstate and
Foreign Commerce committee
and is the senior minority mem-
Congressman James T. Broyhill
has filed for re-ele^ion to the
U. S. House of Representatives.
He seeks his sixth term.
us 74 Staking
Early In 72
Tht‘ west portion of the US 74
by-pass wili be put out to stak
ing alter the first of the year, R.
\V, .McGove-rn, chi<*f location en
gineer of the State H.i‘'-hwav c >m-
niission told the Herald Wednes
Mr. McGowan volunteered, “We
shall do our best to 'minimize
property damage on the west seg
He referred to prop(*rty o\Mic'r
ciwnplaints on the western sc'g-
ment ma'iped as Alternate II and
which the li'igh-v\'ay department
staff has recommendexi.
The prtjposed route follows Hie
same course as the original (now
tagged Alternate I) first mappc'd
in 19G5 to Cansler street, where
Alternate II veers to the north.
16 Petitions
Aze Remanded
To Petitioners
Sixtwn petitions for street im-
pn>\'<‘menfs, apnnn'ed by the oity
commission on a “whon-and-if-
funds-are-available” ^ basis, and
n./t yet honon*ri, wwe rc*manded
to petitioners Monday night for
re-.‘5igning un l(*r new assc'ssrnent
pdicies vvhic’ii will raise tlu? as-
.'•cssment bilks considerably.
Under terms cf the re.solirtion.
the .si.vtc'en pi lilions will retain
their priority positions if re-sub-
mitleci undt'r the new policies pri
or to July 1, 1972.
Gl' unlto:t(j'rcd petition is
for both ixivnig and curb-and-
guttcT on Mi'admvbrook Read,
frem Hillside Drive to dead end,
ai>iac?\'i'd “when-and il” on June
15, 1967.
Other 'P'ctitions outstanding and
their appmval dates are:
12-30-68 — Mauney Avenue,
Curb & Gutter
3-11-G9 — Williams Strtnd-Eclgo-
mont Dead End, Paving
5-14-G9 — Henry Street, Paving-
Curb & Gutter
610-6t) — Jolly Street - Maner -
Fulton, Paving
7-2869 — Wateroak - Margrace
to Ark, Curb & Gutter
10- U-69 — S. Gofor h - King ■
Mountain, Curb & Gvtter
9-9-70 — Bennett Drive -
nut to Braneli, Curb Gutter
0-9-70 — Tineview - Crcsi'cnt
Hill Road to En'd, Paving • Cum
& GutU'r
5- 26-71 — Princeton, Paving -
Curb & Gutter
6- 18-71 — Wilson • Falls • Mon
ta Vista, Curb & Gutter
C-IO-VO — I«\ilton Road - Mar-
grace - 200 Blrjv-K, C urb & Gutter
4 28-70 — HilLside - Meadow-
brotdi to Marion, Curb & Gult<v
6-18-70 — Falls - Wilson to Mon-
ta Curb & Gutter
9-9-70 — Joyce • .Meadowlbrook
to Hillside, (hirh K’ Gutler
11- 10-70 — Hemy' and Ellen-
wood, Curb - Gutter and Paving.
ers. Jr. formally announced his
candidacy for the Democratic
nomination for lieutenant gov
ernor Thursday.
'Neisco, Inc. will close with the iber of the Commerce and Finance
subcommittee. Ho is also number
two in seniority on the House Se
lect Committee on Small Busi
ness. nescr\es as Republican re
gional whip for the southeastern
states and has been unanimously
elected by his colleagues ■ to rep
resent tlie southeastern state's on
the House Republican policy co-m-
School Holiays '
Begin On Friday
Christmas holidays Fr-'r .-tudimts
and leaoh<'rs will begin with
close of's on Friday.
C’lasscs will resume on Januairy
Stores Open Later
For Yule Shoppers
Kings Moui>tain store's are re
maining mx?n later to accommo
date' Christmas shopi)ers.
Stores are open eae-h evening
until 8;30 p.m. until Christmas
with Saturday' hours to be oi)-
served on Christmas Eve by most
Cline Motion
Costs Him $360
Cemmi.s.‘?i*>ner Ray W. Cline,
chairman of the street cewnmit-
lee, e*ommente(i .Monday night
as he moved am*ptaaee* of his
ocmmiitee’s r<'i>ort greatly in
creasing street improvcm<'nt as-
scs.sments to properly owners,
including those on 16 stn'ct.s
already approved by the comi-
“It catehes me. too. I’m on
one of those 16 petitions.
Catch him it did, in the a-
mount of $3(’>() differential on
ha.sis c-f the most recent bid of
$2.55 fier lineal foot for eurb-
and-gutter. Conimissiom'r ('line
owns 300 fet't of frontage on
Fails street, wluVh would liave
resulted in an asse.-«ment of
$150. At $2.55 and two-thirds
the cost, his bill will be $510.
Roy Soweis
Is Candidate
Roy Sowers, Jr., a fonner
Sanford manufacturing execu
tive wlio lias held top slate jobs
for the past three years, formal
ly announced his candi<iacy for
the Demcx'iallc no'iiiiMation for
lieutenant governor Tiuirsday.
The announcement trom Sow-
el's, who resignc'd last week as
secretary the newly created
.State Ibepartment of Natural and
Economic Resources, had been
ex})octed for some time.
Sowers, wlio had previously
headed the State Department of
Consorvat ion and Development,
said he believes the people de
serve a lieutenant governor
“who is i:-nafraid to offer his of
fice and leadership to legu^lation
that is needed” and “a legislative
leader willing to use the legisla
tive process to build an economy
in North Carolina tival offers
opportunity for every working
man and woman in our state.”
A native ol Sanford, Sowei’S
attended Cainpix?!! colk'ge and
university in 1948 witli a degree
graduated from Wake Forest
in business administration.
Yule Play
Sunday At 7
A three - act Christmas play,
“Christmas Stranger.” will Ik?
presented Sunday night at 7 p.
m. at D>ve Valley Baptist church.
Tlie program is undc'r the di
rection of Mrs. Ollie V’an Dyke.
Following the pr-ogram, 'Santa
Claus will piwent gifts and
treats around u limited Cliristmas
1 roc.
Rev. Earl Redding, pa.stor of
the ’chuixMi, invites the interestt'd
K-ommunity to join in the pixD-
Street Cost
Revised Upward
The (xxst to property owners ert
city street improveunent.s — 'beth
for develoiJers of reskk'ntial sub
divisions and for projx*rly own
ers of already developed areas —
escalated con.siderabiy Monday
The city com.mission awepted
recommendations of its stceet
eommittee to alter policies as
1) For re.'^idi'iitial 'aib-divisions,
deveh>;K'rs h^ Udlorlli will be re-
quir<Hl to defray full costs of in
stallation of curb-and-gutter and
p.uing, with tiie extepLoi^s that
th<> city will The d<^
v('li>|A.Ts for ])aving of street in-
ter.'ectijcn,s and for the diffeience
in paving c*usls over 40-focrt
2) For oUier property owners,
the city has resurTu*d p.dicies of
some yt'ai's ago. For jjaving, own
ers on each side of a street willl
pay one-third I'ach, the city pay
ing (h<* remaining two-thirds. The
City will pay for inter.-^ •-tions at
.si.rtH'ts. For cur'o-and-gufl(‘‘r, Che
owners will ])ay two-tliirds the
co-xl, witli the city paying one-
The crsmmis.sion r<'s>lution fur-
Ihej i-diclcd that 16 imj)rovem(*nt
ix'lki.nis alri'adv aj)prin td t>e're-
ni.'nulf.l t.) the petitioners for re-
fx'iliojiing under the new pay
ment s<*ht‘dule.
Fouilcen of the 16 {M'tilions are
for curb-and-guiler for whkrli the
current ii.s.sessmei>t for .several
years has been 50 cents {)er lineal
foot. 'File mt)st recent contract re-
(eiviNl by the city for <*urband-
gutler. .sf^ngler & Soiis low bid
der, wa.s for $2.55 per lineal foot.
On basis of the most reetmt bid
price, the owner of a IfXI-foot
fruitage lot would now pay an
aS'C's.-muuit of $165.35, compared
'to under M/ old iirivx'.
'File paving has*
been .56-cenits pt'r ifneal f(x>t for
IS-faot wide streets, 60 cents pt*!
1\ >i for an 18-foot strip with
Paving a.-isessmonts will esoa-
lat(' considerably, but c*omparison
of the on<*-lhird figure to the flat
clv.irgi* is difficult, since costs
vary .soinewliat, depending on
'1 lie d« vel<»per lias enjoyed the
same a-s<-.ssment si-hedule iis the
property owner in developed
areas for Ix^th [kivTiTg aiid curb-
andgmter. The dcw’elojx'r’s in-
ci<‘ will be far grt'ater in
botli categories — but even more-
Contiuudl Oa Page Eight
Retailers report
of morcliandise.
;ood selections
Tlie Kings Mountain post office,
n'porting a brisk business, re-
minde<i patrons that the post
oifice will be open all day Sat-
Children's Party
Wednesday At 7
The annual Sunday School
Christmas party will be held at
i’irst Presibyterian church Wed
nesday evening at 7 p. m.
.Members of the Junior choir
will present special music and
treats will be distributed to all
tlie childix?n.
Santa Claus will also be pres
ent as special guest.
Funeral Conducted On Wednesday
For Mrs. C. T. Carpenter, Sr.
Funeral rites for Mrs. Aileen She w^as a foi'mcr memlx'r
Ormand Cai'penlcr, 74, wife of of Kings Mountain chapter 123,
Charles Troy Carpt*nter, Sr., were Order of Eastern Star, and of the
conducted Wodnestiay afternoon Tlkinrsday Afternoon B<x)k club,
at 4 p. m. from Central United She and and her husiband cele-
(Methodist church of which she bratod their 50lh wedding anni-
was a niem'ber. versary last October.
Rev. Paul Waugh officiated at She w^as active in Central
the final rite's, and interment was Methodist ichuivh, a life mem-
in 'Moi/ntain Rest 'cx'metery. tx'r of the 'Women’s Society of
Mrs. Carpenter succumbed to Christian Servisce and a cluirler
cancer Tuesday morning at 2 a. member and active in the Daugh-
iTi. in the K'ings Mountain hos- ters of Wesley Class,
pital. She had been in ill health In addition to her husband,
for several months. she is sur\1ved by two sons,
Charles Troy Carpenter, Jr., of
A native of GreenMille, S; C., Kings (Mountain and Meek Car-
daughter of the late'Mr. and Mrs. penter of Greenville, S. C.; two
Balie Meek Ormand Mrs. Car- daughters, Mr.s. John Dilling and
IM'nter had lived alimost all her 'Mrs. John Butler Plonk, l>oili of
life in Kings 'Mountain. Kings .Mountain; one sister, Mrs.
She was a graduate oif Kings o. P. LewLs of Kings Mountain;
Mountain high school and at- one brother, Hugh Ormand of
tended Davenport college in Le- Kings Mountaiii;; ±2 grand<*hil-
noir and Woman’s college in dren and one great grandchild.
Greensboro. Before her mar- Active paWbearers were Fre<i
riage October 12, (1920, she work- Withers, John O. Plonk, Oti.s
ed in the oiffices of the lormer Palls, Jr., Dan Finger. John C.
Diliung MUL SmaLhena and Wilson Griffin.
Man Of Year
Tlie Kings Mounlain Jayows
will again this year honor a
Bass of the Year, a Young Man
of the Year, and a Young Educa
tor of the Y^ear. The community
nominates the Young Man of the
Year and the Y<<unor Kdiiaitor
Ol ihe Year. The Boss of the
Y'ear is .selected by the Jay-
Any p(*rson wi.siiing to make
a nomination for Young Man
of the Year or Young Kdueatoi
of the Year may mail nomina
tions to Kings Mfmntain, Jay
e<'es, Box 303. Kings Mnuntuin
Nominees must 1h‘ between the
ages „f IS and 33. Winners wUl
bo honored at a hantiuet in Jami
ary at which Lt. Gov. Pat Tay
lor will iM' the .speaker.
Jay<ce projt'<*t cliairman is
Vice ih'OSKk'ni John Mitchell.
Christmas Week
Herald Day Early
N‘*.\t wi'ek’.s edition (rf Hie
Her.ild will api>ear under date
or Wfvino.sday, Ikveniber 22,
w ith the edition to be publish
ed on 'Fue.-^day niglit.
Pictun*s .should be at the
ih'rald not later than Salurtlay
at mH)n.
Adw'rti.sing dea(iline W’li be
Tu(‘.sday at noon.
The edition will eontain sea
son’s greeting.s from business
firms and spticial Christimas
fealuix's, as well ag regular
news content.
TAPPED — Grover Postmaster
Fain Hambright has been nam
ed deputy director of the 10-
statc Southern Region of the
National League of Postmas
Hambright Aiea
PM Official
Grover Postmaster Fain Ham-
bright has been named deputy
direcUtr of the National League
of Postmasters 10-^tate Southern
Hambright was notified re
cently by Eugene Dalton, nation
al president, that the league's
b(Kvr(i of directors had appi\)ved
the appointment.
Responsilhiities of the post in
clude reiiresenting individual ixx'it-
mastei's at the regkinal lo\el.
Regional head(juartei>; for tlie
professional organization are in
Memphis, IVnnessee.
(Hambright. who has seiwed as
p<'st master in Gn>ver since H)61,
will undergo a training pi'ogram
at the ItNigue’s national bcad-
qrarters in Washington, D. C.
earl;^ next year*

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