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City Limits 8.465
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jaDi>ary 1966. (*ad laciudee tlie 14.990 populoUtMl •
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Kings Mountain's Reliable Newspaper
VOL 83 No. 46
Established 1889
Kings Mountain, N. C., Thursday, November 16, 1972
Eighty-Third Year
First Union Files Application For New Branch Bank
City Electric Bills
Be Higher
NCrilNEE — F.obort Seminars
Man&i. hi9’h school senior, is a
ncraiucc fer a Morehoad Schol-
ar>,h:r tc the University of
h'erth Carolina.
h Nominee
.1. C. Atkinson, Principal of
];in:^'S Mountain hi^h school, hast
r.'ccivcd an official notice from!
ih.' Cleveland Countiy Morehoad'
\Vwai\l Committee an-
k'loiinrinjr the selection of Robert,
8 t'nimers Man^r, son of Mr. and;
Mrs. n. K. Manor, as one of the
nominees for fulher consideration
for an awarf! by the Morehoad
FoiinilatOn. In January, Manor] he interviewed t:y the Ois-
trft IX Cominitlee, competing
wdh other nominivos oi the dia-
tri( t.
.Mai' r, a . eniar and honor roll
student at Kinrjs Mimntain high
stdr-ol, is co-o.iitor (if the annual,
a mi'mhor of tlie Nat onal Honor
.‘:o. iety and of the Science and
Math clubs. He was a Junior
Mar hal, attended iCovernors
School, and received th? Ameri
can C’hemieal Society Scholarship
in Ch(‘niistry as a semi-finalist.
Also, he is a mem er of First
rr<'‘byterian chufch.
Olhf'r nom nees, both of Shel-
hv higli school, are Wnrren Win j
.s'ow >!r'Murry and James VVil-1
liam Morgan. |
.Moreh<?ad awards provide all-;
eNi>on.>e paid undergraduate ed-
urations at UNC ai Chapel Hill.i
the value of the awn i for N. C. |
ir'^hlcnts being $^,2.00 per year or;
fer four years of study.:
There are 21 und''reraiualo
Moreliend S^-hnlars and ?! gradii-|
ate and’ prof(*ssionaI fellows cur-
n'lUlv enrolled at Chanc' Hill,
Maner ranks sixth in His senior,
( lass ef 272 meinbers. |
The Kiirrs ATeantain Kiwanis
Chi'), at its monthly nu’oting
Th'.ir-iday. wont on rc^’ord .'!up-
]•. ;■! ha 'lu' up'.'tnning $2.5 mil-
1 "I s hod bnid referendum,
(Ilia iir-'i^idcnt Lcwi.s Dcllin,j%'r
Five Chafftf ?!
In Tiiirbey Theft
Five persons, irn’liuling one
Kiifu's Mountain man, wore ar-
rt'Sied S iturday afternoon ami
(haigcr! with .stealing turkeys
from the farm of .Tack Hughe.s
on Route 2. Kin^^.s 5Tountain.
p.'ni'tv Sh('rTf Willuir Renton
arrested William Clark Mnnrw.
o'>, of fill Piedmont Avenuo,
King >T'unlaiii; J’mmy Frank
(’old.**. Jr., 22, ('f Winter HaN'on,
K'a • Kalhrm P e. Is T.f'onard, 20,
of Va’-v Robert A’len T;<>nrKa{i.
21 of Hickory; and Phillip loon
Pedge, 21. of H'okorv. Rcn-
t.Ml charge! the five witii larceny
and tre.snass’ng.
.Ac-or.ding to Renton, he was on
patrol on T^!'-"’n Sehoo^ Road
V lu*n he spott'*d a ear parked on
a dead (mi road. He va’d ho drove
o'\’n 1h(* r'ad and a *, he pulled
nli«n'’’side the ear h" .saw peonle
(oming out of tlv» woods carrying
four turkeys, one of which was
. ileed. '
Ad five released junder
' b^nd each T>en'’Rng a hear-
iTV' on Pec. 6 in 27th Judicial
District Court.
Decembei Bill
Will Reflect
Duke's Hike
December electrical bi’li will
reflect in cle.trc rates
to censmmors voted by the city
ci.mmiision Monday night.
It i.s the same electric schedule
as Duke Pewer Ci^mpany’s along
with an all electric rate with a
budget system to home owners,
Gary L. Beckham, associate of
Southeastern Consulting Engi
neers, Inc. of Charlotte which
made a study of Duke’s increased
rale to the city, pointed out at
Monday night’s commission meet
ing that in December 1970 the
city pa.ssed a surcharge to take
care of the rate increases from
Duke and for the last two months
the city has absorbed the addi-
ticnai costs from Duke at a cost
of approximately $10,000 per
Kay D. Cohan; a spokesman for
Southeastern, told the commis
sion that the new rates would be
competitive with those of sur-
roundiny towns and in most
eases lower. He was to furnish
city clerk Joe McDaniel with a
cepy showing the amount of in-
cn a.->cs. Ml. McDaniel had not
rc.tivej the new rate schedule
v. , dnesday afternooit^ ^
Acitan by the full boariTcam^
afier the c-onsulting firm .recom
mended the city adopt thfe^ same
ckclric rate schedule as Duke
P. wer, which furnished electric
pjwer to the city.
In Bieak-In ,
Kings Mountain police haN«?4r-
reeted four Charlotte men and
charged them with the Monday
n ght breaki-n of Mountaineer
Pharmacy on Mountain Street.
The four were identified as
Wallace R. Cartrette, 17, Alan
T. Edwards. 19, Jack S. Mabry
Jr., 19, and Kirtus L. Guzman, 18.
Al four were charged with
breaking and entering. Guzman
was charged with possession
of barbituates and possession of
j heroin. Mabry w'as charged with
possession of syringes. Cartrette
was charged w th driving under
the influence of drugs.
Police Chief Tom McDevitt
said police were on the scene of
the ■ rcak-in before anything was
stolen. He said a side window
was Token eiil oi the building.
McDevitt r''porte<l that he chas
ed a car that left the scone sever
al blocks lx?fore it stopepd and he
a'-rosted the driver. The other
three men were arrested on foot.
Rond for the four men ranged
'■(■om to $3,500 each. A pre-
! minary hearing has been set
for Nov. 30 in district court.
“The Limelighters” will play
for an Almorican Legion spon-
.sorc'd dance Saturday night
friFjn 9 until 12 p.>m. at the
.American Legion building.
\XT in, I Bank Will Buad
bua Wound ratals"
Shopping Center
♦♦♦♦ ♦I
To McCarter, 18
Seminar On Drugs
Here On Thursday
Green Poet 155 Auxiliary and Shelby's Warren F. Hoyle Post 82 Auxiliary entertained 80 Gold
Star Mothers ot the annual Luncheon Sundoy at Hotel Charles in Shelby. From left to right in
photograph: Mrs. Robert McRorie of Rutherford ton. District 23 president; Mrs. Curtis Moser of
Shelby, Unit 82 president; Miss Elizabeth Stewart, of Kings Mounta n, Unit 155 president; Shelby
Commonder Buren Whisnoent and Mrs. Whisnant; Mrs. B. M. Jarrett of Shelby, national vice-
president of the American Legion Auxiliory; Mrs. Ralph Adcock of Hickory, Division V president;
and Mrs. J. Frank Roy of H llsborough. North Carolina Department President of the Am#lean Le
gion Auxiliory. (Isoac Alexander Photo).
Cline Vs. City
Meet Friday
Commissioners in the city’s'
condemnation action against Am
brose Chne' to obtahl -his fpoper--
ty for use in compl^ng the Buf
falo Creek reservoir will conduct
an appraisal hearing, Friday;
mom:ng at S:30 at the county
courthouse. ^ '
The commissioners a# Robert
Davies, Joe Graver and 'NVray A.
Plonk Sr. Mr. Davies had been
nominated cy the city and Mr.
Plonk by Mr. Cline.
Commissioners will file report
of the award after the hearing
to Mrs. Ruth Dedmon Cerk of
Superior Court.
The Buffalo creek water proj
ect first appears on the minute
books of the c ty in July 196B.
Citizens authorized a $3 million
bond issue for the project in De
cember 1967.
When filled the lake will be
slightly larger than Lake Eure.
The city is arcady getting the
bulk of its water from Buffalo. A
cofferdam was built for tempor
ary impoundment.
O^k Gfove
9ois Revival
Ministrial students from Gard
nor Webb college will lead w’oek-
end fcrviros at Oak Grove Bap
tist church.
Tommy Huddleston will lead
Friday evening service at 7, Lar-|
rv Tuner will speak at 7 p.m.
Saturday, Ricky Josey will fill
the pulpit at H a.m. service Sun
day and Bob Thomas will bo the
«Ty>'»Vor the closing service
Sunday at 7.
Prior to the Saturday night
service. Danny Hinton will pre
sent a of '^Gospel Magic”
from 6 to 6:45 p.m.
Cured Addict
Will Lead
Program Today
Mrs. V’^icki Jackson, curea uf a !
$350 per day heroin habit and ;
now employed by the New York ;
Narcotics Commission, will lead j
a “Mom an<l Dad” seminar on j
drug abuse Thursday (tonight)
at 7 p. m. at K'irst Baptist church. ;
Mrs. Jackson’s appearance here,
pai’t of a concentrated informa
tional stvudy On drug abuse under
way in Cleveland county this
w'eek, is under sponsorship of Al
can Aluminum Corporation.
Mrs. Jackson, in the city all
day today, will speak at Kings
Mountain high school at 10 a. m.
and at Central Junior high school
at 12:30. Bill Bates is coordina-
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' ^eKvicemen s
Addzesses Sought
Ser\ii:emon stationed in dis
tant places who will be unable
to l)e home for the holidays will
annual Christmas greet-
; ings fiv m the city and Mayor
■ John Moss.
Mayor Moss invite’s area citiz
ens to call his off id'. 739-2563.
an.1 give the addresses of their
relatives who will be away from
home this Christmas so he may
send them greetings.
Next wcek’.s meeting of the
Kings Meuntain Kiw'anis duo
will be advanced to Tuesday at
6:30 p.m. beenu/e of the
Tharksgiving holiday. Rev.Taul
Briggs, pastor of First (Baptist
ciiuivh, will deliver a Thanks
giving message.
Da(3ih Ruling
No^ Yet Made
if Examiner
Funeral serv ces lor Caarles A.
tC^'-ipi McC.^rt?r Jr., IS. of York
Road, were held Wednesday at
3::.0 p. m. at Central United
MethcKlict church by the Rev.
D. B. Alderman aid the Rev,
F. W. Sherrill. Bucial in
•xoantain Rest co.Tictery.
Young McCarter diej at 6:30
p. m. Monday at Charlotte Me
morial hospital of an apparent
self-inflicted gunshot wound. Mc
Carter had been a patient at
Charlotte Memorial since Satur
day night alter he was shot in a
cabin at Lake -Montonia. 1
According to the Cleveland I
'ounty sheriff’s department, Me-;
Carter apparently shot himself'
in tier:*, o. several friendi. ’
The McCarter youth reported- (
ly stuck the barrel of a .22 re-;
volver in his mouth at 11:15 p.
n. ajid shot himself. Sheriff
Hayw’ood Allen ruled out the pos
sibility that McCarter and some
of the other youths were playing |
Russian roulette.
Mecklenburg County Medical
Examiner Dr. Hobart Wood still
has not issued a ruling on Mc
Carter’s deaUi. ^level^d ^panty*
Coroner M. D. (BuJ) Walker said
he is awaiting a ruling from the
Mecklenburg examiner before de-
cid ng on a course of action.
There’s a strong possibility an
I inquest vvTl bo held, he said.
Acccixling to Sheriff Allen, a
girl saw McCarter put the pistol
to his head, asked what he
thought he was doing, and the
boy reportedly told her: “We’ve
been trying ta commit suicide.”
*Allcm-sa:d most of the people
in the room had their backs to
McCarter. “This boy was kind of
'^ver the side by a little old Ibar.
They thought it was a firecrack
er going off. and they though he
was acting when he first fell
down . . . until they saw the
blood,” Allen said.
McCarter ‘is survived by his
laronts. Charles A. McCarter Sr.
of Clover, S. C.. and Mrs. Betty
Cash M tchell of Kings Moun
tain: on'’ brother. Brent McCar
ter of Kings Mountain; one step
jiolht’r, Buster Lewis of Clover;
one sister, Sherri Mitchell of
Kings Mountain; paternal grand-
rather. D. D. McCarter of Clov
er; and his maternal grandpar-
'’nts. Mr and Mrs. David Cash of
Kings Mountain.
SPEAKER — Rev. Glen Boland,
I pastor of Resurrection Lutheran
; church, will deliver the Thanks-
' giving sermon at union seivice
' Wednesday night at the Com-
I munity Center.
Rowland To Lead
Union Service
I Rev. Glen Boland, (pastor 'if
i Resurrection Lutheran ohuroh,
I will deliver the sermon at the
: annual eomjnun*ity-M^de 'niard?*-
gtvinymeevice on Wednesday eve
ning at 7:30 p.nii'at Kings Moun-
laiii commumty Cente*.
The service is under sponsor
ship of the Kings Mountain Min-
isieiial AssLJialicn.
The Kings Mot^ntain high school
Girls Choir, under the direction
of Mrs. J. N. McClure, will pre-
stnt special music.
Rev*. P. H. Waugh, pastor of
Central Methodist church and
president of the association, will
The union service w:iU be the
mid-week iW’cdnesday evening
service of all city churches, said
a spokesman.
In Grov'er, traditional Thanks
giving serv'ictis will also be hold
Wednesday evening at First Bap
tist chureh by congregations cf
Grover area churches. Rev. Jame.s
Sanders, pastor of Bethany Bap
tist church, will deliver Uie ser
First Union National Bank has
filed application with the Comp
troller cf the Currency for per
mission to c tabiish a branch
bank in the proposed Kings
Mountain shopping center off
Highway 74.
The application w^as accepted
for filing by the Regional A'' n-
Istrator of National Ban cn
Nov. 3.
Marvin Teer, president of - st
; Union National Bank of Kings
Mountain, predicted that construc
tion would begin within “three to
six months at the latest” ii the
' application doesn’t meet opposi-
j tpn.
I The new shopping center, to
(be built in the viiinity of High
way 74 and Castlewood Road be
hind the National Guard Ar-
. mory, is currently in the grad
ing stages and the first tenants
lire expected to have businesses
completed there by spring of
Teer said completion of the
bank would depend largely on
the progress of the shopping
center. “If there is no delay in
tfie shopping center, there likely
will not .be any delay in comple
tion of fhe bank,” he noted.
Teer said he doesn’t know if
the proposed bank will be a full-
service tank or not. “If the ap
plication is approved, we should
know more details immediately,”
he said. Teer pointed out that
details of the proposed plans are
controlled by the Charlotte of
fice. ^
"Right now, everything is just
in the preliminary stages.” said
T^er. “We’re advertising the fact
that we have applied for a branch
bank there. If we do not meet
I any objection from the public.
I’m 90 per cent sure the applica
tion will be approved.”
City Parking Meters Removed;
Garbage Pick-Up Is Increased
Downtown area parking meters
were lemovcd Tuesday for a 90-
day trial period.
The meters were removed after
a specially appointed downtown
parking committee made recom
mendations at Monday night’s
meiUing of the board of conwnls-
A month ago, members of the
Kings Mountain Chamber of
Commerce and Merchants Asso
ciation approached the board and
asked that the meters be remov-
cd. Those two organizations felt
it would help keep customers
from goin.g to out-of-town shopp
ing centers to do their shopping.
At that time, Mayor John Moss
appointed a committee to study
the situation. That committee
was made up of Commissioner
Ray Cline, who was chairman,
J. C. Bridges, Jim powney, Char
les Blanton, Commissioner Jonas
Bridges, 'Lewis Dellinger, Roscoe
Wooten, John McGinnis Larry
Himrick and Mayor Moss.
The commissioners -Monday
night approved the removal of
meters for 90 days and establish
ed a two-hour parking limitation.
Violators wJl bo required to pay
the usual 25 cents fee for over-
The hoard also passed a recom
mendation Ihy the committee in
regard to trash picktR) in the
backlot area of the ^io^ntown
stores. The city will
pickup making a
pickupg a wqek. j
Jack Wl^ite was. au
on the legality of ‘■I
fine for users of a q
Ing to meet accept .
and sanitary conditions after a
warning letter 'by certified mail
was sent. Cline pointed out that
the Chamber of Commerce and
; the Merchants Association wore
; to cooperate with the city in keep-
) ing the area clean.
IPS Roard
The city ermmission Monday
night joined the Isothermal Plan
ning and D('velopment Commis
sion. planning agency for Region
Cost to the city for the remain-
hig nine months of the fiscal year
will be $1,136.09.
After voting to join IPDC, the
•'omniission unanimously named
Mfl' John Henry Mosj; as the
city’s representative on the board.
Commenting on his appoint
ment to the commission, the
mrvvor ihankofl the commission
ani said: “1 Ix’lieve in grant pro
grams for cities and a number
on the drawing board now are
very exciting.”
“We Can P>o Thankfiil'’ will
be the sermon topic of Dr. Paul
Ausicy at Sunday morning wor
ship .servjf'es at U o’clock at
First Pre byterian church. ^
Friday Deadline
For Registration
F’riday is the last to reg
istcr if you aren’t registered to
vote in the schools $2.5 million
uiiJ i-efcrendum December 16th.
Supt. Donald Jones reminded
this week that citizens may regis
ter at the coimty board of elec
tions office on the first floor of
the courthouse -Monday through
Friday or may visit their pre
cinct ix^glstrar in their homes
to place their names on the
voter books.
If you voted in the general
election, you are eligible to vote.
Chairmen of the various pre
cincts and their phone numbers
Bethware, Mrs. Alice Connor,
Grover, Mrs. J. (B. EHis, 937-
East Kings Mountain, Mrs. Nell
Franford, 739-3132.
West Kings Mountain, Mrs.
1. IT. Arthur. 739-5318.
Purpose of the bond issue is
o provide funds for building a
tow junior high school and audl-
orium at Kings Mountain high
•choo! and improvements at the
listrict’s elementary plants.
. three
y fill-
SHOWS OFF COLLECTION — Bill Hughes of Route 2« Kings
Mountain, o long-time collector of antiques, shows off port of
bis arrowheod collection. Hughes recently mounted the rocks
ond plons to sell them. Many of the arrowheods were found in
Arkansas, where Hughes makes his winter heme. (Photo by
L G. Alexander).
Senior Citizens To Re Honored
At Thanksgiving Service Sunday
. Maf’cion'a Baptist church on
Grover Road, will honor all sen
ior citi/orrs Sunday morning at
the 11 o’clock service. Corsages
will ''ce given to the ladies and
boutonnieres will be given to the
■ Lunch will bo served by the
youth of the church following the
morning service. Each family is
asked to bring a lunch basket
Specla! guests will be the Mayor
John Henry Moss anj State sien-
ator Ollie Harris.
V Th^re will be singbig with the
eftizghv under the direction
of’M^ss Pam MfcalL
The pastor. Rev. L. D. Scruggs,;
extends a welcome to all. i
I2SJ)00 Mark
Kings Mountain's United F'm1
Drive has p'pped the $25,000
mark wdth three divisions sur
passing their or:ginai goal.
Those divisions topping theii
goals included correspondence,
which has recorded $1,783.00 so
far; ministers, which has contrl
'■^uted $374.00; and public schools,
which has reexirded $2.3'^00.
However, the drive is s-tili ov-'r
$S.O00 short ef the goal of
$33,450. aecordimr to figures com
piled hy Mrs. Pc'4(rv
retary-treasurcr of the United
The biggest oontrT-ution last
week came from emDl(?yces of
Duplex. That firm turned in
nlcM^ige*? totaling $4,0^7. Charles
'^.’■'ard. .personno manager of
Duplex, noted that the firm had
94 percent participation and the
average pledge per employee was
Here’s a breakdown of d'vi-
siens, with the division rhairrran
listed first, then the original goa'-
and the current contribntions*
Advanced Gifts: He’en Hen
dricks; $4,348.50; $2,493.00.
CommerMa^: I.ouise Lybrand:
$4.:M8.50; $2,806.00.
Correspondents: Charles Ham
Uen* .«! J^92.50; $1,783.00.
Industrial: Bob Suber; $18,397.-
50: $14,210.35.
Professional: June Lee; $1,338.-
00; $1,240.00.
Ministers: Frank Shirley; $334.
50; $374.00.
Schools: C. A. Allison; $2,341.-
>0: $2,358.00.
Post Office: Bud Medlln; $334.-
50; $10 00.
City Employee.s: Bud Medlln;
$669.00; no contributions.
Slate Park: Don Crawford;
$334.50; $55.00.
Raotist Series
\s Continumq
Kvangellstirs serviocv are cen-
fnuing through Sunday at Tem
ple Baptist church with Rev. C.
C. Crow as evangelist at 7 p. m.
services each cveninfr.
A nursery is l>cing provided for
the servjees and special singing
is being featured.
Rev. Mr. Crow is a retired
Baptist minister and former
moderator of the Kintys Mountain
Baptist and Sandy Run assoda-

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