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Gred^ir Kings Mountain 21.914
City Limits 8.465
Th* (2rt«t«r Cingi Mountain llguro U dorlvod from tht
Spoclal Unltod StotM luroau of tbo Cantu* raporl of
fonuary, 1M6. ond Includat Iho 14.990 population of
Numbor 4 Township, and tho romolnlng 6,124 from
Numbor 6 Township. In Ciovolond County ond Crowdors
Mountoltt Township In Gaston County.
Kings Mountain's Reliable Newspopei
VOL 84 No. 44
Established 1889
Kings Mountain, N. C., Thursday, November I, 1973
PRICE TEN CENTS Eighty-Fourth Year
Buffalo Creek Water Project Virtually Completed
Citizens ToPolisForRunj()ffElectioiiTuesdayl^*"Sg*"s
4:55 Wednesday
Rites Conducted
Heart Attack
Was Fatal
To Businessman
RITES HELD — funeral ritM
for Cttrl R chord McGinnis were
conducted Sunday afternoon*
Funeral sei'vices for Carl Rich
ard (Dickl McGinnis, 45, Kings
Mountain businessman, were con
ducted Sunday afternoon frolm St.
Matthew’s Lutheran church.
Mr. McGinnis .was pronoiuaoed
dead on arrival at Kings Moun
tain ho:-pital at 9 o’clock Friday
night. Death was attiriiouted to
heart failure. He had been suf
fering from a heart ailment since
last spring.
Mr. McGinnis was a stockhold
er and officer of McGinnis Furni
ture. Company and a partner in
the Barbecue Barn, which open
ed a few weeks ago. He woiRed
several months at Gastonia Sav
ings & Loan association before
joining his late father’s ifumAure
The Kings MountfdJi native
was a son of the late William.
I Henkle and Iva Harris McGinnis.
He served in Korea, with the
aimy as a radio technician. He
was a graduate of Lenoir Rhyme
College and a memiber of St.
Matthew’s Lutheran church. He
was a member and past com
mander of Otis D. Green Post
155, American Legion.
.I'he final rites were conducted,
by his pastor, Rev. Robert Allen,
assisted by Rev. Glenn Boland,
I>astor of Resurrection Lutheran
church. Interment was in Moun
tain Rest cemetery.
Surviving are his wife, Mrs.
Margaret Cole McGinnis; one
son, Greg, and one daughter,
Myra, all of the home; sox broth-
I ers, Odell McGinnis of Gastonia,
I Paul MoGinnis, Hubert McGinnis,
Harvey Ruppe, of 400 Hill I Donald McGinnis, WUHam H.
street, said someone entered his | McGinnis, and James R. McGin-
residence at 400 Hill street and | n'is, all of Kings Mountain; and
(removed a coin collection valued five sistcirs, Mrs. Edward Gon-
at between $500-$700, a $10 ring | i;ales of Bricktown, New Jersey,
and a 22-calibro chrome-plated , Mrs. Jack Whetstine of Alexan-
piSlol while he wa.s across the d-ria, Virginia; Mrs. Karl Sawyer
of Charlotte, Mm. Louis Sabettie
of Kings Mountain and Mrs.
Herman Eagle of Kannapolis.
Pallbearers were fellow Legion-
nailres, Joe H. McDanielj Jr.,
Clinton Jolly, Clyde Whetstine,
Bruce McDaniel, Fred Wright, Jr.,
and Ben T. Goforth.
Thieves Take
Coins, Jewelry
Police continued their investi
gation this week into the theft
of Jewelry valued at $895 from
Willie’s Jewelry and the theft
of $500 worth of coins from a
Willie Williams, manager ;if
Willie s Jewelry in downtown
Kings Mountain, told .police that
he suspected two custcmiers, a
Negro man and woman, of lift
ing two diamond ring.s from a
jewelry case last week while he
was busy with another customer.
He described the man as weigh
ing about 200 pounds, six feet in
height, and wearing an Afro
haircut and goatee.
street at his mother’s residence.
Mr. Ruppe said his home v^as
left unlocked while the family
received friends at the home of
his late mother. His mother was
buried the next day and he miss
ed the items after returning to
his home later in the evening.
Spbolt9, GohKns
Coverfitig Early
Spooks and goblins cavorted
about early yesterday.
Elmployees of Kinder Manu
facturing Company weren’t
tricking and treating but work
ing and decked out in Hallo
ween costumes. They were
treated to a Halloween lunch
eon a-t the noon hour.
Enrvployees of Silver Villa,
including Manager Mrs. Dion
Brown, were dressed in Hallo
ween motif and decorated the
restaurant with orange jacko--
lantern pumpkins.
The little folks came out lat
er in the day and the Hallo
ween on W. Mountain
street was enjoying a booiiiing
Floyd Grigg
Is Improving
Floyd Edwin Grigg, 71, of Rt.
4, remains in satisfactory condi
tion at Charlotte Memorial hos
Grigg is undergoing treatment
for a .22 bullet wound in the fore
Cleveland County sheriff’s dep
uties have charged his wife, Mrs.
Carrie Grigg-s, 55, with assault
with a deadly weapon with in
tent to kill.
She was released on $1,000
Polls Open
At 6:30 Tuesday
Kings Mountain voters will
determine Tuesday its Ward HI
commissioner in a run off elec
tion between Corbet LNicholson,
challenger who led the Oettiber
9 voting, and veteran CommL-
sioner T. J, (Tommy) Ellison,
second in a three-man contest.
Mr. Nicholson, owner of City
negating Company, failed to at
tain a majority by only 'tHfeo}
votes. The totals were: Nicholwm ,
601, Ellison 427, James A. Boll I
173. I
Voters To Decide
Four More Issues
Owens, Stewart
Are lAeing
For Trustee
. . . Ud first laca
I King4 Mountain
' svill participate in
tions Tuesday:
are*a citizens
theje elec-
1) They will deride the race
for a six-year tenn on the Kings
Mountain district board ctf edu
cation between Alec Ow^ens, the
incumbent completing his first
term, and Tracy M. Stewart, Jt.,
high ' challenger, seeking public
! office for the first time.
. . . incumbent
Mr. Nicholion imsucce.ssfuily
challenged Mr. Ellison in 1969.
.Mr. Nicnolson w’as entitled to a
run-oif but declined to call for it.
Voting will be conducted at the
six city^ precincts: Ward 1, City
Hall: Ward FI, American Li*gion;
Ward III, East School; Ward IV,
First Wesleyan Methodist Fel
lowship Hall; Ward V. Armory;
Ward VI, iClngs Mountain
Hour.s of voting are 6:30 a.m. j 2) They will join their neigh-
to 7:30 p.m. | ^qts across the state in helping
Same election officials w^ho i answer three questions:
conductexi the October 9 voting |
w'iil conduct next Tuesday’s ele':- ^ a* shall liquor-by-the-drink be
tion, Mis. Jack Mercier, secretary authorized?
of the city elc'Ction board said, i . , .
Comm. ¥lli.son .ha.s served ten I ^ shall the state issue ^
terrms on the board ol coimnls- I constntcUon
goners, from I047-§1, 1953-56, and j ponds.
1959-73. He is a Cleveland ave- \ shall an amendment to the
nue grocer. He is a member ^ $150 million “clean water” bond
authorization of 1972 be adopt
. . . incumbent
school trustee
School Soildiiig
Peimit 5900,000
(Laxton Construction Company,
of Charlotte, bought a $900,000
city building permit this week for
construction of the Kings Moun
tain junior higb school.
Rick Murphy bought a penmit
to build a six-room residence, es
timated to cost $27,5(X), on Garri
son Drive. Jim Lybrand is con
'Horace Styers bought a permit
to build a six-room residence, es
timated to cost $18,0(X), at 507
West Gold Street.
Permit was issued to Ray (Ja-
nipo, (il9 Mauney Avenue, to
build a $125 carport.
Kinder Man-ulacturing Com
pany was issued a perimeter zon
ing permit to construct a stor
age building at its plant at 102
Industrial Drive.
Gene Tignoi
Is File Chief
Gone Tignor, as.si5(ant chief of
the volunteer fire dei>artment for
nearly 12 years, was namt^i chief
of the fire department by the
city commission Saturday.
He wa.s named acting chief at
the retirement of veteran chief
Floyd Thornburg.
The Kings Mountain Fire De
partment now numbers 16 men.
Mr. Tignor, owmer and opeiat-
or of Tignor Garage on Cleve
land avenue, is a veteran fire
He is a Legionnaire, active in
tho Ix'gion baseball program, and
a member of R(»suiTCct.i()n Luth
eran church. He and his wife,
the former Dorothy Coibb, reside
in the Bethlehem communily.
Tho Tignor family also inclmlcs
two sons, Ronald Tignor and
Mike Tignor.
Mrs. Wright Opens
Nursery Soon
Mrs. Paulirte Wright, owner
and operator of a new Child
Care Nursery to 'be opening soon
is now taking applications for
children to be admitted.
The nur^^ry is located off
Highway 216 behind tho Silver
Dollar Mobile Home park.
Ages of the children are from
birt.h on up.
If you think you may bo in
terested please call Mrs. Wright
at this number. 739-6970.
Grace United Methodist church
1 He lives at 910 Church street.
I Mr. Nicholson, a former city
! natural gas superintendent, is a
i menrber of Temple
churcli. He lives at 910 lienry
Elbert Payne's
Rites Conducted
Funeral rites for Eliiert F.
Payne, 74, of Bessemer City
Kings Mountain native and for
iner grocer, were condiicttHi Mon-
da/ afternoon at 2 p. m. from
tlio Chaiiel of Haros Funeral
Rev. Edwin chri.scoe, assi.sted
by Rev. J. *\W. Phillips, officiated
at the final rites, and interment
vvfis in Mount;iin Rest cemoteiy.
Mr. Payne died at 10 a. m.
i^aturday in the Kings Mountain
hospiial after an illness of sever
al years.
Ho was the son of the late
Mr. and Mrs. Ik»n Payne of
Kings Mountain and formerly
owned and otx'rated Payne’s
Grocery in Kings Mountain.
Surviving are his wife, Mrs.
Susie Armstrong Payne; three
.«ons, Ernest Payne of Kings
Mountain, Billy Payne of Spruce
Pine and Dean Pa,'>ne of Besse
mer City; one .daughter, Mrs, O.
Fuller of Bessemer City; two
brothers, Wilmon Payne and Roy
Payne, t oth of KingCv Mountain:
11 grandchiklren and five great
Grandstms of Mr. Payne were
Fall Festival
Friday 5:30
The Bothwaire community will
hold its annual Fall F€?stiival
Friday, Nov. 2, begini^ing at 5:30
p.m. at ©cthiWiaire school.
A hot-dog supper wilfh home
made ice cream, cakes, pies,
cookies and candies will be serv
ed in the lundhrdbm followed at
7 p.m. by activities in the school
gym con.‘5isting of bingo, movies
and other games. There -will also
be a “spook hrnise.”
Everyone is invited to attend.
Shive's Condition
Is Much Improved i
Verne Shivo, Gastonia lawyer I
badly injured in an aut) acci
dent Friday n-igtit near Hillsville, |
Va., was reported much improv- <
ed Wednesday.
Mr. Shivp, in mute Wytheville, \
Va., for a Saturday morning courl
hearing, lost control of his car
on a (jurvo, inv’estigating officers
reporte<i, about 8:30 p.m. He -suf
fered a severe concussion and
head lacerations.
On Wednesday, attending doc
tors at Roanoke, Va., Memorial
hospital told his family, he was
still seml-conscioin and under
intensive rare, but w»is able to
take liquid nourishment. The j
physicians said 'they were plea.s- |
cd with the improvement of Mr.
Shive’s condition.
The Gastonia attorney a.ssieted [
City Attorney Jack White in liti-1
gation comt^rning (property acqui- j
sition for the city’s Buffalo Creok
water project '
The Bible Cla's for high
school and college-age students
which meets each Monday
night at the home of 'Bill and
Betty Mas.s, lf()3 Grover road,
will meet at 6:.30 this Monday
evening. A covered sup
per will be shared and Dr. Har
ry Stam will teach the lesson.
Ar('a young peoiile are invltod.
Citizens of the Kings Mountain
school district will determine
the bo«ird of education contest.
Voting places are at East Kings
Mountain (City Hall). Bethware
(Bethware School), Grover (Grov
er fire station) and Kings
.Mountain (Armory).
Mr. Owens is a York Road,
Kings Mountain farmer and
Mr. Stewart, resident of the
Dixon community, is an em
ployee of Associated Sales, Inc.
The liquor-by-the-drink Issue
takes top billing on the three
state-wide questions. Activity
here has been limited to the
“drys”, who have mounted a
campaiign through churches and
other organizatimis and who
have been conducting a tele
phone campiiign. If there is a
“wet” organization in the area,
it has not made itself apparent.
The Kings Mountain .school
di.‘5'trict ha.s a $1,060,()()0 in
the $300 'million con.struction
bond (issue. That is the district
share. The county-wide .«ihare
CincJudiiig county and Shelby
districts) totals $4:5 milMon.
The re-vote on the $150 'million
water bond Issue actually con
cerns only $30 million of <the to
tal, this amount having not been
issued before the federal govern
ment increased Its share of par
ticipation in “clean water” pro
jects from 53 to 75 percent. Bond
attorneys have indicated the
wonling of the original act makes
the romaming $30 million un
. . . challenger
Roy Pearson, city recreation
director, returned heme from
Charlotte MemOtiaf hospital
.Monday, after underling an
opor'ition for removal'of a kid
lesse Dover s
Rites Conducted
Funeral rites for James Dover,
74, of 4tX) Tate Terrace, were
co;i iucted Wednesday afternoon
at 3 p. m. from the Chiuch o.
God in Shelby, interment follow
ing in Cleveland Memorial park.
Rev. Ronald .Martin and Rev
Paul Stanley ofl'iciaUxI at the fi
nal rites.
Mr. Dover died Monday after
noon about 1 o’clock of a heari
attack at Kings Mountain hospi
He was formerly empIoye<i at
MaTgracc Mill and was the son
of the late Mr. and Mrs. William
Surviving are his wife, Mrs.
Eiith Crawford Dfwor; six sons.
James Dover of East Gary, Ind..
Charles Dover of Portage, Ind.,
Jolinny Dover of Mauden, S. C.,
and Donald and Jack Dover, xoth
of Shelby, and Jerry Dover of
Kings Mountain; two daughters
Mrs. Jmd McEnlyre and Mrs
sister, Mrs. Charles Farris of
Don White, both of Shelby; one
Kings Mountain: 23 grandchildrei
and two gn'at-grandchildren.
3 I
FIRST PATIENTS OF NURSING HOME — Mrs. Mobel Atkinson, left. W. M. Moorhead and Mrs.
Annie Jolly arc the first patienU admitted to K ings Mountain Convalescent Center, which open
ed Monday morning. . • t . .. « .
The city's Buffalo Creok water project virtually was
completed Wednesday afternoon as the fivc-foot diameter
pipe at the base of the dam was plugged with several
tons of concrete.
The concrete work was finished at 4:53.
Ail that remains to be done is bulldozing dirt from
a suriMundmg bJufl to cover the '‘plug”, to be clone Thurs-
lay, a small amount of grubbing and clearing along the
.)anUs, and removal of trash debris.
Ray Gillespie, of Gillfspic Con-
driK'tioii Company .sirporintcnd-
ed the plugging. On hajid for the
event were Put’k John on, of W.
K. Diikeon Comiiany, consulting
engineer for tlie 'project, Ma>-x>r
John Henry Mcis, and City Com-
missicnei^ T. J. (Tommy) Elli-
on and Jonas Bridges. |i
“Plugging of the hole” meant
rjmpletion of a $3.5 million pro-
ject star!e(i July 6, 1966—^seven I
/ear.s and three months ago —
vvhen the city commirsion (pass-,
ed a resolution to tap Buffalo '
Creek as a water supply. | {
The lake, with a sh(?reline'
'-lightly longer than Lake Lure's. t|
vill provide Kingj Mountain ® , g*
.vater supply of up to 20 million
giallonc daily. |
Current treatment facilities j
have a capacity of four million !
gallons daily and plans are al- i
redy In process to double this
“It’s a great day,” Mayor M^'jss I
'ommentprt, ihc (.'onjmi.ssion- j
ers agret'd. It was Comm. Ellisoji t
wlio made tho motion to proc'eed
on the Buffalo project in 1966.
Total current <-ity water treat- i
ment capacity is si.x million gal- |
Ions daily, with the De-H street ! Ana wClVIvC’ib
plant, Duilt in 1928, retained on |
EVANGEUST — Rev. Grant F.
Johnson of Loncoster. S. C. will
bo evangalUt for Spiritual
Emphasis Week beginning Sun
day mom*ng ct Boyce Memor*
ial ARP church.
Johnson To Lead
Rev. Grant F. Johnson, , pastor
i of Lancaster, Vi C. I'ir.5t ARP
j cluuch gnd former Athletic direc-
I tor and 00a h at King college in
I Hristol, Tenn., .vill be evange-
I list for Spiritual F:m;:hasis \V(.*ek
I beginning f>un.lav at Hoyee Me-
I mcrial ARP church.
I Ho will fill the pulpit on Sun-
cl-'v rrornoig at 11 ani s;oak
earli evening through Thursday
at 7:30 p. m.
' Edu cated at Davidnon co^ogo,
'the University of North Caro-
I lina and Erskine Seminary, Rev.
j Mr. John.‘5on was a physical
I training dh'^'Ctcr in the Ar.ny Air
said it apix'ared the low ] Forces during World War II.
w»uld ix' wiUii.i the project esti- ,
. ,, , , , 'dar Sprinrjs AHP church, First
specifications ca for douhlin-I „f Gastonia, and
to four million gallons daily ca-Biirlinf;-
p,aoity of the lolts tieok tre.i ' (,in. His wife is the former Rcrt
ment plant, a pump station and | charlotte and
a stand-by basis.
Bidding Brisk
On Sewei Project
The cc-nmnissiim room at City
Hall was crowded Wednesday
dternoon as bid.s were ojH*ncd
ip Iho ciily’s estiimatcd $768,410
ewago treatment oxpan.sion and
line extension project.
Determination of low bids a-
wailed tabulation oy \V. K. Diid\-
son & Coniiixany, tlu? city’s con
sulting engineer, but Burk J >lin-
of the Dickson Ce.mpaiiy.
1 they are parents cf six sons.
I Sermon topics for the week of
■'""■['c.s will be: “You Ain’t .Seen
Xotl'.iir: Yet”: “A Tough Ques-
ti'in an<l Evangelism”: A Tough
line extension to div(*rt a hail-
million gallon daily effluent
irom I'he McGill Creek plant, anJ
itlicr line-laying.
The project will be pajd for b'.
\ federal grant of $177,130, a
.state grant of $159,045, and bylflentenre and Stewardship”
the City of Kin^ 'Mountain j Question to Moses”; “The
$132^235. I We re Not Afraid to Commit”;
The original Potts Crtn^k pro-I-nd “Are You Just Another
ject, atvomi>aiii<Hl by doubling | Christian?"
capacity of the M»Gill plant to Dr. Charles Klwarris. pastor,of
a million gallon.'? TTaalv, c'ost ap- I R(»yce .Memorial cluirch. issiuxl
proximatoly $],360,000. | invit.ations to the commimity to
The city will finance its share ; worship in the series of services,
by issuing SUO.tKX) in bonds, wiiih 1
the balance coming from federal
revenue-sharing funds. ^
Ilopcfilly, Mayor John Henry
Mos.: said Wedne.sday, King.s
MounK^in will receive $251,(XX)
from tho federal gfA-enimcnt for I Harry Stam, missionary to
tho original $1.3 million (prr>ject. | Africa with the Africa Inland
tlie a<ld:itional federal grant bt?- ; .Mission, will he visiting the Bill
coming av'ailablc with the re- | Moss family for the next week,
cent of $1.9 billion in j dp .•^tam taught at Nf'
federal “cle'in water” appropria- 1 college in Minneapolis, Min-
tions. ”VVe are eligible for tliis a- [ pcota fer 20 years be'^ore re-
Stain To Fill
ARP Pulpit
mount, application for it ban
been made, and receipt acknow
turnng to the mission field He
is a brother of J^hn Stam, who
with his wife B<dty, was mar
tyred in China. A book enthlofl,
“The Triumph of ’B(‘tty and John
Slam” was written about them.
Dr. Stam will hold prayer
meeting on Wednesday night at
Boyce Memorial ARP dnircli. He
-M >nday night
die home o'" Fill
1103 GroNor
Builolo Water Usois
Won't Be Shorted
Users of Buffalo Creek down
stream from the city’.s resovoir,
n'AV beginning to fill, won’t be j wip speak to the young peoplc’.s
.shut off from tlieir water. | clas.s on
The city commi.ssiiryn. at a spe- ) whkh m^et.s .at
rial meeting Saturday, ratififsl I pnd Betty Mct^
an agreement with tlie state IN'- | road.
partment of Natupil and Eoc»- | —
nomic Rc.siMirces for an arrange
ment whereby water, a.s netHksi,
will be supplied downriiram un
til the lake fills and o\'er-n(>ws
the spillway.
A siphon-iixtinplng bponating
facility has already been install
I ’Fhe King.s Mountain Rescii?
! Sfpiad is sponsoring an advanc-
; od first aid eonr e beginning
' Thur.sday and continuing for four
i Thursdays from 6 until 10 p.
j m. at tho squad 'juilding on Park
er street.

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