Ne rs \ VOL. 99 NUMBER 2 KINGS MOUNTAIN, NORTH CAROLIN ROL A PLANE CRASH-LANDS HERE - Kings Mountain assis- tant police chief Bob Hayes, right, and members of the Kings Mountain Fire Department inspect the engine of a. small plane which crash-landed in a field between Highway Plane Crash A father and son delivering Christmas presents in their small plane enroute from Kannapolis to Royston, Ga. crash- e landed in a Kings Mountain field Thursday afternoon and escaped with onty minor injuries and scratches. RY City firemen said there was no fire despite the fact that the pilot had taken on a full load of fuel in Salisbury before taking off for the return trip to the Athens area. Myron Lipe, 48-year-old-veteran pilot and Georgia restaurant owner, told Kings Mountain police officers and Assistant Fire Chief Frank Burns of the Volunteer Fire Department, that his Cessna 172 started to lose power over the Kings Mountain area at 4:50 p.m. Thursday. Lipe and his son, Byron, 25, had been delivering gifts to relatives in Cabarrus County where they had attended a Christmas Eve - Wesleyans are investigating o Photo by Gary Stewart 74 and East Gold Street late Thursday afternoon. The two passengers in the plane escaped with minor cuts and bruises. The FAA has moved the plane to a local aircraft repair shop to determine the cause of the crash. Lands In KM baptismal service for the senior Lipe’s grandchild. lane crash landed and flipped over in a terraced field adjacent to the Sadie Mill at the intersection of Gold and Oriental "Streets niar the site where Hast "Gold lanning to build a new church. The pilot told ficers he could have landed without incident had the field not been terraced. Several witnesses to the ccrash said they heard ‘‘a sound like an engine cutting off’’ just before the plane came down. Kings Mountain Police guarded the plane for several days until the Federal Aviation Administration removed the plane over the weekend to a local hanger to continue formal investigation to determine the cause of the crash. News Was Good And Bad In ‘85 Newspaper headlines recorded a large number of news events, some good and some bad, during the year 1985 just ending. Looking back on 1985, Kings Mountain area citizens could see that in 1985 they enerally had their share of un, happiness and sadness. The city shared with the county the announcement that one of the world’s largest disc production facilities would bring its operation to Grover with new jobs in 1986 and with plans to employ 500 people in the near future. City politics had its share of the headlines in 1985. Kings Mountain voters ousted two veteran commissioners, 12 year veteran Jim Dickey and four year veteran Curt Gaff- ney in one of the city’s hottest elections in recent memory, bringing two new faces to Ci- ty Hall in the persons of Com- missioner Harold Phillips, who served in the Glee A. Bridges administration in the 1950’s, and newcomer Fred E. Finger who defeated Rub M. Alexander in the run off by 37 votes. Ten people filed for three seats up for grabs on the board and the run-off totals saw narrow margins of victory for the winners with 12 vear veteran. Humes Houston. winning over challenger and newcomer Leonard Smith by 36 votes. The new board split on two issues during its first session at City Hall and Mayor John Moss broke a tie on the elec- tion of Mayor Pro Tem Humes Houston. Board policy since 1951 that the top vote-getter in the first elec- Tax Listing Will Be By Mail Happy New Year! It's the time to pay 1985 tax bills to | avoid penalty and to list 1986 property taxes. This year, there will be no standing in long lines in late January to list property. Tax listing will be done by mail. The county, continuing its move toward a computerized propert revaluation in 1988, is mailing out this month 32,000 cards for property owners to list their fur- nishings, cars, trucks, mobile homes, boats and other per- sonal property. Your real CITY [SCHL | FIRE | TYPE CORRECT ITEMS, 'A” THROUGH “F" IF NOT CORRECT. i NAME & ADDRESS TOWNSHIP : BIRTH YEAR . ; ER LIVE IN CITY OF a FIRE DISTRICT SOCIAL SEC. NO. 4 TURN TO BACK SIDE OF CARD AND FILL OUT ITEMS “G” THROUGH “Q" ny CLEVELAND COUNTY, N. C. 1986 PERSONAL PROPERTY LISTING EE RC GS ACCOUNT NUMBER “LATE | NO. VEH, VEHICLE VALUE HOUSEHOLD VALUE roperty—homes and TX-17 VALUE LESS EXEMPTION and—are already listed in the permanent system established by the county. No values for real property are going to change unless you “FILL IN THIS SIDE ITEMS “G” THROUGH “Q"” PHONE NUMBER - *OBS3 RETURN TO: No. 069931 IMPORTANT YOU MUST LIST ALL PERSONAL PROPERTY OWNED : NITY RIE: TO AVOID LATE LISTING PENALTY OF 10%, RETURN NO LATER THAN JANUARY 31, 1986. TAX SUPERVISOR P.O. BOX 1210 SHELBY, N.C. 28150 RETURN DATE LIST BELOW ALL MOTOR VEHICLES. {Ff MORE SPACE NEEDED, ATTACH SEPARATE SHEET. receive a notice in the mail EMPLOYER Hl ‘SERIES VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER TITLED IN NAME OF DO NOT'WRITE IN SHADED AREA from County Tax Supervisor SPOUSE'S NAME DO YOU RENT [ } FURNISHED [ ] Jim Hendrick. A Supplemen tal listing form is also being UNFURNISHED [ aad : DO YOU OWN [ ] mailed to those who previous- HOUSE [ ) Aen [ ] APARTMENT ['] ly have listed farm equip- MODULAR [ ] MOBILE HOME { ment and a LIVE WITH PARENTS { | CONDOMINIUM [ ] HOME OWNERS-FOR HOUSEHOLD VALUE USE 5% OF MY HOUSE VALUE YES{ | RENTERS-MY MONTHLY RENT ISS LIST NEW HOUSES, NEW BUILDINGS, OR NEW ADDITIONS SINCE 1-1-84 LIST HOUSES OR BUILDINGS THAT HAVE BEEN DESTROYED OR MOVED TO A NEW LOCATION SINGE 1-1-85 OWNERS OF FARM MACHINERY, FARM ANIMALS OR VALUABLE OBJECTS, MUST LIST THESE ON FORM TX-17. CONTACT THE TAX SUPERVISOR'S OFFICE IF ONE IS NEEDED AND WAS NOT SENT. Residents who have built or torn down buildings or added -= “= *-—-3 during the past ked to list these a separate sheet. y must be returned ipervisor’s office 0 avoid a 10 per- ; SOE 60 PROPERTY TAX RELIEF FOR PERSONS 65 ANO YR OVER OR TOTALLY AND PERMANENTLY DISABLED WITH LIMITED INCOME. * IF YOU RECEIVED THIS EXCLUSION LAST YEAR AND ARE STILL ELIGIBLE, YOU ARE NOT RE- QUIRED TO REAPPLY FOR IT THIS YEAR. YOU ARE STILL REQUIRED TO COMPLETE AND RETURN THIS CARD. TOTAL INCOME IF YOU HAVE NEVER RECEIVED THIS EXCLU- ION BUT FEEL YOU ARE ELIGIBLE THIS YEAR, YOU SHOULD CONTACT THE TAX SUPERVISOR'S OFFICE AND REQUEST AN APPLICATION. PHONE: 484-4846 ADDRESS: P.0. BOX 1210, SHELBY, N.C. 28150 MAKE f cost MOTOR HOME ~~ SIZE X MOTORCYCLES = CC. CAMPER TRAILER SIZE X | MOBILE HOME SIZE X UTILITY. TRAILER SIZE BOAT TRAILER SIZE BOAT SIZE BOAT MOTOR HP AIRCRAFT ty. The cards returned in the SIGNATURE { ] OWNER(S) [ |] AGENT UNDER THE PENALTIES PRESCRIBED BY LAW, | HEREBY AFFIRM THAT INFORMATION GIVEN HEREIN IS CORRECT TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE AND BELIEF. $ Ce rovided in the 6th—Monday—is to pay your coun- thout penalty. If mail the envelope PIEDMONT AVE. MTN. N. C im C ( 3 Vii 5 a H, ~l J < ~~ & OQ «J <o >< Ly 5 oo ~ ~ SIGNATURE MONTH Sample Of County Tax Listing Form which will apply Jan. 7, 1986. 6 without being charged a Because the last day) for penalty for late payment. itmarked no later paying without penalty (Jan. ly, Jan. 6, 1986 to 5th) falls on a weekend, tax- have ) percent penalty payers may pay through Jan. request of citizens, but only a In past years tax forms n mailed only at the DAY YEAR small percentage chose to do so. Tax supervisor Jim Hen- drick said the mailing system, which he recom- mended and county commis- TOTAL VEHICLES sioners approved, is used by 60 to 70 percent of the coun- ties in North Carolina. ‘It’s designed to save taxpayers money”’, he said. ‘Education tion be accorded the honor voted by commissioners was challenged by Commis- sioners Norman King, Phillips and Finger who said the honor should go to the top votegetter in the run-off. The board also split 3-3 on cutting their pay $100 a month, on a motion by newcomer. Phillips. The old board, at its last meeting of old year 1985, gave citizens a new year’s present—an electronic voting system so those attending board meetings on second and fourth Tuesdays will have no problems hearing how commissioners vote on issues. The commissioners method of oral voting had been heavily criticized, especially when confusion resulted about how commis- sioners voted on controver- sial issues. School district voters re- ‘elected Paul A. Hord to a four year term on the Board of in a hotly- contested race in which 2,225 people went to the polls. An- nie A. Corry, who received 885 votes to Hord’s 1,113 and was second-runner in the three-candidate field, com- plained to the County Board of Elections that some voters were not given ballots for the school board election and no Blacks were working as elec- tion officials for the county in the East Kings Mountain Precinct. She called the pro- blem ‘‘one of common courtesy.” Voters were voting in both the city and county elections on the same day at the polling places. The Board of Education made news again in December when Kyle Smith, eight year veteran who is ser- ving his second six year term, threatened to resign when he was not elected chairman, a post which he said he expected to receive since board chairmen have been rotated every two years for the past 10 years. Bill McDaniel was re-elected the board chairman on 3-2 vote. The SBI investigation into alleged irregularities in the operation of city owned Mountain Rest Cemetery was in the news much in 1985. Cemetery Superintendent Ken Jenkins, fired by the city board of commissioners, was cleared. District Attorney Marty Shuford said in November that he would not rosecute Jenkins. Shuford issued a public statement to the media stating that ‘upon a thorough review of the in- itial and supplemental SBI in- vestigations it has been determined that there is no substantial criminal violation which would merit prosecu- tion.” The SBI investigation was conducted over a seven month period and included an audit of the city cemetery go- ing back five years. On Sept. 4, former Lawndale resident Barbara Buck Newman suffered a minor leg injury in a car wreck on King Street. She assured the investigation Kings Mountain policeman Don Ivey that she didn’t need medical attention, then walk- ed away. She hasn't been seen since. Mrs. Newman is described as white, 5 feet 7 in- ches tall, weighing 130 pounds, with shoulder length rown hair and brown eyes. She is said to appear 45 rather than 56 years of age. ‘After many contacts by ci- Turn To Page 7-A >”

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