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October 31st
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Vol. 102 No. 43 Thursday, October 25, 1990 Kings Mountain, I omw 5
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On Story
The Kings Mountain Herald not
only reports the news, it makes it.
Lib Stewart, veteran Reporter,
was the center of attention Tuesday
when she was working on a story
at the site of a revival tent located
{ on Highway 161 just inside the
Gaston County line.
While walking across the new
parking area on property owned by
local realtor Warren Reynolds, the
ground underneath her gave away
and she fell into a 2 1/2 feet ditch,
breaking her left wrist and a bone
in her left knee.
The ditch had recently been dug
to run electricity to the tent, where
a crusade will be held next week-
end by Georgia evangelist George
L. Pike. After electric wires were
put in place, the ditch was filled in
but the heavy rains Monday and
Tuesday apparently washed mud
into it.
"It was just like quick sand,"
Miss Stewart said.
Warren Reynolds and Rev. John
Heath, pastor of nearby East Kings
Mountain Church of God, tried to
pull Miss Stewart out of the ditch.
"But the mud was packed in so
Kings Mountain Police Chief
Warren Goforth and several of his
officers went to the scene, even
though it was in Gaston County,
Police get Lib Stewart out of ditch
tight I couldn't move my legs," she
and they, along with workers at the
scene used shovels to dig out the
Persons driving on Highway 161 near the Cleveland-Gaston County
line probably think there's a circus coming to town.
A huge, 3,000-seat tent has been erected on property owned by Kings
Mountain realtor Warren Reynolds beside the East Kings Mountain
Church of God.
The circus is not coming, but it could in the future.
Reynolds recently purchased the tent from evangelist George L. Pike
of Little Bethlehem, Ga., and some of Pike's employees are in town this
week getting the tent ready for a weekend revival November 2-4. :
When the services are over, though, the tent will remain and Reynolds
hopes to book revivals, gospel and bluegrass singing, and other enter-
tainment. He has a one-year permit from the City of Kings Mountain
and hopes to have it renewed permanently.
Pike, who is now 61 years old, sold the tent because he no longer
needs it in his ministry, Reynolds said. He has a private jet and plans to
hold all of his future crusades in coliseums or tents owned by other peo-
"He's still very active but his son is a pilot and takes him wherever he
wants to go," said Reynolds. "I bought the tent over the telephone not
See Tent, 13-A
mud from around Miss Stewart and
free her while a rescue. unit came
from Dallas. She was transported
to the emergency room at Kings
Mountain Hospital.
{| Reynolds’ Tent Creates Muct Interest
The campaigning is beginning to
heat up as the time for the
November 6 general election nears.
Voters will go to the polls
November 6 to elect several local
and state representatives, ranging
from county commissioners to
State and U.S. Senate and House
Locally, the biggest focus is on
the U.S. Senate race where former
Charlotte Mayor Harvey Gantt is
opposing veteran Republican in-
cumbent Jesse Helms; and in the
N.C. State Senate race where local
Democrats Ollie Harris, Helen
Marvin and Marshall Rauch face
formidable Republican opposition
for the first time.
Polls will open at 6:30 a.m. and
close at 7:30 p.m. Local precincts
are Bethware (David Baptist
Church fellowship building),
Grover (Grover Rescue Squad),
East Kings Mountain (Community
Center gym), and West Kings
Mountain (National Guard
Being the good reporter that she | Armory).
is--one that is always on the look-
out for a story--Miss Stewart hand-
ed her camera to one of the volun-
Local ElectiL.._
Gathering Seam
The local and state elections are
non-partisan with six people seek-
ing the three State Senate seats; six
for the three State House seats, and
four for the two available County
Commissioner seats.
Although the election is non-
partisan, the three local Democrats-
-Harris, Marvin and Rauch--are
running as a team. Together, they
have over 50 years of service in the
Senate. :
Indications are that, if elected,
this could be their final term.
Harris, who is seeking his 10th
term, has publicly stated he won't
run again and so has Marvin, who
is seeking her ninth term. Rauch,
who has been in the Senate 22
years, has hinted he will run for
Rauch unofficially dropped out
of the Senate race recently to de-
vote more time to his business,
Rauch Industries, which had been
fined by the EPA for waste water
See Election, 13-A
KM's William Orr Honored
teer rescuers and told him to take a
picture for the paper.
By District Lay Council
Kings Mountain's Willian Orr
was honored Sunday for his many
years of service as president of the
Lincoln District Lay Council.
The services was held at
Bynum's Chapel A.M.E. Zion
Church, of
which Orr is a
member. He
was presented
monetary gifts.
Scott Neisler
represented the
City of Kings Gi
Mountain and aa
talked about WILLIAM ORR
Orr's contributions to the commu-
nity. Philip Hager spoke about his
church service. ;
Albert Stout of Salisbury, presi-
dent of the Western North Carolina
Lay Council, spoke on behalf of
his contributions to the conference.
Dr. C.D. Rippy spoke on his contri-
bution from the Connectipnal level.
Orr also held the position of
Second Vice President of the~—
Connectional Lay Council, which
he also served as membership
Rippy pointed out that when Orr
came on board in the Connection
there were 15 lay people in the en-
tire Connection, which includes the
United States and overseas. "He
created an atmosphere on the
Lincolnton district that caught on
throughout the connection and now
we have over 12,000 members that
meet every four years," he said.
Orr ran successfully for second
vice president at a recent meeting
in California. At the previous
Connectional Lay Council meeting
in Norfolk, Va., he received the
Victor J. Tulane Award for his con-
tributions to the Laity.
See Orr, 13-A
rw 8
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ARN yy
4 v
You're likely to see a lot of the traditional ghosts and witches on the
streets next Wednesday night, but you're more likely to see Mutant Ninja
Turtles, Simpsons, clowns and hobos.
Area costume shops say those are the favorite costumes for trick or
treaters this Halloween, with the Mutant Ninja Turtles and Bart Simpson
out-selling others by a wide margin.
A survey conducted by the Sewing Fashion Council showed that tra-
ditional Halloween characters such as witches, ghosts and vampires
have dropped to fifth place in the top ten costume poll. Leading the way
are super heroes like Batman and Dick Tracy.
Kings Mountain Police say they hope all the little Ninja Turtles and
Bart Simpsons have a good time Halloween Night but urge them to take
special precautions to make sure it's a safe night.
"We're basically telling all people to have their kids wear reflective
clothing and have an adult escort with them," said Chief Warren
Goforth. "If they do decide to go out on the roadways they should make
sure to have some type of flashlight and be careful crossing the road-
Goforth urges youngsters to trick or treat in the daylight hours. If they
trick or treat at night, he said parents should drive them and "keep the
Turn Clocks Back
kids in their own neighborhoods." :
Goforth said when children trick or treat in unfamiliar neighb6rhoods
they are more likely to receive tainted candy or fruit.
"A lot of times I've seen kids five or six miles away from their home
trick or treating, and that's not really good,” he said. "So we're suggest-
ing that parents keep them within a close area of their own home."
Goforth said if anyone receives items that they believe have been
tampered with, they should take them to the Police Department and have
them checked. Also, he said, the KMPD will have addit onal officers on
duty Halloween Night and anyone who runs into any problems should
contact the Police Department.
KMHS HOMECOMING QUEEN - Amy Ford, daughter of Ted
and Linda Ford, was crowned Kings Mountain High homecoming
queen during halftime of Friday's game with Shelby at John
Gamble Stadium.
Have you been yawning and stretching a lot lately?
Do you feel worn out all the time? Is it all you can do
to put one foot in front of the other?
Well, cheer up. It's all because of that hour of sleep
you lost last April when the good ole U.S. of A.
switched to Daylight Savings Time. Daylight Savings
Time ends this Sunday and you'll get that hour of sleep
back. Sunday morning you should feel as good as
Daylight Savings Time officially ends at 2 a.m.
Sunday. You don't have to stay up until two to change
the clock, though. Just move it back an hour when you
£0 to bed.
The result of going back to Eastern Standard Time
will be an earlier daylight and will help keep school
kids from waiting for the school bus in the dark.
However, it also means it will get dark earlier and
there won't be a lot of daylight left when employees
leave work.
Daylight Savings Time began during World War I to
save fuel by reducing the need for lights in the
evening. It was dropped in 1919 when citizens protest-
ed that it wasn't needed during peace time.
It was revived again in 1966.

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