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Brenda Bell representing Telephone Pioneers presents Chad Pearson of North School with a bike after
winning a drawing from all students who did not have any discipline problems during the past year.
Sharks swallow Morganton
The Sharks Aquatics Club racked up
650 points Thursday night to down the
Morganton Swim Team in the first
week of competition in the Western
North Carolina Swim Association.
Morganton scored 362 points in the
dual meet, which was held at the
Shelby High School Natatorium. More
than 80 swimmers competed for the
Sharks, many of whom were swim-
ming in their first meet.
Leading the Sharks with a clean
sweep of first place finishes in each of
their events were Lew Holman, Emily
Griffin, Hanson Mabry, Amanda
Powell, Christine Brackett, Denise
Stamey, Clay Griffin, Kelly Hendrick
and Tyreece Ussery. Other Sharks with
first place finishes included Haley
Hoke, Sarah Crosland, Angela Strahler,
Jayme Bridges, Will Young, Drew
Thomas, Josh Kienlen, Matt Borders,
Spencer Borders, Greg Croft and
James Faust.
Relay teams adding first place
points were the 8 & Under girls, the 9-
10 girls "A" team, the 11-12 girls, the
13-14- Girls "A" team, the 15-18 girls
"A" team, the 9-10 boy,s the 11-12
boys, and the 15-18 boys.
Individual results:
8 & Under Girls
Lew Holman - 1st in 50 Free, 50
Back and 50 Breaststroke
Belle Berghuis - 2nd in 50 Free, 3rd
in 50 Back
Britt Berghuis - 3rd in 50
Breaststroke, 4th in 50 Free & 50 Back
Pam Dover - 4th in 50 Breaststroke,
5th in 50 Free, 6th in 50 Back
Chrissy Bolton - 5th in 50 Back, 6th
$0 Free’ A. igi ta)
April Smith 7th in 56.Back, 8th in
50 Free of
Heather Kisselburg - 8th in 50 Back
Sarah Propst - 10th in 50 Back
Relay Team (Belle Berghuis, L.
Holman, Britt Berguis, P. Dover) - 1st
in 200 Medley
9-10 Girls -
Emily Girffin - 1st in 200 LM. & 50
Haley Hoke - 1st in 50 Breaststroke,
2nd in 200 LM., 3rd in 50 Free
Sarah Crosland - 1st in 50 Free, 3rd
in 50 Back p
Wendy Neisler - 2nd in 50 Back, 3rd
in 50 Breaststroke & 200 1.M.
Anna Faust - 4th in 50 Free & 50
Back, 5th in 50 Breaststroke
Christy Findlay - 5th in 50 Back, 9th
in 50 Free
Laura Propst -
Ginger Bridges - 10th in 50 Back
Casey Dover - 10th in 50 Free
Relay Teams "A" (W. Neisler, H.
Hoke, E. Griffin, S. Crosland) - 1st in
200 Medley; "B" (A. Faust, N. Smith,
T. Brunson, C. Dover) - 3rd in 200
Medley !
11-12 Girls i
Hanson Mabry - Istin 200 LM., 100
Back & 100 Free
Angela Strahler - 1st in 50 Free, 2nd
in 200 LM. & 100 Back
Josephine’ Chan - 3rd in 100
Breaststroke, 4th in 200 ILM. & 50 Free
Heather Thomas - 3rd in 100 Back,
4th in 100 Free, Sth in 50 Free |
Kellie Jackson - 5th in 100 Back,
7th in 50 Free
10th in- 50
From Page 1-A
$5,931,725.00. or an increase of
$288,293.00. The gas fund will
show a 3.8 percent increase of
$177,868 from $3,371,832 to
$3,549,700. The landfill fund will
show a 0.8 percent difference of
$717.00, from $96,800 to $96,083.
or an 3.8 percent increase of
$651,700. The landfill totals this
year were $18,246,510.00 versus
The increases in the utility fund
are due to the 9 percent increase in
water and sewer rates voted by
council in April. The growth rev-
enues in current years electricity
of 5.2 percent are a large part due
to the increased rates by Duke
Power, the city's supplier of elec-
tricity as Kings Mountain passed
on Duke's rates to Kings Mountain
customers. Wood projects that gas
revenues will continue to climb in
the new year. A new industrial cus-
tomer, Dye-Tech was recently
added. No rate hikes for utilities
are projected in the new fiscal
The new budget projects less
Angela Oaks - 6th in 100 Back, 10th
in 50 Free
Jessica Bridges - 7th in 100 Back
Nicole Champion - 8th in 50 Free
Dana Bolton - 8th in 100 Back, 9th
in 50 Free
Summer Hedden - 9th in 100 Back
Relay Team (H. Mabry, J. Chan, A.
Strahler, H. Thomas) - 1st in 200
13-14 Girls
Amanda Powell - 1st in 200 1.M., 50
Free & 100 Breaststroke
Jayme Bridges - 1st in 100 Free &
100 Back, 2nd in 50 Free
Jill Mabry - 2nd in 200 IM. & 100
Back, 3rd in 50 Free
Carrie Drake - 2nd in 200 Free, 3rd
in 200 IL.M.
Bethany Jimison - 2nd in 100
Breaststroke, 3rd in 100 Free, 5th in 50
Amber Pauley - 3rd in 100 Back,
5th in 100 Free
Wendy Wright - 3rd in 100
Breaststroke, 7th in 50 Free A
Nikki Gladden - 4th in 50 Free
Relay Teams "A" (J. Bridges, W.
Wright, A. Powell, J. Mabry) - 1st in
200 Medley; "B" (N. Gladden, B.
Jimison, A. Pauley, C. Drake) - 2nd in
200 Medley
15-18 Girls
Christine Brackett - 1st in 200 I.M.,
100 Breaststroke & 50 Free
Denise Stamey - 1st in 100 Free &
100 Back
Amy Stark - 2nd in 200 LM.
Lucinda Davis - 2nd in 100 Back,
3rd in 50 Free
Katie Roebuck - 2nd in 100 Back,
. 5thin 100 Free, 7th in 50 Free
Judie Potts - 3rd in 100.Back, 10th in
50 Free
Anita Whitaker - 4th in 100
Breaststroke, Sth in 100 Back
Paula Eckard - 4th in 100 Free, 6th
in 50 Free
Michelle Fujita - 4th in 100 Back,
8th in 50 & 100 Free
Relay Teams "A" (K. Roebuck, C.
Brackett, L. Davis, D. Stamey) - 1st in
200 Medley; "B" (M. Fujita, I. Potts, P.
Eckard, A. Stark) - 3rd in 200 Medley
8 & Under Boys
Clay Griffin - 1st in 50 Free & 50
Back s
Will Young - 1st in 50 Breaststroke,
2nd in 50 Free
Daniel Miller - 2nd in 50 Back, 3rd
in 50 Free
Everett Crosland - 3rd in 50 Back,
5th in 50 Free
Chuck Kistler - 4th in 50 Back, 9th
in 50 Free
9-10 Boys :
Kelly Hendrick -
Breaststroke & 50 Back
Drew Thomas - 1st in 200 I.M., 2nd
in 50 Breaststroke & 50 Back
Chris Costner - 2nd in 200 IL.M.; 3rd
in 50 Breaststroke & 50 Back
Randy Mull - 3rd in 50 Free, 4th in
50 Back
Bojk Berghuis - 4th in 200 I.M., 5th
in 50 Breaststroke :
John Terrell - 4th in 50 Breaststroke
Relay Team (D. Thomas, C.
Costner, B. Berghuis, J. Terrell) - 1st in
200 Medley
11-12 Boys -
1st in 50
costs for insurance for the city's
160-plus employees. Accident
claims are declining and savings
are reported on medical insurance.
Wood said the savings on the
transfer station helped balance the
current budget.
Not budgeted for the third year
is money for a new law enforce-
ment center at the old Kings
Mountain Post Office. Council had
started earmarking $90,000 each
year for 10 years for the improve-
ments of the building, actual cost
of which is expected to top
$500,000. With a lingering reces-
sion, the project was scrapped in
the budget.
Also projected in the budget is
$103,000 for street overlays, up
from $87,116 in the current budget.
In the general fund, the proposed
expenditures for 1992-93 are
$4,445,188 compared to the cur-
rent budget of $4,463,753, down
$18,565.00 or .05 percent decrease.
rroposed in the Powell Bill for
street improvements is $260,976,
compared to the current budget of
$243,650, a 7.02 increase due to
influx of sales tax money.
A 14.9 percent decrease is pro-
jected in the cemetery fund, from
$23,500 in 1991-92 10$20,000 in
Josh Kielen - 1st in 100 Free, 2nd in
50 Free
Matt Borders - 1st in 100 Back, 3rd
in 50 & 100 Free
Hank Griffin - 2nd in 100 Back, 5th
in 100 Free, 6th in 50 Free
Justin Chan - 3rd in 0 0
Breaststroke, 7th in 100 Free, 8th in 50
Crisp McDonald - 4th in 100 Back,
5th in 100 Breaststroke, 10th in 50
Bryant Mallow - 9th in 50 Free
Relay Team (H. Griffin, J. Chan, J.
Kienlen, M. Borders) - 1st in 200
13-14 Boys
Spencer Borders - 1st in 200 LM. &
Breaststroke, 2nd in 50 Free
Greg Croft - 1st in 100 Back, 2nd in
100 Free & 100 Breaststroke
Peter Thomas - 4th in 100 Back, 5th
in 50 & 100 Free
15-18 Boys
Tyreece Ussery - 1st in 100 Back,
100 Breaststroke & 50 Free
James Faust - 1st in 200 I.LM., 7th in
50 Free
Israel Angeles - 2nd in 100 Back &
100 Breaststroke, 3rd in 100 Free
Mike Black - 2nd in 100 Free, 3rd in
50 Free
Tony Park - 2nd in 200 I.M., 4th in
100 Breaststroke, Sth in 50 Free
Doug Strahler - 3rd in 100 Back &
200 1.M., 5th in 100 Free
Jeff Wilson - 5th in 100
Breaststroke, 8th in 50 Free
Billy Stewart - 6th in 100
Breaststroke, 9th in 50 Free
Relay Team (T. Ussery, I. Angeles,
J. Faust, M. Black) - 1st in 200 Medley
From Page 5-A
BM Current trends of sex educa-
tion curriculum.
HM Parent complacency.
BM Education summit.
BW Year-round school.
BW Educational opportunities for
special students.
Bl Drop-out rate.
BH Adolescent pregnancy.
MM Prayer in school.
HW Discipline.
BW Communication.
The next meeting will be sched-
uled next month. Other officers are
Sharon Bardsley, vice chairperson;
Stella Putnam, secretary; and Linda
Hardin, treasurer.
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Thursday, June 18, 1992-THE KINGS MOUNTAIN HERALD-Page 9A
Welfare programs hike CC budget
Cleveland County commission-
ers Monday approved 3-1 a $30.8
million budget, up $350,400 from
the current-ycar's budget duc to
hefty increases in federal and state
mandated welfare programs.
The budget allocates almost $5
million to the Social Services de-
partment, reflecting a 19 percent
There are no additional property
taxes or a cost-of-living increase
for county employees. The budget
includes a merit raise for the coun-
From Page 1-A
done in regard to cost-of-living
raises. It is the second year that
employees have not received rais-
es but Wood pointed to the linger-
ing recession and the unusually
‘mild winters resulting in less mon-
ey coming from utilities into city
Kings Mountain relies on its
utilities to make money. In the new
budget, electricity sales will con-
tribute $1.2 million to the city's
$4.45 million general fund; natural
gas sales, another $800,000. The
general fund pays for necessities
like police and fire protection, san-
itation administration, and public
"We live and die with utilities,"
said Wood.
Wood also reiterated that for the
second year Kings Mountain will
lose $47,000, "growth" on state-
collected local revenues and reim-
bursements to the state budget.
"The state has stolen our money
and money of other cities and it
looks like that figure could be
higher next year," said Wood. He
took the occasion to urge towns-
people to write their legislators
The state has put the city in a
bind for two years and we have to
come up with a balanced budget,"
said Councilman Phli Hager., "This
is a great budget and Wood and the
staff have done a professional
Wood said that with the govern-
ment seizing six percent of state -
shared revenues that beer and wine
revenue will also drop $8,000 and
revenue from the ABC store will
drop about half, from $33,851 to
Commissioner Al Moretz, chair-
man of the city utility committee,
"said the subdivision ordinances
have not been updated for 16 years
and provide a road map for devel-
opers who won't build in a city un-
less the ordinances are up to par.
Wood said the area is beginning to.
come out of the recession with
more building activity and industri-
al prospects looking at the area.
"Updating our codes will solve
some of the problems that we hear
about at zoning meetings and at
about every board meeting, " said
Commissioner Jim Guyton, "It will
eliminate the confusion once we
get the codes into compliance."
Wood pointed out the the bud-
get included increased recreational
funding from the county and also a
larger grant from the county to
Mauney Memorial Library.
Wood said a $66,000 fund bal-
ance was used to balance the gen-
eral fund. He called the budget a
tight budget with no frills. Hh
City Council will meet June 30
and is expected to formally adopt
the budget, which represents an in-
crease of $651,700 over the current
budget or a 3.8 percent increase
visknavens $139.00 |§
Harkness $339.00
6'x9 ......... $679.00
Karastan area rugs and
broadloom carpets elevate
any home, even any
palace. Invest in Karastan
819 S. Post Rd., Shelby, NC
ty's top employee, County Manager
Lanc Alexander, his first merit
raisc in four ycars and step pay or
merit raises to more than 300 of the
county's 550 employees. Alexander
also receives a $3,000 discre-
tionary fund, a salary supplement
that can be invested as he chooses.
"We have discussed tight money
problems throughout this budget
and this was not the appropriate
8-1/2 to 12
Medium Width
Wide Width
5? PRISE rly
The South's Top Morning
Country Radio Personality
Heard Monday
through Friday
5:00 am 'til 9:00 am
Your #1 Hometown Station
‘Radio as it was intended"
time to request a raise for Mr.
Alexander,” said Gilbert, explain-
ing his vote against the proposed
The board approved a change in
funding for citics and towns in the
county. Municipalities will receive
$231,500 for recreational use,
which is $61,000 less than what
they got in unrestricted funds dur-
ing the current year's budget.
F ther 's Day
"Fall Brook"
Retail $64.95
Downtown, Kings Mountain
Top of Line
List $1922
Anything Less Just Won't Cut It.
100 S. Cansler Street at East King Street » 739-5461
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