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    Thursday, December 22, 1994-THE KINGS MOUNTAIN HERALD-Page-38
I will leave some cookies
Letters to Santa from
Connie Phifer Savell and
Maxine Bennett's third grade
at North School:
Dear Santa Claus,
I want super color whiz, mas-
ter video painter, vision toys
collegiate 1000, hsi child's ham-
mer. Jr. helmet, Dr. Dreadful
food lab. doll carriage. doll high
chair, and doll stroller. I will
leave you some cookies and
milk on the table near the red
Love, Dorothy Hogan
Dear Santa,
For Christmas, Santa, I want
some roller blades, a hockey
stick and a hockey puck to play
hockey outside. I want a Duke
watch to wear on my arm. I
want one of those belts that
hangs down from your pants. I
also want an Arizona tee shirt
and some pants.
Love, John Bryant
Dear Santa,
I have been good. Thank you
for the toys last year. This is
what I want this year: a bed for
me, baby doll, bike, sleeping
bag, earrings, rings, a watch,
and some clothes. I will leave
you some cookies and milk on
the table.
Sincerely, Michelle Dorsey
Dear Santa,
I know that you are busy try-
ing to get everyone's letters to
you. I am supposed to be writ-
ing a letter. Will you answer my
list of what I want? I want a
new book bag. A baby doll, a
new coach, a computer, bike,
and a set of books to read more.
Sincerely, Shontay Strickland
Dear Santa,
I have been pretty good this
year. For Christmas I would like
a new 12 speed bike, Snow
White doll, new Super Nintendo
games, my own TV to go in my
room, an art and magic set,
some new video tapes, and a
new stereo to go in my room. I
would like to have some new
clothes and some new shoes. I
love you.
Yours truly, Tracie Slayton ~
Dear Santa,
How are you? Are your rein-
deer and elves good? My name
is Kevin Tsui. I am eight years
old and I live with my mom and
dad, and brother. The school
that I go to is North School. I
am a good boy and I am a good
student in school. What I want
for Christmas is a Sega CD and
Mortal Combat II, a Panther
hat, a Secret Sender 6000, a
Dell computer and a NERF
Ballzooka, model Porche, Sega
game gear, a Kasparov MK12
chess computer, and a NERF
Love, Kyle Tsui
Have The
Merriest Yet!
Piedmont Ave.
Curt Gaffney
Dear Santa,
I have been a good boy. I
want a pool table Nerf ball, ar-
row, Batman figure, and a Lion
King video, and a Lion King
cup. and a Super Nintendo.
From Matthew Smith
Dear Santa,
I thank you for all the things
you have me last Christmas.
This Christmas | would like
some crayons and a Gym Nest
Barbie and a computer with
some disc and Glitter Hair
Barbie and a Glitter Beach
Barbie and a Barbie case.
Love, Jennifer Anthony
Dear Santa,
What I want for Christmas is
an alarm clock, a BB gun, a
pocket knife, a telescope, a col-
lege league football, a skate-
board, some books and a remote
controlled car called Ricoshac. I
have been a good boy this year.
Sincerely, Arthur Welsh
Dear Santa,
I have written this letter be-
cause I want to tell you what I
want for Christmas. Well here
are 10 things I want: a bike, a
walkman, new clothes, books, a
game gear, a new watch, tapes,
a new goldfish, a blanket, and I
want it to snow. If you are too
busy you don't have to get me
all of it, some some. Thank you
if you can. I'll find something
for you to eat. Merry Christmas
Mary Malaythong
Dear Santa,
I have been a good boy. Can I
have Dr. Dreadfull, Ultrameter,
Slimanator, Ricochet, Kerby's
Dreamland, Sator Gak and
Thunder strike 20. Chelsea and
I will leave you cookies and
milk near the tree.
Sincerely, Chad Schott
Dear Santa,
Thank you for the presents
you gave me last year. The
things I would like to have this
year are a panting set, Baby
Sitter's Club collector doll,
' drawing set, a bike, a puppy, a
white puppy, skates, Adams
Family values tape, Sega and a
Super Nintendo. That's what I
want for Christmas.
Love, Sara Boone
Dear Santa,
I would like to have a Barbie.
How are you doing? I'm doing
fine at school. Is your workshop
filled with toys? I would like to
have a Jenny juems dolly, Ken,
dolls, game, juems, Nintendo,
tape machine and a package of
Sincerely, Carey Bentley
Dear Santa,
Thank you for the presents
you gave me last year. Will you
bring me the Scramble Game? I
would like clothes for my
Barbie. It would be nice to have
some new clothes. I would like
a shirt, pants, and a new dress.
Love, Kimberly Allgeyer
Dear Santa,
I liked the things you got me
last year. I would like a train
set, and some little cars, a
Gameboy, a race track and a
new bike. I will leave some
Sincerely, Jameson Parker
Dear Santa,
I would like to tell you my
Christmas list for 1994. And
here it is: I want a go-cart, the
game of Clue, Knock Out, a
gold chain, a remote control car.
And that is the end of my list.
Sincerely, Ashley Moore
Dear Santa,
I would like a new bike,
Mortal Combat II, a basketball
goal, a remote control car, John
Madden Football 95, Sketch
pads, some pencils, Nerf foot-
ball, Troy Aikman's football,
some clothes, a new football,
cross fire game. I'm going to
leave some Christmas cookies
for you.
Sincerely, Asa Harris
Dear Santa,
I have been a good girl. I am
hoping to get these things: A
computer, a Florida State bas-
ketball, candy, M&M Factory, a
gear bike, a stocking that says
Ashton, a game called Splat,
clothes, radio for my bike, and
stickers that are letters. I am go-
ing to leave some cookies for -
you on my table. I am new at
this address. Please do not go to
Tampa, Florida. Hope to see
presents under the tree.
Love, Ashton Teague
La 4 -—
ig A
May your holidays be bright, beautiful and
bountiful. It's been a pleasure serving you.
Come see us again soon.
. The
Smith & Co.
Arlene, Susan, Gilda
Pecembec7 1994
Deen Sante
This yeaf Tr would like a
Sega Gene 515, speed bike,
ony. o Game Boy. di th
the Sega Get sis T want
octal Combed. Ly
“ How 1S Mrs. Clause dorm?
C heist mas,
Have a nice
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