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M L. RAYXE. ! - - ?am AHnie Cliffi), as she stood lapping ' the " window; pane, after tea. 1 think I have heard you" preach from that text. 4 Take no thonjjht for the morrow Vet here you are. actually worrying; yonrcelf sick over luture troubles, which, alter ail, limy be of . the iiiminatioti." ! I wish I could think so, Annie," an swered the n;uWet- wearily, ''hut i troubles 8eeii1 to thicken aVouinl . us. Thete is no ftour in the bane!, and no money in the jlnrse. . Only this inovMvg I irave drunken tJem Mailnin's ai;cd 'niuther the' last dime ' 1 had,; aiid now I'havc riot tuuney ' enough-to ' luy a fjtfire ofpajicr fur, iny next seruio'i. . ." f ut he money is owing yon, papa," said Annie, uhnd 1 have plenty of foolscap,, and li lliink we will, woi iy throu-jrh. if only mother hvts wi-If.'' . i 4 - ' . Vo?t' through,; echoed her father; V.yes, tht is just' it ; it has.heen nothing hut f worry iln ouh" tho voi Id ever since I c:iuie i 1 1 to it, and iiOV'thut hope fails, here's Juother mouth to feed, the nurse to pav, ,doc t jr's lii!, coin pa ny, thchool ou depended tn -get.tteg-" set'laside,!.nd the rent ot this ?aky old parsonage rais"u ten per cent,, and oor Kleauor going without the eouifoits of 1 fe. lliw ofien I have preached to my peo- ' Ie about the goodness of Gptf, and here at the da-ikst cUaptcr of.uiy life. I sit down .and ivsnhir. I I oCn ntdcastiputfsotne heart u mv fc'erniou -aiul comfort otheis who need it, if . i . - s f . not uiysef,,: All this fiinei Annie stood at the window, r - ' an idle, tune on the ulass. In a. restraining hand. The powers they pos sess may easily be tnrned to evil no ser vant could take proper care of thctn. Ho race,, too, will he liome from ! college during the nine weeks of vacation, and will neei a home. Xo! itincli as I desire to go, I cannot ?ee tny way clear. ." believe iif God thinks it best that I should recover ; my health, he wiU raise up the means." .... Mrs. Lyman was more disappointed than she cared to. acknowledge, but she "was a re ligious ;Womah, and tried to j resign herself to inevitable circumstances. " She had nootlnr relation near her than the. niece, who would accompany her abroad IVdt that the welfare of and twelve, was of the They had if she wentr and she ler two bovs, aed ten highest importance. strong, resolute natures, which might Lie trained to the'greatest usefulnes, or, peibated into channels jof wrong, be produc tive of the greatest misery, i Her eldest boy, too, a y'oqng man of great promise, must not be left vviihout the shield of a home. She hal ild and faithful servants who would attend to their physicial wants, but there their capabil ities ended. ; i On Sunday Mrs. Lyman went to hear Mr. Clifford preach. It was not the church she was in the habit of oing to. That was six miles off, just a pleasant ride, and the old The contract for the lumber was awarded to Page and Ellington of Vake, at an arer age for the various classes, of about $14 per thousand. The committee will proceed at once to the erection of twelve log prison houses, one kitchen and one- store house; the prisons to accommodate . 120 .inmates-. - The erection of the house will be commenced as soon as practicable, under the superintendence of J. It. Harrison, Esq. Senliml, ; - 4 Sabbath Observances In Scotland -r. minister had been had heard Mr. Clifford: not feelinjr. s strong as church, j which was near His text- was that a lne-iomr Irieml : but she and I liked bim; and Usual j went . to. his . M '. ' ' .' i t . beautiful adjuration, ipping out' " Xot .girl, uU the brigt auiupeac " Let not your hearts be troubled, ye believe in God, believe also in nie' and putting self out ;ofthe way altogether he preached such a grand, impassioned j view- of God's word, as only a man can who has walked througlij the. gospel by-ways and brushed ofl' its.'w bn his qw.n soul ; and, his 'hearers, fiftqjl up on the waves 6f heavenly consola tioih looked right down! into the dephs, out of which lie had just come, and saw, for the firt time,; that their pastor was a man of equal needs with themselves. ! m K "Tlie next niirht Mr. Clifford received a brief note from 3Irs. Lymari. inVitinc him to call immediattlvi . 1 1 , " Another tin-sick soul,M he thought, and went.; I j . But the consolation '-.''. had thought her way and how offered her house and servants for a yeac rent free, and- a good salary to Mr. Clifford,-as teacher to her boys. This offer included a great deal, jreshj pure air, cows and clover," a great orchard, arid a luxurious house, stocked with all the necessaries of liv : 1 : I'll,'... in, besides a carriage to ride; to and fro The intensity of the religious feelings'-of the people of Scotland, as well as - the hones ty of its expression, is well illustrated byjhe following incident, which is strictly true: A young American, who afterwards became a distingnished member of the United States Senate, after graduating at an American Col lege, was sent by his parents for a year to the University of Edinburg. Like other young men sojourning in that interesting city, he took lodgings which simply means" that he hired a suite of rooms in a private house, had his meals provided by the landlady. She was an excellent woman, and he was a good speci men of the young American, so the two got on most harmoniously together. But by-and-by he began to see a shade of trouble on the old lady's countenance. Day by day it grew darker and deeper He could not help observ ing this, and was quite at a loss to; account for it. Sometimes he thought she -might be in want of means ; perhaps she was behindhand tfith her rent, and the landlord pressing her or the money. ; His first thought was to of er her means to meet any difficulty bnt know ing the spirit of independence ; possessed by the Scotch people, he hesitated. to do so. But Snally one Sabbath morning, a he was eat ing his breakfast, the old lady came into the toom. If she had lookod sad before, sho was tenfold more so to-da. He was fairly alarm- ed as she came in. Snrinuinsr no from his ; i . m ; came to ihira. Stie out of I all difficulties it mood it irritated her, father,' who jiispree ivsked sh ' t; Wh.jt are you studying, Annie ?" he clouds, certainlv," answered the tly, j' I am looking bc'ondj them to t blue skv, find thinkincr how calm bf ul it is, -not like eartn with its , cares -and vexations, but like heaven, full of Vest" and 1 peace, only we most go through earth to Ire t to it."'- A weak. voice called her and she Bel't the roouand went- up stairs to Ijer moth;r. IThe . minister thought of these -wo pationt, gentle women, how they -saved . a!id denied themselves and never complained, How toil.and suffering ihad weakened the per ceptions j of one, and f pvetcrnaturally shar- just the thing Eleanor strenifth back. ' It was of sunshine that now skv. - .. When it was all sett i i take the house and become tutor to the boys natures held enough nceueu to cet ner a : very broad streak it np the minister's ' : ! ! S ' ' Mi. cd, that he should -whose bright, jubikn electrical force Xo clear mospherc Mr.Cli ff r d over with his pale, thankful tlie weeibahy for the first ti sigh, and then turned to Aiinie, quiet, reti cent patience-ciowned Annie. ! J What shall I have Sunday,1' daughter. Joy any household at- talked the matter wife, noticed time without morning 9 "sNo,!' jsaid Annie. ur my text on cometh .with nex the gently, "let - w it be a lontr vav off. -and and real. jiened those of the : other." He thought of Vho by taking thought cat) add One cubi the roiv-of little graves between Annie, - theito his stature,' and expound .it for the benefit eldest and this' hew last baby that was Fcar cel v needed, and somehow heaven seemed earth, very, very. near How was help to come ? He did not know. lie took down Hns old worn out dressing gowii, and put it on, settled, himself in his studv arid preparedi to write his.' Sun tlav morn in or sermon. ' - There" were other people in the world who lad their troubles as well 'as the reverend Mr. (Jliffqrdi Just across the town from the dim old parsbnage was a beautiful ' residence, owned .by a wealthy widow lady, Who was Kadlyout of health, the doctors had just lic a discussion, and declared she must go vb' Europe. Total change ' of air and scene miMit restore her health, but that Jwas her .only chance. , 1 " The thing is imppssihlej" she was saying ,on the same, evening to her niece who lived of thatrclass who are alwavs worrying." tC Annie' said her father, tenderly, 'who gave you such perfect trust j in everything and taught you to- look alwavs. on the bright side?" " You, papa," answered his 'daughter, l4bn I taught myself to spare, precept from piac tice." ?li y My ith her, and Was comfortable on in her thir- ties, " Howcdryl leave. those two' great boys, just at the age; they need so much care, to be absent a vear? It would be the ruin of .1 lem. " Better to do that than leave them for ever," replied her niece M i rri x. h. I .J . is i : . rrf o rrrt mninrr 1 V "mieday," siid Mr 'Annie "must be a minis be invaluable. It was only the other day that Horace Ly man told her the same thins- M They are happy people who can always look on I the bright side, who grasp their a ) .w , 1 stinging1 nettle so closely as to disarm them and blunging with brave perseverance into J ,,0,0 . ,1 t : Clifford to his wife er's Wife; she would and that people are still as' easy, nearly in their circumstances, as when a pair of gloves might be had for half a crown. The war, in deed, nxy in sorrre ilegree raise the prices of goods, and the high taxes, which are necessa ry to support the war, may make onr frogali ty a necesity,nnd as I am always preaching that doctrine, I ewnnot iu conscience or in Oeceney encourage the contrary, by my example, in furnishing'my children with foolish modes and luxuries. L . - I therefore send all the articles yon de sire, that arc useful and necessary, ami omit the rest ;-Tory jns you say, you - should have great pride la wearing anything . I send," and Ishowing it aa your father's taste J must avoid giving you an oportunity of doing that with eitherlace or feathers. If you wear your cant' brie rufHes as I do, and care not to mend the holes, they will come in time to be lace; and feather, my dear girl, may be had ia Ameri ca from every cock's taill.'1 r The young lady was excusable, however, She wanted the fine things to wear to the en tertainments given by the Whigs, to celebrate the surrender of Burgoyne. .She exhibited a commendable degree 'of industry, in spinning and knitting, and attending, to domestic du ties. Household. : Speaking tbo Truth in Love ' Much depends on the mtnrier in which the truth is spoken. . If haishly presented it pro duces revulsion. . Yet the very same truth is well received and creates a serions, perhaps even a tender feeling, when uttered under the durst not refuse todelivcr np their pray herr he'efemanded it. He "did not walk upon tap-' estry ; but when" he Willed on tlie sea, the waters supported him ; all parts of tbc creation except sinful men, honored him as tfieir Creator ; he kept no treasure, bat wbea . he had occasion for money, the sea sent it to hini in the mouth of a fish ; he had no- barns 'or corn fields, but when he inclined to make' a feast, a few loaves covered a sufficient tablcF for thousands. .1 Romance of Convent Lifo - Perhaps some cf our romantic young ladies -whose fancies are dazzled with, beauty and pomp of the Komish Church, and who look with longing eyes towards the convent .waliaf as - J A calm nd quiet rtlre.it, From winds that blow, and itorms tbat beat wonld like to Lear a particular cTcscriptfoh of a penance to which their inmates are somef times subjected. I will give it. as described by an ex Capuchin, who had "often seen. it'inC flicted. He says: 1 " . j ' ' Perhaps the most cruel chastisement of all in ordinary use is that of describing the. cross tjpon the IkOT. with the tongue. I have seen this penance performed through thej length and bredth of the refectory, a largej hall capable of sealing two hundred people at tables plced ki single rows by. the ' sides of the Talis. The' tongue must leave a trace, along the entire surface, so that the tress clearly visible. The natural .mosturo of the tongue being exhausted, it is at last lacerated- and made one mass of sores. The track be gins to be Ted with blood ; but the cross must be completed. The blood flows copiously; impulse of love. , . . . Onesays, uufeelingly, "'Mr. Smith,. I'm afraid yon are going to hell." ' - fc J J- - 4 f Mr. Smith, somewhat excited, replies -"That iut xiere js n0 p-ltyf no respite ; and long bcJ may be ;but I rather thin I shall have your forc ie tasfc js completed, the miserable sufJ company, judging from the tone of re- ferer prcsents an appcarence calculated to mark.' rouse the iodignation of every spectator not A father says, angrily, to his son, a reck- altogether brutalized by fanaticism. Pm6y 1 less youth, .'John, I snail have to disown you,!;,.,. ..w , - ) . rami tscnu you out ox me uouec, uuies you xe form." r John knows this to be but a threat, and keens on in . his career. How -different it matter? It the want of money troubles 5'ou, my purse is at your sirvice, and I beg. you will avail yourself of it." "No' said she, "it is not money matters that ails me ;' "it is the commandment, sir. You know as well as me hat the commawluient says : Remember he Sabbath day to keep' it holy Not only "are we to do it, and our sons, and our daugh ters, our men servants and maid servants, and our cattle, but the stranger that is within our gate. NoWj you are the stranger within my gate, and I am implicated in your guilt if yoa do not keepf it holy. I do riot think you mean to break the Sabbath ; but tlipse young men from the college come to see vou- on the Lord's dv? and keep yoii from church, as well as lead you into conversation that is not profitable or proper on the Sabbath.'' "What would you have me to do ?M was the young man's immediate inquiry. " Go to the house of God." " Where do you go?" " Oh, vou would not like my man ; he is -ore Thomas McCrie ; but you would Mr. so and so," and here she went over a list of ministers who preached the truth. But her young guest seized his hat, and insisted on going then and there "with his worthy hostess to the old fash ionable church, where the . guest heard Dr. "NJcCrie, (the biographer of Knox.) hold forth to an attentive audience. He could not help admiring the genius of the preacherknd du ring hU stay'' in Edinburgh he attended his ministry with the utmost regularity. The dark cloud disappeared from the old lady's face, ami they-ever after continued the best of friends. v Who Becomo Insano On Extravagance. might have been had iJ'c father taken John Report of lunatic asylums are sometimes atone, ana tenaeny sevuciore ntm the con- instructive reading. For instance, the popn- sequences of his course, prayed with him, and har notion that the life of the farmer is most perhaps wept over him. conductive to menial stability is dispelled by Ministers sometimes; assume a wrathful, statistics of lunatic asylums in : general. fiery tone, and undertake to brandish the rn tne Michigan asylum the farming class pre- thunderbolt, of the Almighty over their hear- pbndcrates over all other classes ; and, takin ers. liut it is attended with auout as mucn tj,e a,ylams ofthe country together, it ap effect usually as the Toar of distant artillery. pcars that more than one-fourth of the lunc- Uno tender appeal drawn from the cross ol tic3 of country are farmers and merchants. thrist, ha?, hnmanty speaking, a thou-Uy- tlie rarmCTlnccauwnnqaeslona3iy sand-fold more poWer to win and subdue the mucx work, too little recreation, and habitual soul. ' . Ivi'nUtmn rf 1nvv nf health, too frpnncntlv The late Be v. Dr.. Miller, of Princeton, us- the laws of cleanliness. Speaking of the-far ed to tell an anecdote of the famous Dr. -;f - nor t TTpr scant ahln- Backus, illustrative of this iKint One of tions are perfo'rmed in haste ; she has little . Dr.Backus's theological pupils complained that t - tn ..nj n T,Prwn nnd nnnr In' his preaching drove men away from the sanct-L.,: to rea(j. Night finds her weary with uary. Dr. Backus replied as follows: h d ghe QCS to bed tired out, to be 'Suppose I wish to catch a trout, how should t k balf thc R- ht peihap5 by a fret . , r in iiti . T I II . t. - i . l proceed r . vvny, 01 course, i suouia seieci fui babe. From January to December bcr a little and delicate pole, a flaxible iline and oniv recrcation is troing to- church, it may ... .1 -rill 1 . . 1 1 I ' hook to matcn. 1 siionm append to me hook be twice a monlh. Is there any 'wonder shq a tempting eau, ana careiuuy lemng uoivn becomes an inmate of a lunatic asylum? my line, should watch the approach ot my TIg ig not oniy the case with the wives of wary game. V cry likely in this way J might .man f.rmers. bnt those who have added acre be successful.- But how do you manager, Mn,wnn nt f.f hnn. lou go into the woods and cut a sapling, lie ,11 Ubor." PUUlurah Commercial.'. .. i i -11 " . to it a coarse corn, ux on 11 a great hook, ana bait to correspond ; and them with a splash, thorw m, and say, "Bite, you oogg. Tho Covetous Merchant. The young gentleman, it is hoped, took the the A merchant was one day returninc from 1 ministry ; and so should we air. If we would market. He was on horseback, and behind'' draw siunerR to Christ, let us "speak the truth ,s saddle was a hag filled . with money. 1 M TT . " - 1 1 ! t I - - . in love., inc Kj&ruiian at ---. The rain fell with violence and the old man was wet to the skin. At this he was quite . A letter from! Franklin' to his; daughter, written in 1781, rebuking her expressed de sire fjr " French finery' might furnish a good text far our present importation leagu es :. . - "When 1 berran to read your occount of the high prices of goods, 'a pair of gloves seven dollars, a yard of common gauze twenty- four dol!ars,and that it now required a for their dark cloud, find its center a globe ofjt'nne toTmantain a family in a plain way,' I silver brightness. I don t believe in mock ovnfw-tPil vnn'wriT.hl conclude bv tell in hefoics, but do think a happy, I hopeful, coifLhat every lcly. as well as yourself, was grown iiucsi ttiiu LHro icav sistcnt spirit is the the world. en in PjCNITESTlARY. -Tlie mittee has! awarded the stockade On the Peniten Gulley, of Johnston county, who furnishers diameter and 19 feet penitentiary Com- fcontract for poles for iary site, to Nathan said the widow, l4 While I can do my work,ltilC poles, 8 inches mean may not Uj it aside those, boys need hot,g at 73. cents eaelt me ABcantifnl Extract. frugal and intlustrious ; and I could scarce be lievc my eyes in reading forward that Hhere never was so much pleasure and dressing, go ing on ;' and thit-you yourself wented black pir.s and feathers from France, to appear, I suppose, in the mode. ' . 'This leads me to imagine that, perhaps, it is not rio much that the goods arc grown dear as that the money has grown cheap, as every thing else will do when excessively plenty; vexed, and muriBured because God had given him such bad weather for his journey. He toon reached the border)!' a thick forest."' The Redeemer's birth was mean on earth What jras his terror, on beholding on one below ; but it was celebrated with hallelnjahk side of the road a robber, who with a gun, by, the heavenly host in the air above ; he had was aimirrg at him, and fttempting to shoot a poor lodging, but a star lighted visitants to him. But-the powder being wet -fi tha it from distant countries. Ncer prince had ram, the guntudnot go off; and the mcrch such visitants so conducted. He had not the ant. giving spurs to" his horsel fortunately, magnificent equipage that other'kings have, had time to escape. but he was attended with multitudes of pat- . As soon as he found himself af?, he said, ients, seeking and obtaiuing healing of soul "How wrong was I not to 'endure the shower . and body. There was more true greatness patiently, arjt.was.ferit' by Providence.? It" the weather ha4 been dry and fair, I should not probably have been alive at this hour ; tho rain, which caused me to runruinr, cane at a'4 fortunate moment to save my life, and prcservV fur me my property than if lie had been attanded with crowds of princes. He made the dumb that attended him sing his praise, and the lame to leap for joy, the deaf to hear his wonders, and the blind to see. his glory ; he bad no guard of sol dieis, or magnificent retiuuc of servants ; but as the centurion that had both acknowledged health and sickne, life and death, and all earth ly power obeyed him and death and the grave "When Christ lavs Ids cross on anywho foT low him. he takes care that, however it uiav' hurt, it shall never hinder, i - J 1

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