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A Lesson at a Ball. :o: a few Sabhatlis had passed over ithe vntn2 head of Helen Osborne iemce sle h:id talvjjti' the solemn step which sepcrat- el he,- Irorti u$r jast worldly life, atul Wen openly admitted into the u.eniKerfihip of Christ's C AUGUST 20, 1869. o.t of the into the parlor on lesson-dajs, listen to the j wonderful work, vroolit straili playing, beg Helen to try over duetts irith artist's noble and pifying foul ; tlkt face and her ta!y and laugh, and now and then take her! form so fearfully worn ; those npiurned eyea oat for a drive in her elegant ohaeton. All this was very pleasant for Helen, whose- life was none of the easiest, and thus far it was an full of despair, haunted her ; hef clf-denial was increased, her ' jsmall chafitba doubled, and she was rewarded many a tile and oft a indulgence she might readily , permit her-'hundred-fold, when "the ble?sin ' o I fi I Mm f It f was ready to perish came uponr. K.N. Is Your Soul Insured 1 'uVa"sald a little boy a9-he Ifimbcdto hiA father's knee and looked into his faic as if he subject, t lake .th viiurch. Her hea-t was in the first olow of us. sacred cnthupaisin, and was full of earnest and e but a Sad: i a.t r ()VV!J 1 new Th Zacel a o e r 1 1 my osc to I e n o-l u k e wa r rn d I set i d e. faithful duer of her Master's work ; aqd th by Sabbatli; as she listeued to her zealous teachings,, she made in - her eart one and another -plan about her . . i- . ' 1 . - .'. e text to-ilaV was -: 1 1 ens UptMI. - I il not see how the declaration of -. - . L'ord, the haff iof niy prtodfj T tfivo to theponr and as she listen- cu to jit, Helen thonh, "Happy man, to be aMe to do . rii 'limich for AbristV Toor ! Oh;if j . :-..-.. ' " 1 werp but rich, would' I not gladly do like yise lint a poor music teacher, with sixty or seventy dollars a-mouth to five and 'dress what can T do? I have ho extravajjances I could Dossiblv snate any sccia: sum for the poor." she ih'oujrht thus to herself , ' she gTariced htarily diovn at her hands. Very small, n i'ttv thoy- looked, a ihny lay folded irr 'hcv Ja, daintily arrayed in, perfectly-fitting j;lovc$ of the most delicate shade. Her "feet tto...vjliat could be prettier than their slender arch, set off by more coqucttisli high-hceled French boots. .-; A cuddeti flush nade Helen's cheeks burn a little as the im oluntary thought came, "Yes, I know lam Vain of niy. hands ami feet, atwl I do Could duva) self. But when an invitation ;to a iarge party followed, it would have been wisest in her to decline,! Not only that it is almost always best for the sake of one's own content, to keep within on?s own circle of society, but because scense of fashionable gayety cannot but unfit the mind for its soberer dntics ; and especial ly because the unusual expense incident to a suitable appearance on such an occasion would i I be verv dahfrerous to her nlan of charitv thus ; e J . ; L . far , so faithfully carried out. But Helen was young, and a1 woman, and not superior to the weakness of such. jl! "It was so kind in Miss Livingstone to. in vite her, and it would be so nice to go jn?.t onceto a really grand party and meet tirst: class people : and she should get up just as early next morning, and go about - her work, and not let it turn her head in the least; and' , i "41 asio to s ban once in a while." :! I , j ranco ; but, as if that would not office for J So she deri led to W knd immpdiatpl v s'ot I t,,e maintenance of his wife and only child in about her preparationsdevoting all her leisure jcase oChs decease, he had, thfe iy before time to thi. purpose, to save the expense of a Jtakcn a Iif-P"licry fr a largo amdmt ; yet not one tnoulit baa he mvcu tq his own On that which wal to waste understood the importance of Ta, is your soul insured V .What are you thinking about, mi son ?" replied the agitated father. "Whyldo you ask that question 'f T 1 ..1 TT-1 r-LL. -.1.. Ji i ) -1 ,a vjuuic vm;vrj;c oy mai you had your houses insured, and and Jour life insured : but "he didu't belie e you had thought of your soul, and ho was afraid von would lose it : won t you set it i retired Tinht away ? - The father leaned bis-head on was silent. He owned broad ac errs of l iwl prod s hand and and t)rthe expense, why she would not need j iat we re covcied with a bonntiwl produce ipend so very mnch after all, and it warV" barns were even now filled with plenty, I if she cbuld not have a little ind usance! Uls buildings were all well cove cd by insn- dressmaker.. Nqruore half hour's 'luxurious lolls with a new book when' s1ie! came in so tirel from giving her lessons ; no more pleas immortal souk away and become part and parcel his own unt chats witl her 'fellow-boardersV or cosy!11 dnst ,,e 1,ad Kl,ared Pfn; but for evenings with a friend. Every spare hour for a fortnight was occupied in ripping, tnrn- -n throuirh that which was to live on -and the long ages of eternity he "hail made no t provision. "What hliall it profit ling and making over her only evening dress, ' Pon. prow a ma u nc fa light silk whicii had already dbne consider-j ain the vvllole world and lose hit own soul ?" was a question nc careti not toaskj .Now, as he sits in silence, his soul is stirred within him, ' .As inv)li very ove pretty gloves. ami boots. But I he ..quite as ladylike in dai-ker arid more c gJovt-Sj and. Uoots without Louis f,)rm5je Jn'ds, uid I couhl save a ood deal ofl" tneni. Handkei -chiefs too ; coarser ones would 'do jusjt as well ; and then t here are the clwcol alos, which are always suldi a .teinptatiou to mc. I wonder if I could not manage to snear a tenth of my poor little income fr the Lord!.-' ' ay e . (11 five dol lars 'a month that ! would heli Moiue poor family a -great deal, I'm sure." Siie'tliionght a uioiiveut -loiiger, and then as some peci;rlly earnest utterance of her pastor struck .l"orciby upon her ear, she said to her self resolutely : . fin do it; and ,J will. . God gives. tne all I hav ; shall not Wiv back somethini; . nf it . to his suffering poor Het -resolve oiice made, Helen was -too , uay s pendi -Whetl mickl count found J '. .faithful to break it-lightly ; and j from .that ie began to be more careful in her ex utes; to stoi) and consider a moment ter she really cv,wa or that article. aid remember that "many a little makes a l," and that the trifles, as we call them, up by-and-by into large matters. She no difficulty the first month, nor the v second, nor indeed for several months, in set- ting apart the allotted sum ; and it was re gularly placed among the offerings .at church on th, Sabbath when the proceeds of the. col lection .were devoted especially to the - poor, unlcs some peculiar case of want or suffering had beguiled it from her charitable hand be fore. ';-"V'; ' - r j . - . ; It cost somej self-denial,' some sacrifice of ;gratcation to vanity or appetite ; "but Helen founda reward' more than compensatory in the sweet consciousness that she was doincr eouie flight service for her Master, and was lighteuiug, if by ever J so little, some few able duty, and'was somewhat the worse, for wear. It did, not look any too well after all her labor, and Helen found that new shoes, new gloves, .new. trimmings, would be abso lutely necessary to make hef costunic present able. ' When all was completed, aiid the hire of a carnage; taken into consideration, she found that her "poor-purse" was baukrupt not only for -this, i 'but for several succeeding months i i ..'.)! She felt almost sick at heart when this con viction forced itself upon her ; but; : it could not be helped (now, and she tried to console herself with the thought that she should at and he mentally cxclahns. "What shall I do to be saTedr Wasted years, golden- trporunitics nhim proved, broken Sabbaths, a'tiegcclcd" Bible, the warnings of friends, ancf voice of (JodV afflict? v"e"proTidcnce unanswerj! Tn.h to his mind, and he finds no peacei he throws himself into the arms of Jesus, Hear f?ade'r, have you had Tour soul in sured ? "j I j If you have houses, you have not neglect ed to pay a premium to secure you against aintances who would send her more pupils, 'yon ara wise enough to have t least enjoy herself, and perhaps make acqu-j their loss by fire. If yon havj stock in trade, well covered some loved have a poll er your voice your hands be to be grievous burdens. 1 r Al rnont sider went on prosperously fori about six is, and Helen had lalmost ceased to Con ner little privations as such in i the i . .. . . . pleasure of the gooi they enabled hef ifb do, and perhaps in a little glow of complacence at her own unselfishness, when suddenly temp tation, came Uear her arnl she yielded.. The sister tof one of her pnpils, a gay, fash ionable girl, had taken a great fancy to the pretty young music-teacher. She would qonie and then all should be made up; , But alas, even this poor compensatian was denied to Helen. , She kiiew no one in all that gay aud. fashionable throng except her hostess, and she was too busy to pay her much attention, and too much accustomed ' to such scenes herself to think how lonely the young stranger fell, despite the splendor Jthat sur rounded her. The two or three 'people to whom Miss Livingstone introduced her, sur veyed: her with. a line-lady stare, expressing a sort of languid wonder as to who and what i- ' ; ' she was, and how in the world she came there ; and after a word or two of the courtesy, left her to her own devices ; and poor Helen spent most of her evening solitary and neglected in a corner. 1 1 As she sat there,, feeling disconsolate enough, her eye, wandering from one to an other beautiful picture, elegant ornament, or superb article) of furniture, restetl upon a small marble statuette . which stood upon a. bracket near by. At first - Helen i did hot perceive its subject, and she wondered at the taste of the artist which had made the face so thin, and drawn the limbs so long and attenuat ed aud had chpsen'so weary and hopelesa an attitude. Looking at it more closely, she noticed the legend carved on its base : uO God, that bread should be so dea, . And human lives so cheap ." j " ' ". " . " ' ' ; ' And that explained all : the. unfinished gar ment hanging across the wasted knees ; the pinched and hollow cheeks; the; haggard eyes upraised in desperation to heaven all brought back the wild, heart-broken cr . ol the starving seamstress, Avhich found voice in Hood's immortal uSong of the Shirt.T aud with i i ' - the startling! rem em be ranee1,, seiit such a pang.ot self-reproivch, such a flootl of passionate pity' to Helen's hearty as had neer swelled it before.' ; . ' ; ; again by insurance, and it you haie friend to care for, perhaps yo cy, which will only be . paidafi shall be hushed in silence, aid folded upon your breast,- nefer uplifted, Yon arc wise in ttakiug these se curities; but have you made sure of that ev erlasting Home offered you y Jinfinite love ? Have you secured that policT g-ivcri bv cov cnantand by oath, and aud urged upon all, whether rich or poor, bond or free, in " Ho, every one that thirtieth, corie ye to the wa ters, and ye that have no money, come ye, buy and cat; yea, come buy wine and milk, I .i & . i . 1 wunont money anu witnout price f UAru- Uon Banner. t Death of Elder Williams. On Sunday, May 2, Rev. Willi Jm William, pastor of the Union colored Church in this city, entered upon his afternoon, services as usual, but was observed to afSmW aol t; tafe in giving out the' opening-hjmo. He prayed with fervor, "and then taking' his scat, showed symptoms of paralysis. Some of the brethren present immediately went to his assistance and carricil him'homo in a carriage. He did not recover, however, and died on the 13th. His funeral took place from his cliurch on the Sunday following. His loss will be mourned by his congregation as that of ah active and earnest worker for the. color ed. He was aired about t event- vearn. tl.nnod, c -, 1 C" looking younger. Bait Visitor. - . 7 He7 Counterfeits. I Word to 7omon. There are strifes and inward warfare in many, perhaps in most families and yet an impartial judge could seldom, if evct, impute the whole offense to either tide; indeed, there may be no intentional offensive act, but sim ply the friction of inharmonious, natures the greatest sufferer being not necessarily the wo man, but the one possessing the most sensitive nervous organization. This is one caiue of the early fading out of onr American women, this and the hnrden of heavy household duties, the multitude of family cares. I luiow It - b -ad to be young, fresh, and attractive, and in a fexv years to be -old, faded and forlon, with a weight of care never lifted from aching shoul ders, and the duties of six pressing upon one feeble pair of hands. It is sad to see, inex pressibly more sad must it be to experience. I recall a dozen, at 'cast, of these hopeless wo men whom I. once knew as fre?h young girls; and yet I think of the husband of one of these hastening home from the desk and the long column of vexatious figures io take -the ailing, fretful child from the arms of the weary wife and mother. Sometimes this fading of a woman's beauty is unavoidable. Poverty is hard to b ear, bnt, after all, mnch is the result of placing our standard in dr2ss, and living beyond our means; so much, that I have sometimes thought the fixed classes in the old world, with their unalterable custom and costume., really blessed. Oh sisters I when will yon learn that a simple dress of inexpensive mate rial neatly fitted, home PuiTOundiugs suited to your means, which your neighbors know as well as yourselves, will do more to win admiration and respect, to say nothing of comfort and happiness, than silks nd satins, velvet and laces, in which you appear simply out of character and ill at ease? This fctriv ing after the unattainable is killing our wo men; living in houses beyond their means, poorly, if at all, supplied with servant; buy ing the most expensive materials, leaving no surplus sum to pay for the mkigbT" gar ments: following the constant changes of fashion, and when some one, with merciful intent,-provides a acwiug-machine. filling the leisure time it should have given with end- less tncking, rufiling and embroidery, till what was intended as a blessing has become almost a enrse. A woman should devote a reasonable amount of both time aud thonpht to her personal appearance. But we destroy our charms in onr over efforts to enhance them. A litttlc attention to the blending of colors, to the btylo prevailing, to tho hang of a garment, as we women say, will do more to produce the desired effect than any amount of expensive material and trimming alone. Hearth and Hume. Viixlz. - A Fct7 Ilaxima Fc ever maxe your appcaranc :x thenornin- without -having 5rat bathe , if with' a ponge and a quart of i M?r Inwhed' and arranged yonr hair, and c'ff sed yourslf neaUj and completely. Keerur cbthing, specially . your nnder-c'othinj, , ia perfect order. Never let pins do dah as tattonn, or strings take the, place of proei tan.!i. Kxamino every gartnent ,v.l:n it comes' froia the wash, and, if nece5? .rtt mend it with nearness and precision, f 14 ool rftW np the Holes "in ryiur -"5icxin i. seen some careless untidy gil ; but take in a bioad .margin around t jrhole. be it small or large, with a fine darr i needle and daming cotton, and cover the facturc with". an interlaced stitch so close &. j be f3 strong as the body of the stocking, c .d fine enough to be ornamental. f Stockings mended in this wt f h ecd darninir out very lew times in the of their existence. n It ever carry coarse embn;v handkerchief. Fine, plain If) black kid slippers, with only a rtr ip or rosette nuui, arc more uecoiuing.. id cf laced te hose and ri' r ; i m m s j.rmiu yourseii to some ui il occupation. Uemember itlwicketl to w. t time, and nothing gives such an impress, i outcf idling and never having anything tcjifj - If yon are in your father W house, tako some department of houschom Ubor upon yourself, and ' a part of thijicwing, and" make, it your bruine, to attia to it. Do not lefa call from this idle pi, or a visit"" from that, or an invitatioc f,tu the other, interfere with the pcrformanc ctf your luty. Let your pleasnrcs come b ii recreation, not as the business of yourtftv If yon want to marry, do t Jtjj court or try to attract the attention of genlet-an. A lit-- I tie wholesome indifference, tc J ir assumed 1 rn i. ' t f .lit . ' win ic uiucn more niceiy io tcemplish tho object. Consider, moreover,! U f it is bttter ta beijf oman. .than a wife, j -4 liohot de grade your sex by making Hjr whole ez iatence turn on the pivot of rat miony. If yon can, - cultivate to perl : 'ion-torne aft by whichyoucangainan inde cident liveli hood. Jh it whether there istess'uj for it or not. Doit quietly, ? if yo rill, int do it. There is no telling when )f nhder what ' The lncreasini? number of counterfeit - notes, as : well as the professional experts who pass the same with plausible and perfect facility, should cause people to look t i r sharp when money is either presented to them It 1 f K U : 1 X I a,m lul DUUU 1 to be changed or in payment for a purchase, the sake of being here, whcrU have no busi- There Las . been put in circulation, within ness, aud where! the looks ef those around me a few dav; a wcll excerited connt,rf(,:t eon Have Faith In God. The ever-present and unyielding demand of the sacred Scriptures is. faith in God. Its necessity is such, that without it there" can be no salvation. Have faith, therefore,! in spite of mystery. A rclioion without myste ry is impossible. Life itself is a mystery, every object around us is involved in mystery. If such is the nature of temporal things, can we expect less of spiritual ? " If I have told yon of earthly things, and ye understand uot, how shall ye understaud, if I tell you of heavenly things V Have faith, in spite of difficulties. Sup pose tbc rray Is hedged with poverty, .tempta tion, persecution, difficulty, and delay ? . " Fith, mighty faith, the premise lees, And loikt to that alone : Laugh! at iripojaltiilittes, . And crici, it shall bo dnc. plainly tell me so, I have sacrificed jthe power jDOte copicd afler thc tre4Sury SSQe ftDfJ well; to relieve some such pd)r hunger-tortured ; caicualea to deceive. A large number ol Have faith in God in snito of abounding wickedness. This is one of the greatest sourcrta of aflliction and trial to the people o! Ood. " But remember Daniel ! Did he lose his faith in God, because all around were gir en to idolatry ? No ! And God delivered him out of the lions mouths.. Go read the eleve nth chapter of Hebrews once more, ' In spite of the world, the flesh, and the dev il, have faith in God. Trust in Him ; for in the Lord Jehovah is 'everlasting strength. Think ofpast experience of his xnercjr, recall the many piomisesof his word. Concider his ability, willingness, and. truthfulness;' and trust him with all your interests for time and eternity. Said a dying sister who had been very timid in health, "Oh, if ihad a thous and souls, I could now trust them all on one 'single promise of God. Butinsted thereof I have but one sou),' and a thousand promises circumstances you may need ii.Vfmcrest. ' Mf Mormon Troubles 1 lhead. . k: . . A few days ago we ttentione ijihe fact that' William Alexander and Davd J Hyrmn, the younger sons of Joseph Smithf tie Mormon prophet, were on their way to Sal. Lake city to et up the standard of the tV4-rganixed or anti-polygamy church. A aiagilar interest attaches to thc name of David Hyrum. A few months before Joseph's di at'i he stated that "the man was not born w o ra to lead this people, but of Km ma Sn itjb should. lo born a son who would succeed in the , presi dency after a season of disturbing Joseph Smith was killcil June irfth, SJJ, tad the' son, named from his father's dinctin David Uyrum, was born at the .Maotio flense in. Xauvoo on the 17th of the foiling KQvem ber. Tliis prophecy i? seemty dear to' thousands of Mormons mho an wJary'of the' tyranny of Brigham Young, ant! yet hold to their faith in Joseph Smith. , fsw r!iys ago" the young men reached Salt J.il city, and soon called upon Brigharu Yout ''iind runiuou-' and labor-maddened creajfire as th I God forgive me this pnce; and I shall never forget this lesson.1 And she never did, The memory of th at of the ever tiuthfnl God, upon -which to de- counterfeits of the various denomination n.l Knrh mv . C J I --.... mj lw UUI XkHJ . VlbUJlT of fractional currency are also afloat, and too through faith, over all fears of dcath,hell, and much precaution cannot be used to guard a- the grave. " Have faith, in God." Pacific gainst them. PhUa. Inquirer. Christian Adcocattt ccd their intention to organize I hir church at once, ahking ieraission Tb dcToi their faith in the tabernacle, proposing tojkrjue v. ith the' Brighaoiitcs from theyCtiginal II moa books. We have but scant reports of il c interview, but it is said to have been verj-fvrci. Urig-. ham was very angry at theiHiresuaption, and denied them' the cm of t $ tabcrnacle, sending word at the same time j thebWiops to shut them out of the ward c iang-houes. The brotHers, at one point of j hi coaversa. tioo, denied that their father l ever puc- . ticcd polygamy, citing their m K-r'atcstimo nr. to which Brirrham retorted t .k their moth- til - er. " was a liarfand had been pt rf n a thief' with much more of the aort j Mi ,! A Tcrriblo Thu'1! It U a Tery terrible thing . to Via to letf conscience crow hard, for it soc ,s'ars swith1 a hot iron. l is like the freer! of pond. The first film of ice is scarcely) ! jrceptible ? keep the water stirriDg,-and yo ill prevent the ice from hardening it; bat I rtlctit film over and remain so, it thickens mf tla sur face, and it thickens etilf, and t j I .-st it is so solid that a wasron micht be drtr. i over the w o 1 solid water. . So with conscienc gradually, and at last it become ing, and it can bear np a weight ') bidfy,' ILti3 over" . id, n a feci-. r 1 1 ) I :(

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