V fJU tbc Lord Jfyctb, vb&t tbo Lord saitt unto roc, tlici uill I spcrj&.,'-uTo tbo poor tbe Gospel is prcacicd." i - ':''' j ' i , -! 1 . ... , TTT ' " v ' ' 1 - ' ' f ; J" "V. . VOL: II; NEAR HENDERSONVTLLi:, N. C, SEPTEMBER 17, 1869. NO. 43. TIIECOT' VISITOR, Published every Friday . I : Editor InO Publisher. - Three miles ST. y. of Henflersonville, N.C. "I've-had, a dreadful load on my conscience Doctor,1 for consid'ble spell ;and it does seem I'm eeny most dead TERMS; One copj 12 months, . ! V --it ( u' it Single copy, 5 cents. SI 50 75 50 Advertisements compatible with the' character i . j 1 of the paper will be inserted at 10 cents 'per line, for the first insertion. and 5 cents for each xubsequen Foi announcing a candidate for office, ... $3 Job work, executed neatly, at pricescorrespond ing with the times j f j iuvariably in advance! Anecdotes of Dr. Eliot- BY GRACE GREENWOOD. as ef ' would kill me. now. "Anil is it possible? AVhat could you have done ? You are a resectable man and i a Church member," replied the Doctor, in seeming surprise. . 1 "Yes : I iiried the Church thirtv Year afro.." replied the old farmerj then, sinking his voice to' an awesome, confidential tone, he continu- d ; "But Tm a dreadful sinner, for all .that, Docttofj; and bein'a Church-member, my ein, yon see, was of too much account to be wink ed at; auj judgment fplleied close arter it. Oh, dear, oh !" , " Pray, tell me yourj tronble, brother.w " Well, doctor, it consarns gou" " Indeed P I ' I " Yfs. One time,-last winter, I got a leetle short Q fodder, and I thought tu; myself as how you had moreVcnopgh for your ciittcrsj and so, one night, the; devil tempted lue to go over to. your barn, an' tu,-Oh, dear, oh!" Shangtr. , China. LETTEK JROM Rl T. P. CRJLWIOED. HopeinTroublo, "Casting all your care apon Lira ; for he earttb for you.' 1 Veler v. 7. Rev. Jama B. Taylor: ; Dear Brother Yours ol the 9th of Feb- 4 ruary has been dnly received and also the "JtAirnal, " for all of which I return my war mest thanks. . . 'I Yon say, 4tI suffer nany a pang on your ac count.'1 future. Some years ago a Christian merchant failed in business, and, in a state of distrac tion, said to his family, Tm a ruined man, I've lost my all 1" "A1U said his wife : "no am left." "All, papa said his eldest boy; IiiV V ta mm m. I hope jou ... ill not so suffer in the ntT am J- . AnU 1 10 his Utile girl, All mv w::.U are now sunrlied running up and putting her arms around his : . - a x i old debts have been r a id off, and I am, as to c ' Am "ol 'losl VV, iudd.e; .. ' L ,.,r'i.. r l"and voa have vour health left " renratrd his iiuucjr uiaiiciO uvw j'v. 1 1 cvujr ItCtS liUIU I. Ill-1 m " f barrassmcnt forwMdi. t desire to be very 1Ie' your bands to grateful" to you,"the dear breth'rn, and cFpcc- can hcI "id his ially to the Lord." Yesterday I received a let- 0U baVe oar tw0 feet " To help yourself to a little of my surplus il rr of carryin' it away, when all' tu once it into a blaze about my ears!" ruck by lightning ?" My father used , to relate' many pleasaut things of a certain ; Doctor Eliot, a notet; character of a noted o.i Connecticut town. hay ;jjeh?" mi xi -L l a. l w i . ii tt ttv . t n m -r xnis eeniieman, wuo must nave uccu a " jljs, UOCtor, ies S0i lUt 1 never charming person to know, was a phyiciauj as home With that are hay. The Lord wouldn't well as a minister and practiced as well as let me du it. I had a load. on my back, and preached,- a double Doctor of Medicine and was a Divinity, j Profane jokers used to say that it burst was a question which were haidest to take, "S his doses or his discourse ; that he went trom Jo, Doctor, it was a clear night. I've jest Catechisms to Cataplasms ; that where his made up my mind jhat fire dropped down drugsand draughts failed, his spiritual con- fronxheaven, and kindled that are hay. .'Twas eolations -came in ; that he finished up his a judgment an1 a warnin1,' an1 I'm afeared a sort pf forerunner of jthe; flames of hell. Countless capital stories were. tojd as com- hainjt had no peace of mind sence, nor felt ing from him, forjhe was one of thbse charact- like eatin' a good meal of vittals. At la.t, I ter to whom things were always happening ; thought I might feel a leetle better, ei I'd jest " ,but unfortunately we can now recall but few j own i up to you, an ask your pardon an your of those anecdotes with sufficient distinctness prayers i-w J , to venture on embodying them iu this ver-j Io,the astonishment of the poor penitent, - acious history. - , ! the minister laughed out right merrily. Then Coming home iate one night, from a visit he said : "Be comforted, neighbor ; your little to a .poor patient, heJieard, on passing through .thieving operation was hardly of suoh- conse his kitchen, a rrange swashing noiso; in. his 22? t0 lieaven all that- .It wis I who 'cellar, soon followed by the sound of stealthy caught yon at it, and isat fire to the'hay from steps coming'up the stairs. Hiding behind y intern ; and I must say you yelled lustily the door, he saw emerge a ta man bending and ran briskly, for a man of youryeais, Why ter of credit from Brother Wortham 13s. 4p. This puts me quito ahead seems like old times again. - You seem to keep up your strength and vi gor remarkably well. Blessed be the name of the Lord. I have now passed mv 48th birth-bay. I am not so strong, but my health is as good as when Handed .in China seven teen years ago. Many of my compeers have j - passed away. ion auu l nave been in the crcat mission for 11G kout, and your two eyes to see with, said id and it iUe hH0 "And yu have Cod's promises," saia me granumotner ; ;na a gooa Uod, said the wife; "And a heaven to go to,' said the little girl ; "And Jesus who caaie to fetch ns ' there" said the eldest boy. loo keeping the chain warm 'God forgive me," said the poor merchant iDglhc game, for few would,. ThoLazy Han. The'hzy man, says the "Fat CcntriimtOT is almost always good natured. He never flies into a pajvsiorf. He tnigh crawl into one if llul were possible, but the idea is prcposter- ons. - t ' . Who ever heard of a Uzj man LreaHng: into a bank, where a crowbar had to be used,.,' or drilling into a safe? Nobody. Not that he might not Covet his neighbor's Roods con tained therein, but the horror of handling a crowbar and drills would always deter hilar . from actually committing burglary. He nev er runs away with his iicighbvr'a wife, simply on account of the horroT he has of running If he Is ever lnowlf to ra-it is to run tou. seed. ! He rarely lies aboat lib nerghbor," for it would be too much exertion; but he cm Ho st a bar room all day. He is of inestimable service to s KEiard and watch- dare to rlay t ' wnere mere are no spectators. The fact wnat naie i losicompareu witu .wnat 1 iwve that be docs this without rav. dav in knd And nn f frwitr rnmfurt an ft tarta.1l . t ... ... oui, snows tne unsemshness of bis nature. left ! lr i. .1. .u - f i I elldw-laborcrs in the rrnat mininn firl.1 a,rau IO lUB rcngtu vi me iru, casting What industrious man. who eonsiiUr hia tJm. -your position has been the more trying of a" 3. Ca'?n Ulm wh 80 lovin carcs fw worth something, would want pay for, the la the two. Our reward is in heaven. The"" "w cm,urcn- zj man generally does for nothing, showing a heathen of this generation are unable to appre- l" freeilom from mercenary motives that s"hould. ciate our works. The acres to come will Growlers- - go far to his credit. praise the Lord on their account. I : r. The lazy man never gets np revolutions'. Oh last Sabbath I baptized an interesting There is a class of men in every community insurrections or other, popular excitements, man, living -at my out station. Several per- who E about with vinegar faces growhog be- and don t make a nuisance of himself by sons in that region; feel some concern. It is cause they are not appreciated as they should tramping around the country xnakingin-- now the busy time of the year, and my con- bct ant who nave a constant quarrel with their cendiary speeches to promote public discoa- grcgations are small. I go frequently into destiny. These men usually have made a tent. the country. My former teacher and assistant grave mistake in their estimate of their abiliti- In his own neighborhood he is never a has left me aud gone into business, so I am es, or.are unmitigated donkeys. In cither case busybody in other people's affairs, for the vc working all alone, j I greatly need two good they are unfortunate. Wherever this fault- H idea of being a busybody at anything would assistants, but preachers caunot be manufac- finding with one's condition or position occurs, drive him out'of his head. By the way, if ho" tured in China any more than in America. 1 there is always a wantx of self-respect "If ever got out of his head, yoa would have to must wait till the Lord shall raise them up. people despise you, do not tell it all over drive him out, for he would not hare enough I have just bought a large box of books ar- town. If you are capable, . show it If you to go out of his own accord. ' x tides which I have long needed. are a right down clever fellow,- wash the No lazy man ever run macL. If he went Mrs. C'8 health is only tolerable ; she goes wormwood off your face, and show your good crazy, it was because he couldnlt go any whero regularly to speak to the womcu at their own will by your deeds. Then, if people feel else without walking. - homes. Her school ia getting on well. Broth- ahoYe you, go right off and feel above them. Lazy men don't disturb the quiet of peaco er Hanwell has been much blessed in Lis If they swell wken yorrpassntaretieet, swell fol neighbors by putting op faeiorks, furnaces work of late. Brother Yates also writes very yourself, and if this does not " fetch them, land other abominations. under'a huge basket filled with salt pork Just liitiQ you tell me if you wanted hay ? Now encouragingly. The spirit of - the Chinese conclude very good naturedry that they arc taken dripping from the brine. i go home in peace, get well, and steal no government and people is just the reverse of unworthy your acquaintance and pity them The Doctor recognized a poor neighbor, and more.j I j . whatMr.Burlingame repiescnts it He talks for missing such a capital chance to get into stepping forward Aro you in Earnest a heavy load said '.kindly : "You have 1 You, Doctor You? Beyou sartm sure for $40,000 per annum. The Lord be with ggod society. there, i Allow me to assist you sot lire to that arc bundle of hay ? voa and v0urs. Home and Fot dan Journal. vou.'' " Yes, quite sure ; that was my own little With a cry of dismay, the culprit dropped bonflre. I.liopc it didn't scorch you much. the basket, aud actually fell on his knees, I noticed, when yon came to meeting the next little sinocd. entreating forgiviies, on the plea that this Sunday, that your hair was a was the first offence, and that his familv were As for. the flames of 'hell,' neighbor, that is . . ... i ' n . i i . . , . . intelligent sutTerinc: from want of food. i your own lookout. 1 trust there is time to lNo Tirao."' . . I once took dinner at the house of a very It is Christ's work that you are doinr. Ho has intrusted it to you, Yoa profess to love your Master. Are yoa really in earncit ia your work for Him ? It is a gTcat work. Immortal sools coia- -o. r- , . . , I j i "But, my friend," said the good Doctor, escape them yet. rvently. "you certainly knew you had only to .come to " So, so 1 't was you did it all I T me aud ask for help to get it,' without damag- be praised T' exclaimed the farmer, fc ing your( soul with sin, and your , coat with " It rarly is an araazin' relief, an' my old wo brine, iu this wav, I forgive you, of course mani wasriMit: for she says: ' Go to the min but I do think you have taken more than your ister an' confess,' says she, "and that'll lift sare ot poiK. l.wm aiviae uiis wuu you me Diggest neit oi tne sin olt your conscien aad when you want more or any thing else, ce, an' be better than doctor stuff,' says she. just come and tell! me frankly." ! Au'so you did it? -Well, folks say you're, a And, agaiust the almost frantic remonstra- master man for a joke; tut this ' ere one was nces of the poor wretch, he compelled him to more solemn th.n a sermon to me, and more take just half the stolen meat, saying : "Car- effectooal, Doctor, I io believe." ry it to your wife,1 with my compliments. I So saying, the farmer departed iu peace: hope it will go doWn just as slick as though and the parson kept the secret of his name, yoii had taken it without leave." . Dr. Eliot never Irevcaled the nahie of this ' man, though he eiijoyed telling the story ; as he did one somewhat similar, which is well worth preserviug.1 even who in his own family, always, I think. Pcmalo Influonco. How often have I seen'a company of men, Were disDosed to be riotous, checked all ,ima one uaiK nigut, oemg summoueu w a at otfce into decency by the accidental en- 7 1 , V T -.i. i i"V riatientin a nei-hDorinc oarish. he i?ent forL..J j stools and benches without backs, upon which ; his horse to his barn, which was at some dis- J and oLIiffinc deDOrtment charmed them ,1 j a WhatisTbine As5? "Father," said a Persian monarch to arr old man who, according to oriental usage, bowed mitted to your trust; a work shaved by God befor the sovereign's throne, "pray be seated; Himself? & nrV f.-,r T, r,rftmnt;ft r .i.: inrpnt mnn until flint il.iv n stmnfrrr tc It i- ? t r t & m . ... ' , , f - j. cannot, recede nomage irora one oeni wiui Christ died ; in which angels are interested. . He was at home on all subjects of con- JCars, and whose head is white with the frosts n. th bniIn n. ;,t ! TheLord '"r""W " '.V" ' 01 to work in tbo same CcU nhich prorhcu: ,po nrpsoni niRinrv: fiippnanirs. and rrrpni invpn.i (( j 1 1. : .1 i t. t. i . . ... 7, . . cwm uu" IBlucr iuciuuuan.ii, mucu ticaand martyrs; with the angels, with Jesus. . o. v uieoia man naa wiccn me pronerca scat, witn lne Falhcr himself xr thou tnearnettT company, coiuposeu o. laymen, c.crgymcn, Ull me thine age, how many of the sun's The time is sliort Your own life U nnccr- and ladies,"H0W fortunate he IS, tO have tC- revr1ntion bat thon rnnntrd I. . . . . . ' . , , iiam. jtour pupu is monai. louui ripens cc.vcd a snpenor education .n eatly l.fo, and " Sire," ansverel the old man, "I tm" bat;nt0 msnhood. The Eolda erpor.nnitr U tA liova lnicnn f n rnf I nnn lilt ron rliiinpan.lir .1 I II . I. iouj ,l8 ulu. ettnf. "T"h- nirrf vvm- ' Am rft'!n A ..w M..M vvtMhIM A4I 1 V U AXA -nai; lnierrupica tue King, iearcsiiearnegty .i . . i .. I uion not to answer me laiseiy, or oo,t tnou Tellow-teacher. face rour own conscl.n .1 . a.. I ' W jest on uic very onnic oi tne tomb : anfj. rcmemberinr that G1 - lor.VJn "I speak not faUely, sire," replied the agd vonr WOrk, ask yourself the question, xu I m man, -neuner wouiu i oner a looiisn jest on a ea&xzst ? W mm 1 subject so soloran.. Eighty long yearshavel "WKaUocrer Ay hand fnhlh to io, doit wastca m loiiy ana ennui pleasures j ana n ,7 n i2rc EJuTd XzUioru amassing wealth, none of which can I take with me when I leave this world. Four! 'So manv Calls'' years only have I spent in doing good to my a ti i i.i r.ti. 1 .. . ..v . . 1 urr y ? ...... t as 1 looiceu ai ino-comioriaoie cnairs, 1 re- leilow-men: ana Snail I count those years thatl "0,1 wni give- aay injng. to many 1 m.Wm9 ! . 1 . . m. mm m. 4 I VI 111 marked, "iticso seats are very uiiiuc the ha-e been utter v - wssted ? Are thev not cans i. study." He fchowed me his new house, just built, and seemed especially proud of one room, well lighted, and fitted with- tables, . books, pictures, and easy chairs "This is my chil dren's study," said ho ; "here they learn their lessons, with no one to disturb them, and they disturb no one. I spare no expense to make it an attractive room, ajid feel rewarded by their enjoyment of it" - ... ! i . 1 tance trom tne paponage., jusiasne wasa- atledst intoa temormry COnviction, that bout to enter, he heard some one coming-out, thcrj is nothing s0 beautiful as female excel- ana imtneanueiy qonceaiea niniseii , oeninu u lenc a nothi so delightful as female convex large bush in the lane, hiding his lantern n gation. worse than a blank, and it not that portion! Well, if the calls aro so many,. the import we sat at school." - ionlr worth v to be reckoned as arortof mv anity will not last Ion?.. Not mote than "Madam, I never went to school a day inh.fe which has truly answered life's hest end ?Ueventy or eighty years does it ever continue. To form the manners of men. nothing der his cloak. Presently the wide barn-door -tJ;Kr.foa an ..,rtti i Q i - i vuuniuuiv..! osj uiuvu ; aa tug vavo ui iuc cwnnrr nnnn nr1.n.. mnn flnnparpd. hendin?rl ' .1 ' ' ... . m. . w,...& r -t tr -o woman tney converse witn. Those who are oeneam au iuneiu iuau oi uuuuu most associated with woman of i mi l l. i .r..i-' l. i II I- . er ay a rope, i nrougu mops Ql inis rope.ue nau undeLstand;ng wiH bealwayo found most thrust his arms, apd he 'rried the huge mass characters 1 Sach 80cietjf beyond like a ped iler's pack. everjthing else,' rubs off the protrusions that The Doctor suffered this thieving Atlas to .vAft rnnaoo . : my life," was the astonishing reply. Boyt tchat do you think of that? I after wards learned that this accomplished and in telligent gentleman, exerting an influence in the city where he lived, whose society was F, It. F. If it is an annoyance, yoa can bear a few years. In eternilyyoa will never receive these or any other-calls. Do these calls pester yoa? they Ilea oth ers. Yonder is a poor woman reading the.. I see the ciddy daughter of raaity and Bible which your money paid for; and there. . Daushtors of Fashioa." iRnnorTht bv men nf rnltnrA and rpnnwn. w a j i "o -j vir me anui . .. i.t-.. - . . . . il:. : . . poor Doy, wuo nau ajwajs worKca ior ms iv iasiuon. iter wnoie tnouirnts are occopica UWMJci wccwuiruer a irarj wnica ana I 1 j ing, and, though never in school, had never! with the changing scenes of a world the fash.owca to your donation ; and there is a third known a vacation. , ion of which passeth away. Sh lives for ab!ring the good people that support dome. I. wish some young men I know, who tire tain czlnlilatton ofhertelf.- The vanity of c missions ; acd there Is a heathen tnother iiivcsvu uiiiuv an uimraciuus ruuirunes ; in. . . . . . . . i . . .. .. ... " I l i n . .... . nasshim : then, taking the candle from his a " ' I r j i" behtna the counter or learning traaes, wno outward decoration the poor ambition of ar- "HO pcroaps woma nave immolated ber child.-. laniern, he crentUtly forvvard and set fire t6 in,Xen ' have said in my hearing, "I am anxious for ranging her toilet with taste, the round of1joor contribution had not helped to send her r the hav : then aj;ain concealed himself. In aL, JLW1 Sti1 ,u ' ,1., rr, r. . an education, on. nave no urn, coma see pddy society, u leverif I aa vv4.i i 1 v iihu tub nuuu. ..atia uot ing man, who, after much painful hesitation, expressed a desire to make a confession of sin; With a serious and sympathetic manner, yet with, I suspect a sly twinkle in . his eye, ; the minister set. himself to listen.' Uh cxeiUmenU of le gospel. Do yoa hear that young man ? 11 these "occupy and UQX well he preaches! Yoa .as&ted to ' moment that moving havcock was one creat LJJ . ... u. i- uJinc genuemau i nave oeeu oiscnutng, iuW0Tidiy engagemerts an tnese occupy . ; - wiwu ewtiuus, uui. tuuiiuuiiiy euuciutwi, iuc ... . . . .- . a . r .1 . .- .. tt. t .j .. ... . . . . . lt ai.? -ta- .. . 1 . crackling blaze, and the thief, with wild cries L,!! :I .i, ' nn .r- ...ntl fi:n. might sname xnera ouoi tneir louy. ne naa lUle her aneeuons and her mirtd.. l-or these vacate mm. uo not compum, Dutwelcome,. l r; ,.... it. .. a. " t- l.L i j il b o inn cbort hasmess hours, evening classes.! tliA nfTprtt nf irvT1 r p0mr,',9A 1 everv call t do as mnrh a. ron can fnr ib . -w - m . - r J l m w w mw m v w m w w ok'a?- AWtl S - J w T " - 1 m-j m m m w V ese the the glories of eternity are vilely! canons benevolent objects, for "the . time ii short ; and be assured, amocg ail the regrda X of a death-bed, yoa will never rerra-your lib-,,. eraMty. was trantically flinging it trom his head and, mo J clerant bumanitv : the heart itself is w . V ?1 ' ?. . ? 7 . hack . He succeeded in , extricating himself i j ml:.. L r .vi-i .4 lectures, puouc uoranes, or associauons, 10 nh . ... . o luiouiueu ana tiajus oi unuisseutuieu cuuriesy i , . ti n ftf .nM I . . , , , without help, and than ran, as though purs Hare4ormed Mhelphim. He aid not tell me of any cigars, Cast away. The mirror and the novel can ed by fiends across the snowy fields.; H . L tancy necK-ues, iroiice oazew.es, or iu gioves command her Utne, but the ihble cannot i . Rnmo mnntbe nftni. f n tbpr onm tn tbo At a lata communion in " McClintockl "e bought during the years in which he ob-And the intellect and the affections and the Doctor's stddy a pale, thin, melancholy look VB 1.. A". W I M mW - m. , m m. m. , Church," (colored,) situated eleven miles tamed ms eaucauon. his, mina was upon u,ic ot tb soul are frittered , away in thu i' m ah i . . xt -i a. . v:i I cnmpthinf riPttfir. Jlmmeiin ALetienier'. lTf nsanl AMV.lv mln... T- urintn oi . ijnanoiie. 11. iweuiv-uue cuii-i : a . . - i --- v-i iuij ruuiut-va. a u were baptised, ; and 47 persons received dren into the Church. Of tliese, 17 were' from other denominations, 30 were "fresh con yertl."' :.' . these vanities ahe baa- wav- the favor of T TV T J T T - a. 11. 1 I . .. . . - " ; - . ivev. u m. iaanaru, xj. ia, w iuiucu (jod. tor these she xchang,tlwi LVciied pastor of the Church in Salem, N. J., on hope and portion which the Sarior gives. , Thursday eveiung, May 4th. tDR.TYN "Do jou that fellow lounging . there,.. doJ-g' nothing V said Owens . to Jenkins.; "How does he live 7 by his wits V h, no-. he's 'cannibal." "A cannibal?- "Yes, a onibal ; he lives on other people. ! k it t

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