.' r :- ' '5- Finn I ) V n 1 i . 1, v r v. :Aj ttovLord livelb, xvbdt the Lord saitb. unto raoj llic. Trill I speafc." "To tho poor tlio'Gospol Is preached. VOL. II NEAR HENDERSON VILEE. ,N. C. ft. 1869; NO. '4f II II II I I 7 1 i . I- i I: 7 : . i r M I rax jo rr AGE VISITOR, : ,,, ; , . , , , , , t. ,f l Published eyery Friday sir, txubslt9. Editor and Publisher, Three miles K. 7.bfnenacncnvine, H.C, One copy i2 ,-aonlhs, . TfcRtlS; Biogle copy, 5 cents. Sl-50 To .60 Advrrliscrceats corap Alible with the character of the paper will be inserted at 10 cents per line, fur the first insertion, and 5 cents for each nubscquent ItittrTioii. t. . - ' ; ' Foi announcing a candidate for fllce, , . . $3 Jobwork 'ipciled peatlv, at iricejcrrcnjrtnl n: riila tU ilim-f . I u variably in advance. ' COMMUNICATIONS. J Ft r thC ttage Visitor. Bro. Dowkn : ' I commenced a protracted meet innr the ,15th. day of Aug., nt Broad River church, whicli continued 9 days. The .tneet- i irig was .-truly an interesting one. The peo jie. gathered iVoui t!ie mountain tops, and from the.V;i!l;e&, such as seldom had heen I s 1 the hahit f hearing the gospel prenched. Jt whs, cpuducled entirely in the day-time. There wan 19 added to the church by baptism, and a- bt'fut s . uiaiiy seeker. of religipn left uncou veiCetJ. ; S me oi them have, since professed i to have found peace. t The church is in a pi -uoperous condition, and is preparing th adopted o! securing mall but frequent, contri bution from the members of the Churcho? Praying that the Great Head of the Church' may be present in yonr convocation. I .remain, ,Y , -A... f Your, -Fraternally, JAS- B. TAYLOR, .. Cor. 'SVjr... Richmond, August 31; 18G9. .. 'If wo kncwT' BY MRS. IIKNTRT WARD BEECIIK&Y In a recent number we copied a scrap of poetry with this significant title. It struck us very forcibly as containing a profitable lesson, and has haunted us, daily, ver since. AYe have Ucen sitting this rich; golden af ternoon, on our veranda, all alone. Before us stand the grand old hills; on onr right lies the beautiful Hudson. The air is laden with rich perfumes from a wilderness of flowers; but no wind disturbs the trees, or makes music in their branches. The bees are so busy with their provident labor that their song is erv low and gentle. The hnmmmg-biid, darting inland out of the honeysuckle overour head, tliongh equally industrious, is tnore demon strative in his wonderful activity. The patient old mother turkey's " cltu , cluck" by which she calls her numerous brood about her, and their u pe -ep leep? hi reply; the self-conceit- his train and not roses, fpr your r. ping by and by?' " I have asked yjm twenty times to mend thia coat , and its tx;t done yet., 1 No time V How long would it Tare taken ? But. well I can go ragged, I j appose. You take little heel to mV wishes cf advice. You must take your own way, or yyi'll not be satisfied." JTu-iLaitd! jroa lo.'a your wife, yoa would be indignant if aloa-cr-oa should hint tlut yoc misjudged, or were jover-exacting. Yby do yoa say such ogly Li ,lng things 1 Your heart, or that silent monitr, your conscience, telL voa that she did noi mean to disregard your Take heed therefore nutoyourtclveji, asd to all the flock, over the which the IIo'j Ghent Lath mad' tou oveneers, or bltkop$t to feed the church of God, PavL - Dehold I snd ion forth as h?ep ia the midst o f wolvei: be ye tbcrvf..re vite as screi.ti, and harmless at doves. Ckrisl, "IN YOUR PATIENCE POSESS YE YOUR SOULS" timber for building a handsome meeting-housel Brother Joseph Blyt he was with me the last thr'ee-oavs of the nioeting.- I am triad to snv th'ar th lAeth ;i n rewarded him h. n 's mc!y for his labor.. ; . m ! . MyseU'aud brothir Win. Lankford conduct od la uieetint; a,t Cain creek church "about the iL-'tth. f Aui5- whicli 'continued some 12 days "and nights. It resulted in ab ut 2G conver si ns 21 added to the church, by experience, H roofed, and 4 by letter. We are having lively mectlus at lieai .vVndow c.iirch, quite a number of seekers ! leiinm three to be; baptizeil in Hickory nil ertek. I would hive to write more of the in tcptiim news from my.; mission biit have noi wings, in-faint ed old gobler, as he spreads brushes the ground .with his imitatiou of far off thunder, 'or his arrogant V gobh fa -gobble", in defiance of some imagined ejiejn;.the roll of the carriage, and the swift, glad music of the horses' feet on the smooth road" btlow, are almost the only sounds or signs of life we hear." The husband " house- bond the most sweetly significant word iu the English language, is toiling in the hot and dusty city; the children are all scattered; the grandchildren, mischievous, merry little rogue', are not as. they should be, near grand ma's chair; and the servants, in the kitchen or laundry to-day, move as quietly as the wind n the tree tops. It is to still! jYo. could hardly be more alone if we were on the highest peak of " Castle Hill,'7 and, as we eit in this wonderful quiet, those wordsj "Jf ice Icncic,'1 are -fining our heart with a strange and solemn inue now. 1 , Yours truly r : lower. If we V: J. W1LLKIE. rect'.i veu the following .'letter from Rev. J. 13. Taylor, with a request; that I present it to the 'Convention. When I started from home to attended the meeting of that b.nfy. i Wh if, at.d othVr important 'papers of my mn, and heocc I could not present it a- de-s,re-d: . To make amends as far as, possible fo: tiiitt U iuro, I now publish it, and trust it .otitcnN will be dmV conMdercd by all Chris (I u ra'teP. 1 ' "'l TU'S V KdTEUN BAPTIST . Convention or n. c Dkau B.iETiiaKN : Y : Knowing that you an ui.ited m the great principle of showing fortl :!.- Div;:)e glory in the spread ofhis precion lM;s;.;, f venture to request that you will in viiur. constitutions - give spcciaU prominance to the iii levels ot VonrlForeign Misshm Board To tliis Board has been committeil by South rn'' Banttt, the work of sounding out the ' vord of tho Loid in Heaiheu lands. It is in the poWer of pur Churches, both in respect to '''men and- toe means of sustaibg them, to send scores of .well qualified proclaimers of the gos pel among the perishing of the earth. ; The Board have done all they could, and they rejoice to know, that their labor has not been vain in ihe' Lord. But, the time has come when providence of God demands a large rinforcJnent of their mission. Not toad vance. will , be to retrograde in their work 'Shall t'lis be permitted ; and, at a time too, .when wide -doors are opening for the minis- trntions of the gospel among millions of idol aters? It most not be. , Tt is the desire of the Board to have every , Church, and every Church member interested in this work. . An! average of one cent a week, for every one of our brethren and" sisters, within the limits of your body, would aggre gate a snficient 1 sum to sustaia a mission stAtion among the heathen. And how easily v 1 this could be done, if all hearU were affected r by the condition of a' lost world, and con strained by the love of Christ. . Will yrtu not Dear Brethren, arrange, to bring about, if possible this result ? The apostolic order, to every ohe, 14 to lay by him in store, on the first day of the week, a3 God Ah ! if in early youth " ice knew .'" couhl lMk along the map of life clear to the and, and see all the breakers and quicksands vhieh, by patience and self control we could avc avioded, how diftirent would be the -view wc now take of the u backward track T No loubt, it is well, in many ways, that we can not x read the fut in e , trials and sorrows that no skill .or. foresight couhl have turned aside vould have been doubled by anticipation and foreknowledge, and yet we doubt if there are many. who,: lookiiig back from the "halfway house,' would not willingly endure the double pain and sorrow, if they might have had the power to foresee the inevitable result of cer: fain courses, and profiting by .this foreknowl edge1 have avoided the danger or the sin. "Brother ! Sister ! Would you be impatient or cross to your little playmate " if we knew' those little "baby fingers would." never trno hie vou again ?" ! Two little boys were at play one of three yeaf?, the other but eighteen months. - Both wanted the rocking-chair. Full of health and animal spirits, the dispute ran high, and, at last, the elder struck the little one. Only a few davs and the baby hands were folded in ' snowy grace" upon the cold and quiet heart and laid in the grave. A short time after, hearing bitter sobs in the garden, the mother found the lonely brother, himself but just past babyhood, lying under the peach trees, watching' ' wikh eager eyes some biids flying over his head, and calling between his sobs,' " Oh, birdies! little birdies! Fly up! Fly high er ! and tell Jesus Christ if he will jonly let Gordie come back to me he may have the rocking-chair all the time, and I never, never will strike him again nectr ! never ! OA, lather ! Don t be harsh with your sou. He disobeyed your commands, and pf course he has done wrong; but he is only a little child. It was the oveiflux of exuberant life, and not wilful disobedience. If you could look forward to what soon may be, bow leni- eutly would you I judge,- how gently would you chide; an -iy your gentleness secure the obedience much more effectually. AhUPbor, tired mother! You are very weary. nd half sick. Your eyes are heavy for wanfof ideep. and your head throbbing with the noise and shouts, and wikb frolics of your little ones. But it is health, and strength, and life. l?e patient ! If, soon, with ho4and tearless eyes, you watch by the little crib Lwhere fever may conquer that life, but late so wishes or advice. : . 1 - cd with care and freiuent interruptions; or perhaps sickness is cr. XLnS P01 cr .-What ever reason, the offence-was but a UttU thing. Even if she was self-willed, or irritable, be pa tient with her. Yon kuow a certain tone of your voice, or a love-look from your eye, would have brought her toyour side in an in stant, sorry, self-upbraiding loving and honoring you with her whole heart. Ah ! "if. you knetoP These first morose, fault find ing words, perhaps are "leaving on her heart a shadow, leaving- on your heart a stajn which may be the beginning of coldness, mis trust and defiance, or possibly a deeper sin, where, but for them you could have scenred joy and gladness, growing sweeter and purer day y day ! Deal gently Yon, her husband, can make her happy, loving and good ; or you . can make uer irritable, unloving ana evil. ". . ' "John! "Why do you always wait and wait, and hinder me so? You can come when I call you. juntas well as to keep me waiting if you only choose to do so. But jou arc always so obstinately bent on taking your own time, regardless of other people's com fort.' Btc ! It is just such little impatient, wasp ish words, that tempt your husband to seek quiet, comfort and appneiation away from your side. No matter If he speaks ,sjust as impatiently" to -ou 'Jfifty times a day, show him a better way. Why retort, or shrink from the "little shadows' which you can, by gentleness, ttispei ( xou nave even more power in your gentleness, tbanou.r husband has m his strength, lield a little. Jt ii not hard, and you reap a glorious reward. Is not your husband's love and confidence worth keeping by a little patience and forbearance? But if not for present joy, to ward otf future misery at least, ''set a guard over the doors of your mouth that you sin not with your lips' and so tread life's pathway with him to whom When you entered upon the work of the ministry, yoa imagined thatyou would have the sympathy of ' the church members, li joa ave been a preacher long, experience has taught you that no greater mistake could have been committed. While some hare done well, in giving you aid &. comfort, others have convinced yoa that there are false breth ren now as well as in the days of Paul. Your greatest danger lies not, however, in the fact that yoa are neglected and forsaken by those to whom you hail a right to look as partners in your labors, and sharers in your joys. Nor is it in the persecutions, and slanders of bad men cXthe world. But in tho fact that yon may po?sibly feel and act wrong when mis treated by others. If you devote your whole time to preaching the word, and to prayer; your family will not have all the comforts of life, and may want some of the necessaries.. Then some will say, ah ! he is too lazy to work. He only preaches to have an easy time. lie docs not care for his family. Or if yon preach what you can, and support your family in a plain comfortable way, by boru work and good management; many will 6ay O yes! see how he loves money. He is getting rich. Well he will get no more of my money. I do not believe in making preachers rich. Tbey get above themselves. It is much harder to feel and act properly under either of these circumstances than to preach a good .sermon. But here is your crown. Let no man take it from you. Pray tor all these persons in secret, and forgive their unkindncss from your heart, and preach lor them and their children as though .they were your warmest friends and greatest ad mirers. This will require much grace, but he who said " go preach my gospel," also said "I will be with you tothe end of the world, Amen. Every grace he will give, if you ask it. On the other hand, a preacher sometimes, rcsusrjK) zt ksqcwt. It grieves me for my consort dear You seemed so much for me to care, Bat we hare took the parting hand, On the cold bank of Jordan's sand. And now sweet babes yoa link my hearty It is so bard from you to part;: Bat over Jordan I must goj And leave yoa iu this rorld below.- Farewell to. all rtratinns round, Iy soul is tow tor heaven bound, Yonr faces all I'd like to see. Bat Jescs now ha sent for me. . - . - - Aud O my brethren in the Lord, Come priicye God with one accord, I now am bound to father'a nome',- Where every faithful soul shall come", Many sweet hoars we hive trpent, When to the hoas of God we went, We sang the song of Zion,s king,' JS till to his name thy praise now bring.- Sinner I s.iy c word fo yotf, Do not yoar sinful way pursue, To sink your soul in endless pian, That, by yoar folly yoa shall gain.- Be sure like me yoa hare to die, Then all this world yoa shall lay by, So to the tomb your body goes, But where yoar soul God only4knows. ' The righteous will in glory shin c But hell poor winner shall be thine, . ' A long farewell I say Cb all, Who will not on my Jesus call. you have vowed a wife's fealty, that if called to owinS 10 a rcady delivery, facenating manners, sitm the desolation of widowhood, there shall or tnorc substantial merit; obtains a popular net be added to that sorrow, the anguish of -J lhat is more dangerous than . pcrsecntio'n self-up-braiding, for little services impatiently aml neKlect both together. The giddices rendered or love requited by coldness or'irri- engendered by flattery, or even well earned lability , praise, is more to be dreaded than bonds and 'When we have-passed through all the labors shipwreck. The weakest brains arc moat and trials of earlier life, and in full maturity J liablc 10 bo aJ,,!ci! hJ this spacions cup of or just on the decline, recall tho friends of &ala:.,i l,,oug, Ta,Q carw ro sonieumes onr youth, and the sweeter family ties, how connected with strong heads. But serious the heart aches with the memory of sober reflection, and humble prayer will not The hasty words or aotions, " be disregarded by an ever merciful Savior, Strewn along our backward track, and he will bear his chosen through this dan- and vainly yearns for ono more- opportunity gcr when they put their trust in him. 11 Let for the better performance of our whole duty no man think more highly of hiniHelf than he in 11 love, fidelity, and patience, But ought to think ; but think soberly according A Ministor murderod in tho" Pulpit.- While Rev. Mr. Perry, a local Methodist preacher, wl addressing a congregation at Columbia, Brazona county, Texas, ca the evening of the Sth of. September, six armed desperadoes entered the church and fired at and killed hira instantly. Rev3Ir. Hardwell, the minister in charge, who was sitting ic the pulpit, was knocked down by one of. the ruf fians, but as he is a very" powerful man, he rallied and took the weapon away from h:s as5ailaaL Tho assassins then ran out of the house Seventy freedman armed themselves and mounted in hot pursuit with instructions from the United States Marshal to bring the ruffians back dead or alive. A terrible state of affairs is said to exist in that section of the' countrr. God Pity os all. Who vainly the faults of youth recall, For of nil sad words of tongue r pen, The saddest are these': " m:ght have been."1 Ike Mother at Home, as God has dealt to every man the measure of faith." The trials of ministers of the present age arc of different character, bnt no less danger ous than those of darkerTIaya. The Savior's , stopped to hear 'what the man was talking Tho Old Old Story. "I am tired of newspapers, and travels, and novels taid a young girl to her teichcr, "Tell nie of some good book to read." 'The Bible is a good book." "Oh that is so old. I do not care to read always the same story. I want something new.' , "Ifyoa.but read aright, the Scriptures arc a mine of wealth, ever displaying new trcanres. "How can that be ?n " An anecdote of one hearers will illustrat my day while Whiteficld was preaching on the health, an old man and his wife parsed along the road on horseback. Attracted by the crowd and the minister's voice, ther of Whitefield's meaning. One Lot's Wife. command, " Watch and pray lest ye enter Ed. Visitor.. . !. 1- In the account of the destruction of the iruo "mptauon, is quite appucauie to run r,.. r ri..:.. ' t. . tn Ucrvauts now. 26), "She became a pillar of salti does not aff rd any ground for the common impression iiiuu Ajuto vviic utvitiuc a Dkuiuc-ci i uwiw sail, i . . 9 . i Arc You m Earnest! i lie nuiu iL'tiucirii j-iitui, ueuuves juii- crally any fixed object, and that rendered It is Christ's work that yon arc doin "salt' denotes also bitumen. He has intruded it to yon. Yoa profess to ' Professor Daubney, in his work on volca- ,oye yonr AfQ in earnesl mxm, uppue8 u.aw iuiuuic -gcuuy ic jn j. for jjim ? 1 -1 I . l. - 1 I I t Al I puysicai instrument ciup.oeu uy uio i- Tt . . Tmmorlfll .onl. fom. ?..!.. H T.r Til.? I O migiuy to uestroy tiie uve cmcs oi me x lain fft rnnr t.nRt . w . . . j llV God .i w .i o-i t i e -.i r I j i j u.3i uic oau or leau oca arose cituer irum n- p. i r..- tt. . : r Ill I Illicit , m nuiK ivjt uic iiuiiiuuuu ui tiiv.ii Christ died ; in which angels are interested. niinir rtf hip -i nrn a n riv a rnrrpni rn it intu , r tt j t ' O, thon. who. in God's provideuce, art called Mm clmiran -v hra vrf hrinict rn A warm ,tm I 11 sioned ( a rrraatn , . . ... i t i j .i. Jesus, with the Father himself art thou in known missionary traveler in Iceland) that ' Lot's wife, lingering behind her friends, mav ear? ... .... , . . .. . i j .i The time is short. Your own life is tinccr- tain, lour pupil is mortal, loutnnpcns about.'. He talked flS00 years ago, and the old man said impatiently, Mary, ccrae , dong. iwers of fire and brimstone were occa- ... J. , , . , , , r .. , , . .. , to work in the same field with prophets, by the fall of volcanic ejections; and . , . , . , . . t -u ii i it apostles and martyrs; with the angels, with ng in this with Henderson, the well- J . ' ,. Ir I It is only something, that baprcud " a long whileago., But Mary withed to tay a little longer. Soon both were in- tears andf asking, 'What shall I do to be saved V . "On .their way home the old man thought ofhis Bible, and exclaimed 'Mary, doesn't our old book at home say something abootf . theae things? "They went Loxe Tcjo!ccing, end there read the long neglected bock read it with ever increasing delight. 1 Why, Mary, said the surprised and happy husband, 'is thit indeed our old book? Everything scemi quite new. Thta will it be with yorr. Thus may it he with alL If the Spirit bnt interpret the word, and the heart receive iu blessed in fluence, then will the old story be ever frcsl and new. with saline and other volcanic materials. has prospered him," ought to be honestly and jioyons and tull ot activity, can you endure waestly regarded. Cannot some method behat may be, if you have scattered " thorns,, The Germans say, ,We live but once. How precious, then, should each day be to us ! How applicable is this to every phase of existence. We never can recall a moment. We cannot extend our life an hour, but must obey the summons even though it should be at a moment's notice ! Why spoil a second of it? into manhood. The golden opportunity i flcetincr. 44 The nisht cometh." Are voa ia earnest? Fellow preacher, face your own conscience snd, remembering that God is looking on your work, ak yourself the question, am I IX XAKXXST? Whatsoever thy hand jindtlh to do, do I v'dhthy usAl. REV. E. EGGLESTOX A false fricnd'ij like a shavlow n a sun dial, which nart in fine weather bet vanish es at the approach of a cloud. The superfluous blossoms on the fruit trees are meant toaymbchxe the large way in which God loves to do. Whether the woild morn 'forward or backward, the movement tarty call the ms tioa progress I i

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