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Greater Kings Mountain’s Progressive Newspaper
Vol. 1 No. 50
Kings Mountain Mirror, Wednesday, August 9, 1972
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Meeting Termed Discourteous
Redevelopment Accused Of
‘^Keeping People In Dark”
long and Short Of It!
Myron George holds gobs of fallen hair, after he and four teammates on the KMHS foot
ball squad decided to go all the way in getting haircuts for team practice.
At this point it’s too late to turn back! See “after” photo of all 4 Inside. (Mirror Pho
to by Rodney Dodson)
Thieves Enter Drug Store
An attempted break-in at Griffin’s Pha
rmacy Monday apparently made the thie
ves smarter according to Detective Roper
of the Kings Mountain Police Department.
At approximately 8 a.m. Monday morn
ing the police received a cail from Grif
fin’s Pharmacy reporting an attempted
breaking and entering. According to Ro
per the thieves had used a tool on the or
der of a wrecking bar or heavy screw
driver to pry open the door. The door had
been pried the wrong way and the lock was
sprung on the outside...still leaving the
door "locked” in a bind by the latch.
Later the Department answered a call to
Mountaineer Pharmacy. Carl Wiesener,
owner reported tnat someone had broken
into the store and had stolen several items,
including cameras and a supply of restri
cted pills, none of the hard drug variety.
Roper said that the same sort of tools had
been used to break into Mountaineer that
had been attempted at Griffin’s. He sur
mised that the thieves saw their problem
at the first store and then went to Moun
taineer. Roper said that he gotthreegood
fingerprints off the door at Mountaineer
Another call at 4 p.m. Monday netted KM
Police five juveniles arrested for breaking
into a coin machine. The machine at the
Washerette at Tracy and Ellison Streets
had been reported by Mai Hendricks, of
Shelby, owner of the establishment. Hen
dricks said the machine had been broken
into and roughly $150 in silver had been
taken. Later police picked up five juve-
nUes who admitted breaking into the ma
chine and $32 was recovered. Captain
Roper stated that two more are to be pic
ked up for the incident. One over 16, will
be indicted and juvenile petitions will be
taken out on the minors.
Mirror News Editor
About fourteen downtown businessmen
and women met Tuesday with Gene White,
Director of the Redevelopment Commiss
ion of Kings Mountain and Mr. Roscoe L.
Hanner of the financing division of the
small Business Administration (SBA).
Hanner came fromthe SBA state office
in Charlotte to talk with the group about
loans made by his office. These loans are
designed for business that will be displa
ced due to Federally funded projects.
A brochure of the funding process as well
as initial applications were given to the at
tending businessmen and questions con
cerning the loans were fielded by Hanner.
The meeting soon took on an air of dis
sension as Mrs. Haywood Lynch blasted
the RedevelopmentCommlssion for “keep
ing us in the dark.” “We have had no in
formation on the urban renewal project.”
stated Mrs. Lynch as she cited lack of
public hearings on the matter in the past.
“No one has been informed on the how,
when and where of urban renewal. Media
has printed what it was told to print and
it was a rosy picture. We have not rece
ived material one from the Redevelopment
Commission.” She further scorn^ the
Commissions attempt at renewal as “in
competent” and stated that the business
men were not going to be pushed out
“They (commission) have hidden informa
tion from us and have not approached us
right about this situation.”
Mrs. Lynch praised Hanner for his part
in helping the business people and added,
“if this information had come tour years
ago we would be further along.” Mrs. Ly
nch cited passages from a Handbook for
Housing and Urban Renewal Commiss
ioners and said that the commission had
not adhered to its rules.
Concerning lack ofpublic hearings. Gene
White said that there had been public mee
tings. “These meetings were public and
open,” he said, “and they are a matter
of public record. The transcripts are a-
vailable, as they were taped.”
As one in attendance stated concerning
the SBA loans, “It is hard to disassoci
ate this rosy picture of renewal from the
fact that we are meeting to talk about a
loan on a project we don’t like.”
Some of the disagreement about the pro
ject is that downtown business will be for
ced to move out of the central business
district and set up somewhere else, thus
belrg in a position of buying land that may
be set at a higher price.
SBA aides the business money-wise but
relocation site must be found by the own
er of the business. The Redevelopment
Commission has the burden of paying mo
ving costs including utility hook-ups, etc.
As Gene White stated, “Our responsibil
ity is to pay the moving costs so that it
will not be an economic burden on the bus
Further along in the meeting, Mrs. Lyn
ch accused the urban renewal project as
being designed “to kick people out.” She
stated that the downtown businesses look
bad “because four years ago wewerctold
that there would be an urban renewal pro
ject. We kept asking about the situation
and no one would tell us anything. Now
the buildings are run down and its notour
fault. No one ever made any action for
‘The Commission should put women who
have enough sense and esthetics for bea
utification on these committes and not bus
inessmen who do not have the time,” said
Mrs. Lynch in summing up her reaction
to the slowness of urban renewal.
Gene White showed dismay at the pro
ceedings later and said it had been “very
discourteous to Mr. Haimer.” White went
on to say, “Hanner was called down to the
meeting for the sole purpose of explain
ing the SBA loan to the businessmen. He
said, “We have tried to be forthright with
people and show no reluctance whatsoever
in letting people know everything. There
is no collusion in the urban renewal pro
White also answered several questions
put to him by reporters. On the question
of tax increased, he said that taxes would
not go up for the urban renewal project.
In fact, he added, the new buildings will
be a tax asset.
The question also arose as to whether
there is any assurance that the town will
be built back after the buildings have been
demolished. “Yes. For examplewehave
Paragon Producer Grateful For Floyd’s Assistance
Today Mr. “Pat” Patterson Producer
and Director of Paragon Motion Pictures
expressed his appreciation to the U.S. A. F.
Base of Eglin, Fla. for the courticies and
co-operation that has been rendered to his
studio, which have help make possible the
current Paragon Production of the Picture
“Boots.” Especially he saia, •■lamgra
teful for the discovery of a new and up
coming talent in the personality of Airman
Floyd. Airman MichaU R. Floyd has been
on special loan by tbeSpecialServlces un
it at EglinA.F. BaselnFIa. towrite, com
pose, and perform the musical sound track
'for the current production; “Boots.”
Mr. Patterson went on to say that airman
Michael Floyd’s father, Mr. PeteD. Floyd
of Kings Mountain, N.C. a co-writer, ac
tor, and co-director of the production co
mmented during the interview,“lamgra
teful to Mr. Patterson for the professional
Five Area
Five area residents were arrested last
week according to the Cleveland County
Sheriff’s Department. Among those list
ed in arrest reports were;
T. C. Bowers, 30, of Kings Mountain, ca
pias for public drunkeness.
Ben Gold Foster, 47, of 108 Morris Str
eet, Kings Mountain, capias instantor for
driving under the iidluence,
Islsah Wilson. 28, pf Route 1, Kings Mou
ntain, assault with a deadly weapon.
Shirley A. Clack, 22, of 48 Gray Street,
Kings Mountain, breaking, entering and
James Gene Owens, 34, of Route 2, Box
475, Kings Mountain, capias Instantor for
concern and attention he has shown my son
by providing such an opportunity of magni
tude for “Mickey” to be seen and heard on
a National level, other than this, Mr. Floyd
said, my son’s ability may be judged by the
public at large, however, Itooexpressmy
thanks and appreciation to the U.S. A. F. and
The Special Services for their help and co
operation for the accessability they made
possible for my son to help/and assist us
in our producUon of the Motion Picture-
“BooU” by Paragon Studiosl”
just received the reuse survey prints on
the Bonnie Mill property. The commiss
ion will consider the recomendations of
Scott Key (review appraiser) and will set
tle on a price and this lot will be sold. The
buyer must also show the commissions
plans for use of the property and they must
conform to the urban renewal schedule.
If he has no plans, then the property will
not be sold to him. This36,643,64square
foot lot will be sold sometime in the near
Another question arose as to the Ethics
of having interested downtown property
owners on the redevelopment board.
“They are treated no better or no worse
than any other person. Their interests
are appraised and a fair market value pri
ce is set. There is no under-the-table
dealings going on. We have very strict
auditors and if there were any discrepa
ncies, people would know about them.”
■_ * '
Official Football of die KMHS Mountaineers signals the beginning of the 1972 season.
See the Mountaineers as they begin practice in this week’s Sports Mirror. (Mirror Pho
to by Lem Lynch)
Man Charged With Robbery By Assault
Hilliard Eugene Coker listed as having
a Blacksburg, S.C. address was arrested
Friday by Kings Mountain Policeandcha
rged with robbery by assault. Coker, a-
long with another man and two women al
legedly picked up William Huffstetler, of
Route 1, Blacksburg. They then went to
Margrace Mill Village where they robbed
Huffstetler of approximately $150.00. Co
ker was transferred to Cleveland County
Jail. Other arrests for the week beginn
ing August 2 include;
Larry Edward Smith, 30, towing viola
J. G. Richards, 21, stop light violation.
Richard Yarborough, 31, 47 in 35 zone.
Ronald M. Baker, 20, 47 in 35 zone.
Auston Falls, 56, public drunk.
David B. Boheler, 28, non-support.
Samuel McDonald Cody, 27, stop light
Earnest Stevenson, 20, non-support.
Hilliard E. Coker, 24, robbery by assault
and a capias.
Austin Falls, 56, public drunk.
Roger E. Parker, 23, 50 in 35 zone.
William W. Wiggins, 28, 50 in 35 zone.
Dorthy J. Daniels, 33, 50 in 35 zone.
Peggy C. Clark, 33, 49 in 35 zone.
Michael D. Williams, 21, 50 in 35 zone.
Gilbert Hamrick, 21, 50 in 35 zone.
Henry Grafy Tate, Jr, 40,48 in 35 zone.
Douglas Murray Wray, 22, inspection vio
Clarence Patterson, 39, D.U.l.
Panagiotis Serafim Nikopoalos, 26, ex
pired inspection certificate.
Cheryl Ann Foster, 27, assault with a
deadly weapon.
Dwight Foster, 35, assault on a female.
Clayward C. Curry, 22, stop sign viola
Holland J. Gill, 35, inspection violation.
James E. Yates, 26, inspection viola
Amzie A. Roberts, 45, inspection viola
Horace E. Kiser, 41, inspection viola
James R. Smylie, 18, improper equip
Michael Eugene Murry, 22.
Gunzo Eugene Feemster, 19, equipment
John Barry Jenkins, 25, D.U.l.
Thomas F. Humphries, 21, no escort
(towing violation),
Billy Joe Sprouse, 32, violation of prohi
bition law.
Moffett R. Green, 35, public drunk.
Bonnie Burton, 60, public drunk.
County Commissioners Deny
Shelby’s Boundary Request
Officers and the driver Inspect the damage done to the Chevrolet following an accident
Saturday night at 12;30 a.m. Johnny LeeSorratt, 18, of 413 Morris Street, told officer T.
F. King that the gas pedal stuck on the car. He lost control, hit a utility pole and then
traveled about 100 feet before the car landed on its top. The accident occured on Grace
Street, just north from Linwood Road toward EllisonDrive. Sorratt was not injured but
he was charged with exceeding a safe speed.
The question of extending the perimeter
boundary of the City of Shelby, an additi
onal assessment for initiation of a drug
abuse prevention program by CAGO, and
a resolution concerning school bond iss
ues for Shelby and Cleveland Countywere
among the topics discussed by the Cleve
land County Commissioners Monday.
A motion to deny the request of the city
of Shelby to extend its current boundaries
from one to two miles was made by Com
missioner Phil Rucker and seconded by
Commissioner Fritz Morehead.
Shelby’s City Manager Dave Wilkison
went before the board Monday to request
that the commissioners pass the request
to extend the city’s boundaries. A public
hearing had been held on July 17 for the
citizens affected to air their opinions.
Most of the opinion was against the reso
lution but the City board had nevertheless
voted to send the request to the county co
The general feeling of the board was that
the county should have the responsibility
to zone outside the city limits. Vote to de
ny the request was unani.mous.
City Manager Wilkison also brought be
fore the board the additional assessment
from CAGO in the amount of $2,528.75.
Previously the regular assessment was
$5,635.50. Total payment would be$8,164.
25. The board voted to pay this extra a-
mount and praised the drug program the
extra money will be used lor.
in further action, the commissioners
passed several resolutions on tKjnd elec
tions brought to them by the school boa
rds. The resolutions were routine mat
ters required by law to be passed by the
Commissioners before a bond election
may take place. The Bond Elections for
Cleveland County Schools will be for $4
million and Shelby City Schools for
$1,750,000. These elections will be onSep-
temer 30.
The commissioners also approved the
reappointment of Mr. Hackett Wilson to
a three year term on the City Zoning Boa
rd of adjustment and an agreement betwe
en Cleveland County and the N.C. Depart
ment of Justice for a Police Information
Mrs. Cecil Webb, of the Public Health
Department appeared before the board
asking for a raise in salary. She cited the
fact that many of the employees who had
not been in the department as many years
as she had received a higher salary rate.
Mrs. Webb has been with the department
for 22 years. The Board voted that she
receive a pay hike.
C. C. Horn, county attorney also brought
the board a five year lease to sign that
would place a 70 foot garbage container
near Swainsville. The lease, for one dollar
a year, was passed.
A request from Sheriff Heywood Allen to
replace Mrs. Gayle Pridmore, who is
leaving the department was approved.
Mrs. Pridmore’s replacement will be
Mrs. Jean H. Impinna. Also Allenrecyie-
sted that Terry Richard Lanier be hired
to replace Jerry Petty as radio operator.
This request, too, was approved.
A tax refund of $4i.86 to Mauney-Willi
ams Coal and Oil Company was granted
and Road petitions for maintenance of
streets on Montevista Park, maintenance
of road off rrjad #2298 and maintenance
of completed section of Big Oak Road and
all of Cherry Lane in Fairmeadows Sub
division and paving of Ridge Road was al
so approved for consideration.
Also approved in the meeting was reque
st from Hospital Administrator Paul Elli
son to use the vacant lot behind the Health
Department for storage of construction
C.L.O.C. To See
Crowders Presentation
C.L.O.C. (Cleveland I.eague on Conser
vation) will meet on Thursday. August 10th
at 7; 30 p.m. in the Cleveland County Lib
rary, Shelby. Topic of the meeting will
be the preservation of Kings and Crow
ders Mountain and the speaker will be Mrs.
Lewis Bulwinkle of Gastonia.

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