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Georgia Representative Julian Bond, left, told newsmen Tues
day, Jan. 11, that he feared for his life when he went to the
State Capitol Monday to try to claim his seat in the legisla
ture. Bond, shown here with fellow SNCC leader James
Farmer at a news conference on the capitol steps, was re
fused the seat because he backed a SNCC statement advocat
ing draft evasion and criticizing the United States involve
ment in Viet Nam. (UPI PHOTO).
NC Presbyterian Men From
60 Churches Here Sat.
The Davie Street United beginning at 11 a. m.
Presbyterian Church, Raleigh, sixty churches, from Durham
will be the scene of a mammoth to the eastern coast of North
promotional meeting for the Carolina comprise the Cape
snen of the Cape Fear Pres- v Fear Presbytery. The two
toyUry ok Saturday, Jan. 15, * other Presbyteries are Yadkin
and Catawba, but the Cape Fear
fAt the Fall meeting, a com
mittee was named and instruct
ed to plan the promotional and
training meeting. It was head-
prominent Raleigh elder
Each chapter is expected to
send three or more laymen and
Business of importance which
will be discussed includes: E
valuating and studying the pub
lication, “Mr. Presbyterian;**
j».jy . sharing of ideas and experience
es by local chapters; the in
i troduction of resource materi
al t §i A als tor use by local chapters;
m W i and fellowshipping with broth
ll i : Mk . ers that will promote under
jfyf | standing and mutual enjoyment,
|jr . 4 One of the highlights of the
Chemistry Dept. Head At
St. Aug. Says No Comment’
BY STAFF WRITER from Wake County Jail, under
Dr. Jeffrey Gipson, chair- a bond of SSOO.
man of the Chemistry Depart- According to John H. Bland,
ment at St. Augustine’s College, Justice of the Peace, Dr. Gip
was contacted early Wednesday son is charged with hitting a
for his views on two traliic pedestrian, Johnnie Chavis, Jr.,
charges facing him, and told a 27, about 4a. m. Saturday,
newsman, “I have no com- and failing to stop and see about
ment." Chavis or give his name. Chavis
He was arrested around 3p. was discovered about two hours
m. Sunday by the State Highway later and rushed to WakeMem-
Pairo! and charged with hit orial Hospital. The victim,
and run driving, involving a of 107 Sanderfordßd., was found
personal injury, and reckless about two miles south of the
driving. city on Sanderford Rd,
Gipson, 43, was released (See CHEMISTRY mOF., p. 8)
Rights Attorneys List 1966
Areas Os Legal Emphasis
NEW YORK - Programs ern- said the Fund will emphasize
phasizing employment, housing, implementation of the Act.
health care, schools and ad- . Ti!,a Eogal Defense Fund,
ministration of justice will be which handles an estimated 95
the focus for the NAACP Le- P p i' cent of all southern civil
gal Defense and Educational lights litigation not handles by
Fund tn 1966, Jack Greenberg, the Justice Department, operat-
Fund director-counsel, said o< * on a budget of $1.7 mii
here last Wednesdav. lion last year. The 1966 bud-
Noting “signs of disenchant- S' et is estimated at $2 million,
ment*’ with enforcement of the ie tb'st dozen suits charg-
Clvil Rights Act of 1964 evi- in K employment discrimination
denced in school segr eg a t ion under tiie Act were filed in
demonstrations in Crawford- 1965, he said, but indicated that
ville, Ga.; Natchez, Miss.; man >’ m ore will be filed this
Huntsville, Texas and other >’ear
etmmmUteS' Mr. Greeuherg i§m 9. 83
team coaches from across the state held their aroma! pt*sssslsf sssstea at the 3®m W, Ltgtss
High School Saturday, Jan. 8. The purpose of this meeting was to plan the debating clinics to bs
held through the state as a prerequisite for high school debating. O. A. Dupree, principal of
Sampson High School, Clinton, standing, served as chairman. Regions were set up over the
state ar.d chairmen were appointed. Most authorities in the fields of social studies and English
agree that debating should be a vital part of the secondary school's program,
— ■■■■■■■»■— ' .
I 11% Sg SI *>#%;. /(ja Througrli Adverttfidiiig Newspapers, Radio and TV are n) 1 I « H I
[Patrouze Ours b=£~=~=t Advertisers
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J, Jr ar JR m. m. 4c 4s 4t 4t 4t 4r i j._l. *• *. *.
+ + V T -e H T if * it
New Ministerial Prexy, Rev. Lewis, Says
.llliance I To Fight Jinifrow
Schools To
Be Targets
The newly-elected president
of the R&leigh Ministerial Al
liance said Tuesday night that
the organization, under his
leadership, will attack segrega
tion and urge won MeguUaa,
get behind i!l«
Br rrd of EdUflO- BPT
schools, and Me
gro teachers In
said the ' R*Y.fgJg JBBi
Willie B. L«wi% MT. LEWB
pastor of the Fayetteville Street
Baptist Church, who, along, with
other officers, was sworn In on
Monday at the Bloodwotfh St.
YMGA at 12 noon.
Rev. Lewis said he would al
so like to see the Alliance at
tack segregation in hospitals
and Jim crow housing.
,He said a highlight of his
administration would be an at
tempt to have kindergartens in
stalled in all elementary
schools, “so that a child would
go to school at least acquaint
ed with a book.”
The installation address was
(See REV. LEWIS, F. 8)
SNCC Tells
Its Views
On Battle
EDITOR’S NOTE: Following
is a statement by the Student
Non-Violent Coordinating Com
mittee (SNCC) concerning its
stand on United States Foreign
Policy as related to war. The
complete statement follows:
ATLANTA, Ga. - The Stu
dent Nonviolent Coordinating
Committee has a right and a
responsibility to dissent with
United States foreigh policy on
any issue when it sees fit. The
Student Nonviolent Coordinating
Committee now states its oppo
sition to United States* involve
ment in Vietnam on these
We believe the United States
government has been deceptive
in its claims of concern for the
freedom of the Vietnamese peo
ple, just as the government
has been deceptive in claiming
concern for the freedom of
colored people in such pther
countries as the Dominican
Republic, the Congo, South Afri
ca, Rhodesia, and in the United
States Itself.
We, the Student Nonviolent
Coordinating Committee, have
been involved in the black peo
ple’s struggle for liberation
and self-determination in this
country for the past five years.
Our work, particularly in the
South, has taught us that the
United States government has
never guaranteed the freedom of
oppressed citizens, and is not
North Carolina’s Leading Weekly
■ - —.. . -.m... - —,, . ■ 1 HU..—■—■ ■ , i .mi. i i
Map Plans For Mass Reunion In Qti
*********•** * * * * * * * * * *
: All-Grad
A mammoth school reunion
is in the planning stages for
ail the former students and
teachers of Washington High
an., the J. \V. Ligon Jr.-Sr.
High Schools. r " hi s idea
sprouted wings last Sunday at
! Wake Memorial Hospital when
" the editor of “Pete’s Pickln’s
stopped for a moment with Mrs.
Jimmy B. Middleton, one of
the early mathematics instruc
tors at Washington High. After
a few fine exchanges, Mr-s.■%
Middleton told an Interesting 1
story about little Sam Lucas.
The full story appearing next
week’s “Pete’s Pickin’s” then
came the idea. “Pete” she
said, “Why not let us get to
gether i d effect a reunion for
ali the >rmer students and
teachers from Washington High
and Ligon Jr.-Sr. High. Then
she continued “I’ll be out of
here Thursday or Friday and
we’ll start moving.”
We talked of the days of
Thomas “Tony” Burch, Ed
Lane, Bartell Lane, Fred Lane,
James B, “Bags” Yeargan, Ur
bane Bass, Cecil Flagg, Paul
Morgan, “Fatha” Price, Doug
las “Grade” Hairston, William
F. Alexander, Charles Ray,
Woman Is
Beaten, Then
Rings Taken
Mrs. Betty Chavis Clay, of
422 S. Haywood St., told “the
law” at 12;56 a. m. Monday,
that George Edward Davis,
Jr,, 20, of 121 Smithfield St.,
struck her with his hands and
fists at the intersection of
E. Davie and S. Bloodworth
From Raleigh s Official Police Files.
injured Female Two Charged In
Goes To Jail Si-Racial Bout
Mrs. Stella Dolby, of 1223
Fayetteville Rd,, was arrest
ed by Officers O. C. Pratt and
R. E. Keeter at 1:04 p. m,
Monday after she told them she
fell at the corner of S. East
and E. Davie Sts.
The woman was treated at
Wake Memorial Hospital for
a three-inch cut on the chin
and a one-inch wound on the
left side of her head.
She was still being treated
when the cops made their re
port, but they noted that a
warrant for public drunkenness
would await her on the outside.
It could not be ascertained
just how the woman was able
to travel from where she lives,
which Is over two miles to the
Davie Street location before
being nabbed.
A. <*..■ '• •(.■ -. * '. ; Vv' : '■ :r ' : , '- : r -"*■» - :-■ vv
ryi'J "'V. •- . :. ; .'A ’'••.'•.l-*.'' •
persons marched on the Forrest County Courthouse here Monday, protesting the firebomb murder
of civil rights leader Vernon Dahmer, a local Negro. The Rev. Rogers Tyler, (light suit),
Mount Olive, led the group in prayer on the steps of the building. There were no incidents.
March Os Dimes Kick-Off Meet
Set Thursday. Many Take Part
Vick Perry, chemistry instruc
tor at the J. W, Ligon Jr.-
Sr. High School has been nam
ed chairman of the Special Gifts
Committee for the March of
Dimes, and will be serving in
that capacity for the third
Temperature* for the Best
five flays, Thursday through
Monday, will average near or
above normal. Normal high
and low temperatures for the
period win bs S 3 and 31 de
gree*. Mild weather is expect
ed at the beginning of the
period, with a change to cold
er temperature* about the end
of the period. Precipitation
will total one-half to three
quarter* of an inch or more,
occurring as occasional rain or
shower* Thursday, and again
about Saturday.
Officer Phillip Gordon Jones
arrested two men at 8:35 p. m,
Sunday -a Negro and a Cau
casian -for fighting in front
of 300 Love’s Lane.
Henry Lee Brantley, 20, of
320 S. Bloodworth St., was
charged with engaging in an af
fray with a deadly weapon -a
Pepst-Cola bottle, while Dan
Hugh Sherron, 30, of 118 1/2
W. Davie St., faced the same
charge -for using a tire tool.
The argument was over whether
Sherron was attempting to steal
gas out of a car parked in back
of 320 S. Bloodworth.
Sherron suffered a cut lip,
while Brantley, the Negro ex
hibited cuts on his head and
over the left eye.
(Sat cmw BKA®, Jp, 3)
J ' *'
straight, year. Others on her
committee include Mesdames
Fannie V. Latham, and Dorothy
Curtis, of Raleigh’; and Miss
Matilda Lee, of Apex. Mrs,
Violet Pullen is chairman of
the Mothers' March, which will
be held on Tuesday night, Jan.
25. Mrs. Perry’s committee
will work with churches, civic
and social clubs, fraternal or
ganizations and individuals in
collecting funds.
The National Foundation-
March of Dimes, Wake County
Chapter is holding a kick-off
meeting for all marching moth
ers on Thursday, Jan, 13, at
7;30 p. m. in the Occidental Life
Insurance Building in Cameron
Mothers from the Raleigh
area and surrounding communi
ties are invited and urged to
attend. Over 1,000 women have
volunteered In the Raleigh area
alone. Final plans for the
door-to-door canvass will be
made, supplies delivered, a film
"An Extra Measure,” will be
shown and many door prizes
contributed by Raleigh mer
chants will be given.
Mrs. E, C. Moth
ers’ Marcn Chairman for Wake
County stresses the importance
of the work being done by the
Nation's Kappas Re-Elect
Bradley, Hear Dr. Abernathy
BOSTON, Mass. - Thomas
Bradley of Los Angeles, Calif,
was re-elected grand pole
march of Kappa Alpha Psi fra
ternity, as the group held its
53rd Grand Chapter meeting at
the Statler- Hilton Hotel in
downtown Boston recently.
More than 500 men attended
the convention which emphasiz
ed a program of social aware
ness and civil rights through
out general session.
The conclave also spotlighted
a round of formal balls, par
ties, dinners arid other social
events for the fraternity and in
behalf of more than 200 women
Wake County Chapter. Since this
is on our own doorstep, assis
tance and contributions are ur
gently needed. The Chssj&sr
operates year-round, contiSß
ing to aid patients who ar®
still in need of equipment toss
paralytic limbs and conditions.
In the line of birth
direct aid is given when rec
ommended by a physician. The
March of Dimes sponsors and
supports the Birth Defects
Treatment Center at U. N. C.,
Chapel Hill, contributes to the
basis research studies being
made at the Salk Institute for
Biiologicai Studies, La Jolla,
Calif.; sponsors Health Careers
Starters Scholarships operated
on a competitive basis in phy
sical therapy, occupa tio na 1
therapy, nursing, medical so
cial work and medicine; and
provides funds used In the de
velopment of the German Meas
les vaccine.
Announcing her Community
leaders, Mrs. Murphy urged
100% cooperation; Apex, Mrs.
Robert J. Barker; Cary, Mrs.
B. R. Dye; Fuquay-Varina, Mrs.
J. R. Betts - co-chairman,
Mrs. Jerry Dean; Garner, Mrs,
Chas Jones, Mrs. D. A. Mc-
Laurin; Knightdale, Mrs. Gene
(Sea SU9 MARCH, P. 8)
and scores of young people who
came to Boston.
Bradley, a lawyer by pro
fession, Is a member of the
Los Angeles City Council, a
former police lieutenant and a
former track star at UCLA.
This is his second term as
grand polemarch, top executive
office of the Kappas.
Others elected to office were:
Jesse O. Dedrnon, Jr., of
Washington, D. C„ senior grand
vice-polemarch Rayttno Vin
cent Epps of Alpha Rho Chap
ter In Chicago, junior grand
<fe* KAWPAS ft*-KUBCW, F\ t)
Action Is
f Word came from Washington
S last Monday night from Presi
j dent Lyndon Baines Johnson,
ordering an all-out Justice De
partment probe of circumstanc
es leading up to the death early
Monday of the proprietor of a
small grocery store.
Mississippi authorities Mon
day found an abandoned car,
believed to be the vehicle used
-by the nightriders who burned
to the ground the home of Ver
non Dahmer, 58, In the early
■ morning hours. Mr. Dahmer,
1 although mortally wounded,
managed to fire one blast from
his shotgun that struck the at
tackers’ car.
Two other persons were in
jured in the fire, which cost
Mr. Dahmer his life. Some
350 angry Negroes assembled
and demanded action at the
County Courthouse.
Forrest County Deputy
Sheriff T. A. Woodard said the
getaway car was spotted about
two miles from the smoulder
ing ruins of the two buildings
a two-story house and the store.
The deputy also said the car
bore license plates from near
by Jones County. It had two
blowouts and apparently was
abandoned for this reason. The
punctures were caused by bul
lets fired by Mr. Dahmer and
other Negroes after at least
four Molotov Cocktails were
thrown at the property owned
by Dahmer.
One of the unexploded gaso
line-filled bottles was found
where it had landed in the rear
Os Mr. Dahmer’'s pickup truck
parked in his driveway.
Two of the Dahmer sons es
caped any injuries.
Attorney General Nicholas
Katzenbach said Tuesday, "The
President expressed to me his
deep concern over the tragedy,
and asked the full resources of
the Justice Department be »m«
I® tl» tavMticattMu"
ters, above, local city coun
cilman and realtc*, was elect
ed a member of the executive
committee for the Raleigh
office of MeAnnies and Farm
ers Bank at a Board of Di
rectors meeting on Thursday,
Jan. 6. Jesse B. Anglin, Jr.,
was elected assistant cashier
for the Durham office.
Post Office
Board of U. S. Civil Service
Examiners, Greensboro, re
vealed this week that applica
tions will be accepted for posi
tions as Laborer, with starting
salaries of $2.13 per
sitions of Janitor, paying "sl.-
96 per hour may also be fill
row omcs, p. *)
Dkk’t Know
Miss Glennis Coley, of 619
E. Hargett St., told two cops
at 9:09 p. m. Saturday, that
Robert Perry, .Jr., came to
her apartment after he was cut
and she called the Raleigh
Ambulance Service. The
strange part noted by the of
ficers was that there was no
blood leading up the stairs.
It appeared to start beside the
bed," noted "the iaw.” Perry
said he didn't know where he
got the knife cut on his left
"Both Perry and Coley had
been drinking," the report

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