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    Three Women Tell Detective
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National Urban League Blasts
Kennedy’s Proposal On Labor
-Legal Whiskey Costs
Wake iion $125 Pint
«s*B®vSW'' ""«** v**%m **"
BOY ON ROOF TOP "St. Louis? A IS-ywr-oM bOjr I*9* »«#*
looks over the top of the roof he climbed onto here to avoid
capture by police for a juvenile violation. The boy •was on the
roof about three hours before climbing down to a waiting juven
ile officer. The steepness of the roof prevented police and fire
men from climbing after him. (UPI PHOTO).
Negroes Are Jobless, NUL
Tells Sen. lei Kennedy
Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D.-
Mass.) has come under the
fire of the National Urban
League for his proposal, that
the United States allow' more
workers to come here from
"It Is uneconomical and im
moral to keep Negro and oth
er minority workers unem
ployed or pushing brooms
while making a strong re
cruitment effort 5,000 miles
away.” Adolph Holmes, Lea
gue associate director of eco
nomic development, asserted
in a letter to Sen. Kennedy.
In his letter. Holmes said
Kv KATII i; h|
Temperatures for the next
five days, Thursday through
Monday, will average two to
•lx degrees below normal.
Normal high and low tem
peratures will be 83 and 62 de
grees. It will be rather cool
luring the first part of the
period, but warmer weather
will prevail about Sunday and
Monday. Precipitation will to
tal one-half to three-fourths
of one Inch or more, occurring
•• rain early In the period,
and as showers at the end of
From Raleigh’s Official Police Files
'Vows To Kill?/
Family Is Afraid
Mrs. Mary Spivey, of 1209
E. Edenton Street, signed a
warrant Monday at 9:17 a.m.
against Raymond Williams, of
St. Augus‘lnue’6 Ave., charg
ing damage to property.
The complainant told “the
law" that at about 6 p.m. last
Friday, Williams came to her
house with a gun and tried
to gain entrance, “intending
to kill her and her family,”
accordding to a neighbor a
cross the, street. Mrs. Spivey
said she was "afraid of him
and did believe he would kill
me and my family if he got
the chance.”
Williams is said to have
pulled the screen off outside
the front door and broke the
lock on the door.
No arrest information was
available at CAROLINIAN
mm time.
North Carolina’s Leading Weekly
"We (presumably the Urban
League) are seriously con
cerned with your proposal . . ,
which will ease the Immigra
tion and Nationality Act and
make it possible for persons
from abroad to come into the
country for Jobs such as park
ing lot attendants, clerks,
waiters, sales clerks, typists,
truck drivers, housekeepers,
and launderers . . .
"We can’t understand why
those companies are willing
to spend the money and the
effort to bring a man 5,000
miles to this country for a
Job, while there is a source of
willing labor right in their
own back yard.
"The labor market may be
a tight one for white workers,
but Negro unemployment is
still around the 8 per cent
mark and shows no sign of
“The money and energies
used to attract frelgn workers
should go into training pro
grams for unemployed and
under-employed Negro work
ers!” Holmes said.
“Business must start at
home and open Its doors to
(See SEN. KENNEDY, P. 2)
Loses A Tooth,
Won’t Prosecute
Miss Mary Ellen Farrow, 34,
of 612 Poole Road, informed
officers at 11:03 p.m. Monday,
that Melvin Webster, cf 207
Maple Street, struck her in
the mouth with his hands and
fists, knocking her to the
Miss Farrow admitt-d that
she “goes with this ir?n.”
Bhe said the reason behind
the attack was that she “went
to a grill near Maple S reet
and it made him She
refused to sign an assault end
battery warrant against Mr.
Webster, nor did the cops sign
The victim has one tooth
missing from the upper
mouth, as a result of the at
tack, and suffered a bruise on
the left comer of her mouth.
(See CHIME BEAT, P. 3)
Club Hit
GARNER —■ J. D. Bridge®,
owner o" the Zanzibar Club
(alleged Hole in the Wall) ap
pealed his case to the Wa&e
Superior Court Thursday af
ter Judge R. W, Brooks found
him guilty, in Garner Record
er's Court, or having beer and
whiskey on the premises of
the club for the purpose cf
sale. Mr. Bridges was repre
sented by Attorney R. L. Mc-
Gamer Police Officer Jackie
Waters appeared as the wit
ness for the state. Offierr
Waters testified that on Fri
day, August 19, about 10:30
pan., he entered the Zanz -
ibar Club and noticed Bridges
with a cup in his hand and
a can of beer, pouring the
beer into the cup, and at that
time sitting it on the counter
before a young man.
Mr. Waters stated that as
he approached the young
man, the cup was turned over.
Attorney McMillan then ask
ed Mr. Waters if he smelled
the cup to see whether it was
beer? The officr replied ’No’.
Then the attorney asked him
how did he know that the cup
had beer in it? Mr. Waters
stated it came out of a beer
can, and that Mr. Bridges put
the can under the counter
when he saw him approaching
the bar. Waters also testified
that at that time he asked the
operator to search the prem
ises for more alcoholic bev
erages and he hesitated for a
while before he would allow
him to search the premises.
The officer stated further
Black Power’
Conemned By
U. S. Baptists
DALLAS, Texas - The Na
tional Baptist Convention, USA,
Inc., headed by Dr. J. H. Jack
son, Chicago pastor and widely
known Negro leader, last Sat
urday condemned the term
“black power” as a civil rights
weapon, and called upon all
Americans to seek redress for
grievances “through the courts
of the land.”
The 5 1/2 million member
organization, largest Negro
group in America, adopted a
resolution at its 86th annual
session in Dallas, Texas, re
newing its support of the su
preme law, that is, the Federal
“In civil order..civil disob
edience is not required, and
therefore is not a virtue,” the
resolution stated. “Historical
ly, civil disobedience has never
been used as a means of cor
recting unjust laws of a social
order, but to overthrow that
The resolution criticised
groups that are advocatlnf
“black power” with these
We condemn the term 'black
power' for the following rea
(Be* U. §. BAPTISTS, P. 2)
Jews Will
CR Work
Union of American Hebrew Con
gregations Sunday called upon
Reform Jews and others not to
allow the cont rover sy over
“black power” to deter them
from continued active partici
pation in the civil rights strug
grj0 #
An editorial in the UAHC's
official publication, AMERICAN
(*•• JEW® wax, F. 2)
■\ m >
l, \, / 11'
w '</
mSTisabell mallette
2 Women,
Man, Win
Jesse Mitchener has won the
Sweepstakes again, and its his
fourth time since the promotion
began. He won first prize last
week, $25.00 cash, with winning
ticket number 1001, from
Thiem’s Record Shop, W. Har
gett St. Second prize was. won
by Mrs. Bertha Smith 1136 South
State Street. She picked up
the winning ticket at Mother &■
Daughter. Her ticket
was number 5125, worth $15.00
cash, and the second prize.
She was real happy about win
ning and stated that she would
invest her winning in a set of
encyclopedias which she had
purchased for her children. Her
two children are enrolled at
Lucille Hunter School. Mrs.
Smith is a member of Middle
sex Methodist Church and Rev.
Mr. Lewis la pastor.
N. Y. Little Miss Odette Cosby, of Rochester, whispers a
secret to New York Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller after pre
senting him with the flowers he holds. The Governor was here
on Labor Day to attend the GOP convention, (UPI PHOTO),
DEMONSTRATOR CHOKED IN ATLANTA - Police and plain ekAhea detectives drag & Negro
demonstrator to a waiting paddy wagon after rioting broke out in Atlanta’s south side last week
end. Incidents were apparently “sparked” by the shooting of a Negro auto theft suspect dur
ing an arrest by a white policeman. The plain clothes cop is choking the above demonstrator
with his arms. (UPI PHOTO).
lina NAACP Conference Presi
dent Kelly Miller Alexander, Sr.
has just announced that the 1966
annual convention will meet with
the Raleigh NAACP Branch on
October 13-IG, with head
quarters at the Carolina Hotel.
Full details will be announced
Alexander particularly urges
all NAACP Branches to busy
themselves in the area of school
desegregation in order to help
increase the integration of all
Alexander also urges that
NAACP branch officers secure
fr-m the United States Commis
sion of Civil Rights, Wash
ington, D. C., one of the follow
ing booklets: 1. Federal Rights
Under School Desegregation -
No. six, June 196 G; 2. Survey
of School Desegregation in the
Souther n and Border States,
1965-66; and 3. A Report on the
Vow Attack
On Congress
L. Stanley, president of the Na
tional Negro Newspaper Pub
lishers Association, issued a
call on behalf of his Board of
Directors at the end of a one
da v meeting in Washington last
Friday, f or enactment of
the Civil Rights Bill now pend
ing before the U. S. Senate and
continuation of the Anti-Pover
ty Program. In a statement is
sued at the close of a full
day’s session with Vice Presi
dent Humphrey, Sargent Shriver
and other officials of the Of
fice of Economic Opportunity
and a luncheon session at the
United States Senate, Stanley
“There are many issues con
fronting our country today. At
the moment , we are greatly
concerned with the needless de
lay of action on the 1966 Civil
Rights Bill in the United States
Senate and the failure of the
House of Representatives to act
forthwith on authorizing and fi
nancing the Anti-Poverty Pro
gram. (The publishers vowed
an all-out attack on the inac
tion of the House, and the Sen
ate's Civil Right® “paralysis.)’ ’
(•m pofijtsmnt®. p. »>
liams, an aide to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., angrily
shouts at policeman from paddy wagon after he was arrested
during riot here late Sunday. The riot was set off when whites
shot and killed a Negro youth and then sped off In a car. (UPI
f-' '* 1
Worth $25 Worth sls Wet* $lO •
Anyone having current BLIR TICKETS, dated Sept, 10, 196£, with above numbers, present name |
to The CAROLINIAN office and receive amounts listed above from the SWEEPSTAKES FEATcRE.
S «* t> tm H$4M ««» ***. mm, m CHt HR SSS MS 282*3 ?<3@ 8S& SBR *®S 3M# W®. KBR
Guest Editorial
The violent Negro’s appeal to fire is
one of the ugliest and most dangerous
symptoms of the current interracial dis
orders. The arson-minded Negro must
be crushed and curbed in the interest
of the national safety and Negro sur
vival It is high time for leaders of the
race to rise up against arson-minded Ne
groes and condemrl them in no uncer
tain terms. Arson is a threat to every
body, friends as well as enemies, whites
as well as Negroes, the “haves” as well
as the “havenots.” Arsonists have no
friends anywhere: and if there is a cer
tain means of driving away every last
friend of the Negro everywhere, arson is
that means. If there is a sure way to
consolidate the white race against the
Negro race, arson is that way. Arson is
dangerous and so is the arsonist and the
sooner arsonism as an ideology is stamp
ed out among rioting Negroes, the better
for Negroes and everybody. The Negro
who thinks that by applying the torch
the twenty million Negroes can bring
nearly 200,000,000 whites to their knees
is a fool! And the Negro leaders who in
culcate such notion in the unthinking
Negro masses are knaves, and as such
should be denounced; for they are in
viting social and economic damnation
upon the heads of the Negro millions.
There is an overt anti-Negro element
among whites who are abetted by mil
lions of covert anti-Negro elements who
are seeking and searching for an excuse
to destroy the Negro for his very at
tempt to pull into the mainstream of
American citizenship. We have made
startling advances since 1954 and the
sentiment of the world has been going
for us, but it is quite conceivable that
the Negro arsonist can turn the stream
of world sentiment against us in our just
struggle for full citizenship. The Negro
arsonist must be crushed or by his sense
less appeal to fire he will crush the as
pirations of a struggling people. The
Negro leaders who are inclined to go
slow on the denunciation of the arson
minded Negro may live to regret it. The
violence that has been injected into a
non-violent adventure is unfortunate
Soy Nude
Men On
Three Negro female employ
ees of the College lan, Western
Boulevard, walking home after
work Monday afternoon, almost
became the unfortunate vic
tims of two naked'men, appar
ent sex fiends, who were In the
company of a third Caucasian,
fully dressed, according to re
Miss Jo Ann Burnett, of 823
S. Bloodworth Street, told De
tective E. D. Whitley at 2;30
p.m,, that she, Miss Eleanor
Blalock, 206 Bledsoe Avenue,
and Miss Janie Wilson, 906
Mark Street, were “on our way
home from work” when the fol
lowing incident took place:
As they reached the point
where Western Boulevard In
tersects with Kirby Street, they
saw three white men, two of
whom were standing at the edge
of woods.
Miss Burnett stated two of the
men did not have on any clothes,
and said when they (the three
DALLAS - (NPI) -The Rev.
J, H, Jackson, pastor of Chi
cago’s Olivet Baptist church,
last week was re-elected to an
other term as president of the
National Baptist Convention,
U. S. A., Inc., at the denomina
tion’s 86th annual session.
Since he was first elected
many years ago, Rev. Jackson
has qutematlcally been returned
to office each year. The denom
ination claims over five mil
lion members.
The convention's theme was
"United We Stand,” to empha
size what Rev, Jackson claims
should be the condition among
all Americans, Negroes and
whites. However, the minister's
philosophy against demonstra
tions and militancy In civil
fights places him at odds with
(See RE-ELECTED, P. 2)
enough, but for this violence to take the
form of arson is a form of racial suicide.
There are many anti-Negro organiza
tions in this country founded by the an
ti-Negro whites, covert and overt. It
hardly takes a prophet to see what is
possible when these organizations con
solidate and integrate. There is no surer
means of hastening this consolidation
and integration of the anti-Negro ele
ments than the arsonist so evident in the
current interracial disurbances. There
can be but little doubt that someone in
the role of leadership is putting arson
in the minds of these crude arsonists
who appear too invariably in the riot
zones'. The leader or would-be-leader
planting the arson suggestion is doing a
damnable thing. It is high time that our
pulpit and press cry out with a loud
voice against the would-be Negro arson
ist. People with homes and possessions
are against arson and only the shiftless
and irresponsible would resort to such
specious means of trying to outsmart the
white man. It cannot be done and the
sooner the word is passed along that it
cannot be done the sooner will our ar
son-minded Negroes be checked. Arson
is dangerous for everybody everywhere
and all the time! Arson-mindedness
must be stamped out and the sooner the
better! The toe-hold that Virginia gave
the Nazis a few years ago has become a
foot-hold already; and already the Nazis
though weak in numbers to date, are
crying for Negro extermination; and
nothing could give their anti-Negro bat
tle-cry force and power more effectively
than the arson-minded Negro. Quite as
alarming as the adventure into arsonism
and the appeal to fire is the silence of
the Negro leaders on the horrible impli
cations of arson. What the young Negro
would-be arsonist is doing is explained
by his leaderlessness. And although des
perate now in his plight, he needs leaders
who are courageous enough to disabuse
his mind of the futility of an appeal to
fire and flame. In a fight with fire, the
odds are against the Negro and over
whelmingly with the dominant white
man. The arson-minded Negro is dan

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