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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, March 23, 1878, Image 2

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X' the no AN OK E NE'»^S. W. M. DAV, > «. r. HtTcafc'Ma. {' '*p ' 8\tvhdat maucu ss, ib:s. OUR TICKET. vfK cniKr JUHTicK or svritkMK coiiit, HON. DAVID •CMENCK. OF LINCOLN. Af»oriATE jrnTlfK rROM viie kast. T- N- HILL’ or It A L I r A X . t W K arit free to cnnfe«i that uur ■ae nf Chiaf Jutliea Sniih i> mach chtHged tinea the tlecUiaa uf the 8u- prtnie Ooattr W the l>i«er chm. It U trur, Judne i^.iiith nif imt preMiil *t the rcndeiiiig uf tlie opiiiliiii* uf the (Niuit; but ill • case (x abhnrrei.t tu •very itntimeiit uf j'i>tive, t» tiiilitire ul' cTcr; S'lU d {KiiicipU tif law, and to tugKtiiWc Ilf pei»>nal butrcil, it wa> iii- cambent iipun Judge Smilh tu have cone out rrum among hi* atsuciotes, tii liiva diiclaiinn) uH e>«uplicity with auch duclritiea and ti have protested agaiiitt thaj ^riimulga'.i in nl auch opiniuna. I(r haaWot d'^ae •>; and ainco he bat •cqiiit‘!iccd in kn uioiittrous a lull he iiiu^t abide the cimtc' While be has not Milk'd hit purt;y, tbe occakl»» deiiiandid irisnvu and d-ciiite Independ- {lind aa yet, thrie hat been made >10 cabiliition uf either. It nay therifura be necetsary tu re call the table, tu 8uub case, the Kist, ■bieh (')iicr Jutlice Smith mi)>ht be tuppuaeii in tame lense ta repreavnt will loakf olhar demaaJt. Nunibvr* v( available Dtniet will be preienled; uaoag them Thunias N. Ilillnf Halirax, fttdga llKwnrd uf Taibiirn, nnd 0. C. [Olaiko ul Nuwberu. We uohesitatingly irefar the Irst; Fur while bolding tbe ibcr two gvntleHiea lo the higheit rc- 'd, Mr. IIill praieoti lo our iniud la aoat complete coailiiiiati'in of rc- [uiaitea. A man i>r bright uulive talent, giSki beea cultivated tn the highest degree (>raJaruioeut. lamyer uf high attainneet, !>'» ttoret uC l«arnin| re ceive ddily acoretiou, and, wiib large and briiraot practice, keeping bit armnr bright by cuiialaiit use. A man of tbe pnreat character, hia virtuea ttroD° wilder every teti, in bim may be expected that 6riuiieis and decitinu without whicb kariiiiig will avail littlu iu the dcrcnce uf ri|;ht. S > aiucb fur tbe Eitt; tod for tbe cantre, ia adJitioa ta tha name of Jno. H Dillard, that of 0 il. Tlimuas Uulfin ia presented with enviable distinction Wv preiurae tbit between these two geiitlenian the rhoiua will Uy. With ei.ber, tbi- Supreme Court aiti bave at tained in Its (^mpusitiao ail tbat night At'deslreuT Tka seems almost uiianinoiit ia its preferc.nce Tnr Jud;a Schenck ; and siitk •iiher three geatleiaea. the State still bate tha ai«uranca of a tribunal whicb will recall llis period wheo it was adoraed nitli sueh lumiuaries •( learn ing aad (uch illustraton of virtue as l>anial. aad Qattov, and UuiBo, and I^b, ^od Maaly. JV»GB aCllKSIVK >'0» CmEF JDMTICK. [Proin tbe Uxleiitb Ncwf.] The Linc'iln Prucets published at the buiiie of Judge Daviii S;henck, hoists the naii:e of that distinguished and piipulir jurist to ita oissi-head for C'oief Justice. Hit elevation to the li.'sck ia a fnrpgooo c mclusioB ; the (fieittiya now ari'ies, ihall be go im as I'alef Of Assuciita Justice if Judge Ssbeock pnasesses tbe requisite ability, ibt^ity, auurage and patriotism for tbe 'siii'iu, 11a ia u devoted ch isij|„„',4 ,4yil liberty, a friend of the people, ai» A'd»»calO, »fa fiarlesn, •udepenaoas-'^ortb Caroliua judiuiary, lie it young aim vigoroua, but mature fuovnb for thu' chief justiceship, 'lihti Cjiiveuti^ co/ilj not do better than place ticket, place bit aai iMJ an me at iba bead oi the That it our ticket, »nd our platforni ii— l«t. reaioval of Bavenuo cases to the Fiideral G mrtt. 24. "Drive back tho Fiideral C lurta.” SJ. I’roteutiiin to wivai (rum the ^bclOifcai^ftMumiaa cooduei of “cruel xnmnuV httstiftAdt. 4. ‘TrtAiag wuinau*it griavancca aa real, '*ont fanciful and paMtical," and |i-in( bar valiaT fnmi wrong " ^ ' fi.S Mo *Mudicl4i Lagisiutioo.'' LvairiatioB bakings t, tba Mgiilatura aad^l tba Qkiarta. 6U( Caadidsitt for ofBco who are in tha (w poMMniuu of nieoul and pbyai- cal »%of. Wa h—rtMj^ydofM ib« abova ifailMl |H§ pl4|bM»V^'btlaaiporary. ^dga Schenck *»,Tba»*m. ail,or the I from tka Iwl.aod aa bn from tba aad “I ba carriad avt. -jmrm, first U«aia tba i|„Ula pwlottsly a*M|«^M4 Suta Dewwa^ ^ faailalaA tbi4 aT ltU> NMlMioM the diivlig back of the IVderai cuurla Ironi tha advanced poshiuae Ibey have gained tiece tho war hi Ibair atlack upon tbe righlt tnd prerogative* iif the 8tatea. 10 ^he Indiana 8tat* Democratic plat form Wat a rMiiluliaa recitiug that tiae» I8G0 there had been eiiraordinary ad- ditiont made to ibe jurisdictinn of the I'niird Sta'.i't chuiu, by which tbe au> thiirity uf the State onurla baa been greatly abridged aiidi overtliadowed, if any reces.ity existed for thw during nr becausa uf the war, or becauta of tha C'liiditiim Ilf alaira in certaiik Htatev, thst necetsity no iongrt eiists, and all suck legislaiian ought uow to be re pealed. Like rra>iloliui>t have been offerrd and adopted by vari >us l>enii'- cratic organiaitiant in lllinoia Tbe de mand is, that the juriadiciioa of the I'vdvra) aiiiirts aball be re>trict«d to what it wa» under the Judiciary act of 17A9 lu refertfKce to thit tubjact a bill baa been introduced by Mr. Townsend, nf lllinoia, in the lloiite uf Krpreseiitaiiven, having fur Its o’>ject the rettrictiun of the jutisdiction uf U.iited iV.atet courts. Two poinli are inude iu sup;>ort uf this bill: 1. That i: wUlrest re to tbe S^tate courts j*irisdictloo which bai been ille- gitimstcly taken from thrni. ii. Thst it will furnish all the relief tu tbe Fede ral judiciary that is needed. The luuiii pnint in this matter, how ever, is tha attertiiin of .St.ite soverti|;n- ty, and th« rostnrali'Ki uf the sn,iren>acy Ilf the State c^iuila iu all mutters nut ^pecifically fxcr^itrd by the conatitutiuii. I'his is thd political ur party point nn which tbe Ileuincrats fmm all aectioi>a are eapectud tn unitr, and evi,lence that 11 will be one of the leading ballle cries in the next campaign has been multiply iiig in »ur iiwii i^ute for ueaiVy a yasr past Whatrvvr u(b"r nhjeclions may be urged .ig'tia^l tbe unwarrantable de gree uf jurisdiction exercised by the Federal cunrtu, and these iibj>'cti >ns are many and wcll-fuunded, there is no ac tion uu its pan which our people bave watchcd with si mu:h anxiety as its usurpationt in ihe n>«(ter of tbe trials ol (Toited 8tatea ulticers for breacheii of Ihe State kiws. .\idud and abetted by the Supreme Court uf the State, tho Pude- ral judiciary has usurped the authority of the State conrts, ovcr-rid>too their mandatea and mide them tiio laughin)! stuck of irreaponsible Federal officers. Uur judgea have been forced to aae their helplessness and our people have bewailed the lights which were prc- seiitfd to them last summer in the cases ul Uiy a'ld ll iskins, aa u iiiiistakable evidence of the drifting uf power itway frum the State and into tha central gov. eriimeiit. Therefori', whatever legiala- tiun may be inaiigtirated by 0 ingress, looking tn a re-eiithrnncmcut uf the ‘Hiite" d'Jgma of States' right*, Il nill awaken in uo Stata more aincere re- juicing than in North Garnlina, since auoe, pprhapt,. have fell mure keenly than wa tba debasement brnught about by tbe divaatmanl of oar Stale cuurts uf their cunstitutional p iwers. Another point, boivever, it hardly lest aigni6cuot. It is urged that at present tbe Federal courts bava taken pu»s|isiua of one third ur mure of the railruads uf the country, and uf variuos utlier corpo rations, to tbe entire eaclusiun uf the State courts ; that, under tho bankrupt laws and utberwise, the Federal cuurts, through receivers and assignat's, have coutrul uf iuimensc amuunts uf private property tu tha exclusion of all interference by tha State courts. It is further claimed that the Federal ciurtt bave, through tfce Uciioa al larei|(U suimrs (pcrvms lenidcot in ulher Statm), uader- taken la uverride State constltutious, iltats Isws, iduoleipal ebarlers, and to u>urp thi iutepretation ol Stale cnnstitu- tioui and jiiwa lo Ihe cxoIuaiOD at tiie State courts ; that il has now benonie ■ cniamon thiiiK lur Federal cvuita la ilirrct Its sllicers la levy taxes—special Isxes— eulorce their cullection, to arrest municipal Kuveromeuts isnd Ike vffiiieri at ttie m«i* applisatins III snaie nasrtiideni. cUiniinK lobe a'creililoraod- (bat lie 3ta'e Jadiclary !s powetleas tn pioievt I! a persnca or Ilia property ol Its titix-ns. ur lu eolurce Ihe State coastltunoni and Uwf, All lb«ae ctiaiges are too Itue. Ol tin- Iroth ol the Uit mentinn'd our |ienple need no mare than they hiive nlruaiy h.iil. In our own city we have hud the caia ol OunUp lor Ihe ninrder of (lleainn— reterreil lo by our nui|{libsr the Uomocrai in Its ia>ue nf yesterday when speaki.i); o this very pnint—a cane with all ttie iletai ol wliicli Ihe eeoeral public ia tainilin Justice was never lanra ruthlesaly Ibrottled Ihaa when.tile United Stales court wrested this prisoner Irum thL- hands of Ibe 8lle and pcim tteil him tu xo Irec; Ibe pulil c hi);liway ne er wiiDiaseJ s more IIi|(rat.t di>re|{ard ol atatulary law. If, as hat been in'liuiieat, Ihe |yroKramme above t«t Inrth, ia In tie made a luadinj; feature ol future IXmncratic parly pollcv, it will mark such au awalieisin.i »n Ihe part • itiu pfi>plv lo a sensa uV IndiviUual riiihts as thia country has rarely ever knaivn. Bren it tbe Townaen'd bill be not parti'd' Ita parpoae ean be enctnrsed and a lapted l>y nvarly every State In Ihe Uni: n outai te of N‘W Snuland, aBd we leftr to It now lor the p rp«s« nf hrini(ing il lo llie stteutioa of Ihe Deiuocriile pariy at Korih C'aiMlina, tor cnniiileraiitio ami actian by thi^ Slate cxnventlon whicti will mci't DeXt suir.ncr.—Charlalle Observer, —- t(aprein« I'onrt Jadiea. [Correspondeune of tbe Obaerver.j Baleioii, March 16tb, 1878, Messrs. Kdiioiis:—I read a abort coaimuiiication in your paper uf to-day, recommending Thus. N. Hill, Esq., of Ualifax, for one of the Jutticet uf tbe Sapreme Court. Tbit woald be a good telaciion. Mr. Hill b probably tba best read lawyer of bit age iu tha Stata. I recollect a Uttla iacidoot that oc curred wbaa Oo«. Qragg was Governor of the State. It wat abort ly after he htd appointed Mr. Jot. B. Batchelur (thau of Warren), Attoroay.Oeneral, to fill tbe unexpirad term csuted by Qea. Rin- tom’a raaigoation. Oov. Bragg aad ao old rrieod firom Jackson, N. G r nra en joying a social aooveNsiiou i» the Kx- itive office. Daring IB* eoovevsalhin ' land remarked t ‘ Qoveraorr 1 *as bat sarprlsed at year appointment I cspocted |uu «uukl baVe upM||f| an oMar mao.” To vblcb tiM witb. the peouUarlj •tprtMlf* hMir ir(t|i »TK »bea bt wanted tn ba imprettive replied i **R , |utt mutt aut gji too fast, a mao ahould not be condeimied before he it tried. 1 think t hava at least enui>,ih rx|ieri- eace tu enabbi me ki rtvognixi a go id hkwyas. I »iu willing lo tinh luy rrputa- tiua ei> Ibe appointment uf that yuung man, and I thiob 1 know him aufAuienlly well to aatisfv me that be poatesses tbe aeaded qualificathms tn All the office. I believe in tbe appu'niment of young men, when they possess much talent, li I had ti> sppoint a Judge, I would select a fU ynuiig mao—they will make the best i f&eN, fur they aill rxert liteiiiK'lves more to supply the seeming defkieiicy of want uf age, and will in the end, make better nfficers thau older meit, who would be less inclioed t > sp- plicati;>n.” Governor Bragg's wisdom in Mr. Bjtohe|.M*a selection wss suun universally acknowlrdg 'd. I'he State never bad a better A'turiiey-UeMerul, aad be is to day une uf tha best lawyers i tbe .State. Wbo knows but that very appointiuent has bad a good deal lo do with it? Soma lime Ibereafter Gov. llragg appointed to lill racjat judgeships Jesse U S'tepheril. of Cunibcil ud, Thoaias Uuffiii, of0.a ig", Oe'i. II iwurd, of l>lgec>iiiil>e, and Samuel J. IVrson, uf New liiiiuvcr—all yoitng men. Wvte nut tliese app liiitmentt creditihle alike to the hliucutive and the Siate? Can rel'erenCF, otherwi‘e than with itride and, ba m>di! t i acts uf thriw men? Were they,at any time, subjected evea to criticism ? .Mr. Ilill is Ibe eiiuai ul any uf Uiete men in legal ability at a similar age. His nainiuaiion will give general satis- laclioa. and tliould he be elected, I I'C- lieve in a ahort time th .^reafter, lie will be rai'ked as tho rquik uf any member of the Sapreue Ciuit. T. ADVBUnSEMBNTS. CHAMPION and Praxea I rustworlh ADVBUnsKMKNr. .CMHIRTIc j ^loNio/ „ .NNii3«c!re.' ? _JtKCOIVlMlT»K « J BILICUWIM.g CV I A A0YSPtI>8lA. 9 fcW Uii. Ncm tutk. ■opt. 15 1 y> O R 8 A L K A viilaable tmet orUnd IjrlnK^n oolce Klvar \u cunuiy, iwi)*)littiitf tU* Uiuli of GeUa n rUrk and cotju niug about 1*4)0 Nurti*. on whlcli ibdre in a ifom) milt «Uh. Thin trMct 1m v»luaUU and wilbiu on* mile Ferry iitid om be dlvUl«d itUoi>n««>r tiiore irartM in suit pttrobaMeni. T«rui« •nay. Appiy to Ka U. BtlltWKLla, TiMrni>vlira. Cirmivlile(*o., aN. C,, • Or A* b. Hill Scotlnnd Ntick, N.O. JNli^rOKMRNT:* WOFITU SKKKINO, N. B. K U li li . 2C&'?YOIiMORK HTa, PKTRRSBXJKO, VA., a lar^e Hlock n( RcAily riottiin({ for Men ntui Hoy% s^f^ar, all iiiaiMil'Mctured by him, uf wnrrantml tn mU and latent al prk»a Ionh iliau Northern MAtii«rirturerH Ottn noil (litMU. CLOTHING aVIAUK TO ORO/Jl nl* the tiiONt P44 lonabla Gimda wurii cil Htid Amoricuti make. Id the mont tiiHtv* ina'aut^r >uid vt luwa^t ratea. lMr*riif>»^ tor Boir*iNoi»ur> liiK aoul Np|>!itfiitN»n ir*o. THR NKWKNT WTYIeKH ROYM CLUTIilMC} VEKV CIIUAI*. Be ant^and aend your ordern nr (h1) o» M. K. KULh. 20D S,\oMiioro St., PoU'fsbnrtf, V.i, TliP m la«ty ^election ol Run*y uh wi'll ax Nit%p)« Dry UomN* CtothH. (’aH»t* inereo, OvertMathiic and FhtniiulN, I'loaUiiitf**, Hod flini a)i hniinn keopiiik( Hood«, ctiu he orderod at )ow«mt ritlM4 und kail«ir4«'tio(i ^UHriiiitomt. The liHMt MNnurtuM'iit of rii^r Nhivtit and Lliiet) Huioiu Sbirlft i'iteniu M. K. KIM.U S.yUMhuhra St t Pelot»b«rg, Vtt. ADViaHTlSKMBNTft. AWARDID TKK HIOHKHT MKDAL AT V 1 E aS M A . JIJ * H, Ts ANTHONY A CO., &01 BBOAPWATt Nrw York. (Opp. Molropoiitan Hotel.) M.iM’TniKKM, iMroaTUt-H k Dkalhrs in KNURWlNuH. CH HOMOS AND KBAM Md. STKHKOSCOP^>l AND TIEWS, AtnUMS UHAVIloaCopRa, PuOTOOHAFflVi Aod all ^iodre«l tt'>^da'«CeWbrltlea, Ac« trfm«e«, ote. PHOTOQHAPiUO MATKRIAUS Wo aro lleadqufirtera for everything Ui tUo way uf 8TEttKOPriro?M ANr>*M\(lIC LAN rBKKR, U«'1iiK Mauufacrurera nf tbe MtCRO-MClKNTIFin LANTKKNa arioKKo PANorru ON. UMVKUSITY MTKKKOPTICON. AhVKRTl‘ER\*i8rKK*SOPoa'lCON AKTOl'liCON, r.ach pt.vl** tUe b«M| of Ita elaaa In tl)» nisirkHt. llcMdliinl Flintograplilo TrAtiap^ron'icn of KtaiiiMry and Rngruviuifi for tho window, INiiivex GlM«a, ManiifAt^turHrK nf Vnlret ffir Xiiiiiiturrii itnd Cddvmx f21aM« Piotu CiUtiloffiieN of L-^mernn und SIMhm. with dirocllo'm I >r n**nt on appltcatlon Any •nt(>rpriMinu man caQ makti money wUb K NUtfiu Ltsot'^rii. ^.Cut mu thu U'lviriUcment f>>r rnfpi' Olive. Jad 5 :im* AilVmiTISKllBlfTS. A T T K N TT^ ,~V a li ff E K^' Havad on wvarr t't''nr Onano br narolitatnc illeMtilm'a tba Uatew ® 1 ( .OU •liinml, 1 will xr-ll M 4r K't' ITRn^VHlZKIt •‘yrCB.iNiCBiiATK OV LIU Ii: for tHrBV rKR TOM, CASH WITM omiBlt. THE MAPE8 PHOSPHATE I. the Oldest and Most Reliable Ptmachata In the Ualtad Miatas, aid baa Klvan aatla> I'aetion »*herever uaeil. The Ofi\S(l()\V PHO*4PH\TR I* praparad from Runai. Klwli aiul HUi«(t, ai.>l :oiily rsqulrea a tri >l to aoaura lu ootttluuad oae. l«kUaall r IWII miM «ia\l U Air tbe aaine prlee aa Mapes. I am ■»IHnK at the aliova naire-l fahulonale low prlraa la anaura largaaal*«,aa4IOi ■ar ta tha farmsr tha Atfeni'a CominlMsluja and tbe exorbitant obargaa mada wba» aold na lima, M-LlberalCtaft Advanneaon COTTOV, PtCABUTB or oibar GOVMTRY fROs. IiUCK. Addrwea JNO. O’CONNOR JR. March 23 l)in. PORTBMOUTa, Vy PALM SOAP. K i: c B I V K n lal#rnislloiial ExhlbUlois Asvisrtla. liMiiii.iM, I8il, I .New York. IX'iH. Paria, laiil. I Fbilailelpliia, liiTii. HKItRlNU A ('). s.'il A IJfoaJwiiy, .Vow York. Jan 2.'! If. ^T.\TH OK .N’ORfll A KOI. I M Norluamplon t'ouutr. Naprrlnr ('•art. Wlt. y M.Col.oii. KviT'-ll tinvis nml wiru Miirlha Ann Tlio.s. r. ral.v^m. Alirt A. J. llKrrc'U, IMniit- tllU. A'fPilniit ^^nrffarot (\>]!«itis (UiarU'.s aad Martha rulHOn. In thlnrauHt*. It by l)i«* r*- tuninmniy Aftldnvit that tlio 1i f«*iulMi«tH Mar- Karct aiul i*!iarl«-.^ (joUon ar«! tiut rt'HidmtN t»( ttiiHAtnto; mill ‘Aitnot after ilii>' uiii('nc«> fouux. mill it fiirthor a|>i»'ariiiK (li'it tli'* ol>) *rt nfititft |iroiv>>i1lii>( In to utitalii imrllllmi «4 thi* toMuwimr ]ra“t of laud to m*it A irsvt t>f laml in *\oi-thHji»i>toii county, lM>iimtt»d l*y th«» IriiKtx of .Itwlmti Urv>wn. l>v tho Inml knowna.H tiui "LAiiHticr''Uiid. alHii l»y ihr iuiiiUi*ft'orn>*lius Last.slti^rniut of J. Ilari'fll mill otlK'rN, iv>ntnhitnir 1!‘T n*n*x. and fiat th«* •l*f(>nlantMUfH |»ro|H‘r partlptt lo thin lii,:{ by n*a.Honi»f au lilt r.'.st In .Hiklil laiuK It U ordt*r«‘d that piit*li*atlon I.e iiiail'» for «ix kIv«» w#‘fkK tnth«- lloanoki' ffrwH, a papi'r ituli- linixMlat Wi’hlou, N. tXMiiiiutiMllurf tliu do- ftihlaiKrt. Mnr>;ari>t CnlMoii anti i’harlos Col.'on to appi'ttra! th«*ofniv tif th»* ClorH of tho Supfthir for naU| nHiiity whom tht* auin> inniLs tu*rrln rctnrn;il»f«',) imi or ht‘f>r‘ tho Mml. (l;iy »if April 1R7«, and aiij^wfr or tli'imir 1i> thM |M>tiiiottand coniplatnt A copy of %fhU'li hatt Imh'U flh d hi ^aid wllh'i‘. nii«lh*t thriu Uik notir*', If th«*y fttirj«*toi|rt. tho plaintlflf will tak** Judffo iHi>nt h>rthi* ridh'f d*niHndt>d in tho t*f>inplalnl. Wiiiu'N.H im-huiid nml K al of court al olUce tu >ack)«on« tlila Ifohrur.iy lHh. 1H7K- N. ». OT»(»M. rirrk HuiH-rlor Court. ^orthuuipltMi County. Wllll« Biffly Atto. 1« fi \T, Kari't Cobon nnd t'iiarhw CoIhoii, Ui'ftMutn III tMa fi»ii.-«i*, Il appi*}ii-in.{ hy tho rutnrn > *ln»rlfT, and hv atiltlavll ttiar fh« dofon gl'ATM OK rtimril I'AROUaNA. Morthmnptuu *onuty. Superior r^art. Martha tvd.^oii, PlaliitllT. AKiiiUMt Wlloy M. (’oMon. Kvrr>*tt Havlsi and Martha id ruoH. K. ColHon. A. J. Harrell. Mar- Dboii nnd t'iiarhwColHoii. UoftMtdaMlM. lofihc ndantH roahlonta - - .kcnr« Itp t.Aud It fnrthorap|>»arin>r that tho ohjoct of ihitt i rorot'dtiuf Ik lo ohialn duwcr of thv pl;ilntl(f ln th‘followln.if landtt; to wit: X trsof nf land tn Northr.mpton countv, t>iiund«'d l»y Ihe lund.Hof .lo^hua Urown. tho laild kiiowii a.s thr • U'vn.HUor ’ land ; abo hy iht* landii ofi’ornoUuH LiiH-ltrr nnd of A. 4. liarroll and othi'm.fonlaniiUK iwi aores ; and that tho do- n'litlaniH proiHT iiarttoa thoruto, by r‘aMou ofiiitcn*st hi Haid landa : It id ortl‘^•a that liuldlcation tic mado for nix «uc(^ct«alvo wiM'lin in tlio Koanoko IVowh, a nancr puhiltihi'it at Wcidun. N. (J., coummiidlnir iho aofoiidanta. Mar;r«r*t ('olHoiiandCharlcKColsoii toapp«*ar ai tho otUoo of tiw* iMork of the .'Superior tNMiit f«»r said county {tM-foro whom tlir sum* mons horoUt U roturnablo) on or bi^forc ih‘ X2nd dayof Aprii Wh and annwor or It* tilo potitlon and complulnt, acopy of whioh ha tn»on tllod In Huldotttco, and tot tlioui raktt notioo ir thoy fail MO to tio. the plaintltl will talt** indffr* mciit for t1n‘ Uomandod in the wnib lO^loy Art! aNortliain|,sff>|, ^vtnnfF N Meal Hill not be retalleil al our milt. Porsoua tu buy, wil* rluaau cull a iliuatore of w IuUkIiI »* Kinry- , KMKY JtCAl’K-L- Weld'iu,N.O., «• Jan IA tr. E jlMAMUUL LUVl, • :o: MAN'JPAOTIIHKII OK TBC !0'. COUKADE OITY DHBItll MIIIRTH, uoMKS'rn; skirt!!, drawers,, overjilu de. Ac. Ac; Ac, A rVLL UNB 0» FURNieiUINU OOOMI-. NO, 2(M'.SYCAMORI2 8T. ' ParKMUDBo, Ta, Fab a ) r. 0 WblCloeka Ka^ Wmt G Canta a PIf aa. Tba Model Olaar 10 c a,, a pleea ir 3 lor 36 canta, Tba beat Cbrara evar ofTered to tha Wal don publlo. For Male by Jjh 3 m. MUSaROVI * FAUMBR, wi -■ - Seldom, N. r. M ItiLfNBRY r! aMlLIJ.VKKY I! m HH. H. Ks Ii V L t>»»SYCAMOKUST., PiiTKRSRtJKU, VA. Ofl>*ra the larfoat wod mmt mmploto atocU of U«h1 FiHhcli .Mlillnery Gouds hi«* potted liv her, and aold at IowomI pric iwwsinN. HATS. Oi.DLADil^SCArS. UIHHitNS. KI.OWHKS. \ l-L’MKH. PHfNuK?*. rKI.VivTS. VKt.VKTKl^.NH. SILK?i, ri.csit, I.At’KM. VKiO. I,AT)IK>f I.OAK.H. MUWI.!*. iNUHIAS, IIKH. HC.VKF.' OT«TER,fl»TF06SI VMSMEf.CK AMMiN TRIMMirCU. Kinul.nVKS. ORVA-MKNTS. KLVUK^^. badlftH SultH made to ordor In bi^^t aitin- nor at «hv>rt notii'a. KwpecifnllVi MRS. via K. KUUU Jan M & IU. N A W , WRLPOy. N. 0. BAKKK A COSFlSl.'TIONKR. Manur>icturen all kinrtii of plain and fan* oy otndies. KeepM hIw.*^vm on I.and the fullest Htock of CandlcN, Kri.itf*, Nut«. tic., to be fniind In Kanterii Norlli ('itrwlioH, whioh beHutlN bv or rniail. OrdnrM {or weddinit parliea, and balU pr*parHi on ahort uotic* and at must re4> aonatdH priceSa oet ao tr. FOXJ TZ’S NORSE AND CATTLE POWDERS, Fur ttilc bv Dr. A. U. Z ilUcoffer & Bro. Oct. 17-Uy. THE PARKER CUN. SEND STAMP FOR CIRCULAIl PARKER BRO^S; WEST MERIDEMsCT. O TIC K! N O TI 0 K !! The Briek Slor« »■ Iho Corner Opp««lte t1i0 l*o(erabars Wars lloKMa Havlnff movod to (hct abnvo Btilldlnfi with an eotlra Nkw Krorir, I am better than Aver prepared to aet vi iny friaoda and the public, wbh any tbin;; to oat and drink or goneral tablo dzturm, Ac. I will not attempt to enumorato alouk, call and ask for wbatyod want. I ffltnru m.v alnnein thanks to a liberal pnbllo for tbMr pa>«t favora, and bopo by atrlot «ti«iiii1on to bnalneMM in tb« fiittue to merit a oontlnuanoe of tho aAine. I will Intiiire Llle or Property In tbe beat Companiea, and ftirnlKh Lumber in any qoatitHyi and WholMsle fjqnora. Tba heaiMiard Bridge you can now vroaa aUo tbe Kerry with perfect nafety. 80 you cau eoine aad lay in yovtr holiday goodiK Call aiiba Corner ttrlek Stere OppotUe Peteraburg Pepot aod ae« me. J. R. BAir.RY. WKkDOK.N.Ca DecS^tr. N OTIC H. fly alrtiia nf tha nc «'«r» nonftrrod In a certain ninrtpane •ioed duly proven Hiid reoorded ti» lh« oflVcn of tbe KegNt(>r uf Daada rorntllAtx wmnty, n earrain IraH oriand, altiiatx lyliiir aiirl Iwlnir in the county of Uallfis an4al«>H of North Cfr- olina and bnumleid on tbe ICaat bv ili« iHitd of William Riahnp, on tlie ^arll1 liy the laada of Joaepb Chaak and Mra. Mar) Smallwood, on tba Weat by the lauda of Jaare Medlln and Mra. Pnr.^pr. and on the Hnotb liy ihe landa of Wm. Blahop. Jno. MedHn and otbarH—('oiitalnlnv four biin- dred aad ninety iwnaoraa tnore or lea., will tie aold liy pulillo auction f'lr caab lo (ha blRbeat bidder at Ihe Court iTrniednor In HalUbs loarn on Tueai'ay Ihe £8lb day of Mareb 1878. J06. B. BATCH ElOR, Attornpy for Mortgage. THE BESTAR ‘-^THE CH£APS:£T miMSAFE%SCALECO, 265 BROADWA Y N. V. 12! CHESTNUT ST. FHiLA. PA. in SEPtC!\ ST. Ci.EVE. 0. Jan 3 if. W U K N K , A. Manufaoiuror of aod Dealer Id all k.ods of Cftrrlftucs, HarnenM, Saddle^, Rrid’ea rc UrtiM. Cartw. WbceN, Aal**". Kartii Wagons and «cHr, [lorse (^lulbing, iaap UubeH, drca Noa. 14, 1ft, 21 and 20 Union Sirceti N O K F O L K, V A. Full lino of Carriage and Hainoas M.'ite* Oct 24 I y, JNO. Ta K O K U , ^ CRAMPTON BRO 8 1 U.M SOAP, NEW YORK. RECOMMkiNDKD FOW THK LAUNOR THE KITCHEN AMO CKNERJIL I!OUfKE*LD p uurosEs. / M\MrrAOrURBl> by ORAMPTOX RROIBIiIMB, CoiiMuii MuNitoK atfO JtrrKiuoM Stkdtb, Nbw Tobk, Foit 8a|.I BT WiKFItLD ifc JmVT, WCLD'ta. N.O Jah .’i If. T. N. WHITK, A. U STAINBACK, J H. «00f» , JR. W.?:iTE, STAINBACK & GOOCH. w N. H. €. [SVOCK8SORS TO J. T. QOOCn.l J. T. GOOCH’S OLD STAND. HaTO Just .paaaii Ibvir Fall Stoek of Ooedi, which tkay offar la tha tra4a a| LOWEST CABU FMICBa, Tka Htnek auiaprlaea a tail Itna nf KEADY MAU&CL.OTHINa, DRT (JOOD.S, BOOta, CAPS. The lareoat atoolc of OttOCKRIlCS, SUOARS, SALTS, soAPa, *o.. tu tia fonnd in Kaatarn Niirih Caralina. Tliuy call attention to llieir atook of tho hniaaa •MU.BS rillL.VDELPHI.V. HAND MADB BOOM AND SHOES For Both LADlIia and aBNTI.EMK^r. Oct 17 1 y. aOOTMt, LADIK8 DRIM tlHO£», nAIS, KOriONS COFFEES, TEAS, T. M. WHITE, A. L. STAIMBACK. FIRST STREET, Uiiiicl a full line ot tae Where he liaa Fluesi WINKS, WIilSKIKS anj BKANI.'IKx. TOBAIH'O, f'lOAKS, an'l SNUKK, OUAMJES. Al'PI.K^, aiiU LUNl'li^CTlUNKKlES Uia atnok nf Canned Gooda and Grocer- lea la uiiuaunlly Fnll nnd ;oniplet«. 01.11 i'*bim;t WnisKKV A rBKSH 1.AGEU BEKR 0.'« WlAUUHT. Ho KHuraiilcea autUfautlon. Call and ao» I'.iiu. K..V ai 1 y. ijTirL L IN I* K I C B S . fiv l lir AV .VUDMT uuU ',LS or $ 00 pec week. vii sr.VKU OUT UF ouiikh” HO.HE!«TKAI> KKWiaiO fao $90 flACillNE For Puujeatic uae. ITIT TABI.E PIXTURKS Compi.utk, only WO, Mnnhino, constriict«(l otcKant iiiid Molid til lu llic iH'st luulcrinl witii lUHthKUiaticHl (Mrtion, forConHtaut Pftniily uxc or niAmiraclu> willlaMt aKiMicrAtioii with imxlcraln oaihm oMy to iindcrKtAiid nud luana^r'*; ItKbt. Kinot»tli, ftnil HWift riinnlnjf. Ilk« the \r**Il r«*#(ulitcd move* m«*iit of u lUifl waicli; Himplc. Coini>aot, Kllloif^iit and ilt>iiHl>l«*, witli all tni valniit>l« improve- m^ntM to be found In tko liiKbcMt priced Macldiic warrantbd to ilotlMi Haute work, tho Hanie way and ntt rai>i«1 luid Ntnooth aa a Machino. An acknoVi’l(flKC4l tPiom|>h of itiflrciiioua locRhaiiical Hkiil. tfHMcuUally the wurkiiig woiiian'ti friend, and far lu advanco of all ordinary Machincn. for abaolutp Htrenrth. Rviialdiity aud fft^ncral uno- fiilnodM: will il*m. l*vn. Tiu^k. Hoaiu. Quilt, Bind, Br«ld. Oord. Oathor. Riifnc. Ktdrr, Plait, Kold« NraiioiK Holi« UinbrtdUor^ Bun up nr*ndtha, fcc.. with wondi'rfiil raiddlty, ncatnuaa and »aa«N aawa the tttronfr*'«t laatlnar atltob e- quaiiy lino and timooth tlirougb all kinds of goodt*. from cambric to several thtc.kncHi of hroad«l(»th or Icathor. with fine orcoaraoootton, liiKMi, Hilk or twine. UIvch perfect hatitffaction. Will cam Its «o«t ficyeral tlmea over In the work It (tees, or niako a gxraU living for any man ot woman who Uedires to UHo It Tor that pur- tioaf*; womit HO faithful and oasjr the aervanta orohlldrcucan uae it withont datuaice. Prico of Vachlnc with lUhttatde. fully equipped for tomlly work, (40. ualt Caao, Ouvcr, Side l>raw* er» atid OabinetKtylcN each at corrratMndlngly low mtca. 8afc delivery ffuarantv^d. ^c from danuMrn. Kxplanatoi/ fiamphleta llloatratcd with enfrravlnira «>f tfie aeveral atytca of Ma> chlnoa. r»feren«ca. variety of newtnff Itc., mailed froo. Confidential tennM with lllieral lnduo>t- tncnta t«) cntcrprlaUiflr Cleivytncii. TeaAhem, BiiaincaA Men.Travelinfr'or toeal Affcnta, Ac., who d«^Nirc exclusive Affcnta, furnished, on a>* plication. Addreas4oku H. Kendall A 4S1 Bf'a'iw.ny. N«‘WYork. IV,: JR 1 y. WHITE & S T A I N BACK. W K D O N N. KOTIOSfS; ADD CAPS, 8ADDLKS,- ava ju't ro'arncd from the North with tba Largeak Stoek af DKVQOOD.S, ANl> lEAUV MAIK. CI.OTHIKO, BOOTS, 8Ut)E!>, HATS, OROCERIBS, KtD^-J^, ANP COM.ARS. ver affered in Itia market, wblah tbay are aelllaa i.«w r«B C'Aan. ^ They call eapecial attanilon to their Slock of DRESS ao.'>DS, and TKIMWAfl. Tlwy will Duplioata any V>iU ofKootla that can be purebaaad Saatk of New Tarfc. We iuteud to pleuac. Call aud aae ua. Oet 17-I-y, E. II. F L. U M M E R A U O, ISN, ST'^AMoni! ST. PKTHRSBURQ, VA. Wnrall th.4 attnntlon ot tha Farinara of NOIlTIl C\Ri>LIN \. to a few Teatimo- iilaU aa lo tbe inerita of tbe PAItMEIIS FUIEND FLOW, from imrtlaa wbo havo naed them. We bave many ottieia of tho aaina kind. TGMTinoniALV. TaRBOro, N. c.. Jan. 11, '78. ME!!Su». t:. U. Vlvumbr a Co , Quntlemrn : I ran elRbt ol yonr Fnrmera Frinnd Plowa last yer anil cbaarfully taatify tliat it ia tile best turn plow 1 bave ever need, eapacially in roiigb atulibta or new Rr unii. Tbmo plowa run ateady and paay to Ike mule and man and tbe polnta last Inngnr man hay co on any other uiow Used heretofore by me. H, L. STATON. Hii.lsb)ko, N. C,, Jan. 78. I am a Maokamith aud bave Imjcii ii ak> inK wrouitbt plowa all iny life and usinti ibein on niy farm, but alter tryiUK the Fnriiinra Krioi'd, I lunat confaaa it ia than buj^iiRibe Iron and maain^ my vwn plowa besirim beina far bftiar. W. a. CKABTHEE. Oxfohd. N. C. Dec. 10, '78. MicaaRa. E. U. PLUMMiiR A Co., Qaiiia: Ah it would he itnposalble for me lo aee all or even a aiiinll part of the farinera In tbia eounty wbn are now ual>i|r the Karmara Friend Plow, in time to get oar- tificatea. I talie tbe llbvrty of lendiiiK tli« nainea «f aa many farinera aa I can at tbia foonient recolieot who ure now naing the above named plow, and every one nf whom, without aiceplion, pronounced It to be the verv lioat p[i>w they bave aver uaed, aud will uae it excluaielv hera- alter. Tne namea annexed are amongal tba beai and inuat ancceasfnl ot our Qranvtlla fhrmera, and any one wiablng furtbar iuforinathin can refer to tba (^iliowina M. A> aREOURY, U.nRISWB, SIAM L. HOWAHD, J. W. CARMIN, [Tbe other namaa Rtvan bv Capu Laudia are left nut for lack ul apaoe ] There are at laaat one bnndra 1 nthera In tbia county who are ualna your plowa and If nei>ea.ary 1 a»uld gat aarllfleataa Irom all of them that would aatlafy any aae. A. LAM bis, JR. droulara aad prloa llala aaat ao appll* cation. E. u. plituiib:; * Co., IS N. t^oamora at., Pataraborg, Va Dec 1} tr. m EFF lllcheat Award »l th« C*nt*iiiilii| Diploma of Uooor aud Medal of Merit, for GBAND, UPIUGIIT AND 6QUARR PIANOS. Hie principal pointa nf anparlorltr Id the NTIEKK Pianoa are brilliant kln|{|in| qoality oriooH, with |tret |wer—evao- iixaa of t'cicii thri.nithi'iil the entire reala^ laoltlrN!) arti"it, uiiaorpaaard durability, aud um4xu«i|el workiuanahip. A larRP variety ofHaonnd-hand Planra, of all makera, conataully In atnra, aii4 ranging in prloea froia |7S to fSPC^ Wa are alao Sole Agania ftir tha SMtbaa^' Stalaa of tba MATCH LBijiS BURDBTT OROAITSk TIIK DEBT MOW MADB i A full anpply nf avaair aiyla cCMftanDy in atnra, and aold on tba moat Ubaral tarma. For Tama and Ulnatralad C»l«dogi^a.of Planoa and Organa, addraaa CHAB.M.StlEl'r. ; • No. I N. ulbarty BALTHfoma, Hit, elbpt. M, !-y. — u SB YOUNO’S P. P. SPBCB, A» lAVB ion in n«R. Oold down, Jewalinr low, CMd and Sih ver Waiobaa, a.,ta of Jawalry, Opara and Vaat Cbaioa, Band Bracalata, Baal mnfea. Full Tea Batla, WaStara, Baoona, Fnrin, eUaamr than tba laM' gSnda aan ba binlgbt for iDF Haw Turk.' Wa waot aarraoo; Ihr Jawair? ' ~ ogbr Indevaeaole te bi'-* aprlM-»» . I U ! ■ i

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