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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, June 08, 1878, Image 1

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rnti^m . THE ROANOKlE ▲ D^niUjiAsloU O I WBBKLT KBW8PAPER. PDBlilSflBD BT mmm ATMj imvlA tj:iv i-rnnvi K*t0m 11 “te hn. • ••• :4tC Vh(rta(Mailt«ffO B a. r.;^ATmtDAy. IH N t 17. et •; WBIWl4fJ :^i HOME'S NAML pAiwmri wsat«d In *v 8tito>>nll' tnn **rtU«Mn(b , . liktHE . 7T BATCH BLOB. a.'iVUOUUi|l^. 8I> Month*.' “ • > fbm I 00 75 et(. PROPItSIONAL CARDS. J09. B. BATUHKLOR? ATTBBliA'iT I.AW, R&LBian, M. c. PrKotlOM in lh« oanrto nf ib» «(li Trnlh «l«l DWrtel Md ta ttas FadarmI and 8a- »MMa Oonrta. May 11 tf. WALTIl CLAKI, K. T. CJ.A«K. kitlaigh, H. 0. Haliraz; K. C. I0LA.RK A OLA.RK, . AT. Wklti; o n UA.UrAX, N.O. ^111 prKatloa la tbs C>arU of Halifax •od a^Joiiilag oountia*. Marob 18 tf. w. A. Din»x K t T O H B N ATTIKHITt * Om.'CIBLLORI AT L4W, NiMk, HMilm C*., M. C. Praotloa In tha Ooarta of HnllUx and [ •dlatnlnc Qoiintlaa, and in the Hupreina 1 Fadaral CimrtH. JaulSlf •HJMAS K. HILL, Attoraer at Lsw, S4LIPAX, N. n. PraaUoaa Id HalUax and adjalnlng I Coantlaa and Ksderal and Hnprqma Qpurts. I Will b« at itoitUDi Neak, onoa orery ] lortal|ht. Aqk. 28—a W. llAU.. BALL. A w. n. DAT, X) ’ATTORNBY8 AT LAW, WKLDOV, N. a, fi^Uoa In the oiurta of h'alirax and > adjnlnlaii oouutles, and la tbe Suprame and Pnleral oniirt*. . CUIma oollacted In any part of North •aralina. Jan 2U 1 gAUUBL J. WKIOHT, ATTORNEY AT LAW. «: c. Priotloat in tha Court of Nurthampton I tad adjolnlnii oouutles. » .r. t 1 aep 15 1 Y HOPE. O • D P H E T . Unpa In a atar that,brl|rhilr boAtn* Ah o’er llfo'ii aea we vlirta. With n.erry liearu aun happy amllei, H >111111 fi>r the other aide. Wedn n t fear theoaivn WHve«, Tbnuuli far awar rom •hum. For bnpn do«a bavin ao brlitbll; now To culda ua lafoly o'er. The ►Wv ti dark anil dr«irjr now, Hut xtlil tliac orb so bri|(lit, Doet Kliniinnr o'er the troiibloil Hea, And kxiiImk uh on nrlKht. Hlilne forth, fiilr orl) orunklon llnht, Tbnlibtll Inud thn thIinUrr blilHl : vWthTMMiQia, Wo’Il reiii'h iha shorn »t iMHt. Q A. V I s L. a r u A n , HALCTAX^ N.JD. Prantloaa In llis^^oinrts of Silll'aK and adjolnliw«KMA*Maa, and la tba. Hliprama- and Fe4aral Uoirt«. OMoMlullfctiaiM tantiBrta of Mortb oaTft lfc% diiuit'Souaa. iom V *1^ ATTORNKY'f AT LAW, s ^UiktAxjB. 'c.^ ' *■ . Pntotioaa Id Ihe Oaiarts of -Rnllfkx M«*r.:and .Qountlea adlololni. In tbe '•aprama nonrtoftha State, and in tbe BUa airtotal atta.')|'a onllaa- *Un afMaInia,alid to adjusnaini^a aooonnta Admlalaratara and Onat' ec-lS-tf a )i>. OBa* la tha Oonrt Hoiia*. Btrlot atten- «tl«a tlvaa to al). branoboa of tbe prpfea* •■Ua. ' ' jan 12‘1 o S. T. BRA H 0 .0 > H, ATTORNIY AT LaW, IlLD, KAI.IFAX OOUMTT, ^wliuaa in the bountle* o'f Ballhz, SMu^Bagaoam ba and W llaoD. - - Oallaatlott* laada lA. all Btala. . pat>t8 of tbe Jan 12-S 1 A 1C B ■ B. O ' ATTORNIY AT BARA LAW, .'l'■ ''.^iraatlaaa In the Ooantlea of Ballfax, bS lb tba rederal Moaa aade to any part of tha ' BMktaTWlIl attend at tha Court Uonaa in palUhx •• Monday and Friday or eaob B’n Jaul2-l »%'OV, ATTOllBBT AT I.AW, WELDON, M. 0. . ffMMIaaa la tha Oonrta of Haltlax,.War> >aa4 Norlbaiaplaik aAtMfaa^WA In'llla' ItPadaral Coarta. ‘ m •aUMtad in ray part of Norl laa. V-”' Junair-a f tr li LBN jomt A* MOORB. M ,Al^dilifllYS AT LAW. ■«UOw, B. C. ia ^ ^nntiaii of HaUIas, laa, BliMiodRMi,TUtrad Mu- “ • tfc, ^a.Baatyn*. uiMa Id asy part «f North Jaai-1 « A SMALL MARTYR. It wns almost impoiible to tell the mnterial nf which Tomiin’* paiita had been ortgiiiall)r made. I’Atch by patch it said Id be nei|{hb >rly, but p itch up>iii patch, beggarly. Pjor, liitlo, bugjjarly 'I'lini I Tlu-re was a hunpry l.iok In the boy’s greut hui.ett eyes—fur, doi|iila bii ra{]i, ii was Idiown to tlie neiyhb. rhuod tUut Tom wa« lionpRt—that no aniiiiint of good foud Cduli] batruh. ircivvii Itnowii, the poor child iiecdud food sorely enough, but b'S iuiicly little heart longed fbr fiiinietiiiiig more than thiii. C iiild you iiave seen him all alone in the greut, churchyard, laying his pnur, tired head down nil his mothci’a grave, and wetting (ho green aod with the bitter tears wrui'i; triini his tortured heart; in his lonely agony, then you would havn understood that Tnu*’s greatest nond was to be gathorrd up into some oou’s great, warm, caressing Inve. He was only a baby now—this so»8i years old boy—prematurely old through his wiieful experle'ices of the great world about him. How he c>nies into this world, and the reasun of his coining, was ai much a mystery tn him as it ia to—the aiimt profound philosopher t)iat ever uiidertoi/k to elucidate the subject. Neither could he understand th>; rei- son that one white, snert face that bad bent lovingly over him should have bi'eit laid away forever nitli the damp ground lying heavily and immovably about. H» remembered the lust words those pale niothei’s lips had said, and lu his baby heart bad treasured them as a sacred trust. tli^.faiibwi-tf -true .to, bioi i:Hy a|akr bim^etter,! fy: j^t We niay be all (ugeifirr there’* Then, with the white face turned toward the open ^indow, ihrou^li, which the dlsta t blue sky was visible, the last .spark uf life went 'nut, and Tommy's head rested upon the hasum of the dead. An untteady step had come up the "WalkHBfotfgh'tft'e broken 4arlt ^adow hi\4l falfen upo^ th^ sunlit, fliiur. T 'm'my lifted liis head. I j'Hiish I" be said with hU am^ll finger ^ hi»,U|>*i *‘aftei «o much pain, she’s aalfep ,at laat.”, 't)er the l^ated face a took of horror came, and into tbe bleared eyea the hut trara gushed and rolled tlowly down the Cuarseiied cheeks,. “Mary, U M«ry darling I speak to me once more I . 0 Gitd i too- late, too late 1” He Cowed down* «*er hfs dealf—he clasped his hard bands iu agony, tore at bts Unenmbed hair—but there was no awakening; as poor little motherless Tommy bad said, “jbe #ds^ asleep at 'ISftitM" ■ ^ ‘ ■ ■ He was too remorseful in (hj|i, the fir^tTli^ar'uf |is‘grier| (o ffiink o( jllary’s child, nut the thought came to him at last, lie was not entirely alone. Tlie ^boy^with J^is muther’a. dark gray eyes, was loiikii'ig wistfully up to him. How often bad he seen that look in thp eyes once brigjit aiid loving, cow dim aud fur- e*ef cliiicd.'' " • ■'“P.i^plittle Tntnmy,” (le said and folded the':lohely little fellow, to bis .b(|yain. . j ■ ,t “I; will qever cA.away from you,” !the .boy. cried, hia heant lull of ,gladnesa Ht ‘the unwanted caress. '‘She' said—‘be true to father, and^-.tity to make him better, so tbat ve-. oia; be al| .t9gatlier there.’ ” Be pnSitled #lth bis I Utle finger ta> ward the blue sky, an)l the man shud dered,'' for ttthlm the gulf lying be tween bhi preieiit life and the nae which ho felt a«surad «be bad Ctitereld, seamed Irt^assabl*. For a 'lUtle'tlhiei'tie Kept .»obir'but there came a nlvbt when Tommr wajtsd not faded from the boy** ra'md. Wheo be beard bit step, he cowered down in silence, bis little heart beating painfully, for well he remembered th«L (ru^ty of th{) heavy bdnclj a'l^ sw wjl >.noti, fiere to turn aside tlie unmerited blow. Ah I it is an old story; no words are pathetici enofi|)h to 4> it jtistice.^^ The Mkuse io wiiich Tommy lived, and arbere tbe father slept in druokeu. Mnpor,^«a naaf tb« levee ^ia gfeat: fity. It wa* raining. fe«jful|yti but at^M . ,tb,e , poise the raia could b^ heard tb'a mad' r,oa^ of tbe river, as it dashed onwardi past' the alarmed, city. ' Of « sudden, a bell sounds, ringing, out clearly above tbe storm—above tbe deafaoing ro|f;' ..Thera is a wild about- (o, the street—mad voices crying, uot:. , ’■•‘Balikr bsek' Trob ’&*' tfvir, 'Ifor ifotir lives, bacin ike > 4evee is giving TUt,. facc^ Tmmf -imm' tugi aU tili'wkigMiBie tb*‘*'dradWn nraa ilteplBg lo ntar dutb’a doer. ‘Oh, father^ be cries; "We’ll be •. «,jt away I FutHar tbe Hver ft ilVeill liking^> M« v*rd«Mpi4juito\(^^, ,fri«tir appeal. ..« '•OnMe,'faWar,' enA«tb^P tlie water rushing a)M|g,I”. , „ Z','^ He clasped his fathar** uka«^ and tries, in his puuy strmioth. to puli hiui from kis ml«enM^*iAf*^He falla back AiiwseK ^el|»l«iis a«id d.^uri^ged. “Oil mother 1" be cri», "he Isn’t fit to go I I’ve dei^S'my bMtl I've tried 'to savu, biai-i-Vt niake b\ei better; to make hiai•good •iiiMiib.tit cum«'with wa to V"U, up there; but,he will net -tisten I Qive bi^u) a little lod^cr. tlito^i 01), father, Waken It ii almost too late] 1^0 late, too litel The riv^fi h al-owing' more' fearlNil, tbe dlamnr nf viilces dying awryj Mi streets, by all liv ing beings, arc deserted. Uuier the d Kir some cold and er^lagr thiag '.ls I'lis^comiAg,, "^t^st?|(!*1n slowly, H liit^h stream at'first, tfieii' rushes" on .liitler .crosses the floor,' mid lap* about "the little bare feet. ‘ Oh, rafievfclbfrk «t is> here I” and. yet (he faithful child stands firmly. Upward, tbe' wa,ie> rises. It. cov'ers the cold faet, eddies abuat tba ankles It strikes a chill through (he unclnthed limbs a dee|t chill triruiuh the chilii,’s heart. For himself he is nolf afraid; but, O, Ood of tKc{‘fy*f must he go, an.l brr wilvitufu!f>lled? U« think'i tbeo uf that unknown future; of the gi'Oat gulf between ih^igimdiaodfbMi tbe fear ful wickedness of his unkind lather; nf the angelic giodnes* fit' his blessed aiotlier; and (lujugh he is too. much of a child to clothe the thought in words, yet his baby heart realizes tbe terrible tragedy, aud be cries aiuud agaiu I “Father, uh, father, do uot die, aud forever be kept away from mother aud mi>!” The sleeping man turns heavily. .','Ue is awakening—ptwakeoing at last I” the child cricp, eagerly. f Tbe wtiter coineis up to his waist. It Creeps over (he nidge of the bed tad wets Ibv tuuldy straw. It rie'aptors the sleep ing man. He mutter* wearily ( ‘•Curse the culd! If I had a dHnk 'i>f whisicy I might'd^iv,e the chill away ; but the l ist diiue is gono>’,V. “Oh, latiber come quick, oome t l^e levee'* broken airay.l llfl* aa'tei*' tliat y u feel—it is that which sends the cbill ovor ynu. .Qome father, come I” "Whiilt w'litor 'itistlhg^'all us? The cursed river in llie room, and not a stream of ol4 bbi(rl>./n fl awing by . as I Jraained! Why didn't you waken me, Tomiiiy? Y >11 know I am not At to diet Hdro, let mil rust my . band on you shoulder.” He staggered heavily to bis feet. Criissed the room un'stciidily, uulatched the.door aud went out into the fearful P >iid. In going out; he went down two steps. It bf-oiigW tRe water ^o/' bi shoulders. Tommy, following him cliisely, vrent down the two steps also. It brought the water over Tuihni)’* head. The draiikeo mao rushed on, miking t )WHrd ttid bIJiA' tlat'l^y btck>i'rom the river. ^ There was a faint, drownii^ cry of ‘ OK, father,”'ending' In 'i n.iarse gurgle—a lil'tiii^'up fnr a niomeut uf a white. I^oe aad twu'wluket'cbiidisb-band*, and tb«n the ,bauds aud fap*' were gone—lust amid ibe rushing, boiling water. ^ . A fearful bfuiTotiii'g ngainst the mad stream,'^ terriMs'stptfgj^e for -h worth less life, and th^ sobered ioollriate reaches the blitfT. Thea the horrible trutA rushes-upon him. Then he under- ttandg the faithfulness of his dead child—realizes to its fullest extent tliat he has seAt ’ that child to his death. ,j \ , ' i \ The morning cnmo. Rocked on the swaying branch of an' uprooted true, they found tbe little martyr, his white face gleaming in the sfirhig tnnshine. Hut tbe pure, young soul bad entered u^on thdt eycfrlasling spri^ig of which he had so often dreamed, vitb 4(is head lying on his mother’s grave.^ Two graves then in the ' clidrdbya^'—y^o deaths in the liouschuld—and bo re sponsible for both I Gould he ever become, through bis terrible penitence, good ^noitigh tu mee^' them aif^thjiref He seemed (o see '{oipwy’s tjoy bjiuds reaching out'to bim through, the terrible glfmlit hMbard settled Swiftly ttVer hi0>; b«*eemed Vo,h$*r ^^r)i’.«..Vqlce !a|tlpg tu litm.. Let us hope that the clitld** defttbT^s not beeuiu vain, for ha fur whom be difd ^ktJturiTod hia feet away .frdnr Ihe road along which destruction marks the way, and bis old ^unts. where death stiir lurks, know DO mure. Heaven help biip tu ,bej^opi|»,^ Notlbji ,of ^oq( |iltie Ttimmy, tbe hiartjrr, ' ^ A 1 tT~- . ^ Times am^|Uo,wln)i,,((yU .)r;il)) the gen tlemen Who at W«sliiaj{taa write spseches Inr ooQgreismen. Vbfir Uber is sever easv, bcetuse whtir ibey. isSsuni* a rcrtaio sljflslkir'a member thej^ csatpsllid to reaMinhu H alid itamms if .cW -i iulice- qBimt I'aeciaWM ■ f Vbtf' are' flMWatly eoAipdl«4 IfljgiVs 4‘tim% (k^llrlte p0|t, •petpb ithay:|j»r«>tbeir dtasiean's/td. sve : ':l)aa|(MasBtaa' 8ttlth(. ai rtltasesUaage, wlsbaa la bate -to-'-doa* ta tba'M«la'‘oi Obarles bumalfi M(h Hvli;^Wt1 ^«ot«> tienr; Kttve’'tifai''HbbflsyC-Mclbt birds} louod (ailtlBi4 «MMir ttsfVr MMy oq tlatwtlctjjatiaabaa^as t« price; wants plenty of relereaoei^trtM .1‘hcedpa*; f his distriet,!'; AIo a littia wit ’isr iotarrup' tiaos. Has aKhM 01 Call c*b«1Hi5b Uooiiififi tblitii^Aapt. faliti at tight oroogni nis ...maslMt .40 ;tbQ spi>t, ar seeing ^ .author i ni'i viNoasct. BV^OlLD'okAT, ‘ Kl-MMal«*y« fiaJ>>ar tdagt.. Qaid- •‘If ,fce**‘iW •»!«. niujce^,* touching and eloq lent pUa for the do^ where. In alludidg to a sort uf msnia 4ir dnc tiHHag wWch (t (he titn* of which he speaks, in' coBseqyeaieaof utiraitaoiitble apprehension of the spread of hydrophobia, he isys, among other fine thinga, that thb 'd(Sg li ^e only animal which will lea«o his own kii^d vJliiatvilr to*,follow iiiso. tt.i* true, aud th« truth ahuold bind man tu ba the dog’s proteetur and frieud. An American bring, on «ne,',of ber voyages, bad un board a apleadid sped* (Wen tif the Newfoundland breed, named Xapnfenn, (ind his msgiiiOcci)^ size aud proportion„his .inCellicont betd, broad, white chest, wliitn fuet, a^id white-tipp'ed tail, the rest nf bia glossy body bejw black, made bi.ii as beautiful as Mis peerlfj|v||inpa»4fk|k,abo li^ d^ji|>(^uuld have bawi proud tu possess him. He eWned by a teaman i'a>ned Lsot^s- ter, eibq was n»turairy enough exiremely fiind'of bim. The captain, hewever, was not partial tu sniMials of any kind, and who had so unaccountable apd es- puciai dislike to doe«, so much' so, in. deed, as if all bis ani;cst"rt had died of hydrophobia, and be dreaded tu be bitteu like bis unfortunate predeces sors. This dislike ,(ie ,nne djy mani- fvs'ed.i^ blast’th) eking ibapner, fur as Sf»p i^eon hud aoveral times entered Ills room, and by wagging his |.>re'at biinner of a taiLknockrd paper and ink olT his desk, onHbe iiAt uucasion the captain seized a aild cut half the poor aoimai’s tjil ut. The dog’s yell brought his ...mastcr’.itO wthQ spi>t, and ‘ of he floor with AAMgebaminiy' )>low, ,«hi^-, bad it hij^lUK tMpletj would for^var^l^ave protMMVld'lfie captaia'lron cu(tni|^ off anyMpife^lws' tfiik. Tni reMrVia thai^||iielt>fi"«.asj>ut io iruvC from whicll^'^iaeveri be was' s^on rt4Ased. The pardy repented bt* cruel deed, uiv^ruing thtt Mspoleou bad once save(Pll|f •wMr’s !!/*•«> The white stnt!V,-a'i *11 my nautical ftJeuds are:fltiiim{^ 'lt ouo uf the very l.trgost nt" ^httfirt. ~Tt averages fe|tj a'iiid'|'hUe'' CueJl(«utji'-(ey«*i d."4 «/' h|ilf/(e4t r is length. It is generally considered to be tbe fiercest and must formidable of alt sbaiks. a. few days elspsqd after the e*t- astrophe to .poor Napoleon era he be came the hero uf a must tbrilliiig oc- tfurrcncf, tha very thought of which h*s 'l't^^|rilj^ : ,^),ijrrur. During the I'ltcrv'al tKu notile lii;ii$t was uot at alj^ backi^ard io exliibiting bis »(at)i at the captuin by |jnr gronb when lie ap- prtfacbed-. In vain did his waster, fear ful for tbe life "tif bis dog, »ssay to chei.k these signs uf bi'i aager. The captain, however, made the allow ance be should, aud oQercd uo further h««NS to him; . « .. . One morning, as the captain was standing on the bnnsprit, he lost bis i^iotiiia ani^ fell overboard, ^ba brig then ruiiiiiiig ab»ut>tan kiiots. Man overboard f Tiia Captain over board.!'’ was the cry, ond all rushed to gel! oift the bnat as they saw the "twim- iiier striking'imt for the brig, which was at once rounded to; aqd as they ft^lt es pecially nppreheusivo uo account of tbe ttbitai sharks In tb>^e waters, they re garded bis situatiiin with ^ the mast pain ful solioit'ude. l)y thw 'tjlpa the buat tOHciied wated their worst fears were realized, for at some distance beyond the swimmer tiiey beheld a white shark advsiiciug upon bim. Uuirrv I hurry, loan I or we shall be ton l.ite I” shouted the mat«. "Wbat’s tlwui'” he exvla^imed. The splash which caused this irquiry was actrasioned by the plunge of Napo leon into the sea, (hd uOble’auinial hat- |ing jbeeH. watohirfg tlie c|usq of tbe tu^lt fr^mthe i>ow nf'tbo' vessel.* He bad noticed tbe captain's fall and tbe shout, and for a few momeuts bad vented bis feelings in deep growls, as if cooscioUs of the peril of bis late ene|Dy, And gratiQed at it. ,Ui« growls, however, were soon changed hito • those whiRes of sympathjr which so; oft^'r *bows th4 at- t^phm'^bt of di)g to man, when .tba lat' ter i* in danger. At' lart- be plunged iiit(>'th0'wat«|f, rapidly making his nay |.b,^he DoW,Dpa'rly 'eshaustad captain, wito, aware of.bis doable danger, and being ^«t a''passable swimmer, made fainter and ratntec'strokes, wbiliit. ^i* Ad versary ckiaed rapidly apon bim, *'^ull boyi|, for dear iifel*' dhouted tbp i% tbe boalt now followed tbe dog, wbnae biige limbs pnepelled bim gallantly to the *ceiie of dsAger. ^Sli^wfy tbfe fatigued swioimer made bi* way, while ever and anon bis head sank in the waves, and iiebind bilk the bhck nf^tbe voracious animal toid what feer- f»l progress be was making, while Laii- cKlw, lii'tHb boMTol^TB'e b'nat, slefd a|itb « ^l^e^iavM- opriHse^ band, natcbil^'iMetfiaalgl Im tfis pursuer, and tha faUbful auintal who bhd saved b^-own, IM. | I '‘Whikt ,Cfclaimed the ^ ‘ MirM'^bt i^ad »r the don’t de be «taedjwL‘l6^8E^XilvTM$^*t»‘y ^ aaiUag aa tba *lalila(| wn, and «acalv- iog him Id bis vast jaws, whicb. abw di»> pltfed Ubfeir' Mbg^’t^ii'ialar teeth. , '''■ ■ • (iShBJiild ahrleli aT UMtfapta‘a ai» ^ouacfd tba) the crlsia. b|^ cowf^ Uut ■9», Napoleon, inspired wijii Increas^t^ ktrcbgib, bad aisu arr1v'e(^, aiid with a itlrful hb#l "leif|Md'aprtii 'lle' 'g1*iliiiA)i b*Nf (ifthrthafk.'atKl InifM Ms Math lwtj^a«bsi«i’s lesb, «bUav tbe •buu }«iftl/a«iir«d ,tbfi)..; “saved I if we're smart as that dog i« I” cried ths mat as all saw the ilnnciiAi* oKinsti^ sbudBiir lnilto''K*, and, 'Maarting ‘ with - paliv 'tora over •fain. U>e dug retaiaing hi» huU aod bvcwwiug submeg(ed in tbe water. A( this juncture Iha boAt artivcd, i(nd Liui'ast'er, his kuife in bis leetb| pliiug'ed iiito (ft# water where 'the caiitain had als.> now suiik from view. But- a few m^'neuta ehtps«d tra tbe dog r«sa tu the suiface, and st|on after Lauc^s'er rose *ith tbo iosentille from of the eiptain. ‘'’Pull them In and give me aii oar I" cried tha mate, “fur (hat I'elltm is pre: paring for anatber lauuch.” Hi* order* wera obeyed, and the •ecund oniet uf tbo iparipe mouster was foiled b^ tbe matii’s aplasbing water in hjs ^yes,'tes hi came agai.i anil but a few minute* too late tu snap off the cap tain’s legs, while bis bud/ was drawa into the boat.. Foiled a sccond time, tbo shark passed the boat, plunged, atid was s^en no more, but left a track Of blood on the suffaca Df the water, a token of the servity of his wouod* from Nspuleim. The boat was nuw ttitllintt toward* .i^n brig, and hot many bnprs elapsed beforo' the captain wai on'deck a»ain, feeble I'rom his elfiirts, but able *pt>reclntl)'tha' services of our eani'ne > hertt, and -ili'Ott bitU^rly to., Itmem (tin own cruel aet; whiiA bad mutilated.b>i» forever.. “I would olve my , rijlit arm.l” ex- clalned the 2i|iptalo &n be piitted tbe (Newfoundland whn stood'b/ his side, "if I could ouly ropair tba iijiiry I have done to, tbat. noble feliow.t .Iisueaatcr, you are now fully .areqged, and m>. is be, and a most divistian veng^aufe it is, though my inhunaulty (rlllTi* a source of grief t»’ me ** lonff ai I' live ” HOW Hi WOft^JHnilARKET., , Ho wa* A, t«baoo>K>sV In lUidsvillet They are up to snulF. 0.i« was . i'l Oreenvilie, Tenn., snme time aince, an) orders werA dull, and he fobnd bimtiiir with but one bare ten' dollir bill in hW' pocket. It was a fresh, green, pretty (bing apd. was all bo iiad. Tba next day was Sunday and he inquired for tlje principal church and went to tbe Prvs- byteriao, walked solemnly down the aisle aod took a,s^at in the amcp curner. The hat passed around. Ha deliberate; fy ton'k out th&^n dollar bill and un folded It and dropped it in the hat , A young man sitting by him nadged bim. , “Didn’t yuu make a uiistakaif’'. hb whispered. “I don’t Ibiok I did,” replied our tn- bacconist. “TUat iva* a tea dollar bill yon put iu.” . i ‘ That wtt* wbat I took it fur.” •‘you’re pretty liberal ” “Dunoo, no use giving to a church un- less you give something.” The whispering cessed and ' bhtb set tled down Ui j >in in tbe singing of - tha bymo. The next day business opened in Oreenvilie for (bat, tobaaconist. He was overrun with orders. Tbi> young man be kat by bap/^oaed'to be tbo snn of a prominent tobacconist who 'was il PreAy^oriaa elder, and it is well koowii that tbp. Prasbyterians always .r>Hy around t^ man who is liberal wit^,h|* monby to' God. Reidsvillo hiks hold a good run on the Oreenvilie market evei* since. Tbe old elders shut their eyes apd go to sleep.OU: a iiqid af Beids/llle tobacco.—Winstoi^ Hep ililicaii. MBlRtWiVlwPWOOP. The death of John Mori-isjiejf iind the (allure el Ben Wond reca1l'4hti eeletiMtid baut between theae lv\-e eambUrs, wb«a tha latter won $121096 Iram tbe former. Tbo Niew ■Jfork oorrenpoaJent ’ bt ttie Bufialo Courlsr deserlbesi tbe acoasiob. Bso th|e habit »dfopping taco Marrisiey'e-plaoa oocasioDally lor a little recreation, and one night, aboQt ten yean ago, he saaala'red in as Usual 'and tell' atn^l of the bank. Marrissey was there an 1 many meivabaut town, all of whom knew Vl/nod's pluck and hans'on-ativenoss, tnd the party sattled down for some lively work. Wood had about $3,000 io tats pocket, and as the betting was beavy be maeagad tb g*t to tbetbntmm 'ia abiMt ‘aa hflur. In laet he was cleaned nut. But his blood was up tbat night, ood, as his repntatinn lor plUL’k was at stake ainonK the boys, he decide'! that nncs lor all it should make or break. IIis ready cash wan gone, but he owned yalnable |;r.ipe^ty wn Tryon row, where the Staats Zcltfqg, buiMinn now stands, and he propo.ed to hypothecate tbe property to M'lrrlssey axniust whatever sum, up to'lts value, he should lose. Tbj nfldr was aceepted, aad the great night beasn. It lasted all nVgbi anil up ta 0 o’clcek next mornni(, aud, when a truce w.s Anally called, Bea bsd wou back the $3 000 he started vrith ami scored about (ISO,060 ahead besides. .With the mdoey '‘tbrt‘ Moihsaay had a4yanced blm'‘ ob tha hypothecated property, be turneit around aod gave Jabn tbe worst whaling be ever received at the card table. Nnt a (ign of wlnclag was ahewa^on *ith«t ai^ till pfa;y^oaV-.>«i- hmslloo forced a ceisatlun of bostllilie*. Both men were true Rrit to the laat aed neither showed tbs least illitempci tram beglening to end. It was 00 tliat ncca.ioo tb*t Bea perfonasd the estrordlaary iqust ef smokUg |90 worth si cigar* In one aight. Ma|ris*ey;4ii!d'a> sMIai brand oi ciflars at $1 Moh for bis flash oustamara. And,MriM|Al*h«k?ii A>trenaadau* smoker (or ebewer, rather, for be merely obaw) lart«iisly''«l'ir.elglir, aad then fltags it aways maaagea.lo ipell ninety of them while tile flight last«d. Qii dAy,my. broibfr drivlag liv\be country wbeo a sjirfpgac j*to|i|M|^ him bjr e»clalmlng5 ••UaU»| tl«» jMd I". ^ . . "V "I boagjrt, lier^ntA M*fff A)d l/wmi Unatp f."- “ WW W* «•». ’’WbAt 4* yoit^. nerr'^ ^ Siy .^rpqiAr aiuw«cf) tbal tl^ horM). *pl blw.spdsr tha D»ma of r* safd tbe ■an ; ‘‘t^at Isn’t W name” Suddrnly. ha cried out sbarply, "Nal-lyl” Q lick aa a flash, tbe hnrsa pricked lip bis eara and looked round. "Nelly,” aald the msu, atepplng 111 front nf her, ‘'Shake hands 1" * Up carp* ^he borse’a right baof for the man to take. , “^w give ua t|ie other hand, N«ll| anf she raised her rore.root. “There I" Slid the man siailieg; ”d'y4 *Uppnsa that WMn’t- my hor*ef' What doe* my reader* tbiakf—Youth*’ Companion. A SM)RT_JEWESS. Ad>i||)h)i Fiiz'nelon wa* a “sinttt yoiini; man ” tt was bis Arm conviction iba> with tbe oppnslia sex he was Irreslsti- ble, Oua eveuiDK Pitsaielatt wa« at the api ra. nn-f in an Hdl'iiniig b*x be espied, a bennillul ynana li'lv, wllhnnt a male stien'ltnl. HKnodded to hia «nnipanl)in.i and remariii-d that he muit aak* a ooo.. quest. S i iuto ihe aHJafnlnK box j^e.made his way.-^Bil nnerrhnanlnnsly ke*'e1 ^ln>. aull by the !inuiig lady’aaidt, 8he look .d uplnaurprUv , Adolphus smiled aweetly and bcegeif pardon ; he must have been mistakto ;' he haM thonilit he reongnlsed ia .h^r an *rqttaintpi>ce. 8be ialoimed him he had bi'vn mistaken. Sflfl,” renfared Adolphus, ‘ I heps I don't intrude.’' T|i« la'Iy made no rcplv, bMt ^uroad her atlehtlun t* the stsi;e, where a scene w«s tritnspiring id i*liiflh she WA. m'urb In terested. At lvn|{Mi Adolphus addrssss'i. her sg.iln. Tuinine quickly, slia saidi:-- “Von annoy me, sir I" and her bright ejc» flashed. Oluta nil-1" (»ied Adnlphna, drawing back with pioi’k terror. ‘'D in’t eat mel" The lady rmlied a sWcet, beaming sniile, aa aha replied,.— VBa notalnriufd, sir. I am a Jewe>s, and my rvli:iio:i lotbids ms to eat pork I” Uilfortuhatcly lo^ AlAlphus his iiieods heard the rrjeiuder, and be ia not likely soon to hear the Ust ol bis .rij^'e'er, snd he is not likely saon to hear the Ust el hTs passsca-with the liasutiful JeWeSs. ' edith^irsTiove leheh. . Tlio Treaanro That thn Rlidor ('arrloM Iu hia l*oekot with har i*l!tnre. [From Ibe New 'York Hun.] Bri'ribody knows that motheta lay by HB a preuiuua store tbv Hrst little slDckiogs ih' baby wore, aud retfard them with ever- increa^nir prid'u if the baby lives, and olieti»b them as sacred souvenirs if tbe t>«iiy dies; and the Major haa niten wen- deit'.d whether men have aiiy j»y that is the ennaterpart ol this ona that Saems pes culi'tr to woiaep. When the May days began to lengthen and hrlithlea Mrs. Saatlgtihn look the baby eff ieto the cauiitry, where It might have, during thu eventlul saoand year ol bildliuod, tbe beuefita ol Iresh air and lond aud smple plavKranud, With green urais to roll upon. Daily the Uijnr re>- cuiyrs letters containing bulletiaj) sbawing h'/iw'thu Infant Is flinrlshinii, and ‘delsll- I'ni; slue some of ill remarkable adireotarts. ^or inetance, npe dsy last week name, this: "Tills mMrning Kdith strayed in^o tlie, kl'cheii while t was to the dihing mnfii', and tlie fi:st 1 knew I heard an awlul scream, and little B lie Oima runaing In with her rinht hand dreadluily burned. Hbwialiudid it l don’t know, but *he must have put band right nn tb* stove, In'r Ihe whole palm (s one 'Kreat blister. IMie tsk« It bravely, and I baVa got the band all dona,up. In cotton battiog and H.innul, and every now and then slie hnlds if up to me like a tiny whit* traxing ulnv.e, and say* plaintively,‘Biireer; burner.'"’ . “'9/kby's band luifia baye beaUd r^idly, far twa davs later tliia came : ‘'Wlii'ta Edith was standing of! the baok atens tbis,m«rolnK,.tryi'nK In' oatnh a bat* terfly, ahe lell olf, and it didn’t hurt her a bit, but mother says it will cost as macb aa seven dollars to* rtf|flaOe the pots and plaeN that Editb fall upon ;. baby i* *0 heavy ieu knew," And iVe IS developing tr*its that in other p«ople\s ohildycn wDuld dutbtless in- difaia an alarming, and pracyoioua leruolty„ but which in tbja case seeoa only to show a Turn degree ol coni'ag*'.' Here la a' bhile tin that says: * Baby caught lfi fly 'this morniuK, aod tore it In pie.iea.” Another: “Blie atepped on . an Ujily spider to-day aniVcruabea ir; and on The samo day It la recorditd t^atsbe "said -‘Pepa'H in :fter sljw.’* ■ , i. ' yesterday there i'ame a letter ‘^.b^t Waa bultler than usual, ind 'ib; Mater, » he wptned the e>ny«lope, waodered wh^t i^ss tait. A Jitria piece otibiowb paper dtOpi pad. out. coveted all aver wltht IwaaltliDga Hi ao oliaoctvr et taMAaiegp. iMtrieelUjr' drfs;n, eviilvntly by |be bate i,a*d;T^i|ij|| als'as dowo^ttje letter U^S-Wiet i^Afi^. the diilly b'ullelin t “^s I.*|.rhere wrding. fh^Mtby Jl'on'iba’flaAri nsi^, ifti a ’’ d'eri and borily'dWgagra wftb s' '|^i*& dl bmwn'papivatM a^pMSl i ab j I 'a*k‘hei‘ wbati abe is datau, and wa' *«y*’:*Wrice' p»P>i''N>dlMr«Ki« tba#ali|*eMtee^ia*olseed- in mine.” iiii* pfM'i at-m riiM wMsltU^ftotute ol BiUMvtliiat^'b^whMM’ ia Ai* pa^fit'*itd.ti|li*lia«4b(MttaMUtiM!! ln.ha%,.n*y,te fA^'Ika " t)^ |Keu|Jijft.| Phlli/fr*/*ti«l b4 iWil io a hand tbat naae bttt hini eaa- .. aod read* it«M»«MQ|«i IH( ^ twt«a tblflincstllMk’alter all, tblsJk- A v*ry plua*aat world to Ily* ia. Dr.^1^^. g. Moyt of id MooMut n>i,aU Mia tb» V. Canada, Don’t bo^seelre*^ by Imrqoaeka aeho' throng oar fthW bu^toouault Ur. Hoyw>r8end jbr hBmIH Box H7n, K a ' 5 Ro^eriyf AMuf D£7^Ml!(tf,'orHriS|to »»«nf*miW in thae*r;a#rt»j^ rul aud dangemne diaeaaea of yatur It modaratoa all Meese, and bHa|a% montnly period with renlarlty. to j nei voba and apinal bflbetlona, pafaa ir haek or llmba, heavlaoao, htigee oa 1 exertion, palpltAtlou of tha beait. I of aplrit, hyatoriea, Mek beadABU,'' „ _ ■nd all pals |Ul dieo^_ neeAAlaAaa.i^j,» llaordered ayatem, it e0(SOta~B eu^ ill other means Iklli PrMaWM per BWp Ma». Mo»a41y. . g 0 H b 6 L TBAOMBBS. Ybd rsa eaally Ineraaea yoar aaiatr by devoting a var» amall porUaa af Ipafil leiaare tim« to my Inuroat. I ao aot oNp »Mt yon ta eanvaas Ibr mj ealabMHt maUv’e pianoa and Orgaaa aalea* yas but the aerrtoa Iroqtlraofva* »>'••••««» And pnOtsMa,-. aS pa>tMdlara free. Addraaa. DANIKb P. BBAn’r, ' Waabinctoai M.J. p^OQKY MOUNT MILUI, ROOKT MOUNT, N.€. janaary isl, im. We sie now prepared to (waish th« trade with SHBKTIMGS, SBlKTINaS, PLOW IIKU and OOTTON.i YARNS. all of the best quality and at low prlestk Our term* *lriotly aet caih, 10 day*. « Addrasa 'an 8& a BATTUE £Jl0«r, ^hy Mouat, B. it R AN.£.OLPH « 00. OHNERAL FORWAROIKa COBBIMIttV BariMks Prompt attention giVea 10 id't m*nt^ Liberal Ra*h AdVantea laddi'ak' « .AlgDmaBlB. LtfMBER A;a,PKCIALTt. ’ RarnHamiBii W,H. Bmltb A ItM; in 0. Marrow £ Co., A..4irr*naKNoM^.1Pltia A. Ouerlbaldl, J. tf. Faaoatt,!. STVSp lea, Halltas, a, O. • ■ »' “ > •AUls Peraona wlabtnr r^'ss.'SiRSffMs I tlia aHU k^epibg, a*-I sortraaht ar.tM VwH- irsur'a&fnhji driqiet,CASAa ta.p*n||i|; ' '!■! .- I' «pr,.fl.Q andjm

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