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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, May 16, 1918, Image 1

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ESTABLISHED IN 1866. VOL. LIII. A NEWSPAPER iOR THE PEOPLE. WELDON, N. C„ THUK8I)AY, MAY l(i, 191H. Terms of Subscription—$1.50 Per Annum NO. I Wet Conlcnn I5f luid Draohc i)on Diiovs OPEH AVe^elaltlo siiiiilntin^lUicFood [ tini)UivSu>nukhsiu>dlkw^* Thci»6y'Promottn4'>'*W'|l* I OieeifttaessiMBe*!*""'' neHhtr Oplom.Morpblne I >UnenL N«*t NAMcotre cuid Fcwrisbness licSlmll* Si4nrt«"* 7m CEKTAXmCWPAW. MVW YORK*. Exact Copy of Wrapper. CAS^aiA For luia-i! 11-.)(] t. il >fcn. Mother^ h ir ./ That Genuiii Always Bears tlio Signature of In Use For Over Thirty Years CASTORIA Get The Habit I^Buy for Cash. Save'Vi l^the pennies by buy-'Vf ing at W. T. PARKER & CO., Wholesale Cash Store WELDON, N. C. MANUKACTimERS OK Building Material for Modern Homes, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mantels, Door and Window Screens MADE TOOHDEU AMUiK({fLAUSTOCK HJZEN. Good Material!. High Qrade Workmanship Our Slogan. Weldon, N. C. The Dining Room should be a cheerful place, for when you eat your meals amid pleasant surroundings you do much to aid dit;estion. And good digestion means health. HAVE US FURNISH YOUR DINING ROOM The variety of designs in Tables, Chairs, Slde« boards, China Closets, Serving Tables and the like, !• ample to satisfy your desires, whatever they may be, in the matter of style, finish and price. Come in and talk it over with us. We are as eager to QIVB satisfaction as you are to receive It. Weldon Funke CDmpaay, Weldon, N. C. Firs Inciir&ace ^ Surety Boais! Life, Accident and Health. Plate Qlass and Automobiles. Repre senting leading companies. See me* about your insurance wants. L. G. DEAFER, OfRce in Green BuildinK, WELDON, N. C. For Sale I few Todd Check Protector. If iite^ted. call at this offloaj ************ Compare Your Baby s First Four Years With This In 1013 little Marie waa boro in a t1I> lage Qot far from Meiteres. Id the Ardennes. Id 1014 Marie's father, called to (be colors, fell at the Marne. And Marl* aod her mother atayed Id tiie villacat which waa now lu the Germans’ hands. In 1915 u poster was pasted up on the Uoor of the village church, and that night Marie's mother vanished, uloug with a score or more of other In lUlO Marie was still living lu that village—existing through the charltf uf the few elderly folk the Germaua permitted to stay. in 1017 Marie, with ail the children under fourteen j-ears and ail the old (wuplv left alive In the village, was bundled Into a crowded car and slilppud into Germany, round through Swltserlaiid and thence Into France, iirrlving at Bvlan. She wns underfed, nf counie, emnolated. sickly, dirty, too lightly dreesfd for the time of year. And the cunie Into Kvian with not a I'vtallve, nut a friend left in all PruncA to tube care of her. Whu took her? Your Red CroNSi Over there In fSvlan your Red Crotts (ook charge uf her, cared for her In the lied Cross Children's Hospiiul, clothed her, fed her, built op iter strength, taught her to play—and then helped the French authorities find her a HOME. Multiply Marie by 600 and you will have some Idea of Just one day's work your Bed Cross does at Bvian. It is only one of the Ked Cross activities In France, to be sure—but for Just that one alone can you help being proud of itt Can you help being glad you are a member of it. supporting its great work of humanltyT Can you help want* ing it to go on helping the Maries and the “graud daddlet" that come in at EtIbdT THE TRAIN THAT SAVED KHm How the Red Cross Helped Roumania. Have you heard of wbAt happened In Roumania when that stricken nation stood in rags and starring before tha shocked eyes of the worldT We had thought Qoraelve* grown used to trag- •dies antll this greater horror strack a blow that 'roused still untouched sympathies. And yet we fait so helpless, you and 1, so terribly weak in our ability to of* fer aid. But were we? After all, were we not the very ones who car> Tied new life and hope to the heart of Roumania T foa shall be your own Judge. Fighting with the desperation of de spair, the shattered Roumanian army still struggled to beat o«T the Kalser'a bloody Htina, who were mercilessly trampling the life out of the llttla kingdom. And the Kaiser smiled br» tally as he saw his wolves at work and knew that from behind the lloea, attacking the fighting men of Rouma* nia from the rear, entering the homea where mothers clung to the frail, dl»> torted forms of their babies—waa star* vatlon. No country around Roumania could help her—and America was too Tar away. Thousands would die befora supplies held in our own country could he i Hope waa gone. Death by hunger and by the dripping sword of the Kui- tier waa closing in. A brave little na* tlon was being tom to pieces. Then came the miracle. One mom* iiig the streets of Jassy, the war capi* (ai of Roumania. swelled with sounds of rejoicing, A dty where the day l»e> fore there waa heard notiilug but tlia walla of the starving and the lamentn* tiona of those mourning their deud now was awakened by shouts of Joy. Tou, my friend; you who have hel|>- pd In the heroic work of the Amerlnin Red Cross, had gone to the rescue of Roumania. A train of SX big ft«Ight cars packed to their utmost capacity with food, clothing and medicine, tons upon tons of it, bad arrived In Jassy after making a record breaking trip from the great store houses of the American Red Croaa In Russia. Other trains followed it; thousands were fed and ''lothed and nursed back to health. For weeks and even to this day the brave people of Roumania are being cared for in countless numbers by our own Red Cross. So was Roumania helped, aod when history records how this last fra^est of a sturdy nation was kept OBt of tha handa of the tarrlMa Bttoa It wUl give ^e victory to /enr Anarioan Bad OKiaa. Bait Remedy for WhooplnKCough "Last winter when my little boy had the whooping cough 1 gave him Cham* berlaln’sCoogh Remad;,*’writes Mrs. J. B. Roberta, East St. Louts, III. “It kept his cough loota and relieved hii» of thoae dreadful eoufbinf spells. is tbe only oooffh medicine 1 keep ia the baaae beeaoM I bare tha moit ‘coafl- deneaioU." This ramady is also good fveotiffaMdaMi^p. 2 SHOE ISHES WUKtnsTES lKEEPYOURIt.<Sa«Sg;' FOR BUCK.WHITE, I SHOES PRESERVE THE LEATHER. TAN, DARK BROWN OROK-SLOOD SHOES. M Neei Plflspiates to MaU SlroDi, Healthy, Viprois Athletes increase their strength, energy and en durance 200% or more by simply taking a few week’s treatment of Argo.Phosphate Atlanta, <«a. l>r. I'. A. .lacobsonsays that Phosphates are Just a» eHHcntiat to any man or woman wlio tires easily, is nervous, or irritable, worn out, or looks hagKaid and pale to n>ake a stronK, ro bust, vigorous healthy body, as tliev are to cotton to make it ^rrow. The lack of Phosphate is the cause of all eoemic conditions and the aiiminstration of D> grain Argo*Phosphate tablets will in* crease the strength and en durance of weak, nervous careworn men and women per cent, in two or three weeks time in man^ instances, and their continued use will bniUl up the whole nervons system, and ifive new life, vim, vigor, and vitality to the whole body. I always prescribe .\rRO'i'hos- phate to patients who are palt> and col« orless, aud it is surprising to see how quickly a few weeks treatment will trans* fuiu) a pale faou toarosy-chveked beau ty, There cau be uu rosy-cheeked, healthy, beautiful women, without their system is sultlciently supplied with Phosphates. In recent interviewH with physicians on the ^rave and serious con> set] uences of a deliciency of Phosphates in the blood of American men and wo men, I have strongly emphasized the fact that doctors shonl<l prescribe mute phosnhates in the form of Ar^'o-Plios- phate for weak, worn*out, liagifard look* iQ|r men and women. When the skin is pale, and the llesh llabby, it is a sign of anenm. When the phospates go froin the blood, the pink cheeks go, too. The muscles lack tone. They become ner vous, irritable, despondent,melancholy the brain fags, and the memory fails. Therfore if you wish to preserve your healthy vim, vigor and vitality, to a ripe old age, you must supply the deliciency of Phosphates lacking in your food by using Argo-Phosphate, the form of Phosphates most easily assimilated. NOTICE A rgo-Pliosphate which is recom mend* ed and prescribed by physicians in*all enemic cases, is not a secret or patent medicine, but one that is sold and ree* ommendeti by well known tlruggists everywhere, and physiciaQs are daily subscriliing the constituents contained in it. Keiiig entirely unlike many other PhuspiiateM, it is easily aHsimilatedaud will he fountl eit'fptive in the treatiufut Cif intligfstioi) and stomach truubles, as well as for care worn,nervous conditions. The manufacturers of Ai;K-,-Pho8phate will forfeit ti> any charital^An>-titution (^K).(Mi if they cannot treat any man or woman under U.‘> who lacks phosphates and increase their strength and endui* ance from IlMi percent. toiliH) per cent or tuore tn one month’s lime, if thvy are free from organic trouble. It is dispensetl by the W, .M. Cohen Unig t-'ompany. pi health IS WEALTH E i;Ji I-Ir> A Y *P|-|ah°HYGI ENjE STATE B0/5>D or ! TEN THINaS FOR VODR LIFE. Thoro uro ton thin^^H for wliicli no one huH over yet btM ii Horry. They are : 1. For doing ^ood to till. 2. Kor Hpoukingevilof none. II. For hearing before judg ing. 4, For thinking before speak- ing. 5, For liolding an angry tongue. (j. For being kind to Hie «U«- tressed. 7. For asking pardouK for all wrongH. H. For being patient towards everybody. | 9. For Rtopping the ears of a I talo bearer. 10. For diMbelieving mosit of the ill roportft. SIDESTEP THIS. She—Wluit iw the eorreet irauslation of the motto of that lovely ring yon gave mo laHt night ? He—Faithful to the last. She—The lust! How horrid ! And you’ve always told me be* furo that 1 was the very Hrst.— Minneapolis Tribune, Road to Happiness. Be amiable, cheerful and good na* tured and you are much more likely to be happy. You will lind this dilllcult, ifnot impposible, however, when you are constantly troubled with con>dipa- tiun. Take I'hamberlain's Tablets and get rid of that and it wdl be oaay .These tablets not only move the bowels, but improve the appetite aod strengthen the digestion. There is reason in all things, but not in all people. Proper Food for Weak Stomachs The proper food for one man may bo all wrong for another. Kveryoue should atlopt a diet suited to his age aod occu- [■ation. Those uho have weak ntom- achs need to be fspi-eially careful and should eat slowly anil masticate their food thoroughly. It is also important that they keep their bowels regular. When they become constipatedorwhen they feel dull or stupid afcereating.they should take Chamberlain’s Talct^ to strengthen the stomaeh and (move the ! | bowels, 'i'hcy are easy to take and \ pleasant in etl'ect, I li lakes a great man to manage I a small woman. i Children Cry FOR FLETCHER’S CASTORI A Childsen should be seen more and talked about less. Draw np The Slack A man of fifty-two years has had what hs ualls ehronlc Indlgoatou for fifteen or murs years. In that tima bs has consulted sums famous Inturnlsts. specialists and many general practl* Uoners lu ditfereut cities. Various ei- piaiiatlons of his trouble have bean of- fared, and various lines of treatment employed, most of them being more or lasi helpful for a brief tlma, and near ly all of them being at least scientific, Ha is a man ot ooaslderable horse sense, and he doas not readily absorb pseudo-science. However, be still has his IndicesUon. Queried and cross-examined ha ftves the fellowiag history, which Is not at all unusual: Twenty-five vears affo he oentracted syphilis, and was MAOl VOUMILF BVIRY HOUR. tkerottsUy and properly treated. Bi|fct years ago the Wassermann teet of the blood waa negative. Twelve years ago a good physician offered $ (raaUr doubtful opinion that locomo tor ataxia was developlnii this opinlQQ was probably infiueuced by knowledge of the history. But the man shows no symptom laggestlve of locomotor ataxia at ^present; that may he due to Ike therru^ antl-eyphUitlo treatment lie was'glTan through eavaral yeers. We a\r keow that It takes at leaet three xsars te oohquer syphlUs. One year ago ha bad an X*ray iieta* ItTC ar several ttegatives ef the ahdoin* people have a sagging stomach and perfect health, hut some people have pronounced astlgmutlsm without suf* faring any unpleasant effect, while ethers must have carefully fitted glasses for slight errors ot retraction. Some people have floatlog kidney and are quite unaware of any disturbauee of health; others complain ot muea suffering from a loose kidney. As a matter of fact this man'p right kidney was floating, though the X-ray pic tures failed to show It. The doctor who suggested the X-ray picturoB now ordered an abdominal supporter. The patient wore it for nearly a year, but continued to suffer from distress after eating, belching huge quantities of gas, dragging pain and soreness about the flanks, tender ness over stomach, and the other In definite symptoms people call Indlges* tion or dyspepsia. Discouraged, ha tried atlU another doctor. He was now advised to as sume the kneeuhest position for a few minutes after earb meal. In this position the patient gets down an all fours, then lets the chest sink to floor but keeps the hips high, with thighs always perpendicular to floor. It per mits abdominal and pelvic organs to rite, or fall, a* you please, upward to* ward tbe diaphragm. Then he was urged to lie down for half an hour or more on an inclined couoh or bed with hips several inches higher than should* ere. He was further taught hew to stand erect, and advised to “brace himeelf** every hour by the clock, no aiattar what he might be doing or where he laltht be. A new broom sweeps olean. Tlie man Is delighted with hie relief, lie has gained several pounds in a few weeks—and U seemed Impossible tor him to gain weight heretofore. Position is not everything in this world, yet it Is well worth calUvatlnff, Queatloiia and Answers. Acid Frulte and Rheumatlf. A. F. R.—Should one with cbronle rheumatism indulge In such ihiBge aa lemons, tomatoes, grapefruit and the iiket Are not suuh traits full of aold? Answer: One should, whether be rheumatis or not. In the tret totm dlssase la uauied by a« bluod; In th* second ulsos. all fruit a«l< ctrculat* as alkaUne salts, thus teadtaff •tallnr- • ' > Inorsftse the alkati fruit aelia I the blood Canker ftoree in the Meuth. L. C, H.—Please tell me what wlU relieve canker sores in the month. Mat raglen. A marked prolan* or saf-^i^^ them everr few weeha, gtat (ptoala) ef the atomach was ^ ■outntML »fcw, thli coidliwii - ^ tot naMMMIlT uuw tmrtomt; laiMrSuduin X> ii. Invast your imail changc in War Savings Stamp*. ^u*ll Never Know How Good, This Coffee Is Until \buTiy It- WORDS cannot adeqtiately deacrlba the fine flavor of Lustanne Coffee, you’ve got to taate it youraelf. Won’t you try Luzianne next time? Lozianne ia packed In aanitary, air* tight, fulUmeaaure tirw—impuritiea can't get in and the flavor can’t leak out It has been made very easy for you to get acquainted. You t^ke no chances. 11 Luzumne doesn't taste better than any other coffee you ever tried, your grocer will refund your money, So, buy that first can today m "When It Pours, Jt Reigns' coffee T n K Mi (IP mil ESTABLISHED I892J Capital aBii SiirphU60,000. WE INVITE VOUR AQCOUNT. 4% PAID ON SAVINGS DEPARTMENT K. i; D.AXIKI., W. R. rt.NIITH. J. O. DRAKE, For Weak Women In use(orover40yetrst Thousandtof voluntary letters Irom women, tell ing ot the good Cardui has done them. Thli is the best proof ol the value of Cardui. It proves that Cardui is a good medicine for women. There are no hannlul or habit'formlng drugs In Cardui. It is composed only of mild, medicinal Ingredients, with no bid after-eKects. TAKE CARDUI The Woman's Tonic You can rely on Cardui. Surely It will do for you what it has done for so many thousands of other womenl U should help. was taken sick, seemed to be . . . writes Mrs. Alary E. Vesle, of Madison Keights, Va. 'i got down so weak, could hardly walk . . . just staggered around. . . , I read ot Cardui, and after taking one bot* tie, or before laklug quite all, 1 felt much better. I took 3 or 4 bottles at that time, and was able to do my work. I take If In the spring when run down. I had no appetite, and I commenced eirtlo^ II Is tbe best ionic I ever saw.'* TryCMui. AQ Druggists INVITATION. You are invited tu upen an account with tiie 14 BA/^K OF £HF!£LD, Ef!field, III. G. Per Cent, allowed in the Savings Depart ment Compounded Quarterly. YOU can bank by mail IT f hat’s lev In Miisic'^ By Special Arrangement with the Associated /Vlusic Publishers of New York, we will feature by Daily Pathephone Demonstration BROADWAY’S big Song Hits Come in and hear the “Latest” Direct from Melody Row. All Sheet Music 10c. Copy. W. M. Coliei Drug Coapasy, Weldon, North Carolina. SOLE AGENTS FOR NYAL’S REMEDIES NUNNALLY’S AND NORRIS’ CANDIES WtiY S^eflD ^LL You You might get sick or hurt—be prepared for It You might want to make an Investment—start now. “Takes money to make money,” you know. You might be visited by thieves or fire—an account with us prevents loss. The saving habiMi a good one. to get into. We pay 4 per cent on Ings Accounts ^ THE BANK OF H AURArStL-jTu TT A T .T-PP A TT •« >>y Check or moD- N. L. Stadman, P. C. flr ' Fnddatt !■< J- FIBC.D, " J OlHwBt, N. C.

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