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Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, September 03, 1887, Image 3

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gw chaklOttk messenger.: J^EPT. S, 1887. OI K CBCRCUES. (P. K.) ChaRh. Mist St. . m. and 8 u. m, Snnd*;- ” " P. Au-— n Str 8 p. nt. I . li M. C lilisi Clmrcii. Ronth (^nrehSt. « II A. in., 8 p. m. ARiI 6 p. m. KF'I aC I f. Ri. Kor. A. A. ' lUptiiit Cliitrch. ISsHt Second rsnt II A. ID.. 8 p. m. and 8p. v-‘i-lioo1 At 1 p. m. Rev. K. ruin Pliiirrh, oorucr Seventh SH, Service* at 8 p. m. And niilay-.schnol nt 10 A. 10. Rev. :. [niitur. . (4. M. B. Z.) Mint SU I p. k. M.K.Z.) E SW Ser- ••rtor'"' ^ y.ur iiajicr ha* u blue mark, it will bo ntoppod \ lip. Wo enunut continue >. yi>u witboul Boiiic money, lip ntid let nn continue it DOO-A-Xj. VNNOrXCKMEXT. : r ilic ‘.'til of .July we will ro- r>r only .H, 0. and 12moDtba liplioiiK at lUo follnwing rai««: 'iitln-. .'lO i-enu; U inontha, 75 ; ..uv gl.fiO. If v8ur paper bas a blue mark till.' week, it .will Bin>{dy moan . I' impi'lkJ to diceontinuc send. 1 to viiii until you Mettle np. We I ii. it, but cannot send it till' liliic mark nppearit. V r. .1. Holmes, P. (). box 73, iiv'i.iiiii. N. C.. U the Snpremo i^-, '-f the I’nivcrsal Brothor- I't' j Carolina. Miss S. F. Voung, :.:i : ■). 1C. Suiitb, Faycttorillo; !■ Hill. •Wilininstnn: U. E 'iaiilicw': I. l.A\’a1kcr, »‘?aHs* il II. lIondenMin, Wosblng- f. ■\ •- Mr. Ki>. Haulbii is anUiorited ;i i' uiid priHott .lubscrlptinn* fn !. • v.iKii. and takes cbargi-uf •• li't. ."Cubseribers will please 'r-f. .1. F. K. SitnpMm was in the itiis week and left for Monroe ir.-diiy. iM.oj. .1. W. Hood, I). P., arrived til" I'ity from Einculnton last - l iy morning. Ir (ieci. M- Grier has gone to tiiii.a. He will probably spend . time in ficorgia. Il lends of Miss Carrie Coleman «j'.l be glad to learn that she •. il' .'i'i iit after a very bard battle ha boon elected owe tit ike teMh".' en m thenorwidl at Salkbvry. Mr. W. S. Holly, a former eitiaeni of Charlotte, la in town with hb wife, who b very rieh. Charlotte tight lafhBtry. Capt. Gray Toole reports his eom- pray in etgplIeDt trim, and in a few days he proposes to astonish the town' Re has some fine looking men in fab company. Lynehings. Almost daily wo read of some color- cd man being banged for rape by « mob. Now il seems fooliib, indeed, for colored men. with all the light of the past before them, will commit a crime that i^^^oople feel is worse than murder,and one from which there is no escape. Rape means death, and the fool who accomplishes it. never ex pects nothing else. Another Had Case. On lost Monday afternoon the sad news reached this city tliat Mrs. liuvenia llaglcr was dead. She died in Columbia S. C. on Monday at 10 minutes post ono, after several weeks suffering. She was a native of CharlcstouS. C. and the wife of Mr. William H. llaglcr of this city. She lAs a loving, kind- and nifcctionate woman. She wo.* loved *by all who knew her, a.s was evidenced by the great crowd.* that met the corpse at the depot. She was an affectionate and datiful wife, a consistent Christian, and from obUdhood a member of the Methodist chnrcb. The corpse arrived hero Tuesday evening and rested in Clinten Chapel till Wednesday morning and was from tbenco buried in Pinewood comotery. The husband and family have the sympathies of thp community. Clinton Chapel Sunday School. Clinton Chapel Sunday School was It iu full lost Sunday; the secretary reported four hundred present. In tho altar were Revs. C. L. Davis of Greensboro, C. C. Pettey, Herndon and Slade. Rev. Fred ,Tacobs nod .Mr. II. C. Chambers were also presptif. The seliool was addre by Prof. Davis who spoke very plimi-Mtitry of tin* school and crodilod villi being the largest he had the South. Rev. C. C. Pettey made a short addfliss, Tbcmllisic on tbb occasion was unusually good The choir seemed at its best as when Prof. Taylor waved the baton. Mrs Josic Heard presided at the organ This school is not only sustaining its reputation as the largest in the con- furcncc. but os the best singing Sun day School also. Hr. ColvlB’s Farm. A Bad Cose. The young white man i. I-%reco, BOW in jail for burglarizing Mr.^. J. Yates' house, b a son of Judg* Green of Sonth'Carolina. He b flmrgod a capital erime. '‘ne for whioh several mm have been hanged in Meoklenburg county. Hb ease .-is -a bad one. One that excites gineb interest for several reasons. The sentiment of this comionnity-b’de- eidedly strong against this crime, and if thb young man is courieted it will be proven whether or not white men snd eolorud wen are punished alike for the same crime. Aceiiis that this young man comes from one of the best families of South Carolina. That is-bnd on society and tho good people of South Carolina as well as tho circle into which ho enter ed here in our city. He was given to drinking and card playing—two very bad habits. % A wateb stolen from Mr Vatos^ bouse at the lime of the burglai^,. was pa-wned by the prisoner to a hotel clerk fur bis bo.ird. Sevct*l other artieles taken ut the same timo, belonging In inmates of the hniiWi were found on the person of ibe prisoucr. It is stated also that .ho | attempted to buy cblorofonii at one of onr drug storei on the night of the burglary. All thing.* go to make up a bad ease IIo will be tried at the October court. ^ Rowan Assoelatlon. ' [ Tho Rowan .Vssocilion wtis I in session last week in Khenezer na|k. j list Cburcli. The .V.sriocialiun was j well represented in numbers, appear- | anco and intellect. It wa.s a gentlo^ | manly looking set of men and tbe^ | conducted tbcmscives in a wiiy to sbov \ no-M-rn Js.lTJD SEE. Big rcdurtkms in prices of Ladis* Visiles and No* Markets. Look at our $8.00 Tisftes. About 46 suits o! Ready Made Clothing At a Big ReducUon. Christmas Goods In Gloves, Xerohiefs, Muffles, Astrochan Muffs, fto. Gent’s Rids, Foster Hooks, at $1.60. SPECIAL PRICES In Ladies’, Gent.*' uul Children's IJnilorwear this week. Embrmdered Cashmere Scarfs, Cashmere Shawls—all shades. Nice line of Gents Neckties and Cravats. HARGRAVES & ALEXANDER, BOOTS AND ^HOES. Oar store is now filled with New Goods, fresh from the monufaetumrs. We oaity a full stoek of all grajbs, oad of the Very Best Quality, SMITH BUILMNG. .— T e: E Messenger , is published every Saturday at CHARLOTTE, - - N. C., in the interests of the COLOR PEOPLE to the world that the liaptisLsnro no| | lagging in tho march of improroinenC, | REPUBLICAN Many important ijui-stions cume up for ■ discussion, among whicii wero educa-j tion and temperance. Tli>' senliinciA is fur a better imprnvcd iiiinistry and ndvancoment in ili'i intolloclual stan ding of our peopli- goni-rally. T-ital tlb- PARTY. and oflin tl:e laity boro ■1 111 ■f the- ,f t'hur.-li-.- and I. cmitiary at dlcg- at Ikl.-i Tho ■gged of (ir.:‘»4 It is Re^tiiicaiL paper in the Western end of the sixth Congressional Distreit. n- Tim We all know Mr. A. W. Calvin as tho grocery merchant on Trade street nearest the Mint. While there is nothing in his actions or appearance to show it. Mr. Calvin is said to be colored man; and since he is in telligent. industrious, honest and sncccssful. we the more gladly accept snd class him a Negro. Mr. Cal' df the prettiest and best horses in the country. On Tuesday afternoon lost he took us out to drive and look at his new fsrtu. It seem* that he had the good for tune to buy from a first clsss farmer,' os the farm bouse and growing crops clearly show. The farm is just two miles north cost from Indcpendcurc square on the poor house road and bos a lovely looatiou. being well elevated and level. The b sandy and fertile, the red elay being left n half mile west of il. There seventy acres, a good iwo-siory house with seven rooms, all neoeosary out bonier, bams. &c.. a well vfescclleut water, peaeh orchard, apple orchard, I grape vinca. &o..fte. There are twenly- ■m now on It The fodder is jnst ready for pulling. The bouoe •eu'^t 0. nice disuaoe Irom the road on a beantifal elevation with a ahnt- (ily to-morrow, bot ! bg oak grove, will be held at Orooe cborch ali adjoins Wadsworth, u«ual Uoora. I’leato lom ont on. g^^^oohonoo and pthers. and Mr. rcpr'-.ri'iilccI^P v.rll iiF til-- i>r|il;at lum at Oxford. Tlo- i-ssbiu liaroxuiious .nit!" 'iu-c".-“.'.'ul. Ii journed to meet iu tin-eti'bore '.iv-xi year. Rev. J. O. Crosby moderator; and Z Hnugliton Jr. secretary. i The Hornet anil the Xegro. This daily, just Murtod out. is seem ingly trying to get iintromige by linrp- the Negro. The editor i» evi-, dcntly nfHieted with .Negrophobia, and ! is at a loss for a subjeet. No iiaper ‘ gained uny thing by abuse of the Negro, mul llie poor Subscription, $1.50 per year. W. C. Smith, Editor and Propriutor, Our Prices vrill be mode low to suit tbs timm, OsU and IN us. ^ A.E.RANKIN ABRO TRYON STBEBT. A. W. Calvin, ' —DKAOC l»— Family Groceries of all kinds. Country Prcdnoeol- waT«on haml. CHICX^’S. EGOS, BUT TER and ail kinds of \''EGETABLES and FRurre. —ALSO, DOALaX Ot— Lumber, and Iluilding Material. .^'if'Proe deli von to ail parts of the citr- ^ NEwItESTATTKANT Mr. Curtis Garrett has opened a Restaurant for the accommodation of tho public in Greensboro. It is oon- vciiiently situated, at the depot. Board and lodging famished. H B KENNEDY. ^ SIALIB ni ConfcctioncrioR, Fancy and .Stnplo Orocertea. CbickoDs, Eggs, Batter, Vegeta bles, and all kinds of Conntry Prodnee. Everything kept in a well regnlst^ Grocery Store. Melons, sad Fine Pmibi a spe^Uy. No. 308 sonth Graham streotf Gbarlotte, N. 0. REDUCTION IN GROCERIES ! Charlotte, \. C. Gertrude Holmo* lurrrnilcrcd r about two weeks ago, but we 111 to me her out again. -I . .Minnie and Ivnla Sumner M—ii rpeudiDg some time with II-' iu I'lucolnton. • Unura and Issie Ivomax re- ! last Saturday from a visit to I I-'rcd Jacobs of Washingti II week In our flly. He preach- I Clinton Chapel U*l Sunday .\, B. Vincent of Shaw r.:iy leetnred at Kbcneicr •1 .-iinreh last Monday night, • .'^;ate normal ichool at Salis- uillnpeu on the 2lat inst.. Rev. Crosby piaoipal. al at Clinton chapel PRINTING! died while *ny the Negro, and w*- priMlid ''nit tin •«rl will follow Mlil. 'I'lib age is i fust improving for little bob-taiL'il dailies to live on tin- dead eareas,-. i-f, the past. C- "f BlJ.L-llEAn.'', liETTKU-HEADS. NUTE-lIKADS, STATEMENTS, EN- T^S^inaCorcUal OVJIRS ' DYSPEPSIA, INDIGESTION, j WEAKNESS, CHILLS AND FEVERS I MALARIA, LIVER COMPLAINT, KIDNEY TROUBLES, NEURALGIA AND RHEUMATISM. TT U loTlfOTAt. . IT ft»e» HEW ^ low and 0«- LIFE ts tm lIchtM to take, B^Wm whole 6T8TEM S'.'lEStr’S BS\1 X.KSfS. — KKRVES. ipleulyOI- Vi:i-I>1*KS. CARDS. PDSTKUS, CIlU’l'LARS. AM) ALL KINDS 1)1' MKRCANTILM I’lUNTINO, Dodo in tho host niaiincr jiihI at lowest rates. Tv-day. June lOiii, 1 will eell Flonr, Meal, Ilaeoii and Suenr. at pricn, below competi- ' I. (’vineact our prices on Utesearndca iKcouTincetl. 7.. HAUOHTON, JO., 3U3 south O itreeL liRANCH HOUSE, IV) Market Street, next to Academy of Mode, CHARLESTON, 8. C. First Season will be opened July 1, ’87. Fint-Ciass Doani and Acoommodatlona at ruwunablc rales. P. M. THORNE, Proprietor. WAHTED. A lady graduate of one of the lead ing normal schools of the SUto, waste school. I’crKons wanting a good female teacher will do well to addreos "Sciiooi. TiAcnaa,” Care Charlotte Messenger, Charlotte, N. C. Address all orders One Cottage, each. Church .Streets. Millg./mg nn.^ Mure than a dozen i four seres of as fine eu>i«-rt* are reported and many anx-' os Is in the conntry i*io» seeker* cvtrrj night. K. H. .“‘titt will not be i Card* are out snnonneing the ourriagi-of .MU* Isabella Mendenhall "f Gr.-.:u'b«ro to Mr. W.K.MeNrillof I'aM'iii-ttllc. »a the iiioroing nf the Uib insi. Thank* for an invito. I'rvf. J y. K .SimpoOB, Ur of UiddU, sad orl.iog hi FayettevUI* dip Calvin, thonjb a N^ro, is considered » neighbor; for besides bis present residenee. tbe fix eottegos now being bnilt, his stera and stradlag among ,nsfti«g Uie bnaineai men of tU oity. fcn is himsilf odneoted and has a rrfflaed and odneMnd wife- 0wh Negrooa aX kn iom eroA lo *>H^nee nnd ve nal iho bna been fcyyod ky «!«»li*y' grad- R. E. BLAKEY, 8 north College ami 2D7 west Trade St., CHARLOTTE, N. C. paaad afearafiill/ aalactad Vtaata- Ma MadielBaa, aaablaad akUI- taDv, maktec a Sail ^ iUaaaaot *wwi,kr*ae'^|i** CSk woSwi*, >•••- Vnllax Drag sad Ofaemlotl Company, E. M. ANDREWS, Ho* the liargeat onil MviitCoinplcle Slock of In North Carolina. “ COFFINS & METALLIC CASES. Pianos and Chiokering Pianos, Arion Pianos, Bent Pianos, Mathnshek Pianos, Mason Sn Hamlin Pianos. MASON & H amun Organs, Bay State Organs, Packard Organs, B. M. ANDBJW8, : ; r*Aiit,HKKiiT. K. a FOR RENT. Graham uid pROFESSORS E. MOORE and 8.0. ATKIIR. NORMAL SCHOOL WCMKERS ft INSTITUTE CONDUCTOB8, who wmtd avail tbemaslvai of ttw wulte oftbCMimnasaten aieinvitea m ena or Mth ed Umso. ZION WSBLXT COLLS61. r.M-C-.

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