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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 23, 1895, Image 2

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1 1 " ' " - . ... .. me UV :tY JAMKS 1. COOK. orrr Tbr day (.: , j . ur' ir Hemlnclu'. 5 iS.nO.2irU . Arh, remedv lor all f Jrms of Head ache Electric Bitters'has Droved, to i bo the very best. It effects a per !mn fint. and most dreaded ; - habitual sick headaches yield to its Y IN CASTOR BUILDING influence. We urge all who are af- . s t procure a bottle, and Rive :iiisy excepted; in uuuvoi , ,,,,. ,;,,; V.lfir.t.riu' Bit.- i ilULULUil' uuuuviiv- - j ters cures by giving the needed tone j to the bowele, and few case3 long resist the use of this medicine. Trj it once. Fifty cents and 81 00 at x'etzer ' Drug Store TURNING GRAY AND THREATENED WITH BALDNESS The Danger is Averted by Using VICOR d by irriers. J;ATES OF SUBSCRIPTION On -: ., ta.v SI 00 Mix jonths '2 00 Thr - months 1 00 i Ju ? : iouth 35 W copy 05 I A tnsi!e Iik itl'!i, Writiuvj from Narragnnsett pier io , , ! the New York Recorder, a corres pondent Sivs: Wednesday night's ! hop v a 3 a practically merry one. ! When the music ended o iethiiig Onn-ord. N. C. JORD, SEPT. 23, 1805. rr1 ' i t Li-":. f f "iHH A I ; V K T I S I N Ci RATES. : H.r : : for regular advertisements ',i;:Hlo uown on application. .v.; u communications to THE STANDARD, at n i lav uno.o. tne h -Q i ' j. i itd lowly pocitiou, whYdi caused Oiy YORD, SKr L 23, 1895. ; eyery one to flop until a c.iu.e v . . fnrmej- about it Yet no one touched, i to isk t;.i:iMi.. : u0 one approached within thrte -i v., .77"",, t it;,. . I feet of il, and it began to look as if ... - 1 it might become the property of the ci.ok-.:s oi Lie amount oi sicfcuedd in j Ar ,t j Ca3m". jet avv woman there !:,!,,(- ' Th-3 tra,, and it can-; t, , ! would grasped i: eaueny li;.d ; she betn . aione, tor iv was a (.lamtv i,ue to -:e 1 ck ot s-Miuiy l'au- gikeQ ,rter m )ight, blue, elapsed .iOIj, -i "Nearly forty years ago, after some weeks of sickness, my hair turned gray and began falling out so rapidly that J was threatened with immediate baldness. li-.'aiing Avar's Hair Vigor highly spoken of, I commenced using this laepwa- ...... ! ; o i : t: V S ; Ull . L . vy:::-' Lcjh- e?-ti':.!:. h v :. - i, and 'ji i... picp. 6nd L-o pu bh jij , an .1 Thk i witlj u utfiUt,;f(li pj:iI) and dumoiid id pu'dhed ;. This paper bucki , '..".t it i.s not custonmry with ; p0 whom do.3 it belong sdd rs to publish such news, the smooth.h:is'a foo'rn.jn, ;;s ne ..iUs Uo legitimate and j approached it. -, therebv causing in all to! 'Staiid Uc!.," ix)?n m m :; one of .v;:.a Xtl. . . it j the ch :ppies. cmne.ioii, whde we do j The footman blood bao ; and the ia bntgr-afly delore'silken ciiclet remained on the il )or . , ' "r ' 1 : was nut for his hands to touch.- v ..TAXDAKI) iarns from re- ; . . , i "To whom does it bj;ong re juree;j umi everai to'wns ' , . : pea ted the chappie. i No one replied, ?.rui the .,r:rv i ever than is Concord, i r . .K rii m in the countrv ilistriets ,,v , , n( ...,fi Ij village-?. j .ilo ccu'r.i any on-.- i.-'i .-'.e I dtj xS )i the to aic i:ut to , claim il exol :nud en.-- ar-ie?!t lit- tioii, and was so v.eii satisiied a i t i i the rcsuit thai I I.a-ve n.M r tried any other kind of dressing. It stop ped the hair from falling old, stimu lated a new grow th of hair, and kept the seal) free from dandruff. Ordy an occasional application is now Heeded to keep my hair of good, natural color. 1 never hesitate to recommend any of AverY; ae-diemcs to my friend."-- -Mrs. IL M. !.vn;in, j-:;i.i AKn uv .iris tne . Itilj .'.'St :IEI Physicians and Surgiono i a-; l- b,i g the de. (..dlhte No. ::. HYHv P. ..v :!.,.': t private mdi- j tie f-dlow. -I" v-h a delicaHdy.j 2nd r.dyten;n Idie ne.v order of things id j m aihh d thing, and b id not yet lost j ClKvU) irY?v ('' : t :.'.''a..itho:;ticc c-ir.not ui- ! the lio? of cuv.-s it eid ;.-s turned by j . ...,.H-. . .,1 loonta t with the wearer's lovely 11 M isA!ti:uv. ' i limb. As it lay on the poliaheu it uscomes Y.j f sc pleading. the silken thing and murmured : 'Tf it isn't claune I ins :uUt I rd-dl ccn- . i . . . : i. . . 1 ., . i iu Vy-. ;coi u io iiOb uioue. .,i:f - . r . , , , .. ,i 11! M(M Hi chnrcij , ! r :ii."y. ! t . .0 , 0 v el' a uangtroas iin.e everv- dituie !d;- iU en . , e '.'' li3 -rites. j about matching for my rhiuleiellad ' Jli ' ! xv.idieSJ o L:iy, in.' N...3 hit.;C. , . a act cf duty, and not in lout, and then the footueva approach- i spirit. It is, and no honest led r.nd insisted that the garter must Y jyf c'l ea!oiii? of the j oe taivei to the eiie;e, vhea- Uie o ,vner coa Hi ce im ir. "Ob, no, no !!' exclaim. d a sweet, bh:Y ;;iff c:.ati;:v, "ar.vVcdv could 1 have t luoa'erre. my . Jilirn Fijc Iiihiinuux; lue-ii io Yr-;-.-: Unrrmv A: Inrlcy, ;od ".n i! s v li'it'iids Mild p:ttO)Ji ll.f.t " '-' b. hde ;.-! v.d! ! Y iSt. ! ed 1o and 'nespeak for t;-:;'i a liheial sliaie of lite pai ;.;vt.'-e. 1.. !. (.:( ti'l YY. We have k coined th: 'irt: la- I isines of Y r. L "i Y ', and assure you -ve will ! th Yi i ,xa, , pos-i- surane io". li a u i ; c v hie. M;.,m mr;'Y ?;ys the Chi- j claim it and tie scribe it now ! ' a ft V V c- d.":ckltd to hang fome cf juS whoiooh a hand iu rnur Ci'i nii.iouaries, If this iJuLj if tlt'j Ciiiii j. e were ; the hang of things, i-ud are kr. ; iro.a the old style of chop- i heads. All eies turned upon her. Kin Bteo'l witli Liu shim- ch-Ys audilti. downcast ees, and the fxdrna! 1 :. A monienl s neciiatiuu iair girl was loSpiKU vita a niigii'- cols p in ion c . t.i v. o i lilA J ' i . 1 j . -vniu o.-eo o u i ajt'S;;....i.Lu r.m; the h:st wHi ana te duuiYUt oi :. i hmV tiLiU U.i. ; Mil t v-,-.:i -Vi v .-i: ;Yi imudgialion 13 on the in 'v ;;.j. Toe arrivals last month at Ive-v :-; numbered 27,199, which - "'ly, K'jCO laore than for Aug;. .. 01 last year. The total so -r iur thii calendar year is 212,773, -i g tia-sb iGG,58l for last year. idea. TiuYiin et i coat sleeve' she whimpered : "Ohollv, VT ' sM1 (iecered are herebJ .A, . notiii-d to present theLt u tne uu- aear, s-iy u s yours . nNot on your life !" ws the quick rejoinder, but I'll eny it's yours end be proud of it' He seched forth hi; hand and closed the coveted thing beneath his hngeis. Then he pr.'zsrd through the doorway with garter in his hnd and the girl on his arm. waa a reat siker ral,y inj And the band -played a waltz :--iIisbury on the 19th. Just 300 m-tft u.1 little U. S. Senators. ffjn.L?eS Overmau, a probable , andhl v.e for Governor, as hia name ii oft-:n mentioned, was taken in Lyncaburg, Va., for a railroad con ductor. Mr. Overman humored the joke. This is one on the Carr. Jtt is said that there are twenty -Tour duels pending between Spanish editors, who stem to be oblivious of the fact that there is a racket going on in Cuba where they could have a splendid chance to slake their thirst for gore. New York San. TIjc I)i"verj Nam! S-He. Mr. G Caillouetto, Druggist, Beaversville, Ilh, says : "To Dr. King's New Discovery I owe my life. Was taken ;vith La Grippe and tried all the physicians for miles about, but of no avail and was given up and told 1 could not live. Having Dr. King's New Discovery ia my store I sent for a bottle and began its use and from the first dose began to get better, and after using three bottles was up and about again. It is worth its weight in gold. We won't keep keep store or house without it." Get a free trial bottle at Fetzer's Drug Store. designed duly autheaiYaited on or before the Och duy of August lbOtj or thia notice will be plea.1 aj a b ;r to their recovery. Also a!i percn? owing deceased are notified th.t promj): payment is expfic"d. Josra L Fixk, Tan Aug. 9th '95. IYvt.eutrix EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. Having bea duiy appointed' and n'loJifid execu:or of the last will and testament of Mary O. Kluttz, j deceased, all persons holding claims sgiinst said deceased are hereby notified to preoont thoiu to the un dersigned duly authenticated on or bolore the 17Dh of Augaso 1833 or this notice will be ploida3 a bar to their recovery. Aiso all persons owing deceased ara notified that prompt payment is expected. O. D. Barrinoer, Executor Aug. 7 '93. ADVERTISE RIGHT II E it E ! K 'i-L,:'A:.JL;'MI 1 W-3 t."5 tit. -Wi. . : Ye; O o Pi 1 'fe'H. fell F?N o -i I , ... v.. ! si I Ov. o -"'1 P3 'S.;.;.te f. ' ... A - t r . ' ' '4.i.:.2-jiin.'i'J '' ' , E 1 Y.:y fvfcf PjuI mmmm J2t i.-.vT.; jtxnJ (si ! ei LJ :..yy' pp . JP N - I 0 eYFJ :

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