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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, December 04, 1896, Image 1

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( I1 I; II!! ' . Vol. XII L No. 192 The National Tooaceo Growers' convtnM'on will convene in Ocala, F':i , bin. 12. It is rumored that Governor-elect has an eye on the Senator chip. A severe earthquake shock was felt in Cairo, 111., Dec. 1. Short term of Congres3 will con vene next Monday.- Vice-President Stevenson says in an interview that the Dingley bill will not pass the Senate. Ju-v. M 8 Gross, who for many ycar3 governed the Catholic church in .North Carolina, died in Wash iaton, D. C, on last Tuesday. Greensboro and Wilmington foot hill teams will play in Wilmington next Saturday. J Henry Davis (Dem.) v?ill con test the seat of E C Duncan (Rep.), of Carteret, in the next General Assembly. Senator Pritchard has gone to Wilmington to havu a conference with Goyernor-elect Russell. Convicts at the State prison at tempted to poieon their guards by giving them morphine in coffee. Water is still rising at Chippewa Falls', Wis., and the ice forge is 18 feet high. Sharkey was badly hurt in the fiirht Wednesday, and Fitzsiramons ra.iv b:j srrrested if he does not im prove soon. militant Jlcicor. Many of the people who were on the streets at S.20 o'clock last night and their attention attracted to tr. : p-d?s.-ige across the northwestern c&it6 of met or of intense bril liancy and ofjunusual size. It made a broad sweep across the skies and its brilliancy was startling. In its wake was a trail of sparks of a dull re', which were visible for a mo ment after the meteor had van, lahed. Charlotte Observer, The young man who sat down so cuJJcnly on the street this morning .nw sr.'irs in broad daylight, and he can still Eee the "dull red'' places tut not in the firmament. CoMost Yet, ft-.ventee" ' bcze zro! That is where tbe mercury e!ood --i 7 o'clock thi3 morning. The r.ow that melted yesterday is ice f"'W. Wherever water stood last 'Hht ice was fonnd ihij morL-ing. V: r.w.ds are foU of it and horses n not pull even a Email, load. 'ru-' pond below the depot is .frozen r and the boys will have an op . m unity to enjoy tknUng by to ir.irSim?, of Cabarrus, wi.l o cicikin t'. office of Auaitor t JT il Ayrr. Thia fv --it r, i t rc -'i". has been f, of to " fv:;v.ritment is but a just ruiuiared, for he yer materially in securing h .-urination or Auditor. He is -Try vay fitted fur tha office to ' ho i'p.'i been appoiritcd, and i'hor'f' c. rrirs "UU him ia hie field the heeo wishes of hosts of vs oi an parties m.iuia ujj- Vr. Sims will go to Raleigh about i i t of January, but will not n-1 vo his family for eokjo lime. ) II a rrJs-Messoiiscr. Filendsof it,co::trac ;og parties in the city are in receipt of the fol lowing : "Mr. and Mrs. Robert P Savage request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter, Bunnie Savage Messenger, to Mr! Brevard Ervin Harris, Wednesday, Itc. 16, 1896, at 12:30 o'clock, Pres byterian church, Dunmore, Pa." The bride-to-be is well known in Concord, having spent some time in this city visiting, and is a universal favorite. Mr. Harris is the popular cashier at Cannons & Fetzer's.. There is not a man in the county better or more favorably known than Bre vard Uarrris a sterling young busi ness man, with a bright anU prom ising future. He numbers among his friends all who know him, and he justly deserves in every way the happiness he has won. Mr. and Mrs. Harris will visit Washington, Philadelphia, New York and other points in the east and will return. to Concord about the 1st of January, after which time they will be at home to their friends at the St. Cloud hotel. The Standard extends con gratulations in advance. Mr. Harris will leave Monday for Pennsylvania. TO CLUE A I'OLD 13 OSE DAY Take laxative Bromo Quinine Tab lets. All druggists refund the money if it fails' to cure. 25c. Forest Hill's Xcw Pastor Arrives. Rev. J I) Arnold, the new paator for Forest Hill Methodist church, arrived cn yesterday's evening train. He was met at the depot "by some of the officers of the church and taken to the parsonage where a beautiful sapper had been prepared by the ladies of tha congregation. The parson&ge had beea thoroughly reno vated and the lariers well filled with the necessaries of life suffi cient to hist for some tim -. Mr. Arnold enters immediately upon his work, conducting prayer meeting tomorrow night and preach ing Sunday iX the usual hours. 1 W H For Infants and Children. is ca Th young- att..y foil: who a4, U-ntiM the suov Imsf, nigh: enjoyed a diighiiul impromptu dance after the pcrfoviiiance. The hnll was cleared of chair,-, and r.o th-i rp i i 1 1 1 its ii k i u i. ' - 1 - J - th ? -floor en"joyir-i; to t'p H!le," tent this delightful pims. ?.if:oe. I oi n Pfie von pi-jjh'v on your in- ciuru r.c- 1 Ycoigop. t 1 Tl 1 r 1- i j vi i v. I ; L i- 1 . For fi.Ue n. f-C -oaly $10 00. aniit bottom ch ir., only 25 nlr at thi3 oiiice. ali Fop j.en. -p,rnw-d r ol-i fcr geiJfii:?.en. ' Terras u-ry reasonable, Apr)iy at this office. dl2 CONCORD, N. C, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1896. i e Show. Buckler's Comedy Company pUyed to a fairly good house last n;ght, notwithstanding the inclem ent weather. The title of the play was "The Wages of Sin." Tbe characters were well taken and ad mirably portrayed. Though pay ing at popular prices, this is no cheap show there is not a stick in the company. The music was es pecially fine, the orchestra being in charge of Prof. H L Bbker, a cele brated clarinet soloist. Your attention is especially called to the change of play tonight from "East Lyne" to "Monte Cristo." The change was fixed upon for satisfac tory rea8pns today and the audience may expect a treat new and rare. Bncklen's Armcn khit. The Best Salve in tl-e world for Cuts, Brnis8, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Soros, Tetterd Chappe Hands, Chilblains, Corns and all Skin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles or no- pay requi-ed. It is guaranteed to give satisfaction or mone? refunded. Price 25 cents per box For sale at P B Fetzer's Drug store, The Editor Quotes Scripture. If you are down with the blues, read the twenty-seventh Psalm. If there is a chilly sensation about the heart,; read the third chapter of Revelation. If you don't know where to look for the montbVrent that is now due, read.ihe thifty-Revonth Psalm. If the stovepipe has fallen down and the cook gone off in a pout, put up the pipe, wash your hands and then read the third chapter of James. If you find yourself losing con fidence in men, read the thirteenth chapter of Eirst Corinthians. If people pelt you hard with words, read the fifteenth chapter of John. J If you are getting discouraged about your business, read the one hundred and twenty-sixth P-alm and the fourth chapter of Galatians, verses 7 to 9. If you are all out of sorts, raed the twelfth chapter of Hebrews. If you find yourself losing confi dence in your Christian profession, read the fifty-third chapter of Isa iah. Green Cave Spring Kiiotler. ASK ... ucr.v.toa Y ' """ ""J'-' ' 1,1 m ClVSpepUCS, Dlll'.f.S u- l'jfp'ti ' .p&$.fr and ague, the meicunal j-4 " diseased patient, how rftS&SlIf vT5 Checrtul spirits ana gooa - t.i, The Clipot. ?rrrt I!?si rsir.iily 3it'dicint; in tho AVor'd! Tor I)Y?PEr?.T . C(X?TTPATIOX. Jr.x::. I'.;;his attacks. SiCK. H EADACHK. Colic, Dcpres n ,,f Spi.-iis.'SOUR STOMACH, iR..r:b:;m. Thin uirivaL-ti r:-i;e-:v is iyt to c virain - -irt;rl. f Wi. vri'vv nr r.nv m:vicra: su.t-T.ce, i bui. is . PURELY VEGETABLE, containing tho Sur.them Root? nd Herbs wh:h an all-w'sc i'mvi j.-r. aas placed in c,. ..u..a v.:.-; Live I"ise:wc '.n-r-t rev-iii. Tt will ' re jjioscs rinsrd hy Do.rr.n'jemeiit oi" ho 2.Iror aixi iJnv-l.s. The SYMPTOMS f Ti..r Cj-mplaint are a Ut:.-i or had taste in the mouth; Pain in t' " .; k, S.ds r 1-Mnts, offer, ir.istahcn f-r Rhcrr : ; Sci? ri ri'acl; Loss of Appetite; i'.o-- Is ?.!tcrnat..y ,--" iv C lax; Headache; Loss -f le-with a prr-.!''..! .'!'.-.: '. c: nnvmg i.rr.-'a c vhLii n"..:ht t- hav i-cf-u dane ; D C-.h'U-i; a th;ck. yt-:'. '. appear-.nrc '.-,r.-e;Tnes manv of these synipt- 1 ; t-: rr u'cease. at others very fjv ; hut the Livi.k, iae iaits nr"nv. in the b":y, is cn-r-aay the seat ' tae u.&e.ue. and" if not Re.Ti.laf.- ' if r-T.e. -Tetch- an.i 1' A.'i will ensue 'I a. f.. . ir.g h:.:hy-esteerr.ed pe- tis attest to the Virtaes ot mmmo:.s- livfk ;-.:-(.. : -i- . " ' Holt, Pres. Ca. S. W. R. K. Co.; Kv. J. R. j '-'-r, Pem-.Cra.: Col. K. K. Sparks. A!ha..-.:- O. Ma- r- son l-'..Sherir Dili. Co.;a.; J. A. liutts. Ca nhraJ-re, T T . - f Ga Rev. T. W . R.m:e. Maa", la.; V :r.r. -.--rs, Supt. Ga. S. V. R. R. ; Hon. Alexar. H.ep'"-.3. W'o hove tefted its virtues person u'.i v. and kno-w tri.ll .. . - t--et.-. i. ache, i: is the Lest nv tried f o:h ; .-.ii-r-r.u-..- ana i i 11 V.-" l-dioint: the v(. rid ever 5a w. Ve r reujeraei- 1-ef. :e ..:.a...:i L 'ur I-U';-::iator, aia.L none" of ther.i ."ive us n,v..rc to.. -.a tcai prrary relief: the Re,-'.:iu:..r not v-r.Iy relieved, hut cured ts." Ed. Tel no a axb M:sun-:. k. Mac -n, jS MANVFACTfK-::.! CXLY BY J. LI. ZEIIjIN & Co., Vhilii ielptiia.. ua. -'X&iu. J appetite ; t-.y will tell 2iSSi- Livkr Rkgixator. M Itist No! doubt -about it olease you in Clothin been. Men's est. oys best. Children's and best. Mitt!- al - Cannons - k - JMf B JO "Wefguarantee tolsave -"-ou mone. ERCOATS 410 HATS -AND CAPS FOR EVERYBODY. CANNONS & FEITZER THE- CONCORD STANDARD DAILY & WEEKLY. T)ocra:ctin principle, conservative in mcthci.5?. Newsy but not sensational. Devoted to riio :'cresi ofunity, harmony and progress. Its effects and aims are to add to the joys of the home circle, the elevation of the ambitious aal aspirations of its reader. It wcnJd gladly uiiirthemind with plecsnnt and prr ii 1 ; t 1 y thoughts, making life'sjDiirdens lighter, its cluti oppoitnnitie more apparent. DO TOUT If riy it . and S T A I) A K D i s w o r t h m a n y t Publishers. Whole NO. 1,571 V Gm In inters we are better fixed to - than we have ever Suits, latest and Suits, latest and Suits, latest - FUR .1 :ar AK E t r 1 i &ee if von uvii'i ." . a t j i m e s i t s c o b i t o o i i . CJf"" umiiOui 1 Mi l.f ! V :! 1 O'j ' if J'! ,h a' if: I t

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