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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, December 12, 1896, Image 1

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IV I1IXA GROVE. CONUOIUJ, N. C. SATURDAY. DECEMBER 12. 1896. !ser, whn ij ,.,f;ri,rM roWi,eniy-is Won. satisfactory business oa a I'm dorrui !"" or Trjuie- ompiot ited hcale. ,,h,.-r,oVi,it. j a W SschIer store is occu- r ub lauerson Manufac turing Company, conducted under the name Patterson, aru! Whole NO. to Ch:r ' Grove is located almost pot A w:i- 'If between Concord and . The location of tbe de the -North Carolina Rail built gave it existence. two and a few families dse uf Kueh business as . aught by the towns on . Hat the energy that irawbncks was there and grew steadily on till , a of her cotton factory Impetus to business that is to behold .13 the smiling nd-1 so dear. ; i r v c lair business but its best display acd most vigorous efforts are re served for their beautiful new store which they expect to occu ,v the first of January. Mr. J n Eddlemn & S.m-ia D w t-iraham, are in their Lew brick store and ara not a whit u.hiud in their business paab, ami h, re a fair measure of p.-urouajre. Beyond ih railrafid w? !rid the furniture fitore of Mr. J j, ijosti-u. is illicit with neat and moa rmnni::v u::d ad ,3 to.ib.t v,:j-nfi vriGVcd OUoin. -Ur.-?. j em iP.' LupiCite n lin6 now assumed fair I T " , KccT UP liveif di nr. J M Wipecoif i -P:l i old p.ace of business and And we notethat within years there aro four new hour-c-, olio neat and at- .:ud C? awen;pp. h:.? WHISKEY And Iuo jIoii Fnjjajje In a Fistlouir Last Sight. Two men and a jug of tanglefoot, all from Stanly, that land of 'pos sum and corn whiskey, were camped together in the lot back of Cannon's store la3t night. Frequent potations from he aforesaid jng soou warm d up ih nlood of the men, and they began to discuss politics. One 13 a red-hot Democrat, the other a Republican. They soon aim to blows, buc the participants were too drunk to dc any damage, and after ineffectual at:empts to derpoiish each other, time wa called. They ehook hands, took aaotlw drihk, wrapped the; ::'V" in their Idmkets, and lay ! : - with the bjtwtcn them. J list me In i' ft Mm (P - fit -TQiinftn 1 Mt ft Ul UUIII1U110 w - 11 .eji ef-tabtislied cotton co3ev intle b;;;!d. . -r I h: Uisvovoi-.v Saved His I.ifo. in iv. fcarvy way of taKi:g the Jlr G- Ciillodte, Drugfriss. at world e:.3v. J H-'avorvire, III,, ;ys: To Dr. King's Mr. 11 J ivddl-.;:?.:n , ;' ' :. I- ic-coverv I o.vo my :if No'donbt7abont if weave better fixed c olease -rOU jn Clothino-lthangwe . have ev.-r beer J Best. Suits, latest v' .1 vith La Gippo and tried all i . :y of 1100 spindles and 1 ee-r i'i' etc. lie :i-.o h:;j a j ! iuJ uyk-iand for miles about, but a bui'din?comfortab:i'H V:-;JiJ o1. P'ndid horses t?nd jol no avail and .n givon ut) aiiJ V4-iijo ,l -r iv-ry ouaKicaa. 2dr. ! '-'-d 1 could n:t .;v.-5 .Havinar Dr. ULJL la m:.-die-ns 15 feet by 72 feet, : ---(I c-a T,7cll plear'd ; yi caplia! that they 1 - e-oiiiplctcd an auditiou- ; " feet by 7-") to contain pindle?. The plant is -;"d also with a ware nd a otoro 75x32 two V-A .. . ' up to date idv! :he '.'iiivi'i is nis competitor '-C J is vell i..-...: -i 1 i v e r v r c c ;' m : 11 0 d a t i o n s . Th? China (rrOVf- P'onrinnr 1 '""-.- id a vaiuuoie compltm.m u tLc town. J Vv I'oiin baa few c 1 ) a -w'.uUUi, wit a an ip. I a har.dsotuo cfiice rp . ; t 4 . .. , ill c 0 a sourcv Ui Hi u o!d t.i.hd. mi looka La.iiicii at LheSDiiig Store. Ki:?.4:- Now D.kccvery in my store T and from tbo first dose began to ct better, and after iisn x throw holies was ud a:: 1 about ajjuin. It worth its wei;. lit m gold. We won't keep store er hojso without G-M; a frej trial at Fo:xor'q tj kj kj v oiiilareix S3 1 suits, and best. -XT.. '..... , 1 Alt 1 1 o. ,f 1 Laura Elird .be ' : te t-choei in C lua Grove Academy and the piy euiiiT minds are exuindnv at their tuLici), into vuil be men ana o:::.:, worthy of an ar.ctr; 7 tirt r:-. j auy community. . borouhl v 1 C' i he ic p r.a.-i tPr: e sicui.nj at'd t 0 tb .t di tne cierjc-i reb-s. b. i.tysnboutiO cental Mrs. C V Clstieisb. h j v'r-ve 1 i 0 i .... - noj e fr e-dton il-.Mi j n i v tccv d ! Vi:r.Ci::i,p r-tiU thO 01 0: little ..... . The 1 F i. ... . ,1..,.. ... rj; ... : v a f by th. r; ; u 1 ; .; J jr.: ir p. jt( ' 1 ; ; :.r ! U - rf China an;l good ; is beim: ra;u;l- or News ie.ched the city yesterday of the death g: Mrs. Burleyson, sv.f . of idr. li.iic ibirleyson, in Nr. 10 townohip, n-.r Fiowe's Store. Vtrs Hurltyson 7s about GO years of and h,id bejn in poor health for some tia:e. '.He funeral will a!: Di ice Hr tP..- ho;no tcly. We guarantee to save vcumoi. B 5 ? r1 n "r os as n m n t ., : - : .7 a r .3 2 r El l I I - r 5 s j ..a : v-. - i j ATS AND CAPS FOR EVERYBOI CANNONS F?Ti" ? XT rI e He:-:t i-p,i .; i A A V Word TO' 1. T V v 1 J Bruise, Sc rv, T ! , if .r r.o Cci.. , .A'rtinij::.. town. W:' 4. VV I t ! 1 1 1 . . 1 ) ' e ji t p eiV ' :p) tm-ii J or ' !: P' H"d i "t ; .on or ' I ! l i l.' i 1! - . t ) I f f " 1 r ' ' ' ' i i r-r I fn r r " " :" l ! p r-"1 . i 1 ...... , 1 ; ; 4 1 i t. P':d t ion -p.. v. tj v (P'ittJAC' , 1 ? lax ive ) i; !p : T 1 TV. Ptioii returns are notliincj comr lo 'b?; you receive by trading with Dry tp- ,T-T : pi;o ;.u . ... p' p awake and up-todare Ki believe w!;at t.liey see and the Donb'inijTb (phi be qnickly con vinced of the ? vnrl, m b-, oi'i ;0l aesi ..bat we say bv calli . - -at -"--j n?:y a few days tIl 'Xn..; and evi-y b-.ui v , ning to look around fop 'Santa Chi;,. quarters this time are at tljep . A - v l".l ,iir ef ipood b'' 1 : -P1 PVt tpent m t!-dd . - . r, vP'i bt.ii. uc! i.ppy The busine-s. T-.-)w fxcfjd3 that ti the provions hii - fj f 0 P ' "1 '7 0 P i cr proir?-- in trade. C p' wl ' vP:u P(:'. ;, p , it t:ie.v-.: is a. ti:y il it to cure. iU'5 t ild h03pbai'3j '0 lpe more n o . Mr bn.:y .1 kv- P-- i'i:c 'l:.--d Kie r. .it'vi. ' 'i2I?t . .P;"Air-.t;;ittt; P y .-ill t- 1 fl .:aVi5 -f yon li'ce cu in fort and ease hpvnp 0: v tidsvC'orth'd -i Rocking Chairs or i hizes lor your wile. Or if you wani to je:-L f,y uuy une 01 Lite Jtaieigl) VV'. .e. J; 4iL'Sses, best m the world, or one of w e a .i4V pi a: I. works' with his might r. , -' h "i If. t: It ..r:r.'-:;-;.-.i,-.p''A! ' 1 iT THE TRU ii.U "-'l.'iv i;i..Pt ill.. - . - V..: - I i lounpes. 'lIiv have tliem ;f aH ri( : rv-iin j C:25, and to make your parlor look pp-t-vd: t I in style buy a parlor suit and to fit un rr-ov- w- buy one of these handsome suits, the prices r.rn U, V,.r )': lv S 1 . )Ai.e.i1, H- .,rtt;i:rn, 111 ..f Sj.-Pts. S( P' i:nrival..! r : irpent':r ;'.nd find or- of Dr. P-p-pr '4 1 1 -'iPs'once, J ' ' pham. nil.' ng. I- .O.'P 1 r- t 1 !Ti3 f::- .Jilt 13 FUf'ELY VEGETABie, re:,: :rp;ig the sr S ;.uh--ii R. -ts ?:a n"! v.-;-..- i'mvi-'i-f. e l-ui 1'UtCcil in I ivtr P:se:ts.-s ra-"t j-rowi'l. It v.i.'I c 11 - I mmWC PIT P "1 tue S t:-P'!al Uto'.vn.uif- Mr. W V Perry, th Superior t, -,bd and bale cotton. ( Court nierk of Lancaster county, about him an attrac-1 g drowned himself last Wedneso ineient force of ealesuieu, ' j jumping from a raiboad -om, Mr. J C Deaton, has trestj6 juto tbe swollen crcekbdow. post office to this etand. j; .5033 waa in good shape and is increasing and ia innoknown cause for the rash deed y encouraging. Mr. Deal ' d apparent save the fact that area- neeu ui uuttuu uf0atP(l in the ate election IiC rr co - - Liv-r hij1 tl.M-Is. ti... twri'i ii's f T iv. r r.-.Tfr.' t -r ! rct ! i lit i I - 1 . - - - - i I cr lnJ taste in the m nth ; i'ain in the 1'ack, biucs or I J -.ints, often nvs'a'tn f.r Rhfu-vti-np; Sour j tori.-ic-li; "i Appetite ; IP --P alien:. Py cu-tive and h-.x ; !!.n,!ache: 1-oss oi .Memory, wur. a pa':iif;.l cni:t:on of having failed to db something 1 an -ht lriv bfn done; JV-Vilitv: Lot .. ; a tl.u.k. v.- : ! TP - a d-v C-uh, ' ' : . Puts nuM.y . t..c'j : yn-.j-ti ' JP...;. , ui wiherb few ; '.ui '.he Pi. x. rr.T-,n in the bodv. is ecner-llv the seat -i and if not Ke-nl.ited in t.n-.e. rcat su-tu.-.,-. v.-rrch-edness and DIPVTH will e:-ie. "Vhr fnllnuintr hi-hlv-cstvoiued i ur- a: est t :. i I .IV EK KEGULATt'K : Ocl!. . D. 0 town is preparing to erect I which tim8 hs seemei t0 suf . i Ln f'-i ( .'e.t-e. . . '. r t. i . . i ... r :. r.u. Molt, JtTes. l a. r. r,. v-. ; i-. .1 . .v. . v-.o. Fcrrv,(Pi.; C-l. K. K. Sparks, Albany, Ua.; C. M-.-:. ,r4VFl'.4 iii 'o. ('.a T. A. hut:s. Pa.nbri.-. b.a.'- Rev. J. W. ivur.e. ' Macon, Ca.; V. il Powers, r- . ... c- n- r l . 'I. ;-rt. Ca. S. W. R. K. ; ' ion. . Mepneni. We have tested its virtues personally, and tcriuw We that for DvsTepsia. 1 ; a.'-.isncs and 1 hruoomg Head ;. Jo h K.ct i!.,'!, the worn t-ver sa'v. ll'.l H, IL 13 V 1 1 V. . ' . " - ----- uave tried forty other remedies before Simmons Liver Regulator, and none of them gave us more than ten; porary relief ; the Rv-u'.at'T not only relieved, but cured M A N L" f A CT I'RHD ONLY BY J. U. ZOUJtf & CO.. PbilAdcIphi.. ju V'' sir, We have every tiling m rb" rrnl.aro P Cb'jirs of all descriptions. Tables rll size-, a-.-1 styles. J3ig lot of J'lctuitrs, AVindow h' dp sp Cnr ti .Polls, Ladb Desks, Office J)e-i;.v, v;prd robes. Sideboards, China Closets and everyihing to inak a home pleasant and a wife happy. Jb ginninu i:.u today during the holidays we pro? n -r. : ca ish jurchaser a nice and useful ?. r :. niture, consisting of Hat Hacks, Mus-b-arp. Oo.i.b a- " ' r.zi Shfdf, .Book Shelves, Op r'jr I3-p :'kets. .Medicine Cases. W bat Nots, etc. This is no lake! 3;; Uo,'1 The piices of the articles meantime ar-e Horn 15 cents to 0. The value of thy present will be governed by the arrount of the cosh purchase. These sales will continue until the above mentioned articles have all been given out. Com- at once and get the choice presents. Yours to Please, t 1 'I III j Pi A DSTf o&m to Mr. J h Hbvbfer pome Klomminefl. 11 .Mi 1 CDme 4 - -. ; .... .4".

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