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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 02, 1899, Image 1

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i i Hi 1 i . M &u &a is&,ivg .kV V-l .C-SJ Pricf ' .00 Per Y?ar. GONTCOHD, N. C, SATURDAY, rJEPTI ? r T r o 2, 1899. Si": e Copy'") Cents lU fl ink-' V I i . ; n , . Th axe A TinM.'LARY. ?n iYrsun Enters Mr. J. W. Purr's St faisnfmvillu and Hobs Mini of i S.tin :?h and (Joods. woral weeks past there i some person in Con siting liouses at night, only prowling about e s h u t F r i d a y n i gh t th e Aval srot in his work at ' Purr's store at Cannon- ; West Depot street. .lour was opened with an in a neighbor's house. After ,:"tiing in he helped him self to goods to the amount of ( '18. 'He also broke open the combination money drawer, r I' -n:.'- it of 8 or $-1 and leaving the drawer under one corner of tin store. The thief has not V. -r. captured. Points of Dilloreiu-o Vn hv.- ; land an?; X-, .vJvMinhy. AVe often hear people who have not forgiven ex-President Cleveland of his sin against sil ver express a regret that a man with his com:? or sense r.t .! cour age of convictions is not now Mier:.iv be- YELLinV ?EY .5 w. K.ll V Korkless Ilicycle Ilider. On Friday afternoon some un known bicycle rider ran over Hays, the six-year-old son of Dr. Sam Montgomery. The boy was not badly hurt but was bruised somewhat. The rider did not top when he struck the little fallow but passed hurriedly on. This kind of bicycling is danger ous not only to the one that happens to be in front of the wheel but to the rider for if the latter is caught he will suffer for his recklessness. Just such reckless riders as that one Fri day afternoon causes ordinances to be passed prohibiting others from riding on the pavements in some parts of the town, and will later very probably necessitate bells and lanterns on every whe.4. Mr. ihi vault to Move Soon. In another week or two "Sir. W A Dayvault and wife will move from Concord to Elm wood, - here Mr. Dayvault will be en ir;igjd in the lumber business. It is probable that they will return after Mr. Dayvault has tmi.lied his work there. Mr. Frank Pharr will occupy the i.'ouse where Mr. Dayvault now SV'-S. K'T Vift-U "ew Or lor. t? InficUVi. Yellow fever has 'broken out at Key West. The k-test report !7 cr '."S. Some deaths have occurre The ISir:id is com pletely cut oil' by quarantine. There is no great uneasi sss at Jacksos ille about ' In New Orleans an autopsy Key. Paul Barrmger, of M:.f I: sasant will reach at Trinity : Reformed church tomorrow morning, j Rev. T. W. Smith, the iastor i .pi rer;uha- -v'.e -s at 'ra(lo(l Scho( tli M. E. church tomcr- ro '-lie pastor, Rev. C. B. Miller, .'ill hold regular services tomor row morniniz; and tomorrow iViapliiwnfary Our Sir'jvv'M'cnt. 1 1 V : i 1 rjp. President. It i lieved that if such man were President we would not have a foolish and expensive war upon our hands. Mr. McKinloy is like clay in the hands, of the politi cians, and thftv made h;m makp Thursdav! errn church tomonow morn- war when there was no need for : One fatal case has occurred at at 0 coc J n s)eakn.. work' in Athe Gazette has t:i of Prof. C one of the work: "Prof. 0 S v , rememberecl b v night at St. James Lutheran church. ! older teacher i in charge of i of tin : C Ii!S fcuiov, y: i C oh : iioro, " re;::: ? ' i lei- v"! m:u y ' the -or wo ''If i lute V t 0 sav "f our 1 ' iva : the iv vehol it. The politicians were like Vincenues. This clay in the hands of Mr. Cleve- rival from Cuba. land, and he made them keep the peace during his administration when the foolish and misplaced ' showed that- one Mr. Udolphl R w R Q hold pliysio!; -vand -e died there ot tne nnoacy on last services at St. Andrews Luth-: Prof. Coler gneiuated fr -.m the Ohio University, in lsi, nnc was for a time engaged as a tutor in a late ar- There will be regular services at the First Presbyterian church tomorrow morning and tomorrow his alma mater. He 1 ms had many years experience in insti- PERSONAL POINTERS. mght. The hour for holding the j t-ute as wll es jmilic cnool d.;n-: the TT At PqrT V l?s S enthusiasm of certain politicians afternoon in Charlotte threatened to bring about a rup-1 , , . , -i o mv iuv 1 Mr. D;ck Smith i ture with Spam. This difference his sisl M rs M L r m tne metai mat ))resiaents are Mr. iNeal nencierson, Mooresville, spnt 'o Is in : I evening service has been chanered j from o 7.30 o'clock. i There will be regular services j at the Baptist church tomorrow visiting , mcming and night by the pastor, own. i P -v. B. Lacy Iioge. Subject for of 11 a. m., "Deliverance-" "Sub ject for 7.45 p. m., ''Backsliding.' R- w J D Arnold will preach at 1 . rest Hill Methodist church tomorrow morning. Tomor row night Rev. J Y Allison will is made of is ir ; : ort:Lnt in times like this. Nothing ever presented itself to Grover Cleveland that Miss l.ila Stafford, of Hai r; he was afraid to tackle without bur is visiting the Misses S- rm the advice of politicians, and he J Mr. W A Jones, editor of generally came out on top. Pros- 1UIM J 1 ident McKinlej' has been advised ., fi,c"u "" Regular services both tomor- almost out of his wits, and is be- Dr. and Mrs. M L Stevens : row morning and night at Ceil ing roundly abused by some of fill arrive in our city tonight tral M E. church by the pastor, J .... . , n from Ashaville. Rev. J. E. Thompson, the very politicians whose ad-. . The Rector. Rev. J C Davis. vice he has taken. There is ! . -M, bollio Uraeb.r ol near hvm conduct ' services at A1 nothing so necessary in the ,Chma Grove, spenttoday Saints Episcopal church tomor- " I Mice I .rn crtinpo I ,lmt i 1 . . . ... v.v, j row morning at 11 o'clock and Miss Fannie Lippard went , tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock. to Lexington this morning to spend several days. Mr. Sol Levy and family left this morning to spend sev eral days in Athens, Ga. make-up of a president as con victions of his own and courage to carry them out regardless of the advice of politicians, and not in recent years have we had a presi dent lacking more in these essen tials than Mr. McKinloy. Samp son Democrat. Missionary lectins? Monday Afternoon. The Woman's Foreign Mis sionary Society of the First Presbyterian church will meet at the manse with Mrs. W. C. Alex ander on next Monday, Septem ber 4th, at 5 o'clock in the even ing. Foreign The Younir Ladies- Missionary Society is hereby most cordially invited to be pres ent at this meeting and to par ticipate in the exercises of the evening. By order of the President, Mrs. D. B. Mokktson. A LIFE AND DEATH FIGHT, Mr. W. A. Hines of Manchester, la., writing of nia almost miraculous escape from death, says: "Exposura after measles induced serious lnng trouble, which ended in Consumption. I bad ,. . , T , j frequent hemorrhages and coughed Miss Daisy and John Bar-1 nizhi aml day 'All my doctors said I He Has ione to the Springs. Chief of Police Harris has for months been in bad health :ml Tniiriv tbi.vs who 11 lie is Oil (he streets he feels scarcely 11 be held in AH Saints Epis aide to serve but goes on rier went to Salisbury this morn ing to spend several days. Miss Lena Barringer, of Mt. Pleasant, is spending several days with Miss Kate Lentz. Rev. C L T Fisher and fam ily passed through here today on their way to Mt. Pleasant, Mrs. R Lee Carr, of Rock Hill, arrived here this morning. She is visiting at Mr. M F Cas tor's. Mrs. Ransom Gray, of Char lotte, arrived here this morning to spend Sunday at Mr. L I) Duval's. YiUl 3ieet Here in October. The Convocation of Charlotte until lie is bound to go to bid. He has gone to Misen heimer's springs to spend a week or two, hoping to improve. At Epworth Church Tomorrow. At the close of the service to morrow morning the conference will hi- held at Epworth church. Tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock the young people will neet for the purpose organizing an EpwDrth League. cooal church here on October 2nd and 3rd. conducted by Dean Osbourne, of Charlotte. A num ber of the clergy and laity will j attend Malcolm Arnold, of Washington, who has been visit ing at Rev. J D Arnold's, left ! this morning. . Messrs. Geo. L Patterson and R L Keesler went to Char lotte this morning to take in the must soon die. Then I began to use Dr. King's New Discovery for Consump tion, which completely cured me. I would not be without it even if it cost S5.00 a bottle. Hundreds have used it on my recommendation and all say it never fails to cure Throat, Chest and Lung troubles." Regular size 50c and $1.00 Trial bottles free at Fetzers Drug Store. Sheriff Peck is again able to be out. HE FOOLED THE SURGEONS. All doctors told Renick Hamilton, of West Jefferson, O , after suffering; 18 months from Rectal Fistula, he would die unJess a costly operation was per formed; but he cured himself with five boxes of Bucklen's Arnica Salve, the snrest Pile cure on Earth, and the best Salve in the World. 25 cents a box. Sold at Fetzer's Drug Store. work, and is t .-roughly iu touch with the t-a- ir0-in th,;;:- differ ent lines of work. He is i' stoned to with close attenikm, and much good will evidently result from his work. The first evening held Wednesday and sc.-.;on was n u.S tal en up with a lecture by Proi. Coler on "Horace Mann." Notwith standing the character of the weather the hall was tilled, and all listened with the closest at tention to the speaker as he paid tribute to 'the great the common schools a:. America's greatest edu k V k 1 one ol Two Deaths In One Family. Faith, August 31. The family of J T Wyatt. of Faith in Kowan county has been sorely stricken. On the fifth of August his wife died and on the eighteent h his mother died. He is now k it alone. His wife was the oldest daughter of the late E V Phillips and was a large woman, weigh ing 250 pounds. For Over Iiuv i if beta nscd for o - -rnill?ous of uot) foj rro rev K?.uc tcetciLj , ' oeee. It eeotfce ?; r ttif CX3 CZi, ftli.iYf v. s ;Jrs coli'Cj rfri.1 's Diarrhoea, h ;' little enffer(:i ifci .nc draggitfc- iv -vv- ; TWVutv-fivs enr '-'. and ask for -Arp '' inz Syrup,'' Md . '.4 : v'rd :. v' I :t ssd t)j v -via. minstrel tonight. Senses Deeply Stirred. The Burlington News, in tell in tr the awful story of Andy Mc Adams against the little 4-year- i old daughter of Mr. Tom Faucett ' adds: "We are opposed to lynch law" . f but we say with the light before f US lllcXl iX UIULU huimiuiiiituuugut. to have been killed just like a j THE APPETITE OF A GOAT. Is envied by all poor dyspeptic. i whose Stomach and Liver ;ire out of order. All such should kuow thai Dr. King's New Life Fids, the wr.Tu-.-rful Stomach and" Liver Reruedv, . : .s a regular bodily habit that w eft perfect health and great energy. . s-ySc. :a Fetzer's Drug Store. One STRIKE, Two STRIKES nna vou have made a safe hit and a home run, provided you mak- straight for the Furniture House of Alresl lit BELL, HARRIS & CO. Death In a Kiln. I ctog would have oeen ii ne was t Wo-ncon Moh found trying to take the life of ' At w ausau, iiicn., three t zL ..,.ri -tt-o P- .. x . ' , little innocent child, ana wq ( patients m the county asylum I clare that this negro bruto ought : were working in a silo. The I to have been killed by the first' carbonic acid eras overcome), man who came to arid We" them and they died before they could be helped out. One of the l cor ;f -rtriiVi oil P,br rescuers came life also. near losing his CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. au druggists refund money if it fails to cu.-e. t z ;;onuin has Ii. B. Q 3n each.taDlet. ance 1 FANCY 1 The soothing and healing prop- f erties of Chamberlain's Coiib j Remedy, its pleasant taste and j prompt and permanent cures hare made it a great favorite with the people etfiry where. For sale ' by M. L. Marsh & Co., Druggists J ICAKES I m mm - AT 1 1 W here vou can find EVERYTHING you need m the houo keeT. -nl i'ne from the CRADLE TO THE GKAVE. Our thn- iloors are crowded to the doors with goods bought before the advance and we bought them to SELL and we are going to S E l. iiem SEE IF WE DON'T- Do you need any of our kind of stuir : it o do trive us a call. Don't forget our Star Leader and Iron King Cook Stoves-they Bake the Cake. Our Lisk Anti-Rust i imwe is the talk of the town. Every piece W arraxted. Cad . us, we will do you good. BELL- ARRIS 4- COMPANY

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