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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 07, 1899, Image 1

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y J Ipriee $4.00 Per Year. OONCOKD, N. C, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1899. Single Copy 5 Cent ; A K I GEN-PATTERSON. : At the Baptist Church. I bitten for The Standard .r.Pi.Mvuurcu. Four Cairtnred Bnt Released. Tn0 of China Grove's Most Popular Qu.ite a Sood crowd was at the 0n a freight train today I Yonsp Folks WedA New Methodist BaPtlst church last night, to (Thursday) four foreigners were Witney ine ormnauon or ine found in a car Nothing was deacons. Brothers. John Robin- done for a while until Policemen China Grove, Sept. 7. DeWitt son aM A b JSorthcott. The Mabery and Cruse, could get Jswaringen and Katy Ethel Pat- . on tne duties of the church there. Some of; the trainmen jtersou were united in the holy to the deacons was made by informed the officers that one I bonds of matrimony in St. j W T Talbert, and the charge U) had a knife and that another one I Marks E L church Wednesday the deacons by Rev. B Lacy nal a pistol. The officers faced pa&Lui. them and brought them up town The singing was lead by Mr. without any resistance and found H A Wolfsohn and Mr. Benson, no weapon on their persons, of the M. E. church, presided at But when they were arraigned the organ. The solos sung, by, their, tongue was that of French Mr. Wolfsohn were excellent. instead ' of EnelishV An effort Services again tonight at 8 p. was made to, understand them m. ine evangelistic meetings but to no avail, but Mr. Holland .begin tonight and continue for Thompson was called in and en- j. J "r.. vrr 1 t 1 n ien aays. $lt. w.oiisonn win gaged in conversation with them have charge of. the singing and enough to find out that they this is sufficient guarantee that claimed to have paid-the brake- it will be nrst-class. evening, September 6th, at 6.30 I p. in. by Rev. Robert L Patter json, brother otthe bride, assisted I by Rev. J Q Wertz. Theattend- ants were Misses Beulah and I Pauline Thorn, of this place, and Miss Alma Shirey, of Vir l ffjnia, Messrs. Arthur Patterson land Tom Ross, of this place, J Messrs. Hart and Blalock, of 1 Norwood, arid Edgar Gaither, of 1 Salisbury. Miss Myrtle Pa tter -I Son, sister of the bride, played I tbe inarch. Her escort was Mr. 1 Duval, of this place. The church 1 was decorated with cotton and ferns. xV gate made of cotton I was opened by Master Bernard I Patterson and his little niece, I Louise Miller, for the procession. After the ceremony' the happy ! tu;iie returned to the home of i :, bride to prepare to leave on I :;.. train for Baltimore) to I sp mi ciirbt or ten days. Several I nit' attendants accompanied 1 -i..';! a far as Salisbury. Tli'o j h ,(!( lveeived a number of hand- !.'.::. presents. Tills ceremony was the joining - . of China Grove's most i" uhr young folks two who admiration and good j v;1('- (;f our place, j y.w K 1. Patterson, our local inductor, who has boon or o!!j' time on the sick list i; ;: : his nost asraiti. I!v. Si .;:. lings, of the Baptist ..!:. vvill conduct a meeting . jiiuiing Friday night .-Id academy building. 'i-'iA on the new Methodist is progressing rapidly. ' ' ,! V Sutton, of Salisbury, ;;; yesterday here. M;- Juiin Julian, of Salisbury, -' '!.'!; yesterday. Ti;' now cotton mill to be mm.; at High Point, two miles V1 nil of China Grove, seems to ;i iivinLr thing. There is con-1.,-nihlo work being clone on tiiM u rounds cutting and sawing :.:'; for the wood part of the .'liiiding. A l)abv 'srirl arrived at the i 1 Mr. II. M. Barrow On Mills. . jman to ride on the freight. They - ' were released. The Louisburg Times contains o - - TRkATi t j nii- an interview of considerable length and merit with Mr. H M Barrow relative to cotton mills in general and in Concord in particular. Isaac Scott, a negro,, was ar raigned before the May or's: court today (Thursday) on a charge of retailing liauor in the back lot. After pointing -out , , - PERSONAL POINTERS. Steele, the hatter, is here to day. Mr. Jas. G Heilig, of Salis bury, is here. -Dr. D J Satterfield returned home last night. John Miller went down to Albemarle this morning. Miss Fannie Lippard re turned from Lexington Wednes day. -rrRey. Chas. B.Miller. returned home" this morning from Rowan county. . Miss Esther Gook went to Charlotte this morning to spend awhile. IJorace Barrier, of Mount Pleasant, returned this morning from Charlotte. Mr. Joseph Wilson, of What Hicks Says. Hicks, the weather man, says: "September is the month in which the season shifts to oppo site ends of our little terrestrial sphere and one must look for great and violent activity among, the elemental forces. The first storm peripd for September lies between the 2nd and 7th. Dur ing the first part of the period a warm wave will move out from the western, part of : the conti nent, and it depends, upon either continental or- equatorial storms whether the wave will be fol lowed by warm or cooler weather. The globe will pass through a magnetic crisis from about the 9th to 15th. As this will be special perturbation, there will be magnetic and elec- jtrical phenomena out of the nor- Union, S. C, spent last 'night at mal order. xWe can also look for niu mairy au vaiiiagua xvxx . - ; storQ He was bound over to SU row said if he had some of his old home friends with him in Concord for about 24 hours he would not need to argue in favor of cotton manufacture. -pej-ior court in a justified bond of $20 in default of which he is now in jail. Has a Crowd of Hoarders. Mr, Elam Kingys. Esq. C A Pitts returned home this morning from Albe marie and Misenheimer's springs Dr. M L Stevens returned here this morning after attend ing the marriage yesterday even ing at China Grove. Mr. E V Patterson, ofWins-ton-Salem, who has been the guest of his friend, Mr. Frank Rogers, left this morning. Mrs. J O Kinc:, of Lincoln It Wins the Cake. The Fayette, Mo., Democrat- j Brian's Jailer-To wnsond.luis as niaiiy.; Banilor is entitled to-'the eake.1 ' Mrs. A S Duffey of Vir- boarders days as you Could . You will agree with us when you gmia, spent today with imiss n 4. i' ' r v ' -, -. Nannie Cannon. Mrs. Duffey well extiect a house of those read the following -p i at- at n itdu lul iuiiuMn. was formerly Miss May Pogram, phenomally warm wTeather. Meteorological perturbation touching 17th, 18th and 19th. Se vere and dangerous equinoctial storms not improbable. Look for sudden change to cooler. Re actionary storm period, 22nd; marked storm condition, 20th to ,24th, and dangerous gales prob able, on land and sea. Storm pe riod likely, about, 27th to 29th." It will be noted that the first of Charlotte, ore visiting at MV. j storm. period, from tno 2k1 to tne an, lias not quite int the mark. rates to have, and to take into The horrible news, comes consideration that his board is frQm tFreo gtate, that His inventory is unsolicited thr m DrosDccts are that his 1 JL will be about fidl until time court. ' a youns man climbed iree negro women, three white Monclay to see h len and seven negroes. The eitw alousr , a of Charlotte. a cornstalk last ow the ears were ! nd now the corn lOOlllS. (rvrTi-i -n tr Pneloi t!i:ni Ito pmti for climb down. Three men have undertook to cut down the stalk, but owing to its rapid growth it is feared that they will not suc ceed in time to prevent the young man's death by starvation. He is subsisting on raw corn and lie has already thrown down four bushels of cobs. It is now thought that his supply i; almost exhausted." 1 Scoundrel Shoots Into a Train. The Greensboro telegram of the 0th says : When the east-bound passenger train, which leaves here at 8:10 o'clock a. m., was burning the wind about a mile below Mebane yesterday morning, two car win clowns one each in the first and second class cars were suddenly crashed to pieces and small par- . tides of glass 'were sent Hying (Sood Opening of the A. k Zl. ('.!: in everv direction m the cars, i Tie Agricultural and Meclumi The windows were broken by ntra miam-i(i tnnnr with two pistol shots fired in quck -i - . i succession, from the outside. s students. The dormitors At one of the broken windows are said to oe about lull. I wore y- Mrs. General W B Pender, of five out of 171 failed to pass the Tarboro, was sitting, and the ' examinati0n Wedn-sday. The! bullet passed but a few inches Observer says thatj f,.nin faro. Her lap -was fill- . I after this week applicants may j o be turned away. j dc- OF a THE BEST rttESlilVjiOX FOU UillLL . and fever is a bottle : 4 cJrovr's Taste lens Chill Tonic. Never (nils to cure; Then why experiment aith worthless ! imitation? Price TO ents. Yonr ' money hftidi if it fails to pure. ; The j ways FANCY 1 CAKES AT 1 J. Mn, 1 average re ma iu ahead of his Visitor. tl- ruan s t:ist.e; a short distance i ncorM'v---Pross Tvin yon Cholem You fiBFune no ri-. buy Chamborl.'iirj' ((.; and Diarrhoea lu m.-Iv Marsh Sz Co u ivd your money if you r satisfied after using it. It everywhere admitted to be the moct success ful remedy in use Ur 1 ;v.l com plaints and the niy om thnt mATor fails I i? . .Jt, mfe and rslirtbl-. Grip maltes one sick, weary and restless. .Dr. Miles' Restorative Nrvu e b.ins rest. The Summer is Ended, ; .-.-of Air W G Patterson last i ed with broken glass. , dIlcl lJ ..i, ai.. V,. on cn,iie thifs The secQiul bullet v;ent throngn 'have to 1 a entlemaii s na i, aiuwav iwr inere uu 1nM...illlvi, . is head. Ipartment to the college now and)TnE TIME r ere is no clue to the perpe- ? presldeut Wiiistoii seems proud j BUY The Harvest is Past J iii- tnlored Teams Phi) inc. 1 ;ir baseball season has closed : -i'l now the colored team has n! 'nod with a series of games '' ' - i . the Charlotte Quicksteps. ' -'y played a game yesterday r"iitiniz; in our Lone Stars be defeated in a score of 16 to 8. i'iy try it again this afternoon :'d also tomorrow. Our team i'"obably would have played bet r if they had had grandstand Mvnort. FURNITURE IS NOW ArJ It Everybody and their kinsfolk know that BELL, HARRIS & CO. e is no ins: his Thpr thnncrh thft Southern, assisted by the police of a tine body ot students. authorities at Mebane and near-1 "; -. tm,i. bv towns, is doing an m us. ueai .umc mm .v dower to bring the guilty scoUiy j Ben Pendergrast, a deat mute, drel to justice. It was not his was killed by the train near Le- fault that his dastardly woik qiq Wednesday. Ho was walk-' not result in a double murder noir vt"utsluJ : j ho will be roughly ing on the track and though ap- j handled. ! P lookm GLORIOUS M5W struck Comes from Dr. D, B. Carole, of train was moving slowly when it like it ever shown in Concord. Prices lange from l'c to si'. ;o. Washita. IT. He writes: "Jjourooi Frames made on short notice. roachmg che tia.n seemed to oe , i factories in the United states at our command -ives g downward ana vwis lont, lead-in L0W PRICES, .TVo have bought to e11-we.sell. and instantly Kiiied. i ne -r - don't. Have vou sen our line ot" Pictures mst m not.h- Small.lNx In Ilowan. The Salisbury correspondent rhe Raleigh Post, says there is family of negroes living eight -iies west of Salisbury that has '"dl-pox. They ' are isolated guarded so that no fear of a spread is entertained. , , . .... .i Tf ,5r-o l-.o cio-ht .TnQt rhr thinr fo7- Hnda . UirthdHV Oi anv . 7 iv... . . - n4-v..m ' in tii f-i n i i )i ii i v ; i i 1 1 1 4 i ii til i i nr? - ..J w i v, v i . i . , ,y v ties of Electric Bitters has curea jurs. i,;, rtf ProsPTitQ W lino of 7i:oiddiiiir lust in Picture -t . u , h ioii anapn i . mini t 11111 j jv. .. " - - - --c o jirewer ui uiuuu, " . muLiiciLt;.i her reat surTeriDS for years. Terrible sores wouia nreuK out uu ; face, and the best doctors coaiu ive , vni.v lnt hprnre is complete and her t ' This shows that HE f OOLE D THE SURGEONS. j All doctors told Eenick Hamilton, of neaiiu is wwuciiu j tot pioitrip West Jefferson, O, after suflenn IS i &MffidAtt monks from Keet.l Fistu.a. " w"ioj . -,- a rfisr v oueraiiou vu,o jei- remedy xor eczema, - "rvv,-" ,1 u:msplf rH boxes oi Bucklen's Arnica Salve, the i We Are Strictly in ii for Business It's the supreme aU viiunm nindis hm s anil run- iuiLu " . , ... , .1 teiltJI, BUll' lucnui, i.vf Bin- sores, it stimulates f Pil cure on Earth, and the best cents a otx. . amfboVels, expels poisons help diges- surest ie l.nilils nn the strenerth. Only oO aivs m i" " .or,c nrn- Store. Sola at reizer b iu UWic. cents, ooiu in j- ciiivi "f- RRtL HARRIS COMPANY.

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