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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, November 15, 1899, Image 2

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I ."I MamI i ST to? I l .zi ia JOHN D. BARRIER and-SON, Editors and Proprietors. IKE " i.AN DAIII) is published every day (h:..ii:U excepted; ami delivered by ries. iuUes uf Subscription : v,; , , - . H00 Fir 2 00 r . .v, ioo ( ' i ;;h 6j H.o v 05 THE WE'IXTA' ST AND Alii) is our-pirj- c-ihs-colurtju fuj .3r. It lias e irr.r oiroiihition in Cabarrus than any ctl-' o;.ih-' Price i ,0U per annum in e.&'w.-u:v. Advertising Hates: T for regular advertisements ciau- known on application. Addvsa all corumunicatioiip to THE 6TANDA1U), Concord, N. C. It is wonderful how clearly . We were iu error yesterday i miuiii fins SCll u vnHc nf t ,o ;ito p ofitious hvnen Ave s.uu BLli,x"1 ! can be read to indicate just what was captured. It is Agunmiuo s the reader wants them to do. To secretary and we now umiu Wuu , 1 1 ) wise Republicans they mean 'the son of the secretary, but uo i: publban success next year foal a little contuseu jut y to knowing Democrats they dispatches in different ox- mean 1G to 1 Chicago platform ! changes triumph. It's the very provinco of happiness to the predictors IGH Color Plaid Goods for Shirt waists and Child , dresses il vl ;jt Fa nil Finding and Criticising. Ladies' Capes goc. to Ss.oo. INFANTS Long Cashmer Cloaks, silk embroidered at 7; Children's Short Wraps 50c. io jsx.OS. Concoud, N. C, Nov. 15. "sYMH WILL DZTLILtUSE. ami r Wc notice that the Salisbury correspondent of the Raleigh sa.vs the board of trustees of North Carolina College will meet io.'.;y (the 15th) and de termine w hat p 1 a vv i 1 1 g c t the en ''. The committee ap i i in- ihe Synod to invite ; ; the.-.r bi;l lixed this lay for bids to be placed , h.. "ds to 1 i-arried up lo V iv, uuks a cal e i i Sy nod v. olivine and rine bids at an earlier day. .;, ioo. thai, committee ; v.d the time, as we think h.-idly any V ids entire" y "e; . ...n respondent announce ali-sbury has air 000 sit. i. a.: ;' 12.000 secured. i ! M i 1 i V 1 ' ' rmd v ' ! " J. I - . thai -a ad .-v Ulli HAD HFilK i.OST HI3I. fi'iie Americans evidently were Hi.dth.g close to Aguinaklo when th-y tevk Tari.iv! a.ui captured the lle-'dng Secretary, the gov- is i-ecords. the Inile- ')eiie,e::ei l ! , : i i 1-- l i'1 ,il L thev :ire completely sto gg(;rea 1 ;. ' 1 '-uinaldo and bis f'-overii- i etc. OUl "I 4 ruent base iav ) ''): : Uial il v.-;,; ' i ucj in I lie v.v be pamec over by tlie ii-niiid, thero bv aininir airesh si .aj-t. The Greensboro correspon d t 'Mb-'.Raleigh Post of the Mth. , Tne holiness revival at this place closed last night. Next week Rev. T C Hodgon, the sa a citified evangelist, will begin aT'jther series of meetings in Hjgan's Auditorium, which will be designated as "The Holiness Temple." This man Hodgen is he same chap that laughs the holy laugh, says that.. heayen is .15,000 square miles in size, and that he will pranceup aftd dpfwi its golden streets, but that many other church folks will not be allowed to enter. His intellig ence is warped, his conceit boundless. n . From the sinless, sanctified, perfect human beings in this world, the "good -Lord deliver us. ' (k-ificisin-r means judging ; , 10 . ftnn Whifn Sillf nf ill"! t.1 Ml mW Mm . . , . K -. r n :. III. ' It Iff 3 1 1 kllllL Li L lUUI l vw. .t , i jjj To tho writer tUoro is uoimuni; tjk ori-ir.iil Greek word niuiui uuuu xuU, lU . meaning in it save that Mr. Me- j ' . ' ' , One, Ladies' Jorsy T Yosts 15, up lj;r.s . Ulnl.yanaMr.BrpnwnibotV. is lu :;blc, 5-- party leaders again, vwui i.lUl, ivmorance or Dreivubce, of in li'srht thrown on the path 01 either by recent events . Liu t; AT mi's Under Shirts, cotton, wool ni:xe from 18c. for all cotton to 1.-5 for ime ail vov. Men's Knit Drawers 37-Ac. up. sifting every matter irom every point of view, cannot be called a critic. Whenever, from some in - The executive committee ofjtorested motive:-' rr from other the Republican party will meet j causes, he shows bias, he must Jiave as nice line Ot HOSie.1'7 as Cl on the 15th of December to nx not do sol uow u a u JoiULCl ailVWliere t i . ; n.,,4 i r write down a u.manmcana, ,, ,.; . L,Kht colored outing, suitable for infants, Ladk nate Mclunley ana attonu l---- A book Iks wicquos, gowns and Men's night shirts oj to lUc. All W001 Jtmnnul IZC. l-Z UJI. uuiiuii m;u;i We suppose the Democratic party will not be in any great hurry to attend to the little formality of nominating Bryan and readopting the Chicago platform. The conventions are necessary, as matters of form without emphasis so far as the heinls of the ticket is concerned. Now Russia and Japan are on the verge of war about some ter ritory about Corea held by the Japanese nation and wanted by by tlie Russians. It's all right to stand for principle, but it would seem an enormous under taking for Japan to jump into a war with such a power as that of Russia. In such instances a sys tem of international arbitration seems greatlv n- "ded. Sharpers managed to pick up been abused because other books by the same author have Avon a place which was denied the pro ductions of the critic. War has been made on ministers, lawyers and doctors, because their views did not harmonize with the ad vice the critic had to give, but, somehow, was not accepted. Fault finding can become actu ally a disease. The disappointed, those of a vinegar temper, tne mentally dyspeptic, indulge themselves to such an extent that a calm, dispassionate, not to say tender, judgment of men and tilings becomes an impossi bility. Those who know such people suspect something wrong whenever the fault tinder says something good. It was said of on e o f ,ol d : ' ' 11 i s wo rd s were smooth as butter, but the war wa.-. 0t his heart." A critic is a nccesarv and useful factor in Boy's Under Shirts 1 .o, C imblie and Drivate life. A fault a box containing 30,000 worth ,.n(1. js (),l0 ,v)l() spoUs th(J o? diamonds in a jewolej .-!mt f SWi,!u(,S:i o lliniCS. Uo is. an in Cleveland, Ohio, Monday after noon. It was done by simply being near, then attracting ; he owner's attention away and .next being absent from the owner but pn-ent with the box. It was a ! ,?m(i rolVV D B- &xrziv, of i viishitii. 1 J . lie writes: "lourbot- dazzling success. j tics of Electnc BiHcrs lias cured Mrs. I Brewer of scrofula, which had caused i her rrcat suffering for years. r:;bl( irritant; his influence is perni cious. He is to be avoided. Baltimore American. GLORIOUS NEWS A Memphis undertaker has been caught up with at ship: ping and selling corpses to medical schools. He ships them in metal lined trunks not unlike drummers' outfits. He says , he has been getting 50 to $200 apiece for them. Now he will be tl linking: Oh, wretched man that 1 am. Who will deliver me from this dead body business. . Daxvilli: had a fire Tuesday 'night, in which four Tobacco factories and several dwellings were consumed. The loss is es timated at 00.000. The loss is to be regretted, but one four story bujlding full of - leaf to bacco was smoked to about all i the advantage that could have been-probably. . . . Now Senators - Pritchard and Butler are yoke-fellows again in opposition to the amendments. "Politics make . strange bed-fellows,", though nothing is strange for Air. Butler. J3e greatly needs a party home any way, and this indicates where he will make his bed. The campaigns are over and Col. Bryan has gone hunting in the Ozark Mountains. Jt won't be long till time to buckle on his harness again to make the effort of his life. A FRIGHTFUL BUNDtJEK Will often cause a horrible Burn. Scald, Out or BruisQ. , IJncklen'a Amica Salve, in the. world!, will kill the pam ana prompiiy neai h. uures Uld bores, Fever Sores, Uloers, Boils, Fel ons, Uorns, all Skin Eruptions. Best Pile cure-on-earty Oiily-25 ots. a box. Cure ffuaranteed. Sold at Fetzer's Store.' : 4 THiT THROBBING HE VDAGHE. Would quickly leave you, if you usod Dr. King's New Lite Pills. Thousands of sufferers have proved thoir matchless merit for Sick and Nervous Headaches. They made pure blood strong nerves and build up your health. Easy to take. Try them. Only 25 cents, Money back if not cured, at Fetzer's Iiuz Store. sores would brt-ak out on her head aud face, and tho best doctors could srivo Uu hel; but her cure is complete and her health is excellent." This shows that thousamls have proved, that Electric Bitters is the best blood purifier known. It's the supreme remedy for eczema tetter, salt rlieum, ulcers, boils and run ning sores. It stimulates liver, kidneys and bowels, expels poisons, help diges tion, builds up the strength. Only 50 cents. Sold at Fetzer's Drus Store. i II is the strongest Natural Lithia water on the market and has the endorsement of the most noted physicians of the ' country as to its superiority -over all others. ; Read what the noted Dr. John Hey Williams, of Ashe ville, has to say for- Harris Lithia, springs. , Asheville, iSf .'C., April 24, 1893: An extended clinical use of Har ris Lithia Water prompts me to the statement- thatliIl regard it as one of the best-h not 'the best, Lithia Water known fo the prd-1 f esslon. 1 Tn the' ' condition of Pliosphatie Urine, 'its- action- is marvellous. Its use in the Rheu .maticand Gou nty Diseases' afford me more comfort" than either the Buffalo or Londonderry Waters. Very . truly yours, ; JOHN HEY WILLIAMS, M. D, Wo guarantee that one glass of Harris Lithia carbonated water will relievo any case Of 'indiges tion in one minute or bur,, agont is authorized to refund you the money, or if takon after each meal will euro tho most stubborn case of indigestion. Why suf fer when you have the guaranteo? M L Maksh, Agent for Concord, Drilling Tic. Sea Island 4c. up and Sheet 3;Vc up. Good wide Bleaching, worth GJc, for 5c. Bleached Cambric yard-wide 7ic. Table Damask, 'u il 10-4 Bleached Sheeting at 22ic. Bleached or 4- tv,. T1 rTV. . Bleached linen, do. 47.1c. to 05c. ujuni. Window Shades 10 and L?5c. Curtain Poles cuva. assorted. Nice dot cl towels. Stamped Tray well assorted. On. h 40 Brands of Toilet soaps from lo. to We are headquarters for Toilet Soups. GLASSWARE. Gobblets 20 and l)i)c set, Tumblers 15c per set, i pices Tci;i 25c, 7 pices Ice Cream set 25c, 7 pieces W'tter set 25 and ol'c. Bottles 18c, Vinegar Pitcher 10c, Covered Sugar Bow's 5 r. covered Butter Dishes 10 and 25c, covered Preserve Slni '1 covered Comports 25c, Cream Pitchers 5 and 10c, Cake Pi;e Pickle Dishes 5 and 10c. Celery T.-ays 10c, Olive. Dislios 5c and Pepper Shakes 5c each. Bowls 10 and 21c, Syrupy Pitch and 25c, Spoon holders 5c, one-half gallon Water Pitcher 15 Full Line of Tm and Enameled Ware QAHES. 24 in. Boards with 10 games '-.-"i 28 in Boards with 20 games Crockinole Boards Small games 10 d !- New lot of Quilts, Feather Pillows, Blankets, etc., shortly. Very respectfully, D. J. Bosti&a ? Larire Portrat frames vrith 10x20 .elass ai .-.n. p. X If you are not a subscriber to : t The Standard ? now Is the time to subscribe. 4. J If you have anything t" 'i you can make it known th . , .. - t The Standard, 1 www vvvvvv V WV V . t Liza TkM is published every day Sunday ex cepted) and delivered at your 1 door for only 10c- per weeJc or 35c- per month . .... : I THE STANDARD pfints JidMb arid other news that is of interest to our readers and to make i&groiv better we must have the pai g rona'ge of ihS people. : .'. .... 6 Give us a trial wh'efi you make I t your next ofer.or.f Job Work. Work ready when promised v 5' t t jilf you'want to ;buy anything tl .you' can call for it through $ 4 M"5-M -5fwwwwi 1 'r Advertising rates in I The Standard ' made known on application j

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