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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, November 22, 1899, Image 1

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- 2 ' c ri k: St. 00 per year. CONCORD, N. C., WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1899. (VI ii r. ANM'AL M. E. t'OXFEREXCE. ' li t KhmIozyous of the itkiiiisters Bay s, who has a reputation in the conference for good work on smn ors v, -i,, n Xo. ll. Car..lh,a..rroccod-; Rev. Cartway's report he r i)u. Mnrninsr Ssion TIia reforrorl tr f i v t!u- r Filled with Uhm1 Work. jr. (Hi- iVr: rh tin" i ' , no:' . nine years ago the Meth (MiitVionco of Western Carolina was organized in to the rpp.ftnf 1rc!c? Vv-r-r death of Rev. W S Creasy. No report of the presiding elders 71 encouraging than that of Rev. J R Brook's, Of this H.n Coi; Meihodist church at this 1 discriot m i "aLluxily At o niMr n,J aiscllpt. He asked the conter ,T if U C1UCK lOUaV nnPA i i 4i j? t iui u, iiuvv eiianjre its annual session with Joseph S Key, of Sher I'i'x.. presiding. r the reading of the Scrip regulation hymn, "Are ; live," was sung. Wm. L Sherrill, of Le - -verotary of the confer--..;Uh1 by Rev. J C Bald Rev. S'a-ples was elected i - nil well.' . : M Taylor was elected -1 it al secretary, report on books and I T .s was react ana relerred M Tavlor. n,t, Sn.lic. bury near the Kestler mill, also dbKea tnat Albemarle be made a station and also a circuit. Stated that a 1,000 church had been erected at China Grove, a new parsonage built in Salis bury and an old debt had been paid on a parsonage on the Lin wood circuit. All of the reports were good and showed active work during the past year. The names of the superan nuates were then called, which were as follows: Revs. O M THE SESSION OPENS. I Historic Society of the Western North Carolina M. E. Conference Holds & ITS HAND BURNED. Ir. Angustr? Kluttz's Son Falls Into the Fire-The Public Schools Open in Tlmt Pnmniiinitr- Mceting Tuesday Night-Rey. Arnold;-,. . m, ' , Written for The Standard. Ti ats Methodism of Concord and Rev. Organ Church, Nov. 21. Carroway Makes Semi-Contenial Ad-; Wnile playing near the fire dregs ! last Sunday, little Orin. the 15 reSS j months old son of Augustus The public exercises of the an-, Kluttz, fell into the fire, burn nual convention of the Western ing his left hand quite badly. North Carolina Conference of Dr. McNairy wTas called and the Methodist Episcopal Church, dressed the hand. The child is South, began with a meeting of doing right well at present, the Historical Seciety, Tuesday! The Sunday school at Organ night. The president, Rev. C F church last Sunday decided to Sherrill, presided. After a most have a Xmas tree on Christmas charming voluntary by a quar- day. in. Jul i in nnrr iv it .r o r i : i uu:j JY-UMi, ii v ,.;!; ;, j I' l rov ' .;. l.v. ..edioDr. Jas. Atkins. ! j C Thomas, T j Tr'n.I,,t, J Wi Kpn;)i-i book agents read and j Wheeler, J A Wr -ins H 1? !.! to Roy R, AT T-ivl r.r I iv?i,. t n '7 r x - - j - iivjv. .j i1 i i i v . r. i imi t tetto choir a hymn was sung and Rev. Dr. Pritchaid, the mission ary secretary of the Southern in a de- Anderson, J AV Bird, W H Cooi Methodist Church, led er, T H Edwards, S H Helsa- vout prayer. The president an- oi jjoara oi Education Rov.I A Smith. Re Snndav School referred li'tee. Report ol Ep .er.gue read and rtverred eo. L Hackney. -right and encourair- and J F Wilson. These names were referred to the committee on conference elnUcm of sup erannuates. Those of this num ber present rose and made short talk's to the body. Rev. S M D avis, who has been in very bad from Trinity college j health, reported that now "he is id relerred to Mr. W able to report for service. Rev. Lyda 1 1 i Mid !. who is secretary of the oi Education. The re Davenport college was vi referred to same cora . was also the excellent . Greensboro Female . At this; juncture Rev. v.' arose and spoke of r fever which hos-got- State Normal col- he had been doing some work but was physically limbic for effective work. Rev. F'.okens was present despite old age and bad he; 1th raid had been able to preach several sermons during the year. Rev. Z Rush, t i i is place vwas present. Rev. fr inlet was -present too. After X A. s rn no. btate formal col- t lie talk made by Rev. Wheeler .-lu-ed all who have :he hymn, "Blessed Assurance," : r ie t !!:TiT ( at tile Greensooio -lege that there is no the disease in this in- was suns:. Most pathetically, bringing tears to the eyes of many, did Rev. J C Troy speak of his inability for service on ac count of his physical condition and also of the recent loss of his loving companion, leaving be hind only himself and little this! daughter. The hymn, "Amaz jinir Grace How Sweet the Sound," was sung. The name of Rev. A R Long was called but since the last meeting of confer ence he has answered death's call. The following statistical secre taries were aiiointed: Finance. Revs. W F Womble and C A Wood: Statistics. Revs. R Gi Tuttle and H K Boyer; Sunday school. Revs. M H Vestal and R D Sherrill. After the close of the morning j Mr. W R Odell from then contm- j session the appoinunents were uousl r. tiU now whicn lcd to , tneamerenicommnieeh! , . , .I xne iormiiuuii ui ujc Luuia- ina- e o; in ' ; l iC: , ' . I . 1 I ' ( i '(( or im . committee, consist--; -rs. J Wr Jones, H M r. i-i J H Detwder, was ap- ' i t; transfer the property i ut 1 1 ri'ord college to i-r-Mfo. i Superintendent .of the Ojvi'ord Orphan n;;; was introduced to the ace aftr.-r which he made ic a)peal to the confer ..rrl for the inmates of ' iiim. v. W E Towson, of Nasvillc; .1 r-T Huggins, of Marshall, : iwv. N I Jurney, who ; 'Mts the Craven Memorial ' introduced to the con- . itieth question, "Are 1 ?f' listers blameless in ii. raid official ministra : then put by Bishop r.d the names of the pre elders called. The pre Iders are Rev. Daniel ' of the Asheville dis i TurrenUne of thz f district, Rev C M i i ,f hQ Franklin district, rdv.Vr H Wood of the c-rr district, Rev Jno .W ie Ivlorganton district, of the Mt Airy : . Jno R Brooks, of . v dlsi.rict, Rev Win ; ; the Shelby dis- v. y w Bavs. D. D.. otL,n, nf Tiic town. The name - - '-vJJe district, Rev. Tr j f the ar will be "Trojan's :Tr;rynesville district, j . . J Carroway of the. iNOLluu ict. Rev Jones wras X Af Schedule Next Jdonth. 10th of December a The ladies of the Missionary Society are going to sell a fiue quilt at Organ Church on Christ mas day at 1 p. m. There will be a Union Thanks- nounced that the program for giving Service at the Lower the evening consisted of two Sone Church on Thanksgiving parts, and introduced Rev". .1 D day. Revs. Cox and .McNairy Arnold to read a paper cn will make addresses. "Methodism in Cor.cord." The public schools opened up Rev. Arnold traced Method- last Monday. Mr. David Lentz im in C:iha:r; arrrAy -o teaches at the Kluttz school further back than 1835. house, Augustus Kluttz teaches He took up the history step by at Parks, John Lyerly at Sloop's, step through the days of small John Sloop and sister Emma at things leading to the splendid Faith. Walter SifTord, of Man showing ol about 1.200 Meiho- ning, fills the pedagogical chair dists in the town today. 1 at thc Fisher school house. He said that sevices had been j Arthur Bost left last week for held in an old log school-house China Grove, where he has ac tillinl838 and '39 the church COptCH a position as salesman in was built that was but, recently t,n (vy goods department of torn down from its site on j? yy J3ost Church street. V- """7 The present church was built Mrs. Winslow's Soothicsf Syrup has l .1-.- .J C , Hit. 1 -i otsji-i uiseu lur uver nii.y yturu uy mil- Single copy 5 cents. It will not bo a surprise to any whe are at all familiar rcith rood qualitie e Chamberlain's Co ngh Remedy, to kno that people everywhere take r' i'-re in relating their experience in the use ot that splendid medicine and in to Hi of the benefit they have received fro it, of bad colds it has cured, o' threatened attacks of pneumonia it has averted and of the children it has saved from attacks of croup and wiioopiri cough. It is a grand, pood medicine. For sale by M, L. Marsh & Co. 4& ;4Ji .jkj r 1 ciL t ?...' 4 ijc r !io .'Hili "7 815. OiiOlO. in 1860-'G1, on the very site that was wanted but could not be got ten when the old site was ob tained. In 1883 it was re-covered and modernized at a cost of about 3,000. lions ot mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for Diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer immedi ately, bold by druggists m every part of the world. Twenty-five cents a bot- 1 o T?f enro o n rl net frr 'lrra Win. no tolcloi pastoral ministrations ; glows Soothing Syrup," and take no e, 4 "K ,rm c - o 1 nvnaolilnrr rf i OtOer iilHa H um tut; ui:ij-ifiy.j uui ja u:iv.iiu' one, the Rev. David Derrick, through the struggles incident to ! growth up to the present with its three stations, requiring the fii-no nnrl Inhnv of 'throe e.nstors. each church having a good and j suitable parsonage. He reviewed the branching-out , from Central in 1982 by a Sun-jW day school, which was organized! at Forest Hnl, superintended by Ui'iULO. '3 FOR MEN: .t-wwtim ii,Mi..--g"H imiil mil illlicg-r-.-.mi-fi a iiQ inn OF O7 .rn rs-.JU. $2.50 AND $3.00 AM! $3.50. $ .r0 and f ;UW an,! The bfist in the omema i .hi ' iijair narts of town. T. '" wilt oe a meet ing he! interest of edu cation. Rev. tiammoud, D. D., of Nashville, will deliver an ad dress in the interest of the twentieth century movement. IMince Meats! AT world for the irney. The Proper winter shoe in light-weight or heavj-weight and all sizes. Kev. Troy to Start a Taper. Rev, J C Troy, of Jonesboro, who is here attending confer ence, and who each week writes in the Charlotte Observer over the signature of "Trojan", will about the first of the year start a . Erra'sJH. L PI m i hi o re,Te up tr some era on 1th and was 'I -. "-red ,, his of Ll-v. AV L Grissom, 1 - - report. Rev. H s absent on account e and his report was Rev. F L Town send. 1)L'' -his part of the work "'! 1 ;. indulged iokinglv. Oa the new schedule will go into effect on the Southern. There will be a change in time of arrival of Nos. 85, 7, and 36. tion there and then the erection of the church in 1868, also the building of Epw- 'h c'b at Cannon ville in 18 . Pastors and presiding elders in chronological order were noted, and the late sainted Dr. Creasy was called the father of Forest Hill church and Dr. H W Bays of Epworth church, as they were the instrumental causes of! the enterprises. TTp recounted labors done and the development of benevo-1 y t to see before Conference week. It's o e C&1 iio various nccasionallv. to the TO CUBE A COLD ONE DAY Take Liiative Bromo Quioine Tablets. A.1J druggists refund money if it l8i9 cure. 23c. Tbe grenuin has L. y. the ?.Ie;th.vdist "i inir last year to causes of the church. A number of prominent lay men, males and .females, were enumerated both living and dead. Conspicious among the latter was that sturdy yeo -:o;-, the late Willis Elkius. whose lite work in the church began in have the largest stock of (Continued on Editoral page.) Furniture, Pictures, Stoves, Mirrors, Tables, in town. Yours to please, Bell, Harris & Co. Residence Phone .... 90. Sto: e 'Phono . . . . P T.f 1 tree raiser. Dr. WW n eack.tablet

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