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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, September 12, 1989, Page 2, Image 2

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2The Daily Tar HeelTuesday, September 12, 1989 World and Nation D7000 fond hole-So From Associated Press reports - PASSAU, West Germany Crammed into sputtering sedans and cheering their new freedom, thousands of East Germans reached Bavaria on Monday in a historic exodus permitted by the reform-minded Communist government in Hungary. More than 2,000 refugees had made the journey from Hungary to Austria and then West Germany by midmorn ing, with hundreds more streaming in later in the day. News reports said the total could top 10,000. "I decided on escaping 27 years ago, and today it worked. It's a feeling that's just tops : Id," 5 aid a 40-year-old Leipzig man after crossing into West Germany at Passau. . Single people, couples and families with children and babies made the journey from Hungary to West Ger many by bus, rickety sedans or motorcycle. "We did not really plan to come here, but when we heard about the opening of the (Hungarian-Austrian) border, we decided this was a chance," said 20-year-old Volkmar Windt, who crossed into West Germany on a small Bush assures no U.S. From Associated Press reports WASHINGTON President Bush, trying to dispel fears about the use of U.S. military forces in the war on drugs, said Monday there was "no contempla tion" of combat roles for U.S. service men sent to Latin America. ; Bush made his declaration after White House Press Secretary Marlin Fitzwater complained there were "a lot of people who are trying to portray this as another Vietnam situation or the beginning of massive troop buildup and so forth." : About 30 U.S. servicemen have ar rived in Colombia to help train that nation's military forces in using newly supplied U.S. military equipment for the battle against drugs at the source. Bush said Colombia has received 10 aircraft, five helicopters and an assort ment of jeeps, ambulances and armor. ; The advisers and equipment are part of a $65 million package that Bush authorized last month for Colombia. The president announced last Tuesday that an additional $261 million in secu rity aid would go to Colombia, Peru FAA launches modification plari to. keep aging planes in the air From Associated Press reports ; WASHINGTON The Federal Aviation Administration will order aging McDonnell Douglas jetliners to undergo modifications to continue flying after a set number of landings, government and industry officials announced Monday. ; ' None of the work is urgent and the airliners remain safe to fly, said Clyde Kizer of the Air Transport Association, which represents airlines and main tains the task force which recommended the modifications. He said no fare in creases or service disruptions were expected because of the orders, since many airlines have already completed the work. r m t I East German-made motorcycle along with his twin sister, Katrin. Many refugees were cheering and shouting as they reached Bavaria under the blaze of television lights, while children played with teddy bears handed out by relief workers, Some tumbled out of compact cars packed with people and flashed victory signs after crossing into West Germany. It was the greatest flood of East German refugees since 1961, the year the Berlin Wall halted the flow to the East. Hungary's action marks the first time a Warsaw Pact country has aided an exodus of refugees from an allied communist nation. East German lead ers expressed outrage at the Hungarian government, and state news media accused it of "organized smuggling of humans." It was not known how long the exo dus of East . Germans out of Hungary will last. News reports said the East Germans might restrict travel to Hun gary in retaliation, but the government denied the reports. "I have this feeling that I have missed the last train to the West," a worried and Bolivia as part of a five-year, $2 billion program. While Bush tried to play down the role of U.S. forces in Latin America, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee said the military would provide protection to U.S. drug en forcement agents and other law en forcement officials operating in such nations as Colombia, Bolivia and Peru. Sen. Dennis DeConcini, D-Ariz., said a secret directive signed recently by Bush authorizes the military "to be physically involved with units in the field where we have been invited to have our law enforcement people." The senator said such protection was designed to prevent incidents similar to the torture and murder of U.S. drug agent Enrique Camarena in Guadalajara, Mexico, in February 1 985. "We can't afford another Camarena," DeConcini said. Fitzwater said he could not com ment on the senator's remarks although the spokesman confirmed that Bush had signed a secret directive outlining the goals and limits of military involve- Robert Aaronson, ATA president, said the orders were not a result of the July 19 crash of a United DC-10 in Sioux City, Iowa, which killed 112 people. A separate industry-government inquiry is being conducted into the design of larger airliners, partly as a result of that crash. The aging airliner task force was set up after an Aloha Airlines 737 with nearly 90,000 flights lost an 18-foot section of fuselage in an April 1988 flight over Hawaii. A flight attendant was killed in the incident. A Federal Aviation Administration official said the agency would order various modifications to the fuselage, landing gears and doors of 1,153 DC- iw y WX Xpw if iron Curtain student in East Berlin told The Associ ated Press. Other East Berliners interviewed Monday, all speaking on condition of anonymity, expressed the same fear. The exodus came after weeks of talks between the two Germanys failed. On Sunday,' the Hungarian government formally announced it would allow all East Germans to leave for West Ger many. East German refugees arriving in West Germany said their journey ful filled their dreams. "For us there is only the future and it will be good," said a middle-age East German husband and father of two children, who would not give his name. Chancellor Helmut Kohl, during a speech in Bremen, said that until East Germany adopted reforms, West Ger many would be seen as a mecca for unhappy East German citizens. . In Washington, State Department deputy spokesman Richard Boucher said the United States welcomed the Hungarian action. "We also commend Austria for its help and support, and we admire the efforts of the Federal Republic to offer -combat in ment in the drug fight. Fitzwater said the U.S. forces in Latin America did have the right to defend themselves. He said that was standard policy for U.S. troops anywhere in the world. "They are there. There is a risk. Colombia is a very dangerous place to be these days." In another development, Fitzwater threw cold water on a suggestion by Drug Enforcement Administrator John Lawn that the administration is recon- sidering whether to ban the sale of assault weapons produced in the United States. The Bush administration has curtailed importation of such weapons but has not taken any action against those made in this country. "We aren't aware of any reconsid eration," Fitzwater said. "By that I mean there's none in the White House ... I know the White House position has been given to me by the highest au thorities." The president, in a speech to Treas- ury Department officials, used virtu- ally the same language employed by 10, DC-9, DC-8 and MD80 jetliners used by U.S. airlines as they age over the next four years. Most foreign air lines, flying another 750 McDonnell Douglas planes, also are expected to comply. "Let me emphasize that the safety record of commercial aircraft contin ues to be excellent," Kizer told a joint government-industry news conference. He described the order as a precaution ary action to ensure that the planes could continue to fly safely. The McDonnell Douglas orders are similar to those issued by the FAA in May for aging Boeing 727, 737 and 747 airliners following another task force report, officials said, although work """"Wta rKaren I I Name. I I Address- I I Phone. l a home to fellow Germans seeking freedom." After crossing into the West, the refugees lined up to register with West German charities and border authori ties. As parents stretched, filled out forms or cupped hands around containers of coffee handed out by volunteers, their children lined up in the morning mist for the teddy bears, picture books and other donated playthings. West German Red Cross workers hastily erected tent communities in several Bavarian towns last month. Authorities said more beds were being made available in West German army barracks. But most arriving Monday opted to drive on to relatives in cities as far away as Hamburg, more than 350 miles from the border. About 6,000 East Germans had al ready fled to the West this summer through Hungary, which with Poland is gradually liberalizing while neighbor ing East bloc governments are resisting the freer climate under Mikhail Gorbachev. drug war Fitzwater in talking about the role of U.S. servicemen. "Let me state clearly," Bush said, "none of the Andean nations have asked for U.S. troops. And there is no con templation of the use of American armed forces in any combat role. "No U.S. military personnel will accompany host-government forces on actual field operations," the president added. Fitzwater refused to give details of the secret directive on the drug war. Asked if the directive left the door open for the use of troops under some conditions, Fitzwater said, "I really can't go beyond that it doesn't contemplate the use of troops. I think the interpreta tion can fairly be made that it doesn't authorize troops, either." During the day, Bush met with Britain's new foreign minister, John Major. Afterward, Major told reporters that Britain has had a team of experts in Bogota for the past few days to assess how London can help the government of President Virgilio Barco fight drugs. required on the McDonnell Douglas aircraft will be less extensive and less costly. An industry analyst, Paul Turk of AVMARK Inc., said McDonnell Douglas planes generally are built with a heavier structure than Boeing air craft, which means the fuselage is less subject to f atigue. A third task force panel is expected to make recommendations for other aging airliners by the end of the year. The recommendations, beginning with the Boeing orders in May, mark a major change in the government's approach to aging airliners. Previously, the FAA had required periodic inspections with replacement Q now Amy is in cosnimumcs dla&a transmissions systems and how ko linn satellites in geosynchronous o?bi& Unfortunately she's neves' learned how to &altt Of course, if Amy read The New York Times regularly, she'd find out what the rest of the world actually does with all her communications hardware. Why data lines hum. Why satellites glow 24 hours a day Why people talk to each other and what they talk about. She might even... eventually... join the conversation. Amy's fate doesn't have to be yours. Just fill out the coupon or see our repre sentative on campus. We can arrange to put The Times in your hands every morning for an unspeakably low price. Schumaker 109 Warren Way Chapel Hill, NC 27516 919-967-6283 Yes. I want to know what's happening in the rest of I surprised, amused and informed every day. In short, I want campus delivery of The New York Times. And I want it at your ridiculous low student price that's only half the newsstand rate. Please give me all the details. . .fast. REQUIRED READING FOR THE REAL WORLD j South African police force pledges end to use of whips From Associated Press reports JOHANNESBURG, South Africa Police said Monday they would stop using whips against anti-apartheid protesters because of "negative reactions" at home and abroad. Two prominent critics of the po- lice, Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Rev. Allan Boesak, discussed their concerns in Cape Town with diplomats from the United States and 14 other coun tries. Tutu said he asked the diplomats to "categorically condemn the bru talities of the security forces." Activists claim at least 23 and as many as 29 black and mixed-race people were killed Sept. 6 in election night violence allegedly instigated by police in townships near Cape Town. Law and Order Minister Adriaan Vlok has called Tutu a liar and dis puted the activists' figures. Vlok says 10 people were killed in black-on-black factional fighting and that five other deaths are under investigation. "Even if we dealt only with (the police) figure, it is a scandal," Tutu said. "Fifteen is a massacre." U.S. Ambassador William Swing was among the diplomats meeting with Tutu and Boesak. "My government believes it is important to listen to their (Tutu's and Boesak's) concerns and their points of view, particularly about the recent deaths in the Cape Town area," Swing said afterward. "We are saddened by the reports of the deaths, and we deplore this and all violence." Bakker trial continues CHARLOTTE A California real estate agent testified Monday that PTL founder Jim Bakker sold a luxury home at a loss of at least $85,000 the month he resigned from the television ministry. Outside court, Bakker's wife, Tammy, appeared on the "Phil Donahue Show," saying they never intended to misuse contributions to PTL. Emma Howard, a real estate agent from Palm Springs, Calif., said Bakker bought the Palm Deserthome in 1984 for $450,000 and sold it in required only when corrosion, crack ing or other signs of metal fatigue were found. The FAA order will cover only U.S. planes over the next four years, with work required as each airliner logs a set number of landings, and would total $53 million, said Ray Ramakis, assis tant FAA director for maintenance programs and flying standards. The number of landings varies for each type of aircraft and for the type of work to be done. Ramakis said the orders initially will cover 21 8 DC-8s, 568 DC-9s, 173 MD 80s and 194 DC-lOs. The DC-8s date back to the late 1950s, with DC-9s first built in 1964 and replaced by the MD- 0 o design the world. I want to be News in Brief March 1987 for $385,000. "They lost at least $65,000 on the sales price plus closing costs and real estate commission," she said. "That added up to at least $85,000." Howard was one of several wit- ; nesses called to testify at Bakker's federal fraud and conspiracy trial about the Bakkers' spending habits. Howard said she helped Bakker buy a $600,000 furnished home in Palm Springs in February 1987. She said he sold it in August 1 987 for the same price, losing a $36,000 real estate commission, $5,000 for a new roof and closing costs of $3,000. Bakker is charged with 24 counts of fraud and conspiracy and faces 1 20 years in prison and more than $5 million in fines. Explorers search for Earhart SUVA, Fiji A group of Ameri cans headed to a desert island Mon day where they believe Amelia Earhart died of thirst after crashing into the South Pacific 52 years ago. "We wouldn't be going if we didn't think there was something there,' ' said Richard Gillespie, presi dent of The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery in Wilmington, Del. The expedition's archaeologist, Thomas King, said the group hoped to find traces of the fuselage of Earhart's Lockheed Electra plane and its two steel engines. The group believes that Earhart died on the island of Nikumaroro, about 1,000 miles east of Fiji. The island is also known as Gardener. Earhart set off from Papua, New Guinea on a journey that began in Oakland, Calif. Her disappearance July 3, 1 937, made headlines around the world. President Theodore Roosevelt authorized a search for the plane but nothing was found. The American flier was 6,820 miles short of her goal of flying around the world when she and navi gator Fred Noonan vanished. Her stopover destination en route to Hawaii was Howland Island, about 500 miles north of Nikumaroro. 80 in the 1980s. DC-lOs first went into service in 1971. The task force recommended work over the next 20 years on 1 ,900 McDon-; nell Douglas airliners in service throughout the world and said the bill would total $563 million, amounting to an average of $290,000 per aircraft.. . ; Playboy from page 1 someone sees it as an inequality, there are plenty of opportunities for women to get entertainment for women. "It's been said that Playboy pro motes sexist ideas because it promotes one image of physical beauty. But Play boy has featured women of all nation alities and races, and even handicapped women. It does not put down an entire gender." J- Legal Problems ? call Orrin Robbins Attorney at Law 968-1825 Tuesday, 912 3:30 pm in the DTH office

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