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The Franklin press and the Highlands Maconian. (Franklin, N.C.) 1932-1968, August 09, 1951, Page 10, Image 10

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Drunk Driving Charges Lead Others On August Court Docket The criminal docket for the August term of superior court here Indicates that most of the court room hours will be con sumed by drunk driving cases. The docket, made public this week by Miss Kate McGee, clerk of court, lists 29 drunk driving cases, nearly half of the 67 case calendar. Court opens here August 20 with Judge J. C. Rudisill, of Newton, presiding. At the April term, 26 of 67 cases on the docket were for drunk driving. Following are the cases as they appear on the docket. Eugene Johnson, abandoning an illegitimate child; Ray John son, abandoning an illegitimate clyld; Willard Womack, speed ing; Harvey Cabe, drunk driv ing; Kenneth Holland, reckless driving; Fred Weaver Moody, drunk driving; James Eugene Stewart, reckless driving; James Theodore W<jod, murder; Wiley McCorthell, abandonment; Wil liam Way, operating pin-ball machine; Bill Reeves, abandon ment; Joseph L. Boone, carry ing concealed weapon; Carlos Adams Rogers, drunk driving and violation of prohibition laws; John Will Ledford, drunk driving; Neal Zachary, drunk driving; Fred Burgess Jacobs, drunk driving; Everett Jenkins, larceny; Mack Bryson, drunk driving; Dock Gibson, abandon ment; Earnest Guest and Wade Hampton, larceny; Charles J. West, drunk driving; Don Owen by, abandonment; Leigh ton Moss, drunk driving; Troy i Lee Potts, drunk driving; Otto Grover Brown, drunk driving; Robert Lewis Deal, reckless driving; Marion B. Sanders, Jr., drunk driving; Elija Grant, drunk driving; Thomas Junior McDowell, drunk driving; C. T. Tiller, illegal possession of whisk ey and reckless driving; Bob 'Peese, drunk driving; Edward H. Jones, drunk driving; Je rome Simons, drunk driving; Carlton Martin, aiding and abetting drunken driving; G. D, McClure, abandonment; Mar cellus Wood, abandonment; Ray Fountain, transporting whiskey; Roy Fountain, transporting whiskey; Hershel Williamson, drunk driving; G. L. Houk, drunk driving; Harvey Green, larceny; Oliver Henry Medlin, drunk driving; Clifton Allison, rape; John W. McDowell, drunk driving and no driver's license; Cavid Cannon, crime against nature; Furman Postell, rape; Norman Clyde Webb, drunk d iving; Bob Ledford, illegal po session of whiskey; Frank R. Leach, drunk driving; Elbert Barnes, permitting an unlicen sed person to operate automo b!e; James ROy Barnes, no driver's license; Thomas Mc Dowell, drunk driving; George Corpening, drunk driving; Roy Arnold, larceny; Richard Crane, larceny; Gilbert Lee Brendell, reckless driving; Dains Hig gins, larceny of automobile; Thomas Lloyd, Jr., drunk driv ing; Thomas IJoyd, Jr., larceny of automobile; Floyd Cantrell, drunk driving; Floyd Cantrell, lprceny of automobile; Lewis M. McConnell, drunk driving and rcckless driving; Harold Keener, b eaking and entering; Kenneth V. aldroop, drunk driving. In addition, the docket lists 71 cases against the Highlands j Art Gallery, Inc. Say: "1 saw it advertised in The Press." TEN REASONS WHY IT PAYS TO USE Baldwin Hill Black Rock Wool GOOD HOUSEKEEPING GUARANTEE SEAL 1. Permanent 2. Wil! not conduct electricity 3. Moisture proof 4. Fire proof 5. Odorless 6. Guaranteed not to settle 7. 15 degrees cooler in Sum mer 8. 40% fuel saving in winter 9. Reduce redecorating cost 10. Good Housekeeping Guarantee. Call Collect for Free Estimates Rock Wool Insulating Co. Phone 181 Franklin, N. C. Edd Davis, 456-R-4 Waynesville FARMERS Are Entitled to SUBSTANTIAL DISCOUNTS i On f Ammonium Nitrate At FARMERS FEDERATION Warehouse i THE SOONER YOU PURCHASE, THE LARGER THE DISCOUNT Inquire at your . . . Local P. M. A. Office Or I Farmers Federation Warehouse Telephone 92, Franklin FARMERS FEDERATION Mmmt Street . A. E. FR1ZZELL, Mfr. Franklin, N. C. ? Staff Photo by J. P. Brady SILERS FROM 'ALL OVER' were here last week (or the 100 th reunion of the descendants of Weimar Siler. Nearly a score of states ? from Texas to Idaho, and from Florida to New York ? and one foreign country were represented by the approximately 300 persons in attendance. Pictured above are some of those from the greatest distances. Seated, left to right, are Miss Anniewill Siler, of New York City, Mrs. Kate Robinson Hobart, of San Diego, Calif., and Mrs. James McAlister, of Mapelwood, N. J. Standing are Capt. William W. Siler, of the V. S., Air Force, who is stationed at Mobile, Ala., but returned from a flight to Africa just in time to attend the reunion; Francis M. Tessier, of Baton Rouge, La., Mrs. Lindesay Parrott, (the former Miss Marion Moore), of Tokyo, Japan, Michael D'Onofrio, of Wantagh, Long Island, N. Y., Mrs. O'Onofiro (the former Miss Daisy Siler), Mr. McAlister, Miss Hope Daniels, of New York City, and Miss Eleanor Sloan, of Lewiston, Ida. No 1 the suggestion of a young girl, and that the distance (about six miles) "up the creek" (Car toogechaye) was so great in that day that some of those from Franklin made the trip, on horseback, the day before. The reminiscing continued during a bountiful picnic dinner, spread on outdoor tables built in the shade of a big maple tree. The blessing was said by the Rev. Robert L. Jerome, of Elizabeth City. Gracing the older people's table was a huge, 100th year cake, brought from Knoxville by Mrs. Floy Siler England. In the afternoon, the formal meeting was conducted, with Chairman Carl S. Slagle presid ing, and W. N. Sloan serving as secretary. The meeting was opened and closed with the hymns that are traditional at "family meet ings", "Best Be The Tie That Binds" and "God Be With You Till We Meet Again". The invo cation, pronounced by the Rev. A. Rufus Morgan, was an orig inal poem: Another year! And we are come Our contacts to renew. We come From simple ways And boast but this: Our honest toil, Our blessed homes, Our gratitude For bold adventure Into this good land Of Siler brothers In years gone by. We offer now Our thanks to God For blessings undeserved; And offer, too, For years to come Our faith and service, That in our fellowship Our lives may be But instruments In bringing in God's reign Of peace, and joy, and love. Following the reading of the minutes, greetings ? sent by tel egram, letter, and word-of mouth ? from absent members were heard. Mrs, Carl S. Slagle, head of the memoirs committee, read brief sketches of members of the family connection who had died during the past year ? Miss Katherine A. Ervin, of Green ville, S. C., Mrs. T. H. Weaver, of Weaverville, Mrs. Myra Len oir Burdette, of Lenoir City, City, Tenn., C. C. Daniels, of New York City, and G. L. Jones, of Asheviile. ~~ Mrs. Joe Setser made the re port of the outlook committee accounts of births, graduations, marriages, and other family events of the year. Mrs. Myra Slagle Waldroop, the registrar, reported a total registration of 257 ? 245 relatives and 12 visitors ? and pointed out that a considerable number had not registered. Of the 245 kin present, only 18 bear the Siler name, Mrs. Waldroop reported. Most of the session was de voted to discussion of an am bitious project to publish a 200 page history of the family. Mrs. T. W. Porter, who has been working on the history for many years, has completed the manu script, and W. N. Sloan, chair man of a committee named to devise ways and means to fi nance It, reported. The cost will be between $1500 and $1800, he said, de pending on the number of books printed, and copies will retail for about $3. He suggested the only way a book of this sort could be pub lished was by raising the money in advance, and that the most practical way to do that was by members of the family under writing the cost, and being re imbursed as copies of the book are sold. Approximately two-thirds of the total was underwritten at the meeting. In addition, some $50 in cash was raised in sub scriptions for individual copies of the book. Miss Laura M. Jones reported for a committee that is seek ing records of members of the family who have served in World Wars 1 and 2, and asked that information on each serv iceman be forwarded to her, so that a complete record can be compiled. Short talks were made by J. R. (Dick) Sloan, of PelhairC Ga., the Rev. J. H. Brendall, Jr., of Kings Mountain, Bernard Elias, of Asheville, and others. The 1 family accepted the in vitation of the Rev. A. Rufus Morgan and his sisters, Mrs. , Esther Freas, Mrs. J. M. Barr, and Miss Lucy Morgan, to hold next year's session at the old Albert Siler home, on Cartooge chaye, which they recently bought. The Rev. F. O. Dryman, of Charlotte, pronounced the benediction, and the Silers, their 100th meeting over, began planning for next year, when the reunion will mark a century of existence. Among those from out of the county who registered were: The Rev. and Mrs. (Matilda Gray) F. O. Dryman, of Charlotte, Leona Weaver Long, of Waynes Mr. and Mrs. (Ruth Kilgo) Pitts, of Westminster, S. C., George M. Stephens, of Asheville, young Vfilliam S. Smith, Jr., and Sar ah Patricia Smith, of Baton Rouge, La., Mrs. P. F. Callahan, of Richmond, Va., Miss May McDowell, of Clayton, Ga., Mrs. Ella Siler Freeman, of Asheville Mr. and Mrs. (Linda Siler) L. D. Adams and daughter, Miss Unda Jean Adams, of Miami Fla. miss juanna weaver, ui Greensboro, Mrs. John M. Barr, of Charlotte, Mr. and Mrs. Weaver Gray, of Candler, Low ery Weaver, of Waynesville, Mrs. Leona Weaver Long, of Waynes ville, Mr. and Mrs. Hayne C. Arthur and . son, Hayne C., Jr., of Asheville, Miss Florence Gray, of Asheville, Miss Sarah Gray, of Asheville, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Graves and daugh ter, Lynne, of Clarkesville, Ga., Miss Georgia Farnsworth, of Greeneville, Tenn., Mrs. Kate Robinson Hobart, of San Diego, Calif., Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Siler and children, Betty Rankin and Clifton E. Siler, of Asheville, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Tessier and children, Walter and Jan ice Tessier, of Baton Rouge, La., Mr. and Mrs. (Daisy Siler) Michael D'Onofrlo and son, Ralph, of Wantagh, Long Is land, N. Y., Miss Anniewill Siler, of New York City. Mr. and Mrs. Carter S. Sloan and sons, Jerry and Pat, of San Saba, Texas, Miss Tim Sloan, of Miami, Fla., Bob Christy and Mrs. Paul Jordan, both of An drews, Mrs. K. M. Peters, of Winston-Salem, the Rev. and Mrs. (Carolyn Ifblen) J. H. Brendall, Jr., of Kings Mountain, Miss Eleanor Sloan, of Lewiston, Idaho, Mrs. (Mary Kilgo) G. K. I Singleton and children, Mary Louise and Tim, of Atlanta, Mrs. Catherine Siler Zachary and daughter, Anne, of Charlotte, Capt. and Mrs. William W. Sil er and children, Ruth B., John W., and Virginia, of Mobile, | Ala., Miss Sue Ella Smith, of 1 Decatur, Ga. Mrs. J. C. Barnes and chil dren, Judy and Martha Barnes, Decatur, Mrs. Barton Siler, of Atlanta, Mr. and Mrs. William O. Kinnebrew, of Winter Haven, Fla., Mr. and Mrs. E. R. (Bob) Kinnebrew and children, E. R., Jr., and Nancy Sloan Kinne brew, of Memphis, Tenn., Mr. and Mrs. H. Sloan Kinnebrew, Jr., and children, H. S., Ill, Cheryl, and Mildred Kinnebrew, of Spartanburg, S. C., Miss Lucy j Slagle, of Atlanta, Miss Louise j Siler, of Wilmington, Judge and Mrs. Dan K. Moore and Mrs. Edith Moore Hall, all of Sylva, the Rev. and Mrs. (Jean Porter) R. L. Jerome and children, Rob ert L. and Jean Gray Jerome, of Elizabeth City, Mr. and Mrs. (Lane Porter) Browning Gold smith and daughter, Judy, of Greenville, S. C. Miss Betsy Swain, of Raleigh, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ostborg and children, Sigrid, Paul, and Nor en, of Greenville, S. C., Miss Anne Brabson, of Bessemer, Ala., Mr. and Mrs. James B. Porter and daughter, Jo Ellen, of Dayton, Ohio, Mrs. Mary Robinson Daniels, Miss Hope Daniels, and Mr. and Mrs. James R. Daniels, all of New York 'City, Miss Mary Weather ly, of Knoxville, Tenn., Mrs. Hattie R. Moore, of Richmond, Va., Mrs. Marion Moore Par rott, of Tokyo, Japan, William R. Kinnebrew, of Birmingham, Ala., Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Sharp and children, David and Mary Sharp, of Sevierville, Tenn., Dr. and Mrs. T. D. Slagle and chil dren, Lois, Ned, Phil, and Tom my Slagle, of Sylva, Dr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Morgan and children, Ruth, Mary, and Susan Morgan, of Sylva, Mr. and Mrs. (Betty Sloan) James McAlister and sons, Dan and Jim McAlister, of Maplewood, N. J. Mrs. Mildred H. Kinnebrew, of Birmingham, Alt., Mrl tlm Crawford Rousseau and daugh ter, Cynthia, Of North Wllkea boro, Miss Harriett? Kinnebfe*, ? Jr., of Atlanta, Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Bryson, of Tucson, Ariz., and Mrs. Bryson's sister. Miss Dovle Stewart, of Baltl- * more, Md., Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Dodd, of Asheville, Mrs. Floy Sllei) England, of Knoxvllle, Tenn., Mrs. George Tessler and children, Gary and Carol Ann Tessier, of Miami, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard S. Ellas and daughter, Miss Sarah Todd Ellas, of Ashe ville, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. (Dick) Sloan, of Pelham, Ga. Mr. and Mrs. George D. Sher rill and daughter, Patricia Anne Sherrill. of Ashsvllle, Mrs. Wal ter T. Moore, of Atlanta, Miss Lucy Sloan, of Asheville, Mrs. Le nora Slier Davis, of Waynesville, Mrs. Harriette B. Knight, of Asheville, James T. Knight and daughter, Miss Judy Lee Knight, of Asheville, Kenneth R. Knight, ^ of Winston-Salem, Mrs. Eug&nla Moore Allison, of Webster, Mrs. Anne Siler Reynolds and chil dren, Richard and Katherine, of Lewisville, N. C., Mr. and Mrs. George H. Kinnebrew and chil dren, Rosalind, George H., Jr., and David, ?f Birmingham, Ala. INSl#N'a ' roa PllOIKllON Wayah Insurance Agency MORGAN SHATLEY, Agent Franklin, N. C. Seeds WE HAVE ... Ladino Clover Fescue Orchard Grass Austrian Winter Peas Vetch Rye Grass Crimson Clover Common Rye Seed WE WILL FILL YOUR AAA ORDERS FOR SEED AND FERTILIZER BROWN & CARSON Phone 297 Franklin, N. C. Two 1950 BUICK Special 4-dr. Sedans. Fully equipped. 1950 CHEVROLET Styleline Deluxe 4-dr. Sedan 1948 PONTIAC 8 2-dr. Streamliner. 1948 FORD Super Deluxe 2-dr. Sedan. 1947 WILLYS Jeep SEVERAL OLDER MODELS TO CHOOSE FROM T Any of the above Cars Only 1-3 down and 18 months to pay the balance^ * MACON MOTOR COMPANY I Sales ? BU'ICK ? Service Phone 233 West Palmer Street

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