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The enterprise. volume (Williamston, N.C.) 1899-201?, December 06, 1918, Image 3

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| M. ! n sum. iti G.n.r.lli })hmio jMiuiibvr :t Ti SELL STAMPS IN 1919 i t i answer to thequestion "Can W'.** Savings pledges made this y r be redeemed next year?" SJve headquarters for War Sav int r4u issued the following bul vYV Savings pledges made tl- y t rto be redeemed by De e* ber Bi-t are not redeemable a* r !_'?•: mber Slst It is true tl vv n Savings Stamps as gov ejt oei-t securities will be issued at . n next year, but th'e 1918 se ri for which the pledges were t; n viil not be on sale after $ jr-ber 31. The 1319 ftfmp will be blue ir ead of green which will easi 1} the two issues. The nt ' will be smaller than t* pre lent stamps for mechani ct res ions, and will bear the vi itttj of Franklin, the apostle ot avit g instead of Washington. T ch.njeofa picture on the st ips is necessary as a precau ti agdnst counterfiting The tl • ft s:amp and the thrift card n»■ in will continue to be u iin and can be exchang ed or blue War Savings Stamps ' Hurt are two main reasons w v th) war savings pledges for tl ye: r must be redeemed this y» i \ The people gave the gov «rt nor t their word of honor that tl .Vw tu d buy their quota of th. 1914 issue of stamps, where uf) t tl e government took the pi ikifc' word as their bond and ap it tle money. By doing so tl wa has been brought to a sp -die- :lose than could have been Jie case if the money had » ,i bwn tpent and thousands of ii hi v.; been saved. Now tne g frn nent calls on the people tc vak i good their pledges and P thu debthonor —'i hf. MtoMV mature in 1924 wl le the 1918 series matures in " Jr 1923 "• Notice ' v ' - I'nrtrr tnd by virtue of the au th ) *ity contained in a cer tain D; d ot Trust, cx-ecnted on the * 2'f d d.iy >f 'January, 1914, by J F NcV t« n and wife, and regff? tf dii t lie Register's of Deeds oti.« e (• r Martin County in Book T>— I, page 47 5 . to secure the p%i nient of a certain bond of «« \ di'te therewith, and the stip ui .lions in said Deed of Trust « having been complied with, an. at the request of. ihe parties |i rested", the undersigned trustee w I .,n Friday, the 20th day of IJ einjer, i9"B, 12 :oo o'clock M. a' he onrtliouse door of Martin nt), «t Williamston, N, C.. c l ' rat public sale to the highest I rirri'or cash, the following de f bet r.?al estate. irsi Tract; Beginning in the c. ut »r liead of a bottom on the I ig.h Road below where the I Ctlia Davis' house stood or g ids thence running down s It* mm in the center of to Hfrrice Gurkin land; thence t-. sai 1 iand »o far southwester -1 is or a straight line; from ■ - fli- net Ait- the Dwight ,„foad; t nte d >wrt said road to the be" § nin being the same land con v» ed o Celia Davis by Clayton H-ore. recorded in-Book X. X., j '« :»*. Ifci nd Tract; Beginning at a j e flump Steven or Ashley * 1), yl« p: lent line or corner on tf oh' Jamesville Road; thence i> ■Ui 10 I-4 decrees west 180 jo.est3 a post oak in-the C'em p ns line: thence north 47 j-4 ,ti » jret } west 10 poles along the , ('s line to the Mirey ;B. incii; tbence the run of Mirey 8 ?nc 1 up stream 175 poles to iti old J.iniesville Koad; thence 63 »-1 d gees east 4° ,V 4 poles d>'Wn snul road to the beginning, tieing the s.une land conveyed by th« State of North Carolina to \V W, D"Vis, recorded in-Book J, J, J a»4. being the same lam! tivtdi y bought bv J. R." Newton fi ni L F. wife. I annis V. W.iterS. TWTrC TSltr -itaT^tifj^jjveiwber; 191^. \ Wheelei Martin Jr Trustee. " A'ANTED-A manager for a 14 hoise" farm in Pitt County, w rktd chiefly by tenants, rais it-jf tobacco, cotton and corn, two miles from a splendid school ana churches. A good opportunity a d permanent position for the man. Post Office Box 7, Washinßton, N C± tr- Wa. r , THE ENTERPRISE . _ _ j._ . r-""" business Men to Help Se cure Stale'* Allotment j Winston-Salem. November 2S : Tobacco warehousemen, mer chants, ani manufacturers of the State are going ti> be asked to invest in the name >f their businesses in War Savings Certificates hy December 31sr. These wer.j the plans mule at a conference held her • veuerday composed it reprise*. *anve to bacconist, merchants and manu facturers. Appreciation of Aid My sincere thanks to my many J friends who \*ere so kind tome during my sickies*. fever in the j absence of my only son, vvhoj is in the army, which leaves me entirely alone . I appreciated the | aid in housing my crop, cutting and hauling wood lor me to burn j those lonely -vinter days thanking vou again loving friends. May the Lord bless you. Mrs. J R Peele Williarastop, N C. . ♦- —— ■ • ■ School "Closed Again The Williamston graded school has been closed until January 1, 1919, on account of the fresh out break of influenza The school iaiard urges aIL parents to keep children at home and away from crowds If individuals do not prot ct themselves it means suf fering. and in many instances, death, for a great many people in the community. Junior Red Cross Report The Martin County Junior Red Cross Branch was organized in April with an Auxiliary at Hamilton and one at Williamst n Chairman, Mrs. Warren Biggs, Secretary, Misa Daisy Manning, Treawurer, Mr. E. E. Bundy. Report of Work For 1918 Report of Secretary; Members 400; One colored Auxiliary, Done splendid work in Liberty Loan Campaign, War Savings Drive and in War Fund Campaign, doth in canvassing and in con tributing Report of Treasurer; Deposits $178,38, Checks 2K2.53. Balance $115.85. Keport of work accomplished; 100 Chemises, 40 Property Bags, 200 Tongs Depressor, 21 Petti coats, 30 Housedresaes, 2 quilts (finished 3 (unlininhed), 30 hun dred pounhs of tinfoil corllected lor the Grverment Mrs. W H. Biggs, Chmn, Killed in Action Mr. John A. Hodges received information on Nov 27th. that his son, L. David Hodges, was killed in battle September 29th. This was the day that u goodly number of Martin county boys lost their lives charging the Hin denburg lines. It is with supreme sorrow that we have to pay the bulwarks of Satan that those left in the world may enjoy peace and quietness This > oung man left home in September, 1917, and went to Camp Jackson with 76 other drafted men. After remaining there two months he was sent In Camp Se\ier. After a full course of intensive training he *as sent to Jersey City and sailed during April for IjJurope. where he did his duty and though hedied in a foreign land and away from the friends of his youth, he died at his post. Thankigivinf Party Mr. Charles A. Knight delight fully entertained fourteen of his frier.ds on Friday night. The hours were spent in music, games and conversation. Cocoa with whipped cream, cake, nuts and raisins were ser ved. « Superior courC will not convene Monday because of the fresh •utbreak of infloensa Williamstoii, Martin Couttty, N. C. December (5,1018 RED CROSS ROI.L CALL On Christmas Eve a vpa r atro 22.000,000 Americans haianswr ed '"Her and given to the allied world a pledge of faith more con vincing than gathering than gat hering armies and ships of war. Nearly ten millons ot school chil dren. also insisted on being coun ted Ic was a wondeslul showing for an org* nization which in 1916 numbered on I v 22,000 member 4. It was not mer> l> a" indorsement of the principhs of the lied Cross -humanity and m«*r.>: it was notice to thu nations that Ameri ca',* entrance into the ,var was not merely an act of the govern ment, of the congr?3» or of the President, but that the people of the United St ites ratified that act and would maintain it to the end. Nineteen-eighteen has been a wonderful year a year of sacri fice and of, to L>e sure, but a year of heroic deeds and of un shaken faith. America has knowi the shock of battle and the joy of victory; she has known aUe the sorrow that is the price of victory. There are thousands ot American graves in Europe, but every one of them is a monument to mark the pathway to the final freedom of the world. Through all thn time of tumult, of death, and of glory the Red Cross has kept the faith. To ev erv war blighted country where it could make its way it has g ne as the messenger of the Ameri can people, healing the sick, feeding the hungry, clothing th« naked, and cheeriiiK the hope less. The end is not vet. The world's measure of suffering itt greater than we can know until lime and victory can lift the cir tair. of war which hides it. But in ths great cgnurii>aiuii sriv-en to the Red Cross the flrs' concern was the welfare qf the American sailor and soldier, .t see that by every means that minds could devise or money pay for their ordeal should be light ened and their way made smooth. It was a work of botii lojalty and love. In lending all its aid to keeping th i boys at the front [Comfortable and fit, the Red has delivered a double contribu tion from the women and chil dren at home toward the nation's task in the winning of the war. In keeping intact and strong the chain which bound him to his own home altars, |n maintaining unbroken the line of communica tion betweeu the roaring battle line and the doorstep where hie children pla>ed, it has upheld th home ideas in American life against all the disintegrating forces of war. It lias Kept the home fires burning stea liiy and peaceful. ~ The war is not over. There will be many a long day bef >re the boys come home. The Red Cross has a great work to do until I the guns are still. It needs at this time the sanction of I'M) peregnt membership, that it may deliver ita message with the voia,: of the who'd natin, that to every American soldi.r offering his life in his country's cause, wherever he may be. it shall stand as the ever-present embodiment of his home and his peple. Theie is u personal force in.this thu' can not be overestimated. This is .the Christmas time, the home time win n all armi'.d the warld the home bells.clear above the noise of th; war, will aing the undying me#age of g mo will. Tiereai'd ul h.)n-? in not many happy one.*, vhei. 'h whole world suffers, hut .Vie are millions of homes and millio ns of hssrta where the Chri»tmfcß flames will burn brighter for the thougl that the path between them and the field of batte is cl ear to the Red Cr JSS messenge and that while their man guards libertys alter, the Red Cross is guarding his • w This roll call is a plea for your pledge Make it unanimous Read the advertisement of tffe Walter and Gurley Auction Co. In this issue. , KEPT PLEDGE TO SEND BREAD Amerioan Nation Maintainad Al lied Loaf Through Self- Denial at Home Table. AVERTED EUROPEAN DESPAIR. With Mlllt«ry Demand* Upon Octan •hipping World I* AbU to Return to N»rm»| Whlto Whwt Bread. Since the adrent of th« lateat wbaat crop the only limitation upoii Ameri can export® to Europe has been the Shortage of shipping. Between July 1 unJ October 10 we shipped 63,880,50* bushels. If thia rata should contluup UAtll the entf of the Hsoal year we will hava furnlahed the Allies with more than ^87,600,000 baahelx of wheat and Sour In terms ot wheat. The reault of lacreaaed production and eonaerraUoa efforts In the Ualted States has been that with the ceasu- Uoo of hoaulltlaa we are able to re turn to a normal wheat diet. Supplien that ha TO accumulated in Auatralla, Argentine and Other hitherto Inacces elble markets maybe tapped by ships released from transport service, and European demand for American wheat probably will not exceed our normal •urploa. There la wheat enough avail able to haro a loaf at the com mon table. But laat year tba talo waa different. Only by the greattat poaalble earing and aacrlfico were" \vn able to keep a ateady stream of titieat and flour mov- IBg across the Sit We found our aelrea at the beginning of the banraot rear with an undSually short crop. Even the moat optfcnlstlc statisticians figured that wo hai a bare surplus of 20,000,000 buahels.% And yet Kuropo waa facing the probability of a bread famine —and In Bafope broad Is by far the moat Importanfbrtlclo In the diet. AH of thla aumlti* had left the country early la thrfalt. Ny the first of the year wo hadWanaged to ahlp a little more than 00,100,000 bushels by practicing the otllost economy at home—by wheatlete days, wheatleaa meala, heavy auWhtutton of other coroals and by Ipcrttre at almost erary meal throu|k»nt tbe Country. la Jaaaary the hi* part Jlhondda. then Brttlah cabled) that only If we aent an additional TB,- 000,000 buahola before July 1 could ho take the responsibility of assuring his people that they would be fed. The reaponae of the American peo ple waa 89,000,000 buahels aafely deliv ered overseas between January 1 and July 1. Out of a harvest which gave us only 20,000,000 bushels surplus ws actually shipped 141,000,000 buahels. Thua did Amerlra fulfill her pledge that the Allied bread ratlona could be maintained, and already the American peoplo are demonstrating that, with an awakened war conscience, laat year'a figures will be bettered. +++++ +-H ++ + + ++•»• +++ + + + + + Our exporta since Is country + + entered the war have Justified n 4- + statement made by the Food Ad- -f + ministration shortly after Its con- + + ceptlon, outlining tbe principles -h + and policies that would govern + the solution of thla country's + + food problems + + "The whole foundaUon of de- + + mocracy," declared UlO Food Ad- + + mlnlatration, "Ilea In the lndl- + + vldual Initiative of lta peoplo -I --+ and their willingness to serve tbe + + Interests of the nation with com- + + plete self effaeement In the time + + of emergency. Democracy can + + yield to discipline, and we can + + solve this food problem for our + own people and for the Allies In + + this way. To have done so will + + have bean a greater service thau 4> + our Immediate objective, for we •> + have demonstrated the rightful- + + noes of our faith and our ability + + to defend ourselves without ha + lng Prussianised." + t + ++++++++++ + + + + + T + + + •Sending to Europe 141,000,000 bush els of wheat from a surplus of appar ently nothing was_ the outatandlng ex ploit of the American food army In the critical year of the wnr. GREATEST OPPORTUNITY , WOMEN EVER HAD. It was given to the women of this country to perform the greutest serv ice In the winning of the war vouch safed to any women In the history of the wars of the world —to feed the warriors and the war sufferers. By (he arts ot peace, the practice of sim ple, homely virtues the womanhood of a whole natlou served humanity In Its profoundest struggle for peace and freedom. - ♦ * FIRST CALL TO FOOD AHMV. ♦ ♦ ♦ 4 Tills co-operation and service 4 ♦ 1 aak of ail In full confidence * ♦ that America will render more ♦ ♦ tor flag and freedom than king 4 ♦ ridden people surrender at com- ♦ 4 pulsion.—Herbert Hoover, Au- 4 1 4 gust 10,1017. ♦ ♦~- - ♦ A year ago voluntary food control was a daring adventur* lo democracy; , during the year an establishes proof 4*mocr*tlc Renew your suberription to the Bnterpriee now. 4. HAMILTON NEWS ITEMS Bovr Slado, Jr , and I). (I, Mat j thews spent Sunday in Suffolk' Mr. and Mrs Ren Everett, of Palmyra* wore in town Satur day Sergeant .!oe Counc'l, of Camp UptorjSpent Thanksgiving with his people here. Nevvs was received liere Wed nesday that Private Robert Sals bury, of Hassells was seriously Aounded on the Mth of Novem ber. Miss Lou Council, of Oak City, whs in town Saturday," Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Calhoun and children, of Rocky Mount were in towr for Thanksgiving. I Mr and Mrs: P L. Salsbury and little son left Tuesday fori Kichmoi d. Mis. Pattie Johnson, of Scot land Neck,-is spending sometime here. Mrs. H H, Watkins lias return ed from a visit to Mrs. M I. cTeming in Rocky Mount Mrs Bessie Williams, has been the Ruest of her mother Mrs. Joe Pender,, for the past week C D, Carstarphen and Slierilf Crawford, of Williamston w re in town Wednesday, (sinners Report The pinners report for season to Nov. i4th shows that for this vear North Carolina had xiopod 527,154 bales and for same period last year had only 318,211 bait s »nd for same period last year had jnly ginned 318,211 Martin County ginned to same late this year 4938 bales and in >1917.2882 giving an increase }n 1918 over last yearof/78jper cent. Again, at the approach ot Ch ristmas the Red sounds the -oil-call for renews)' of itsmrmb - *- r Another Hero Dead Martin countv has given an other son to the cause of free u>m and peace, another name is inscribed on the roll of I onor and :> mother gold star added to the •ounty's service flag. This turn tis Corporal Wiley L liailiy. of h»» 322 nd Infantry, and he vv»? •si led in action on November 11, just a few minutes before peace as declared. He was the son of Mr. and A. W. Bailey of Beur (irass ownship and was 2(*> years old. He leaves a mother, father and several brothers and sister? One brother was in the same battle in which Corporal Bailey was killed. He entered the service in Octob er, 1917, and was* home in the summer on a furlough. The community and county nmpathi/.e with the lu-icaved family. ' NOTICE On Friday. December 20, I'JIH, I will sell at auction to the pst bidder for cash my corn ;md household and kitchen "furniture Mrs. Sudie K. I.anier, 2t Kverett, N. '. Trustee's Sale M\ vii l Mtynf thi- .1111 b M it v ' ..n. tci rt (I 111 nir l.y a ' Dpi'il ■.l Tl usl cxre tiled to mc l>> t J •> Williams anl wile K.ihella, on tie day f Dcermbfi lyi-', duly rt* 01 deel iistli- I DtTil'h o(Ti ■ in Martin Count)., 01 lioak 1)1 P.'gr 59, to- >f( HIT the'payment of a 1 ertaiu l> -nd bearing even date therewith, Hint the stifnthrttoTis in said Deed of Trust nut having been rmnplieil will , I Shall expose zit public au- Ytton, for'fVtr, "~rm~ Mmrrl-.iv r --Hie j jrd ilay ol December, 191S, at 12 o'clock, N. at Cmirt Uuuse in Maitin County, the (nlhivvjng 'proyicrty; Adjoining the lands of Delia Rogerson, Sherman Bond and others, ill the town of William ston and the same House & Lit where the said Jor Will iams aid wife now live and fullv described in above mentioned. Deed of Trust, to which refer-, etrcc is given for a n-.ore accurate description. "" .: J This Nov. 19th 1918. J. D. Biggs, Trustee. NV. Davis Roberson Dead Mr V\ Uavia Roberson died of lo:i«l poison on Friday, Novem ber 2'.', at his home in Bear Grass tow hip He was t!4 years old, having been horn April 19, 1854. VI r Roberson fell on Sunday, Nov. 23, and broke his wrist, it became infected and blood poison | developed of which he died. He heaves u wife and one daughter, several brothers and listers and a bust of near relatives and 'friends. * '* .... Ihe funeral was conducted on Sunday, Nov. 30th, In Rev. J. F. Carter of the Williamston Bap list church of which the deceas ed was a member Excellent Result* Treating Influenza At 1 e Tfiomasville Orphanage there are 4i>o children. Of this number 4>had influenza during the ej idemic. During the first week of () tober there weres2 of the children sick, and eight of these hud pneumonia. At this noint tfi" fresh air and sunshine treatment was intn duced upon the suggestion of the State Hoard of-Health. After beginning (his treatment onlv two addition al cases of pneumonia developed. Invariably the patients showed from the beginning of the treatment, and progressed rapidly to complete recovery. ...... _ . . This method of treating intlu en/a and pneumonia was recom menced by the State Hoard of , Health at the height of the epi demic in the State, when num erous committees wern pleading for additional physicians and nurses to care for the large num bers of the sick. The method had been tested in Masachusetts with excellent roßults, and upon the 'Uggostion of the State healtf lUthoritfPs it was tried in a num ber of ca-i's -in North Carolina. The results at the Tljomasville Orphanage are given because in 111 at east' there was a large num ber of patients ill when the .treatment wan inaugurated; there were pneumonia., c.omplicaflinis; the patients A* ere under excell eht control and careful observa tions could he made constantly In other words, it was a case of tPstiriK the measure on a large scale. Int)'ieii/.a, and the resultant, pneumonia, is continuing in many sections of the State The epidemic will in all pfobabilit continue', through the winter For the treatment ot both influ en/.a and pneumonia the Stat* Hoard of Health again urges this metl od of treat nent. The treatment is just what is implied in the name. Move the patients out of doors where the\ will be directly exp'V.ed to the sunlight anil to the open air At this season greater cafV • be taker) to see that patients are wnrriijVr 1 -• fI and covered, and (> f course they must be protect* d 'rnm the inolemeneb'S of the weather, Such protection is af forded by the porches of most homes See-that nourishing food is given at frequent intervals, and that the bowels are kept freely moving. Nature, through its own healing qualities, will work the cure. Keep in Mind 1 hat- The sugar allotment for Dec ember will tie oil a basis of four pounds per person per month. Retailers will receive 38 1-2 pr cent more certificates than they received for November Hotels, reatauranlirSlYd boarding houses will receive a similar increase Every merchant in North Car olina should take an aetive part in Conservation Week for' World Relief, December 1-7. The Amer ican people have greater demandß upon them for foodstuffs at pre sent arid wTiT have during the next six months than they have had at any time during the war. Read the ada in The Enter- I prise and aava money. Advertiaer* will find our Columns* Mutk County Homes. Established 1898 WILMMSTON LOCALS Mitts Elizabeth Wadsworth of Greenville spent the week-end with Mrs. J. G Godard. Mrs. S- R. Bigg's Jr spent Thanksgiving with her brother Mr. Frank Faganin Richmond VV H. Peel U 8 >jf of .Nor folk is at home on a ttvelve days furl ugh. Mr W. C. Manning went to Greenville Monday night to at tend the aenual Christian Con j ventlon. Put a new leaf in the Com mon Table' Many of our new guest haven't had a square meal for a long time and n*>ver had a square deal. Mr. W. M. Knott, represent ing the Atlantic Coast Realty Co., is in town this week advertising the sale at auction of the Ballard Farm near Everetts. See the ad vertistment in this issue for par ticulars of the sale. Miss Francis K. Knight spent Thanksgiving with her pareuta Dr. and Mrs. J. B H Knight. She was accompauiod by the Misses Minnie Mav ("annudy of Oxford and Geneva Quinn of Wallace, N. C. ( apt John D. Biggs cane home from Camp Humphrey, Alexandria. Va , on Wednesday. Capt. Biggs had be;n stationed there about a month with the U. S. Engineers but has received his discharge since peace was declar ed and is home for good now. We are beginning to realize that the war is over when our raen begin to retura. Notice of Trmtee'i Sale Default having been made in pay nu-nt of the indebtedness secured by that certain deed of trufct made to nil* as trustee for the Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Compan\ b\ Alexander Corey ami wife I,iP liati J Corey on the 1 7th d.»\ of June, I'' 17, and recorded in the of tii'e ol tin- register of deeds of Mai tin county, in book K 1 page 570 uU„-laull under and b\ .-virtue -ol tin power of sale vested in tile bs saul deed ol trust and at the re |tiest ot the cestui i|Ue trust, and t-oi the purpose of discharging the debt secured by said deed ot 'trust, ptoci-ed to selt to the highest bid dei lor cash, at the. court house door hi Willi.unston North Caro lina, .it I.' o clock m mi Saturd.u the 4th dav of -January, ivio. the following described lands situate iii the state of Xorth Carolina, and in the ciuuty of Majtin, and more particularly described as follows Tuivii of laincniUe, adivining tin lands of II T. •Stalling N. H, M ir tier, Wilmer Mi/el| and Annie Muell. a lot in. the town ot James ville, adjoining H T. Stalliligs on North atid Kast. Water Street on ■tftV'Sonth, Anwte~aiiir ATTTT'"M i/eTP on the West, -and being the ,>atne lot citiiveyed by J, Y Grav to Brown and Van Hon tin Jnd da\ of Deieinber, t c >o4, Hook'K KK" page S2s, IManning ' afi lilizubeth H Mariner's corner in said town P " on the north side of said Water St.; thence extending along said Ma riner line to Roanoke river 5b feet: thence a line at right angles with said Mariner- line 18 feet thence parallel with said Mariner line 56 feet to Water street, thence along Water street to the beginning, con taining 1008 square feet. This sth day of December. 1 ( >18. OKO. A. ORIMSLEY, # Trustee. • Sapp & Kelly, attornevs at haw, Greensboro. X, C Dec 6—st A ■■■*"" A Letter ef Thank* Dear Editor; ' " I am writing to thank- the Red Cross publicly for their Icindneea to my family when we were ao very sick. I hope to be able some dav to do something for them all, I .also want to thank my physician. Dr. J. S. Rhodes and my nurse Mrs. N. R Hopewell who were ao faithful to in our affliction. With love to than all Mre. John Hopewell.

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