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The Farmville enterprise. (Farmville, Pitt Co., N.C.) 1910-current, December 20, 1946, Christmas Edition, Page 5, Image 5

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Sixth Annual ? N. P. A. Day At ? Oxford, Doc. 18. ? Gross Cherry will M at tho sixth annual 1 America Day at the ( aye here on Sunday, - , CT...1 n ?!.itnoAant T m.f oiipcriTiiciHiwiv x ? stated today. . Since 1941, on their annual visita tions to tho Colored Farmers of America have the home more than and bonds, Hamate said, the group of North Carol; school vocational agilcultMe i under the direction of S. B. Simmons, supervisor of Vocational Agriculture in Negro Schools, are supporting the current $300,000 Building Fund Drive of the Orphanage. There are M Negro vocational agriculture teachers in North Caro lina and for the past five years their major extra-curricular undertaking has been to make tangible contribu * I., i tint to the Colored Orphanage, raws its support largely Carver,1 scientist.* "With that it their objec tive, the hundreds of '* A * tered through North an their gifts. In connection with the j tion ceremony, the Orphanage stu ! dents will present their annual Christ mas program under the direction of I Mrs. Beecher W. Williamson. ??? ffGl | Batcbelore are fellows that looked before they jumped. iWwiaer a man grows the less %e talks and the more he ?a : Before the yj,DO ???** 2* ' rs?% ?^1, ???*??* ST-^* ??*tu ?AlanLaddl WHliamBendix Bany Fitzgerald PARAMOUNT THEATRE FarmWDe, N. C. SUN.-MON., DEC. 22-23 ? Plus ... News of The Day and Color Cartoon. ~ ?Y V * Qsprv * ""' -M&k ?1,1' 118 THS COUNTRY fiOCTGflt?HIS TRIBE IS VANISHING Fast fading frqm the American scene la the country doctor. The ranfcs at these hardy men who "have contributed so much to the rich heritage of thp American medical profession an growing smaller every year. As the old timers die or retire, few young doctors mote in to take their places, since most moderp medical school grad uates establish in artan centers. With the shortage of rural doctors now S definite menace <b the health of tHha families, the Skate Medical Can Commission has put forth a plan which offers a solu tion to tha problem. The Good Health Association has undertaken to acquaint tha people of the state with the Medical Can plan and tha urgent need for its adoption. Star of Bethlehem Phenomenon of Age The Star of Bethlehem has been the subject of extensive research and discussion. Modern astronomers have consid ered several natural phenomenon theories without attaching top much weight to any such hypothesis. Skeptics regard the whole thing as mere invention, colored with Oriental imagery, designed to honor Christ; and. faith accepts the star as the supernatural phenomenon which pro claimed the birth of Jeeua. The first chapter of the gospel ac cording to St Matthew,, begins: "The book of the generation of Jesus Christ the son of David, the son of Abraham ..." And confirming Bethlehem as the city of David, the angel of the Lard declared: "For onto you is bom'this day, in the city of David, a SAVIOUR which is CHRIST the Lord." St Luke 2:11. Considering tradition, which accepts that King David's shield formed s six-pointed star, the. Star of Bethle hem appropriately * ~ V "... stood over where the young Child was." St Matthew 2:9. A man with too many irons in the fire will probably lei the fire go out . . ' ?? Dr. Franklin G. Harris Announces the opening of na office for the practice of Dentistry 3rd Floor, Bank of FamriBe BMg. | ? PHONES ? Office 514-1 ? Residence 510-1 FARMVILLE, If. C. Christmas ftecs, _ Cribs and Ceppi Christinas trees end cribs, within respective spheres of influence, pro vide focal points for observances of | the tan on Various legends claim to tell the story of the fliut Christmas tree; acridly, evergreen decorations were so closely associated with pagan cele brations that they were banned by many ecclesiastics of the early church. to literature, the fint . tree was set up st Stras bourg, Germany, in 1604; even then, the cry rose agiainst heathen cus toms and, as late as 1851, the Rev. Henry Schwan Was severely criticised for setting up a Christmas tree in his church in Cleveland, Ohio. St Francis of Assist received spec ial permission from the pope to pre sent s tableau of the nativity scene. This first crib, set st Greccio, Italy, in 122S, waa an immediate sensation; the renaissance endowed the cribs with ornate pageantry and, modern ly, the crib is to southern Europe and Catholic countries what the tree is to America and northern lands. Eighteenth century Italians were fond of a fantastic decoration called the Gappo, Pyramidical in construc tion, the Ceppi were made on a framework of lathes with transverse shelves rising to three or four stories, depending on the over-all size of the Ceppo. The whole, thing was covered with colored paper, tufts, tassels, fringes, tiny pine cones, and little flags; a mpnger scene was represented on the lowest shelf, while the upper oms were covered with small gifts, etc.; wax tapers were placed along the sides and a large gilt cone ornament ed the top. Although the original designer probably never saw a Christmas tree, the Ceppo?aided by a little' imagination?bridges the gap between Christmas cribs and trees. PARAMOUNT I THEATRE 1 FARMVILLE, N. C. The Home of Better Entertainment _ PROGRAM WEEK OF DEC. 21 SATURDAY ONLY "CONQUEST OF | ' , CHEYENNE" -y .-?? ? with ? Wild Kll Elliott and Little Beaver. Also?Chapter No. 9 "Daughter Of Don Q." Plus?Two Reel Corned jr; - SUNDAY * MONDAY ALL THRILLS . ... The Stirring Romance of The Greatest Sea Ad venture Ever Filmed! Alan Ladd and Brian "TWO u (gooti. ?>0l JHen t' *! fM ?. ? ? * These simpl j words?this simple wish? has very deep significance We know it is the hope highest in all hearts this ?r I m Ui ..... T *? ? ' Christmas time rao ?-???: 3 i * this message with deep sincerity; "Peace vaia^aseiJ^j Win to Merf/. . ?<?= ' T. :.W. -T. .-r= ? ? ? * ? * ? ? A ! < + **<?V , rf; tE3je Pant of jfarmbiUe ?Kia i FIR CHRISTMAS TREES ALL SIZES HOLIRAY TABLE HMTS Dressed, Turkeys, Chickens FRESH and CURED PORK FRUITS ? CRANBERRIES NUTS CAKES: FRUIT-POUND-LA YH?J WAL 237-8 rh"; ? ' DELIVERY TWICE DAILY -r-. 10:00 A. M. and 4:00 P. M. WE WISH FOR YOU AND YOURS A MERRY CHRISTMAS ! u# ?-skit vw. I ...* *,

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