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The Farmville enterprise. (Farmville, Pitt Co., N.C.) 1910-current, March 21, 1947, Page 5, Image 5

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friends ??? ? ? ? ? ? ditor in ahle to be ? ? ? ? "Sister" Pickett is confined to fl^g home this week with chicken pox. * * * *'19 Miss Anne L. Jones visited is Raleigh during the week < Mrs. a B. Mashoum, Sr.. of Block Mountain, is visiting relatives e j? ? , Mrs. W. R Bute sad son confined to their home with infl? ? ? e e Jen Easley visited friends at Peace College, Raleigh, during the a a a * Mrs. R. C. Maddrey, of Charlotte, spent Friday with Rr. and Mrs. R. T. Norville. ? M ? Mrs. H. C. MeDearm&n, of Dor ham, is visiting hsr sister, Mrs. J. H. Darden. ease Mies Fiiiahath Lang, of the Roa noke Rapids faculty, wfil spend the Mr. end Mrs. B. 8. Smith and Mrs. Robert Lee Smith were Mount Olive visitors, Tuesday. e e e a Donald Walafaon, student at Stat* College, Raleigh, spent the week end ad his home here . ? e e ? Ralph Allen, of Clayton, s| several hours Tuesday with Mr. Mrs. Manly like. e a e e Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Liles, of Raleigh, will spend the week end here with relatives. ??> ? ? Mr. sad Mrs. Graydon Liles, of Durham, see spending several days with relatives here. e ? e e C. G. Rollins, of Raleigh, visited his mother, Mrs. W. J. Rollins, Tues day and Wednesday. e e e e Martha Holmes spent the week end with her grandmother, Mrs. M. C. Todd, in Wendell . Mrs. Sarah Perry, of Durham, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. J. Frank Harper, for two weeks. ? ? * ? Mrs. James Lang returned to her home in Douglas, Ga., Monday, after visiting ||? -i If? n Q Hfllliai, JBr* bug mnj. ururgc o. tt iiiibiud and Mr; and Mrs. L. W. Godwin were Wilson visitors, Friday. ? tee. H. S. Butler has been confined to tbe home of his daughter, Mrs. R. 0. Lang, Jr., with influema. ? ? v e Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Clifton and children, of Kinston, were guests of Mrs. J. L Baker, Sunday. e* e e ? Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Duke attend ed the Jones-Modlin wedding in War renton, Saturday evening. - see* Miss Mary Thome Tyson is spend ing a week with Mr. and Mrs. Arthnr G. Met*, in Richmond, Vs. ? ? ? ? W. Jf. Rasberry and E. A. Ras herry. of Snow Hill, made a business trip to Wilmington, Monday. ? ? e ? Mr. and Mas. G R. Bodson, of Aaheboro, wen gnats .of Mr. and Mb Ssadgy. Mrs. A. J. e ? a e T. C. Rollins, Jr., of Wilson, visit ed his grandmother, Mrs. W. J. guiiiiw, during tl|e week end. e e ? ? Miss N?U Beman, student at Campbell College, Buffi Creek, spent Ms week and at her home here. Mr. and Mia. Ce?don E. Lee and Mis. D. W. Andrews wen Green ville visitors, Hjwsdnr afternoon. Mm W. L. Clark 5:80 *- m--?Merry Matrons ndthMss. W. ' ?* W? p. ra?I tt !?? 3:00* 1 .5 CWb aaaata with Mia. Hair; Harpec. 3:00 p. Mi iP? X# A. 7:30 p. m.?Maeona. WHay.i* 3:16 p. m.?.Book assats with Mrs. I'Jfr*. m*?Veterans el. _ Waits meet at the Town Hall. Safaris?, ? 18*10 a. m.?Bird CloJb. ISO P- nu?Jd^ss M*tp Thssss Tyson entertains at ln}4fe boar odag Miss Prances Bivens Smith, bride-elect of April Edith Ami Lm. small Am?*!?*?? of ? ???? ? mf ?? ????>* ? ' V W Mr. and Mm. Gordon E. Lm, is con fins* to hsr home this wssk with * * * * Mrs. C C. Joyner, end Mm. 1m? Harper and family qeot Sunday <9 Washington with Mi*. Joynear'a sta ter, Mrs. J. H. Chlloway. ? ? ? ? Mrs. T. W. Lang, Mrs. Allen Du de*, Mrs. & & Smith and Mrs. Robert Lee Smith were Greenville visitors, Monday. ? e e a Mis. Senie Parker retained Toes day from s visit to If* and Mrs. Mac and Mr. sad Mrs. Archie Psric er, in Norfolk, Vs. e ? ? e Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Fields, Mrs. Bennett Fields and .Mrs. Robert Fields and son, "Chip," were Green ville visitors, Friday. Mr. sad Mrs. A. D. Hotchldas sad daughter, of Washington, D. C., spent Monday night with Mr. and Mrs. C. A Hotehki** ? e e e e Friends will be glad to learn that Mis. P. G.?Dupree, Sr., id much Im proved from a meant illness and is able to be up again. ? ? Mrs. R. T. Williams and Mrs. Bob Teel visited Mm- WiUJgms' mother, Mrs. W. H. Worsley, who is ill, in Rocky Mount, Tuesday. mi. Mrs. iouy Lewis Lang a*d grand daughter, Noel, wms guests of Mrs. Lang's lisnghtar, lbs. J. H. Harmll, in Greenville, Tuesday night. ? ? e e 'X T | Mr. and Mis. H. Nasi Howard and Mr. sad Mrs. Giaydon Liles, of Durham, spbat the week md at th Howard cottage at Mill Devil Pity. Mr. and Mrs. J*m? RdVffd* <rf! Washington, sa*d Mr. and Mis. G. C. Wilson, of Greenville, spent Sunday with Mr. sad Mas, & S. Williams. ; iti'i Mr. sad Mis. Ralph Emory and family and Mis. J. Lb Aiken and daughter, Patsy, of Durham, spent the week end with Mr. add Mrs. J. Frank Harper. ? ??#.' Mr. and lbs. W. A. MrArtmn, Graham McAdams, of Washington, D. C? who is visiting hers, and his daughter, Annette, were Kinston visitors, Wedaasday. ? ? ,e e Mrs. ftebeoea Murray, of Wilson, was the guest of bar aunt, Mrs. J, Mil Ted' L. Albitttpn and dren, -tMti Carolina." nmd, "At bona th? twenty-first, of April, 10417 , IMP UNCEMENTS Jfe U* Xm. *mm Oscar Bryant, \*r Founts, announce the birth of La mb, lame* Bedford, at the Williams-Winstead Clinic, Sunday, March 16. Mr*. Bryant is the form-1 JfC Virginia Lucille Joyner. ft. K. Midi announce od a aea, Karl Clay, Mon Xf. Mrs. 8M4 is the| fo*p*t Miss Ann Mtohnla. rrr L, W. Aftm, of Raleigh, spent Fri I Jaw jititi Ma * ' --- Um, 11 r* P?*m. II aay wiui nw iwer. mtb. jb? u uarr. || ? ? * * ? Mr. and Mm. Arthur Barber, of Mfrt Bfin, wars vfefema bore Wed-i "ST H. D. Moye and Mrs. L. R.I Jones will attend a meeting in Green-1 ville today. J. ft. Jonas, lira. M. L. Eaaonl l L K. Jenea spent Wednes-I | day in Mioaahaad . easy Mr. ami Mrs. L. B. Jonae and son,) Douglas, spent the week and to] Greensboro with Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Tyson. e a w-e W. Jeaas Mage, president of the Iftfa district, N. a P. W. G, j be 4* WDHawtys Woman's Club. TiianiaT niaht. a e e e Miss Dorothy Jones, a atpdent at E. C. T. C., Greenville, is spending] the spring holidays in Plymouth | with Mies Iris White. ? ? ? e. V Mrs. J. H. Harris is viaMag had daughters, Misses Virginia and] fail V?rk City returning home she will visit her sister hi Aim Arbor, Mich. Mry. Arch Ptaftaym and I**?- ** SgtM ** I Dorothy Smith and Mlaaes Mary Irma Rives and Son Hunsueker, of Walgtonburg, were Raleigh yisitori, e ? e e . \ Mi* Corigna HoUoway, asnior at Lynchbnrg College, Lynchburg, Vs., will arrive today to spend the spring holidays with her mother, Mrs. Mamie Ruth Holkway at Ballard's ?M*a. q. H. Flanagan and G E |H~iiy. left Wndnmday for Baters | burg, Vs., to be at the bedside of [Mrs. a ?. Modlin, whp underwent an .flgntfeHn a Petersburg hofi?t-]| ,e ? e ? Jen IJasley, Margaret) | Coatea and Frances Lewis, and Joe Gregory, students at E. C. T. C., ' returned Wednesday ?pris)0r ?*] e e Mrs. J. M. Ward, Mrs. A. Q. Roe bock and Mrs. Mark W. Joyner, of Greenville, who is visiting here, at tended the funeral of L. E. Elks in FT e e ? e In a content conducted by Mm Blackwood, in which copies of fam OUS paintirgs were shown and the mim and .artift at each were guess ed by^ nHugere, ttte jatee was ihrad a boa of Benhey bail. Baa Robinson, Mil. George W. Deris and Mm J. M. Vhefesa, Sr. JUNIOR WOMAN'S CLUB | Mr*. Eatelle T. Smith, of Raleigh, retired state home demonstration agent, a# guest speaker at the Junior Woman's Club, Tuesday afternoc gam a lengthy talk on "The Home, Community, and Good Catisenship.' Mem hem were urged te attend the meeting to be held at Wrightsvilto Beach, May 21-28, by the presidei Mrs. J. T. Nolan, who opened tl meeting with the Pledge. A report on the work being dene with the Bnowhiea was given by the leader, lbs. George Fhrr, .who stated the need for two Scout leaders to carry on the work already began. . Mrs. Howard Mope, chairman of tha Ways and Means Committee, said that committees had been appointed and plans were underway for the branswiek stew sapper to be given After adjournment by repeating the Collect, the hostess, Mrs. Frank K. Allen, served a salad course. Jonquils end spring shrubs were used in carrying out the Raster colon LITERARY CLUB The literary Club held a deHght fid aad interesting meeting, en Wed nesday, with Mrs.J. I. Morgan, Sr., as the gracious hostsss. The Mor gan home, on Church street, was beautifully decorated with arrange ments of camellias, Japanese quince, daffodils and pansies. Mrs. J. W. Barker, -as program leader, gave a graphic description of the Hermitage, in Nashville, Tenn., home of Andrew Jackson, which she had visited recently, illustrating her ta$ with views of the home and itsj furnishings, end concluding with a brief sketch o< Jackson's life and Following adjournment, the host ess, assisted by Mrs. R. EL Knott and M*s Edna Robinson, served ice cream, topped with whipped cream. and devil's food cake, followed by cheese biscuit, brownies, salted nuts and eoffpe. Special guests were Mrs. Knott, Miss Robinson and Mrs. H. C. Mc Dearman, of Durham, a house guest Of Jysr sitter, Mrs. J. H. Darden. ROQK AND BRIDGE CLUB her guests Mrs. Robert; Lee Smith; lbs. Alex Allen; her hpufeguest, Mrs. James Lang, of Douglas, G*-; Mrs. George Moore, Jr., Mrs. Lewis Allen enter tained the Book and Bridge Club, Friday afternoon. Flowers used in decorating were jonquils, green car and white fui&Ddnurcxns. Zxfs&SZJS side down cake and coffee were served. Refreshment guests were Mrs. C. S. Hotchkiss and Mrs. George C""P>M br M~ : . i jnv jyq MBa WWMM PABTll Mrs. Billy Tfaunday Country Club bridge, honoring SSR Maurice Julian, of before her marriage in Mies Mary Brady, of Greensboro, and Mm. Edgar S. Or mont, of Chicago, IB. Mm Burke, wearing green with a corsage of Talisman rosea, r informally with her guests of Mm. Julian, who were aqua with a corsage of Julian, as wese the ooraaaes worn by Mm Burke and Mm Qrmont, who wore brown and gold with a* of Talisman rosea. The club was artistically with native long leaf pine, holly, ivyl and wild magnolia leaves. The mantles were especially a marriage acene, flanked by candles and the other having a wedding ring motif of ivy and a white bell, tied with tuile, which was also flanked by white candles. Both 11m brides' table was covered an imported linen cloth. Whitej trellises covered with ivy were used on either side of the table. Whtts carnations, snapdragon and fern were arranged in a crystal howl atj| one end of the table and th? crystal punch bowl, surrounded by ivy and: long leaf pine, was triad ait the ether. The punch bowl, a family hsiriooni,' has been used at all bridal parties' In the Brady family. 1 Punch was served *iWn? thai afternoon by Mrs. Roderick and Mm. W. C. Garner. The tables were spread with cloths and bridal ices, snowball and toasted prior to the During the three progressions of I contract that followed, Mm P*t| Boffin scored high sad received a~ btyie hobnail flower basket, and Mrs. Robert T. Monk, with low score, re ceived an antique green vase. Mm Julian was presented a tall silver compote by ~ "iBi "J Jr., and Mm. Ormeat Motived a til-l ear bon bon spoon. Mrs. M T.-j Williams, whose occurred on that rith a miniature cap and 11 in a rack. Miss Gaye Pippin sixteenth birthday, ning with a fish was decorated with tared with a pink and cake. lee eraaim and the served after the main courjs. Dancing, music and games enjoyed from 8 until 10 Dot and Bay Hathaway, lins, Peggy tusgsss, Dot Carol rtppi^i Gordon Tftghman nir rot oif?M jrieqds to birthday, who t-j of g^rdim. in thT&?venl taring mode. wSa of red ro wfce of Following the left for ? ed points. SIX CUSHION dx feet long, resistant upholstery, AU, METAL GLIDERS AH stifer* ?3 iwfes tag. W? ?* three Vm op fior# or lawn. ^ *?94* Glider Chairs glider, 2 jiHMftnfoto water re peBant cushions, strong steel fiasw. Variety of estop. ? fcji ?3 chairs, Colors?red, green, yellow mmm for tfirmr or bushiess, colorful, ny ;?; - $** w-im- 1 I pi "?;?..- ?- Ci;.tS, Stock sizes, metal slat only 28-36" .Wood or metal fifcts to fit your BUNDS ?t^ m

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