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    vOL.jtg NO. 10
andidates Seeking Election
^ crfiirlanfc
A year ago I applied for a po
tion in student government, yet
ere was one important difler-
ce - I ran unchallenged and un
posed for this major office.
Hie statement “apathy reigns
preme” became the byword of
_e day. The blame for lack of
interest and participation was
placed upon an apathetic student
too wrapped up in individual
■terest and academic problems
to care who was elected to lead.
|But now, in retrospect, maybe
's position on the party of many
dents, can be understood, for
students had every right to ask
sad to what?" for what did
dent government symbolize
how vital was it one’s total
college experience?”
believe many of the answers
to these questions have been found
as we have gone through the first
yiar under the new Constitution,^
for at least, functions of organi-
tions have been defined, and ob-
ations of leaders stated.
I’ll not take this space to make
|ist of all the various items that
sd to be acomplished by Stu
nt Government next year be
cause many of the problems we
ire now wrestling with will be re-
sflved by the current student go
|What I would like to do is pre
sent a basic outline for action into
which certain areas of concern
y be inserted this year, or
as the problems arise.
It Involves four main points:
tter Communication, Re-
aluation and Revilalization of
anizations which perform
various duties and owe certain
*ligations to students, and con-
Vulnerability to student
'gestions for improvement and
ther development in all areas
(campus life.
l?is leads me Into my first
jor area of concern - Better
mmunication. One of the basic
efects which we have found this
•ar is the marmer in which op
ens are conveyed to student
ders and likewise, the manner
which student government in-
vations and accomplishments
we been conveyed back to the
This results from a partial
breakdown of communication in
several areas of student life -
student to student, student to
student leaders, ana student to
The student to student com
munication, the key to progress,
is found on the dormitory and
suite level. But one of the biggest
gaps in communication is found in
student to student government re
lationships. Though the basic
element of communication in this
relationship should be the dorm
senator, concern for better com
munications should also be ex
pressed by the Cabinet, S.C.B.,
C.C., and other organizations.
Next year the Cabinet should
work for better coverage of stu
dent government affairs in THE
LANCE, dorm meeting at which
student association leaders
should be present, continued stu
dent body meeting, which provide
an open forum for direct com
munication between student as-
sociatisn leaders and the student
body, a weekly radio program on
WSAP, at which time various
members of student government
will present new programs or a
summary of student government
activities, and possibly the is-
isuing of a monthly student go
vernment newsletter which could
provide a concise written sum
mary of student government ac
The third area within the realm
of communication is student to
faculty and administration. A
very good example of a break
down in this area is the new
calendar. We must further stress
our desires to be a greater part
in helping to formulate policies
which vitally affect us. One way
to strengthen this communication
is through continued joint Admin-
istration-facuity and student go-
.vernment meetings.
The next point I would like to
Bsmphasize is a re-evaluation of
certain areas of student life. Al
ready Cabinet committees are
studying the demerit system and
an honor code. It is also im
perative that the Cabinet con
tinue to try to impress upon the
Administration the need to fur
ther revise the calendar estab
lished for next year.
All of us realize that THE
LANCE has had problems with
gfgff and printing this year;
therefore, it might be good to
further evaluate these problems
and if the situation demands It,
suggest to the publication board
that students have a more direct
Influence upon policies regarding
It has also been increasingly
evident that student leaders
^ould take an Interest in af
fairs across the lake, referring
specifically to problems facing
aie library. A right step in this di
rection might be the establish
ment of .a joint Adniinistratlon,
iaculty and student committee,
In which viewpoints from all
ares of campus life will be re
SUSGA is another' area which
should be studied with care, for,
as of yet, we have not taken ad
vantage of the services offered
t« ^d in solving many campus
My third point is Revitaliza
tion, Though many student or-
gaiLizations are working at peak
performance, most are dragging
far behind their potential capabi
lities. Some organizations need
to rework their programs to at
tract a wider campus participa
tion; the Cabinet and Senate need
to work In closer communication
to avoid needless repetition; and
a new bookkeeping system needs
to be established for student go
vernment funds and minutes.
My last pomt is a carry over
from the program of Tommy Sea
son. It’s Vulnerability - Openness
pn the part of student government
jx) criticism, with an always In-,
^erested search to minor student
feelings and opinions. Vulner
ability to the extent of always
realizing the value of compro-
nilse and the need of humility in
student government.
We are In a unique situation at
St. Andrews, Where other col
leges can only amend or add too,
we can shape a tradition of stan
dards and attitudes which will be
remembered long after we leave,
and far beyond the gates of St.
It can be a tradition of
“apathetic acceptance of an at
titude of ‘T don’t give a damn”,
or It can be one of creative
student participation, tempered
by a willingness to know the value
of compromise and the Insight of
to view our accomplishments ^th
The more we put Into St, And
rews, the more we will leave for
others to draw upon In the future.
In conclusion, I’d like to quote
a fellow student who said, “This
school is over-priced and over
rated, but it does have potential
unlimited, and that potential Is
found inthe 940 students who form
the student body.” He’s right.
No amount of money, no repu
tation, no official policy can buUd
a strong schooL It takes people,
all kinds of people, and for anyone
to represent such a varied mass,
he must be able to communicate.
It Is not, what a student leader
can offer and say that determines
whether he will be a success or
not, but how he can listen and re
present, This Is the important
thing I’ve already learned from
this campaign, the continued need
to listen to you, so that what I do
will better reflect your desired
ahd opinions concerning student
Communication, revitaliza
tion, re-evaluatlon, and continued
vulnerability - these are the key
areas in which I will work with
you If you elect me to lead the
Student Association next year.
Bob Anderson
This year through the four fol
lowing positions;
1. President of the Student
Chrisian Council
2. Member of the Cabinet
3. Resident Assistant, Gran
ville Dorm
4. Vlce-Moderator of theW.F.
Synod of North Carolina
I have come face to face with
almost all phases of the academ
ic society —religious, social and
political. In each instance the
responsibility has been different
and the experience has been In
valuable, Having seen plans suc
ceed, I have collected a practical
re sevoir of methods and creative
Ideas; and on the other hand, hav
ing witnessed others successful
ly flop, I have collected a mental
first aid kit that goes beyond mere
band-alds and Is capable of proj
ect surgery. For instance, the
enthusiasm demonstrated at the
Student Body Meetings and the
effectiveness of this method to
communicate issues and activi
ties has resulted from the added
color of entertainment, supplied
for the most part by the Cabinet.
Now here was a real tonic! With
additional creativeness next year
and a responsive audience, the
Student Body Meetings have the
potential to develop even more.
Yet, when it came to the New
Calendar Issue, well, here was
for many students a real pill
with nothing to help wash It down.
In fact, the majority of the stu
dents did not even realize that the
old calendar was sick and that a
Calendar Committee with student
members even existed. Of
course, the actual format of the
new ciendar may be debatable
on several points, however, the
breakdown in communication is a
blanket statement of poor diplo
macy, if not poor leadership on
someones part.
Aside from project ideas or
realistic solutions to problems
that have already reared their
Ufflv head, these previous posi
tions of responsibility and
leadership have instilled a con
cern as well as a sense of obli
gation, on my part, for student
government work at St. Andrews.
As president of the Student As
sociation, the opportunity will be
there to transform that concern
and obligation into meaningful
and active results,
Brenda Keel
I am a candidate for the office
of Vice President of the Student
Association. The Vice President
serves as the President of the
Senate and as a member of the
I have a definite program which
I think should be brought to your
attention and consideration.
1) There must be a definite
improvement inthe character, at.
titude, and quality in our student
newspaper, THE LANCE.
2) There should be a stren-
ghthening of the responsibilities
functions of the dormitory coun
cils. An increase in the function
and power of the dormitory coun.
ells In their judiciary capacities
would facilitate such a strengthen.
3) In order to increase the
effectiveness of the student body,
through student government, I
would like to see Increased par.
tlclpatlon on the part of the sena
tors in the life of the dormitories
and in the roles as student re
4) I would like to see a great.
;r role of activity and responsi
bility placed upon the suite lead
ers in such a way that greater
suite, dormitory, and campus
cohesiveness would result.
5) A serious consideration
must be given to a re-evaluation
of the requirements for Student
Association offices, in the light
of the decreasing number con
stitutionally qualified candidates
and the decreasing interest on the
part of the student body in or
ganized student government.
Q) I; believe, that because of
the complexities and responsibi.
lities of the office of Student
Association Treasurer, that the
office of Treasurer be changed
in name and function to that of
7) There should be a greater
mor6 positive participation inthe
life of our campus, not only by the
students, but also by the adminis
tration and the faculty, and other
members of our academic com
8) In regard to our academic
community, there is one point of
vital concern to me. I am speak
ing of the library and its facili
ties. All are aware of the inade
quacies present In what should
be one of the finest examples and
strong points of our college. Few
are aware of the devastating
effect these inadequacies can
have on our college’s ability to
retain its accreditation in the
Southern Association. I would do
all that is within my power as a
Student Association officer to see
that this situation Is corrected.
In view of program-
I would greatly appreciate your
consideration for the office of
Vice President of the Student
Joe Overton

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