North Carolina Newspapers

Volume XVIII
Number 7
Mereditli College celebrated the
forty-fifth Founders’ Day on Fri
day, February 4. Dr. Carlyle Camp
bell preaided at the morning exer
cises. President Campbell >velcomed
the visitors and read a message from
Mrs. L. R. H’arrill, president of the
Alumnae Association. A short memo
rial service was conducted for the
trustees, faculty members, and grad
uates who died since the Founders’
Day of 1943. They were Lena A.
Bai'ber, professor of biology; Joseph
D. Boushall, trustee; May Craw
ford, associate professor of music;
Evangeline Cole Edison, class of ’31;
Fuller Broughton Hamrick, bursar
and treasurer; Catherine Mosely
Love, former instructor in art; and
Elva Currin Robertson, class of ’32.
Rev. Carl M. Townsend, pastor of
Hayes Barton Baptist Church, read
the Scripture lesson and led the
prayer. The college choir sang an
anthem, “The Silent Sea.” Mr.
W. H. Weatherspoon, president of
the Board of Trustees, brought greet
ings from the Board and introduced
the speaker of the morning, Gover
nor Broughton.
In his address the Governor paid
tribute to the f!i>unders of the collie'
and outlined a program for the ad
justment of institutions to the chang
ing world. Dr. Carl Townsend pro
nounced the benediction.
In the afternoon the Alumnae
broadcast was given over WPTF.
The annual Founders’ Day recep
tion was held in the college parlors
Friday afternoon. The trustees and
faculty were at home honoring Go-^-
ernor and Mrs. J. Melville Brough
ton, friends of the college, and mem
bers of the senior class.
The Student Government Council
held a student reception in the eve
ning. President and Mrs. Carlyle
Campbell, Dean and Mrs. Benson
W. Davis, Miss Anna May Baker,
Miss Leah Godwin, and members of
the Student Government Council
composed the receiving line. The offt^-
cers of the four classes assisted in
Sociology Club
Honors Graduates
An informal coffee hour was held
by the Sociology Club in the college
parlors on January 28, honoring the
four sociology majors who gi*aduat-
od at the end of the first semester.
Etta Taylor of Whitakers, Ann
White of Wilmington, Cornell Brunt
of Winston-Salem, and JTathalie
Woodward of Anderson, South Car
olina, were honored.
Margaret Hollis of Laurinburg,
president of the club, introduced the
guests to the receiving line which
was made up of the lionorees and
Dr. Ellen Winston, head of the so
ciology department.
Miss Marian Brockway, assistant
professor, of .sociology and Miss
Georgia Brewer of Pittsboro, pre
sided at the coffee table and were
assisted in serving by Betty Miller of
Irvington, New Jersey; Carolyn
Bass of Rocky Mount; Ruth Rau-
tenstrauch of Raleigh; Helena
Baker of Norfolk, Virginia, and
Virginia Maynard of San Jose,
Costa Bica:
Sandwiches, cakes, nuts and candy
were served. Guests included mem
bers of the senior class and of the
Sociology Club.
Judy Bryan Chosen
May Queen Recently
IVew Students Enter
Meredith This Semester
Several new students have been
added to tho student body during the
past week. Among them are Augusta
Lue Elmore, a junior transfer from
Appalachian State, and Mary Rotu-
la, a junior transfer from Mars Hill.
Augusta is a music major, while
Mary is majoring in sociology. There
are two new day students. Rose
Mario and Jacqueline Witner.
Veronica Britt and Rebecca Ed
ward, who left earlier in the year,
have also returned to resume their
Julia Margrette Bryan from Gar
ner was overwhelmingly elected by
the student body as May Queen for
this year. Julia Margrette has held
many offices during her four years at
Meredith and is now president of the
Phi Society. She was a part of the
May Court her first year here when
she was chosen as one of the at
The other candidates for May
Queen were Elizabeth McNeill,
Betty Rose Prevatte, and Mary Sor
Gloria Anderson Cranford was
elected maid of honor Thursday.
Special Program Held
At Day Students’ Chapel
At the day students’ chapel meet
ing on February 3, 1944, a special
talent program was presented. This
program, which was given in Phi
Hall, was arranged by Cornelia
Mimms. Taking part in the enter
tainment were Martha Hami'ick, avIio
played a piano solo, “The Little
White Donkey”; Margaret Wilson,
who gave a ballet dance; Connie Red-
wine, who sang “Tho Song is You,”
accompanied by Florine Ledford;
and Mary Lee Holder, wlio sans
“Night and Day.”
Focus Week to
Begin Feb. 20
Baptist Leaders
Coming To Campus
Dr. ClnuAe U. Broach, Dr. J. >V. Marshall, Miss Mary Nance Daniel and Dr.
Lverett Gill, Jr., are four of the workers wlio will be here for Religions
Focus Week.
Focus Your Mind and Heart
Everyone is talking about Religi
ous Focus Week and tho thirteen re
ligious leaders who will be on our
campus tlien. What n wonderful op
portunity this will be for our devel
opment, as Christians and as leadei's!
To see Christ at work in these lead
ers, as they eat, work, and play with
us on our campus and in our class
rooms is to see Christ Himself and
to know and love Him more.
One of the most valuable additions
tliis year to this week set aside for
religious study and worship is the
opening of our classes to these Bap
tist workers. Meredith is fortunate
in having already a Christian facul
ty and administration. Some of our
teachers point out, as wo go along in
our studies, how this or that is re
lated to Christianity and the teach
ings ol Christ. In studying evolution
in biology classes, and in studying
the creation in Genesis we are find
ing it easy to reconcile and har
monise these ideas, which are not
really opposed. In studying litera
ture, wo find that the Bible is a
model for good writing. Some of the
best painting of all time have had
religious themes. Law, polities, wars,
social conventions, music — in all
these studies we find strains of re
ligious thinking, religious conflicts,
wap, rules, customs. In studying
philosophy and psychology we find
the influence of God on man, even
before Christ or where Christ is un
The ministers and other church
workers who are coming are inter
ested and eager to enter with us into
our studies, and to show us further
how to relate every phase of our
studios and our lives to Christ. We
are looking forward to this experi
(Effective Spring Semester 1944)
Included in this list are the names
of all students taking twelve or more
semester hours who have made a
number of quality points equal to
twice the number of semester hours
taken plus three. (Current Cata
logue, p. 33) :
Allen, Janie Sue; Ayers, Vir-
gmia; Baldwin, Mabel; Ballentine,
Lucille; Bedon, Helen; Blum, Mar
jorie ; Bowman, Doris Geue; Branch,
Avis; Branch, Joan; Brunt, Cornell;
Burchard, Elizabeth; Cash, Janie
Mary; Clark, Ernestine; Clayton,
Mary Jo; Edinger, Lois.
Farmer, Fannie Memory; Ferrell,
Marilynn; Gilkeson, Doniphan;
Glover, Cleo; Green, Charlotte;
Hamrick, Martha; Harris, Richie;
Hill, Mary Lassiter; Hino, Emily;
Hobbs, Ethyleen Bryson; Jennette,
Mildred; Johnson, Mary Elizabeth;
Jordan, Margaret; Krahnke, GAven-
dolyn; Kramer, Ann Ray; Lassiter,
Margaret; Lassiter, Stella; Lee,
Flora Ai\n; Loftin, Eleanor.
McIntyre, Mary Catherine; Mc
Millan, Betsy; McNeely, Mary Sue;
Matthews, Annie Mary; Maynard,
Vii-ginia; Middleton, Beverette (All
A’s); Miller, Elizabeth Jane; Mil
ler. Emma Ruth; Mills, Gertrude;
Moore, Frances; Murray, Elizabeth;
Nance, Priscilla; Olive, Emily; Pre
vatte, Betty Rose.
Rautenstrauch, Ruth Purdy;
Robertson, Mrs. Norma B.; Savage,
Hannah; Shealy, Dorothy; Shelton,
Elizabeth; Showalter, Mildred;
Small, Miriam; Stanley, Dorcas;
Teachey, Mary Elizabeth; Thornton,
Mildred; Toms, Anna Lou; Turner,
Dorothy; Vando Kieft, Ruth; Van
Sant, Claire; Wallace, Frances;
White, Ann Carolyn (All A’s);
Woodwai'd, Nathalie; Wrenn. Marv
Elizabeth. ^
The B.S.U. library has recently
received a new set of books. They
are the Hazen Books on religion, a
series of twelve fresh interpretations
of Christian philosophy as a guide to
Christian living today, written espe
cially for students who want to un
derstand and apply their religion.
No book exceeds one hundred pages.
Their titles and authors arc Chris
tianity and Our World, John C.
Bennett; Jesus, Mary Ely Lyman;
God, Walter M. Horton; Religious
Living, Georgia Harkness; Toward
a World Christian Fellowship, Ken
neth S. Latourette; Prayer and Wor
ship, Douglas Steere; The Church,
George Stewart; Christians in an
Unchristian Society, Ernest Fre
mont 'L'ittle; What Is Man, Robert
Calhoun; Chi'istian Fadth and Dem
ocracy, Gregory Vlastos; The Bible,
Walter Russell Bowie; Religion and
Reality, Henry Pitt Van Dusen.
These books, as well as the many
other books in the library that will
pro\'e both helpful and enjoyable
to you, may be taken from the B.S.U.
ofllce at any time for a period of two
f. K. C. MEETS
The regular meeting of- the Inter
national Relations Club was held on
Thursday night, February 10. Rita
Paez spoke on “The Relations be
tween the United States and South
ibnerica.” Two moving tpictures on
South America were shown. Re
freshments were served.
New S, G. President Elected
We have just learned that Martha
Jeifreys was elected to serve as
president of the Meredith Student
Government for the year 1944-45.
Martha Jeffreys and Christine Webb
were the candidates.
Religious Focus Week, an out
growth of the former Religious Em
phasis Week, will be held on the
Meredith College campus on Sun-
day, February 20, through Friday,
February 25.
Speakers who will conduct discus
sions and mingle with the students
throughout that time will be Dr.
Claiide U. Broach, of Nashville,
Tenn., Secretary for the B.S.U.;
Miss Mary Nance Daniel, of Nash
ville, Southwide Student Bap
tist Secretary; Dr. Everett Gill,
Jr., who has just returned from a
tour of South America and is Secre
tary for Latin America on the South
ern Baptist Foreign Mission Board;
Dr. George C. Heaton, pastor, of
Myers Park Baptist Church, Char
lotte, N. C.; Mr. Richard T. How
erton, State Student Secretary; Dr.
J. W. Marshall, Personnel Secretary
of the Baptist Foreign Mission
Board; Miss Cleo Mitchell, B.S.U.
Director of Roligious Activities at
Meredith; Mr, J. W. Pearce, pastor
of the First Baptist Church in Dur
ham, N. C.; Dr. Edward Hughes
Pruden, pastor of the First Baptist
Church in Washington, D. C.; Mr.
Howard D. Rees, Student Secretary
of Washington, D. C.; Mrs. Cai’l M.
Townsend, wife of the jjastor of
Hayes Barton Baptist Church of Ra
leigh; Dr. James Maurice Trimmer,
pastor of the First Baptist Church
in Macon, Georgia; and Mrs. J. O.
Williams, of Nashville, Tenn. They
will live in the Meredith dormitories
and will eat in the dining hall with
the students while here.
These team leaders will arrive
Sunday to take part in the various
churches of the city in the activities
of the Sunday schools, morning wor
ship soi’vices, B.T.U., and evening
worship services. During the week
they will be in the classrooms, to re
late the various class subjects to
Christianity, and in the chapel serv
ices each morning a team member
will speak. The afternoons will be
given over to conferences and recre
ation. At night after dinner there
will be evening worship services, with
seminar discussions following, led
by the team members. Also, at ten
o’clock the leaders will be invited to
hold iiiforinal discussion groups on
every hall.
Subjects of the seminar discus
sions to be held every night will in
clude “International Relations,”
“Love, Marriage, and Home>” “Ra
cial Minorities,” “Daily Campus
Living,” “Faith and Doubt,” “Place
of Women in the New World,” “Mis
sions in tho New World,” “Social
Trends,” and “Personal Religious
Each morning at seven o’clock the
committee of 100 students will meet
to discuss with the leaders the plans
for the day.
There are twelve committees. They
with their chairmen are: program,
Chp-lotte Green; hospitality, Genny
Chiffelle; personal conferences, Sue
McNeely; publicity. Page Rankin;
musio, Mary Elizabeth Wrenn;
books and literature. Dot Bowman;
continuation, Gloria Anderson;
classroom, Elizabeth Shelton; semi
nar, Virginia Ayers; arrangements,
Lois Edinger; informal discussions,
Nelda Ferguson; faculty, Dr. Alice

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