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    August 30,1995
Campus Opinion
Taylor addresses campus concerns
By: Arinn Dixon
I don’t know if everyone has
heard, but there’s some pretty
cool stuff going on at
Meredith this year. I picked
up on little tidbits of rumors
going around the first week of
school, so I went to see Chuck
Taylor, Director of Business
and Finance, to try and get
the scoop on what’s happen
First of all, there were some
parking changes this year.
Over the summer, construc
tion crews transformed that
huge pile of dirt next to the
Cate Center into a new com
muter parking lot. I noticed
the absence of lights in the
new lot, and I asked Taylor
how students were supposed
to park at night. Taylor in
formed me that the greatest
demand for commuter park
ing is in the daytime, so they
did not add lights to the lot.
He did assure me, however,
that if the need arises for
night parking, preparations
have been made for quick
installation of lights. Need
less to say, commuters ap
preciate anything that will
make their parking situation
Another parking change
concerns the freshmen. Last
year the trustees voted to
allow freshman to have cars
on campus, but only in the
riding ring. This year the
first 150 freshmen that
registered their cars were
told to park with the juniors
and sophomores in the lot
behind Barefoot and
Heilman, The reason for this
change was to keep every
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untii needed or to choose not to prbtt than.
thing fair. “ We decided it
was not good policy to ex
clude the freshmen,” Taylor
explained. “We didn’t want
to create a ‘pecking order’
between classes for parking,”
However, the administration
realized the first week of
classes that the lot was be
coming too crowded and
asked twenty-five of the
freshmen to move back to the
riding ring. This change may
be great for freshmen, but
this junior isn’t so thrilled
about walking from Poteat to
my car in East Egypt, but
that’s another story.
If you ask me, the neatest
thing going on this year is the
renovation of the Cate Cen
ter. It is going to be so cool.
The. main idea is to accom
plish two things; to raise the
visibility of the graduate
school and the Continuing
Education program, and to
create a student union made
up of what students want and
Right now the grad school
and Continuing Ed. programs
are located in the basement
of Jones.
The plan is to build a brand
new building right behind
Cate that will house these
programs, as well as most of
the offices located in Cate
now. The building will consist
of two floors and will connect
by walkway to the Cate
As for the Cate Center itself,
the administration has some
awesome plans. A snack bar
will be downstairs where the
bookstore is now, and the
See Taylor Page 6
Letter to the Editor: Parking
will be resolved with time
Have you found yourself
riding around the parking
lot behind Barefoot and
Heilman aimlessly search
ing for a parking space?
There are a few changes
that you may notice, but this
parking chaos is nothing
out of the ordinary for the
first few weeks of school.
Take this advice from Chief
Shattuck and Charles
Taylor,who deal with this
situation each and every
year; be patient and things
will work out within a few
weeks. These men are doing
everything possible to make
this parking situation easy
for everyone involved.
There arc a lot of students
parking illegally without
stickers. Hopefully, this
problem will be corrected
shortly. A big change that
you may have noticed on
campus is the presence of
around 218 cars belonging
to freshmen. Of these 218
freshmen cars on campus,
130 of them are parked in
the lot behind Heilman and
Barefoot with the remain
ing freshmen parking in
the riding ring behind the
gym. Most upperclassmen
who did not have cars their
freshman year may not
think this is so great. Keep
in mind the seniors are
being considered in this
parking chaos as well.
Plans are being researched
to find another defined area
for seniors to park in ex
change for the senior
parking behind Poteat. This
is only an idea in the works
and will be addressed as
soon as possible. Thank you
for all of your cooperation.
Please hold tight and hope
fully things will work
themselves out.
AmyJo Harper
Student Life Committee

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