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Even as stars are brightest
In the darkest watches of the
night, Jackie Kennedy achieved
her shinning hour amid encir
cling clouds of sudden grief.
The charming Jackie of
happier days won the hearts
of the world with congeniality,
effortless grace, deep sincerity
and an appreciation of creative
But It was the Jackie who
bore her personal cross from
a Dallas street to Arlington’s
hills with Indomitable courage
who became a monumental
Image, and gave history a First
Lady for the ages.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy,
plunged into eternity In the sum
mer of his earthly existence,
would have been Immensely
proud of the woman who cra
dled his bleeding form In her
arms, and later walked with
quiet dignity behind his flag-
draped casket.
Exposed to public scrutiny In
her bereavement, as no widow
before her was ever displayed
she acquitted herself in a man
ner that defies comprehension
by most mortals. The pattern
of her behavior. In this time
of Intense sorrow, will forever
be a challenge to others in like
If perchance anyone ever
doubted the depth of faith with
whicli her spirit Is Imbued, the
doubt is now gone. Only a
heart reinforced with an abiding
faith In the goodness of God
could have remained unflinch
ing In the prolonged ordeal that
fell her lot.
When her distinguished hus
band wrote his best-selling
book—“Profiles Of Cour
age’’-- he not only Indicated
considerable literary ability but
a keen interest In those who
exhibited great fortitude in time
of crisis. If the world could
add an extra chapter at this
late date, Jackie Kennedy’s
name would be listed among the
remarkably brave.
It would be superflous for
us to add anything to the
thousands of glowing tributes
paid President Kennedy. One
did not have to agree with his
line of reasoning In all matters
to recognize the respect and af
fection felt for him by the free
peoples of the world.
Written long ago were these
words—"A prophet is not with
out honor, save In his own
land.’’ Millions of Americans
did regard Kennedy as one of
history’s important men, but
there’s a touch of Irony in the
fact that the greatest homage
paid him in life. If not In death,
was accorded by the mighty
and the humble of other nations.
The lethal that ripped
Kennedy’s brain apart destroy
ed, as far as this earth was
concerned, an astoundingly
facile mind. His mastery of the
English language, and his In
stant response with Intelligent
answers to involved questions
need no detailing here.
Any reference to the traggic
events of recent days should
include high praise for the
magnificent contribution made
by television to the enlighten
ment of citizens everywhere.
The nation’s three major net
works provided superb cover
Fortunately, New Bernlans
are In close proximity to
stations carrying all three
networks. They were thus af
forded an opportunity to pick
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New Lem Lujjuc Library
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5^ Per
HE REMEMBERED—^Little Freddie Zaytoun, whose
parents are the John Zaytouns at 2021 Spencer Ave
nue, was a hungry chap by the time Thanksgiving
dinner reached the table yesterday. However, he wasn’t
too hungry to kneel and say grace before devouring
all the turkey and trimmings a tot his size could hold.
His face, before wading in, expresses the true TTianks-
giving spirit.—Photo by Wray Studio.
HE DINED TOO—So far as we know, this little squirrel
didn’t say grace, like the little boy who shares this front
page with him. Chances are the Good Lord didn’t
expect him to. With or without thanks from the animal
kingdom, God provides for all creatures here below.
The little squirrel’s Thanksgiving dinner consisted of
nuts, and he stuffed so many he could hardly move.—
Photo by Billy Benners.

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