North Carolina Newspapers

Vol. IX, No. 8
February 8, 1946
Swindell, Slater, Barnes
Are Elected To Offices
Third Floor West Wing Has
largest Contribution Average
The March of Dimes drive was
Parried on at Saint Mary’s during
'he month of January. Because the
students liave been called on for so
'"any other causes, this drive was
"nt made one of the major drives of
h® year. The aim was to get a
line from each student, but all con-
'■■butions were purely voluntary,
n® girl on each hall took up the
®pntributions, and the total collec-
"°ns_on halls was $.51.49. Other
^ntributions amounted to $56.19.
hns donations far exceeded the
as an average of over twenty
®®nts Was received from each student
"®tead of the ten cents aimed for.
The hall which averaged the larg-
g®*- contribution per girl was third
West Wing, which averaged
cents per student. Second floor
^^_®st Rock was second, with an
'|ij".'’nge of thirty-one cents each.
„ iird floor Smedes averaged twenty-
cents each, with first floor West
’ng and second floor East Wing
j behind, averaging twenty-four
o twenty-three cents per girl re
S I?
di.‘ Fverett was in charge of the
'"g h' following girls help-
tv^Pyrtle Alston, Betty Anderson,
jA"'! Ilarnes, “Spot” Baskervill,
Boyle, Barbara Current,
Bppes, Betsy Evans, Margo
i-e *^*^*n>’ ^Viifhia McCaw, Margaret
1 Sue Thomas, Ruby
Iqj,^" Williams, and Virginia Wood-
ponsors Bond Drive
^®Presentatives Will Sell
On All the Halls
Oakey,_ president of the
efl mughters’ Club, has announc-
boj, 1.hcginning of another war
elriv * at Saint hlary’s. This
"i®n?l begin immediately, and
rcjjp of the club will act as rep-
atives to sell stamps on the
"*’® Tt Active in aiding Dee
and \ Barnes, vice-president,
Watkins, secretary and
**''idem 'Ttally necessary for each
cialiy^ Saint hlary’s to be espe-
^'®Hs ^""ci'ons in their contribu-
iHomi)^*' lime. It must be re-
even though the ac-
Pe over, our money can
Vil,|T' Por many projects in the
k’aj. ^ of a new nation weary of
our wounded and
PPa,ses veterans are two
''’ill a..,”! project. The money
bo wasted.
Frederic Franklin and Alex
ander Danilova Are Most Out
standing Members
An elaborate presentation of the
world renowned Ballet Kusse de
Monte Carlo was given at the Ra
leigh Memorial Auditorium on
Thursday evening, January 24 at
8 :30 p.m.
The maitre de ballet, Frederic
Franklin, and the “reigning aristo
crat of the entire dance world,” the
])remier ballerina Alexander Dani
lova, the most outstanding members
of the company, appeared in only
one of the three program numbers.
The first number. Ballet Imperial,
had no story. It was in classical
style, danced to Tsehaikowsky’s
Second Piano Concerto in G Major.
This was danced in groups which
typified the moods of Tschaikowsky s
music. The choreography was by
George Balanchine.
The second number of the pro
gram, Mozartiana, was danced to
the music of Tschaikowsky’s Suite
Wo. Ji, an orchestral arrangement
of Mozart’s piano pieces. Mile.
Alexandra Danilova and M. Fred
eric Franklin gave a brillianf per
formance in this number. The
choreography of this was also bj
George Balanchine.
(See P. 4, Col. 1)
New Representatives Become
Members of Hall Council
Representatives from each of the
halls at Saint Mary’s have recently
been elected to serve as members of
the Hall Council, along with the
presidents and vice-presidents of
each hall. The purpose of having
these representatives is to let the
younger girls have a part in the
regulation of the dormitory life of
the school. The representatives are
to offer suggestions or complaints to
the hall presidents and vico-j)resi-
dents, to help keep order on the
halls, to attend certain meetings of
the Hall Council, and to take charge
in the absence of the presidents and
The representatives from each of
the halls are as follows: Virginia
AV’oodley, first floor AVest AVing;
Helen Boyle, second floor AA'^est
AA^ing; Mary Rose Crisp, third floor
AA^est AA’^ing; Betty Clark, first floor
East ATing; Jane Lewi^, second
floor East AVing; Betty Bowles, third
floor East AVing; Katherine Clark,
second floor Smedes ;• Betsy AVet-
tereau and C. Jane Lewis, third
floor Smedes; .lane McNaughton,
first floor AVest Rock; Leah Whit
ley, second floor AVest Rock; Mary
(See P. 4, Col. 1)
What We Yearn For
AVhat does every Saint Mary’s
girl yearn for besides men and “all
A’s”? That’s it! A Betty Grable
figure! ’Most every civilized girl
does. There are those who already
have this asset, but they are few and
far between. The majority of us
'^eitlier too fat or too things must
cither accept our lot, or plan an all-
out strategy and completely ignore
boxes from home, the Little Store,
and the Toddle House (Oh sob!).
Of course, g^^n, posture class, and
steps (my aching back!) keep one
moderately “skinny.” but there s
nothing that can take the place ot
good oid-fashioned dieting—with no
exceiitions. It’s not really so hard ;
just pin np a lot of Petty girls, and
don’t look at any magazine that
might, by the remotest chance, have
any pictures of food in them.
'fo be sure, there are “folks” who
actually are too thin and actually
want to get fatter, which-wish is
entirely beyond the mental capacity
of a mere sophomore. _ These fortu
nate souls eat anything, potato^,
cheese-burgers, sundaes, pecan pie,
but this is probably cruelly torturing
Saint Mary’s dieters.
It’s a common sight around school
at night between study-hall and
lights-out to see the halls strewn
with poor souls who are gasjiingly
attempting exercises “guaranteed if
they are done nightly” while the
thin gals stand around munching
fattening fodder and throwing en
couraging remarks at the sufferers,
and the ones who did the exercises
the night before weakly rub lini
ment on themselves.
As the exercise schedule proceeds,
the exercises get more involved, and
the poor hopefuls get blacker and
bluer, and stiffer and stiffer; but
usually the results are really good.
Of course, one might have to go to
a rest home for several weeks, but
isn’t it worth it ?
This has been just a bit of en
couragement to those members of
the student body who make the
scales sag just a little bit. For a
slight fee, information will be given
as to reviving oneself, where one
can find a good strong horse-lini
ment, and also how to untie oneself
after the exercise session is over.
Students Elect Co-Chairman of
Legislative Body and Two
Dance Marshals on January 21
I’eggy Swindell of AA’asbington
Avas elected co-chairman of the legis
lative body in elections held by the
student legislature on January 21.
This is Peggy’s first year at Saint
Mary s, and she takes an active part
in school activities. She is a mem
ber of the Honor Council, Sigma
Lambda Literary Society, Y. AV.
C. A., and Publications Staff of
the Belles. She also holds the office
of Handbook editor.
Another election of much interest
was held on Jaiinary 22. Mary
Glen Slater of AA’ilson ivas elected
to the office of Chief Dance Marshal.
This is Mary Glen’s second year at
Saint Mary’s, and she has ahvays
taken an active jiart in school activi
ties. Last year she was a member
of the Hall Council, Granddaugh
ters’ Club, Orehesis, and Dramatic
Club. ^ This year, as a senior, Mary
Glen is still a member of these vari
ous organizations and others also.
She is a member of the Y. AA’. C. A '
Altar Guild, and Stage Coach Staff!
She participated in the Sixth AVar
Loan Drive by acting as co-chair
man, and she is also managing editor
of the Belles.
Also on Jiinuary 22 Helen Barnes
ot Murfreesboro ivas elected senior
dance marshal. This is Helen’s sec
ond year at Saint Mary’s. Last
year she was a junior dance mar-
s lal, a member of the all-star teams
ui basketball and volleyball, a mem-
ber of the Granddaughters’ Club
and Publications. This year Helen
IS a member of Publications, Busi-
nes.s Staff of the Stage Coach, Art
Club, AA^oman’s Aii.xiliary, Political
Science Club, and is A’ice-president
of the Granddaughters’ Club.
Staff Photographers Request All
Available Snapshots
The 1946 Stage Coach is jnst
about ready to go to press. In the
attractive feature section there will
be a series of pages devoted exclu
sively to snapshots taken of the stu
dents around the campus. The ^aff
photographers have tried to work
on as many admissible subjects as
they could find, but they can use
more snapshots. If any student has
pictures of herself or her friends
that she would like in the annual
will she please write her name on
the back of them lightly and place
Biem in tlie white box by the Post
Uttice. Only clear prints can be
successfully engraved.

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