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    »^0L. XXXVIV, NO. 5
Reindeer, Snowflakes,
i-lves, Angels, Carolers, Holly
.■eaves and numerous
ugntgowned Santa-awaiters
locked into Smedes Parlor
Wednesday night for the
Annual Christmas Party.
These students and others
iressed as candles, packages,
snd various Christmas
^ ,®^3cters were presented
With cake, drinks, potato;
Chips and entertainment by a
Suest Santa, the Coldcuts and
appearance by Ms.
hold onto your man” Duke.
Mr. Tate ho ho ho’d his
ay through the parlor
throwing candy and good
wishes to the cheering
students. He made his way to
his reading chair where he
proceeded to recite The
Night Before Christmas” and
in the excitment lose his
beard. .
The Coldcuts gave their
rendition of several Christmas
favorites such as Frosty the
Snowman, Here Comes Santa
Clause, Twelve Days of
Christmas and White
Christmas. They were
followed by Ms. Duke singing
her priceless version of A
Good Man is Hard to Find”.
The SGA officers
presented gifts frorn the
student body to Mr. Dillard,
Dean Jones and Mr. Rice,
They received switches for
their bad behavior, but the
SGA decided to give them a
second chance and found gifts
for them as well. Mr. Rice and
Dean Jones also received
Beane Bluchers to help them
fit in with the SMC scene a
little better as their cohort Mr.
Dillard has already done.
The evening sponsored by
the Beacon and the Circle was
enjoyed by all.
St* Iftary^s Gvoup To Visit Pnpis
^ Cafe, creme, chocolat chaud, croissants ... Some St. Mary’s girls are
^ssports and making other preparations for an eight-day visit Paris toi^ the spring o^e
American Leadership Ldy Gr^ps, of Worchester, M^sachuse tej r^ponsible for
“'■"IhSlitwouldllke.opolish their Fr«chhetripwm^^^ For «.oee
r NO. ? J ooarveo by Wee St-Uoren,.
Ron voyage!
Songs For The Exam Weary
T'e the tune of “Santa Claus is
Coming to Town”
You’d better not cut, better
not cry,
' better not beg I’m telling you
^®^ehers don’t just give out
ttose good grades.
. ^aey’re adding the scores
checking it twice
. living you marks some
naughty some nice
‘ ^^chers don’t just give out
those good grades.
■ *ney know you’re over-
. sleeping
n class you’re not awake
And you’re just ten minutes
late they cry “For heavens
Oh you better shape up, this is
the crunch
And if you don’t it’s the wrath
of Ms. Bunch
Teachers don’t just give out
those good grades.
To the tune of “Jingle ^Us
Dashing through the halls
I tripped and dropped my
' M^teachers looked^palled
And gave me dirty looks
I tried to make them smile
By grinning ear ^J^r
But they were not to oe
And I wound up in tears.
Those damned exams,
damned exams
I wish they’d go away
I think the people from Dix
Are taking me today.
A day or two ago, I took my
Poly Sigh
One down and four to go
French, English, Math, 0 my
And then let’s not forget
My favorite course of all
I may just be repeating
When I’m back here next fall.
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Is There A Santa Claus
*■ •• , friends sav there is no Santo Claus. Papa says,
I am eighteen years old. Some of my ^ is there a Santo Claus.
he BELLES it is so.” Please tell me tne mi ’
“If you see it
Wimberly Burton
308 Holt
Wimberly: . twipd bv the scepticism of a sceptical age. "^ey do
'our friends are wrong. They g®ca?£^whi^ ^ not comprehensive by their litUe
elieve except they see. They think nothing can oe w
Thomas Wolfe Essay
Contest Announced
The Third Annual Thomas
Wolfe Essay contest has been
announced by Mrs. Barnhart
of the English Department,
who sponsors the contest. The
subject is “The Legacy of
Look Homeward Angel.”
Essays should be submitted in
February, 1978; the specific
date will be given later.
The winner of the contest
will be given a $50 cash prize,
and 500 copies of the essay will
be printed in booklet form for
distribution to Wolfe scholars,
libraries, and others. Essays
will be judged by Professor
Richard Walser of North
Carolina State University.
Sue Uzzell, SMC Senior,
won the first contest in 1976.
She reports that she has
received letters from Wolfe
fans in many parts of the U.S.
about her essay, which was
subtitled “A Window on All
Time.’’The 1977 winner was
Rebecca Procter, SMC
Sophomore, with an essay
subtitled “Antitheses in Look
Homeward, Angel.“Becky
used her prize money to
purchase something she had
always wanted-two pet
skunks. She named them after
characters in the novel!
For further information,
contact Mrs. Barnhart or your
English teacher. Copies of the
two previous winning essays
are available on loan from the
library or from Mrs. Bar
nhart, who reminds you that
this award will be a very’
impressive addition to your
college credentials.
rienos are wrong,
cueve excent thev see They think not g
^ eve except they see. my ^
HI minds, Wimberly, whether they ^ mm boun^^^^
man is a mere insect, an ant, m his . ’ whole truth and j devotion
wsured by the intelligence capa^e f g-ag^ S^howTeSS
“'es, Wimberly, there is a Santa Claus. He and j^^^as. how arra^
■ and you know that they abound an ^ would be as dreary ^ H there existence We
d the world be if there were no Santo Ctou^i w ^ ^ ^leraWe t^^en^^^^^
,e would be no childlike faith then, I»®“T. gj^^nal light with which childhood
Id have no enjoyment, except m sense and sig , v«„ n,ieht eetvourpapa to
d would be extinguished. ... ^gll not believe in faine^ Y . ^ ^ ^jgy did not
'^ot believe in Satoa Claus! You might as wei S that is no s"gn
,men to watch in all the chimneys o" Christmas ^ Claus, but that is sign
>anta Claus coming down, what wo . , „ a thousand years from now,
NSt?a?us?Snk God he ! He Ljv^’stufeontinue to make glad the hearts
‘berly, nay, ten times ten thousand years iro
Mr. Tate is planning a trip
to London this summer after
school is over in July. Any
rising senior can go for their
senior English credit, and any
others going can take it as a
college credit as an elective
only. They will be in London
for four weeks and plan to see
all the Shakespearean Plays
as well as others at the
National Theatre of the West
End. There will also be a trip
to Stratford for four days to
see some plays and
Shakespeare’s birthplace.
Trips to Oxford, Cambridge,
the Windsor castle, Eton,
Winchester, Salisbury, and
Stonehinge are also on their
agenda. It should be a great
experience and lots of fun.
Students To Visit
Washington A New Yorh
On Thursday, March 2, Mr. Tate and about 25 students will
leave Raleigh for the annual Washington-New York trip over
spring break. The first stop is Washington where the group will be
staying at Oie Presidential Hotel. They plan to tour the Capitol,
the National Gallery, and visit Georgetown. Also they plan to see
the N.C. City Ballet and the Kennedy Center and a production of
Hamlet at the Folger Library. Then, on Sunday, March 5, the
group will arrive in New York. There they will visit Chinatown,
the United Nations, various museums, and the famous Trader
Vic’s after a long day of touring. They will see an assortment of
plays and eat supper atop the World Trade Center. They also plan
to do some shopping on Fifth Avenue. On March 12, after a week
in New York, the group will return to Raleigh.
London Trip Planned

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