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In the game to be played Saturday
between the Textile League All Stars .
and Slngels Lake of Emporia, Va.,
there should be a red hot game. The
pick of the local league will go up
against the \ irginians who have a
'earn with a wonderful record of
games won this year.
The game will start promptly at 4
o’clock and will be played in Rose
mary at Simmons Park. The admis
sion will be 35c for men and 25c for
women and children. The league
games will be postponed for this com
ing Saturday on account of this game.
Bascoes Lose
The Rosemary Bascoes lost their
first game of the season last Saturday
to the Patterson Mill Silver Kings.
The score was 3 to 1. Everett started
for the Bascoes but was relieved by
Johnson in the third inning.
Crowder went all the way for Pat
terson Mill and worked out a nice
game. Rosemary has already cinched
the cup offered for the league cham
pionship. Birdsong, Outland and Low
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***% Tht 3fe2£e£’ -Kara «v
tier stood out for the Baseoes, while
j Love, Cutler and Crowder wore the
(outstanding performers for the Silver
j -n-..
Deepsleeps Win
The Roanoke Mills Peeprdeeps
staged a real story book finish lust
Saturday when they defeated Triple
R’-? 2 to 1 in the last half of the
seventh inning with two men out and
the score one to nothing in favor of
the town team. An attack led by Pen
dleton. Fraser and Hux netted the
Peer sleeps t"'o runs and the ball
Edmondson pitched good ball for
the losers while Carroll pitched his
usual steady game, only he got lots
more support than usual. Shearin
stood out for the Triple R’s while Hux
•nd Pendleton were the main perform
ers for the Peepsleeps.
Rosemary Boys Club
Returns From Camp
The Rosemary Boys Club returned
Saturday from Bayview. X. C.t on the
Pamlico river near Washington, X.
C., where they spent their summer
camping trip. Every one of the boys
had a splendid time boating bathing
and fishing. All of them reported ,
back in town with a healthy coat of
tin and plenty of pep.
The boys, under the direction of Bill
Alii good, left Monday and returned
here Saturday afternoon. The follow
ing boys made the trip Elmer Starkes.
Yates Brown, Butler Brown, Jack
Fanny. Larry Mead, "Runt’' Carver,
Irvin Dickens, Clyde Mills, Fred Mills.
Mary Cannon, Carl Edwards, Paul
Matthews, Chester Allsbrook, Whit
lord Waters. Elvin Kinker.
The winner of the horseshoe pitch
ing championship was Jack Fanny and
the team winners were Jack Fanny
and Paul Matthews. The treasure
hunt was won by Elvin Kinker. The
group in room NTo. 1, Elmer Starkes.
Yates Brown and Fred Mills won the
inspection contest with an average of
93. Irvin Dickens was voted the best
all round camp spirit boy.
The boys enjoyed their vacation
very much and only two boys had any
regret at all and that was Butler
Brown and Yates Brown, they only
had one regret and that was there
was not enough girls to have any _
more dates with.
-n- (
Pul you know that the Rosemary
Bascoes won the Textile League
championship? And that the cup will
'•eside over in the Rosemary Manu
facturing Company’s office in the
near future.
That although the Junior team lost
out in the state finals it afforded the
town note public’-y than it has re
ceived in all its High School sports
and that the kids ought to he praised
instead of ragged because there is an
other year coming and there are plen
ty of kid ball players in the two towns
that can really play ball.
Just Like An Ostrich
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creams and powders is just as foolish
as an ostrich that buries its head in
the sand to avoid danger. Skin erup
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blood stream and weakening your whole
constitution. Remove the constipated
condition and you will strengthen your
system against disease ana chaa.1 up
your disfigured skin. The best way to
do this is with a course of Herbine, tha
vegetable medicine that acts natur
ally and easily, which you can get at
Taylor’s Drug Store, Rosemary, N. C.
| That the people in astonia said we
had the finest, cleanest bunch of kid
sports that had ever played in their
town ? And shouldn't we be proud of
that ? The kids that walk the streets
today ar eth emerchants, the com
munity builders, the citizens of to
That Slagels Lake boasts one of the
fastest semi-pro teams in Virginia?
And that the Textile League All Stars
will have to throw some dust to come
out on top.
If you want to see a hard working
| baseball player watch Wilmer Out
iar.d. who does the catching for the
Our pick for an all league team:
B. Edmondson, catcher; Crowder, Car
roll and Johnson, pitchers; M. Shear
in. lb; Lester Edmondson, lb: J. Ed
mondson, ss; Birdson. 3b; Ryals, If;
Ferrell cf and Outland, rf. Beat it
if you can.
Did you know' that George Murray
was one of the greatest fishermen in
town? If you don’t believe it ask the
people in Bay view.
League Standings
w l ret
Bascoob 10 1 909
Silver Kings 5 7 416
Deepsleeps 4 7 363
Triple R 4 8 333
Gastonia .State Champs
Defeating Local Team!
The Junior American Legion team
of Gastonia. Western champions, de
feated the Legion team of Roanok.*
Rapids-Rosemary at Gastonia to win
the State championship.
In the first game Gastonia was
winner by a score of 20 to 3. Lee and
T. Browning pitched for the local
team but failed to hold the bigger
Gastonia batter. The second game
was lost 11 to 0, the local boys get
ting only two hits off Badger.
Gastonia will play in the regional
gomes which includes the champions
of the two Carolinas, Virginia and
Tennessee. The local boys returned
full of praises for the way they were
.reated by the Gastonia team and the
American Legio nduring their visit.
Misses Elizabeth Williams and Eu
genia Rook left Sunday for South
Mills. N. C., where they are visiting
at Miss Williams’ home.
Mrs. Sam Thompson and son ;, carl
tnd Jay, and Miss Lizzie Cooley and
Miss Stansbury spent Wednesday at
Jcean View.
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with bath $3 to $3.50.
Double w'ith bath, $4 to
, $0
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Mail Orders
Rosemary Drug Co.
Koaemary, North Carolina
Littleton. N\ C. Aug 6th, 1930.
Roanoke Herald.
Roanoke Rapids, N. C.,
Dear Sir:
I have not contributed any n?ws
a rticles to your pnppr before this,
but hope you will publish this one.
Why did the Rosemary Bascoes not
play Littleton Wednesday? The Lit
tleton ball club kr. >\vn as the Littleton
Blues journeyed to Fosemary last
Wednesday and defeated the Rose
mary Bascoes in a fair, clean and
wholesome baseball game, the score
being 8 to 1 in favor of Littleton. The
■sme team from Rosemary had prom
ised to play Littleton in a return game
at Littleton on Wednesday, Aug. 6th,
but for some unknown reason the
team from Rosemary failed to show
up. What is the reason why they did
not show up in Littleton? The whole
town is asking the question. Is it be
cause the manager has a poor mem
ory, because they could not' stand
defeat again, because they were not
good enough sports to stick to their
agreement made three weeks ago, or
was it because they could not get
nine men in the whole, town to plav
ball ?
The manager had got all the busi
ness houses in Litcleton to close so
that he could probably be able to give
the Bnscoes a little more than seven
dollars. That is all that Littleton
got out of the big crowd that the
manager of the Bascoes promised the
Littleton teanv
Owing to some reason unknown to
the people of Littleton the team fail
ed to show up at the proper time, the
team at Littleton feels as though they
are entitled to a forfeited game. Thus
ends our story. Littleton defeated the
Rosemary Bascces in a forfeited game
9 to 0.
F. C. Rainey, Assistant Manager
The Junior Deepsleeps won their
Kh victory out of 10 games when they
defeated Brink Seniors at the High
School Athletic Field Saturday. The
score was 12 to 11. Brown. Smith and
Radcliffe. starred for the Juniors.
_ n
Mr. W. J. Alligood spent last week
in Washington, D. C.
Mr. 11. C. King Tells a Wonderful
Story About Rats. Read It.
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with rats. Losing chickens, eggs,
feed. Friend told me to try RAT
SNAP. I did. Somewhat disappointed
at first, not seeing many dead rats,
but in a few days didn’t see a live
one. What were not killed are not
around my place. RAT-SNAP sure
does the trick.” Three sizes, 35c, 65c,
$1.25. Sold and guaranteed by Roa
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Roanoke Pharmacy, Roanoke Rapids,
N. C.
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out in beautiful glacier-gray
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gray Porcelain-on-stecl. It has shelves that arc ele
vated to a convenient height. It has rounded corners
and roomy food storage space. Most important of
all, the mechanical unit is completely enclosed—the
design that has made Frigidaire famous for efficiency,
long life, and low operating cost.
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your convenience.
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Weldon, North Carolina
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