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    ^een of May To Reign
Over Spring Festivities
Girls, (and any interested
males) what is that elusive charm,
that most of us spend all of our
lives constantly seeking, which
merits popularity, swooning males,
and beauty crowns? Well, most of
us, unfortunately, will never suc
ceed in our quest; but there are
those among us who have. Any
careful questioning on our part
will not wrest the secret from
them, however, for they will
modestly assure you that they do
not possess it at all! For any per
sistant hopefuls the best possible
sources are Anne Wrenn, our
lovely May Queen, Lane McGre
gor, our charming Senior Attend-
and, Dottie Crews, the radiant
Junior Attendant, and petite Becky
Schweistris, the pretty Sophomore
These Senior High beauties
definitely do not fall into the
category of “beauty without
brains,” nor do they prove the
popular assertion that “beauty is
only skin-deep.” These four love
lies have and are contributing
their talents and services in all
Wrenn Wins
When Anne Wrenn reigns as
our Queen of the May it will be
a fitting climax to an active high
school career. The brown haired
miss has served on the Student
Council, both as secretary of the
school and council representative,
is a D. D. T., received Mariner
honors, is president of Torchlight*
sings a lovely soprano in the
choir, and has been her class maid
of honor in the May Court for the
past two years!
Lane McGregor, who is our
popular Veep, has adorned every
chapel program with her warm
voice and gracious personality. The
Senior Maid of Honor served in
the Student Council as a repre
sentative before she was elected
to the high office of vice-president.
Her other numerous activities in
clude singing in the choir, serving
actively in the Mariner Scouts,
and enjoying social life with the
D, D. T.’s. Lanie was voted by
students and faculty to be the
D, A. R. representative just re
cently, and participated in the
Girls’ State. Her brunette beauty
was displayed in the May Court
of her sophomore and junior years
Dottie Crews, the “blond bomb
shell” of the Junior Class was the
Queen’s attendant in her sopho-
Junior Classic League
Meets in High Point
On Saturday, April 26, a state
wide Junior Classic League Con
vention is to be held in the
Senior High School auditorium of
High Point, N. C. from 10:00 A. M.
to 5:00 P. M.
This convention is held to cele
brate the conclusion of Latin
Week, which is commemorated
annually in honor of the founding
of Rome, April 21, 753 B. C. Two
delegates from each school in the
state are invited to attend, in
cluding any interested Latin stu
dents. The delegation fee is $1.00.
Mrs. Madlin, the faculty member
who teaches Latin, plans to attend
the convention along with the two
Mrs. Vew Walden, . the state
chairman, announces that the
various delegates will be asked
to make a report on the activities
of their Latin class. Lunch will
be served to the convention at
tendants ait noon in the school
Because of the extremely full
schedule of Greensboro Senior
High School, it is impossible for
the Latin students to celebrate
Latin Week any way other than
by class discussions. Other schools
who are able to devote more time
to Latin Week have class projects,
present skits, and use assembly
programs for their week’s activi
The students who are planning
to attend the convention from
our school are as follows: Betty
Brooks, Amanda McConnell, Rich
ard Smith, Ed Fisher,. Barbara
Wyrick, Joyce Owen, Jean Rob
bins, Mary Anne Hill, Jo Anne
Hobbs, Anne Vaden, Mary Ellen
Kaelin, Bill Herford, Barbara
Jamieson, Marilyn Newman,
Frances Stafford, Barbara Massey,
Nancy Jo Smith, and Kitten Bar-
more class. Once again she was
voted into the enviable position
this year. Dottie, whose vivacious
personality captures everybodies’
admiration, served as council rep
resentative during her first year
at Senior. She is a member of the
D. D. T.’s, and is a skillful tennis
Noted Newcomer
Last, but not least, is Becky
Schweistris, the sophomore s’
choice for their honor attendant.
Becky also has served on the Stu
dent Council and has recently been
re-elected to serve next year. Al
though a comparative newcomer,
her soft brown eyes and hair are
fast becoming a Senior High
standout. It is already evident that
in h^r high school career she will
take a place of leadership.
These four girls will be sup
plemented by other beauties when
the great day arrives. They, too,
are a credit to our G. H. S. With
the promise of such a beautiful
spectacle, who could possibly
afford to miss our lovely May Day?
Anne Wrenn to Reign
Over May Festivities
Scheduy for May 7
May Day, celebrated annually
at Greensboro Senior High School,
is to be held this year on May
seventh. The program will take
place on the front lawn of the
school at 5:00 in the afternoon.
Reigning over the court will be
Queen of May, Anne Wrenn. At
tending her will be: Senior Maid
of Honor Lane McGregor, escorted
by DeArmon Hunter; Junior Maid
of Honor. Dottie Crews, escorted
by Buster Jenkins; Sophomore
Maid of Honor Becky Schweistris,
escorted by Bob Jackson. Round
ing out the May Court will be:
Nancy Birgel, escorted by Dickie
Routh, Carol Stroud, escorted by
Edwin Pearce, Beverly Hall, es
corted by . Tommy Steele, Betty
Jane Davis, escorted by Mose
Kiser, Norma Veney, escorted by
Clint LeGette, Elaine Lanier, es
corted by Billy Michael, Jackie
Scott, escorted by Rodney Ed
wards, Mary Henri Arthur, escort
ed by Johnny Buchanan, Shirley
Barbee, escorted by Sonny Bran
non, Pat Gregg, escorted by Fred
Ayers, Marian Cornelius, escorted
by Bob Bell, Gloria Gilmore, es
corted by Paul Stanton, Betty Bell,
escorted by Jimmy Betts, and Lila
Ann Tice, escorted by Jimmy
Club Capers
Entertainment for the Royal en
semble will be provided by the
social clubs of the school. The
clubs will portray highlights of
each month of the year, by means
of dances. Included in the court
entertainment will be: acrobats in
August, done by the seventh
period boy’s physical education
class and Miss Gabriel’s seventh
period girl’s physical education
class- a bubble dance in March;
and a New Year’s Eve dance, done
by the court at large.
Faculty advisors for the May
Day program are Miss Gabriel,
Mrs. Newman, Miss McNairy, and
Miss Nicholson.
Miss Gabriel will be in charge
of the May Pole dance which will
be enacted by the girls in her
second period physical education
class She will also instruct the
May court in the dancing of the
Mrs. Newman who is a former
dancing teacher, will instruct the
pagentry in the art of portrayal
Miss McNairy is acting as
technical advisor of the group.
Music will be provided by the
sophomore band under the leader-
ship of Mr. Arner.
Students of GHS will be
dismissed today, Friday, April
11 at 12 noon to begin Eas
ter holidays. The Spring va
cation will extend through
Monday, April 14, and classes
will be resumed at 8:30 Tues
day morning.
This short holiday will be
the last vacation given to stu
dents before the end of the
1951-52 term.
From the Gate City of the South and the Birthplace of O. Henry
Part-Time Cooperative Program Honors
Employers, Special Guests at Banquet
Members of the Planning Committee for the Ninth Annual D. O.- D. E.
banquet are pictured above amid last minute preparations for this
event. The committee consisted of the presidents of each D. O.-D. E.
class and the co-ordinators, Miss Lucille Browne, Mr. R. Thorpe Jones,
and Mrs. Hodden. Members are left to right: Bobbie Jean Wray, Jay-
nelle Martin Ritter, Peggy Thomas, and Becky Phipps. Standing are
Bob Goldberg, Larry Russell, and J. D. Phillips.
Senior Class Is Preparing
For Trip to Washington
Annually the seniors take a trip
to Washington, our nation’s capitol.
There was some controversy this
year over the question of whether
or not to go, but despite the in
flated prices and other difficulties,
they are going. Plans have al
ready been made to stay at the
Hamilton Hotel. There will be
three students assigned to each
room. All arrangements have been
made, and they are to leave
Thursday, May 1, by bus from the
Sears Roebuck parking lot at 6:00
A. M., and to return at 10:00 P. M.
the following Sunday night.
The first rest stop will be in
South Hill, Virginia about 9
o’clock. From there they will con
tinue, stopping for lunch in Rich
mond, to Mount Vernon, the resi
dence of George Washington. Af
ter visiting Mount Vernon they
will tour the National Airport, ar
riving in the District around 6
o’clock that night. After dinner
and entertainment, students will
return to the Hamilton Hotel
where they are to stay, by 12 mid
On Friday the seniors will visit
the Bureau of Printing and En
graving, where they will see the
various processes concerned in
making paper currency and post
age stamps. After visiting the
Supreme Court they will make a
tour of our nation’s Capitol build
ing. There they wiU see many
famous paintings and statues of
former presidents and celebraties.
Following this they will proceed
to the famed Library of Congress.
In the afternoon tours will be
taken through the Smithsonian
Institute and the Mellon Art Gal
lery. After dinner the students
will be given a 'choice of seeing
the Cleveland-Washington baseball
game or going to the Glen Echo
Amusement Park, one of the
largest recreation parks in this
country. The curfew is set for mid
Saturday morning they will go
to the Washington Monument, the
Jefferson memorial, which is built
in memory of Thomas Jefferson,
and the Lincoln Memorial, which
is built in memory of Abraham
Lincoln. From there they will visit
Arlington, the Tomb of the Un
known Soldier, and the home of
Robert E. Lee. If the “New” White
House is finished and opened to
the public by that time, they will
go there. Then, before lunch, they
will visit the National Cathedral,
the largest non-denominational
cathedral. At 1:30 they will have
lunch and until 7:00 there will be
no specific things planned, the
afternoon being free. That night
they will have dinner at 7:00 and
will attend a movie afterwards,
being back in their rooms by 12:00
Sunday morning, May 4, at 6:30
the buses will leave for home.
Plans have been made to stop at
the Endless Caverns, where they
may see the stalagmite and stalac
tite formations in the underground
caves. At 12:30 they will have
lunch and will again get on the
road towards home. The last two
stops will be Natural Bridge and
Roanoke, Virginia, putting the
group in Greensboro around 10
o’clock Sunday night.
Fire Drill Is Termed
Successful by Chief'
The fire drill held Thursday,
April 3, at 10:55 A. M. was a record
breaker for Greensboro Senior
High School. The buildings were
completely cleared of the 1,325
student^ in two minutes and fif
teen seconds. According to Bill
Jackson, fire chief, there was no
running, talking, or anything to
ruin the drill, except for one
group of students stationed too
close to the cafeteria building.
Another official fire drill is be
ing planned for next week with
five firemen observing.
In the near future the Kiwanis
Club, the Central Fire Station, and
the city schools are going to par
ticipate in a city wide Clean Up
Mr. G. H. Stubbins, a member
of the Central Fire Station, will
act as head of the campaign, while
Greensboro Senior High will be
the head of all the city schools.
The object of the campaign is
to check all schools and homes for
hazards, such as faulty wires, pil
cloths, lighted cigarettes tossed
carelessly aside, and the like.
Chancellor Robert House
Gives Banquet Address
Approximately 300 students,
their employers, and special guests
attended the Ninth Annual Bosses’
Banquet Tuesday evening, April
8, at 7:30. The annual event,
sponsored by the students of the
part-time co-operative program,
was staged in the Masonic Temple.
Highlight of the traditional
affair for Diversified Occupations
and Distributive Education classes
was an address by Chancellor
Robert B. House of the University
of North Carolina. Using “Re
sources” as the theme of his after-
dinner speech, Chancellor House
emphasized the importance of the
development of talents and ability.
The renowned author, editor,
and educator urged both students
and employers to provide a time
in each day for a relaxing activity.
His years of experience as an
educator have led him to believe
that love and enthusiasm are
necessary for a happy life. The
genial speaker and mouth-harpist
concluded his after-dinner speech
with a reminder of the need for
worship of a Supreme Being.
Emcees for Evening
The entertaining program was
planned and presented by students
of the part-time co-operative pro
gram. Keenan Neece and Gene
Frederick acted as mistress and
master of ceremonies.
Louise Clark sang the invoca
tion, “Hear Me, Lord,” by Youse.
After the meal was served, Joanna
Smith and Betty Welborn began
the theme of Springtime with a
piano duet of “Easter Parade.”
Sarah Perkins extended greetings
to the employers of D. O.-D. E.
students. Representing the bosses,
Mary D. Grant, Director of Li
braries of the Greensboro City
Schools, responded to this wel
In the fashionable costume of
the 1920’s Sylvia Shore performed
the Charleston for the guests.
Introductions of bosses, students,
co-ordinators, and special guests
representing industry, education,
commerce, and civic clubs of
Greensboro followed.
Spring Songsters
“Tell Me Why” was the musical
question asked by Louise Clark,
to the varied entertainment Larry
Russell added the favorite, “On
the Road to Mandalay.”
Chancellor Robert B. House,
main speaker at the annual affair,
addressed the guests following an
introduction by Martha Moore.
Guests were welcomed at the
door by a hostess committee of
representatives of D. O. trades,
D. O. office practices, and D. E..
In addition to class president
Larry Russell, J. D. Phillips,
Becky Phipps, Carolyn Royal, Bob
Goldberg, and Jaynelle Martin
Ritter, the following students
served in the welcoming commit
tee: Hilda Bass, Betty Ruth Austin,
Peggy Lamb, Charlotte Evans,
Pattie Apple, Jean Barricks,
Jimmy Brady, Clyde Priddy, Sally
Stanley, Bobbie Jean Wray, Carl
Hassell, Colleen Hurley, Doris
Jenkins, and Bob Redburn.
Boosters Honored
According to tradition the stu
dents of the part-time co-opera
tive program, with assistance from
D. O.-D. E. co-ordinators, planned
the banquet. This event is de
signed to honor employers and
other persons who lend their in
terest and support to the program.
Final plans were made by a
student planning committee form
ed by the following presiding
officers of D. O.-D. E. classes:
Larry Russell, J. D. Phillips, Caro
lyn Royal, Becky Phipps, D, O.
Bob Goldberg, and Jaynell Martin
Ritter, D. E.
Students of Miss Browne’s, Mr.
Jones’, and Mrs. Hodden’s classes
cooperated in working out the
details for the Spring event.

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