North Carolina Newspapers

    -♦■■♦■OPieAN OF-t-»
I The Free Will Baptist Chiiroh,
Published Weeky
Ayden, N. C., Wednesday, December ii, 1901.
No. 35.
I All Kinds of Job Work j
I Neatly Executed at J
y This Oftice. ?
W. R. Eiawyer, President, Florence, N. C.
B. E. Dail, Vice Pres., - • Renston, “
J. M. ilARFi£LD, Treas., - - Ayden, '•
E. T. Phiix'ps, Sec., - - - “
Walter Barfield
E H Craft,
A. T. Dawsox,
LD F. McLawuo:
Lu-CB McLawuon,
G. W. n.uL, -
Eld. P T. LuC's.
- Ayden, N, C.
- Institute, “
, - Wiaterviflc, “
- • Ayden, '*
- Lticaina, “
AL.'iCL.E.-3 OF fcAlTll
.1 ttcr.
•j hu* ■>
I'trnAl G.iJ, the Father )f wiioni
treat! things, fro imYirlAstiiig to ever'®’!
tag. gl i'-ioas an I iiti'jiutahlo iu all Hiaatui-
Tutu) —I -.)r. Viii, (}. isa. 2I, 3S.
i, -Vj DsUeYQ that uere is one LordJesut
Jlirist, 1)7 who.n are ill things, the only
byjitsA d,Ta or God, born of the Virgin
.vTary, whom Gol freely seutinio this-world.
I'cetute 01 too greit loee-wherewith he loved
th- w >i'ld; and -Jhi'ist as freoU' gave himself
a ransom tor all, usting aeath ibr every
ra\u; w 8 buried and rose again the
tnirddvya id csoeo.led into Ile.iveu, froir
wh4u-e wo l-'Ok/or i-IioT, the second time,
in hoobaliiif Heaven, at the last day to
ju Igt h ivl) quick and dead.—1 Tim. ii, 5, (1
licb. ii, 9; 1 ioha ii, 2; Rev- i, 7; Acts 24.16
Jolid iii, Id.
it We believe that ibero is one Poll
Gti)3t, the precious gitt of the Ftther,
ili-i den- S.m, unto the -world, wht
quiokenoth and drawoth sinners home to
God.—John xvi, 7 and 3; Acts ii.4; iiph. iJi
1; Bpli. iv, 4,6, 0.
4. We oalieira that la the beginning God
jiido mn up--ight, and placed him in a
statD of glory without the least mixture ol
misery, from whfih he voluntarily, by
tra-iisgrcssion, fer., and by that means
broughloii bimselt a miserable and mortal
state, subject to death.-- Gen. ii, 17, iii, 16,
6. Wo heltove that G-.-d is not willing that
any sLouid purish: Rut that all should come
to repcntiiioo and the knowledge of tlie
truth, th-at they might be savod; & which
end Christ hath commaided the Gospel to
he proachod ainong all 11 itioae, and to every
creafira—.Mark xvi. 15; Luke x-iv. 47;
J-Ta .u,15-17; 1 rim. ii, 4.
5 SV.‘heliave that no man shall suffer in
ncll for want of a Christ who died for him,
but as the dcriptarc Lui said, for denying
the Lord that bought them; because they
believe not in the name of the only begotten
8 >1 of God. Unbelief, therefore, being the
iause why the just and righteous God of
iieavon will condemn the children of men;
if follows against all contradiction that all
in-^n, at one lime or other, are found InBUCh
a •'apicleyas that through tiie grace of God
they -niy be i;tera-ally saved.—Acte xvii. 8>.
Hark yi. 6; deb. lii, 10; I John v, 10.
7. Vi -jollove the whole Scriptures are in
ftllioly Iran, and th 'y are tfie only
d. -V ; ifi'thc .loccrine of General
I’rovi^ioa -naJe of God in Ghnsi. for the
lenefil of ill mankind, who repent and be
lieve the -Gospel.—Luke xiv, '.ti, 17, 18, 16,
10; .Hatt. Ytviii, 19,3ti; i.uke xiii, 3-6: Luke
1X17,47; Votilii, IJ; Mark i, 15
9 We oelicve that sinners are drawn to
Go-i the Father, by the Holy Ghost, through
Ohriac His 5 )n, and that the Holy Ghost
offers his livlne aid to all the human fami
ly; so as they all might be happy, would
they give place to His divine teaching;
whereas, a'uch who Jo not receive the Divine
i apieesioDs of His iloiy Spirit, shall, jit a
i'ltureday, own their condemuaiion just,
ail charge themselves with their own
d . naation, for wilfully rejecting the offers
of sovereign grace.—Matt, si, 37; John vi.
4t, 00; Ps. i, 1; Tit. ii, 11, 13; Jer. sxii, 89.
10. We believe that men, not considered
simply as men, but ungodly men, were of
.>bi ordained to coudcinnation; considered
such who (irn the giace of God into lasciv-
L.msness, denying the only Lord God, ana
our Lord Jesus Ohrist who boui^ht them,
tad therefore, shall bring upon thcmselvc:
swift ■k-si.-uctioB; iiut we observe that they,
and such too A[>03tlo salUi because they re
ceivenot the Jove of die truth, thst they
might be save'l; therefore the indignation
and ATtlh of God is upon every soul of man
that doctb dvil, living and dying therein;
for there is no rospwt of jicreoaB -with God.
-Jade i, 1; 11 Peter ii. 1; II Thos it. 11, 12;
iloruauB ii. 9 and It
11. We ociievt tnct all children dying in
inflinoy, U’.vlag not actually transgressAd
against the law of God in their own per
sous, arc only subject to the first dcalu,
which w.ts brought on them by the fall ol
the fl«t Adam, and not that any one of
110 Q lying in th.M statu, shall euft'or pun-
ish.n-'nt in hell by the guilt of Adam’s sin,
for uf such is the kingiiom of God.—I Cor.
tr, 32; Matt, xviii, 8, C, 4,6; Mark ix, 36, J7.
Watt, xix, 14.
18. We bnliove tiiai. good works are the
fruits ol .1 saving laith, and tnat in the use
of the moans of grace, and not out of the use
ofthoso meaiiA, eternal life is promised to
men.—Rev. xsii, 14,16; Isa. i. 19. 80, Matt
vii, 8; Jer. vi. Id; L-uke xiii, 34, 33.
18. We believe that no man has any war
rant iu th'.> llolv Scriptures ibr juv.iJlcation
belore God thr-o'ugb his own works, power,
or ability which he has in and of himself,
ocily as h" by grace is made able to como to
Olid, through .'e-Jus Ohrist; believing the
ri.ghtet'usness of Joc.fs Christ t--> be imputed
to all believers for thO eternal acceptance
with Gkvd.—Rom. iv, 24; Jer. xxii, 16.
14. Wo belbve that all things are foreseen
In the wisdom of God, so tlis God knoweth
what-Toever can or cftiiuotcoiuu. t> pass upon
all RV-ppo.s.i l conditions: 3'ct not as having
iooriu'-t any person to everlastinv death or
sveilasting life, viut-'f respect or mere choice,
(arlher than He hath appointed the godlv
auto life, aud the ungodly, who die in sin
onto death.—Hcb. iv. 13; Prov. viii, 22, 23,
>4 85.20,27,28,20,30, 81; .Matt, xxv, 31,
12, 33,34,35,36,37.38. 36.40,41.42,43,44.
t.6 46
15. We believe, as touching Gospel ordi-
•mnee®, in i«elicveJS* baptism, laying on of
the hands, receiving of the sacrament in and wine, w.nshuiz the saints’ feet,
anointing the sick with oil in the name 01
the Lord’, fasting, praying, singing praise to
Gmi, and the public ministry of the wonl,
with every institution of the Lord wo shali
in! ill the New TestameuL—Luke iiii, 19
80; John xiii, 5 to 17; James v, I**
16 We believe the Gospel mode of bap
tism is by immersion, and that the believers
iro the onlv subjects for baptism.—Matt
111 1«; Mark i, 6. 10- Acts iii, 83. 89,
Horn vi; 1. Uoi. ;=- 12
IT ire betirve in agem-ral rvsurrectior
. .^1 the de‘d and a final ji’dg'r-ent at thi
last day.--.Tohn.V 2S. 29; II I'or v;10;
fa We believe the happiness of tbt
r ghieutts is eternal and the torments of tbt
wicked are endless. -Matt, xx.ldl.
“I had a most stubborn cough
for many years. It dcpn"ed li.i ;
of sleep end I grew very thin. 1
then tried Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral, :
' and was quickly cured.” f
1 IJ. N. Mann, F.-’.!lMi5is,Tor.n.
\ Sixty years of cures p
I and such testimony ns the c
above have taught us what ”
I Ayer’s Cherry Pectorai [|
I will do. ^ yc
We luiow it s - he great-
1 est cough remedy ever
j made. And you will say
[ so, too, after you try it.
I Tnere’seureineverydrop.
TSreciizst: ZSc., SOc., tL Alltfrunists.
Town Directory.
Free Will Baptist, services every 4t)) Sun
day at J1 o’clock A. l'I.,and at night. Elder
G. C. Viiuse pastor. Prayer meetlHg
every Friday night-'Sunday school even
Sunday morning at9;30,\V. F. Hart, Sup’t
M. E. Ch-aroh Sorth, services every 3rd
Sunday at 11 o’clock A. M., and at night.
Rev F. F. Kuro, pastor. Sunday school
at 9:00 A. A., J. S. Ross, Bnp’t.
Missionary Baptist Church, scrvicea every
2nd Sunday at 11 o’clock A. M., and at
night, Rev. Mr. Faulkner, pastor. Prayer
meeting every Wednesday night. Sundae
school, 3:30 P. M., W. 0. Jackson, Sup’t.
Christian Church, services every flrsi
Sunday at 11 o’clock, and at night, Elder
C. VV. Howard, pastor- Sunday school ai
10 o’clock A. M., A. Joyner, Supt. Ladies’
Auxiliary incols every 3rd Sunday evening
at 3 o’clock.
A. F. M., meets every first and third
'SUmlays, R. W. Smith, W. M.
I. O. O. F. meets every Monday night at
at 8 o’clock.
To-wnCommissioners r-cctovery Mondsj
night. J, J. Stokes, Mr-'or; J. W Quincr-
.y, Cieta.
Ayden Land Co. offers desirable Sui*ine6t
t.nd dwelling lots at reasonable prices and
easijr ^Bnns. Apply to
1. R. Smith & Bro.
N. 0.
Ehl. W. W. Lewis,
J. S. Roberson,
A. S. Bason,
M. C. Holland.
Eld. B. iV.Tiopctt
Eld. L. T Phillips,
W. K. Sawyer,
Eld. H. Cuiiinghan
Bid. A. B. Rouse,
Eld. P. T. Lucas,
Ehi. W. P. Cause,
S. B. Norton,
G. C. Vnuse,
G. VV, Dail,
\V. [. Moore,
Bill J. K. Ruffin.
J W S-w:iin,
Roberc Siat'liug,
Eider W 11. Ave . .
Rev E. L. SfClaire, Gleniiville,
J. .\I Einmajiuel. Summertown
Rev. T. W Coursey, Lyons, "
" ■ rVV G.Jones, Cordele, ”
. S. B. Stephens, Cheshire, Ohio.
Eld, G. i\. Cherry, Dothan, .41a.
Our delinquents are requested to mak
hmnediate settlement. We need "the money
and rausc have it to run the paper with
So please do not put the matter off but
settle at or cc and everything will go 01.
lovely and God will bless you for doing
I- duty.
Eureka. “
Kinston, “
Eat oil,
v'jreenieaf, “
Florence, “
tn. Deep Run, “
Mt, Olive, “
Lucama, "
Serantou, S. C
Dunbar, “
Darlington, “
Ayden, N. C.
Kinston, “
Lucama. '*
Kenly, "
SiK-igVt'sBriSge, “
CIcss. “
Dear Editor;—Let me sa\
a few words to the readers o
the Baptist on fhe subject;
"Be j-e temperate in fill thing* ’
My heart was mad sorrowful
on last Thursdayuight, when
I saw’ two men nearly read\
to give down under the in
fiuence of whiskey. Justafew
ra nutes later, the clerk ol a
church came up in liis buggy,
got out, and kt the one that
wasso far gone, thathe couh
not walk, have the buggi.
The ckrk anfl ihe other fello a ,
who had just I'eached tbt
mimki3'stage—just as aciiv
as he could be—(ieFirid tliai
they should walk. So thej
started on, and the ftllov
who had almost reached th
og wallow state started offii.
the buggy. Here thev all
1' along livi'lv until ihe
c! rk and the fellow who wa
he monkcv state reached
Here the clerk was handed
the bottle, by the fellow with
the activity of a monkey.
The clerk gladly took it,
thinking be was iu the dark,'
wher' no one but he and h;s
partner knew anything about
his taking a drink. But the
other Icllow who was almost
in the hog wallow saw them,
and he began to plead ior
them to come and let him
ave h's share ol'it In was
not dark as it seemed to bo
to the clerk, and the active
kilow and they were not
m^re than two blocks away
before the clerk was in the
monkeys. All of them began
whooping and liollowdng. It
was at this time that the'^
got out of iny sight, going
anotlier way. I do noiknow
the end of the journey, or the
merry time they thought ♦hey
were having. I c n’t sa\'
what stage the clerk got into
before he reached home. We
read in tfiepreciousScriptures
f our Lord and Saviour
•aying that veare the light
of the world. A city set on
a hill can not be hid. Owliere
was the light of this man,
Chat ought to have been shin-
I' g? Brethren, it had gone
out. Just think for a mo
ment what an awful condi
tion this mail vtasin. Not
caring for the solemn obliga
tion that heentcred into when
hejomtd the church. In Art.
0 of the church covenant, wi
covenant and agree not to trj*
me in the use of intox caimg
otverages. Oh how little we
care for one obligation know
ing that the Scriptures teach
iliac none but the pure in
heart, can see God. Now Itl
us look t)ack at the first quo-
latioD that \\c have given.
v\ hat did God mean when he
wrote those words through
• lispiration? Did he not
■nean for us to be temperate
ind abstain from the use of
ntoxicating- drinks and be
itealous in all things, being in
stant in season and out of
'eason. Did he mean when
th«^ tempter came along ti-
partake with him? No h(
iidii’t mean anything of th.
kind. He meant what h
sniff, and be said for us to ab
'tain from the very appear-
iiiceolcvil. Again he tells us
that he will not look upon
"in witii the least degree 01
-illowance So if we intend
to rcacfi heaven we w ill bavt
to do as God says, regardless
iif what man may say abom
us. The Bible teaches us. ii
wo will resist the Dcvil he
\ill flee from ns, but if wi
isten to his ties and the word
if influencing men, and do
unchristain acts all will ena
in woe. He wants you to
clunk that the little word
‘no harm” is a small thing
Here he eoines in the shape ol
a man, with a bottle of whis
key. and he will say take a
iLink, It will do you good,
but if you thank him and say
110 you don’t drink. He will
-ay’it is no harm to take a
Irink. And if he can’t get
vou to take itand say you do
)Ot think it is any harm to ^
cake a dram. Tnatis justl
whac he w'antsyou to believe,
and if vou don’t watch he
will have you just like the
a dark place, as they thought.* clerk that w'e have been talk-'
ii'jg to you a! .' It. Sj look
o’lt moderate dram drinker
the Devii ha? got you just
I W’here he \vn» x’d you. You
area good r.ighbor and a
good citizen' Yes, a good
' morai-devjl Ik ping him. He
.finds a goot moral man,
I whom father i as 8a«d was a
'good man. H keeps his whis-
’kev and takes his dram, oiiCJ
iaday. Not*'i cre is what the
! young icU'.: w-ill say. “I
1 don't believe . Is any harm,
j and 1 am goifr;; 10 get some
and take me a dram every
morning, and so be gets it
and pretty S' in one is not
enough and he takes two ano
on and ()U mn il he hnsreacheJ
tile state of a drunkard, and
that good neighbor and moa-
erate dram dr'.iker hascapt-
ured a soul fo;’the devii. M3
God, what .re we doing?
where are we standing? Is it
true that‘.v- standing in
the way of sinners, God for
bid, but may we desire in
heart to liv e ii.-aier the cross
than everbeioie. It we clam;
to be the children of God, le
us prove tluxl .ve are by 0111
works Le’, ut- do his bidding
and keep lus c-smiTiands. Ht
tells--s, if '.Clove him, thai
we will keep !mS ct)ivnnau(i>.
He tells us i-, the epistle o
J'.lin to keep -mr selves from
wine and all • trong dr nk.s.
Y’es some one is gfiing to sav
that he is talk'-jg to the littU
childn-n. Yes -Tud you sav
i.liat.,v u. a’ ’ -.vhild ofGcd
Ailti i ,.jy ta\ .s.uiie. 80 \\ t
constitute children—there is
not any way for you to e-om
promipe with sin nor the
things that ire ungodly.
Hoping tbat * is will be edi
fying and net destructive,
and that the ight of God’s
redeeming 'ovc may shine on
the columns in which this ap-
, pears.
Yours in he Gospel,
Dear Editor —Please allow
me space in t;ie Baptist to
•«ay a fevv words of instruc
tion to the youig people, who
have enlisted m the great
warfare, and who actinobed
ience to hisconi! »ands. Tlii»se
who have been baptized and
comnietnorated the death and
-ufFcring of tiie Lord. Mind
ow you let yo'iF light shine
•lefore y’our a.‘:2 iciates and to
the world. Cinst said let
vour light so shine before
■nen, that they may see your
good works a •';)e constrain-
d to glorily Father
vnichartiu he
he says, “If the
fhat is in you
now great is tint darkness.
Watch your coi-versationand
I he songs you Let them
be spiritual scogs, singii.g
with grace in y^m" hearts to
the Lord. Be n t swayed by
the multitude ‘"iDd carried
down the strenn' toward hell.
Let them go, y” shall have
fietter coinpan; a he saints
of God will lo"”- you. The
angds of God w' I guard you
The presence of ^od himself
shall be wdth yo-’ Ifyoufiiid
3’ourself still iuc-med to do as
the most do, i msider that
you can not bar'’ tbot pleas
ure in sin whicB others may.
Conscience will 'U’x gall with
■ veil, -V^aiij,
'.'fore the light
■le darkness,
j the honey. When alone and
away from them, it will read
sad lectures to you and make
you receive yourpast delights
witli bitterness. Remember
what Christ said, “Except
your righteousness shall ex
ceed the righteousness of the
Scribes and Thiarisecs, ye can
in no case enter into the king
dom of God. Becarefu! what
kind of books you read. Let
tliein I).- good book';. Not
dime novels or love stories,
which liil the mind with un
real imagioa'.ions 'and .injure
the nieiiiorv'. Be ' sure you
read your Bible Let no day
go by without reading some
portion of Scripture. Fesure
that this is done. You will
find it very profitable to be
gin the dfiv with such a con
verse with God. See I he com
maiul of Christ. John o. 39.
•‘Search the rfcripturcp, for in
diem ye think ye have eternal
life, and they are they which
'estify ofme ” Ilearthc coin.-
mand of God with a priimise.
fosliua 1: 8. This bo(«k >1
he law shall not depart out
•if thy mouth but thou siialt
nediiate therein day and
light, that thou mriye-t ob-
■ierve to do according to all
-hat is written therein, for
then thou siialt make thy
vay prosperous ami tticn
tliou shall havegood success.”
fiic vSenptures discover sin
ind the Devil’s devices. It
Iiscovcrs duty' and tiie iovenf
TO'] and Chj-ist. it di'.c.ivcrs
vour strr'pgtli and encourage
nents, 'i'liere ;ire the ,prom
ises ofassisiing and of crown
ing graces. By these the spir
it acs. The devil is con[ucred
and the soul is comforted,
fhrough these the eye offaith
can see Chri.“t in all his beau
ty, the grace ol God and the
glory’ of heaven. This is the
word of reconciliation and
trutii. The power of God to
salvation. Therefore every
-lay look into these (iraying
for the Spirit’s teachings and
mixing taith with what you
read. See what Paulis direc
tion was to Tirrothy’. “Let
00 man dfspiie thyyouth but
be thou an example of the
believers in word, in conver
sation, in charity, in spirit, in
faith and in purity. Till I
come give att-ndance toread
ing, to exhortation, to doc
trine.” Remember you have
engagedyoursdftoGod. You
must keep yourself from idols.
You have given up yourname
to God and you must give up
your heart to him also. Von
have made a covenant with
Go( by sacraments If satan
or thi-world a»c suitors for
your r.carts, ted them you arc
•ilrcady dispose fi of Y ui .u'l-
pro engaged to G.hI. W.u
have chosen yonr tiod ;ind
you must not think ofeharig-
ng Ill'll. It ph.-nsts the I^ord
tnsee just one simicrtuni and
follow him. Now let ns see if
wc can’t live for God, and not
the di-vil. Let us continue lo
pray for one anoiiicr. that we
may be found fid'hful, when
the Lord Je'-us comes to re
ceive his own.
May God bless these fi w
Your si 'ter in Christ,
Mendia Godwin.
VYhatisput into the first
of life is put into the whole of
life. Start right.
To my mind the Bible itself
IS a vast collection of litera
ture; that the man of God
may be thoroughly furnished
to everv good word and work.
1 am no more opposed to
Sabbath school literature
than I am opjiosed to reading
any other good books. Inmy
ojjinion Sabbath school liter
ature is the very best litera
ture that can be put into the
hands of children. Of course
we are opposed to theattach-
meut o( anything likecate-
cliisras. Mucli of ihe opposi
tion to literature is brought
about by the incompetent use
otit. Nothing is so sure to
vesult in failure as the incom-
pt^tent u?e of literature. One
that would substitute Ibc cx
(ilaiiatioii of the Ics.'Ons for
the Bible is tc be pitied.
Sundav school literature is
oiilv a sy stciaatic order of Bi
ble Ksmuis « ith a few defini
tion and t-xplanations added.
Tlic sj siematic order, defini
tions, explanations of the
text, and daily readings are
only HuivS to ‘.he study of the
Bib!i- X') one should rest
satisfied vvitli only the ques
tions and answers laid down.
These po nc our something
dcfi-ii'e to be learned, but
shoidii be bupplciuentcd.
Oijv grand Ijature of the
S. S Iberaturc i-s systematic
order of lessona. .\nothcr
Latun IS il.c dailyhomeiead-
ing-.'wliieh require the daily
r.aiingof Scripture bearing
on the lesson. Each teacher
should see that these daily
readings are read by each
member of the class. If the
tedchrr cannot encourage tbe
class to read and study them
it is good evidence of incom
petency and a remedy or res
ignation should follovii’. The
same should be doueby super
intendent if the lack of inter
est is thus manifest in the
school. If the school does
not encourage the study ol
the Bible it should be reor
ganized or dismissed,
I will not say that there
cannot be a well organized
Sunday school without litera
ture, but I have to confess
tiiat I have never seen one
witho’utit. Generally there
is very poor classification or
none at all where no litera
ture is used. Generally th-
training of .mall children i»
entirely neglected. Almost
always there is no system ol
lessons HJid thus no chain of
thought is formed in the mind.
Sometimes the quest’o..s are
more than half answered by
the teachers by a sort of
(iravviog out procc-s Some
times singings or something
ol that sort arc allowed to
take alternate Sunda; s.
It is sad to know that so
many of our churches allow
the time and iqjportunity to
pass without having a well
organized Sunday School
wh.ere young and old can be
trained every Sunday. Let
ns have Suiiday schools. Let
us have compeieni teacheisif
they have to be sent 10 tbe
'bttrar\- .-‘-hool for training.
I ns u?c- •-nr own litoralure.
William T. Hendrick.
' 'McCa’.Ui, Ala,
One of the most interesting
archolcX'Ogical finds, says the
inclepcndenty ever made in the
Bible lands is reported by Dr.
Koldcwey, who has been at
the head of the German expe
dition that for nearly two
years has been digging on the
side of ancient Babylon. This
is the ancient Babylon. This
is the famous throne room of
Nebuchadnezzar, a rnagnili.
cent structure, 55 feet in
width and 157 feet in length,
and directly opposite the en
trance isfound theniche where
at one lime stood the throne
of that mighty ruler. On both
sides of the niche are still seen
the remnants and remains of
the former splend.ov of the
room, magnificently colored
decorations iu the walls that
are of great imporiance lor
the history of art. Li addi
tion to this woik ill the old
castle, or Kasr. and long the
old processional .street of ^Iar-
duk , the Germans have been
unearthing, the treasuias of
the city proper, near tbe mod
ern village ofjin'jitna, and in
a comparatively short time
have found an abundance of
new tablets with important
inscription'^, which, accordir’g
to Dr. Woissbaeh, the Assyri-
ologist of the e.qjcdition, con
tain letters, psalms, contracts,
word lists, etc , all Jocuirunts
that appeal to the '.ntetes*s
of wide circles and w ill direct
ly or iiviTreetiy add toThc
terial that can be used for the
interpretation of the Old Tes
tament, both histericaliT and
linguistically. In the near Iu-
ture the work is to be exten !-
ed to the hill, called .Xinraa-
bar-Ali, and tha exc.vaiion
of this unique PanlJ.Ci'ii of the
Babylonian metropolis, >\ ii'ch
lies so deeply imbedded in the
ruins of centurie-, promises
rich returns. Th-v work of
the expedition i - not to be re
stricted to Babylon, as the
managers have secured the
right to make diggings in the
neighboring hills of l'ara and
Abu Ilalab. which, in all
probability, belong to the so-
called pre-Sargon period, dat
ing from the fourth millen
nium befo-e Christ, and will
doubtless furn'sh data for the
very earliest history of man
kind. These two hills are not
far from Nippur, the old home
ol .Vbraham, where the Amer
icans have been so successlul.
In addition to t c work of the
expedition us such, individual
members have been publishing
the results of their own inves
tigations, chit f of these being
a brochure, t nti' le “ Von Bab
ylon nach lien Rumen von HI-
rn und.Huarnag," by Bruno
Meissner, on the historic
ground of ancient Chaidea.
In this connection it should
be added that Koldcwey’s re
port shows that the accounts
published in New Y’ork papers
to the effect that the banquet
hall of Belteshazzar had been
discovered by the Germans,
with the picture of the Lion
of Babylon, and even with the
words Mtne, Mene, Telkelin
large letters, weretheproduefc
of a vivid imagination.—Gos
pel Messenger,
Find your purposeand fling
your life out to it. Try to be
somebody’ witball your might.

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