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Sajmmm hkmmm IWi* H. CL
ms MWKHpar ii publlifaed weekly by end f«r ttw pereaapel at
Tlekl, K C., iBder tbe dlrectloo at the
Seymour Jobneoa Fleu. N O., imder the dlrectloD at the BpecUl
Senriee Offloer. Ml eererec* of the Camp Newspuwr Service la
received. All metmal la pawed by dbe Public IMaUaaa Ottlce. All
photevrapha, wilaw ofliwwlee eredted* are Army Air Pm’cee photo-
grephe. Newa appearinc Id thle p^er la for gtmraj releaae provided
proper credit la gtvcii.
OOU DONALD B. BKTTR. Oommandhis OfOoer
MAJOR J. B. MURR. Special Serrloe Officer
D. r. Droagw M/Sgt. Rkbard B. TaR
OpL Joe Bsiera Pvt. Porter Ward
Pvt. Jamea Beane ^ OpL Oeerpe Deoee. artieL
Poet Photo Bectlea
July 4, 1776-1943'
In ao
It la better to die,
doing, help atamp e«l
IB ibis world, than to live and aee
tbooe evUa exlat. Bhmt vaorda, par-
bape but It repreacote our optoi-
tag and chielng theme song.
Prom toe atandpolnt at ealider
years toe dlffereoM betweea till
and IMI lepraaenta IST years. Dnr-
tag that time man’s actantlflc prog-
-rew has been aetotmdtag — far
r ater than aim other IfT years
toe worid’s matc^. Otoer wto
stieks of pregnwe ta other fields
of mdoavur wanM-vary aocordtag
to toe tadlvUnal doing tbe rattag.
n is oar contention that man's
principles —> the n»M— for widen
he wUlflgld and toed blood —
have not dsaoged one lota tome
toe Bell rang In Philadelphia. Ih
toat respect, ITN and 1*0 are
net even minutes apart.
Why We nght
We hear a loC of loooe but k'ell-
talk these days that the
claratta ef Ihdependcnee, bnt that
sacred dowient was cooled by dlp-
ptag it Into toe blood of meay pa-
Moto taom Oeocord to Torwim.
And toclr actions were aa elegn«t
as Jeffereon’e pen.
Let ns giato toat obafehin*B ipneh
Ohiartar is not 0obal to oonoept.
Lotus0^ that CbnrcblU’s speeto
ea to Psrilamsttt are not aB they
could bt. Let US grant that Roese-
dstailed bhii prinL Reed they hel
— eon-
cepto notj. to be tound In toe Rata
way of me. Ooold It not be eald
that the eWton ef 177S wea tight*
log for tbse aame four freedomif
la fact, he tosured two’e them for
ue: Freedom of SpMch and Free*
dam of Religion, we have enjoyed
them for lf7 years. BO tald not
g^ Freedom from Want and Ree*
dom from Pear. That le our Job
today — to preserve hie tvm and
add our two.
Tribute To
The united Btotaa Amm today
tangle chal*
♦htutriiiy Bre directly
week was earmarked by eongreas onooulte *ef neighbors:
rm Umi an«« tha War rwu
Iiatrk>ta~ of ITfo knew what toey America la a greater and better
were fighting for — homes, ,lnde- nation in which to live than toe
pmdeDce ttiat none of toe ores*|Axto^werB because of the first
mt world leaders have made cl^ uro needoma. And we wlX be an
Just exactly why we are fitartlng.'evea greater and better natiim
that President Roosevelt and Prime when we have stamped out of tbe
Churchin eaa.4levlae glo* uorld the elementa that stand for
bal strategy but have not devised,the negation of the Poor Freed-ims.
global aims. ‘ The palrlM of 1TT6 would want it
thu-h thinking misses the mark, that way.
ClvillsaUoo is not to be measured iSasee Weals
la dotom ^ cento. You do not We feel that the aame thmig^
move to a man mathernatlcaJIy t^lplw, ^
i^^e fights as you would e sum flazned to the veins of ITO
ta addlti^^At letttthat baa lever cans still extate ta undlmlnlto^
ever offered toe Christian
ta- America. Ths young
men coming tale mlUtniy service
ta ever tncreestng numbers are
representative of every WP* of
h«ne and oommuntty. These men
win earn back to their home#
the benefite of clean living undtf
rigid military dtadpUne and H to
up to tbe chaplains of our Army
well as ear eMUan pastors —
to see that the tafluenee and bene*
fits of tbe Christian folto are
brought hmne as well.
The ^rpl^ drafted soldier enter
ing the Army Is a bewfldsred hv
dividual at best. Bs has been ton
from familiar faces and oceopa-
strange new atmoei'
ly foreign to anytotag be hen ex-
to run the Army and toe Ww De*
lartment for tbe fiscal year whltai
>egaD Thursday. More than a third
of the sum —tn,d66,4t.000 for
toe Air Porces, inehidlito money to
procure to.TN planes. The total Is
required to su^y an Army of T,*
500.000 men.
Of the total sum. five mlUon dta*
laze will go books, toclodliig
text books. The sum recommended
for toe Air Forces for the coming
year la approxlmtefo the whole
cost of World War X for tbe Army
and Air Force during If 17 and
ifll. “
Army Tapers Off
The else of tiie Armyle expected
to level off sonnewbat tills year,
vtoen Uttle more than a million
man will be Inducted, compared to
luctM last
perkneed prevtauafo.^ is a uni
que example ef When a* Feller
Reeds a Prl^.” ITta at thb mo-
m aikunoo. at least umv oas .levci |i;w«
lMnUi«ArMHcMW»y. Sui^thelyiMttfcB ta IM Omr
patriffhr of UTS must have known heritage admlste toit^^her plu^
^ stamp oat meet .partlcutai^ ftat the Peal
SSertteta^’-^S^.U- eh^t^.M^i^ltad
Jrffe^^forte a De-'wta ». the., etal. 3£c2f
three mllHon men Inductc
Goldbrickers Or Americans
First at chow, flrdt In pay line one else’s load along with hJs own.
and first to get out ef woik —that Ifa fortunate tor toe 0m^
topple dconlpCioa to single out Ices toat Amer^ la cbnck-luO ef
a xDidbiicker anywhere. I's a fari‘*poor suckers” who are more than
cry from toe dKrfotioo of that , willing to do toeir sham .Id ar-
BKMlta Amerlcaa. George Washing- der to help win “^w^
Urn “FIrat to war flntt In peacel Perhaps the goldbrlcker dotont
aita first to the bearte of bis coon-reallae that be ^ould not k«'^*
ti.iif ■* ** Imltted to-call himseK an Ani^-
The soWbrlcker may be Just can. Anyone who te^toeow
ifUtih laxy. we feel sony for him. enough to delil^rately dtadge
n Burnt be a bad foelmg ziot to when ihelr job, regardleee hw
teve encNMb arablUon to want to:ntimrte R ee^, toa w to
^ MQUP own Job when you realise stoeel that win eventually A* tod
ttaa vrar la as flherman out victory for the powers,
IL Is certatoly not an American.
‘ - goidbrick0 _ taiould Join
torwl to carry some- ato to Hitler and TOJo.
iOkndtchuL Jinow,
the tailnenos of
brotliertieod tadelibly to he mtod.
Ltfe b Rugged
The soldier’s Itte during the first
few weeks after his todnetioo ta,
as be says, "nigged.” There is ao
much to accomplish to such a abort
time. Oonsequoitly die peace and
quiet dignity of Smutay sei vices to
tne tampel of his faith are doubly
welcome to him, and find him to
a most receptive atate of mtod.
This le DO lees true, naturally, ef
the soldier of no folth — who Is,
if anythiiig, more coafused' to his
mtod than the boy with a church
background. It Is among these eol-
dleiB who have not experlenoed the
benefits of a Christtaa Ufa that
t>» chur^K ifUt fi««i aa —*»*•**
fertile field ta which to qwead . .
gofpel. There la no doubt that this
(nfluenoe must be a vary active
one, as wrong Influenom are truly
active at all ttmee — bang oon-
etontly presented tothe eeldler
vfiien be ta off tbe Poet ■■and tbe
peratatem subject of coovereattoo
in tbe barracto.
Fun Tiam Jeb
There is i» doubt that a. Post
Chaplain has a tali time job In
. making hfo subject attractive to al!
Kot to Catch the at ble station —but that
he can succeed goes wlbouC saytag
wn uo Dlcture of the year ithutoext day tbe loeal paper dutifully
“-issruri* XJ* V tss
taken wUh OkUo^I tal b^ta] ^ >«eb-i2S.S5^'i'5S=*2Sl?
—and U
^ on a nugaslm Wr/RtaUcltyl^ ■>!“«“ tab
te on a cover. PUDiiciiy r^': “'rrtngm, ne wui itna uie enure per-
tacking him up _ to .
--- tog for e mirage.
tal. _ is counting on fooltog tbs doctors
Private Prank “Pee ,™«® , and betog up and around to ploy
Moute. who Was Harry .tames .^mjy campc to August...Mel Po-
manager, bas been appointed niu-i^Q bMo promoted to Corp.
steal director of the Newark Air Uq ^ 3 31^ Force. ..Gunner
Base. He will have tbe James ®^*Bags wUl gallop _agal^t Gil
Soldiers Attend
Chapels En Masse
been bom; some good, some bad.
some rich, and some poor, some
poeueas strength, and some are de
prived of (he blesstoff and wriggle
throuta* life as weaklings, some
are bom srtth wit end some are
bom witless, poor crestrures;
donbtleee they had no say about
their mechanism or they would not
have willed U so. Some seem to
have been bora with all the brav
ery end courege vrtiUe others evl-
dratiy were ebsent when these
good queUtiee were betog issued
out. However, it seems severe en*
Uelsm should not be hurled egetost
for ttiat detlclendy. elnce
were aot taken into council
tbe framework at their sa-
atonqr wee betog laid.
Feepie Are Machines
Peo|de are such funny UUle ms-
dnes: in some, every bolt sad
_jrow ssemto fit exactly; they
smile whtie otbers frown; they
laugh while ethers weep; they see
the apple whQe others see only
llw worm; beep to tune while
otfaere drawl out the disooid: they
martai (o cadenc-e while other poor
chmiaie Itoww Ste whole group out
of jonit tamply becenee tize/ do
not dare; others wondw why tbsw
Men, but toelr grsatoat wond
er le itaqr Umw are forced to live
to soA a world ef eontaeto.
Bi oSzere, the mechanic seemed
to have reversed the brata as their
General MarebaU told a Gover-
_ws* cooforeBor at'Columbus,- O.,
last week that “Ttetory is oeaialn.
We have seised the toltiative, the
most vital factor to war. Tbe pat-
teni for vtetory ta clear.” Be add-
dd that UDlfo ef action on a scale
■ ta btoto»?v • has
been achieved.
tiUen Men Dtoobarged
A total of more ttian a
men will have been discharged for
" caueea from the armed forces
by tbs end of tbe year. It was ■B'
notoieed ta RSw York. Some 6M,-
OOP were dbdiarged up to tbs end
of IMS.
glf^ Corps Birfh^
The first signal
Through the ages peopio have
good, sor
their eyes evidently 00 focused to
tile wrong direction as they see
only the objecte that ao one etaa
ease: and tbetr aara must have
been borrowed from some other
fordgn animal because theii bear-
tog Is contrary te good enthdatae
tie morale: and tbeir tongues, no
man under beaven knesre wtaara
these peer, aetf-pltied, mistreated,
ignored, dejected, sons of some
* mothers get tbetr tongues lor
Is net tawethav tike It either
ta tbe fowls of tile air or ttw beasts
of he fleM.
Forget Idtaeyaorselei
Say. netghbora. why not forget
your little IdkMtynemsles. get your
tolo up, your chest out, get in
tune, azid In step with the reet of
tbe good people of the unWersel
The world Is net rJl bad. neither
are the peeple nearly so much out
of Itoe as you may thtak. The
march at treng-ie cn tbe road to
vlctoiy over many ttzinga. Way
not M OB tbe band wagon dnd ezi-
Tbe Chaplain Pge 3 Tab MB
joy tha fact that yau 0e livtag
among peeple ef your own ctaae
and ktoy For, at tbe moet part,
you win not be compelled to put
up with tile aenaeleianem of men
for many years, because you
will soon be vdiere they are either
better or worse.
Bari B. L. Lazwtteoop
Re. 1
of tbe U.
Army took ottlce M years age
June n. He was M^ Albert J.
physteal vmoee gradua-
was entitled "A Sign
Language for Deeaf Mutesi” Mey-
er pmeetod the "wig-wag” system
of vlouai cemmunlcatloo for the
Atony. He also put the totegraph
to use during the CIvl] War as a
lUttara Item,
hre Dependeney AM?
Agitation by cengreeemeu for Izi-
.jsased aid to dependents of ser
vice men was aired to Weantogton
last week. Senator Wagner sug
gested ttiat 950 might be enourh
for a childlees wife, but that the
allotment for a wife and child
AoukI be tocreesed to 979. with
990 for each addlttonal child.
Smoke Mwitilies Tanks
OokMod smoke is betog used as
. 6711.
Cathi^ Servlees: Mae
099h ms. 1990
Protestezit Services 1100.
1415. 9000
CathoUe ktes 0190
ftroteatant Services 91
Chaplato Tatoter, Cbaplato
a means
( by wUeh aircraft can
th^ own tazika. Spe.'dal
Identify - .
smokea of three and four mtoutec,
vddeh produce nearly aU the colors
of the rainbow, can ba need, for
the purpose. The colors may be
UB^ alzqly or In comb'natlon
ArtfBery ExosBeai
American artillery was excel
lent in more irnye than one. ac-
eordtog to Capt. Jesse MattociLT.
A — ..kiJust back from Tunisia. Mattocks
® the Amerltkn ertIUery f're
on attendance at religious aer-‘ ^ a. .. wf,—.m
Protonhmf Services
Holy OonuBunten
.. . ins.
Hymn Servlee
Chaplain Mantle, chtatiata Davis
and 1909
Wednesday -
Service Men’s Christlsn
U Hvmn Service ...
...... IfM
Sabbath Services Friday
..... 9000
Xn^eoSieta U^. ta.^|^c’"gr7l SUSil?To„.S£
answer to over - .stuffin*; on the|chaplalns spend wi h the GZs andi^l-
good things that eome from your mcelvad they are.
own garden is home groan... ! a grazid tot^ pt 996 services
>.i.rtritgvito of his career...A new
meture "We Are the Marlneo” has
i-ecentiy been fli^toied.. .not
owh M film vraa wasted In the
jttlng room.. .Victor Mature's ear
^s.rnr,.s ta'm
OG8 to Ft. DeruiUig. *m..-saapA» , Another MaiJie
Raye has been ill itow yr • J^pgrttog sir. I've served my time
from tbe war eones. R's a ** •
desk of Admiral Chester
*?£2r^v£it reSiW gave a W. Nlznite. Commander - to -
®53f to midewsteralol the to this poto^
town and alter much bowtog bad para^^ S
teptaymn encora- Durliq the «P* «»>■ to i«^ooe to tl^ wlthsm'
^Sa Osoar shoulad "got to oatch one to sit wtth^toe War dep^
rSta^=Tut the crawtfdemaz^ onj^ ^
iaSSTho llaany Oaear oWlged. The'-tails we tosel”
Cbapel Mo. 4
Protestant Services Criored
Jewish. Sabbath Servteas
Dally Mond^ to Friday .... 0991
Protestant tWedziesday) Col
ored Sdldiem) .* 991
Ctoapiato Goldben, chs^to
were given at all parts of tbe Post
durtog tbe months of Jan., Feb.,
Bfardi, AprU. and htey. Tens of
thousands of soldiers atreoded
these services. Exclusive ef tbe
regular services, there were 319
tr^ mad® to the goardbouae.
Spartan Barracks azid foe Hosplt-
tt. PUrty aevai sex morale Sea-
turee were given. 9g manlages
buttSBt to gowtnom proof SuU-
cative of tbe qdrtt pccvalUug at
found themselves back of tbe Ger
man lines.
Change Beguirfmenta
The W0 Department has issued
a new rnltog Which will permit
oonsdeutiDus objects to attend
Officer Oazidldate Schools. Under
the OTigtaal regulation, the appU-
canto were required to waive their
status aa objectors. The chazage
permits "oonchtas” to attend tiMse
scfaonla where persotmel are
armed or tratond In tim
of arms.
that the chaplata’s Ufo and job to a
Chapel Me. 5
Ghtbolte Mens
Protestant Services ,
Oatholto ]
Jewish ..
CsfooUe Services: Mess IMO
Protestazit Secvlcce 1190,
Catholte Mam 1709
rviApiAiw MCrrlD. Chaplain MeOrafo

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