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RALKIGH The narrow inlet
pretaHon of the loriri "social equHi
ty" us applied to NefVe rights vviis
sharply criticized by speakers s'
the monthly meeting of the R.t
h-igh Branch NAACP iielci Frida;,
night at the Grace AMT. Zion
Dr. J Bustee Davis, president ot
the Raleigh Brancn. outlined she
history nt the National Associaji in
In- ti c Advancement ot Color'd
People in battling foi civil rights
winch he said had led up to Presi
dent, Truman's presentation of In:
civil rights program tc Congress.
The President's progi -m said Dr.
Davis, embraces but a few of the
guarantees needed to assure a> all
Americans the rights and privileges
which are theirs under the Con
Taking sharp i.»ix with Iho-.c
who raise the cry of "social equal
ity” whenever Negro rights arc
mentioned, he said tna. the que?
tion of social equality i? one of
equality of all men living under our
social order and no; one of person
al relationships.
Dr. Davis -do criticized tho .
who claim that the South in general
and the .State of North Carolina in
particular arc the h. ’ places in
the world and tba; ah demand for
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BOSTON iAN P i Ronald
Jones, 15, sophomore of Public
Latin School, became the third
Negro to win the spelling cham
pionship of Boston last week.
By spelling ihr word "inured"
correctly he defeated 23 other
finalists in the I.Nin annual
spelling kbr for public high
‘etwrts of the Boston Herald,
Lor his accomplishment he
won a bronze iropfcy mr? for
his school, a gotd medal for
hinwtctf ami ,« trip to Washing
ten e|«b-'... Hts mother nr.
WrsktsS tVSs also one of
51 Boston pupils to win a gold
key award in the |94« Scholis
iir Art awards exniliitmn a!
the it. H. White gallery,
While Man Senlenml
Lor Molesting Mail!, IT
Baltimor (ANPi An unusual
sentence was meted out to a
white man here March 15 when
•Joseph W Dober. 30 was given
Live years in the Maryland House
ol corrections following his con
viction of assault on a young Ne
gro girl.
Originally,. Duber, who is a
married man, w«s convicted of
assault with intent to rape as
well as simpie assault but the
supreme bench of Baltimore re
versed the criminal court on the
grounds that there was insuffici
ent evidence tc support the for
mer charge.
■Dobei the driver of a fuel
truck, according to testimony,
seized the 17-y-• »r-old main at an
apartment h OUiJC where he went
to deliver oil on Nov. 17.
AME Editor Jumps From
Window To Duck Arrest
or the Pi v. .1. F Brooke ns. editor
of the AME Review, by the church
was suddenly postponed last wock
v.'hen he reportedly leaped from ■<
v mdov, tn his chuich to escape two
detectives with a warrant for bis
a. rest.
The Rev. Mr Brookens had bee .
•dated to appear before the
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Must Be Done At Once
No Gradual End Os JC
Says Chapel Hill Pastor
settlement of racial problems has
no place foi "gradualism,” de
clared the Rev. Charles M. Jones,
pastor of Presbyterian Church.
. Chapel Hill, N. C., here last week.
t He was speaking before a mixed
audience in the Phyllis Wheatley
branch, at a meeting sponsored
by Lie joint local Fellowship of
Southern churches and Fellow
ship of Reconciliation groups
H “You can’t gradually slip into
an unsegregated meeting,” he
said. He advocated that a “di
rect honest approach’ should he
adopted, rather than a policy of
“gradualness” in the improve
ment of race relations.
<QonW»«cd r*n hrifk jpa|#>
vou Mi: xxvii. no. ;:.h
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RALEIGH R'H-im: Citizen,.
(’omiriUrt • •!,. ms ol tire need f-.i
i I mat ton of ' ! ;c Washington it;-;
School w-.-.c given mote factual
iipooi" ti* i - week follow ins
nupiJ-b.v-popil c:>‘rk >f Raleig
Nc.-ro school population.
Tpc check vas part a sn. \ .
mod! 1 by ’he Commiifei m an if
f.'.rt !c • i.">termine *:••• > uimbiliij ol
the pu-•■!’' school i from the
C ndpoinl of prr-ent <c-ncenlratiun
ana future !. 'ids of the \o,i,
school population
The. claim i c the present me .
not leaciiy .r-ccssibii from arv.i
in whic ■ ihe greater por' m ot
ihc cily s Negro high school a
(ti n's reside formed one of the
izen-' group'- main argument;- for
During ••wfcrences v.-nh .lew O.
Sanderson. Raleigh sunerinlcnrh-n.
of school, spokesmen I«*r ! o cit
izens’ group contended that this in
acc^vsib’ iif 'epairs the utility o'
the present building.
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No Action In D. C.
Slum Clearance
WASHINGTON > AN! 1 • 7 ere
arc 30.000 sub.-Untid s ■ , . p
In- nation's capital, aceording lo
! lIC Nlll KHlrtl i.
which ciairr.-. has t. • / d. •. n 8,.
aOO sium !i ■.mes wii'.vn the h.s!
S 4 years
Need for-■ tiiornugr ■ ing -mo,
cradicahon program hr .v vr-. • cr.i
phasized mis week uh.-ri the bca'iii
departmc-m cf.tidciiir,e(.i ■ Negro ->
Cttpicd ,11c;, slum wiih-n a
couple of blocks of > capitol.
Typical of som t fin,: a lie-, slnrc.
dwellings that are unf.t sos
habitation, was this onc-larn-iy
nnit is now occupied Ip three f,
dies 10 persons. In ibis brol r
down hoc:s '"hose ifilinf ! i :!j, ~
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Wins Covenant Cast*
that racial restrictive covenant
•t h violation of the ) »th a mend
m nt of the constitution Superioi
Judce Stanley llvev out
covenant case last work, and rule-d
ni favor of Mr. .iriri Mrs. Harr.,
Sam. a Chinese couple
Maid Rescues hmpfou'r
Miss Hilda Radford :i maid in
the home of Mr, and Mrs. Ed
ward Caiman, rescued her em
ployer, Mrs. Caiman, from a
gas-filled room Wednesday.
I pen smelling gas in the
home, Miss Radford sought
members of the family to see
that everyone was safe. She
found Mrs. Caiman in a base
ment room where all the win
dows and doors were closed,
and the gas jets were turned
on. She helped her employer
from the room and called modi
ml aid
•■<,llE 1 S E!,»l ti.Tr\".. SISTER t, tin
Hr>i f emale juror
m\(, isi nr. cn v n y
i ANT) woman Airs, .frs
sie W. c of SiitJth .frtmrti
f'n i ef.imr th» Jirst to
serve on i Queens F onril> gran?! ?
.Hirv last week Her husband re
eer*il> rt*i ?ved public intention
if>r ton rim & the tmi }m j*:c. !
admitted io many functions
without prejadiee lu
■wore a lurban.
m 1181 HI \
- —**<••*'■ —•- |
LlLfe! . I
Mrs. lan Wilson, stall mom- !
her, s oreign division, of tin
tional Baird of the YWCA who j
j sailed recently so. V tiimvia, Li
bcrii, where she will establish
the Sirs! YWCA cent) in Africa
to serve the women mid girls of
Liberia. She i- the iirst Nfgr-u
Inrcign ser rotary appointed p,
the organization whirl: hits g.dOii,-
008 ron.-titiitents trt tli • I . S. and
is at hor k in fS» to eign conn
Vlr>. Wilson underw. til an in
tensive training course a. Na
tional headquarter- in New York.
City before sailing (or her new
Prior to her present appoint
mem sire has served as director
of Wake Hall, Washington, I) (
j She was also active rn CSO work
during the war and served for
several years as administrator of
the Adult Education program in
New York, in cooperation with
the X Y. City Board of l ilac.)
lion i W'P)
The Rev. Mabel Gary pastor
»i the Grach V.Mf 710** Church,
is shown as she addressed the
monthly meeting of the Raleigh
L ranch NAACP wlu-- !• was held
tl her r’rcreb on 5 rifiay iiiglu.
Mie Rev. Mrs Gary ie.ld the
n - <•! .'low audience t<> ■‘w ipe out
he social and insist noon "equal
it. '
s-hi- was sharply critical of ex
sting condition-, in Use Raleigh
school', resulting from differed
l*a I- in f’vpendjtures for white
ant! Negro pupils as well as of
■ tliei iiiequaliti'L, of opportunity
hrlwoec R ieigh's wbfe and Nf
; gro citizens.
m r i cr 1
140,000 NEOROES
\n x : • ntc iy 100.(Mlo <*ni a red r> r.
i ‘ iy \ * s y o f ' ; cia* .-*]• «v
equesrim.’ only thfc' our urpied yV:i
vices be brought up t author;::.:-'!
ni hurry st!\ ngih. n is ossibl* t.UjU
.<■ iGai nor::bei ot v .vdr ; is. ;-s
| may not exceed 40.00) 5 Only 303
| R 5 men ;; r r " nceded u. bri v. g •), n ■
j .rmvd forces up f<» authofi/c •
j ‘ rength.
j Ai prestmt. then i" .op, -
| 100.,s)o Nv-groes m ’ n (
| lorces. This indutlw- ” in •
1 vmy 23.300 in fii,.- sir- loiec.-. ;n;c,
| 1 ?i 000 in the navy.
! hi ami I bite % irmin
CRics Gis Seal in Vian
! MIAMI. Kt ; i. 'G : White ant;
| S'■ a pa>s> T !u:;. • riding *d •*
■ 'dciivu cm week wen.
1 r l when ■* di^iiiHeel veOite v*t>man
j nrose Dnrl gave her s : ot to a enp
n’ed Negro nevn who was stand-
This is just H'ioihe r exam pi’
from which Negnio sliould karn
thii. J 1- jus; in hfjuvh b mie ;k--
to ncr /e aii white it -.file alike e.-
i*. is for white people to judge . i)
NeiToes alike.
I Sorifla Pastor 'fops
liite Church Program
JACKSON Vl£<l.E. Fla. (G»
The Rev. Dr. E M Hi, ley. erudite
, pastor of Elicnerer Metliodist
j Church was guest speaker lasi week
! the Women's Society ot Chris
tian Service ai the Riverside Pa. a
Methodist Church, oni ,vs the sash-
Oonabie white chUTThes of the city,
ric.'ht Sn in.'s
MLMPtn:; w; r»i>h«p
ft. ft Wright of ih< ' ;.!« t j>is
cupai district of fit \ 1 rr in
Methodist LpLoopai > hurcb ir
?!tiv :< IlH'Vr'i :v. ;» first U> H
S; gre Hr sprite ov hroiiu*r
i:<.<>tj hi fore thr '. re.*- • «'ill Huh
of Memphis, an .jstrr'ienojnina ••
tlon .t group.
liis othr-r first was ?m uddrev
ou if! sarsn ■ pi. it Ho hapH
o; Sontnrrn Methodi.-.) t nivri ,
\\ iisl* i Hi fill Pi.A
I s amtnjr Panel
Horn: •- <:•i ‘: c Was !Vic he •■- j
I'/dTieJ si : bC’ MinS; : ; : rs t! H £ (>•■
' 'hiit>da% i sight of last v. re!; tv fit? >1
i s fip'i i' S. u. 1>: '.if O'."
C'ontiiuird on pace H«ul
\. iwm \ ii ; s I’o a \ w: v \m,m u.
-7, wvwDwww?twi-‘ awSSw** twK3SswmWHK2B*sww£
Above are show u tiii'iiibm of
.!?;• North < arolina Relegatum to
the f ourth Koutiwaslvrn Region
al <'(inference of the National As
sor-mtion For the Advancement oi
t'olnrrd People held last week
rml at Tuskegr Insidute.
Standing left to riffld: 3>r. j. t>
Davis. presi'len. Raleigh Branch; j
Thomas Lawrence. president
Youth Connell, Tarbs- n Branch;
rresident Kiahenhurt Branch; ;
i’v wiT 1 ' r?p?.TM
ill %jM I »■: L' Lx . a»
tt> V » '. !>< i’F \UI>
UUJKOTON K >• months w
xci tjf'y-ye..r-old m. n slumped toJ
a Girt j't.'d to me ot bulb-t wounds'
int deled by the occupants o! ;<
; ana a .half before exon. r.-tmg '.hr
Hitr charred with w ~ murder.
The dead man war s> Negro
Charles Smith of Am m, The t>% ■
; mrsi charged with his slaying wv»»
Marvin Matthews. 24. end W.vait
Adams. 23. loth veer veterans ana
Walking with Smith on the \Y
vernber night that h* met his death'
was ibiiifi Left Brrmiind. who warn
j throe wmshnls wrvi! -polled .leoh
, tor the former.
rKSTW ll t) Vs TKJAI
V • assford a id the sekropw ,
from a special venire ,e uw ,-c
tom-c. t.h it hr? had so< u the two do
fc.i isrsls entci ‘h car ironi which
r Sr h mil
XKW YORK Pnpui'.r rcs:r
i i.icc to rrseie'cs.-itn'nd aprscoivo! of.
■ i ga'Oh f: ■C ! •■':", ■; i C; ~.c ; i I'ijxrti jj’ -
Aovr.utv ; . . i (if Co! eco Pooi.i
--: posed tec soutSfern p! ui.
M an while lhe House Judiciary
• C-i-. o.i ’ t hurrving to push
i through !■ g's!:-;'iv ■ muSirat ion -if
! .Tim Crow colleges, on March lt>;h
i approved by a vote of J 2 to 7 the.
1 c .»:: .; colleger pi an compact m
; trochued by snutitt'rn oonpressmeo
lat the behest <f the .southern wv
’• ; i.i •; e The Mouse Committee ■. r.
',ors-ed tit: plan \v >1 eout public
i heatings or any atlcmp to nsccruii:.
i ' Such action is- dnngi musly close
I •>o rtinent iaci s
;otali!.,ri :i i:is:n 1 Walter White.
NA ACI" seen iiirv chawed, -‘Fifteen
: -outhem states have asked that an
•••■!(« nme and un-Atniwtcan casic
• VS!-, m in t dilcii’ >o: . b. frown with
• Contintcd on track pnget
A H Harrow. K»ek> Mount
Branch; The Key, Fastening,
pis :-idcii? ilrshtiio Branch;
/.wit t ids. membership chair
man, Raleigh Branch, fi. C. Mr
lean, VVtllston-Salem Branch;
| Air. I-.. V. Smith, Greensboro
BYanch. Representative Olarkton
Kneeling, left to (Hostrr
| B Current dlrectm of
Arthur Dm c. Kaleign business
nnui ami sportsman who has an
nounecil that he would he willing
to contribute StO.OOO toward a
building fund lot a stadium slid
able for the holding of the fit’, s
‘ adored atli'etie events.
Ms lto\e. \\ !io is iiu iio ed the
Raieigh Tigers Baseball :ram.
n ill pa\ the ( ils ol R,leigh 5i,500
i uring the current basehaSl sea- '
cm mi ho use of municipally- S
owned Chavis Park for the 3.1
a»nics which hi team has on its '
Dept. Os Justice
Urged To Protect
Negroes In South
(»v<H’pia iaiuMT
On VII juricb
Ml. VVTt. l -i. Han Duke,
v.hiie Alantu aitornej and
loriftf.r soitcuor • s, .era! ot
t'.OTgla t<> put Negro** on
furie-. is has been revealed
Vo %re roes bar e been on
clP'ies u, - ill rears, ire said,
and added:
We in tkcoigiT, must accept
he lav. as >s is Inal!) inter
;>< ted i.y ."•■ i nited States sit
iii esn. { si!, i liolur in (icareia
iiiere ai, i ii eountie:- .hat have
legatls qualified Negro citizens
ligiblc ior jury service which
do not have the names of any
Negroes in their grand jury or Ml! \ lIOM-s.
'This simply means that any
indictment tor a i l«m return ■
able it! - ri am iwy in these
counties a«.list a Negro is fatal
ly defective. TThether we like it
or ot it is tlx law, and we
claim to lie law-abiding pen-
Race College Heads Aid
Regional JC Schools,
White Charges In Address
Tt iSXBGEK /NS'!'iT : "!’F: Ala.
The proposal for aegrr gated iwnTi
rrn it colUil.'.i \r !.- '.‘v’nOuO-'-'
d Mi' <s ’ 1 11 *it H vice i • irc'imver.,.
the Suj-cemc '' mi ■ Trillions i.i
Yv’aUcr WitiiC, -r-.• tar / of tin N;»-
natmnal office; Mrs. A B Harren.
RiH-k. .Moun Mrs. Beulah Hiv
on, secretary Kinston Branch; j
! AH*' Lucille Block national
membership Chairman; Miss W.
Loftier Tucker, chairman tatww
I and industry wtmmilu Eel -igh
j Branch, Rr pi-esentatrvr. from
Mieiiiy Hrtnot; repnswivUtlvi I
j from Winston-Salem Branch; Oar. j
j iet F'vrr! member of national j
1 ! i> staff, 1 1
RALEIGH A homeless 14 year
j old boy tli’ • week enttred Ccniiel
i Prison t«» begin serving a 30-year
j .-a ntenci traded oul tc him by an
' Orange County Superior Court
Judge for hi . akin:* and enteiing a
j Chnpt l 11 Horne
The boy David Bryant of New
; Bern received Ha stiff sentence
| following his ancs! and conviction
on a second-degree burglary charge
< suhmg from his nrcaK'li:: into the
! home of Miss l.uctlle Llliott, a ti •
L'i:.: ia: i at the University of North
| Carolina.
Originally indicted by the Orange
County Grand Jury o.i the capital
charge of burglary in ‘.he first do
:-.-ci she youngster, represented by
; uin court appointed attorneys,
pleaded guilty to the second dc
u.T-e charge which cat Cos a possi*
■ bit* life penalty
For two days before the altempl
od lobbery the youngstoi had work
'•d around the r' bnnu? doini;
"1,; jobs. He was cap’ured a few
nnnii'es afii r he lieu from the
J house frightened by the screams
■ of i woman whose r-. om he had
i nterod.
: A few weeks earllei Bryan! and
four other hoy.- had < ('aped from
’ thi- Mm: :on T: us “us. School
lO'iituuicd on botK. paget
Rev W H Jernagii: director of
:no Fr vernal Council of Neg* '•
Churches of America. :n a recent
Jett< >• to A tty. Gen. Ton Clark re
vc.-lod that Negro people of live
.-■'hiio hiv being subjected !• a
i impai.'ii ot police <-i .nalitv snd
irnisnicialu'iii lh*t outiv.rks anylntug
dial ha*. Happened io '■ cm in many
I oii situation. iiO ,-,id. n.s being
deliberately played d< wn by the
in nr-.-' instances, and
gmt- 1-ally is >m! even ova ted by ti.e
I ■ • -s a: i hc maji • :• v of do
,•:,■•■■■ i- jivrii Io i;:\()!vr X,g:c. vet
era it-, and * ally in those eom
•oumtivs where Negro vet-sans
and (liner citizens have dared i.o
.-■p; ~ic ,’til. Inns lacing the moo nob
nossiHlc ivnehinfi."
T o Rev Mi Jcrnagin hod pot
ivi'ii-rfd ‘ Washing;!. - from New
Orieun.- where he had atlended an
xccntivmeeting of * tic* Nation,!
Baj.bM S- nck.v School and BTC
com gross and anotiie: meeting cl
llie cvecativi. board o> the Nation
al Baptist convention.
This irifoi inaiion w,:s gathered
■ Continued on back page;
ciju.,; A-.-, .'fiction for the Adv-incc
. merit of Colored Peopn addressing
1 2(tc :i>-legates ininai'iL the Asr-n
--eta? ion's southeastern >'<;j;ional con
; ■: < ’ic-c- here Sunday,
•At .i time when our full strerrf’th
.-nould be mobilized fer a concert
led .ssault on segregated public iac
. liilte.-. which are always discrim
: ou.toty .-uid inferior, some No
| groes are being mtsleu. either von*
j eeviusty or unconseiourjy. into ac-
I eeptance of an exterv’on of .Tire
j Crow.' Mr White said.
"Segregation is the core of <he
! so-cttUed race problem in Amcri
; ... We c: n make no really lasling
>Continued on hack r<age>
It ft». ill t Mistake
j li must be a 'msslake" has
been she answer given by of
ficials of the Nor ft. 9 k Cham
ber of Commerce to rumors
shat a colored man had beers
admitted Jo its membership
\ during the past, few weeks.
Contrary to their denials
however. C. E. McArien was
issued a membership card
Feb. 1?, and now everybody
knows it. Since the local
chamber learned -of its ‘'mis
take." its officials including
Executive Vice Pres, Johsi S.
| Patterson have tried to get
McAdc-r. to voluntary give up
j his membership.
So far he has kept his card
and continued to display his
membership card m his
cleaning plant window. The
local chamber has no law iri
its constitution restricting
Negroes from its member
i ship,

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