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Truman's call tor a special ses
sion of Congress was answered
this week by a chip wearing and
disgruntled group of legislators
representing both parties and
hoping fervently lor failure ot
the session
In the Republican camp were
those who charged that tne sc.
gion had been called for the sole
purpose of putting the GOP o:*
the spot through calling tor im
mediate enactment ot legislation
to which the Party has commit
ted itself in its 1948 platform
On the other side of the fence
were those members of the new
"Dixiecrat” party and their sym
pethizers who have charged the
Truman group with selling out
the traditional pre Roor. vein:.*.
Democratic ideals in an effort to
woo the Negro vote and to regain
party support which is inclineu
toward the Wallace camp.
As a result the new session
found itself confronted with *
Republicans plan to use then eon
gressionai superiority of number t
and control of committees to
bring to the floor one of the most
controversial of the Truman pro
posals, abolition of the poll tax
Such legislation, passed by th-
House in three successive Gun
gresses only to he killed in tin
Senate, has drawn the determ in
td opposition of the Southerners
who deny plans for a filibuster,
but express an almost certain
need for "detailed and lengthv
discussion of the measure.
While the Republican leader
ship has expressed the intention
ot making every possible effort
to pass the legislation, other
members of the Party who de
cline to be quoted by name have
expressed the conviction that the
special ssesion will break up as
a result of a filibustei
Strength has been given to tins
bflief the declaration of party
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Following the death of Bishop
F W. Alstork of Washing! on, D
C. July 5, 1448, the Board of
AME Zion Bishops met in Wash
ington and assigned Bishop it. T.
Medford of that city to superin
tend the Albermarle and Virginia
Conferences, over which the lata
Bishop Alstork presided.
Bishop Medford is a native of
North Carolina, a portion of
which state comprises the Albe -
marie Conference assigned to his
charge. He is one of the three
Bishops elected at the recent
Genetal Conference of the
Church at Louisville, Ky., and
assigned to the Foreign Confer
ences of the denomination in
West Africa. Prior to his election
Bishop Medford served twenty
years as Secretary-Treasurer-
Editor of the Department of For
eign Missions of his denomina
Dmwiddie Institute at Dm
widdie, Va. near Petersburg, a
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‘Peaceful Mission’ Ends
In Shooting and Man’s
Being Run out of County
CARTHAGE, MISS. *ANP) A colored man reported to
have had relations with a white woman in this vicinity, lock
a hint from a group of armed white men cm a "peaceful mission"
and left his home here last week.
The man, Martin Flowers, 40. is reported to be headed
for Chicago where he has a daughter As he left, the security
of two of his relatives was not ldU sure
Police have captured Uno, James Flowers, 24, and are
seeking another, Hartness Flowers. These men arc believed to
have shot at the "peaceful group” of whites as they left the
Flowers home, injuring two, one severely.
The group counted 24 bullle holes in their automobile and
truck, William Dickens, shot in the neck, is reported to bo
steadily improving in a Jackson hospital.
Martin Flowers was released here aster police assured them
selves that he had nothing to do with the shet.ting. Deputy Guy
McGiveny said, "I think he has gwie to Chicago where he has
a daughter/'
James Fiwets told police that he had nothing to do with
the shooting. Both he and Hartnetts are veterans of World War
11. They ore cousin* of the mat* whs was "advised" to leave
town because the white drift not approve of his activities.
Sheriff F. F. Monday will, make no charges against ih.« while
group because he said their mission war. "entirely peaceful,"
. '
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RALEIGH Funeral set vices,
were held three days apart th .s
week for two well-known Ra
Leigh men who died suddenly of
heart attacks on Thursday and
Sunday .ot Last week.
, Tire first victim, who was bur
ied Sunday afternoon wa - Wii
dam W. Capeharl of 509 Cher
, hn Kd.. who was stricken in New
, York City while visiting hi- sis
. u;, Mrs. Myrtle Gapehart Hmv
. ! ard of that city.
The second victim, for whom
Last rite . were held on Wednes.
. day afternoon was C. H. Dun-ton
who died suddenly at his home
„t 1216 East Mai tin Street or.
. Sunday morning.
1 Mr. Gape hart, member of a
well-known Raleigh family, ha i
| gene to New York for a rest and
I, was viewing a television broad
’; . iat his sisters home when he
' c lot.
Funeral services for Mr. Cape
, hart were held from the St. Paul
‘African Methodist Episcopal
i ■■ Church and were conducted by
'the Rev. D. P. Dollart
He is survived ,by his widow,
Mrs. Margaret Gapehart two
jb daughters, Geraldine and Myrtle,
a sister, Mrs. Howard, and three
brothers. John T., Edward and
; I Dr. L. Capehart of New York
| City. He was a member of the
’ Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.
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1 20 Organizations Urge
Special Session To Enact
5-Point ‘Rights’ Program
1 ;
r . WASHINGTON -- A five point
'jminimum program of civil rights
: legislation was adopted last wci.-k
iby representatives of 25 national
. 1 labor, civil rights, fraternal, Nc
, gro and religious organizations at
i tending a confluence here in Wil
Ly.-yCw- Si
ABA Approves
Os Judge Moore
A me* lean Bar association, known
■■ he an* t-Negro, unanimously
approved the -reappointment of
tarci Hotel
The conference, called by the N.<
liimai Association for the Advance
intent of Colored People, rerom
i mended enactment by the special
j session of Congress of legislation
. for a permanent Fair Employment
Pi act ice Cottannision, abolition of
ihe ~oil tax as a condition for vot
ing, punitive measures to suppress
! lynching and mob violence lan
! ning i*f legie -aiian in interstate
; transportation, and revision of the
1 displaced person', act to perm!',
immigrantirm of classes now dis
j orimiaatid against.
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1 Brothers Drown
In Goldsboro Lake
—Two brothers drowned at
Newsome’s leke in New Hope
township last week as one
boy unsuccessfully iried to
rescue the other. A. third bro
ther screamed lor help which
came llate.
The two dead boys are
Rc-the Howard, f>, and F. B.
Howard Jt„ 14 The younger
boy was in the branch oi a
| tree on ihe west side of the
lake and fell in as he was
trying to catch ft duck. The
older boy drowned when he
fried to save him.
A third bvether. Jim Barry
He ward, 3. rcreamed icr help.
The dead boys' ' -were
recovered almost an hour la
I ter
The bo vs were the sons of
Mr. etui M. . F, Ft Howard,
tenants of the Giles New •
I I sorao farm.
Judge Herman E. Moore to the
bench of the U. S. District court
of the Virgin islands, it was re
vealed here this week
The Bar association announced
its approval in a letter to Sen.
Alexander \Vthy, chairman of the
fate judiciary com mi 'tee In ap
proving Judge Moore the group
• The general character and re
putation ;.f the nominee are ex
"The nominee is a man of not
able judicial temperament, and
his qualifications tor the particu
lar judgeship to which he has
been appointed are outstanding.
In out opinion, no further evi
dence of these qualifications
should be necessary than the un
animous action of the members
if the bar of the court of which
he is judge and the strong on
. dorr.ements of members of the
court to which appeals from hit
court lie.
fV-tical Philosophy
‘The nominee's political philo
j foo'iy appears to b<- entirely sa
The usociation statement con
cluded. "Accordingly, on h« halt
of the American Bar association,
ve recommend that the nomina
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RICHMOND 1 ANP) The presi
dent has the Negro vote in the
south pretty well under eontro
according tu a preliminary check
since his acceptance speech m
Philadelphia ear 1 y Thursday
morning, July 15. He has wot
Negro voters by his eourageou:
; stand for civ?* rights
! have heard more Negroes a
Virginia say they intend to von
; for Mr. Ti nman than for any oth
er president in 25 years. That the
President would mention h
I stand for civil rights while d
bvering his acceptance speech n
l Philadelphia sh tvs. his deep con
vict.ionx about the matter
New Voters
In one day alone. 1 was told by
over 2,0 Negroee in casual conv-er-
Above are shown regir.ier
cd nurses who were flown to
Raleigh last week by the Amer
can Red Cress to answer an
appf at from St. Agnes' Hospital
for additions! nursing help on
ihe polio ward which is being
operated at the hospital for vie*
lirnfi of the disease.
They are being welcomed by
Superintendent of Nurses Mord
ctief shortly following their
arrival m RaleigLi. From left to
nghl they are: Mis;. Clara K,
Bridge;, Atlanta, Ga.: Mrs.
‘ Mada A. West, Atlanta; Miss
Montcrref, Mis Manna Bearnen,
Richmond, Va., and Miss Hen.
1 Delta Covent, Atlanta. Story
elsewhere on Hue. page.
Coop Group Ready To
Open New Food Store
In Cooper Building
; RALEIGH A pL-adid dcmon
-2 jstralion m the beginning of co
: operative uctivit.i has t*-en made
•” by a number of Negro citizens,
* repn<-.en!mg all sec’ions of ff.-deigii,
| during. the past twelve months
‘ through the organization ot the
Wake Consumers Mutual A socia
t . Inc. a member of the Caro
ll mi Council of Credit Union.
The iew <>i | miration had plan
ned to open .1 cooperative food
_ mark*t enrly last fall, but because
{• Tic owners of the budding were not
i *ble fc bfinur the lease the new
. market ha- been delayed ir, opening.
Recently ihc Wake t'ansumcre
sat ion on politics that they will
t- vote for Mr. Truman. Some Ne
il groes wh told nu last week the-.
; v will vote for Mr. Truman were
u residents here whom ! though*,
y ik'd newer voted,
ft I find that President Truman
is aopeah to all s and types
i of Negroes. Negroes in Alabama,
n Arkansas, Florida, North Carr:
! lina, South Carolina, Miss Lippi,
i - Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Mis
e souri and Oklahoma, according to
: recent report:', are almost soli*!
-for President Truman. His popu
i. lnrity has gained steadily among
i Negroes in these s. tat os as it hat
I .here in Virginia.
There are . vioer-oes that the re-
V , colt of southern Democrats
- ; (Continued on page 8, I*l Section)
-Mrs.' w. Y. Collie wf Raleigh,
Secretary of Nurse Enrollment,
a Volunteer Jo!*, for the Wakt
(..’aunt.-. Ciiopter ‘American Reel
Gross, received requests, during
the month of duly fv-uin St. Ague -.
Hospital in Raleigh, for lour re
,-ii; tered nm • to assist m t,*• •
present Polio epidemic.
The. o reque- -tr, have been m« t
and the four nurses are now on
i,i, ‘eitli 1,. eii cii oclio pa
tients in St. Ague;- Hospital
Nurses on duty arc: Miss Hen
r tta Galbert., 350 10th St., N
W.. Miami Fla; Miss Clara E.
Bridges. 1310 Marcey St., S. F ,
Atlanta, Ga.: Miss Manna M
lhaman. 1114 St. Paul St., Rich
mond, Va.; Miss Mada Anno West,
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Mixed Dancing
Causes Jailing
Os 16 in Atlanta
groes and 12 whiles were arrest
ed here because of their presence
a a “mixed race” dance last week,
at the Georgia Workers’ Educa
tion Service hall.
The sponsors of the social
- Mutual Association has filed a five
year i.-.v e on the new building 1"-
„ ; euleri on the corner of Bloodworm
and Cabarrus Streets This will be
the home i,f the Cooperative Fwid
i Market, which will carry a ca -
plete line of first-clas: gi-oaerii
’ • meats, fish, and fresh vegetables.
-! This type of store is not a strange
sight in the town of Raleigh, but
.. jitoe point of emphasis is that the
j! prefect is being made possible by
; the cooperative efforts of many
t ; people It may be a m w idea tor
, Raleigh - but not m the nation -•
More th;u two ami a half million
. ' Americans, own. me and control
ceoperalive stores and other ser
vices sharing equally and proper
; lion ally in the profits: Such as.
: farm supplies, all kinds of hens -
jlng equipment., auto supplies, m,,d
ical supplies and general flier
• chaftdise
01*1 N TO AM.
1 A Cooperative is open to all. A
i.emiine interest in the welfare of
pjthe community is the only rtquire
* i merit Each member, of course, ituiM
provide part of the necessary cap
1 j Hal to operate the business You
s I may begin with a modest invent
laiMii and bring it up ovei a period
' jThe Jaiveet income family may be
'• I come part-owner in a cooperative
|business, a loop with the families of
! j [higher income.
The cooperative food mto ket is
% I owned, used, and controlled by its
-j members. Each member has on.-
jvpte m the operation nnri est-ib
- i fishmeal of policy for the organ
c jirarion The profits belong to the
> members.
k★★*k * ★ * ★ *
■ i i . * ~ . ■.. J. . .
Miles Twine Nixon, <■.: "olds- |
noro, N. C-, who ccnfh to ;
play sn active part in ope- j
rat . n of two business?* de
spite 1; having re-‘ -J th; |
age of 108 years.
Fear Campaign
Is Charged By
Henry Wallace
PHIL Alf El. PHI A (ANP) Hen
ry Wallace told the Philadelphia
press Friday t atthehn eBAA;MN ?•
.ness Friday that the indictments of
leading Communist officers, includ
ing Ben Davis, New York City
councilman, and Henry Winston,
organizing secretary of ihe Com-
■event, the Fellow.-,uip of Southern
churchmen, raid that thi .• was ■<
rogrettabk affair 1 ’ and that they
"had no intention whatsoever of
i stirring up trouble.
The group was ar tested on a
■ corn plaint i rom the neighbors
: who were while.
The Hey. A. ! Richie, white,
: arrested with the dann-rs, said
that he was. ot an ivi-
I let-racial, inter' denominational
group meeting at Huminon The-
I ologiea! seminary on the campus
i acd sponsored h> the Fellowship
• of Southern churchmen.
Economic Study
i The student.-; tvtvc interest! ti m
i studying eeoiKirnic cm adit ions ©1
| the south, he said. When accused
•of being CoiYiiYiun.b•'
in said, "We are merely ;• gmup
who U Jii-v • that d a man is a
! Christian v a churchman, his
; denomination or race doesn’t mat*
Ui .
Tht* Raw J. S. Thoma -. acting
; nrts id on l of (Janniuvn. eoid Unit
i his school was not responsible lor
him social even 1 ., which aroused
•the white neigh-bol*. He said. ”U
; li.. clock could be turned back,
1 irui the incidedt erased t i
| would be* fine*.
Rev lilrhie said t ■ *u? ho und
1 (Oontinted on pago 8. Ist be r bon f
4 Million Negroes May
Go To The Polls In 1948
NASHVILLE (AN* A prediction that 4,000,000 Negro#*
will vole in the 1940 Pre.; entinl electi - made during the
closing sessions of the- Pete Relations in ■ at I isk TS*?’
by Henry Lee Moon d> of public reb* ‘ for the NAAOrv
Tr». bpfal. Moo*- -id, would be four number of
colored* voters in the '• L-irs. •*c 100.00$ Nr
gv;-s may rpeil the "cm«r;i|-'. of - t - bite southern vote*
and the end tthe one pari : sy he said.
"Increased voting by fact;. Negroes and poor whiles will i«
Ihe long run result in the election of legislator -re responsive
to the needs of She southern masses of bath races.
Moon did rot predict a Negrs "bloc" ot votes, but fell that
colored voles would foe equally divided among the Republican. ,
Democratic and Third parties. Colored votes can be the decisive
factors in the election of several senators and at least 75 repre
sentatives in 17 non-southem states, he addled.
This year's ins!ilute is the fifth annual meeting to be held
ot Fisk. If is sponsored by the American Missionary association.
Students from all ever the nation attended the meeting, and
more than 40 lecturers and consultants served on the faculty
during the three week _
A member of the North Caro
-1 via Legislature during the per
iod fc inq the Civil War, he
formerly ’ ■.••■ hi school, served
as a pas' e~, customs em
ployee ; -3cHr, Story on
pace 7. . .-. ' ri.
.mu nisi party, were intrre-tina and
/highly :■ irnifieattt. that these red
1 scares over the past two or three
years have been timed it silence
the opposition to new turns in the
. bi-perty get-tough-foreign policy. i>
In an answer to a direct question.
Wallace said that the indictments
s sty p at temp to proiinote now
fear/. They are another in a series
!of diversions, ho sv.d. created for
A meric -ns who are rornplvmnj?
;, v , t; n o ’*T V >
stupid huriglirg in Berlin, n ' mh
ho emphasized that both the ad
i ministration and the bi-partisans
!j n congress make allegations to
: make headline:., they . make hetd
-1 line, to make fear, and make fear
to stay m power.
Wit, I favoi strong action
I sp3! i) •-1 3n y in d1 vidu u 1 who com
drills violence." YVaii.iec. said "it has
been ny observation that violence
• •in the United States has been gen
-1 erallj committed by the very
people who would supprss the
‘' free sp oh of the C mmunists and
; othc i croup.- with whom they dis
j agree ”
, Wallace insisted that, defense of
1 tht first line of defense of the
I . lihei ties of the American , people.
,He said that the history of Ger
many. Japan, Italy and Franco
! Spain shoud teach us that the sup
1 pre-sioi: of The cMmauiru-t is but
| the first slop in art assault on the
democratic rights of labor, national.
! racial, and political minorities.
; The Progressive party nominee
'jlolt strongly that the courts will
] eventually find the smith art qh
’ ■ c.-ustitutional tiUii the ad vio
-1 : lutes the first amendment to the
' ‘ c’lislitutieri. and infringe* on fr*e
1 speech.
, j We may expect further lyri
.’ •: care.-. Wallace said and further at
tack. on minority groups yharg
j mg hostility to the govsrnmcm.
He said he expects attacks op the
Mi w party w ith all manner of raise
i • charges The new organization will
tight and continue to fight in d«-
1 iV-nse of the American people, he
i I said.

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