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frVlgrKot Integrate The Teachers
; T- icomtbioto nw rw j>
io maHi in common on any mattor Irian It wpoltf • srittUQi*. Tta»
■» doubt about ooaoverientton, —lowtorittliri. feariMltlF,
led to Integration on trie J*e*t es OrarbOßi Mi edtttgtoo.
Kir tools and intelligence their product. We hope results
ig the tea chin* profession will be forttjeoming before ao
■Uon year.
the business world could use spcb a root mass of our
ibose winds abeuM be weaned to ritongf and further de
r pur society. There Is no belter trine than now for those
In BKpoWMob of NOTA’s executive secretary to begin the ground
jeoif&rN* total integration Wttfeta tbs teaching pnfssrton.
I sr-- ■-
/tit. /ti«t>. D. C. Pope;
AME Zion Bishop
Dies In Virginia
, BRISTOL. Tensu-Final rites for
.the Rt Rev. Daniel Carlton Pope
were held at Hood AME Zion
Church here Tueatey with high
churchmen in attendeaoa
iis!r»ft w»
w'bo %**'
ed hi* life as one dediostsd to a*rv
b t mm. loam court*
AFfX-Oa fctttoy monU*t*
Biß. gunder School btgsa to FtoW
Baptiet with the aufiilulNillato.
Mt. A. ft. Morion, to charge. to «•*
• lovely manning aad (too attoad
ones wot good, no —aitosnt tooth
fr« w«ro on
ir on r in* to leech. 1
The aewly-toeeb-I, MF
-<i teachers. Mr*
I tamo. Mr* Fron- *|HE *
ore Morrow, end ~
Mr*. Julio
ore dome
fine Job
their clamee.
Worship eerv- BtoHHH
tree began at it MM. COLVIN
o'clock with the Gospel Choru* In
charge of the music. The president,
Mrs. Julto Lassiter, would have
been proud to the chorus, be
cause It went over successful with
the three new songs scheduled lor
the service. Due to illnaaa. she wo*
absent -
The pastor, the Rev W T. Bige
low. brought a roost interesting ser
mon Hl* text wo* token from the
Book of St Mark. 8:14-16. His sub
ject was. "Impressions''. It was vary
pood food for thought. "What kind
of impressions aia you making as
you journey through life?, good
ones or had ones?"
We were very glad that Miss tda
Hayes was able to attend the eerv
ice. She ha* been til for aeveral
weeks. We are also thankful that
Mr. Jesse Bullock 1* able to ride
out end recently attended one at
the services.
Mrs. Carrie & Locfcley. Mrs. Cir*
lens Guy, Mrs. Lord Kersey. Mr.
Wesley Hill. Mr. Earnest Jonas, and
Misa Maggie Doves.
Tenth Fellowship Hour
The Youth Fellowship Hour met
at First Baptist Sunday at 6:80 p m
wuh Mrs. Blanch Hill and Mrs.
Swsnye Bessty. leaders. In charge
of the dsvotlon. A film strip was
Kown anti tied. "Thou Word Is IBs
ght”. which the children and e
dvuta enjoyed- After the Ohn. the
pastor asked the youth quaettope
end the answer* were very good.
Many thanks to Dooooa Beasley,
who Is so dutiful to tornlsb and
operate the projector, oad to too
I. H. Williams. who to • toaster on
the Apex School faculty, for the
fine mipperl. oad many other adult
members, whose support to just
wonderful. _
We would like to take Him out
to thank tbs former minister* oI
First Baptist and these who hove
filled in st other times, lor their
6 tercet and their encouragement to
l Wo hove hod great moo to visit
fas on various encastms They ere
imaged at the rapid program we
have made in the brief year* o t the
I .rib Caroline wader the Act el
l.reo j'J5J gcJlirnoil gAtaa
rise Moolhe .... i* T l
TOTAL . toto
Payable m Advance ASdraas au
liuunuaUon* and make at) cheat*
-a money whan aaratos la TBB
i ssraa..wna ,r« r
| <uooal Ao*miwn* Sepieseouttve
1 a met awe* ad the AoaociawS Sow
> * and die UrHad Fnoaa. latsma-
I si Phutu Service
Tle Pub<l»ne> is not responsible for
I return »t unaoli.tied net*'* pic-;
» ui suvnUxmg copy unless use !
.ry oustege aecpmpsnies Ih* copy I
Opinions expressed by columnists inj
Lis newspaper do not necessarily re
hen the ooiicy ot the panel »
ice to humanity and to the glorifi
cation of God.
Bishop W. J. Wall* presided over
the ceremoniea. Btshopa R. 1* Jones,
W. A. Stewart, W. Id. SnWto and
C. E. Tucker represented the hoard
of Bishops Os the AME Zion
Church. Dr. J. C. Haggard. Becre
tery of Foreign Missions, spoke for
that department and the general
officer*. Mr*. Emma B Watson rep.
resented the Woraans' Home and
Foreign Missionary Department.
The let# peelete pr tded over the
Mb district of th* AME Eton
Church, comprising E T**m. and
Virginia. Pee '»• C> Dee. Georgia,
South Georgia and the South Caro
lina Csgdarenoe- Tb**s penteranee*
were suprminted by Rev*- I* %
Rogers. B. W. Mooour. W A Pot-
Mr, R- L Postdtt and / 0- Mo
Rribap Pro* was bsni in Ate
. hasaa sad bsgns Ms wMMrr
In Ms gattae stale. ■* gssdnsf
ad Waw FWfcagas Mririnto and
Wg at Umm IhewtSMl*
Ml- If c. 11 aft-T Phase. If.
C.. and Msadgawary. AM.
Apex News
ludwriilf ri our past or. tod M*.
tor tb* pragma* we kev* erode end
are atUI making- We torite you to
worship wHh ns when #v*r the
opportunity permit* you to do to
w* me happy to riprit torign
Saturday. March Ith. Vnonla Mount
ST rid plae* to too Rtoto Tm ted
cootori. which wen hrid ri Herto
Carolina Cdll*|* In Durham. Von
nie 1* a macaber of the senior claw
at Apex Consolidated High School.
Miss Cathel Scott won Ind plaoe.
Sh« is atoo • member of to* senior
daw. Congratulation* to boto ri
Th* friends of th# library will
meet Monday at 7:30 pan. at the
Apex Public Library. All meantoers
are urged to pleas# be present and
on tlm*
Not too
We welcome new subscriber* 1o
Th# CAROLINIAN newspaper, on#
of th* mo*t outstanding colored pa
pers published In this (tat*. It keep*
you abreast with all the news of
interest. To those who would like
to subscribe, the ccot per year, and
th# paper Is mailed to your horn#
free of charge, la merely M K •
those who only -wish to aubscrlb*
for S month* It only S2J3. A few
es you requested that y*ur pep#r
bo continued, even though row
suhscrlpttoo hte expired, and w#
did so.
But now don't you think It to
time to get “even with toe heard
manager end ri*M put to led* es
hour* ri hard work and finance u>
harp you up to date Wtto toe news.
thereby perm Win* rue to hdfth my
promts# to them It your p#P«
stops coming. DONT blame ttw
staff M wiM b# yeu. »y Irsrod
and yeu atone They hove bee*
mere thee totorent wlto ye* mi
me. Year uew# lepertor. Mr* Col
ML Olive
Carver Otoe o*l
MT. OLJVE Th# Carer High
School Glee Chib was iortunato
enough to appmr on tk* Omega
Talent Hunt Sunday. March 1. in
Goldsboro. Mary Platt, a member
es the Glee Club, woo aeooed glac#
in the vocal soloist contest She
appeared on the District Talent
Hunt which waa held Sunday.
March 8. to Wilson
The Glee Club is also planning
U> go to'Southfield for to* Dwtnet
Festival in the near future. W#
bog* that they wtu wm to toe
District lYrtival and be on thetr
way to the Ste« Festival which
*'Ui be held • tew weeks after.
All this wa# and will be earned
out by the help ri our director,
Mrs. M B Chasten
Mjw 4. Barfield and Mrs A. Bar
tirid gave • baby shower in the
broae ri Mr. and Mrs. .K Barfield
Saturday evening. It was ghen foe
Mr*. M Barfield, who was the
teenier Mi** Valentin* Rk’u of
Mite L. Armstrong of Calypso.
egcat CueOay evening to to* home
ri Iri. emi Mm- It Ararotreng
Mr. T. Exuro «M Mms E Pros
her toe ri 6ev*e Rprlags. visited
Mb* A. C. Ettel Sunday tventg.
Mr. and Mrs. R Enrtl end Mr.
and Mr* R EtiwM. Jr *gro* Ree
da.v afterrooo vuitrn* Mrs. N. Lag-
I cc.i. v. bo is a pat ent at Li# Wilaoo
i Hospital to Wilson.
I Mr* ri Carre.t ri Red Bank. N
I. hrve returned to their hofn* as-
Rfaamlutte News
OBAMKATTB dnadap Bdberi
opened at Id «gn . WMM Chapel
with Mr. Chester isgk poparte
tender t, prnSdtrt se Rev. T- »•
Las was the IfJO cum spacdtST- Tb*
senior choir MrnMhed the anisic,
with Mr. Ed McClain at the organ.
Sigter McNeil sdMred prayer for
Rev. Le* was (Me the evening
speaker. He spoke from tbs lltb
chapter of Mari, Mth vers#. AB
utter* or# asked to saset on Iburs
day evening at • o’clock- H hi an
important meeting-
Mr*. Betty BellenUne is on our
Me* UsC Latte m pray dar to*r.
I had th# peasr# to attend Mr
and Mr* Chari** CootWs NR wed
ding sswdwpawr to JMfsigh. There
were ltd guest* pwawat The Cos
tow moved them from Wtontogton
. ZEBULOW — Sunday School op
ened at 10 o’clock with too superin
tendent to charge. Morning worship
services began at 11 M o’clock with
the patter reading th* scripture
Music was *# uttered by to* senior
choir wtto Mrs. BUM Hopkins *»
The East Vwt dehors Union war
held at Mary drove Baptist Church
Mr. M. Spell, president of the un
ion, was to charge. Mr*. Ruth Mor
gan gav* some important and to
tsrtottag print* on ’he union asd
bow to hove a good union
Mr. wad Mr*. James FerrelJ visit
od Mr. and Mrs Atlas J«©m Sun
Mr. Willard Bass of New York,
visited bis daughter. Mbs Annie
Jean Baas. Cedstouted
ito Lena Riobardaon celebrated
her leap year birthday on February
M. The house wa* beautifully dec
orated wttb a color scheme of pink
and groan. The table wa* covered
with a white linen tablecloth.
Mrs- Ada Perry preaided et to*
punch bewL which was of beautiful
crystal- Mrs- Alphas Le wereoe# and
Mr*, Lnrttte Park* greeted and di
rected sweat*. Ml**** Bmnds Ratten
end Bntriey Duos received gift*
The loUewtog friends Merited with
toe earring; Mrs- Annie Rtowart.
Mrs- Gertbe Harris sad Mr* Mary
Tbs menu eoosrited sf todekes
salad wadwidae*. cheese ttraw*.
pecan finger*, sugar fflua* rolls,
cake. Rim to* mints sad nut*
Th* guest* who were numerous
end eniasad to boro entoyedjtoem
very happy. Goodbye* were Mid to
fin. Vensotts Harris and Mr*. R.
H fusion*
risers ■arsnv
wa* pr—astod to dose ed toshtor
When Dr. Proctor wa* granted
leave from the poet to 1961 to serve
a temporary assignment with the
Peace Corps ea director of toe pro
gram to Nigeria. Africa. Dr. Dowdy
wea inetelled ea acting president.
He served tor 20 months until the
return of Dr. Proctor last August
During the last six months, he ha*
continued his duties as dean of in
A native of Eastover. South Caro- ,
line. Do wav is a graduate of Allen
University, holds toe MA. Degree
in administration from Indiana
State College and has completed
residence requirements for the doc
torate decree at the University of
Indiana Hr was awarded the ho:u
orary Doctor of Laws degree by
AUen University in IMI.
Prior to coming to ART. Dowdy
served in the South Carolina public
school system lor erven year* as
i principal of an elementary-Junior
igh school and for lour year* a*
pervising principal.
He is married and the couple
i has two aoiu. Lewis. Jr. BJ. and
Lemuel. 18. and a daughter. Elisa
beth. 7.
MMr*i» ram rsti i>
; ly to Join the campaign a.njf of
Oov, Nelson Rockefeller of New
York, arid he feels toe* to joining
toe Lewisville March, he was re
paying the city tor tbs many oour-
Irakis extended to bin dun US bit
minor league career.
Dr. Check said the under taking
wa* solely handled by th* student*
and the marching wt?l be super
vteed by swne He roitttite students
'xpraaaed a Strong fiiebw to pre
vent the Wua of >heo > accredita
tion and u tinted to have a chance
| to present Shaw’s eaes to every
. member of the Raleigh ooc inunttv
Through th* churehei and the
Raleigh Minritcnel Aasectetton. cars
: ’rave been aaaured to tab* alt of
the student* to every Raleigh eeigb
borhood duruvg toe two-day cam
uaanwr) non rtri it
Named Dt-keen and the tHlee
->f the bi'l (nr which fSev wttt he
1 sponvtb’e w»re Sen* Ronneth ft
I ’’ *etb*e N Y. cartato of Title I
J Vafine Pj- n Hn-ske.
I \eb-aKha Tut* tt *P> Hte A~ro»r>-
mtriadenat: Jacob It JavH* N T.
j Title 1M iPublic Farilttri*>: John
Fhermae Cooper. Ky. Tttle IV
! 'PuhJie Educetkm'; Hugh Seen.
**a. Tltl* V tCommlaeton eu CWfl
! Rigkdai: Norris Cotton. New Hem
j TV I# VI ifVderoUy AaK
"d Pw-n-'-' e-d C'‘ftfonl P.
Cs'*. N J T:\r.fu (Equal Em
j ter attend.nj the funeral of h«r
* aunt.
ployment Opportuatoy—FEPCdc).
Beaeee retie fnr‘fiT —iirnf
SM Her to eeshf HsmpbMy MWS
sSk snssstat *
Mari, Michigan, who «gi be to
charge of JuHrisl toritSM to
toe MU.
In announcing Mb crihritoto HU
leader* Dirksen added that he end
toe Republican Minority Whip, Sen.
Thomas H. Kuchel (California*,
would be on hand “‘night and day”
to counsel and give guidance . . .
“In the orderly deliberations and
the extended discussion that we
anticipate will take piece in con
nection with the civil rights bill.”
(commune nun pa cm n
from Columbia University and toe
ThD. to Sociology from to# seme
institution. He is a native of Pitts
burgh, Pa.
The NAACP seeks to remove all
verilges of racial discrimination and
segregation. It is the Nation’s larg
est and most effective civil rights
organization. Membership is opes
to all.
For Ms current campaign toe Lo
cal Branch is ee listing the support
of churches, labor groups, social
and civic organizations.
NAACP membership may be ob
tained upon payment of a minimum
annual fee.
Mrs. Virginia K. Newell and Mrs.
Shirley Liggett ere serving as co
chairmen of the member stop drive.
The Kev. J. Oscar McCloud, Is vice
president and chairman of pro
other portions of their business.
Tfiese places have not practiced
true equal onportunities and open
ed'facilities to all.
“If toe eeliege prselrtMrii say
•Mr riedents caamot partici
pate to toe denenetratten*
then there are stto high school
rtudeete end private cMAsena.
Mederte at tertian deride to
beycett or demeuetrato then
selves.« he rioted.
The derision to boycott and de
monstrate was allegedly made lari
week, during a meeting of the ex
ecutive committee of the NAACP
and community leader* according
t# Mr. Campbell
Th# Rev. John ’Wilson Fleming,
president of toe Raleigb Citizen*
Association, told The CAROUN
IAN. ‘We age emphasizing voter
lYgritretton. The RCA has not men
tioned dcaaorotret ton* as a techni
que of pretest recently.
"We Mri alee aware that Many
of toe charge* mc«* by Mr.
CaatoMl am tr** tori we were
hoping toe* toe Merer'* Pto-mn
•eke up toe** rillm"ml
kandto tons to to* Mtkdastton
of ritt ran corned."
Student leader* the president* of
tit Augustin#’* College and fchaw
University, and the principal of J-
W. Ligon High School were Inter
viewed. Here ere their reactions:
James Ashton, president of St
Augustine's student body: “We
hove not been contacted this year,
but were called upon to demon
strate last year. “Any information
about a student demonstration Is
always channeled through th*
campus NAACP office and passed
on to the student body leaders. I
am pretty sure w* would picket,
but fust we would have to know
just what was going on.
Ashton. • senior, es Alexan
dria. Fa., rentlawed. “I am 4ef
tokriy to favor es demen
a*d bee bee* weM pis—ed bet
net In favor es saying “I'm
Jo t picketing ”
Frte Harding, Vice-president
of SH» I'nlverrity's riedent
lody said: “We are aware es
the citation, hot the s'udrnt
council has re knowledge of
ary merhtoery bring pel tote
eff 'et. There re* ro I’rirah at
S l w invoiced to this propos
ed boyco t.”
Dr. Jam s A. Boyer, president es
St. Auc tatine's. sad: 'ri'es. I read
id o t it in a daily paper, there has
n't tv~!i a :tuoenc u ovemetit un (be
cmnp s nt yet. All 1 K'.ow rbout is
wi'j.t 1 read in t)>e p»per Vou are
h< only pciton to eontact me a
bout it."
Dr. James E. Cheek, president of
Shaw University, commented' -J
haven't seen the statement as I waa
out of th* erty during the week
end. "
He indicated that the student
body at Shaw would not take part
in the picketing
Herbert E. Brown, principal of
the J W. Ligon High School Mid
he had heard nothing from hi* stu
dent* about demonstrations. ’There
an several member* et the NAACP
youth group who are student* at
j Ligoc.” Mr. Brown concluded.
Shaw Alumni
Making Plans
For School
“A groat institution is nothing
hut the lengthened shadow of a
single man.” said Ralph Waldo Em
The Ralsdgh Chapter of toe
ttaa Aksaat a Oder the lead
ership sf Mr* Myrtle Crockett.
hM sri ap the r briery to
sorirtt to# rapport of the com
■aaariy sad county to one great
effort This effort will calmi-
I hrid ri too aMp aadltertam.
May A MM.
| President Crockett appointed a
special committee headed by Mr*
Blanche Rtver* to develop a pro
, gram and to stimulate community
1 nterest m Shaw .Tniversity. Many
people who are not Shawite* and
yet who have Ken touched by Dr.
TUpper j sptrit of self-denial, have
dents about d
Joined rank* wito toe pamteiita*
to form 'a local adt es SißlMrteM
of flhpw.
Room sf trim people mm 9.
9, Unmm ri to* Merited** A
Ftoxaess Barit, C. J. Bttfßri.
prtßripal of to# ftonaer CaaariL
gated Wgb «riirofc 9L Umt
Btettf.jrthjripriri toWbrit
Mo*c. the proprietor ri Comm
Jane Fashion Shop, Coach Jack
sen of Show Uatotnlty; Rosa
fowler, owner ri too Fowler
Barker Shop; and F. R. Jerroy,
publisher ri The CAROIAN
The Shpwites in the area wb#
have responded to the SOS call are
many. Suffice it to say that ri seem
pleased with the way Shawltaa are
rallying to the cause.
Already tickets pea bring rirco
lated for th# May Bth affair. There
are two acta of these licit ri* Twen
ty dollars end ten dollars. Every
one can help by purchasing one of
these tickets. And it is hoped that
FrNhSpareßibs lb. 29c
Pork Liver Sliced lb. 25c
Dixie Crystals Sugar • 5 l*a§. 59c
Streak O Lean Meat lb. 27c
Pork Steak Sliced lb. 39c
Hunt’s Catsup- 14 oz. bottle 2 for 29c
Beef Liver lb. 39c
Good Weiners lb. 39c or 3 lb*. 99c
Bacon or Sausage lb. 29c
End Cut Pork Chops lb. 45c
Southern Rio Coffee lb. 55c
House Apple Jelly 2 lb. jar 39c
Open Monday Throng* Friday thrill » TM.
1416-17 80. RAUNPEHR RT. RALEIGH. N. C
kw *
@6sth Annuo I Stotfmwt
A business must opemt* to «ha dtowto ri N environment. If «M crinete er atwimnnwri ri nef whet * should b*
businessmen ednnet escape some es to* i*tpon«Jbaily tor hsritog dung k. Who* happen* rißiOri to* tossmess etgbwrie
tian, as w*U as what happens within, has a bearing upon its w«Mem.
Sine* my tost report So you, much of htotoriert slgnificone* ha* Utm (fete bath write* end rithto the company.
For to# company, 1963 was titetofy a year es corootidoMan. temto strsngtosning. and puritog fatwari project* pro j nutty
The statement below tttews th* financial condition es your company tu es Oecrodter Jt, 1963. The assert ttww en
increase for fii* year es $5 435,301 .63. Th# tosumne* to fare* Increased 510,740,606X10 and amounts to $347,783,-
338.00. Th* payments to policyholders for «w year amounted to $7,486,256.96, making g teM of such payments ttnro
organization as $103,228,355.37. Th* dividends paid to poiieyboidw# during th* year amounted to $854,682.47 rivtoe
• total es such payments during to* poet twenty year* ri 59,637,265.92- Deployment ri groldad bY the company for 1,459
man and women to more then fifty different job categories. •
Th# company'* most wttuabl* assri b no t ttiewn by any of th* Items to die flnandtt rietemsnt, bowroar. ri ri tepae
tented in end by its personntt. The figure* shown to to riotemant or# but lh* msrirt ri th* dscfttnni and oeNons ri to*
compony's personnel, of hew wefl they hove monoged the policyowner*' affairs. Your menogsmen* believe* your employee*
hove don* a good job end hem* served you wefl. they ate not perfect but ore mm striving toward perrietton. W# ere epfi
mistic a* to to* future.
Your management has * social consciousness which makes it feel that corporation* hoy* soctal e* w*fi o* oorpeeert
responsibilities. It • constantly attempting to scorch out and d'Mcw’fiot# between th* meaningful and to* meaningless, and
to concentrate its time energy and efforts on the former os we go forward from year to year. As tong Os Wterifbh service
m meeting toe needs of one's feHowmon is a hoflmoto ri greatness and a justification for sutvhri, we ttm to see te *
•hot North CoroUno Mutual tooll endiee. To this end we ptodg* our continuing troth. And with yeur continued cooperation
and support, we shall go forward with confidence.
Respectfully submitted,
leal Estate:
Home Office Properties $1,474,584 83
Bratv-h Offices 6?o.7Se> Statutory Taßcy Tmerm 6MM6A44.M
Other Properties 14730430 2 :r :4 J
" PoHcy Claims Rot Rapartod
Mortgages. wtd tacomplet# LRMRri
City.lnsured by F.H.A. god ■*
V.A. Guaranteed 11.135.456 W Mrldroda to McgWAtefl jjrijriri
Other City Mortgages gJOSJOI.T* _ . . _
Farm Mortgage* fit 795.3* XU 04, 090 69 OOwr Rdbcy mi Cririd mmfy
Prifcy Loans: tKMSLM u 9matmm
V. i Government J.870.41H.49 PaW “ A * r «* HMMJ6
Fereigx Gevenxneot 500371. M trrrmmd -
State and Municipal 7.154M731 J
Railroads, United States 4.889.056 45 rtyvm ■ mo twjmom
Ihtoric utttitse*. U. 8. i-mnimre*
Industrial aad M*e#llaneous 10,534.178.45 43,327.«:3Jfl UrndMerj Security Vriaatiaa T rriTl
-~*Tgf«errerfl|| Stocks: go Odter littdlMa* momrm
by F.SX.I.C , i5’52 w TOTAL UABILdTES - j7Ef18.479.M
Preferred 1M.0«L»
Common, bcludbtg State CogUngeacy TTirorr* aad flarrior
lopanrised Corporations 6.304.W64 6,*47,4*.*4 Reoerve For Cantiagroctoe .... MK,S*JB -*
atti and Baak Depouts 1643.9035 Aasat nootaatk* Froi .
ntereat and Other toiestment Income ,
Due aid Aecroad MOJORM Hgaattgxerl krptto 6,700.00601 kmjriri
Prentoira* to Course ri Collection ———.-
\U Other Admitted Assets nUMri RESERVES AMD SURPLUS —taros*
north Carolina Mutua
LIFE insurance company
Steaded eausc that waa manileatod
to Or. Tupper who. not only gave
M* tone, talent, and energy Ip
Afepw. but also Me life's Mru**
wM be seen in tori effort
Haw has a glorious heritage;
and in spite ri toe financial Preto
ria* the unjverrity is still render
ing a valuable parried le toe eoro
atetelty and «ba nation In proparlwg
young people for life.
frirther details can be obtained
by contacting members of the com
zaitte* Aside tram Mr* Rivers, who
ri chairman, are Yemen Melon*
Mr* Horten** Fleering, toe Rev.
John V, Fleming, and Mr* Gladys
RbenflL e
1 HwßwwTlwl IVIIei ll wIH
Rffiß attacks and Mretyisw
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